Osho is Everywhere – Sophist Nonsense in the Ranks

Shantam discusses:

During the last few years, it has become a convenient sentence to say, “For me Osho is everywhere. I don´t need to go anywhere else”. 


Let me dare to be politically incorrect, “Those who see the Master everywhere, basically don´t need the Master at all.”

Is the Master attached to a satellite for mobile phones?  Once you get a chip from the shop, you are online at home and also when roaming!


For me the opposite is true:  If Buddha, Jesus and others are still relevant and part of the human pulse, it is the sheer effortless effort of their disciples, their followers,  and the networking among them. The same applies to Osho.
Ignoring the roll of disciples for the legacy of any Master  is like botanically ignoring the seeds of plants.

In Accordance with my understanding, once the Master exhausts his body mind energy, the disciples(Sangha) take over and continue his work.

Everywhere is only God/Existence/Allah/Parmatma/Waheguru.
On the earth it matters the most who is here and now, whether it is individual, group, religion or business corporation. Other opinions from the different spectrums are welcomed.


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38 Responses to Osho is Everywhere – Sophist Nonsense in the Ranks

  1. Parmartha says:

    The Pune 4 commune, whoever leads it, or even if the present incumbents continue, needs to take place somewhere else. There is nothing special about Pune.

    Osho would never have returned there, HAD THERE BEEN ANY OTHER OPTION IN 1986.

    He always had a cosmopolitan ‘International’ commune when he was alive, which was totally un-nationalistic. It was a great feeling, ancient divisions between German and English, English and Japanese, just offering a few personal examples, were totally broken down there in the ambience and love of that Buddhafield.

    In the sense of those who keep harping on about Pune, and that small, polluted and often medically demanding suburb of it, yes, Osho is everywhere and that was certainly his intention. “Let the word go out”, as I remember him saying as early as 1980, that the salt of his sannyasins had to be tasted throughout the whole planet, and that the time had arrived when that should happen.

  2. Shantam Prem says:

    Why not create a new string:
    Future of Osho´s Pune?

    Let us discuss in this string, esoteric significance of ‘Osho is everywhere’.
    There must be many sides of the same phrase. I am sure, I have touched only one.

  3. karima says:

    Shantam ( by the way, what does your name mean?), it is true, is’nt it, that when we see Osho, Buddha, Christ, Ourselves everywhere, we don’t need the outer Master any longer. In the meantime, we are seekers, seeking It here, there and everywhere, not realising we are It.

    It is also a (relative) truth that we can spread the message of the master, but when that is co-opted by the ego, it becomes an ego trip, as you can see in Poona now – nothing wrong with it, that’s how it goes. So from my viewpoint the only way we can spread Osho’s or Ourselves’ is being That, and then the spreading and sharing goes by Itself.

    If we haven’t realised who we are, the spreading and sharing is an ego trip, even from the most subtle realms, but again nothing wrong with it, because that’s the learning, peeling-away process.

    So we can react and disagree with ‘others’ who are spreading Osho’s ( our) message till we are blue in the face, but that won’t change one iota, it only means we are reacting and disagreeing with the inevitable.

  4. swami anand anubodh says:

    There was also a rumour that some Aussie guy was on hunger strike.

    Does anybody know if he was good to his word?

    Or does he go down in the 2014 record books as a bigger FAIL! than David Moyes?

    • Parmartha says:

      I guess the relevance of your comment, Anubodh, to the string is whether Viral (that was his name) and others like Shantam feel that there is something ‘special’ about the small number of acres where Osho lived of his own free will between ’74 and ’81, and because there was nowhere else to go between 1986 and the end of his life.

      My God, this is now so many years ago. Do we really want these 14 acres to become the Jerusalem of Sannyas, and all the horror stories that followed there, the endless crusading, and the mess that potentially wonderful city is still in today?

      Once again, the solution for Jerusalem is internationalist, and the place be a UN protectorate…but no…human beings from all sides want to ‘claim’ it as their own…there is no measure to the depth of human stupidity.

      Osho was very clear when he was alive, he said that it did not need even a congregation of sannyasins meeting in his name to bring his presence to the assembly – even if one was alone one could call him up and he would be sitting in his chair beside you. So even at the Poles, or anywhere else, he is there if you are open.

    • Anthony Thompson says:

      I do not know if you are referring to the same guy that was last winter on a hunger strike on the grounds of the Sundervan Hotel, in Pune?

      I was a week at the Resort and what I heard was that he was asked to remove his mala when he was in Chuang Tzu (Samadhi), he got a bit violent and was thrown out. So he set up a tent on the lawn and put around 20 malas on his neck and went on a hunger strike…which perhaps was not a bad idea considering that might have been around 15 kilos overweight.

      I saw him a couple of days and then he was gone, so I do not know what happened.

      • prem martyn says:

        Anthony, no guesses there…He ended up blogging on SN under an assumed name, after a German residency visa party.

      • Parmartha says:

        He continued some kind of fast in Australia and used Facebook to advertise it, someone tells me.

        He certainly could do with losing weight, so it will do him no harm!

  5. lokesh says:

    ‘Osho is everywhere’ is an abstraction. Religions love abstractions, because the religion that produces the highest level of abstraction can say “I am the best religion.” Ho-hum, nothing new there, it is a very old game indeed.

    Seeing Osho everywhere is a personal viewpoint and totally dependent on who or what one envisages Osho to represent. If, for example, one sees Osho as a manifestation of universal consciousness who popped in to a body to say hi to everyone then, yes, he is everywhere.

    If one imagines Osho to be some cosmic bearded personality who is watching over his lambs then they are as misguided as those who believe the Earth was created a few thousand years ago by an angry God in the sky.

    Any real guru, real meaning someone who is merged in truth, will tell you that the real guru is inside of you and if they don’t they are pulling your leg.

    Personally, I don’t see Osho anywhere. If he is who he said he was then he is no more and is everywhere and nowhere. Hi-ho, silver lining.

  6. Shantam Prem says:

    I know we all have our understanding to keep us on the tracks.
    But I must say, two of your posts on this string show you have null idea how the evolution of religion takes place.
    In that sense, I appreciate those billions of people who care a shit about Living or dead guru.

    Most probably, they too will cover their journey with the sheer capacity of their guts and anyway, sun shines on them too.
    Are not they eligible for divinity´s grace?

    PS: On the basis of your two posts, which are generic by nature, a new article is brewing in me, ‘Role of Pune in Osho´s (not so ‘neo’ any more) Sannyas’.

    • satyadeva says:

      You think Osho wanted to establish a “religion”, Shantam?

      You yourself appear to show “null idea” of how living religiousness inevitably degenerates into just another multi-flawed belief system, run and fought over by people who are less than pale shadows of the man who was the original inspiration for the movement.

      You have your person-al preferences (ie of your ‘person’, according to your particular background and history, your past) as to how things ‘should’ be, ie what happens to suit you and where you’re at (or think you’re at), others have theirs, according to where they are (or think they are), again dependent on their particular past and whatever understanding it’s brought them to.

      And all like to think they alone ‘know’ what the master wanted, what ‘should’ happen. Hence the quarrels, the mutual antagonisms, the conflicts, the bad blood – the unseemly politics of it all, barely different from how ‘the world’ carries on its affairs.

      Unless you see the nature of the whole situation, as Karima recently outlined here (btw, have you studied what she wrote, it was specifically for you?) then you’ll only be another warring trouble-maker, ‘another fish in the political tank’, under the self-ish illusion (ie of your self, of your past) that you know best. Laughable, totally, to observers here, I’m afraid.

      • anand yogi says:


        Shantam, speaker of true truth in a cesspit of alcoholic western baboonery, is correct!
        For centuries we Indians have meditated and become drugged and boisterous and we understand how religions evolve!

        Shantam has had the right approach, he rightly was suspicious and fearful of the male gora of the sannyasin species but his innate intelligence made him realise that the female of the species could give him what he wanted.
        Osho’s vision was alive in his trousers!
        May thy seed impregnate a thousand virgins!

        Now the western baboons want to take this away!
        Now he cannot rent his appartment in Koreagaon Park out at a high rent to western suckers and seekers, so now he has to beg from the gora and clean his toilets in a spiritual wasteland, but nothing can dent the pride of a true one and he will one day have his dream back that has been stolen by the irreligious foreign interloper…

        Hari Om!

        See how the Anglo-Saxon cannot change his ways and is always exploiting and stealing from the humble, true, honest, loving Indian sannyasi his birthright!

        Yes, Shantam, bhai, take their western Viagra and Prozac in the noble meditative tradition of drugged boisterousness.
        It is `Soma`, spoken of in the Vedas, for the 21st century, and Osho has said to use everything available even if it has been manufactured by barking dogs who will never understand the boisterous and drugged states enjoyed by our lineages of enlightened ones who understand how religions evolve.

        Parmartha and SD have null ideas about how religions evolve.
        They must be taught even the abc by advanced adepts such as Shantam who has felt the cool thud of marble to the forehead, thus activating the third eye…

        Shantam, it is good that something new is brewing in you.
        Let it ferment to full power until it overflows and explodes from you and out of your compassion allow it to spill and blast out onto your keyboard.

        Osho’s vision needs you!


    • Parmartha says:

      Actually, Shantam, I am totally bored by anything that calls itself ‘The ‘Evolution of Religion, or for that matter, ‘The Philosophy of Religion’ or the ‘Sociology of Religion’, etc.

      I know, for example, that the latter two are university disciplines in their own right, but have you seen those guys talking to each other?! It’s so easy to take the piss out of them, that it is hardly worth it, but the estimable Anand Yogi may give it a go and he has my blessing!

      For me, NEO-sannyas is all!!

  7. prem martyn says:

    “The kind of hope that I often think about…I understand above all as a state of mind, not a state of the world.

    Either we have hope within us, or we don’t. It is a dimension of the soul . It’s not essentially dependent upon some particular observation of the world or estimate of the situation.

    Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.”

    Vaclav Havel

    • Parmartha says:

      Thanks for the quote. It is good as far as it goes.

      And as far as I know, many Czech people owe him a great deal for his courage in the revolt against communism, though I must confess I don’t know the details of his bravery. But I suspect he was talking about hope in that context, the hope to be free of such a totalitarian yoke.

      He misses the final step. Doesn’t realise that divesting oneself of the psychology of hope itself leads to the only equanimity that can melt a prison wall.

      • prem martyn says:

        If you look at the Power of the Powerless or his letter to Husak available at the Havel website, you’ll see the contexts.

        They are justly renowned for the existential aspect of the liberation , which became synonymous with the ’89 events. The political parallels you describe, Parmartha, are all there in the story of course , but the nature of his analysis goes far beyond the pedestrian and political to a more accessible and significant relevance , the existential nature of the mechanism of collusion and servility in all societal mechanisms as described.

        The wording of the word ‘hope’ is transformed by the definition he gives it, although you understandably infuse the traditional connection, which leads to your derogation of that idea. I believe here it’s more like a grand cup of Czech tea brewed correctly , with just the right inference, from a large and steaming pot , not of ready-made, familiar and bagged tips, but of something much more satisfying and usable.

        How much or how little he benefitted from his own perspective does not in turn prevent me, rather promotes me, adapting his concision, to remind my own. Although some would argue that the flaws or paradoxes of historical inevitability prevent such analyses from being implicit. I find quite a few of them , instead, entirely implicit, user-friendly and constant, without recourse to a mutual identity, but a mutual understanding independently perceived.

        Now then, back to the gags…enough for today….

        • prem martyn says:

          PS: His letters to Olga from prison, although pretty impenetrable for light reading, do really surprise with utterly lucid transcendent moments of dispersing insights. My fellow adult students in EFL were happily reminded of that quality without mentioning the value of a ‘seeking’ but the simple realising of the limits of the grinding price of not voicing resistance to the systematic corrosion of truth and its expansion and capacity to heal disaffect.

          • prem martyn says:

            He was also a great absurdist and confirmed that joy in his theatre plays, where bizarre paradox was both the child and parent of fun-filled and generative autonomy.

          • Parmartha says:

            Thanks for the reference to Havel’s ‘Letters to Olga from Prison’. I’ll take a look when the mood is on me.

  8. Anthony Thompson says:

    Shantam, as the Indian mentality goes, wishes to save THE shrine where his master lived, and is upset that it is being turned into a tavern…

    In my view, if you want a place to go meditate, dance, share with friends, work on yourself and participate in groups, the Resort is a wonderful place. If you want to go on a pilgrimage to a holy place you will be wasting your time and certainly your money. The Inner Circle has done everything they can to get rid of the ‘holy place’ trip -everything they can…

    And that is why old people, marble-kissers are so upset, it is not a temple any more.

    As far as I see it, wonderful temples have been a curse for humanity for centuries. Spas and resorts, on the other hand, are quite lovely places to relax.



    • Shantam Prem says:

      Anthony, it is not my Indian mentality but the desire to see justice to the will and wishes of departed master.

      Indians did not put his ashes as Samadhi. Indians did not chose the Inner Circle.
      Maybe it was the Indian-ness in Osho who did it all.

      If someone you love says in his last will, “Piss on my ashes”, people should not shy away from doing that.

      Those who cannot keep the intention and desire of their spiritual master pure are worth winning the gold medal in the game of cunning.

      • satyadeva says:

        But what makes you think you know what Osho wanted, Shantam? And if you say he wanted an ‘Inner Circle’ of 21 people, then what makes you think that these people would create what you person-ally would prefer?

        I put it to you that you are disturbed only because the ashram set-up is not the way it was, ie not the way that you think it ‘should’ be – from the memory of your past – not the way that you think suits you.

        Although you like to imagine that you only want what Osho wanted, I say you’re fooling yourself: you just want what you, little Shantam, want.

      • Parmartha says:

        I thought, Shantam, that you were of the party that says that Osho never wrote a ‘Will’, and that what is put forward as his Will is a fabrication?!

        If that is the case, you can never say really what ‘Master’ wanted – and to be honest, I suspect that he wanted nothing at all.

        • shantam prem says:

          Osho´s will is written all around through the gestures and activites of his last years in Pune, when He was working overtime to give finishing touch to his work. He is even heard saying something like, “I am a painter too. I paint on people´s hearts.” Surely His Ashram was his canvas.

          I will say one of its kind, so unique, till now no one has dared to create that kind of product offering.
          Lokesh, SD, Parmartha can get the first-class reservation to Heaven, this is their right, like billions of others, but you have not seen the fineness of Osho´s work, His finshing touch.

          What surprises me the most is the people who were rolling all around on Osho´s feet and once man died, they went their way. For example, famous Hollywood group, five members of Inner Circle representing America. Whether they were forced to leave or they went away on their own is still a mystery of a thriller novel.

  9. Shantam Prem says:

    Herr Jogi Löw has proven to be the master coach. He inspired his team. His compact sentence to the only goal maker is already written with golden letters in the history books.

    Does it mean, when Jogi will retire or expire, there won´t be any new coach for the German team?

    Will the future German teams learn by keeping his photo on the altar?

    Won´t his energy be everywhere to teach the open-hearted and willing players?

    I think other than religions, nothing in the existence works on the basis of beliefs.

    • anand yogi says:

      Yogi Low must be crowned as a true yogi by Swami Arun!
      He embodies the qualities of Zorba the Buddha.
      Swashbuckling attacking play coupled with calm serenity in defence!

      Religions, like football teams, are created by the members of the team dropping their egos and submitting their will to one great man!

      And if that great man can look like Yogi Low, a cross between David Bowie and Adolf Hitler, then we can have a starman who can blow our minds visiting this planet to set up a religion that can last a thousand years!

      Let all the children boogie!

      • Anthony Thompson says:

        Are you for real? Or just a satire of yourself?


        • Parmartha says:

          Anthony, if you were English and knew the rich variety and types of English humour and mockery, you would know the answer immediately!

          • Anthony Thompson says:

            Now I get it! Sorry…I am a Latino, you know!

          • anand yogi says:

            These baboons like Thompson cannot even tell the difference between satire and Satya-divine truth!
            How can they possibly tell the difference between enlightenment and utter stupidity?
            And these are the people who call themselves ‘experts’ on meditation!

            And what of Shantam?
            Do you seriously also think he is a satire?
            On what?
            Overweight, dole-scrounger immigrants deranged by western drugs such as Prozac, lusting after the fair-skinned maidens of easy virtue, sitting at their keyboard ejaculating utterly disjointed, retarded and deluded nonsense in metaphors that have been mixed in a short-circuited Indian non-export quality cement mixer all over his keyboard in the name of religion?
            Never! He speaks the truth!

            Shantam and I are of the same deep understanding born of being educated in a place where we understand how religions evolve!
            We are very close and I appreciate his immense beauty, charm and outright sexiness.
            But we are not homosexuals because,as Osho says, homosexuals were invented by westerners in the monasteries.
            We are two peas in a pod speaking up for Osho’s vison in a time of Kali-Yuga!

            Osho’s vision needs us like never before!
            Without us the Osho’s religion may not continue and the world will be plunged into spiritual darkness by alcoholic western baboons!

            We vow in the name of all the ebnlightened ones in the glorious history of Bharat to stop this outrage!


    • karima says:

      Shantam, religion is also a belief system. As I write this I see myself jumping on the bandwagon to educate and correct you, as many on this blog do, plus you get a lot of ridicule, a lot of negative attention. It looks like most of the time your beliefs and opinions expressed here are jumbled all over the place, I mostly see no coherence, actually most of the time I literally cannot even read them!

      So why am i responding then? Let me first say that I see everybody’s vieuwpoint on SN as a piece of (virtual internet) mind. I don’t know anybody writing here personally at present, so it’s all just words. Words reacting to words. Some words sound intelligent, some satirical, some stupid, some reflective, some playful, some bullying, and sometimes they start fighting with each other: “My words are better then yours”, but they remain just words, thoughts, mind.

      And this epistle is also just words…Actually, it’s quite a miracle that words can create so much emotional havoc. Soooo…what is the point ( the last word) in all this? Is that, ehh…

      Apparently virtual Shantam, I am rambling to myself!

  10. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    Sure enough, Parmartha, that the wide range of English humour and the variety of such, especially in the internet, like in the contributions of an Anand Yogi, who has your “blessings”, do not lighten me up nor provoke laughter; but as this is a native English-spesking website, including lots of German-bashing (old and new), one has probably to leave it like that.

    As you declare to know what neo-sannyas is not, I would like to ask you what you mean by:
    “For me, NEO-sannyas is all!!”

    And is there anything left in the ´neither this nor that´ (neti, neti…) stuff one could meet with or in…?


  11. Anthony Thompson says:

    Now that I get it, I love this Anand Yogi satire. I really thought he was a real Indian at first, as he reminded me so much of the imitator Brian Rajneesh and his followers, the same language – great…

    Am I spoiling the magic? It must be my half-German blood here…
    Anyway, I do have some preference for British wit.

    • satyadeva says:

      How’s your letter to the Daily Mail coming along, Anthony?

      • anand yogi says:

        Do not worry about these English baboons with their anti-German jibes, so-called satire and their so-called sense of humour.
        It is perfectly good that as a German, you are most fortunate as you are not plagued by the possession of such a faculty!

        And of course, these retarded Anglo-Saxon fools, whose grasp of history was largely gained by reading war comics, will get a cheap laugh when Adolf Hitler’s name is mentioned.
        It is to be expected!

        They know nothing of the fact that it is on the record that Ramana Maharshi declared Hitler to be a jnani and that Osho loved Hitler more deeply than Mahatma Gandhi.
        In this, only beloved Arun is keeping with the time-honoured Aryan tradition of crowning of the beloved genocidist Modi as a true yogi!
        Hari Om!

        Remember the words of Arun:
        “Nations do not become great because of the masses but because a great man imposes his will on them.”

        These truths are not available to those who have abused the freedom that Osho gave them, but just to those who have lived a pure life, become drugged and boisterous through meditation, and thrown themselves at the feet of the enlightened ones and kissed the marble on which they walk!

        And pay no attention to this baboon-loving therapriest Thompson.
        He has sat on the fence trying to psychoanalyse himself for so long that the fence post appears to have disappeared up anus and turned him into a hater of the true representatives of Osho’s work.

        Do not listen to what these baboondogs say.
        You are not a satire!
        You are real!
        Let your truth shine forth from the behind!