Sannyas Beyond Osho, by Nityaprem

It took me a while to decide to write this, but in the end I thought it’s worth talking about honestly and clearly. Many of the older sannyasins still clearly remember what it was like while Osho was alive, and … Continue reading

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Can SN continue for another year? Appeal for funds!

In order to keep going for another year we need to pay the web host £240 very soon, ie within a week from today. If you’re willing to contribute please send an email to and we’ll let you know … Continue reading

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An Ayahuasca Voyage, September 2023, by Simon D

  Simon D writes: For my readers, may I request that you suspend any rational thought or judgements concerning the writing below and allow a sense of enquiry and mystery to my exploration of this voyage of Ayahuasca. In late … Continue reading

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The Quality of Sannyas News (Or: Was the Past Better?) by Satchit

Lately, people have come up with the idea that the quality of SN is down. They have even been searching for a scapegoat to justify their judgement. For me, Sannyas is living relaxed in the Now. So one can ask, why … Continue reading

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Appeal for Funds (£45)

Clive (who hasn’t been an active part of the SN team for quite a while) has just paid another £45 for site security (part of the deal with the web hosts) for which he should be reimbursed (especially as he … Continue reading

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