Ramana’s Garden Children’s Dance Troupe Perform in London

An exciting performance featuring a special selection of Temple, Folk and Classical Indian dances!   These young dancers live in an orphanage in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. Several of the girls were rescued from prostitution, as young as 8 or 9, some are refugees from Nepal who escaped over the mountains on foot after Maoist guerrillas barricaded the whole family into their house and torched it – burning the parents alive. Their stories are unbelievably horrifying, but so is their capacity for healing and joy. In 2007 the dance troupe won the ‘All India Talent Search’ hosted by directors and producers from Bollywood. This led to performances every week at the Ananda Spa Resort, said to be the leading spa resort in Asia just an hour’s drive away from the children’s home in Rishikesh. The purpose of our tour is to show how these kids, coming from unimaginably horrific backgrounds, have used all their difficulties as stepping stones to reach where they are now.  In this trip to England, the first time that any of them have left their tiny patch of India, they would love to give back the blessings they have received.

Prabhavati (known as Dwarba to many) works tirelessly to extend her work for education, food and health care throughout the area. She is completely dependent on donations and volunteers. She makes a lightning world tour every year to raise money.

Wednesday 25th June
7.30 – 9pm at the Jivamukti Yoga Centre 300 Kensal Rd, Units 136 -137, W10 5BE  Tel: 020 8960 3999

Thursday 26th June
7.30pm to 10pm £15
at the Special Yoga centre 2A Wrentham Avenue NW 10 3HA Tel: 020 8968 1900

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6 Responses to Ramana’s Garden Children’s Dance Troupe Perform in London

  1. . Pankaja says:

    No early show on June 25th, & no charge.
    June 26th evening show only, £15 charge includes food & drink

  2. . Pankaja says:

    June 25th, donations will be gratefully received, in fact they will at any time!

  3. . Pankaja says:

    Oh & there will be snacks on June 25th…

  4. pankaja says:

    And sure, if kids want to come to the earlier performance on Thursday (there definitely isn’t one on Wednesday) they can, tho it’s mainly for the Special needs kids who usually have a yoga class there at 4.00.

  5. pankaja says:

    Kids will dance at 8.00 pm both days

  6. pankaja says:

    Dances last about 35 minutes