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Misunderstandings about Osho Dynamic Meditation?

 Swaram writes: Dynamic Meditation is a wonderful meditation technique which has helped thousands of people around the world. It has certainly helped me find inner calm, emotional balance and live a happier and healthier life. Here are 5 insights I … Continue reading

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Swami Gajar Baba

Swami Gajar Baba was an Indian sannyasin who was,  as far as I know a primary school teacher from Bihar, though how much he worked in that trade after he became an Osho sannyaisn, only maybe another blogger will know.   … Continue reading

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A Claim by Swami Anand Arun

In his recent book, “In Wonder with Osho” (June, 2017) Arun makes a possibly interesting claim about Osho’s wishes on his death. (Page 164). He says that in the fifth lecture of the series “And the Flowers Showered” Osho gave … Continue reading

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Boddhisattva ?

Swami Anand Arun’s new book, called “In Wonder with Osho” which is just received in the SN office,  (we will get someone to review the book later)  has the word “Boddhisattva” as a prefix on the cover and on a … Continue reading

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Putting an End to the Crap of Mindfulness

Meditation for Sale The chances are that by now either you or someone you know well has begun to practise Buddhist Vipassana meditation by another name —-  In the past four years or so it’s gone from being an eccentric … Continue reading

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