Trademark Case: More Stuff

‘Osho’ brand belongs to Zurich Entity, rules European Court

On October 11th, The European Court dismissed the petition by Osho Lotus Commune, Cologne (Germany), against the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on the trademark case. The Cologne commune had bitterly contested the ownership of the ‘Osho’ trademark by the OIF, Zurich.


In a major development, Osho International Foundation (OIF), Zurich, the owner of all the intellectual property of  Osho, has won a major trademark case relating to the ownership of the word sign ‘OSHO’.

The General Court of the European Union at Luxembourg delivered a judgment upholding the ownership of the ‘OSHO’ trademark by OIF, a foundation under Swiss law, headquartered in Zurich.

The court dismissed the petition by Osho Lotus Commune, Cologne (Germany), against the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on the trademark case. The Cologne commune had bitterly contested the ownership of the ‘Osho’ trademark by the OIF, Zurich.

In Pune, Amrit Sadhana from the Press and Media office of the Osho International Meditation Resort, Koregaon Park said in a statement that OIF “has successfully defended its ownership of the mark for all OSHO Meditation Centres, publishers, entities and individuals involved in supporting Osho’s proposal and vision.”

The statement said that the Court’s ruling explicitly prevents anyone from attempting to exploit the worldwide recognition of the brand name. The Zurich Foundation is the guardian and source for Osho’s work, the statement said.

The Foundation, has emphasised that it is the “sole and registered owner of all of the copyrights to all the published and unpublished words, literary works and other creations of Osho in all mediums, including audio recordings and video.”

It has emphatically stated that it owns the trademark OSHO in more than 40 countries, many classes and for many products and services.

In a separate but related issue, the opposing group of Osho’s followers , based primarily in Pune and New Delhi, have filed cases in the Bombay High Court accusing OIF trustees of forging Osho’s will and theft of Osho’s intellectual properties.

Petitioner Yogesh Thakkar (Swami Premgeet) has accused the trustees of illegal diversion of original recordings of Osho and funds to Europe.

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  1. Parmartha says:

    Bloggers please note that Sannyas News will henceforth be much more strict on comments that are not relevant in the string, including all types of quarrels that are just between commnentators, and nothing to do with the topic..
    Even if we initially miss them they will be taken down.

  2. Arpana says:

    Interesting. Bound to reflect on the Indian court case. They will be citing this judgment in that case.

  3. shantam prem says:

    It is common sense, ‘Osho’ the stolen word from Japan is a trademark of Osho Foundation International. Who else is using this word in a broader sense than the people of late Rajneesh Chandra Jain aka Bhagwan Rajneesh, called lovingly Osho by his disciples?


  4. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    “Interesting. Bound to reflect on the Indian court case. They will be citing this judgment in that case.” ( Arpana)

    Yes, maybe such will be used for citing, or may not be used.
    Lawyers play…

    However, what is our concern, of each and everybody, to get involved in that kind of fight and thinking?

    I am reminded of that very short of all kinds of short Osho quotes, I read a long time ago: “When love is missing, politics fill the gap”.

    It’s a very simple statement, but – as I feel it – of a universal, essential value. And – very uncomfortable too – to really sit in it – and feel its Truth.


    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      What Osho means to me has never ever been a ´trademark issue´, never. And cannot be by its very nature.

      Yet I admit, sometimes I´ve been paining when I saw/read/listen to some compiled/edited stuff, having been able to listen to the original version in the midst of an alive (historical) sannyas sangha happening.

      Clinging to the past? Cherishing moments long, long gone?
      Avoiding the rivering of the moment-to moment REAL state of Being ? Yes – and No – both of it – and in union.

      I deeply know that such cannot be traded in any way; it just happens. Or not.

      It’s more a good gardeners issue than a trademark issue, because it is a living thing, and I even guessthat also those going for fighting for a trademark know that deep inside. For themselves.

      • shantam prem says:

        “When love is missing, politics fill the gap” – to sleep after reading such posts is a joy.

        There is one story used quite often to explain the divine kingdom (may be imaginary, may be real):
        Same day, trustee of a great temple died and also a prostitute. Ms. Prostitute reached heaven because her heart was not as corrupted as that of Mr.Priest!

    • Arpana says:

      Seems to me OIF are acting out of love for Osho and his work.

      Love isn’t just pretty little rabbits hopping about, and birds tweeting in the trees.

  5. sw. veet (francesco) says:

    What does it mean that “OIF has successfully defended its ownership of the mark for all OSHO Meditation Centers, publishers, entities and individuals involved in supporting Osho’s proposal and vision”?

    “All”?! Jurisprudence has its own jurisdiction.

    Maybe even now this verdict has no effect in the UK, which after the referendum begins to exercise its sovereignty.

    I do not think this verdict has any value in the US and certainly not in India or Russia.



    • Parmartha says:

      Thanks, VF.

      Somehow those interested in such things seem to be publishing stuff, etc. and using Osho’s name, irrespective of what party they belong to, like the diffferent parties of Arun, Keerti, OIF, etc.

      And oddly enough, that seems ‘in tune’ to me.

      We will have to see whether this ruling actually leads to any legal cases in the Courts.

      They have all departed, as a matter of interest, to what I saw under Osho’s direct command, as it were, in Poona 1…

      When I worked in Silkscreen, even the covers of the draft books were sometimes sent back to us, and by Osho. For example, the picture was the wrong one, or he just wasn’t happy with it, or on one occasion that the spelling was wrong!

      Whilst Editors certainly in those days tried to bring meaning and punctuation onto the printed page, and overall put Osho’s discourses into some of the grammatical conventions, he himself re-checked those editings – and they were sometimes sent back!

      As for simply taking ‘sections’ of his work and putting them into some kind of newly fashioned whole, without acknowledging where they come from or the dates of the discourses (as I noticed in a recent compilation production published from the UK (Watkins) called ‘Enlightenment Is Your Nature’ and under the OIF copyright.
      This volume has even a “Preface” and “Epilogue” which are actually from Osho discourses, but not ones he used as a Preface, Epilogue, etc.)…

      But…somehow it does not matter, the word is getting out, and reaching the shores of love and light.

      • Arpana says:

        This glass is half-full post reminded me of this and similar stories:

        “Jesus has a parable — he was continuously talking about it. A farmer went to sow seeds. He just threw them here and there. Some fell on the road; they never sprouted because the road was hard and the seeds could not penetrate the soil, they could not move in the deeper, darker realm of the soil.

        Because only there does birth happen, only in the deep dark does God start working. The work is secret work, it is hidden.

        Some fell by the side of the road; they sprouted, but animals destroyed them. Only some fell on the right soil; they not only sprouted, they grew to their full height, they flowered, they came to fulfilment, and one seed came to be millions of seeds.”

        And The Flowers Showered
        Chapter 10
        Chapter title: Seeing Double

      • Prem says:

        “As for simply taking ‘sections’ of his work and putting them into some kind of newly fashioned whole, without acknowledging where they come from or the dates of the discourses (as I noticed in a recent compilation production published from the UK (Watkins) called ‘Enlightenment Is Your Nature’ and under the OIF copyright.
        This volume has even a “Preface” and “Epilogue” which are actually from Osho discourses, but not ones he used as a Preface, Epilogue, etc.)…”

        It’s all part of an effort to hide the controversial stuff, and create a respectable, tame image of Osho. You can do this by choosing tame excerpts and creating a syrupy compilation book with a new title.

        Also – I don’t know if anyone noticed this – when Osho was alive, each book had a large picture of Osho on the cover. Now, most books have no picture of Osho whatsoever, not even a small one on the back.

        On the one hand, create tame, bland compilations; on the other hand, remove the photos because looking at Osho might be too ‘scary’ for some.

        OIF are even trying to control the Osho videos being posted on youtube…so nothing controversial shows up.

        They control the videos, the photos…sweep all the controversial stuff under the carpet, in an attempt to create an ‘acceptable’ image of Osho, in order to appeal to a larger crowd.

        Yet Osho’s guidelines were the absolute opposite:
        Keep my message 24 carat pure gold, don’t dilute it. People might not understand it now, but keep the message pure and maybe in 100-200 years people will understand and it will change the world.

        They dilute it by hand-picking syrupy quotes and creating compilation books.

        This is what disciples do after a master’s death – create a more acceptable image of the master meant to appeal to crowds.

        • Arpana says:

          The problem with this viewpoint, Prem, and I do not not exclude myself from this, is that we all come to these matters with a set of values, prejudices and expectations in place. They do, those who support them do, and those who criticise them do.

          • amrito says:

            Are you kidding? OSHO’s discourses on youtube via OIF are VERY controversial! The opposite is true with other factions which like to show OSHO according to their ancestral religions!

        • sannyasnews says:

          You may have this wrong, Prem.

          People like Arun who, for example, has authorised much publication in Nepal, shies away from Osho talking/writing on sex, and often concentrates on esoteric and traditional things.

          The Delhi people also have a pretty conventional take on Osho.

  6. Kavita says:

    “ownership of the ‘Osho’ trademark by the OIF, Zurich” – the biggest universal joke!

    • Arpana says:

      Seems to me trademark is the least bad of available alternatives. Without that, anyone can claim authorship of Osho discourses. And ownership.

      • Kavita says:

        Arps, that is really far-fetched to me!

        • Arpana says:

          Not sure why “far-fetched”.

          The books are printed using modern technology, in a capitalist system.
          Distributed using capitalist means of distribution and technology.
          They have ISBN numbers and are placed in major libraries.

          It’s not possible to deal with the discourses, the books, in a way that’s pre-technology or pre-capitalism.

          The integrity of the texts is paramount. How else can they do it?
          If you start hard you can ease back. If you start soft you can never get a hold on anything.

          Least bad of available alternatives, or maybe you know an alternative to dealing with the problem of preserving the integrity of the texts. I can’t think of a way.

          I can’t even come up with a way of running this website which keeps everybody happy all the time, doesn’t piss someone off.

          Whatever they do someone will not like it. There is no possible course of action they can take which will please everyone.

          • Kavita says:

            Arps writes:
            “Least bad of available alternatives, or maybe you know an alternative to dealing with the problem of preserving the integrity of the texts. I can’t think of a way.”

            I would not trust any printed word anyway, I would rather listen to the recorded version of the live discourse, in any format.

            “anyone can claim authorship”
            I mean, what is going to happen even if authorship is claimed? I cannot relate to this claim in my/any capacity.

            It is only for royalty claim that OIF probably wants to make this claim!

            • Arpana says:

              Recordings can be tampered with, Kavita.

              • Kavita says:

                Yes, Arps, probably, but not that easily, compared to texts.

                • Arpana says:

                  It is easier to tamper with a source recording, whereas a book once printed can’t be tampered with.

                • Kavita says:

                  I doubt if one can prevent 100% tamper-free text.

                • Arpana says:

                  @ Kavita:
                  “I doubt if one can prevent 100% tamper-free text.”

                  Unfortunately, I’m sure that’s true.

                • Arpana says:

                  According to the ‘Rajneesh Times’, OIF have donated full sets of first editions of ‘Bhagwan’s’ books and tapes, certainly to an archive or library in India, and the British Library will have a complete set of everything that came into the UK, which they get by law.

                  Further to that, I am in the process of donating one hundred-plus first editions to a British university library

              • Kavita says:

                Maybe a set of all Osho books in English could be donated to the British library & relevant/translated books to their respective countries.

                I shared all of my Osho books & tapes with one Swami who owns and runs a laundry nearby.

    • chetna says:

      It is actually very funny! “the copyrights to all the published and unpublished words” – I would love to learn what unpublished words they own and how…

      It is very ironic that Osho belongs to Switzerland where all of the richest money launderers reside…at least Osho continues to be the Guru of the Rich and we all can have a good laugh (rather than choosing sides and fighting aimlessly).

      I personally do not see any issue beyond some history type of jealousy games and using the legal system to grow business (common sense).

      • Parmartha says:

        The “unpublished” words are those from the Hindi lectures, about 40 have not been translated as yet I am told. Like it or not, OIF have those texts, and so by way of ownership….

        • Arpana says:

          Also a number of unpublished Darshan Diaries. The later texts where Osho gave names and explanations for the names, and nothing else.

    • Kavita says:

      Zu – rich !

  7. shantam prem says:

    One of the fascinating factors in human race is that even the worst regimes get lots of sympathisers, the footsoldiers’ mindsets. The trustees working in the name of departed Osho and their well-wishers are similar people who prefer status quo – who knows, other price even worse?

    Such faint-hearted Swamis maybe were Muslims in the past life. Reform in Islam, no way!.

    May I ask one of such what is the logic for their bosses to operate from Zurich?

    • Kavita says:

      Osho loved Switzerland for its beauty and wealth & would have loved to have been its citizen, since he wasn’t able to take another birth! He told Amrito to operate from Zurich, the economic ‘CAPITAL’ of the world, as we all know that Amrito being Amrito has only followed Master’s orders!


  8. sw. veet (francesco) says:

    I do not understand anything about money, how to use attraction law or how to pay less taxes. If Google, Apple, Facebook etc. succeed in paying less by choosing to pay taxes in tax havens I should not be happy if OIF does the same? I certainly would, because unlike a multinational the money in itself should not be the purpose of a non-profit organisation.

    I believe that not only for the Vatican there are agreements to promote activities that declare themselves spiritual.

    In Italy, there was a recent scandal about a cardinal who lived in an extra luxury attic renovated with church money; so far no one has been seen drinking champagne at a 5-star hotel or travelling in a Rolls Royce.

    But we as sannyasins are not priests, we are good at not identifying ourselves with our lifestyle, eventually we use it to irritate by teasing the egos of our less evolved friends in our Sangha.

    I searched (google) for the official OIF balance, to see the size of the business around Osho – I did not find it. I have no smell for the money so I can only guess that:
    The Resort may affect the total budget item by no more than 1%, in positive or negative terms.
    Groups in the various Osho Centres in the world by 5%.
    Talks and music on cds by 24%.
    Legal fees by 13.4%.
    Gin & champagne and Viagra by 6.6%;
    And what remains, about 50%, is the core business about Osho: the Books.

    After Jan 19, putting or removing a comma is a great responsibility, to do this needs to have its audio or video support or, when they are not available, living witnesses, the Sangha.

    Sangha needs a physical place, with all the respect for this virtual place (SN), where a synthesis is possible using all the feedback from the four corners of the world, about the containers that best preserve the fragrance of Osho.

    Pune3 is the natural place where one who has the responsibility to handle the diffusion of that fragrance would seek that precious feedback from his Sangha.

    Old sannyasins should be the natural mirrors of the old people in charge today, leaving this method to be inherited by those who will come after, avoiding that everything collapses with their death or physical and mental deterioration.

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      Thanks, Veet Franceso. for your considered post yesterday (at 3.56 pm).
      In its content there´s at least even an arduous effort and attempt to bring emotional, spiritual, mental aspects and – on another plane – even some of the devastating, painful law-stuff-fight levels and aspects together. I ´m wondering if such is possible, but it is very much worth a try?

      When I am feeling better than just now, I´ll respond more, Veet. Especially to your last chapter, like:
      “Old sannyasins should be the natural mirrors of the old people in charge today, leaving this method to be inherited by those who will come after, avoiding that everything collapses with their death or physical and mental deterioration.”

      Because YES, I´d say that´s quite a beautiful, idealistic point of a ‘Sangha’ view in general, but doesn´t cope with executed reality, not only (!) in our Sannyas Sangha by the way.

      And how to transform and transfer into LIFE that idealistic view, including the message:
      THIS moment is EYERTHING?
      That´s quite a challenge, a QUEST – isn´t it?

      With Love,


      • sw. veet (francesco) says:

        Thanks, Madhu.

        If you think it’s idealistic to imagine that the sannyasins do not have the tools to deal with conflicts then there are things that you, unlike me, know about the sannyasins involved in the conflict.

        Thanks to SN, I know almost how many hairs SP has on his butt, or how so little sophisticated is Arun, or how much though is Yogesh (Thakkar), but I know so little about the boys of the other faction. Maybe you can help me to fill this gap; to me it would be enough to know what big budget holes raise the ticket price for Pune3.


        • Arpana says:

          What a fascinating development.
          Speedy francesco understands Madhu and Madhu understands speedy francesco. Wow!!!

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          You question, Veet Francesco: “Maybe you can help me to fill this gap; to me it would be enough to know what big budget holes raise the ticket price for Pune3.”

          No, Veet, can´t help you to ´fill your gaps´, as you say.

          And thank you for your little exchange with Arpana, which then followed yesterday as that again helped me to spare some effort re relating.


          • sw. veet (francesco) says:

            Come on, Madhu, it was a joke! I have not even blown intimate details.
            More, I did not even specify if you are the friend or the lover.

            • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

              Too late, Veet, just see what Arpana´s creative ‘shift-moving-images’ then made/makes out of it…

              But in reality, we´re living moment-to moment; so there is always the possibility to come fresh, at least for some of us in SN/UK caravanserai.


              • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                But he only does his job.
                If the love for Osho is your only commitment here then nobody can hurt you.

                • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                  Never ever claimed here, Veet Francesco, that I am not belonging to the human race as an ordinary woman, and never ever claimed here – as elsewhere – not to be vulnerable.

                  And please let’s finish that last ´little chapter´ NOW!


  9. Prem says:

    Osho is not a person…but a “brand name”.

    Yes, certainly, OIF knows best!

    In OIF we trust.

  10. shantam prem says:

    Osho the master got crushed under the burden of his own books! And the wonder is, there are not so many new readers of Osho books, at least in developed countries.

    Here people are well-informed and on that evolutionary level where they know quite well you can use present tense for dead giants, still they won´t start walking!

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      Thanks for the link this morning, Prem, for Chaitanya Keerti´s comment in Hindustan Times, Pune, India.

      Feels that Chaitanya – other than a few of the European Fighters – kept cool and was able…so far…to stay grounded to Essentials concerning a Mystery School of a Mystic as well as to his Disciples and Lovers.

      It´s a good read (and a reminder too) as a possible grounding for everybody involved or emotionally touched and more than touched.


      • Arpana says:

        “I want my sannyasins to inherit my freedom, my awareness, my consciousness. And each sannyasin has to be my successor, has to be me. There is no need for anybody to dominate. There is nobody for anybody to dictate to. They are on their own. If they want to be together they can be together. Out of their own freedom, it is their choice and their decision. If they want to move free they have all the rights to move free.”

        OSHO, The Last Testament Vol-2

        Obviously Osho didn’t mean this to include members of OIF. Only real sannyasins, who have the correct, pure opinions.

        Phew! That’s liberating. I am not pure and good. I don’t know the right opinions to express.

  11. Prem says:

    I live in Europe.

    As far as I’m concerned, this move by the OIF just makes me despise, hate and reject the OIF even more. And I am sure more people feel like this.

    I organize meditations, and I have been harassed by OIF. To me, this is the last straw. Now I simply despise, abhor and, subsequently…ignore the OIF. I am not affiliated, associated with the OIF in any way, and never will be. I would rather be affiliated with the devil.

    And if they don’t like me using the word Osho…they can come and sue me.

    Please sue me, OIF. This will only create more bad publicity for you and more sannyasins will wake up to the fact that you are on a power trip.

    As of now, I will never have anything to do, ever with the OIF, and I will warn every sannyasin I meet about the dangerous power trip they are on, and that they should avoid them at all costs.

    Wonderful…keep doing what you do, OIF, your influence will continue to diminish, because people will not take you seriously anymore.

    They might fear you…but they will respect you less and less.

    Keep doing what you do…in a weird way this only helps people not trust you anymore.

    • shantam prem says:

      Good post, Prem.
      You have a spine, the soul.
      Obedience to virtueless power is a virus which kills the soul.

      • Tan says:

        What kind of business you have that has to use Osho’s name? Cheers!

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          A good question to Prem,Tan – I would also be interested to know that, seconded.

        • Prem says:

          Anyway, I just realised OIF do not own the rights to the name Osho! They own the trademark OSHO, in capitals.

          Check out their website and youtube, it states:

          © OSHO International Foundation
          OSHO is a registered trademark of OSHO International Foundation.

          So they don’t own the word Osho, because that is also a Nigerian surname.

          They have the right to make a brand name, like OSHO.
          For instance, I cannot trademark the word ‘fire’, but if I want to sell a wine with the name ‘FIRE’ in capital letters, then I can apply for trademark.

          So people can use the word ‘Osho’ freely, there is no trademark on it.

          I don’t have a business. Just organising active meditations and workshops.

      • satyadeva says:

        As you’ve declared here many times that you don’t give a damn about the books, I take it Prem’s views on them are irrelevant to you, Shantam?

  12. Prem says:

    Important information:

    What is actually trademarked is the word OSHO in all capital letters.
    The word Osho is not trademarked.

    Osho is also a common surname in Nigeria.

    Andi Osho (born 1973), British comedian, actress and writer
    Josh Osho (born 1992), English singer-songwriter
    Pierre Osho (born 1945), former defense minister of Benin
    Set Osho (born 1986), Nigerian-born UK sprinter
    Fatai Osho, Nigerian football coach for Remo Stars F.C.
    Eugenia Osho-Williams, (born 1961), Sierra Leonean sprinter


    The surname Osho or the word Osho cannot be trademarked. What OIF has trademarked as a product brand is the name OSHO in all capital letters.

    Very important distinction.

    • swami anand anubodh says:

      Prem, many thanks.

      Now that you have clarified copyright law, I can decide which name to register for my new company:


      It’s a difficult choice with them being all so different and unique.

  13. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    @Arpana, ( 3.21 pm today):
    “Further to that, I am in the process of donating one hundred-plus first editions to a British university library.”

    Would you mind to share, please, Arpana, for what reason you are in that process to give away something precious of the Sannyas Sangha World (in my eyes) to a British library?

    My first thought/interpretation about your sharing was kind of devastating, sarcastic in a way: as if a British library would possibly be a safer place than your own home or working place, where you can be robbed or intruded upon…

    Really hope that this fantasy is wrong, which immediately came up re the course of being a target of robbing and stalking for a long time here at my place; so my view might be/is clouded by this experience.

    However – asking you again – what are your motivations to do that? It’s kind of shocking.


    • Arpana says:

      To make sure when I die that the collection doesn’t end up in a charity shop, being sold off for pennies, to people who don’t really understand what they have.

      I would give them to Osho Viha, but can’t afford the transport costs.
      I would have given them to Osho Purnima, but that has closed down.

      If they go to a university library they become a resource, just like the collections at the British Library are a resource which people can use to check the authenticity of texts. First editions are a finite resource. They need to be looked after, in an environment that will value them and appreciate what they are.

      I’m doing this with these books because I care about them and Osho and his work, and I want them to be useful as long as possible. But I assume this is just something else I’ve written here that supports your professional psychiatrist’s diagnosis that I am a schizophrenic psychopath.

      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        Arpana, sleepless in Munich, I just see that you answered my question about your motivation. So – my assumptions about your motivation have not been that wrong.

        Must be very painful for you that you don´t know a sannyasin place in the UK and/or British sannyas friends you trust enough to be good shareholders of your very precious possession of these rare first editions.

        If you trust the Viha place, maybe you could ask them to pay for the transport?

        Your last lines, though, you then spice up with assumptions about me as a contributor here in the UK/SN chat. (And you´ve been doing that once and again, I´m sorry to say, since I came in years ago).

        Your assumptions about me are thoroughly wrong.


        • Arpana says:

          Madhu said. ”

          ”Must be very painful for you that you don´t know
          a sannyasin place in the UK and/or British sannyas friends you trust enough to be good shareholders of your very precious possession of these rare first editions.”


          I don’t feel that way at all. We are in the beginning times of the Sannyas of Osho, which is being reborn out of the Mala and red clothes time of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

          Why would the plain clothes Sannyas of Osho be the same as the the mala and red clothes Sannyas of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh?

          How could that be so?

  14. Sarlo says:

    Re Osho™ and OSHO™ etc., a few things:

    No trademark – or copyright for that matter – can prevent someone from writing a new book and representing it as an Osho book. But this fairly futile effort will never make anyone much money, so there’s very little incentive in it. If it gets wide exposure – essential to big bucks – someone will easily recognise and expose it as a fake. This is simply a result of a network of people who care. The fraud gets exposed and that’s the end. So there is no need for a trademark in this scenario. It needs no legal muscle. Zero.

    So what use is a trademark really? Solely and simply to control others, to limit their versions of Osho and ensure that only the ‘pure’ product of OIF will prevail. This is the beginning of an ideology. And it is a naked power trip, being exercised by a few folks who have not processed their inner demons. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    I used to believe that a trademark was needed, but when you see what uses it is put to, you too will doubt. Fortunately, this big deal decision affects only Europe, not the whole world, especially not the US and India.

    It is potentially very bad news for sannyasins in Europe, especially therapists who have been pursuing their own version of Osho and sharing it with others, and whose business depends in part on using Osho’s name, which they SHOULD have every right to. Sharing their version of Osho is not the same as claiming only they have the truth. Osho has many flavours, why should we have only vanilla? But now the vanilla purveyors have more legal muscle.

    Prem mentioned that the case only affects ‘OSHO’, not ‘Osho’. That remains to be seen. OIF has hassled lots of people for using ‘Osho’ as a descriptive or qualifying term relating to some therapeutic process they have developed as sincere sannyasins for years.

    One variation I saw recently was Devapath’s process, which he is calling ‘Osho’s Diamond Breath’. That ‘apostrophe s’ may make a vital distinction that will prevent ™ hassles. That also remains to be seen, but it has the virtue of referring clearly to an historical person, which is fairly off-limits for trademarking purposes, and which is also something OIF doesn’t like to think about.

    They have depersonalised him as much as possible, and you can see the point, as we don’t want to get into excessive worship and the whole trip of organised religion, and he was so much more than a person, but really it was miraculous that he was a person too, and made himself available in the ways that he did. If it wasn’t miraculous, we wouldn’t all be here and OIF wouldn’t be here.

    Trademark also cannot prevent someone from having an Osho Plumbing and Heating business. It can only affect the areas directly related to Osho’s vision, mainly meditations and therapeutic processes.

    There is a thin rationale here for keeping those meditations ‘pure’, to be used as they were designed, not fiddling with the stages or duration, for instance, Mystic Rose. This ‘should’ be three weeks of three hours a day, etc. But as an introductory taste, or in less than ideal circumstances, there is no harm in having it be less if the change is noted. And there is no harm in asking of the Mystic Rose you will be paying to attend that the leader has been well trained. So there is a place for this.

    But there is no place for hassling someone like Aneesha, who cannot call her process ‘Osho Pulsation’ publicly any more. She was guided by Osho in initially integrating her Reichian training with his insights, worked long with him while he was still in the body and continued to develop the process after he left. OIF does not have any rights to interfere with what she has been doing, yet they have interfered. Naked power.

    A fabulous resource for studying the ins and outs of Trademark and Copyright as they relate to Sannyas is the collection of articles written by Sangeet compiled Osho Friends International’s site.

    I see that this site has been “reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences”, according to someone calling themselves “Google Safe Browsing”. My take on this is that this ‘report’ has been manipulated by OIF so that OFI cannot share its info as before. Anyway, even if the site has become infected, and OIF is innocent of that, you can go there safely with NoScript to read the articles.

    Lastly, thanks to Parmartha for curtailing the interpersonal wallowing that previously marred this site. He wrote, “Even if we initially miss them they will be taken down”. Well, I won’t miss them at all!



  15. Prem says:

    Prince changed his name once, and he was known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

    Maybe we can avoid using Osho, and call him The Master Formerly Known as Bhagwan Rajneesh.

  16. sannyasnews says:

    Reuters released this today, Oct 17th

    Europe´s Highest Court Confirms OSHO Trademark

    By Reuters

    Published: 11:35, 17 October 2017 | Updated: 11:35, 17 October 2017


    Oct 17 (Reuters) – OSHO International Foundation is pleased to announce that the General Court of the European Union has now confirmed on October 11, 2017, that “OSHO” is a legal trademark owned by OSHO International Foundation, Zurich.

    As a result of this process, OSHO International Foundation has successfully defended its ownership of the mark for all OSHO Meditation Centers, publishers, entities and individuals involved in supporting Osho´s proposal and vision.

    The court´s ruling explicitly prevents anyone from attempting to exploit the worldwide recognition of OSHO as a way of publicizing his or her own personal agendas, ideas, or offerings under the name OSHO.

    The foundation is the guardian and source for Osho´s work that is carried out and shared by many who contribute to the proposal as Osho has laid it out.

    The foundation is particularly happy to know that Osho´s specific request to ensure that his name and work were protected in law exactly as his previous name had been protected – since 1978!

    In making this request, Osho specifically warned that without the protection provided by law, people would try and include all kinds of nonsense under the umbrella of his name.

    OSHO International Foundation is very delighted to be able to continue to support Osho´s specific guidance to “Keep the message pure, twenty-four carat gold.”


    Press contact: Osho International Foundation E-mail: Mobile: +1 (917) 755 0225 Content provided by Osho International Foundation, via Reuters.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  17. shantam prem says:

    Many times in the process of saving words spirit dies. There are so many moral stories to see the depth of the disciple’s being.

    Congratulations to private limited company for winning trademark case in European Court regarding late Osho Jain´s words!


    • shantam prem says:

      It is saying like, sometimes people win the battle but lose the war.

      OIF as a close-knit family company has lost even more trust among the disciples.

      • Arpana says:

        But they still have more trust and are trusted by more people than will ever in your wildest dreams trust you, Shantam.

        • Lokesh says:

          Where people place their trust says more about people than it does about what they place their trust in.

          Just because many people place their trust in something or someone it does not really mean anything. Although, often as not, it can be a sign of stupidity. Lots of people trusted Adolf Hitler and things did not work out very well for them.

          • Arpana says:

            No arguing with that, Lokesh, but I would still choose them over Shantam, if only as less bad, by a huge margin. And they are not Hitler; and to suggest they are is revealing of you.

            • Lokesh says:

              Arpana says, “And they are not Hitler; and to suggest they are is revealing of you.”

              That might have been so had I bothered to read the article, which I did not. All the trademark business is of absolutely no interest to me and therefore I rarely comment on such type of threads. I leave that to the ones with nothing better to do.

              • Arpana says:

                Stop worrying, Lokesh. I know you’re above all this. You tell us repeatedly.

                • Lokesh says:

                  Yes, Arpana, you are perfectly correct. As far as trademarks and OIF are concerned I am beyond the beyond. Sorry for harping on about it. Maybe one day you will reach this exalted state and then you will realise that you want to share your joy with others who are still caught up in such mundane matters. Why, I am just off to play in a poker tournament. That is the supreme reality tonight. Full house, man!

                  Keep up the good work, and do not forget to blow your policeman’s whistle. It is important to let everyone know who you are. Peep, peep!

                • Arpana says:

                  You’re really making too much of this, Lokesh. I believe you.

                • Lokesh says:

                  Ehm…errr…give three short blasts on your whistle…and errr…if that does not work, call 999.

  18. shantam prem says:

    I will prefer to call my master Oshoji. It is more loving and fitting with Indian ethos and has no copyright or trademark. Oshoji is free from the cage of artificial gold.

    • Lokesh says:

      Shantamji, believe me, if you start calling Osho Oshoji I can guarantee you that nobody will give a toss.

      • Prem says:

        That’s a great idea: Oshoji.

      • shantam prem says:

        “Nobody will give a toss.”
        Sense of irony is lost when one tries to be wise and respected.

        Lokesh ji, do you know the symbol of Sagittarius? It is Beast and Human. What they are and what they write are many times miles apart. Real life shows the discrepancy.

        Osho trademarked or Oshoji joke is no exception.

        • Lokesh says:

          Shantamji, one of my problems with astrology is that it provides a convenient form of psychological pigeonholing, and I am not a pigeonary.

          • shantam prem says:

            Lokesh, you are not a pigeonary, neither am I.
            You are That which Nisagrananda Maharaj says he is.

            • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

              Dear MODs,
              Look at this fabulous word, Shantam’s scrabble-invention:
              (Indian Master) Nisargadata in mixture with Granada = “NisarGRANADA” = Shantam´s invented Enlightenment Certificate? A homage to Ibiza?

              What are names? And/or who else could have managed this than him (Shantam)?


  19. Prem says:

    “The greatest work for sannyasins is to keep the message pure, unpolluted by you or by others – and wait.

    The future is bound to be more receptive, more welcoming. We may not be here but we can manage to change the consciousness for centuries to come.

    And my interest is not only in this humanity; my interest is in humanity as such.

    Keep the message pure, twenty-four carat gold. And soon those people will be coming for whom you have made a temple – although it is sad when you are making the temple; nobody comes. And when people start coming, you will not be here. But one has to understand one thing: we are part of a flowing river of consciousness.

    You may not be here in this form, you may be here in another form, but keep it in mind never to ask such a question that I should be more acceptable, more respectable, more in agreement with the masses. I cannot be.

    And it is not stubbornness on my part. It is just that truth cannot compromise. It has never done it; it would be the greatest sin.”

    Sermon in Stones, Discourse 12.

  20. shantam prem says:

    There was one comment from a fearful and extra-careful blogger:
    “If there is no trademark copyright protection anyone can publish Osho books in his name.”

    This person thinks his late Osho´s books are the ultimate in spiritual literature and world is dying not only to get them but even put one´s own name as author.

    Those who are spiritually ambitious, they learn one simple thing from Osho: gather a few people, request them to ask questions, answer them with common sense, jokes and anecdotes and then publish those talks on youtube and 1000-plus copies of print edition.

    One can look also in another way: ‘I am That’, by Nisargananda Maharaj is a world-renowned book. There is no fucking foundation behind this book.

    How many others have printed this under their name or even in the name of original author? One can search Amazon, very few copies are available and most of them printed and distributed by grey marketers based in New Delhi.

    Once there was a news article: to check the value of a book, look at the footpath booksellers in India. They sell innumerable copies word by word, cover by cover published by grey publishers. The book whose real price is say 990 Rupees one can get ten times cheaper in this way.
    In India, most of Paulo Coleho´s books are sold on footpaths. In semi-spiritual self-help category, Eckhart Tolle books grace the footpath.

  21. frank says:

    I must say that I have always rather liked UG Krishnamurti`s copyright disclaimers on the intro pages to his books.

    “My teaching, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. You are free to reproduce, distribute, interpret, misinterpret, distort, garble, do what you like, even claim authorship, without my consent or the permission of anybody.”

    • Kavita says:

      Me too, I like this UG disclaimer! Guess he was lucky to have no organised organisation – poor Osho had to take care of his organisers of organised non-organisation!

    • shantam prem says:

      Thanks, Frank, for remembering UG’s insertion on his books. In a fair analysis he has earned the last laugh.

      And the way he died, just like everyone. I was born and I am dying. I love ‘Irreverence Spirituality’ same way as devotional aspect.

    • Parmartha says:

      Thanks, Frank.
      When Paritosh was alive he, I and the rest of the collective felt that about Sannyas News, and even had it on our ‘publicity’ for a while.
      Excellent quote.

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      I second your praise of U.G. Krishnamurti too, Frank. U.G. is a very special solitaire, raw gem.

      However, He Himself saw it: not everyone is able to take it, what He says therewith.

      And besides that and anyway, I really dislike comparisons.


      • Kavita says:

        Madhu, in case the comparison statement was regarding UG & Osho, you get too touchy at times. Please look at the exclamation mark.

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          OH yes, Kavita, your exclamation mark was fun; I simply didn´t refer to that, sorry.

          Truth is, I did quite deeply go into that, what is to be read from U.G.’s talks with friends of THIS, who had been coming (also friends of mine did it) and were with Him in open talks. And these reports were more than mind-blowing.

          However, and also in spite of that (!), one can say, my love to the Mystic and Master ….**** is a non-substantial ´substance´ (fragrance) – can´t help it….

          **** points painted …. just to honour respectfully ONLY the latest chat topics at SN/UK.
          And know what? Loving also has no name…
          He KNEW that and passed it on, didn´t He?

          • Kavita says:

            Yes, Madhu, loving has no name. I wonder if love was coined just for the sheer loss of words! Perhaps all words had the same fate!

            UG was a real path-breaker for seekers as well as Masters!