The Mysteries of Synchronicity

According to Wikipedia, Jung said that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. During his career, Jung furnished several different definitions of it, defining synchronicity as an “acausal connecting (togetherness) principle,” “meaningful coincidence”, and “acausal parallelism.”
He viewed the phenomenon as evidence of the profound connectedness that permeates reality, demonstrating that we are part of something ultimately meaningful rather than random pieces in a context of absolute chaos.
Such instances are very common, I’d bet most or all SN readers and practically everyone else has had them, and the stories are most interesting, fascinating, great entertainment, and uplifting.
An old friend of mine recently related this example from his own experience:
He’d enjoyed a year or two’s friendship with a woman, a nurse working at a local hospital. After drifting apart they’d not been in contact at all. But about 20 years later she began to come into his mind quite frequently, to the point where he thought she might be in some kind of serious difficulty, particularly as she’d tended to have a problematic sort of life.
Then one day he was travelling on a bus (a single-decker 214 through Kentish Town, north London, for those who know the area), sitting on a seat next to the aisle,  and happened to glance across at the passenger sitting just across from him, who was reading a letter. At that moment, the address on the letter became visible – it was the very same address where his former friend had lived!
Seeing this propelled him into action and he began to search for her. She’d apparently left that old address many years before, but he persevered and, after several months of ‘detective work’, eventually found her. She confirmed she’d been going through severe personal problems from the time he’d been thinking of her. They resumed seeing each other, my friend was there for her, as it were, and saw her through the crisis before they eventually parted again.
SN readers are invited to comment and to share their own experiences of such phenomena. It’ll be interesting to hear about similar experiences in and out of Sannyas, and whether commune life, for instance, including the presence of and contact with Osho, tended to engender them to a greater or lesser degree.


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  1. frank says:

    Interesting article.

    Jung reported that his own findings were that synchronicity is more likely to happen in a variety of special circumstances. He said that among his patients he observed that synchronicity often happened during circumstances of emotional intensity and upheaval.

    These situations of what he called “aroused psyche” very often included life-changing major events as:
    Falling in and out of love
    Turning points or personal crises
    Rescues from danger

    Certainly, the example given in the article would appear to tally on a couple of counts.

    Also, if Jung was right, then I would say that when Osho was around, the Sannyas scene fulfilled some of these criteria on a regular basis. As such, it was a veritable synchronicity-generator!

  2. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    This is a very challenging article, Satyadeva,

    And as it appeared here (synch.) on my screen after one of my meanwhile rather rare walkabouts into the city, the memorial day of women´s worldwide celebration (always on the 8th of March) being mixed up here in Munich this very year with some community election circus, it left me once again pondering about what I call ‘Digital Fascism’ and quite often that kind of system constellation ´circus´ where only the Drummers (beautiful as ever!) gave a beautiful grounding and were very enjoyable too.

    Had a few smaller talks with parents, who have been very proud of their growing-up kids with their self-made flags and info about their democratic and feminist approaches to life as such and to life in a democratic system.

    Some South American groups – also some from Kurdhistan and/ or Turkey – have been dancing and highlighting their victimized sisters somewhere far away (or here as well) who are in prison for political reasons – or having being murdered by some psychopaths, ´just like this’…

    This special memorial day was different from other ones because of the election (I guess) but another reason may be that the ´Corona Issue´ is not only a medical Issue, but an emotional, social and last and not at all least, a political one too.

    Met some meanwhile well known (by my body) stalkers (always a confrontation for me) neighbourhood-wise as also otherwise and elsewhere…

    Met a lot of non-stalkers too – in the course of this long time – the senses of my body and beyond that have had such a lot of ´training – you bet!

    In the tube I always have to take on the way back, an Indian (or Pakistani) couple – and Helas! the Mystery, I mean a real one, I mean: the kid (about two and a half or three years old – a little girl, a Beauty (like her parents) – put on a laughing performance which any Mystic Rose Meditation hour/week of Laughter would be nothing compared with that infectious stance of that small child, a stance of giggling and roaring laughter without end, without a course, and without a second of stopping.

    Some of these moments of Eternity ´meeting´ Time:
    A Break (big letters).
    Letting the Bavarian blue Sky in and the crispy, cool, surprisingly fresh air and weather today.
    The shy laughter of the whole bunch of so-called grown-ups – also her parents who were a little more shy and anxious in this tube.
    More infectious and better infectious this laughter than any Corona-Virus, you bet!

    Coming home then, my Apple notebook. Read the topic.

    Was reminded of C.G.Jung´s association with the Nazi Ideology and the whole stuff of literature about the latter. Including the New Age theme and topic and the revival of C.G.Jung.

    And was reminded of Osho´s takes on Jung and Freud and Reich etc. as a vision of going Beyond Psychology. Decided to meditate (and research) later on that side of the coin.

    But I’d like to share about some gifts of godliness, which happened and happened unexspectedly. I´m so glad I made it today to leave the flat and the neighbourhood for a little while, as such has become rare.

    Have a beautiful evening, everybody!


    • Levina says:

      Thank you, Madhu, for this beautiful multi-side weather report! I’m just returning from a walkabout, God knows where, experiencing lots of synchronistic adventures, while lying in bed all the time. Incredible really, when you don’t think about it. That will be my motto for today: Incredible (whatever I might think about it).

      Wishing you the same, Madhu!

      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        What a remarkable feedback coming from the address “God knows where” in your yesterday´s post, Levina.

        As far as I´m concerned, I don´t experience synchronistic adventures while lying in bed (all the time), but experience that when I go out, facing other humans’ realities, mix and merge and join the dance happening.

        When I´m lying in bed (which I´m indeed often up to) to ease the one or the other pain in the body-mind or in the emotional system, there´s quite something else happening on the adventurous (synchronicity) line.
        Credibility´or the opposite, ´Incredibilty´, hasn’t come as a rating measure into my mind so far, as by further investigation I’ve so often found out that I just took it on without having it as a base in my own knowing.

        I wish you the best – but never the same, Levina.


        ´Thinking is happening´ – that´s a matter of fact and it´s a gift too, I´d say. That it has such a bad ´rap’ won´t support its fruitful dissolving – at least in my experience.

        • Levina says:

          We are not very much walking in synchronicity, Madhu! A little explanation perhaps from my side:
          By synchronizing adventures while lying in bed, I meant night time dreaming; in the daytime “dreaming” for me there is much more controlling and censoring happening, therefore less chance of noticing ‘synchronicity’.
          By “incredible” I meant unbelievable, in other words that at that moment there are no thoughts about what I experience, only a “Wow”, and that I was wishing you!

          I think the mind only dissolves when it totally realises what it’s up against; in the meantime I make it my hobby what the little clonker is all about, a bit like taking a thorn out with a thorn.

          • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

            Thanks for taking the effort to pass on a few more words, Levina.

            I do more see it like this: we are anyway walking ´in synchronicity´ – but we may not walk in agreement here and there.

            And that did happen eventually.

            About what you meant by ´credibility´ (or ´incredibility’) I´m right with you; however, “taking out a thorn with another thorn” is a highly personalised good medicine.

            Means investigating (personal) belief-systems and where they’ve come from and grown like a cancer in the soul. And we can be glad enough if we´re finding out this and that.

            The latter, as far as I have come to know by experience, has no shortcuts and such… again the latter…makes it so unanttractive for majority or also to self-acclaimed ´know-it-all teachers’ on the road form here to here.

            AND YET AND YET…

            The ´Wow´ experience you mention does happen. So often unexpectedl, surprising, or how I like to see it: as Grace.

            Keeps us going.


            • Kavita says:

              Thumbs up! To ”we are anyway walking ´in synchronicity´ – but we may not walk in agreement here and there.” (Madhu).

            • Levina says:

              Yes, Madhu, Namaste! For me, writing here is like writing to myself, using you and the other members as mirrors. The ‘unravelling’ keeps me busy, so to say, and to see it black and white on SN gives it more impact, seeing it more for what it is and laughing at all the contortions of mind.

              But it also feels naked with an underlying fear of being ridiculed. But that’s perhaps not a bad thing, as the little me often takes itself too seriously!

              • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                Hi Levina, Namaste!

                To see others barely as mirrors had a huge impact on (in) me, quite a long time during the first sannyas years. I did that up to a vast extent which had been neither good for my own growth (as such that would exist as “own”´could well be questioned and meditated upon..).

                But it has also not been good re the Relating-topic(s). But that´s an Issue that may be another topic (thread), one of making an ideology about that mirror-´thing´, and not that alone, while being not quite aware about distorted perceptions etc…
                Or embodiment and the state of embodiment as well and another example…

                So – it’s complex stuff, all in all.

                And the sheer viral stuff here brings again so much up as challenges, including practising some instinct when you may have to deal with some trolling (?) ‘identity’ or above that, even some cybercriminal stalkings of gamification etc.

                I miss Parmartha very much and quite often, I confess.
                And what I miss therein I can express with the word: Integrity.

                And even when he was not agreeing, he never put that out in a chauvinistic or female-aspects-hating mannor. The latter has been and and sometimes is quite tangible here and has often made me shrink and did hurt, I can say.

                Aaah, there’s so much meanwhile in these almost 4 decades of Sannyas which I seemingly hold as a good tool for inner work or guidance that has changed meanwhile, got tranformed (?) into something else and yes – the mirror-´thing´ is one of them.
                Still of great value but much more complex now:
                A journey into more and more Insecurity, I´d say.

                - Again-
                and thanks for responding, Levina.


                • anand yogi says:

                  Perfectly correct, Levina!

                  Certainly it is utterly necessary for whiteskin female disciples such as your good self to receive regular injections of cosmic emissions from mighty lingam of mighty Bhorat!

                  Regular transmissions of vital energy administered by Bhorat himself to female disciples are daily part of Dhyanalingam programme in Bungabungalore Ashram!

                  Swami Bhorat advises to drop your mental contortions and come immediately!

                  Hari Om!

                • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                  Best (fresh and refreshed) wishes to your wisdom belly-parts, Levina!

                  Times ago (end of February), Lokesh expressed fantasies about us two to be “pen friends(+)”.
                  Whatever he wanted to confer with it, I don´t know, but “pen-friends” is a beautiful way to put it!

                  Have a beautiful day, Levina (with or without cosmic winds, laughter or tears or in silence) -


              • frank says:

                Don`t worry, Levina, the billions of stars and galaxies, the call of the kookaburra, the peacock`s tail feathers, the pangolin, the bare-hearted glass frog, the roaring of the ocean, the leopard`s spots,
                the gerenuk, the giant isopod, the yeti crab and your contortions of mind are all parts in the same self-created moment-to-moment happening that is timelessly co-arising for no reason at all.

                • Levina says:

                  Yes, Frank, thank you; crying here about the immensity, absurdity and nothingness of it/the all. I need an Anand Yogi fix, I think….

                • Levina says:

                  A bit disappointed here, Yogi, your advice didn’t make me laugh, and I had expected a bit more than a temporary cosmic fuckdate from swami Bhorat; doesn’t he know yet that such things are only temporary delights that come and go?

                • anand yogi says:

                  Swami is also disappointed! It is necessary to be aware that the Master is not lingering a little longer on this planet simply in order to fulfil the whims of the contorted minds of disciples and their depraved desire to “have a laugh”!

                  Lingam of mighty Bhorat is very holy! Not an implement for a “fuck fest” but rather a finely-tuned tantric tool to induce Mahamudra of mindlessness in willing disciples!

                  See how the absurd Western mind works!
                  Next, you will be asking for gangbang with Nine Men of Mighty Bhorat!

                  But of course,it is the inevitable fate of the true buddha to be misunderstood!
                  As it is written in the Vedas, there is only one thing larger than the lingam of the master and that is the foolishness of the disciple!

                  Hari Om!

                • Levina says:

                  Anand Yogi, it worked! Contrary to all your beliefs about Swami Bhorat, involuntary cosmic laughter is happening, accompanied by involuntary cosmic winds! Hari, hari, hari, long live the belly!

                • Levina says:

                  Lovely to read, Madhu!

  3. shantam prem says:

    In India there is one British occult author read more than anybody else. His name is Cheiro. During 1970s/80s his books sold like cakes, today also there is not a single railway or bus stand bookstall without his books on palmistry, numerology, astrology. During my BA years in a college, from my pocket money of 50 Rupees a month, one by one I purchased all his books.

    When channellers, numerologists, tarot readers and astrologers ask about your date of birth, be sure they will repeat paragraph after paragraph from Cheiro’s books.

    The website quoted in this book has that familiar energy 0f 1970s and similar hypotheses. Curious to know what made editor to choose this piece.

    • satyadeva says:

      “Curious to know what made editor to choose this piece.”

      Try re-reading the third paragraph of the article, Shantam.

      • shantam prem says:

        SD, do you have some personal story of some sort of synchronicity, or this friend is your alter ego and ou are trying to tell your story in third person account?

        • satyadeva says:

          I have a few instances, Shantam, like everyone (including you?). But the one in the article was exactly as described, in fact my friend’s recent account inspired me to write about it here.

          I wonder why you bother to make such an enquiry.

  4. Kavita says:

    ”…the phenomenon as evidence of the profound connectedness that permeates reality, demonstrating that we are part of something ultimately meaningful rather than random pieces in a context of absolute chaos.” -

    Now every waking moment I feel this!

    ”Such instances are very common, I’d bet most or all SN readers and practically everyone else has had them, and the stories are most interesting, fascinating, great entertainment, and uplifting.” -

    My gratitude to Existence for creating Osho and his commune, last but not the least for giving me a partner, Shashwat, who always pushed me in this direction at the risk of his own survival. Even though the last time we spoke was on 28th July 2009, he was in Goa then, I continue to feel a an inner synchronocity with him.

    In beginning of June of 2013, I felt strongly the need to know his whereabouts. On 20th, I by chance met my neighbour’s father, also a sannyasin, who was known to S too & had met him in Haridwar a few days back. He asked whether I knew about this, he was surprised to know that we were not in contact but then told me S is now a bikshu wearing orange and he looks very fit and was radiant. This was exactly what I needed to know .

    Last year, two months after my mother’s death, I decided to go to look for him in Haridwar. In my heart I knew he would not be there, but felt I could go there to immerse 1/2 of my mother’s ashes, as I had immersed 1/2 at Alandi near Poona on the 4th day. I had asked my mother if she needed me to do any ritual, she had said, “Whatever you feel to do, as anyway I won’t be there!”

    After immersing the ashes on 10th in Haridwar along with my friend J & his wife M, then went to stay with them at their place in Dehradun’s forest area for nearly two weeks. They dropped me at Rishikesh on 22nd & also helped me find a nice place to stay.

    I needed to look for S on my own, so decided to go to Rishikesh, also not far from Haridwar (which is more of a ritualistic place). So with all my energy I started to look for S and finally, on 25th March 2019, through my networking skills found he had reached his home on 4th November 2018, still wearing/wears orange. His older brother’s family are happy he returned home after twenty-five years, take care of his daily needs and he lives alone in another house, not too far from them, which happens to be his part of the inheritance. He does his yoga and walking, he enjoys his time alone.

    As for me, I shall go and see him when I feel the synchronicity for meeting him happens!

    • shantam prem says:

      Kavita is my favourite lady writer on this site.
      She shares honestly, truthfully pages of her own life story.
      No bitching, no bluffing….

      • frank says:

        I do think that Osho was a synchronicity generator.

        The first time I went to Poona, I was coming up from the south. I checked into a lodge in Belgaum for the night and planned to travel on in the morning.

        Kafka-esquely, I was woken up and thrown out of the lodge a couple of hours after checking in, with neither explanation nor refund by the owner, backed up by a couple of thuggish-looking guys.

        I headed for the bus-stand through dark streets where a lot of menacing, tetchy-looking guys were milling about and giving me filthy looks and waving me away as I walked by. Some bad shit was going or about to go down and I was lucky that when I got to the bus-stand, there was a midnight bus leaving for Poona almost immediately.

        As it turned midnight, I remembered that it was my birthday. The bus was absolutely packed as only Indian buses can be so I ended up standing and scrunched-up with the throng in the aisle. Quite quickly, I struck up a conversation with a Maharastrian guy who I was squashed up against. As we chatted I told him that it was my birthday today. “Me also”, he said. I thought he was kidding, but he was ex-military and showed me his ID card to prove it.

        Thus, we two random travellers with the same birthday met and spent the next 8 hours crushed up at close quarters together on our actual birthday. I was also born in the early hours of the morning and remember my mum saying that I had given her a sleepless night. I told this to the guy and he said that the same was the case with him, but I couldn`t verify that part of it.

      • Kavita says:

        Shantam, bluffing has not attracted me at all & I’ve also not had the need to do that. Whatever little bitching I do it’s mostly with our friend Swati & Guru, which is mostly once a year when they visit Poona!

  5. anand yogi says:

    By extraordinary synchronicity, I was at Bungabungalore Ashram this morning where Swami Bhorat was giving discourse about….synchronicity!

    He was telling how when he was a boy in southern village of Wallapyawillipuram he used to lie in bed for hours meditating on Kate Winslet! Many years later when he became guru he had many Kate Winslet lookalikes hurling himself at his feet and seeking tantric advice! Certainly, synchronicity was at play!

    Also, some years ago, Bhorat explained that when he was giving lengthy tantric initiations and transmissions to busty female disciples in ashram, his wife was interfering with negative emotions and making difficulties for him which threatened the birth of New Man and establishment of Dhyanalinga!
    Then, all of a sudden, one day wife entered Mahasamadhi! Again, the divine intervention of synchronicity!

    In early days of Bhorat`s ministry, land disputes were taking place about location of Bungabungalore Ashram. On same day that eviction order was about to be implemented, Inspector Badmash of State Police mysteriously received large anonymous stuffed envelope full of used notes!

    This was a doublesynchronicity as at the time Bhorat was giving discourse series entitled ‘Life is a mystery to be lived not a case to be solved’!

    Certainly, Swami Bhorat`s life has simply been one blessed synchronicity after another!

    Hari Om!

    • anand yogi says:

      Also, breaking news has come about very negative journalist who was speaking against Swami Bhorat repeatedly! Swami Bhorat calmly informed him that he would only harm himself and not Bhorat by speaking against representative of Godhead!

      This morning, journalist filled own boots with concrete, tied own hands behind back and fallen off railway bridge into Narmada river!

      The occurrence of synchronicities around the energy fields of great Avatars of our time is certainly remarkable!

      Hari Om!

  6. Lokesh says:

    I first met Jimmy Bradley when I was 5 years old. It was our first day of primary school and we were both crying our eyes out. The teacher gave us hankies, loaded with cheap perfume. The idea being to calm us down by inhaling alcohol fumes.

    I did not particularly like Jimmy. Nobody did. He was fat, unhappy and had a runny nose, which earned him the classroom nickname of ‘Snot Face.’ Years passed and we passed our 11-plus exam and moved on to senior secondary school, where we began to become friends. It was during this time that I discovered that we had been born within an hour of each other in the same hospital in Byres Road.

    Jimmy turned out to be a comedian and was popular with the girls. He was also accident prone. I witnessed him break his nose on an iron fence, embed an axe head in his skull while chopping firewood, and fracture his skull on a lavatory pot in the boys rowing club at Glasgow Green. He was bursting for a pee and tripped on a doorstep and actually managed to break a toilet bowl with his forehead. Jimmy’s father worked with Customs and Excise and due to a new posting Jimmy moved away from Glasgow.

    It was the early seventies when I ran into Jimmy at a full moon party in Anjuna Beach, Goa. I was coming down from an acid trip and on my way home found Jimmy lying in a cactus patch. I did not recognize him at first. He was in bad shape. He had also been bitten by a cobra. I got him to the hospital in Panjim. He was almost dead. It took him two months to get fit enough to travel. Jimmy returned to Scotland.

    Two years later I eventually wound up in Poona. I was a bit resistant about taking sannyas. I went to darshan. There were about fourteen people present. Jimmy was one of them. I was so surprised to see him it took me a moment to realise I was being called forward to meet Bhagwan for the first time. We both became sannyasins that night.

    I saw Jimmy once ina while, but we eventually fell out because, according to him, I stole his soul mate when I asked her to accompany to me to Mahabaleshwar on a camping trip. When I returned to Poona I heard that Jimmy had left India, after a rickshaw accident in which he was badly injured. I did not hear from Jimmy for many years.

    My mother lived in a small cottage in the north of Scotland. I was up visiting her in 1988 when I went out into the garden to enjoy some rare sunny weather. There was a guy bending over pulling weeds in the neighbouring garden. He stands up, turns around and I realise it is Jimmy. His sister had bought the neighbouring house six months previously. Jimmy and I had a drink together down in the local village pub. We promised to stay in touch, but we did not.

    In 1991 I went to visit HWL Poonja in Lucknow. After my first satsang I was invited to meet Poonjaji on a more personal level. After the meeting I left the room and there, waiting to enter the room was Jimmy Bradley. This time I was flabbergasted.

    Jimmy had a thing about motor bikes and did not like the scene in Lucknow. He left for Ladakh a few days later. I heard about a year later that Jimmy had been killed when his bike skidded and took him over a cliff edge of a very deep gorge in Northern India.

    You would think that is the end of the story but it isn’t.

    My mother died in 2001. I met Jimmy’s sister at the funeral ceremony in Aberdeen. She handed me a small package, saying, “Jimmy gave instructions to me that if anything happened to him I was to pass this on to you.” I felt very moved, but did not open the packet until I was back in my mum’s cottage that evening. Inside was a stainless steel Rolex. Engraved on the back of the watch’s casing were the words, “This too will pass.” I instantly remembered sitting beside Jimmy during the Sufi Talk in Buddha hall when Bhagwan told the ‘This too will pass’ story.

    I lost the Rolex when I was in the tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka. That is what I call synchronicity.

    • swamishanti says:

      A few years back I spent some time staying in sleepy Gopalpur-on-Sea, a quiet seaside town on India’s east coast. The room I was living in was very close to the sea…I enjoyed the sound of the waves each night and there was always a good breeze.

      An Austrian couple arrived at the hotel and we shared a little time together. Eventually they left and continued northwards to Calcutta and spent a month living on an island off the coast of Bangladesh with no electricity.

      I returned to the U.K. around a month before they left the subcontinent.

      One fine day in May I was visiting my local supermarket and standing just near the front doors. A couple of guys walked in, smelling of alchohol, and one of them was deeply tanned and was wearing a jumper, even though it was a warm, sunny day.

      I was stunned when I recognised the Austrian guy from my hotel. I remembered that he had told me that he had never visited the U.K. before.

      My jaw was left hanging open and he recognised me and said loudly, “Hey, my friend!” as he put his arms around me and have me a big hug.

      He explained that they were meant to fly back to Austria from Calcutta a couple of days before, but an old English skiing friend who they’d met skiing in the Alps had his fortieth birthday party and had invited them to visit. This fellow lives in London, but had decided to have his fortieth birthday party with some friends who had a house in the Forest of Dean.

      Thus, it was their first ever trip to the U.K. – but the chances of them visiting exactly the same small town as where I happened to live, in a relatively remote rural part of the U.K….

    • sw. veet (francesco) says:

      I loved it, you, Lokesh, and Jimmy.

    • Kavita says:

      Enjoyed your wonderful sync-story with a lil twist, Lokie!

    • frank says:

      I checked the Akashik records.
      Apparently Jimmy Bradley was reborn in Ibiza as Iago Bradliola.
      I`m surprised you haven`t run into him.

      • Kavita says:

        Only you, Frankie, can have such a lovely, synced revelation!

      • Lokesh says:

        I will keep my eyes peeled………in case my watch gets washed up on my local beach.

        • swamishanti says:

          I guess that this is your local beach, and I am curious about the surrounding sub-tropical jungle: what trees are these? Is it a mixture?

          • Lokesh says:

            Hi SS, those are pine trees- The island is home to millions of them. Seven years ago the whole area in the picture was burnt black by the biggest forest fire in Ibiza´s history. The nature renewed itself. Here is a different shot. The beach is called Benirras. About 10 minutes from my place.

            • swamishanti says:

              Wow. I wonder if they are Corsican pines. Lots of those in the UK, they have beautifull candles.
              The beach scene reminds me a little of some of the beaches in Gokarna, Half-moon beach, Paradise Beach…more remote than Goa..

            • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

              What lovely views and more than eye-catcher(s), Lokesh.

              You are blessed to live in such places and thank you for sharing.


              • Lokesh says:

                Yes, just spent the whole day in my own wee forest, cutting brush and sitting by a bonfire. It was very still and quiet today because lots of businesses are shutting down due to emergency measures because of the virus. The world seemed remote.

                Here is where I sat drinking tea today. Visitors welcome.

                • frank says:

                  It`s on my bucket list.
                  If I don`t get the virus and kick the bucket first, that is!

                • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                  Frank, dear, relax, we don’t die of the virus, and not just covid 19, but with it.

                  The Ministry of Fear gave some percentages (consider that in winter 2018-9 in Italy there were about 8,500,000 cases of ‘flu with 24,000 deaths, but how many died ONLY because of the flu?).

                  The ministry began by giving the numbers of dead people (up to now around 1800, average age 81 years, 2 years below the Italian average) in relation to pre-existing diseases.
                  The number of deaths with the virus is related to pre-existing diseases, therefore n diseases + the virus.
                  So the number of deaths with 4 diseases + virus is xxxx, 3 diseases + virus is xxx, 2 diseases + virus is xx, and… oh, fuck!, 1 diseases and 0 diseases, put together?!

                  Can they say that a cancer + ‘flu patient died of Covid 19? Yes, they say it. And why do they do it? Maybe because nobody died ONLY with covid 19?

                  Why do they say it? What is this latest emergency for? Still the same scheme mentioned by D. Icke: Problem-Reaction-Solution?

                  The solution they already had in mind to sell us, we will discover it only afterwards, as after the Twin Towers, if it is to cover yet another financial crisis, a collective vaccination operation, geo-political reasons….

                • frank says:

                  I don`t buy into the conspiracy stuff.
                  Yes, there`s a degree of hysteria.
                  Yes, politicians will use it to get an advantage.
                  Yes, some are makng money out of the crash etc.

                  But Dr Evil, stroking his cat with Mini-me in his secluded office surrounded by his minions going:
                  ”Purrfect! Everything`s going to plan. My genius is going viral! Soon the world will be at my feet. Goodbye, Mr Bond. Muhahahahaha”?


                • bob says:

                  Looks good, Loke…

                  Reminds me of the story Osho told of the Chinese painter who painted a big picture of a rural path, and when he was finished, walked into the painting and onto the path, and disappeared into the forest.

                  We all will disappear one day, from something to nothing…and yet, there is really not a thing that will disappear in the big picture of things. Where will it go?

                • bob says:

                  But remember Frank, there are two sides to the “conspiracy” designs of viewing our world. Just as Satgit reminded everyone on the “dark” side of the synchronicity thing, there is also a bright side to conspiracy…it doesn’t have to be nasty and nefarious. They could very well be very intelligent, inventive, fun-loving good guys/gals who have some ideas on how to make a better world.

                  Even the Neo-Sannyas project was a conspiracy of sorts…transparency was definitely not a major factor in it’s life. Some good stuff happened, and some bad.

                  The sun shines bright, and a few people get sick, and some die, from sunstroke. But it also rejuvenates the pine forests of Ibiza from the “tragic” fires that destroyed it’s predecessors.

                  And talking of Bond and the Dr. Evils….just watched “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969) a few days ago, with George Lazenby as his one time Bond, Diana Rigg (Emma Peel from The Avengers) as the Bond Girl, and Telly “Who loves ya baby?!” Savalas (Kojak) as the mad Dr. Evil in this one.

                  Of course Bond wins out in the end…but, Telly’s weapon of destruction in this one was…da da da dun….the Omega Virus!

                • frank says:

                  I think you`re right about the positive conspiracy.
                  Made me remember:

                  “Could you and I with fate conspire
                  To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
                  Would not we shatter it to bits — and then
                  Re-mould it nearer to the heart’s desire!”
                  —Omar Khayyam

                  Btw, maybe some of these conspiracy guys have also been watching old James Bond movies, too?

  7. sw. veet (francesco) says:

    I reflect on the Italian definition of ‘synchronicity’: “a principle of acausal connections”.

    But isn’t causal connection the only criterion for observing existence, finding/recognizing meaning in it?

    For example, without causal connection between things and their value there is no meaning, but only perceptions of separate and isolated things and events…but wait…perceiving separate and isolated things and events is not, perhaps, to give meaning (absence of any value) through our causality criterion?

    So it is our criterion of causality which generates meaning, and after value has been attributed, by us or by others, to the things we experience?
    Or are the things/events that have value that push us to choose a causality criterion that confirms their meaning, protecting their value?

    In short, it would seem that there is no universal value or criterion, and that one has to choose between “use value” and “intrinsic value” of things/events, between a practical or a romantic idea about reality.

    So, I would say that synchronicity happens when things that make up events are arranged before us in such a way that they have a meaning by virtue of the value they represent, and that we recognize it as such (value), but beyond our understanding of the temporal connection of that event, to the point of making someone doubt that it is a worthless coincidence or of making someone else believe in a natural law, of which perhaps they still ignore the criterion that supports it.

    (If we knew the law of synchronicity we also knew the implicit criterion of causality, and then the opposite problem would arise: how to manage all the significant occasions? With what criterion to select them? What events to avoid? A good job as God!).

    In other words, something has a (positive) meaning only when we have decided it must have it, due to the value that we or others have decided it should have, and the fact that I don’t see a relationship between things/ events (with its cause) does not mean that I will not see it in the future or that others will not see it, but:

    Can I manage anguish in front of a chaotic and meaningless world?
    Would I care to live in such a world?
    Didn’t the Masters have to go through such a dark soul night?
    Whose responsibility is it to seek the causal value connections of reality, which would make life bearable?

    Does anyone know the higher vital strength than compassion (towards those who would continue to live, in their significant world) in deciding not to go?

    Does anyone know higher experience than meditation, when creating sufficient space it’s possible to see how the codes of our inner world, thanks to that compassionate love (energy), can interact with the external reality?

    I mean that, to interact with subtle reality, at the meeting point between objective and subjective reality, when a vision has settled around the choice of founding values, from that space it is possible to interact using the self-sustaining energy of compassion (or other types of energy, such as in the case of a power trip that involves the use of someone else’s energy).

    Isn’t meditation the courage to face reality with new eyes, ready to be surprised by the infinity of ways and relative meanings in which things can be put together?
    What reality is, isn’t it infinitely more beautiful and joyful than what I would have expected?

    When we write and read something on SN we should take into account our specificity as meditators, perhaps always too excited by the search for new worlds and meanings.

    Years ago, in one of my first comments here (SN) I shared that after the first trip to the mysterious India (and sweet Pune) events happened that I related to the awakening of my siddhis, the laughter and grins still resonated in my ears. According to their criteria of causality mine were just coincidences without meaning – maybe.

    • Levina says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, Veet, but are you saying that thoughts, beliefs and interpretations give meaning to this incredible show of Existence? And when the mind is temporarily baffled by the coincidence of certain events it calls that “synchronicity”? As in my own case I see that mind always wants to know meaning.

      You talk about “the dark night of the soul”, in my expierence it’s when the mind realises that Life is meaningless, it’s stuck in its attempt to give it meaning, make it better, control and understand it, and then becomes frightened. Still, it doesn’t give up that easily but it gets better at catching itself out, or laughing at itself!

      So maybe that’s why we like synchronicity so much, the surprise when it happens, and the mind temporarily stops making sense of things. Perhaps it’s a taste of when there is a total ‘stopping’ and everything is seen as one fluent synchronising unity with no boundaries, with the mind just being in awe?

      • sw. veet (francesco) says:

        Hi Levina,
        Consider my comment only a reflection aloud, a flow of consciousness with many questions and few statements.

        You ask me if I wrote that mental activity gives meaning to Existence?
        I think I wrote that all the events of existence, in order to have meaning, there must be a causal bond, of a logical-temporal and of a value-truth type, events must not only concern things that have a value for me but things which have a value at that moment, only in this way I could recognize them among the thousands of others that happen to me in a day; in this sense, for me the causality of synchronisticc events lies in the abundance of available events and in the criteria used to make them usable.

        With “the dark night of the soul” I was referring to the anguish of death, with a strong causal bond with the people I love.

        I think I also knew the anguish caused by what you say, but my conclusion is a little different from yours.
        It seems that in your case, from that night, perhaps not so dark, one can emerge without having contacted the point where you can interact with the matrix of existence, taking responsibility for choosing what cause to live for, and because of what meaning.

    • Lokesh says:

      Veet enquires, “Does anyone know higher experience than meditation?”

      I would have to answer that in certain ways, definitely yes. Then again, meditation does not need to be higher or have anything at all to do with an experience as such. Higher implies ‘up’ and I have come to realise that if truth is to have a location it is back there, not up there. That is why Osho often spoke about returning to the source.

      • frank says:

        ”Meditation is accepting your state of soul as it is now, not in trying to force yourself into some other state of soul, which, out of pride, you imagine to be a superior and more advanced state.”

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          Whom you are quoting here, Frank (yesterday at 7:35 pm), please? (And don´t get me wrong, it´s good stuff!).


        • sw. veet (francesco) says:

          Then it happens, Frank, that it is time to leave or to see the people we love leave, and all of us more or less synchronously begin to ask ourselves “what and who remains?”, “Where to find the same love?”, “Cry or laugh?”, “Medication or meditation?”

          Take, for example, the military exercise (NATO) in progress (Defender Europe 20, the largest military exercise in 25 years on European soil and the third one since the Cold War: 20,000 American soldiers who join the 10,000 already present in Europe to simulate a defence after a Russian attack on our Baltic borders).

          This war scenario (by an insignificant coincidence here we are already forced to stay closed at home with the antivirus mask at hand) requires an effort not to succumb to anguish, beginning to wonder if in certain cases it is preferable to practise ‘hard ascetics and austerity’, worshipping the Lingam like Arjuna before the battle, or much better celebrate Spring by defying the curfew.

          • frank says:

            “Hardened ascetics worshipping their lingams”?

            The mind boggles.

            • sw. veet (francesco) says:

              That, Frank, is not written in the Bhagavad Gita, the only Lingam that matters is that of Shiva, or some of his reincarnations.

              “Io sto a casa” (I stay at home) is the order given by the our Ministry of Fear.


              • swamishanti says:

                “When I, desiring creation, cover myself with Maya and become triple and ecstatic in my wanton love-play, I am Vikarini, giving rise to the various things.

                The five elements and the 108 lingams arise, while Brahma and the other devas, the three worlds, Bhur- Bhuvar-Svah, spontaneously come into manifestation.
                By mutual differences of Shiva and Shakti, the three gunas originate.
                All things, such as Brahma and so forth, are my parts, born from my being.
                Dividing and blending, the various tantras, mantras and kulas manifest. After withdrawing the fivefold universe, I Lalitha, become the nature of Nirvana.
                Once more, men, great nature, egoism, the five elements, sattvas, rajas and tamas become manifested. This universe of parts appears and is then dissolved.“

                Kali Tantra

                • swamishanti says:

                  “God, the beyond, is transcendental awareness of consciousness.
                  Matter is condensed consciousness. You can think of Source as the centre. Of course Source is not in space-time, so these spatial relationships are only to give you a conceptual approximation.
                  The inner circle of Source is non-existence, the seventh realm.
                  This is unknowable to humans. It is glimpsed only by fully enlightened ones in deep silence and they cannot describe it adequately; when they return to embodied consciousness no clear memory of the beyond remains, just the fragrance lingers around them.
                  The seventh body is the void of creation and contains the potentiality for all future universes. This potential exists in the aware intelligence of Source.
                  The seventh body is no-thingness, non-Being consciousness at rest – the eternal realm of uncreated intelligent awareness.
                  The next circle is the sixth body – the bridge from Being to non- Being.
                  It is called Paramatman, beyond the Being, also contains a God’s cosmic mind. The sixth body can be accessed by enlightened ones in meditation only; it is silent awareness, the transcendental witness.
                  The cosmic mind is programmed by God to create, sustain and eventually destroy existence.
                  The cosmic mind is the divine instrument of creation.
                  It contains every infinitesimal detail of all future events in this universe, including the number of times an insect moves its wings, and every thought by every brain, and everything you can think of, and more.
                  This inconceivable complexity is programmed into the cosmic mind of the sixth body. It is beyond space-time and is God’s great work of creation, a labour of love.
                  The next circle is the fifth body- the Being or Self. This realm is where existence starts, but it is beyond space and time.
                  It is created afresh with each new universe, and is not eternal. Only the seventh body is eternal. The Being is the first stage of enlightenment, and is also the heart of love – the spiritual heart.
                  Awakening starts here with the permanent dissolution of the ego.
                  Meditators also have a taste of the fifth body in deep meditation.
                  Satori is a temporary experience of the fifth body; the ego stops functioning for an hour or a few months but returns some time, until finally it dissolves forever.

                  Some seekers are stuck in this core point.“

                  (Maitreya Ishwara – Unity)

                • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                  Reading your two contributions/quotes of yesterday (at 10:42 am and 2:03 pm), Swamishanti – in these turbulent times that are here at my place. Knowing there is no such thing as ´´my place´´…

                  Felt inspired to stroll the Net re the key words ‘compassion’/'Creativity’ and ‘intelligence’ –
                  (- of the Heart). Found an exchange about these Issues of the Dalai Lama (in a Q&A with His disciple Mathieu Ricard – who´s been a well known molecular biologist) and Eckhart Tolle. Would like to add it to your quotes and recommend to listen to it:

                  You may like that too?

                  You know, Swamishanti, I´ve been looking to find a human *Smile – I guess…
                  And found one.

                  Like to share that.


                  * The 13 minutes piece has been published in July 2017…as there is no time and yet there is ´time´.

                • swamishanti says:

                  I cannot view the video, Madhu, as the message coming up is informing me.

                  The other day I actually accidentally stumbled across some lamas -not Tibetan ones.

                  Walking through an area of woodland close to where I am living for the first time, I was surprised to come across a gate and behind it, some odd-looking, yellowish-coloured animals with four legs, like a horse, although not as tall as a horse, with long necks, and a funny round head, with long ears and a nose similar to a camel.

                  I thought, “What are these?” and then my first guess, “LAMAS”.

                  They approached me, and one of them was very interested in me and I allowed it to sniff my hand for a while.

                • frank says:

                  You did well, llamas aren`t always as compassionate as their namesakes. If they take a dislike to you they will spit at you.

                  They are sometimes used to protect sheep. Apparently, they will stick up for sheep against foxes, dogs and humans, and kick their asses, literally in some cases.

                • swamishanti says:

                  Yes- funnily enough, I was aware that Llamas can spit, as I have some relatives who spent some time with Llamas at some park in England (riding them, I think) and they had made a video which we watched at Christmas (several years ago). One of them was spat at – seemingly out of the blue – so I was cautious when the most inquisitive one was next to me. I gave him a stroke and quickly moved on.

              • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                Hi Veet Francesco,
                Loved it, to see (and hear) about this beautiful of neighbourhood in Italy (Turin) these days, who – being in quarantine – built a musical flash mob on their balconies, opened their windows simultaneously, singing and drumming with their cooking material.

                Viva Italia!


                • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                  Yes, Madhu, we are the country of melody, with some exceptions…


                  We are also the country of pasta and pizza; in addition to divorces, after the quarantine I also expect an increase in triglycerides.


                • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                  P.S: @ Veet Francesco

                  I can see by your yesterday´s posts (at 5:43pm, 6:28pm), Veet Francesco, that sharing the info about some Turin neighbourhood´s activities ended up in a wrong channel.
                  I´m very sorry about that.

                  I´d like to share this morning that re-acting about what you call a ´Ministry of Fear` with adding some conspiracy theory and fighting such by adding even more fear, doesn´t do the job to face a crisis, neither individually nor collectively!

                  Centuries ago, humankind brought up this “Age of Enlightement”, as it was called then. What we´re in need of now, in this crisis, might be something similar, and updated, I´d say!

                  To share some tiny bits and pieces; people, instead of hitting a pan on the next head, try their very best to show some human solidarity – also dis;overing the one or the other creative skill to connect re each other facing a given strengthened and difficult to take daily conditioning.

                  I feel really sorry about your re-action, Veet. When I wrote yesterday. “Viva Italia!” I really meant it and this very morning I´d like to include any of the so-called nations and their inhabitants as well!



      • sw. veet (francesco) says:

        Right, Lokesh, but it would have been the same if I had used any other adjective: deep, fresh, warm, sweet….

    • Levina says:

      To Veet’s post at 6.28 p.m.

      I have a tendency to agree that the whole c.v. thing is a set-up, in order for certain ‘powers’ to get more power – that’s how the ego works. And all the schemes it invents worldwide to maintain that position. I’m always wondering who are “they”, do they sit around a table preparing their ‘false flags’, are they that intelligent that they can bring these things faultlessly into motion?

      In Holland there was a man who played for a year in theatres explaining,sometimes in a very humorous way ( he is also a comedian) what really might have happened at 9/11, backed by scientist and ingenieurs,the evidence is staggering that it’s nothing like the official story of course, but what always amazes me, that “they” can get away with it, the majority of people believing the “official” truth, like with the corona virus.

      I do believe that people in power with their cohorts invent mad schemes to mislead the public in order to keep dominance. The mind in a powerful position cannot be trusted (as in Sheela’s case). I believe her tactics were mild in comparison with what secret services might concoct.

      But in the end I only find it frustrating to busy myself with it, ’cause it’s still pointing the finger at “them”, while it’s really about seeing how this mind works, and the tactics it uses to stay “boss”!

      • satyadeva says:

        “I have a tendency to agree that the whole c.v. thing is a set-up, in order for certain ‘powers’ to get more power….”

        Look at this more closely, Levina: Do you honestly believe that “certain ‘powers’” (whose identities you aren’t even clear about) would choose to put the world’s population (including themselves!), international trade, national economies and ways of life at risk? To gain what?

        I suggest that you and especially Veet Francesco ask yourselves why you don’t question such an illogical assumption. What is it in you that creates this “tendency” to construct and maintain such a belief?

        • anand yogi says:

          Perfectly correct, Levina and Veet Francesco!

          Do not listen to logical baboons like Agent Smith SD, who is certainly working for the powers-that-be such as CIA, BBC, SMERSH, THRUSH and Dr Evil himself!

          It is well known amongst those who understand the occult side of life that along with plastic surgery, stem-cell genetics, maths, nuclear fission, air and space travel and public toilets, the vedic scientists of ancient Bhorat also invented conspiracy theories!

          For example, the wise men of old knew full well that the moon landings were staged simply for the glorification of the ego and the western mind! As you point out, Levina: ”This is how the ego works”!
          Also, Paul McCartney was replaced by a Vedic clone whilst staying in Rishikesh, thus helping spread truth of mighty Bhorat and creating Wings: The band that the Beatles could have been!

          It is also little known outside occult circles that Stonehenge was the world`s first public toilet engineered by using vedic knowledge so that movements of the people`s bowels were perfectly synchronistic with movements of the planets, especially Uranus!

          Yes, there is much that people like us, Veet and Levina have to share with the unconscious egoistic masses who are totally stuck in their minds!

          Occult word from Bungabungalore is that Covid 19 (1+9=10. 1+0=1. All is one!) was also developed in mighty Bhorat itself!

          This was conducted in same top secret toilet down by the railway tracks which has in the past, due to the genius of the sages and rishis, developed Delhi Belly and Montezuma`s Revenge!

          Of course, anyone with the slightest meditative and occult training will already be picking up the scent and getting a whiff of who is behind this!

          The Nine Unknown Men of Mighty Bhorat!

          Coronavirus is simply, after Hitler, Theosophical Society, Second World War, Krishnamurti and the impending marriage of Arun and Shantam, the latest effort by the Nine Men to instigate a yuga of superconsciusness!

          Boris Johnson`s body and mind has now been requisitioned by the Nine Men and his policy of “Herd Immunity” should soon yield the desired results of wiping out the unconscious masses and leaving alive only those who have sincerely banged their head against the marble, thus ushering in Satya Yuga!

          Hari Om!

          • Lokesh says:

            One of your best posts to date, Yogi. Read it out loud to some friends. Hoots, mon.

            • anand yogi says:

              Perfectly correct, Lokesh!

              Those who have ears to hear know that the words of mighty Bhorat should be read out in every school, university and hospital for the spiritual edification of humanity!

              In Bungabungalore ashram there have been extraordinary developments!
              ‘The Bhorat Book of the Dead’ has recently been channelled by the Master and is read out to the dying to ensure good rebirth!

              So far, there has been 100% success rate!
              All those hearing the holy words have totally corpsed!

              Hari Om!

                • anand yogi says:

                  Perfectly correct, Lokesh!

                  This is an immensely significant picture.
                  Swami Bhorat advises to meditate deeply on the occult significance!

                  After remaining underground for several aeons, the Nine Men, due to desperate state of affairs, are having to surface occasionally in order to save rotten humanity from global suicide!

                  This is indeed a rare snap of Dr. Sadhguru Brainsurgeon Baba, one of Nine Men, charged with health and safety of humanity! He has a doctorate from Bungabungalore University of Meditation (BUM) in Immunology and Conspiracy Theories!

                  It is certainly immensely reassuring to know that our future is in such safe and capable hands!


                • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                  Lokesh, you are of a certain age, if you are afraid that on leaving the house you might meet Mr. Corona (not your beer friend) it is certainly not hiding in the sewer that improves the situation.

                • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                  You could also watch tv shows with benevolent conspiracy theses.


                • Lokesh says:

                  Veet, I own a farm. Why would I be afraid to go out of the house when I own a private piece of land the size of your local park? What is all this “certain age” crap? I could outrun, outswim and bench press at least a hundred kilos more than you, any day of the week.

                  My views on corona virus run along the following lines, which is not to say I do not obey the law of the land I happen to live in. Unlike yourself, I do not view corona virus as some kind of joke. Just read an article by an Italian nurse, describing the terrible stress she is currently working under to help those less fortunate than herself. Truly heroic, unlike smug people like you:

        • sw. veet (francesco) says:

          “What is it in you that creates this” tendency “to construct and maintain such a belief?”

          Perhaps the fact that you, Satyadeva, have no alternative hypotheses on how to read the data I shared?

          Or maybe because I don’t depend on your beliefs or judgments?

          First symptoms of curfew?

          • satyadeva says:

            Those are pretty inadequate, self-defensive responses, Veet, suggesting that you’re up against a ‘blind spot’, perhaps?

            • sw. veet (francesco) says:

              SD, the problem is that I would be happy to be wrong, in the sense that the situation could be not so tragic, if only you made alternative hypotheses (even without evidence) that convinced me more than those made by me …while you prefer to analyze me to avoid thinking about what’s going on.

              Who of us is more in the comfort zone?

              • satyadeva says:

                Veet, I’ll be very brief. I find the medical science explanation perfectly reasonable. And there have been precedents, for instance, just after the first world war there was a ‘flu pandemic that killed tens of millions.

                Despite huge advances in medicine, why should there not be a similar situation now, especially given the huge increase in international travel?

                The onus is on YOU to provide proof for your suspicions. If you don’t have any proof then you’re simply indulging yourself in useless, albeit entertaining (for you) speculation.

                • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                  I’ll be much shorter than you, SD, since you don’t go beyond an act of faith towards the same medical science invoked by the rulers

                  (No longer representatives of the people but of absolutely self-referring supranational authorities, such as rating agencies that decide the fate of nations).To declare and manage an emergency: good curfew and good vaccinations.

                • satyadeva says:

                  “To declare and manage an emergency: good curfew and good vaccinations.”

                  Are you debunking or proposing such measures, Veet? If the former, you surely know that vaccines take a lot of time to develop, eg another 18 months to combat the current virus.

      • sw. veet (francesco) says:

        Hi Levina, I really like the PF song, Us and Them.

        From the crystal ball that I have on my shoulders what I see is the strangeness of a strategy of domination/ power, deployed through decades-long strategies, given the average human age of about 80 years.

        Illuminati or reptilian theory would respond to that oddity, being entities from other dimensions in human envelopes that find nourishment in fear (energy/vibration), unlike an average human who prefers to create social relationships and feed on love (energy/vibration).

        As absurd as it may be, if this approach were true, some of the two races are particularly hungry right now.
        We could resist their will to become food, continuing to celebrate together, risking showing our little human terrestrial ego, or turning on the tv and turning off the brain…mmm, maybe just one option left.

        Making more earthly hypotheses, I refer you to the things written in other comments.

        However, the common point between the two hypotheses is that the popular reaction created by the emergency is always present to justify the political action of small or large changes desired by the various subjects who take turns in power.

    • sw. veet (francesco) says:

      You are free, Frank, to interpret the information I have shared with you as you think; proceeding by generalizations is a nice shortcut, in your case, perhaps, due more to laziness than to the sheep’s call to the flock.

      The fact that I quote a well-known conspiracy theorist does not mean that I share everything he says, and regardless of whether the thing I mentioned is true or false, since even a broken watch can mark the right time twice a day, and as it may be true that someone might plan to kill a paranoid.

      However, there are people in flesh and blood who testify to strange stories that, if true, would imply different interpretations about the human race and our ability to ‘do evil’, less banal (Cathy O’Brien, Swedish twins Eriksson, Phil Schneider, etc.).

      Should I stop thinking with my head, or feel with my heart, because the conclusions, for the mainstream media, would end up in the “conspiracy” frame?

      Think, I am also convinced that Osho did not die of old age.

      • Lokesh says:

        I can confirm that Osho did not die of old age.

      • satyadeva says:

        The immediate point here, Veet, is that you (and Levina) have absolutely no evidence to support your claims/suggestions re the source of the current imminent pandemic. Therefore you’re both dealing in fantasy rather than fact.

        I ask again, what is it in you that has created this apparent wish (or need?) to hold such a belief?

        To make yourself feel more secure in your general psycho-socio-political viewpoints (which might perhaps be best summed up as the ‘victim’ stance)?

        As if you – unlike ‘everyone else’ – ‘really’ knows what’s going on ‘out there’? The self-gratification of feeling ‘special’ (born from various sources of insecurity)?

        • sw. veet (francesco) says:

          Satyadeva, I love the subtlety of your psychological diagnoses, also the setting of the session, given the distance between us, is according to the law.

          Please, before the next client, in connection from who knows which bunker, could you counteract the bullshit I said with your bullshit that does not echo those you have heard on tv?

          I made hypotheses on the basis of the inconsistencies sustained by the mainstream, unlike you who judge me from my questioning them.

          What was the name of the guy in the UK who “committed suicide” because the information about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was as accurate as a subtle psychological diagnosis made at the right distance due to curfew?

          • satyadeva says:

            What “inconsistencies sustained by the mainstream” are you referring to re the corona virus? You’ve cited none so far.

            • sw. veet (francesco) says:

              SD, it is always stimulating for me to satisfy your intellectual curiosities, even if I have already written some of the reasons why I find inconsistent the reasons for managing what’s happening here as an emergency.

              Now I will try to do it with questions, because the answer is within you (although often wrong).

              Do you have a guess about the infectious epidemics that occasionally happened in Pune1?
              Do you find any relationship between the collective mind and your immune system?
              Do you rule out that someone’s way of communicating affects someone else’s body’s way of dealing with the infinite viruses and bacteria with which they come into contact?
              There are so many medical traditions and visions of well-being, why is this pushing in exclusive favour of the faith in the allopathic approach, based on compulsory vaccinations?
              Why are the only technicians (virologists) who have space on TV those who ride fear/emergency? (At the beginning there were different positions).
              Why this climate of intolerance towards those (naturopaths) WHO invites to take a walk or run in the spring sun to regenerate the immune system?
              Why did hospitals get flooded in Italy, won’t it be because, thanks to the austerity imposed by the EU, we only have 3 beds per 1000 inhabitants?
              What would be a consistent datum for you to justify the draconian measures in progress (deprivation of freedom, destruction of the economy and social relations)?
              Every day in Italy 10 people die from a car accident; wouldn’t you block traffic to save 3650 almost young lives?
              What? You don’t care because you are a fan of Greta?
              And what about of the millions of deaths from diabetes, hypertension or cancer?
              Why, then, not force businesses such as patisseries, tobacconists or fast foods to close?
              Can you really explain everything with the synchronicity and conspiracy of those who make the stars turn?

              Did I say I’m sure the virus was created in a Chinese, Russian or American laboratory? (But I don’t exclude this hypothesis either, accident or not, already having the vaccine or not).

              I said I’m not afraid to make assumptions that can fall into the conspiracy frame, and I explained why. I say that for me this emergency, starting from the co-ordinated (synchronic, you would say) way which it was managed from the beginning, reminds me of the media modalities of another emergency that has inaugurated another phase (that one called NWO by those good Bush boys) coordinated globally, based on the inconsistency of some data.

              Maybe you, SD, could agree with the science that steel melts at temperatures between 1370°C and 1536°C, so how is it possible that if two planes crash against the twin towers, melting steel, they can also melt the steel of the third nearby skyscraper?

              If I knew the skyscrapers’ inauguration date or the architect’s date of birth, would I be less conspiratorial?

              Does anyone remember a disease called AIDS that terrified a couple of generations? Did anyone understand if it was the virus, the sense of guilt of those who made a dirty lifestyle, or the medicines to treat it, that killed people?

              • satyadeva says:

                Veet, I’m not impressed by your questions. Indeed, some of them (re the precedence of mainstream allopathic medicine, which, besides ignoring the simple fact that, despite its faults, mainstream medicine is the dominant mode, and as such would be expected to be the main medical weapon in such a case as this) suggesting that the powers-that-be actually want the situation to get worse, presumably as part of some devilish scheme to cement their control over us, are clearly the products of an over-zealous imagination.

                I repeat, you provide no credible evidence or motive to support your belief that the coronavirus was deliberately created and ‘planted’. And I ask again, what is it IN YOU that wants to believe such far-fetched pseudo-explanations?

                Scepticism about the vested interests, the rich and powerful and large swathes of the media is necessary, even vital – but how about applying sceptical intelligence to one’s own tendency to at times overdo the doubt, to be over-sceptical, over-suspicious, too ‘knowing’, some might even say to be ‘too clever by half’?

                • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                  SD, I hope you do not charge me with the expectation that I will show you the truth, at best you can be satisfied with the hypotheses that I have already made about it.

                  Rather, you are the one who believes that things are exactly as the tv tells (well, but what do you know about what Italian TV says?), things like the role of synchronicity in melting steel from a distance: show me your tests, using the smart half of your head, making a video where you can melt a pot by throwing it from the window full of boiling gasoline.

                  I add only two things, confirming, on the basis of data from the same mainstream sources, that the draconian measures in place are exaggerated, for social, economic and political costs; therefore, either all of us (ordinary citizens) do not know something about the infection (inconsistency, technical side), or we do not know something about the aims of the emergency measures adopted (inconsistency, political side); this ignorance can be overcome with an act of faith or with a constructive critical attitude (scepticism must be referred, as a reaction, to the dogmatic, coordinated and widespread attitude in dealing with an emergency media case, where there is never room for voices outside from the choir and a media space of calm deepening).

                  The first thing is an invitation to reflect on how easy it is today to assemble a media case, regardless of whether it is real or not, and how it (media case) then has real consequences on our lives.

                  The second one is an invitation to reflect on how difficult it is to speak of “bread” if words like “flour”, “water”, “knead” are banned…

                  If I were successful in the plan to eliminate JFK there are some words that I would like to ban in describing the case by media, for example all those that fall within the “conspiracy theory” framework.

                  A link as an example of a voice outside the box, when applying a method honestly implies staying open to the hypotheses to which that method leads. English subtitles available (M. Biglino worked for the Vatican publishing company, then he noticed something big, which is better not to talk about in order not to be labeled “bizarre”):

                • satyadeva says:

                  “…you are the one who believes that things are exactly as the tv tells (well, but what do you know about what Italian TV says?).”

                  Yes, Veet, in the UK anyway, as far as reporting the basic facts about what has happened, people’s comments on events, and when the journalists go into further depth on a topic.

                  Whether one takes on board everything that key players/commenters say is up to us of course. But isn’t it also always worth checking inside to see where exactly we’re coming from with our responses, opinions, attitudes, possible biases, prejudices etc?

                  Frankly, you give the impression that you’d be disappointed if you could find nothing ‘out there’, particularly anything involving ‘authority’, to disbelieve and be disillusioned and angry about. But perhaps the Italian experience, economic chaos and corruption etc., has left indelible scars that have made you prone to such responses.

                  Or perhaps you haven’t much else to occupy your time?

        • Levina says:

          Satydeva, correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to believe the mainstream stories about events? From what I’ve gathered the regular media is owned by Reuters, they control the news and are influenced by governments and multinationals. Journalists and media reporters only parrot what they are being fed.

          I prefer to read and listen to alternative media, journalists who are diving much deeper into the “news” that is spit out on regular media and that we are supposed to believe. I find it a pity that it’s called “conspiracy theories”. Btw, this term was invented by L.B Johnson for the people who didn’t believe the ‘official version’ of Kennedy’s death!

          I’m surprised that you and Frank and Lokesh are so anti. I am also not talking about these “wild” conspiracy theories, but about putting question marks by what the regular media interprets, in order to protect the vested interests. I’m glad there are people who really investigate what’s happening in the world. And if you give me your e-mail address, I can give you a few links, if you like!

  8. shantam prem says:

    i call my mother two times a week on my mobile phone from Germany.
    Instantly her landline starts ringing.
    Is it not a synchronicity?!

    If we don´t know the reasons behind the happenings, they become mysterious; that which is known becomes wisdom.

    • sw. veet (francesco) says:

      Shantam, how do you decide what is reasonable and wise in the unfolding of events?

      My answer is above.

      I tried to reflect, with some effort and with honesty, based on my experience and without being influenced by the comments that preceded me (I read them later).

      If you knew my star chart, perhaps you would find significant health events that are completely irrelevant to my doctor who knows all the information about my physiological functions.

      Maybe there is no need to dig too much, sometimes a lucky star is enough to find the right book that opens the door of wisdom.

    • sw. veet (francesco) says:

      You are the only reference, Anal Yogi, who is able to inspire healthy optimism right now.

      Too bad that if the dictatorship is established your source will be the first to be silenced, you will have to start using your mouth.

  9. Lokesh says:

    Shantam enquires, “Is it not a synchronicity?”

    No. We call that telecommunications.

  10. satchit says:

    Jung is right. Meaningful coincidences give poetry to one’s life. It is food for the heart. It can give you the feeling that Existence is playing with you, or even joking with you. That you are not alone, that you get mystical answers.

    Once a relationship with a woman was finishing with me. Then another woman came into my life who was born in the same year and on the same day as the first one.

    How great is the probability for this? Maybe 1:1000.

  11. bob says:

    A couple of my synchronicity stories with Osho (true, btw)…

    In the spring of 1981 I was on my way to Poona to see the man and his set-up for the first time, after reading a few books of his, coming through the wild and cutting-edge growth/therapy/encounter groups of a now long defunct center in L.A. in the mid-70s. Starting from Colorado, where I was working on a ranch high in the Rocky Mountains, through my homestate of Wisconsin in the Midwest, I ended up taking the train to New York City, where I arrived with a little money, but not enough to continue to India.

    Visiting the NYC meditation centre, which at that time was only a stone’s throw away from the World Trade Centre in lower Manhattan (Satgit was the name of the centre, and Ma Satya Priya was the head of it), I immediately learned from Priya that going to Poona to see Osho was NOT a good idea! Something big had happened, though no one could provide any specific details. Very undercover, very mysterious…

    As it turned out, just as I had arrived by train in New York from the West, Osho had arrived in New York by plane from the East! I guess you could call that synchronicity of some sort – same place and time, but coming from opposite directions. Ships crossing in the night.

    Interestingly enough, it happened again about a year later, when I drove my old beat-up Chevy Nova from Colorado to the Ranch in Oregon, once more to see what all this hullabaloo was about. As I drove into the commune on the curvy, dirt, mountain county road from Antelope, the sky was blue, the air was crisp, and the road was empty of anyone but me. Then I saw a few cars coming my way, kicking up a bunch of dust, and, yes, you guessed it…Osho and his two security cars hurtling at me…fast too! With the driver’s steering wheel being on the left in the States, I whizzed past within a few feet of Osho as we again were somehow placed at the same place at the same time, again coming from opposite directions.

    Syn-, a Greek prefix meaning “together, jointly, common”, and old Father Chronos, the time-guy who never dies, never was born….

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      Reading yours, you´re reminding me of one of my tales to tell, Bob, happening, when I finally made it to Pune, a few months before the new phase (America, America…) did happen, felt so much drawn to the Source besides books, tapes and after experiencing the (at that time of end of the 70s) German side of the coin…

      Even before entering in India what was rightly called the beautiful Gateless Gate I met the Italian bunch of people (then in orange) with whom I had become very friendly on that Greek island Kriti, where we had joyfully shared a rented little house together.

      Entering the Gate further, bumping into about another five or six other humans (fellow-travellers) I had become very much aquainted and friendly either by having lived with them together or having met them attending some seminars as a psychologist for therapist trainings – so ‘my’ first couple of two or so hours in Pune have been one ‘wow’ experience after another and that even before registering at the office.

      With all these friends, I hadn’t made any appointments nor had stayed in any close contact any more – nothing of that!

      I felt instantly ´home´, a most miraculous way conceivable and the whole atmosphere as such; it´s when you feel something happens like ´it´ ought to BE – and you finally managed the right step in the right direction, at the right time.
      That was indeed blowing my mind, one can say; much of this still ahead in other versions of expression.

      Much later, when the mind came in offering its manifold distortions (esoteric and/r otherwise) it could not – up to this very night that I´m writing – destroy the ´wow´ completely.
      As any (real) ´wow´ experience, I´d say, writes in its own way a white book without letters in your body and is – very much amazingly – ever fresh.

      Guess it was Frank here re the topic) who said that Osho was a Master of Synchronicity.

      I don´t know.

      But what I know is how that feels, if you sense to be at the right place and caught the right moment to be there: you feel blessed and in a deep contentment that surpasses understanding (by the mind).

      I went through all kinds of weather today – with and/or without others.
      Now the night is very silent, just my rotten old gas boiler makes some roaring bad tunes (for the heating system) and I´m going now to shut its voice….


      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        As a balancing agent, I´d like to add that my tale/report of 1:51 am is covering the ‘honeymoon’ part of the story – the ´dark side of the moon´ ones were quite soon to follow.

        Sitting in the Presence of the Master, what I shared about times ago in this SN/UK Chat being initiated re the journey has been beyond bliss and its opposite, agony; getting more than a first glimpse how that feels: Nothingness – as small word for a spaciousness, a Source, if you want to put it like that.

        Much more than less our tales are busy with the dark side of the moon, while Music and Poetry, Sufi Parables, ZEN stories etc., in rare moments Love stories happening with fellow-travellers writing in the ´white book´ I’ve been talking of in the night.

        YES, even writing here at SN/UK is writing in a white-book of nothingness, where everything comes from (and is going to).

        • shantam prem says:

          The comment of Madhu on 11 March, 2020 at 1:51 am is quite delicious; word delicious has come in my mind as I am taking coffee and cookie after self-cooked lunch of Pork and Beef Goulash.

          Pork is condemned by imposed religion in India whereas beef is prohibited by the Hindu chauvinists; so it gives quite contemplative feeling while eating this particular form of meat.

          The USP of Osho Commune is beautifully described by Madhu.
          Alas, neither the beneficiary consumers nor company managers could keep that atmosphere intact where some kind of synchronicity was an everyday affair, even on a non-personal level.

          A few times it has happened during White Robe while watching inner thoughts, some person´s face comes in the mind and a curiosity, long time not seen that person in Pune. Interestingly, day or two later, person is there. I have heard from a few other friends similar stories.

          Other week, I went to church after accepting friends’ request of two Nepali sannyasins. While sitting silently, a thought came, “It will be good to connect with Swami Arun as photos of his community are quite impressive. They are the only ones from today´s Sannyas which has some fragrance of lost era”

          Just two or three hours later, there were messages from new friends, Swami Arun has recently seen my youtube videos, he wants to speak with me.

          We were speaking for more than half an hour. His whatsapp no. is saved in my mobile. It was planned for me to visit Tapoban Nepal for face-to-face meeting. Journey is postponed like millions of other journeys of fellow human beings, due to Corona.

          • anand yogi says:

            Perfectly correct, Shantambhai!

            Like Arjuna himself, you are being called upon by Arun, latest incarnation of Vishnu, to vanquish all enemies before him and set up a hardcore Hindu empire with support of Zorba the Buddha Modi that will last a thousand Yugas!

            It is certainly a great day in the history of consciousness!

            With Osho Alcoholics Foundation (OAF) on one side and Arun, Rajneesh, Shantam and Enlighentment itself (ARSE) on the other, the final Armageddon to decide direction of Osho`s vision is certainly about to take place!

            Not since the time of holy Gita and the battle between Pandavas and Kauravas have the Bhorati warriors been so divided and so called to battle on the glorious battlefield of dharma!

            Swami Bhorat has had a dream!
            He sees the glorious IS (Indian Sannyas) warriors from all over the world marching victoriously towards moksha together: Legions of internet parrots of the Caribbean, Chernobyl Electroshock hospital special forces, true devotees who have not abused the freedom that Osho has given them and abandoned themselves in senseless sense gratification, the congregation at Shantam`s local church and a crack squadron of wheelchair-bound devotees from Osho News HQ, all led by Arun and Shantam sitting on top of heavily anaesthetised gilded elephant on Prozac and showing true rebellious spirit by eating past-sell-by date pork and beef sandwich from LIDL whilst entering gates of holy city of Koregaon Park!

            Busty gora girls will be hurling themselves at their feet and an innumerable throng of facebook friends, invisible readers and people whose whatsup number Shantam has in his phone will march as one on glorious Samadhi!

            When final victory is achieved, they will watch youtube vids of Shantam and run 400 year-old chuddies up flagpole in order to gain “fragrance of lost era” and unleash Osho`s true vision on the world like a pandemic!

            Jai Jai!
            Hari Om!

            • Shantam prem says:

              Frank aka Yogi,
              It is surely fun to see my post roasted.

              • anand yogi says:

                Perfectly correct, Shantambhai!

                When sacred Anschluss with Arun is complete, it will be possible to spit-roast goras of female disciples species from East and West!

                And with Swami Rajneesh also involved, Trishul will then be employed!

                Hari Om!

  12. swami anand anubodh says:

    I first went to Poona in 1975 and again in ’79. I never cared for the later ashram, as much of the laid-back, easy-going atmosphere from earlier days had gone, to be replaced by ‘sniff’ tests, guards and restricted access to Osho. I found the place to be too busy and crowded, with all the ‘white clouds’ having been given a purpose and direction.

    So, after a couple of months I had had enough and decided to leave early, thinking I could be back in the West in a few days. It came as a big shock to me when I tried to book a flight home, only to find no seat available for over a month.

    For one reason or another, this extra time I was forced to stay was exceptionally miserable for me.

    Except towards the end of the month when I did a week of zazen (I’m a great fan of Zen) which included a darshan where I could tell Bhagwan I was leaving. I also decided to fly up to Bombay.

    When I sat before Osho in the darshan I told him straightaway that I was leaving, and he said: “Yes, that’s okay”, and then to my surprise added: “But I want you to come and see me again before you go” – a request not to be refused. So, the next morning I went to the ashram and was able to get another darshan in a couple of days (helped by me offering to take any letters back to the West for them). Unfortunately, it was on the same evening as my flight to Bombay – which I had to cancel.

    I was announced to Osho in the darshan as someone who was leaving and heard him say, “I know”. He then looked at me and asked if I had any questions? I said: “No”, he then asked when I would come and see him again. I shook my head and said: “I don’t know”. He then smiled at me and said: “Always help my people”, at the same time putting a small wooden box into my hand. And that was it, nothing else.

    I remember feeling slightly ‘miffed’ as those questions could’ve been asked of me a couple of days ago. Anyway…on leaving the ashram that night I felt a great sense of freedom. I went straight back to my hotel, told the rickshaw driver to wait while I collected my bags, and then to take me to the station. It was too late for a train, so I took a taxi to Bombay.

    It was in Bombay I found out that the flight from Poona Osho’s ‘little delay’ had prevented me taking, was the one that crashed at Panvel with no survivors.
    (Crash details)

    For years I wondered whether he ‘somehow’ knew the fate of that flight? Or was I just lucky?

    I came to accept that the first possibility has too many implications to be true, therefore, I was just lucky.

    So, as far as I am concerned, ‘synchronicities’ are just a combination of random, chance, events, and it would be more ‘mysterious’ if they did not on occasion fall together (however unlikely or meaningful they seem).

    • frank says:

      That`s a good story, Anubodh, thanks for that.
      You were definitely lucky there.
      As to the `theoretical side`, I would say that if Osho had `known` about the crash, that would rank as precognition rather than synchronicity.
      Either way, I imagine you must have had a little tingling in your spine when you heard the news?

      My sense is that synchronicity is not a provable event in the scientific way that Jung and Niels Bohr, the physicist who worked with him on the idea, thought it might eventually be proven to be. Rather, it`s more of an aesthetic of significance which is experienced when certain uncanny events happen.

      Actually, it`s uncanny that we`re all here at all. The oddness, strangeness of the fact that there is something rather than nothing easily passes unnoticed most of the time.

    • Lokesh says:

      Yes, Anubodh, you were lucky. I had a friend on that flight. A star and if Osho could have known what was going to happen he would have stopped her boarding that ill-fated flight.

      Makes me think about how me and the missus lived through the tsunami. For six weeks at 8.30 we had our early morning kilometre-long swim across the bay in Sri Lanka. The night before the disaster I DJed at a beach party. Later, a techno DJ played music from hell for hours. I was trying to get to sleep in my bed 80 metres from the beach. I got up bleary-eyed at 8.30 and went out on my balcony for a smoke. I felt rough. I was just thinking that I could get a cup of coffee when the tsunami hit. Had we been swimming in the bay we would have been killed.

      Two days later, I passed a line of about a dozen bodies. The one that left the strongest impression was a young teenage girl. Locked in rigor mortis, her fingers were outstretched and her long fingernails were perfectly done in glitter varnish. I imagined her doing her nails and how pleased she must have been that morning and then the wave rushed in to take her life.

      The message was…when your number is up it is time to go. All my ideas about karma went out the window. The tsunami took life indiscriminately and karma had nothing to do with it. The whole tsunami experience for me was a very positive one. Made me grow up a little more and appreciate how lucky I was to survive. Of course, one never knows what will turn out to be a blessing or a curse.

      This morning a great stillness has descended over Ibiza as if in preparation for tomorrow’s lockdown. Nobody can say I was born in uninteresting times. Says I, washing my hands with disinfectant.

      • satchit says:

        Synchronicity seems to be for the lucky ones.

        What’s with the unfortunates?

        Those who have been at the wrong time at the wrong place. Those who were victims of an accident or a terror attack. Those who were thinking in the morning that everything is fine and in the evening out of synchronicity they met their killer.

        They cannot talk anymore about the dark side of synchronicity.

        • frank says:

          Another good story, Loke. Cheers.

          It seems that without such outrageous twists of luck, good and bad, the cosmic playwright wouldn`t be able to come up with such crazy stuff as he/she does!

          Satchit, it`s true that there would have to be a kind of `negative synchronicity` for the unlucky ones who end up on the crashed vehicle or on the tsunami-hit beach by a series of odd coincidences, but as you say, who will record their stories?

          That makes `synchronicity` something similar to `luck`. There is no scientific basis or proof for
          luck. No one really argues whether luck exists or not or whether it can be measured by scientific instruments, we just hope for good luck!

          Bearing in mind that Jung was a psychologist who was trying to improve the psychic states of people through his theories, it`s not surprising that he came up with a positive take on it rather than dwelling on the negative side.

    • swami anand anubodh says:


      Funny you should mention Niels Bohr, as these days I am more interested in studying physics than reading (or quoting) the words of the so-called: ‘Enlightened ones’.

      It’s all very nice a Buddha sitting in Nirvana, but why does the ‘Buddha’ and ‘Nirvana’ exist in the first place? Ask any of them that, and they wouldn’t have a clue. And without that insight – what value Enlightenment?

      The current thinking by physicists is that we live in a multiverse that is continually splitting to produce initially identical copies, which then evolve independently according to their own chance events.

      When Einstein formulated ‘General Relativity’ it predicted the existence of ‘black holes’, something which he believed could not exist as they were too fantastical to be true, and would not be in future modifications to GR. GR proved too successful to be modified and as we know a photograph of a black hole was recently taken.
      Physicists have learnt to trust what their equations are telling them and the mathematics of Quantum Mechanics (which they know are correct, as they have produced our modern world) clearly point to us living in a multiverse. In fact additional terms have to be added to the maths to suppress them.

      This ‘Many Worlds’ interpretation of quantum mechanics did not exist at the time Jung was defining his synchronicity, had it been he would have realised that if the number of universes is effectively infinite, then so are the opportunities for synchronicities.

      Strange coincidences happening with a ‘version’ of you involved are what the maths predict, and what the stories in this topic confirm happen.

      So, there are universes where I was on that fatal flight, and others where there wasn’t a midnight bus for you to Poona, and some where Lokesh did go for a swim on the morning of the tsunami, and yet more where the llama chanced upon by Shanti did spit at him. Satchit’s ‘unfortunate ones’ have luck elsewhere, and even a universe where Shantam Prem is the Chairman of Osho International Foundation (thankfully not this one).

      And of course, there’s a universe where SD’s friend on the bus did not notice the address on the envelope and eventually forgot about the woman.

      Oh… and Frank, let’s not forget that universe where SP has a photo of you on his mobile.

      • satchit says:

        Anubodh, these things I know already from watching ‘Star Trek’ in the past.

      • frank says:

        As I understand it, the “many worlds” hypothesis is not crucial to the working of quantum theory, but rather just an attempted explanation of it.
        That is to say that whereas quantum theory is valid in so far as it has yielded the results which, as you say, has shaped the modern world, the same cannot be said for the `many worlds` idea.
        It remains no more scientifically proven than synchronicity or re-incarnation.

        It is one of the classic tropes of sci-fi tho`, so it has provided entertainment at least.

        Also, you say: “Strange coincidences happening with a ‘version’ of you involved are what the maths predict, and what the stories in this topic confirm happen.”
        That `confirmation` seems a bit of a leap.
        How does that work?

  13. shantam prem says:

    And that ill-fated flight which brought Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh straight into the hands of American police.
    Must be a classical example of synchronicity among the State and its implanted followers!

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      And how very ordinarily (and ever, ever ongoing here in this Chat) amazingly, Shantam Prem, how you manage to exclude your very own particle of unconscious habits re judging fatal coincidences!

      Unbelievable! (By Grace…).


  14. shantam prem says:

    Those who have this self-assurance, as many sannyasins have, “this is my last life”, can surely take a chance to fly high with Corona! At least, I have no such notion. I want to live few years more and be reborn.
    Who says next century won´t need any new world teachers?!
    Little, little mistakes of master only disciples can rectify.

    I have not written the above words. They are channelled to offer new material to Frank aka Yogi!

  15. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    @ the two spark of Lights this very morning in the secluded -without – reply-buttons corner, where a ´Bob met a ´Frank´s response and vice versa.

    Very much appreciated , when I was able to read it.
    As we are talking of ” the Mysteries in Synchronicity “, we all – more or LESS – may know that ´mysteries´are to be lived more than to be talked over.
    The orinhinal quote ´has been: Life ´s a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved” ( Osho)

    So true.

    However – it´s quite a strong HIT by the unknowable these days, striking the whole planet ( and its habitants) and quite a very strong challenge I might say.
    I´m staying at home more than less these days and I´m busy with de-dusting stuff, I did miss for quite some time.
    And all that goes in very slow motion – very slow.

    Thank you both , Bob and Frank for your inspiring contributions of this morning.

    As far as I´m concerned, I´m trying my best to keep away from any of the conspirational ´trails – as – around 8 weeks ago , when the first ´infos came in about the laboratory-leak – I was so strongly reminded on the very well made science fiction thriller ” TWELVE MONKEYS” (1995 with Bruce Willies etc).

    The sort of stuff is coming up again and again and I have to gently but decisively – let it pass .

    In the evening here the kids outside are playing – and the clouds show up and leave space for the evening sun – and the first buds on hedges and trees and bushes outside are opening beautifully.



  16. shantam prem says:

    I hope we all will go on doing fine in time of this man-made global crisis.
    Aha…It is such a blessing to die out of natural causes….

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