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The Importance of Music and Saint Cecilia

I am increasingly alarmed,  and at a personal level much disheartened by the attacks on music, and banning of it,  within some forms of Islam.  (Sufism excepted). One must also not forget that music was virtually banned in the UK … Continue reading

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The Student Chancer: Osho

Cashless with Osho  ….   by S K Saksena Here in India today, in the midst of present demonetisation, the word ‘cashless’ is much in currency. The government is sparing no efforts to turn the nation almost cashless. How does one … Continue reading

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Sometime in Poona in 1977

This video is now 40 years old. But to someone like me who was around when the ashram was as portrayed here it is like yesterday and very meaningful.  You can get from this, if the mind is a little … Continue reading

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To Hell with Bhagwan

This press conference video below is from two weeks after Sheela left the Ranch, and on the same day that Osho dropped the requirement of wearing orange/red and the mala for sannyasins. I was on the Ranch on that day. … Continue reading

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Ex Sannyasin Sociologist claims NRM’s can be empowering for women

This Article was referenced in the Independent on 20th December NRM’s can be empowering for women It’s safe to say cults have a pretty bad rep, particularly for women. We’ve heard stories of manipulation, beatings, starvation and downright bizarreness. However … Continue reading

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