A Fourth Way in Politics?

Excerpt from Arjuna’s (John Hogue) latest book.

It is called, , Beyond Alt-right and Alt-left, and asks whether there is a fourth way in politics?! 

Election party

Abandon the two-party scam, Americans. The lesser of two evils is “evil” winning anyway. These inhuman corporations are now running wild with their money as free speech, stifling your human voice. They know how to play you. They’ll put up a set of presidential candidates who will play “lesser of two evils” with you. Their evil will win because “you” vote it in.

You can’t be less evil, no more than you can be less pregnant than somebody else when impregnated. So, you Democrats will use your majority population in 2016 to vote in the lesser evil, Hillary Clinton, even though the corporations would prefer Jeb Bush as their more business-friendly puppet. Either way, they will keep winning, thanks to you.

Abandon the two-party system.

Form an alliance of Americans to find a common ground.

Forty-six percent of the US voters call themselves Independents. [Update 26 September 2017: it is now around 60 percent.] Find each other. Assemble on the Internet and then assemble in the streets, in the town halls. Put aside what the DemaCrips and BloodPublican political hoods have turned you into thanks to their bought media hacks. You’re always defining yourselves by what you are against. Rather, define yourselves by what you hold in common, what you share with other Americans.

Build from that.

Wake up from this cursed spell of Red and Blue voting that these political mafias have shaded over your eyes and minds, planted by their televised news anchors and pundit boobs on the tube.

Jesse Ventura is absolutely in harmony with what prophecy says you all should do, vote for anyone who isn’t a Republican or Democrat. Go on strike against a system that takes you down as a loser, either way you vote. Don’t wait for the revolution to trickle down like Reaganomics on your bothered head. The one-percent’s revolution is bearing down hard on you. Its color isn’t blue or red; it’s a repeat of the “Brown” Revolution of Adolf Hitler – brown as the uniform of his storm troopers. Then, like now, it was financed and pushed into power by one-percenters.

They had a lesser of two evils party to help that happen in the form of the Social Democrats. Like your Democrats they seemed to have your interests in mind, but their minds were weak and their spines were generally non-existent. They also were well-spoken failures like Obama when it came time to forcefully proclaim their achievements when attacked.

If Fascism overshadows this country, all of you voting for the Democrats are as much responsible for it as Social Democrats who let the wolf (Adolphus) Hitler into their chicken coop, because you vote like chickens with your heads cut off. You run around the cage all caught up in your pluck-feathered sentiments rather than using your reason. You just don’t see how you’re being played for a fool yet, but you will.

It’s coming. A grassroots revolution. An “American Party” is going to form a wedge stuck in the machinery of the status quo. Its platform will include the abolishment by law of parties, for they are anti-democratic organizations. When you look at your candidates this corporately-imposed mindset compels you to ask, “does he or she follow the Republican or the Democrat party line?”

You think “party.” You don’t relate to the “human being” standing before you.

Take those blue and red sunglasses away from your eyes and regard your candidates in their true colors.

To do this you need to form a publicly funded media that has NO corporate sponsors or advertisement. This monster media you currently listen to and watch keeps you distracted from finding out how your candidates tick. Indeed, your candidates can’t be themselves to get the money needed to run. They have to make false Donkeycrat and Dumbopublican faces, not their own. They, as well as you, need to be free of the two-party money-politics-laundering system so they and you get real, debate the issues of the people, by the people and for the people.

Establish an anti-corporate and publicly funded citizen media. End all political parties by law. There shall be no lobbyist but the American people in Washington. Declare any other lobbying as illegal. That’s first.

The American Party aims to be the last political party because it intends to end parties, end corporate financing of elections, throw Citizens United off the law books, and bring the military home from nation building abroad to nation building this soon-to-be failed state called America.

Your country’s future demands you go on strike against the two-party mafia by coming together, left, right and center. Find common ground, build from there. Take back your constitution and your country. You have lost it to special interests, many of which are foreign sourced. Evil doesn’t invade with an army in our day, it invades with an army of multinational corporations. Its soldiers are those billionaires who march to an anti-democratic drumbeat, its enablers hide behind robes of Justice in the Supreme Court.

The future will bring us a new kind of revolution with a synesthetic quality, a mixing of systems similar to the neurological phenomenon where sensations blend together in the mind of those who can hear a color or see a sound. The concept of the bitcoin, blockchain transaction is an idea that will morph into new political and social constructs of the Aquarian Age. From math overtaking precious metals as a new concept of value, watch as well the fundamental power shift as blockchaining spreads to other dimensions of life, empowering individuals over centralized control that will eventually deconstruct the need for borders and national identities. International goes “inter-local-transnational.” The blockchain unbroken will unexpectedly hasten the birth of a new global society and global village through the avenue of simple market supply and demand for individual freedom over the centralized state.

Bitcoin will be responsible for a political revolution rendering politics free of political parties. We’re not talking about a third party. A grassroots movement will emerge that uses the tools of the Internet to network common ground amongst a community of individuals: I call this revolution the “Politics of the Fourth Way.” It’s not Democrat, Republican “or” even a third party. All parties are systems of collectivization of the individual. They are prone to corruption.

Excerpt from Arjuna’s latest book, Beyond Alt-right and Alt-left, available in Kindle format from amazon.comamazon.co.ukamazon.deamazon.in

Dhyan Arjuna TNArjuna (John Hogue) is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. He is author of 900 articles and 44 published books (1,170,000 copies sold) in 20 languages and sought-after for radio and TV talks shows. Arjuna presently lives in the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island, USA and welcomes e-mails from fellow travellers. hogueprophecy.com. He also welcomes you to join his Facebook Page.


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28 Responses to A Fourth Way in Politics?

  1. preetam says:

    The character of politicians did not change since the ‘Roman Empire’ and before.

    1% of humanity (1% grid) owns 51% of the whole worldly wealth. It’s the absolute majority. Politicians always being corrupt henchmen of those 1%, never different.

    There is no fourth way! Their jobs are always the same: win time, split and confuse. Understanding is being crushed during the reign of time by false religions and politics. Meanwhile, those lies have driven 99% humanity into deep disorder, through continuous violence against us.

  2. shantam prem says:

    I wonder why he does not give consultancy to the politicians of the organisation which gave him this Indian-sounding name.

    Fucking thing Osho sannyas mind is it never feels the smell of its own stink!

  3. frank says:

    Here is some info on John Hogue, self-proclaimed expert on Nostradamus:

    Hogue proudly states that since 1968 (when he was 13), he has been 100% correct about his US presidential premonitions.

    Check the record:

    “726: President Clinton will complete his final term, despite all attempts to unseat him. (1993)”

    True. Safe bet. Only one president out of 43 (Nixon) has ever been unseated. And when not even Warren G. Harding was unseated, it would seem likely that Clinton, whose most devastating fault seems to be an uncontrollable libido, would stay in office. As it turned out, he did.

    “727: By 2050, historians and public alike will view President Clinton as one of the three most important presidents of the 20th century (the other two being Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Richard Nixon). People in the mid-twenty-first century will view Clinton’s sexual scandals with less cultural intolerance. They will focus more on his initiatives in foreign and economic policy that paved the way for a new era in international unity in the coming fifty years. (1992)”

    Undetermined until 2050.

    “728: Arizona Republican Senator John McCain has the best chance to defeat Democrat Al Gore in 2000. However, the Republican party will suffer defeat once again, because it may choose another George Bush and a Dole as its candidates – to be exact, George W. Bush and a woman Vice-Presidential candidate like Elizabeth Dole or Senator Kaye Baily Hutchinson of Texas. (1998)”

    False. John McCain eventually supported republican George W. Bush, when he couldn’t muster enough support for his own candidacy. The Republicans won the election. Bush chose Dick Cheney as his VP.

    “729: The Republican party will be a casualty of millennial fever. The right-wing fundamentalists in that party will split it apart over religious extremist views. (1994)”

    Unfalsifiable. What does “millennial fever” mean? When does this fever stop? In 2010? In a hundred – maybe a thousand years? Never? How many fundamentalists will have to leave, in order to call it a “split”?

    “730: The next President will die in office, most likely in his first term. (1994)”

    False, if “next” means the re-elected Clinton, who left office in excellent health. Undetermined until 2004/2008, if it means Bush.

    Let’s give Hogue the benefit of the doubt and say this one is Undetermined.
    “731: The next President will not be assassinated. He will succumb to health problems, perhaps heart trouble, or he will die in some air accident. (1994)”

    Undetermined until 2004/2008. However, Dick Cheney has had several heart surgeries, but he is ‘only’ Vice-President. Bush will have to die before Cheney becomes President.

    “732: It pains me to say it, but I believe that the President will be Al Gore. Although he may suffer an untimely death while in office, I can say that he will be remembered as a visionary leader, compared by some to President Kennedy. Like Kennedy, he will launch a national race – not the Space Race, but a race to make America ecologically responsible before it is too late. (1992)”

    False. Gore was Clinton’s running mate in 1994 and lost in 2000. Predicting that Gore would have launched an ecological race is obvious to anyone who knows he published ‘Earth in the Balance’ – in 1992!

    “733: President Gore will have a woman as his Vice-President. (1992)”

    False. Gore chose Joe Lieberman as his running mate, and as far as the record shows, Lieberman is male.

    “734: A woman will be President much sooner than anyone expects. She will not be elected, but will become President upon the death of the President elected in 2000. (1994)”

    False. That would require George W. Bush to have a female Vice-President, and as far as the record shows, Dick Cheney is male.

    “735: Hillary Clinton will be a president of the United States before 2010. (1998).”

    Also (by James Randi):
    “In his book, ‘Nostradamus and the Millennium’, he names the Antichrist. And the Antichrist he names as Khomeini, the Ayatollah Khomeini. Shortly after that, the Ayatollah died, so he didn’t fulfil his duty to be the Antichrist, but that doesn’t stop John Hogue! He doesn’t pause for a second! He writes a second edition! Looks the same… just about the same, because when we look in here — the Ayatollah isn’t in here anymore! Who has suddenly become the Antichrist? Saddam Hussein. You can’t rewrite your books after their predictions don’t happen! But John Hogue apparently thinks you can do that.”

    How stupid are people who keep `believing` in him?

    They are keen on bigging up Hogue at Osho News. Maybe they could clarify their position by having “brain-damaged cult-members” tattooed on their foreheads!

  4. shantam prem says:

    I open Oshonews time to time to scan what is coming out from the smuggy sannyas mind. Only column I read carefully is ‘Voyage’, simply to see the departure of those maybe I have seen walking and talking during my many years of association with now destroyed Osho Commune International, Pune.

    I ask Arjuna through this post, has he the insight to look into the management style of His late master´s work and what changes he sees?

    Most of his Nostradamus-based predictions have gone into the dustbin of time, but I must give him 100% success quote of predicting Donald Trump´s presidency. When the whole world media and snowflakes leftists were for crooked Hilary, John Hogue stayed with his prophecy.

  5. frank says:

    To be fair, some of Nostradamus’s prophecies did actually come true.

    “Veni, vidi, sooner or laterus, definitlius maybius
    Novus candidatus antichristus in middleeastus: Mabus
    Announcus per dodgus geezus Iannus Hogus rogus fraudus
    Magister in absolutus bolloccus et hocus pocus taurus excrementus.”

    • Tan says:

      Frank boy, I love you! Let’s see what happens with SN lovers.
      Let’s see who wins first, me and you or Lokesh and Simond!
      I don’t mind sexual harassment….

      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        You´re talking XXX large bullshit here, Tan, not the first time – and as a woman.

        Too bad to be funny.


        • Tan says:

          I never have hidden the fact that I don’t know how to be clever and I talk a lot of bull, and I don’t have a problem with that! And maybe because of being so naive, I didn’t miss Osho, and it was the best thing that happened in my life! Oh, boy!

          Makes sense to you? Cheers!

          • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

            You can such tell to the guys here, Tan, claiming to be ´naive´- but not to me.
            However, “that you didn´t miss Osho”, as you say, is out of question.
            You did it ‘your way’, unique, and as anybody else, who had/has/took/takes the chance.

            And the very moment any comparison re ´meeting or missing´ falls apart, we could share what we got, I guess.


  6. Prem says:

    There is no fourth way. This is naive.

    In all the societies that ever existed in human history, the same people rule. 98% are peaceful people who avoid conflict at any costs, and just want to work and raise their family.

    2% are psychopaths, they thrive on conflict and violence, and they usually form a coalition and work together so they can exploit the other 98%. They form a Mafia-type organisation where they collaborate so they can exploit the normal people.

    Even if there is a revolution, or an uprising, or a ‘grassroots movement’ – it will be shortlived.

    After a while, people will get tired and go home. A new Mafia will take over, with different actors maybe, but the 2% psychopaths will take over.

    The 98% don’t have a chance – because they essentially look for peace and avoid conflict. A revolution is a burst of anger, which will fizzle out, and then the Mafia regroups and new politicians take over.

    The 2% love conflict, love war, love confrontation, love fighting.

    This has happened so far in every human society. Maybe it is hardwired in us. Wild animals are hardwired that the stronger animal will dominate the weaker one. Maybe in human beings it is the same, only the violent people have learned to work together and instinctively form a gang.

    This Mafia is more obvious in lawless countries in South America and Africa, where drug cartels take over. Also in poor communities, where gangs take over.

    But it also happens in democracies – only they have learned to create a facade, a nice appearance, a sheep skin, but deep down there is a wolf.

    It also happens in gaols, the toughest inmates form gangs and victimise the weaker inmates.

    If you have eyes to see, this has happened in every single society. It is almost like a natural law.

    A revolution is a short-lived outburst of anger from the population. The old Mafia is killed, and a new Mafia emerges.

    Third party candidates? Please…
    Jill Stein looks just as psychopathic as any other politicians. I have personally met so-called grassroots movement leaders, and they also have the vibe of psychopaths, because psychopaths always come on top.

    The only way things will change is if every person takes responsibility for politics and gets involved in politics all the time. It is our taxes, our money – so we need to take responsibility all the time.

    As long as we delegate responsibility to other people – they will abuse their power.

    This is when things might change. But I am still sceptical.

    Right now, people cannot be bothered to go to vote once every 4 years.

    The political mafia make politics dirty on purpose. So that normal people will be disgusted and stay away from it. So only psychopaths participate in it, so they form a brotherhood.
    Politics are violent on purpose, so only the violent people feel comfortable to join the club.

    If…a normal person, with noble ideas, tries to enter politics with good intentions, and tries to really do something for the community, immediately all the members of the Mafia will gang up on him and attack him from all sides, until he either gives up, or accepts to join the Mafia.

    I don’t think things will ever change in politics. It is almost like a natural law. The most violent people will form a gang to exploit the 98% of normal people who do the work.

    And the ordinary people don’t stand a chance, because they naturally hate conflict…and the Mafia members thrive on conflict, they love it – and they work together against the rest of the population.

    Any revolution will fail because it is short-term. The actors change, but the same type of people become leaders.

    The Mafia are all aware of the game they are playing, while the population live in illusions and are too naive to see it.

    There are many things going on behind the scenes in politics that we don’t even suspect. The group interest is the most important. The Mafia must dominate the ordinary people.

    When the group interests are threatened you will see politicians of apparently opposing political parties band together and work together against the threat.

    I have heard stories that politicians who attack each other and are members of opposing political parties – they all meet at private parties, and in private they are best of friends.

    The Mafia group interests come first.

    It is unbelievable to me that even the most insignificant member of this Mafia is aware of this game they play. Whereas normal people are completely oblivious. They are too nice and too naive to believe it can be real.

    Politicians have learned to play a perfect role of the nice family man who has children, and is ‘just like you’ and wants what is best for the community.

    I don’t think things will ever change…what we can do is “accept what is” and live in the moment. Accept reality as it is.

    Things will never be better in the future. Don’t hope. No matter how much political systems change, the same people will come on top.

    • shantam prem says:

      Law of 98% seems to fit with the Sannyas Society too.
      98% people are peace-loving, fun-living, fuck-loving people who want to meditate and get comfortable place post-death.

      Master O comes in the category of 2%.
      Difference is very small between him and other narcissistic psychopaths. Master O is awakened being with no interest in self-preservation, but a highest level of compassion. Compassion with Courage is what makes/or made Osho unique among the mediocres.

      • satyadeva says:

        Shantam, what exactly do you mean by declaring, “Master O comes in the category of 2%.
        Difference is very small between him and other narcissistic psychopaths.”?

        Are you suggesting Osho was a “narcissistic psychopath”?!

        “and get comfortable place post-death”
        Ah yes, G-SIP*…You often sound like a rather typical product of conventional religious programming, Shantam, who’s been attracted by the prospect of ‘Religion-with-Benefits’! You know, G-Spot with G-SIP*…

        I’m just wondering whether you’re up-to-date with your premiums…

        *The Great (Pseudo-)Spiritual Insurance Policy

      • dominic says:

        The question of narcissism comes up for me around gurus (I’ll skip the sociopath bit for now!). Is narcissism genetic or acquired through childhood trauma? I want to know about gurus’ childhoods, to understand better what appears to be much need for adulation. Or is it like a drug, once you get the taste for it, you’re hooked?

        Underneath Sheela’s puffed-up, domineering personality I detect much insecurity. As for Osho’s childhood, he was farmed out to grandparents, I believe. The unconscious need for love, if you don’t get it from parents, will continue to act out if not healed.

        From what I can see, so-called ‘enlightenment’ doesn’t seem to cure it either, perhaps exacerbates it, to the point where beyond average dysfunction amongst gurus is the norm.

    • swamishanti says:

      “98% of the population are peaceful people because they essentially look for peace and avoid conflict.”

      Prem, this is nonsense.

      If 98% of the population were peace-loving folks this really would be a very different place.
      Look around you at the world we live in. If anything, it is the other way round, a tiny percentage are peace-loving, compassionate, with some degree of consciousness, but this is a minority.

      Society and governments that we have are just a reflection of the consciousness of people on the planet.

      Violent movies are a major source of entertainment. The mafia is always glorified in films and portrayed as heroes for the general public, who lap it up. Just recently. a new movie portraying the Krays came out, a good film, but basically making heroes out of psychopathic criminals.

      People love to sit down and watch the slaps and scraps of Eastenders. Watching boxing is a popular pastime for many people to enjoy watching people getting beaten senseless.

      And even when peace-loving people have got together and try to live with an ethos of peace and love under some anarchic vision, it never works. The mafia always turn up again in the form of drug-dealing gangs, biker gangs or Hell’s Angels, and the dominant, aggressive ego` always want to exploit and run the show.

      Anarchy will never work, now matter how conscious people become.

      I remember reading an Osho quote recently where Osho, recently after his American experience, declares that he is an anarchist, and that he envisages a time when there will be no government.

      It is very easy to declare that “I am an anarchist” if you are having everything provided for you every day and night, and people waiting on you hand and foot, manicuring your nails and making sure your jacuzzi is warmed up.


      • swamishanti says:

        I used to know an anarchist who helped to organise a lot of events with his life, including many free festivals. He believed in anarchy, but he always wanted to be ‘the boss’. Anarchy is a great philosophy if you are in charge of things!

      • shantam prem says:

        Swamishanti, where you put yourself into?
        How easy it is to judge 98% with this feeling “I am extraordinary, I am superior because i have in my library 500 kind of Bibles.”

        My assertion is very simple: can few hundred sannyasins create a better prototype, or humans in general are programmed exactly the way they are, changes happen with due course of time; sometimes a small behavioural change in few hundred years. I don´t think the creation or the creator is in a hurry.

  7. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    ” And even when peace-loving people have got together and try to live with an ethos of peace and love under some anarchic vision, it never works. The mafia always turn up again in the form of drug-dealing gangs, biker gangs or Hell’s Angels, and the dominant, aggressive ego` always want to exploit and run the show.” ( Swamishanti)

    Having been molested by stalkers of the right wing gangs today – let alone this afternoon…- and outside, the tendancy of my mood just at the moment is strong , to agree with you, Swamishanti.

    Knowing and experiencing though that in these clans and gangs and corporated buisiness connections , you find the most ´nice and proud ´fathers´and ´mothers´when they present their siblings and offspring for the world at large, declaring ” that nothing ever happened” .
    Some love their performance as bystanders of violent terror- stalking happening be it on the viral lane, be it stalking in the streets, as entertainment.

    And yes, Swamishanti, you are right, stating: ” It is very easy to declare that “I am an anarchist” if you are having everything provided for you every day and night, and people waiting on you hand and foot, manicuring your nails and making sure your jacuzzi is warmed up.”

    However, I ´m wondering about the topic and some contributers.
    You could be living next door here, when I read the stuff, just looking for a skapegoat to shed anger on and organize that as ´streetwork-stalking performances´, like people here are doing it.
    Has nothing to do with ´anarchy´, is just some neofascist behavior of dumpheaded and cruel people .


    • swamishanti says:

      I am not living next door to you, Madhu. I’m in the UK presently. Actually, I recently moved from somewhere where I  lived next door to a biker for eight years, who was a member  of the Outlaws motorcycle gang. But he was quite a sound and friendly guy.

    • shantam prem says:

      “Having been molested by stalkers of the right-wing gangs today – let alone this afternoon…”
      Have you reported the crime to the police, lady?

    • preetam says:

      Motorbike gangs may be a reaction against permanent violence of a world ruled by dictators. Helping each other against greedy rulers, if the main goal is materialistic.

      The actual society is a pirate invention! Guess it is known here that ‘Captain Morgan’ was first who provided for his people health and pension coverage. A pirate-society or an ordinary fascist society produces again and again monsters. How we help each other against those Monsters – a result perhaps is a motorbike gang as simplest reaction, to get what you want.

  8. preetam says:

    The interpretation of anarchy can also be different, like:
    Anarchy is freedom from violence and demarcation.

    Anyway, fascism is easily defined: violence and demarcation against others.

    But, there is no non-fascist society yet. How is it possible to find outer freedom in a fascist-dominated world?

  9. swamishanti says:

    People can try to live with a vision of anarchy based on peace and love, with freedom from violence.
    But what will you do if someone comes onto your site or selling heroin and you want to stop that?

    You may have to use violence in order to remove those people.

    Some rules will have to be there and people will have to enforce those rules which often leads to violence, and there will always be arguments about which kind of rules should be there.

    • preetam says:

      Do you know who it was first selling heroin? It is the German chemical concern ‘Bayer’ in 1898.

      Seems that still with each gram of heroin the same 1% gang earns money for their decadent lives too.

      Who has more right in being bad – poor or rich?

      • swamishanti says:

        The poppy fields are certainly an important source of income for the Afghan farmers. I don`t say it`s right or wrong. But can a society function with little or no violence? Will non-violence ever be one of the highest values? Along with enlightenment and peace.

        • preetam says:

          This ‘either…or’ thing isn’t part of my understanding. For me, learning is the understanding of our self. So, enlightenment is understanding or ability to learn from truth itself.