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How I learned to Dance/ Shantam

“Nothing is said, nothing is heard, and the heart start dancing with the Master” (This little piece I wrote in remembrance of the Osho Musicians, Late Swami Om Prakash Saraswati (Osho Rajyoga, New Delhi)   and Swami Satya Krishan (Bajaj Sahib, … Continue reading

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No Direction is Best! : Osho

At one Point,  the fact that Sannyasins were using the title “The four directions’ caused some Germans to write to the ashram saying we had stolen that name from them.   Below is Osho’s reply…. .. . even more interesting in … Continue reading

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The Story of the Film Music about Osho’s Young Life

Making Music for Osho  Slide guitarist Amano Manish on how he composed a winning score for a film based on Osho.  Worth a read. Amano Manish, the sannyasin  musician was recently conferred with the Alex North Award for Best Original … Continue reading

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Finding Osho Everywhere

Below is what I mean by finding Osho everywhere. This is a Greek cafe with an Osho quote at the door. And a beautiful quote too.  I am sure you would find Osho inside, and no gateless gate to pass … Continue reading

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The Words should reach – How? – it is not my concern: Osho

Osho spoke both for an against many many things with eloquence and persuavesiveness, and yet this was not his main work at all. It was the transmission of something beyond words – but talking to people did engage their minds … Continue reading

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