‘Shemaroo Entertainment’ launches an ‘alternative content division’, with Osho series

(News from Mumbai at 26 May 2008)

Shemaroo Entertainment, a leading Indian multi-media company has set up an 'alternative content division' for India, and is attempting to kick-start it with an Osho Talks series.

Shemaroo has signed a multi-year license deal with The Osho International Foundation, under Shemaroo's alternate content segment "to bring to today's generation Osho discourses" through the home video format of VCDs and DVDs, entitled "Osho Talks", on the Shemaroo label.

The Osho Talks VCDs and DVDs are priced at Rs 149 and Rs 299 respectively.

Shemaroo has invested approximately Rs 20 million to tap into the lifestyle and alternative market segment.

The Managing Director of Shermaroo said

"Today home video penetration in India is huge. Also, with increases in the standard of living along with awareness, the indulgence element is getting diversified. People are not just interested in watching films only. Hence, we decided to launch an alternative content division which will cater to various kinds of audiences ranging from children, philosophy interests, and literature to, on the other hand, fitness and health. We have invested around Rs 20 million in this new division for this year and as we penetrate into this market more, we will pump in more amounts,"

"How to Relax with Yourself" and "The Art of Loving" are the first two releases from the Osho Talks series. Forthcoming titles that Shemaroo plans to release shortly include "How To be Really Alive", "The Transforming Power of Sex" and "Loving and Accepting Yourself".

Shemaroo has assigned a budget of around Rupees 200,000 to 300,000 to market the Osho Talks series. "We have tied up with various retail chains like Croma and Planet M where the Osho VCDs and DVDs will be available. We will also be looking at print and below the line advertising to tap our target audience," said the Director of Shemaroo.

(GB, Sannyasnews)

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One Response to ‘Shemaroo Entertainment’ launches an ‘alternative content division’, with Osho series

  1. shantam i singh says:

    This is all what the company executives at Osho Meditation resort Pvt. Ltd are good at, making deals which have no meaning at all. I wonder why they don´t stuck a deal with “Thomas Cook” for charted mediation holidays or with Donald Trump, to lease the whole property for Meditation casino. This can be inagurated by Paris Hilton, what a cool publicity it wil be all arund the world. On a intellectual level a deal with “Google” will be a big boost.
    I wonder when it will come in their no mind that we need a different outlook to promote Osho and 17; koregaon Park. We don´t need to create a dead man worshiping cult in His name but we also don´t need what they have done with the whole concept given by Osho.
    The legacy of Osho needs to be preserved with the ingredients he has spoken His whole life like-laughter, meditation, love, devotion, sharing tranformation. Cobination of all what grows in brain and heart.
    In short We need a deal between meditative techniques and Milarepa, Deva primal kind of music. We need a deal between His common seekers and “ruling class”. We need to bring the life back into the ruins..