Life’s Poetic Flare…

Osho Camp in Canada!

I’ve learned slowly that one should always expect surprises and never doubt the mysteries of life. Such was the surprise with the outcome of the Osho Meditation Camp with Swami Anand Arun.

I worked endlessly to make it happen and at the same time worried periodically, hoped passionately and waited patiently for something I could not control. However, during the entire process an energy was burning within to continue, continue, continue…

I recall a time at Osho Tapoban during an evening white-robe celebration when I saw a video of my master Osho. I allowed many tears to flow freely as I saw such a magnetic, beautiful, refreshing human being inspiring each molecule of my body and soul to go within. At that moment I allowed myself to surrender completely in love and feel the thirst to dissolve with my Master..

Since than the play of Osho has completely taken my life…

This Meditation Camp has reminded me that it is possible to transform within and without by simply allowing life to unfold and be a medium. Things happened so smoothly, so gracefully with poetic flare that I rejoice in gratitude for such a colourful life I am living.

Over 40 people attended this memorable event and danced in joy, harmony and oneness for a weekend to explore within. Surrounded by the remote beautiful landscape of Northumberland County in Cobourg, the setting couldn’t have been better for early morning Dynamic Meditation (where I lost my voice two days in a row).

I could tell Sw. Anand Arun was very tired after conducting more than 4 meditation camps in cities across the United States, but an energy also surrounded him to continue on. His presence and love for Osho resonated deeply with those whom did not even know of him. His devotion toward his beloved Master brought tears and gratitude toward many. If there was a bonus, it was Sw. Anand Arun’s infamous choice of music that could easily make us dance for hours into the night.

So Beloved Friends, let’s meditate and celebrate by expanding the buddhafield of Osho. My body, soul and mind is vibrating with the dream of an Osho BuddhaField in Canada (in my backyard).


Sw. Dhyan Amrits

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5 Responses to Life’s Poetic Flare…

  1. Alok john says:

    Very nice article, Amrits. I did camps with Sw Arun last year and they were wonderful. Sw Arun is certainly a great lover of Osho, isn’t he?

  2. Swaram says:

    Hi Amrits,
    I wish you the best for the Osho Buddhafield in Canada. Arun Swami has great hope for US.
    I can feel the vibrating energy, the excitement, the dedication and love for the Master that is the result of Arun’s camps.

  3. Amrito says:

    Thanks Alok, yea there is certainly an intensity to his approach and passionate eye that’s contagious. And the winds seem to be echoing more and more Osho’s contribution around the world…

  4. Bodhi Milan says:

    Dear Amrits,

    I am so happy to see an Osho group
    in Canada. I live in Kingston, Ontario
    Please let me know of any other events
    in Ontario. I would be interested in meeting
    other sannyasins :)

    Love, Milan

  5. buddhawala says:

    I took Osho Sannyas via mail back in 94, got a name and mala, afterwards I moved to a place that had an ‘Osho Center’ …I never really connected with the sannyasins there much, not a real friendly lot I have to say. I had a sannyas ceremony with them of sorts I guess, but not ‘third eye shaktipat or whatever you want to call it. Then I went on with my life and being into Osho on my own.

    Here’s my question:
    I have considered re-taking sannyas from a living being like Swami Arun, Osho said we should try and have contact with a ‘Living Master’, and to me, regardless if Swamiji is enlightened or not he must certainly be considered somewhat of a master of meditation ..

    My thinking is, the Sannyas through the mail was not what a human needs for advancement on the spiritual path, but the touch and association of a living breathing person who are themselves in the flow of meditation….?