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The Final Chapter…

Lokesh writes… Up until now, I was satisfied with the last chapter in ‘The Very Best and  Worst Of Sannyas News’, although I was left with the nagging thought that it did not end the book with a big enough … Continue reading

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Lokesh views his experiences with Osho and Punjaji in retrospect and reflects on a fundamental lesson from his experiences with them. ALONE “We need a leader, we need a master We can’t do it all on our own We need … Continue reading

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Final Appeal for Funds for SN to Continue

SN has to find $240 (about £170) by November 6 in order to pay for another year of online security.  Clive (Jitendra) (who has no interest in SN) has personally covered the vast majority of such expenses for the last … Continue reading

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‘The Best and Worst of Sannyas News’

Lokesh introduces his new book, a compilation of outstanding posts from the SN archives. Work on the book, based on a compilation of articles and comments taken from Sannyas News, is progressing well. The word count is now at 130,000 … Continue reading

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What’s Happening With Covid?

An open forum for ideas, comments and discussion, inspired by requests from Lokesh: “What’s it all about? What’s the story with vaccines etc? There were a couple of articles but they are too old for a subject that has changed … Continue reading

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