New Osho Ashram Opens In South East London

Alok John reports

Osho Sambodhi Meditation Ashram, in Welling, Kent, opened last Saturday with a day's program of meditation and celebration. Inspired by Osho and his medium, Swami Arun of Tapoban, Nepal, the centre is run by Ma Ganga and Ma Chetna, two dedicated sannyasins.

The centre boasts a large meditation hall where dynamic meditation and kundalini meditation are offered to the public on a daily basis. Kundalini happens at 8pm everyday, dynamic first thing in the morning, check for times. A full meditation day will be offered on the first Sunday of every month where initiation into neo-sannyas will be available. Extra meditations may be offered on other Sundays as well.

The opening day was attended by more than twenty friends, two of whom were initiated into neo-sannyas by Swami Arun. Osho used to say that wherever his sannyasins met, his presence would be felt. Well when Swami Arun initiated new friends, Osho's presence is felt ten-fold with great joy and celebration.

Chetna and Ganga have found a very suitable house for an Osho centre and they hope in the near future to be able to offer overnight stays to meditators.

I spent a lovely day there on Saturday. The sun was pleasing in the back garden and it was wonderful to be in a place where Osho is taken seriously. Swami Arun says the Sambodhi Ashram is the only place in Europe to offer dynamic and kundalini on a daily basis.

The house still has one room available which Chetna and Ganga would prefer was occupied by a sannyasin.

For more information phone Ganga 0788 600 6768, or Chetna 07900 604 707.

Address : 112 Northumberland Avenue, Welling, Kent, DA16 2PZ, nearest station Falconwood.

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8 Responses to New Osho Ashram Opens In South East London

  1. Sw Deva Amitabh says:

    There are numerous Osho Centres in Uk and Europe offering Daily Meditations, Dynamic and Evening Meeting Meditation.
    To name a few in UK:
    Osho Leela, Dorset.
    Osho Oasis Community, Croydon Hall, Somerset.

  2. alokjohn says:

    sorry about that. do they do dynamic daily at leela?

  3. alokjohn says:

    i did put a correction on the noticeboard

  4. alokjohn says:

    If you live nearby Croydon Hall or Leela, can you join in morning dynamic?

  5. anand says:

    Hi, my name is Anand and I live in Croydon, south London. I want to do dynamic meditation, please can you help me in finding a centre nearby? Thank you very much.

  6. vivado says:

    did anyone get enlightened yet ?

  7. Alexis says:



  8. *Haya Devi says:

    Hi, I’m new to London, living in Newham.
    What’s the nearest/best meditation place for me?
    Love & light.*