Osho International Foundation in India. Achievements?

Sannyas News in keeping with its “both sides” tradition reprints Sadhana’s list of achievements of Osho International Foundation in India

Osho International Foundation has been working silently and diligently to make Osho available in India. I am very happy to share it with everybody.

* Every year, approximately twenty-thousand people come to the OSHO International Meditation Resort for meditation, out of which 54% are Indian nationals. There is a discounted price for entry for Indians corresponding to their economic situation.

* OSHO International Foundation has currently 712 Osho titles licensed to 28 leading publishers in India in 12 Indian languages: Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Sindhi, and Urdu. There may be no other author in history whose works have been so widely distributed in India.

* OSHO International Foundation has licensed a large number of audio and video titles with major publishers: Music Today, SONY Music, Shemaroo, in process with Moser Baer.

* Osho quotes are available via sms on mobile phones throughout the country, including test and audio options in English and Hindi.

* The total number of units sold in all formats throughout India is around one million – excluding the pirated copies!

* The press office of Osho International Meditation Resort sends Osho content in the form of articles on current topics to all the top newspapers of India in three languages – Hindi, English and Marathi. As a ripple effect, other papers in other languages such as Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and so on, publish Osho articles in their periodicals. As a result Osho content is read by some100 million people from India every month.

* On www.osho.com visitors can find thousands of pages of Osho content in both English and Hindi, including an online magazine, a full description of all the Osho meditations, a presentation of the Osho International Meditation Resort, an online shop where visitors can find all the books, ebooks, and audiobooks currently available, and an online Library of the Osho archives in text format in English and Hindi.

* In the audiobook section of osho.com, there are 2861 Osho Talks in the English audiobook catalog on osho.com and 1344 Osho Talks in the Hindi audiobook catalog. In addition there is a special price for downloading these talks within in India.

* In the online Library on osho.com, visitors can find the complete text archive of Osho Talks which can be read and searched online in both English and Hindi. The Hindi archive is free of charge. In addition, this Hindi archive has been made available in such a way that it can be read in six different Indian scripts.

* The Osho International Meditation Resort has helped open 11 exclusive Osho bookshops called OSHO Glimpse all over India. This chain is growing as people enjoy being able to see the full collection of Osho Titles available in one place, including the music for the Osho Meditations, and the DVDs of the Osho Talks.

*The meditation resort also sends trained facilitators to OSHO Meditation Events around the country. Hundreds of participants thought the country enjoy Osho meditations in this way.

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45 Responses to Osho International Foundation in India. Achievements?

  1. shantam prem says:

    Just finished my late dinner, and saw this progress report from Osho Vatican Pune.
    With age, one gets used to so much lies and self praise and doctored reports, that one simply laugh.
    the mangement team is so efficient and smart, i wonder why someone does not introduce these brains to President Obama, they can serve beautifully in his administration, in health care plan and job creations.
    20,000 people enter Osho meditation resort per year, the figure can be as correct as the public transport of a city of 0.4 million people serve 7 million passengers per year. (actual figures of a German city)
    It means Shantam,a sinlge passanger, who uses public transport every day, goes in and out of the trams in average 6 times a day, will be counted as 180 passengers per month and 2160 times per year. Impressive figures.

    Same way in the resort, it is possible that twenty thousand single day stickers are sold. If an average person stays 4 days, only five thousand people can cover this figure. Now think about the workers and room owners who get 30 days sticker at a time.
    54% Indians visit the resort. i.e. 12 thousand people. I don’t know, whether those 60 tourists per day are also counted in this figure, who pay 10 Rupees for a ten minutes tour of the resort plus introductory video. These are the people,who have read so much about Rajnish Ashram that whenever they get a chance to be in Pune for business of family reasons, they just want to see the place. These tours are always full. it can not be surprising as the offical population of Pune can be around 5.2million people.
    5,064,700 (2008) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pune

    But it seems it is easier to be a missionary than to be a seeker. There is a race to touch the human hands between a single Bible distributing groups numbers in hundreds and hundreds of titles of Osho in the hands of a single foundation. Any way, figures are just a game. A single man of truth can be a majority in oneself.

  2. Harri Om says:

    Sadhana, for so many years your eyes have only read Osho’s words and your ears have only heard Osho’s words that your mind is now like an old record that is stuck in the record player, with the grooves wearing deeper and deeper, producing an annoying scratching noise that denies the music its true beauty. You have no capacity to actually think for yourself. Nor have you any capacity to here thoughts from someone else. Your mind no longer barely works at all, and you consider this a certain kind of stillness. However it is not the silence of a buddha, it is the dullness of unconscious trance.

    Your obsession with spreading bookshops only of Osho is indicative of your narrow mindedness. Can your mind comprehend the brilliance of Rabindranath Tagore, or Rumi, or Gautama the Buddha? Are such books in your eyes sinful?

    You have so much downloadable Osho content, and you take great efforts to have the Indian population warm to you by emphasising discount prices. Does it cost less to download content in India? On what basis do you come to your charging price for content in general? I can understand the a physical book has a cost price, but how much does it costs to send lots of 1’s and 0’s along a telecommunications cable?

    Yes one day may your bank account be as vast as the swathes of maroon sannyasins that shall form a sea across this earth.

    Granted you have gone from 200000 to 20000 passes (of 10 minutes or greater) per year, and also it is accepted that your figures are concocted in a cauldron. What is the truth? Did you have to sell the land from beneath your feet to build that monolithic monstrosity that was both the blind ambition to rule (the world), and the deviant excuse to destroy (the pagoda)?

    Can you please respond without repeating and defacing Osho.

  3. shantam prem says:

    Again i wish to ask you Harri Om, like many others have asked in the previous post.
    Who are you as a human being.
    When we say Amrito, Jayesh, Sadhana, , there is a face behind the name. Same is here with Anthony, Chetna, Dilruba, Kranti, Shantam etc.
    Shahriar has also opened his facebook account with the photo.

    I am curious to know, what psychological limitations you feel, by not revealing your identity.

    PS-I have immense love and respect for human limitations. Only in the porno stories every male character has 9-10 inches and women are not less than Cindy, Claudia, Lindsay, Paris etc.

  4. shantam prem says:

    For Sadhana ji, the spokesperson of the choosen few.

    A note from my facebook page-

    It may be a vision or a wishful thinking, the other day i was meditating in a church and felt Osho vibes saying;” Soon Buddha hall roof will be enacted and Ashram will come back to its glory, the way I have worked for it. Millions of people are on the way. Soon you will have the Mystic Rose in the new pyramid and it will be packed full with my People.”

    Why Buddha Hall, the illegal hall with plastic tent (Capacity to bear the Storm of 120 kms/hrs. Never happened untill now in the recorded history of Pune) has taken such a symbolic gesture of intelligent love and defiance.

    What Harri Om has written in the last post-
    Did you have to sell the land from beneath your feet to build that monolithic monstrosity that was both the blind ambition to rule (the world), and the deviant excuse to destroy (the pagoda)?

    In his utterly beautiful style of writing, he has given expression to the lurking lawa of anger. Hundred thousands of people have felt cheated, betrayed, overlooked and simply used by the “crown prince”, without doubt with immensely good intentions.

    Those who feel, good news, positive news are lacking at this forum, may also see this in a way that a small tumour which was hidden under the robes, is brought into the open light.

    The other day,i heard a story about a Ma who has to go through the breast surgery because of the cancer.
    Just before the anaesthesia was given, she addressed the operating doctor,” Please, remember cancer is in my right side. don’t do your surgery to the left.”

    Buddha hall destruction is one such surgery gone wrong.

    Osho’s real books are His people. the paper books are only the lonely planet guides for inner journey. They motivate us. Ashram was like Thomas Cook; the journey planner. It brought the boom in the inner exploration. Now the travel industry is feeling the pinch of recession because of the Ponzi schemes of the few.

  5. Dilruba says:

    Harri Om … this is your best sharing .. ofcoarse sharings cannot be judged …but l say this with awareness …

    l / we still would like to know .. a fellow-traveller’s identity .. who is so open .. & full of awareness … would have any fear of exposing his own identity … we are not a social group in that sense … & if l do give my Facebook id .. it is to have a look at the person .. so it enhances our sharing … even though we might not ever meet / or if we do accidently .. one never knows .. but when one is aware .. he is also aware of the unseen energy which is always present to protect .. no matter what … your fear of identity is a bit too prolonged …

    the only other possibility is you think you are Osho’s reincanation ..
    and have to protect your identity .. to avoid what you did in your previous life { made too many photos} … and this life would want to only write instead … not heard or photographed !

  6. Dilruba says:

    Sannyas news … thanx for u r reply .. in the last thread .. even though was a bit late …

  7. Dhanyam says:

    When Osho was in His body, Viha was distributing Osho books – unedited, with His picture on the cover – to mostly spiritual book buyers. OIF has devised a strategy to edit Osho books, arrange catchy titles, eliminate Osho’s photo from the covers, and to market these books to the mainstream. They are using the same strategy for DVDs, etc. As a result, Osho’s books and DVDs are now sold in the millions each year. We sell Osho books all over the world, and the majority of our buyers are interested in the unedited, pure Osho books.

  8. Dilruba says:

    Dhanyam .. yes it is painful to see Osho’s books being edited / compiled … somehow the guys {OIF} who are doing are interested to reach out to the corporate world .. who are looking for instant tea /coffee … so they provide it … as they{OlF} dont want to take the risk of intoxicating with ‘ True Wine ‘ … they probably prefer the caffeine – addicts to alcohol addicts … l guess !

  9. garimo says:

    Shantam love,
    >>>Those who feel, good news, positive news are lacking at this forum,

    :-) this forum reminds me of times on the ranch & in the centers where we were required to remain positive at all times. No complaining, no criticism… someone was always there to report on your negative energy.

    I remember when we had to find someone safe, a friend you could trust… a “negativity partner” where you could hide away with and in whispers complain about your jobs, and bitch about who’s doing what… and share your notions of how things are “supposed” to be… How they would be if YOU were in charge…

    This forum sometimes seems like a place for negativity partners to connect.

    Tea time with a negativity partner was a valued time. It may not have changed anything, but helped you feel a little relief.

  10. shantam prem says:

    Garimo dear,
    look in this way, when the cardboard houses fall with a single blow, everybody takes the credit of knowing it before hand but remains silent out of convenience or of doubt.
    Few of us have a inner calling to sing the songs, few gets the calling to choose the path of a non conformist specially when you see, few are taking the poison out of a snake so that they can play snake charmers!

  11. garjuna says:

    Please remember Garimo that on this earth, this dimensional plane, positive and negative go side by side. “What heaven is heaven’s; what caesar’s is caesar’s” Mediation/Enlightenment = heaven. Day to day life = caesar. Day to day chores = positive/negative. Does anyone remember an Osho discourse about driving a car? What I can recall is He said: When driving a car- drive! Use all your skills, training and awareness while driving. Don’t meditate while driving because you’ll crash. That sums it all about life, I guess. caio

  12. shantam prem says:

    this forum reminds me of times on the ranch & in the centers where we were required to remain positive at all times. No complaining, no criticism… someone was always there to report on your negative energy…

    Ranch and all those centres have disappered from the earth, the little buds could not blossem. Just positive energy can kill anything…specially when it is imposed, when it is synthetic.

  13. garimo says:

    Dear Garjuna,

    This is my second time for writing this. I deleted the first one, but I just wanted (for me) for you to have the chance of seeing how I reacted to your comments.

    The comment or words that I am not connecting with are:

    >>>”Please remember Garimo that on this earth,…”

    my request is, please don’t presume to know what I need to remember.
    I am very resistant to this quality of communication. Your intention may have been very loving, but I’m hung up on the words. I seem to have nagged Kranti about very similar things.

    It could just be a language difference. But as it is, it feels like you wish to impose on me your notion of how I should think, and I’m unable to accept it.

    I’m much more receptive to communications like :
    “Seems to me Garimo that on this earth,…”
    “As I see it Garimo on this earth,…”
    “My observation Garimo is that on this earth,…”
    “My understanding Garimo is that on this earth,…”

    Which then is making your statement about you, and not about me, and I’m much more willing and able to hear compassionate communications about you and your observations, than I am able and willing to hear someone telling me about me and mine.

    Thank you, I hope we are able to share understandings.

  14. garimo says:

    >>>Ranch and all those centres have disappered from the earth, the little buds could not blossem. Just positive energy can kill anything…specially when it is imposed, when it is synthetic.

    I was just reuniting with a feeling from a old experience. It made me smile.
    I wasn’t drawing any grand conclusions of that means this or that.
    I wasn’t going that far with it. Just playing with a another memory that this fourm seem to stir up.


  15. garjuna says:

    I deliberately used those words. After all these years after the ranch and pune and having all this time to look honestly within myself, I’ve noticed that one of the biggest issues with sannyasins is, we are way too sensitive. If someone says the wrong words, gives a funny look, if one’s posture is “wrong”, if one speaks too loud, if one had an orgasm too quickly, etc. etc. We need to be honest with ourselves, and honest in communicating with one another,WITHOUT having to “walk on egg shells” or worry about “hurting” someones feelings. We do forget, that’s why we continue to repeat our mistakes. I’ve been reminded countless times, I’ve reminded others also. I also notice that when someone reminds another, we have a habit of getting defensive, or go into denial, a fear of being wrong, of being weak, our defensive ego trying to prop itself up. I see this in young children too. For young children it’s perfectly natural, but I thought as we “mature” we are taught to move beyond this. Probably our teachers did a shitty job with us since this an adult problem too. Osho’s techniques are supposed to help us with stuff like this. For some time now I expect an aware person to remind me of my buffoonery , usually.. This is something I noticed on the ranch, most sannyasins could not take a joke!! I spoke to some sannysins who were voluntarily leaving the ranch and all said the same thing: too many were too serious. That statement turned out to be true. Continuing on to Pune 2. I encourage all to be more blunt, with love or course, with my comments and others.. Time is wasted, I think, on Politically correct ways of communicating. If you believe that my comments seem to come from having my head up my ass, please tell me, but also tell me why. Honesty goes a long way, something that Sheela and her cohorts didn’t practice. Garimo, I was commenting on the your last sentence, which I didn’t specifically mention, my apologies. “Tea time with….helped you feel a little relief”. I believe negativity can change things, I believe it’s a motivator for change, for taking action. I’m glad you wrote me back love gjuna

  16. garimo says:

    You wrote:
    >>>”Time is wasted, I think, on Politically correct ways of communicating. If you believe that my comments seem to come from having my head up my ass, please tell me, but also tell me why.”

    As I see it,
    My responsibility is to know what is alive in me. It’s in my best interest to be able to identify what I feel and to look into the feeling to identify the met or unmet need (desire) that has shaped the feeling I am experiancing, and then consider acting in ways that will best enhance my experience of life. I’m thinking at this moment this is my best understanding of awareness.

    My observation of your post is that it contains many judgments of who has problems, what’s right & wrong, who may have done a shity job, who didn’t get jokes, who’s this way or that…

    The only thing I’m seeing of you in your post is you’re encouring other to be blunt and that you’re glad I wrote.

    I really don’t know what “politically correct” ways might be. I just stumble along and experiment with ways/stratgies that might meet my needs and re-evauliate when they don’t and I fail. When things work well, then cool & celebration. If not then I hope I’m able to learn from it, console myself with doing as best I can even when it’s not very good…

    Honestly, I can’t I possibly know where your comments come from? So I’m thinking speculations would be the waste of time… Head up you ass is one option of your choice, but I’m thinking it might be helpful and enhance experiencing life for us both if you were able/willing to identify and share where your comments are coming from and what motivates them yourself.

    But I do like guessing games too.
    So let’s see…
    Are you motivated because you want to feel loved, validated and nurtured?


    Validation is a great motivator… Last year about this time when I arrived at my BurningMan camp… I met a guy with a rubber stamp and he was hugging everyone and stamping the back of our hands in red ink that said “You’re Validated”. Now I’m remembering I wanted to get one of these rubber stamps…
    You’re Validated!

  17. shantam prem says:

    Garimo and garjuna,
    warmth and thunder,

    i should bring chai for you both. Few wonderful thoughts, have come out of you.

    Just when i wrote “Thoughts”, immediately collective sannyas mind screamed; Thoughts, they are part of the mind.

    As if we operate from the level of no mind all the time.

  18. garimo says:

    >>As if we operate from the level of no mind all the time.

    Hmmm, what’s that old saying… ” keep your friends close, but keep your mind closer”?


  19. shantam prem says:

    it was in the previous thread,
    “Loving Osho I came to love Sheela too.,”

    One can also say, in the journey of no mind, i came to love the mind too.

    Mine, your, our, their mind; mind in general, as long as it remains in the speed limit and on the prescribed lane.

    When few people try to drive their mind on the right side of Indian Roads, few confront the drivers and many simply take another road.

  20. Kranti says:

    ” I seem to have nagged Kranti about very similar things ”

    No garimo.. You made me more aware of my language..and kind of re-directed me more inwards about what i feel and what i express… I am greatful for you…

  21. Kranti says:

    I felt good about this thread as i also felt the forum was becoming one sided..too much OIF bashing only..I am not getting into whether Sadhana is accurate or not..I dont about it..

    But let us have some balance ..

    Let us face it ..If OIF has done a good job in marketing Osho books let us accept it..why negate it..

    How they market it ( things like No Osho books on cover ) is a subjective arguement.. But it is very much in line with OIF approach of spreading Osho vision but not Osho’s personality.. Editing is again something which is not acceptable to lot of people and so much had been already discussed.

    For the moment , if what Sadhana says is accurate then OIF has done a phenomenal work.

  22. garimo says:

    >> I am greatful for you…

    Now I Feel VALIDATED!
    and heard.

  23. Harri Om says:

    Some people have asked who am I?

    Perhaps I exist not at all and am just a part of your imagination. If you were in a clear state of mind then perhaps you would not be able to see me at all.

    I have had a series of requests to reveal my identity, and shall here answer in the negative. Nirvana, the name of enlightenment provided by Gautama the Buddha, was also in the negative. It means blowing out the candle. The candle is what we know and cherish and surely to have that disappear must leave a barren vacuum? Perhaps I shall disappear when people stop fanning the flames.

    It has been suggested to me that I am Parmartha having a joke. It has also been suggested that I am Maneesha, Satya Vedant, Devageet, Devendra, Krisha Prem, Prem Abhay, and Swami Hariom. A slightly more interesting idea is that I am Swami Rajneesh, Chaitanya Keerti, and Samdarshi combined. Another query was whether I was a hired intellectual gun – an academic or journalist. Even more quirky was a conspiracy theory that I was actually Jayesh, Amrito, Yogendra, Mukhesh, and Pramod combined. The most interesting suggestion to date is that I actually think that I am Osho and am leading a quieter life this time around, to balance out my karma.

    I thought it only fair that I am also allowed to speculate. I was musing whether I was either a disguised Swami Hari Om or a hidden Ma Harriet Om?

    Who am I?

    I am the flame upon the candle of your illusion.
    I am the head-wind on your highway to nowhere.
    I am more you than me, as you are more you than others.
    I am both all people and none of them.
    I am both your dark night, and your coming dawn.
    I am the shadow of the trees, and the walls dividing them.
    You ask who I am.
    This is who I am.
    You ask who I am.
    I ask am I at all?

  24. aman68 says:

    Wonderfull Achievements of OIF!!!!
    As there are so many so called spiritual teachers attracting few millions minds for a while having a little bit of hallucination and thinking that, they are transforming these mind.
    Here with OIF, there is happening something of transforming heart. It is complicated and chaotic in its behavior but it last for ever.
    If “figures are just a game” then “let’s just play”.

  25. Kranti says:

    ” Now I Feel VALIDATED!
    and heard. ‘”

    Garimo.. I also want to add something

    When we are posting messages in a hurry , not too much thinking goes into whether we are using correct language or not… so if you see me still using few words which look like i am speaking on behalf on others please keep in mind i dont actually mean it.. I am aware now.. Thanks.

  26. Kranti says:

    Hari Om.. We understand …It is no your fault..

    It is the fault of all the people who asked your identity ..

    On belalf of sannyasin community ( I know garimo will be upset again ) especially on behalf of Shantam i apologise to you for making you feel as though you have gone beyond all the 37.5 levels of nirvana…

  27. Dilruba says:

    Harri om … you have taken us seriously / playfully … is your look out / in .. thats all l can say …at the moment … but with this reply l know exactly who you are … and will reveal when the time is right !

  28. shantam prem says:

    “It has been suggested to me that I am Parmartha having a joke. It has also been suggested that I am Maneesha, Satya Vedant, Devageet, Devendra, Krisha Prem, Prem Abhay——and so on”

    Who has suggested that, Harri Om, the unisex ???’
    Is there a single post any where on the net for this ghost writer, where people feel concerned about, gossip about the identity of this award winning journalist/seeker/the realised one.

    For sure, you have a flair in your writing, you can bring the fire out…but something is missing; an authentic human being standing behind his words.

  29. Kranti says:

    We call this an ‘ Identity crYsis ‘

  30. shantam prem says:

    Harri Om,
    For me you have become a arche type symbol of silent sannyas community. it is amazing to see how the few residents left in the campus, speak in private, in their moments of trust and honesty and how they pretend otherwise.
    It is also like when Saddam did the refrendum 99.9% voted for his regime. Who will dare to say NO and to put his life and his family’s life in danger.

    Fear of survival or fear of getting uprooted from the familiar surroundings is a natural instinct, and than you add the bonus of loosing the open relations; why one should speak the truth.

    Is it not enough Osho did all this for us, the way Jesus crucified himself on our behalf, to redeem us from our sins.

  31. Aman says:

    Wonderfull Achievements of OIF!!!!
    As there are so many so called spiritual teachers attracting few millions minds, for a while having a little bit of hallucination and thinking that, they are transforming these mind.
    Here with OIF, there is happening something of transforming heart. It is complicated and chaotic in its behavior but it last for ever.
    If “figures are just a game” then “let’s just play”.

  32. Kranti says:

    Marketing / Distribution of Osho books / discourses is just part of the overall functioning of Pune apart from running the buudhafield on a day to day basis , making avilable all forms of therapies etc.,

    This thread is concerned with Marketing / Distribution of Osho books / discourses and the discussions need to be in that context.. As i said , to me OIF has done phenomenal work in this area.. they deserve recognition on this front..

    What they did / didnt in other aspects can always be discussed / debated and we had been doing it in the last 7 or 8 threads..

  33. Kranti says:

    And putting a question mark straightaway against Achievements? in the thread is not in good taste ..the editiors need to be unbiased..they can express their bias sarcastically like this.. Wish they are sensitive & can remove that question mark

  34. Kranti says:

    ” they cant express their bias sarcastically like this.. “

  35. shantam prem says:

    apart from running the buddhafield on a day to day basis …

    When was the last time, “Buddhafield” was mentioned about 17, Koregaon Park.
    Go through all the pages at osho.com, and tell us where single time this expression Buddhafield is mentioned.

  36. Dilruba says:

    l guess … sometimes one has to read between the lines … this thread was put so that we can just do that … the editor is definitely taking liberties continuously … probably there are no new threads …

  37. Kranti says:

    Yes Shantam.. I am aware what you are trying to point out.. Thats why i said we had discussed those things.. I felt the focus on this thread is more about publishing work.. I try to look at a specific achievement of OIF

  38. shantam prem says:

    specific achievement of OIF ???

    Like the editor of this site, i also put the question mark and with His Blessings would like to explain the reasons behind.
    i am not that person who like to become big by making others small, but the way i have seen animals, even they don’t eat rotten food though human beings have the capacity to be influences by the rotten words in press releases. The big blunder of our time ” weapons of Mass Destruction, the reason behind a useless war that killed more than half million people.

    Osho was not an unknown mystic living in the streets of Pune, whose work was discovered after His death and were brought into the lime light. In that case, it would have been a big achievement to persuade high street publishers.

    Osho was already an established name in his genre. Few of words big publishers were already publishing His work. Others wise how it was possible for thousands of people to reach Pune. His books were the first big point for many people’s journey from the hometown to Pune.
    A pilgrimage from the secured west to the under developed India. Till His life time, there were no PCO’s in India. To call Europe was costing 66 rupees per minute for that too one must go to the main post office and to book a trunk call,now it is 4.5 Rupees per minute. Bombay Pune highway was just one way and it was taking around 5-9 hours to reach Pune from airport. Now it is 3.5 hours journey. There were no guest house but guest were all around the Koregaon Park.
    In house Publishing came quite late and that too for the reason, Osho wanted His discourses to be published in total, with His aesthetics, and than to be delivered at COST PRICE.
    Books at cost price was the tradition started by Him and why it was drooped in the middle of the night by group of hard core business men, i wonder.
    In this way, with the modern distribution channels made available by Internet and Amazon etc. we would have still reached the sale volume and also the hearts.

    1996-1997 ?
    There was a sign at the main gate for the gathering 45 minutes after Osho white robe brotherhood.
    This gathering was addressed by Amrito and Jayesh. Energy was splendid. The agenda was to make osho available through the modern information techniques as Osho has always encouraged the latest technical development.

    “Internet is going to be the future and we will make it possible that evening meeting is relayed LIVE from Buddha Hall, so that sannyaisns where ever they are in the world could participate in white robe at 7 PM Poona time.”

    There was a thunder of clappings, i have clapped too and still remember the place where i was standing outside at the entrance of the Buddha Hall.

    And this technology has become damn cheap. I will again clap if the promises given are fullfilled.

    Til than

  39. garimo says:

    >>”in the thread is not in good taste ..the editiors need to be unbiased..they can express their bias sarcastically like this.. Wish they are sensitive & can remove that question mark”

    From where does your idea that a sannyasin editor can be unbiased come? No Osho/sannyasin publications have been unbiased.
    In the SannyasNews ‘about Us’ mission statement they clearly list that there is a bias to this site.

  40. Dilruba says:

    once when l was in a personal meeting with … Neelam Maa … in her office she said ..” Osho said that Books , Robes , rice , roti & dal should be provided without any profit ”

    this love affair with the Master … is Truely a love affair …

    l wonder .. these words which are passed down as ” He said … ” ..
    should ever be trusted … or if trusted should never be considered .. capable of being fulfilled .. by these sannyassins who are taking / bringing ‘ His ‘ instructions across and further declaring these instruction as ” l Leave you my Dream” & then in a way disowning it …

    l feel finally it it a question of each ones survival ! l am including myself in this

  41. shantam prem says:

    ..” Osho said that Books , Robes , rice , roti & dal should be provided without any profit ”

    It was always so. And still keeping in mind the financial aspects, groups were being sold at the prevailing marekt price in the west. Few of the world top most group leaders were sharing their skill and all the money was for the commune, it was their way of saying Thank you Master, the way musicians were saying by creating few of the best new age music, the way we are saying Thankyou Master through our Bhow bhow!!

  42. shantam prem says:

    “Compromise is one of the most ugly words in our language. It means, I give half, you give half; I settle for half, you settle for half. But why? When you can have the whole, when you can eat the cake and have it too, then why compromise!
    Just a little courage, just a little daring…”

    The quotation above was playing in me and after months, it is again as a No Thought of the day.
    When you can eat the cake and have it too. Than why compromise….

    What i understand from Him in the collective context-

    Buddha Hall can exist with Osho Hall. what is the problem.

    Kirtan can co exist with Disco beats. No need to ban Milarepa, Deva Primal kind of music.

    New year can be celebrated so also Osho Birthday.

    Their interpretation of Osho, and other people’s interpretation of Osho can co exist and make ashram colorful. No need to ban those people who differ from you.

    Few call India, Few call Bharat or Hindustan. It is Germany and Deutschland, why cannot resort and commune exist together.

    They can be in the inner circle and others can also. Why to create personal territory as if it is a jungle of Darwin.

    Zen and Sufi, laughter and silence, hugs and hand shakes, smokers and no smokers; alcohal and Chai,
    my friends; make Osho’s world so big that even non vegetarians can enjoy the hospitality.
    Expand the system without breaking it. Play with taboos but not with hearts.

  43. Kranti says:

    Saw that ‘ about us ‘ Garimo.. Thanks

  44. deepak says:

    I am happy to see this progress..
    Technology is being used by Inner circle …

    Inner circle is far behind for their work in India ..

    Please keep updated your self and Commune work,