Editorial re Hacking of Sannyas News

Hacking Attacks on Sannyas News

Sannyas News is an old enterprise. A few of us first got a paper edition together back in 1985/6 here in London. Motivation then was that there was very little news about Osho – as he was on a world tour where no-one seemed to want him to land, etc and we were able through our own contacts to get bits of news directly. In addition we gave publicity to the fact that the English Medina commune had broke up – but there was plenty of money available from the sale of the property and land that Medina was created on. Rightly or wrongly some of us who had given several years of our lives to creating Medina felt that money should go to a new British Buddhafield – but it was signed away into what was to become Osho International. About £400,000 at the time. So that was the beginning, an issue and an absence of real news.

Our paper was often rebuffed by the “authorities” mainly because we gave space to those who wanted to write freely and were not seen as the best PR for Osho and his movement. Several times we were accused of “Yellow Journalism” by Poona, though we are still unclear what that meant! But one may ask what was the use of PR, or is the use of PR, when the whole picture had been blown by Sheela and her cohorts and their criminal or mentally ill behaviours in Oregon?

We do not know from where the two major hacking attacks on Sannyas News came, the first in 2008, and the one on December 24th, 2010. Could have been from any direction. Certainly we do have enemies, but it is all a little silly as we are a small site with what most would argue is a minority democratic orientation as to the future of “Sannyas”. The “Sannyas” we envisage does not exclude those who have become enlightened through Osho’s work and fully acknowledge him in their own development.

The best surmise is that the hacking of our site is to do with our open and uncensored (noticeboard in 2008) and our open and uncensored blogs in 2010. At this stage we are interested in what our site users think and grateful for any feedback in the comments to this Editorial.

We are volunteers and do this site as a service (and cover the modest costs involved in keeping together such a site). This service includes the monthly listings and the community noticeboard, and we have been thanked widely for this over the years by the sannyasin on the street. But when we get hacking attacks it does take up quite a lot of our time and energy putting things right.

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234 Responses to Editorial re Hacking of Sannyas News

  1. prem martyn says:

    its been INCREDIBLY fun to laugh and play here and generally cause industrial type mayhem by my own estimation …plus the odd few you tube clips i paste in.Its great having a few people who enjoy / provoke some creative writing and thoughts in me.. for the rest i couldn’t care less..if you enjoy great…and I would not have visited or stayed without an initial eye opening invitation to post. I continue only because I can and you do.And there has to be some real fresh air outside of all the Kosher hierarchies purporting to offer love at a price..real or imagined.
    If its tiring to volunteer. STOP ! But by definition you cannot satisfy a hacker unless you close down so imagining why is pointless.There is nothing to ‘ discuss’ about osho.. but if you do its a way of passing the time… i dont pretend otherwise…and i have no vision for this or any other part of the osho story… in making enlightenment accessible.. i just love saying what i’ve been saying for years….as some from the editors controversially know about me…from my occassional uk history…i have nothing else to offer than more of the same….if thats not good enough for a public blog.. then let us know….i’m not sure if i have much in me left to say.. though sometimes i surprise myself…
    osho and sannyas is not important to me to defend…or oppose…especially to a limited or imagined audience…
    its just fun to join in…and where i live in the mountains its quite a change from the beauty of the landscape and the silence of mother nature….and my own withdrawal from the osho scene after many years…
    good luck to the editors whatever you decide…


  2. shantam says:

    Beloved Editors,
    There is not more than 50% chances are that people in the authority position will fall so low to harm this site.Some where they are dignified people, simply over confident about their understanding about Osho.
    Most probably they have chosen the Vatican way, simply ignore the sannyasnews…

    Bigger chance is some unknown face, who is writing under the fictitous name, will use his anti social skills to hack this site.

    Sannyasnews is losing its creditibilty, its sympathiser´s base because of the abusive language of these anarchist forces.

    YOu need to do something..Freedom of speech is streched like the juiceless chewing gum..

    The persons who are creating the imaginary characters like martyn and bubbie, frank and Anand are the real criminals in the psychological sense.

    They are killing the roots of sannyasnews and the vision of democratic and intelligent approach towards Sannyas..

    MAy be the complete freedom happens only after the Nirvana..before that there is a gravitational system of check and balance…

    Some time humanity and its flowers are not harmed too much by the wild animals in the forest but by small viruses and bacterias roaming around..

  3. prem martyn says:

    a quick note to an editor out there…she/he knows who they are..please let this one run and run.. and do not put anyone out of their misery by confirming or denying anything factual about me…its so much fun to keep playing like this…pretty please !!!

  4. Shahriar says:

    I actually like the freedom available to post your views including foul language.

    This is a very interesting video by the way:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  5. Gandhi says:

    If sannyas news s back the next day after hacking, what is then the ‘real reason’ behind the hacking?

    There is no hacking by accident. Some brain, some person did this for some particular reason. Not just to have sannyas news stopped for 24 hours.

    Maybe Shantam hired an Indian friend to find out the true identities of the writers here.

    Prem Martyn and Prem Bubbie are the most sleaziest writers on earth, hating Osho, hating sannyas, do not meditate, just puke and vomit all over the place.

  6. prem bubbie says:

    Sw. Sleaze Bag here… Greetings… Who are you?, Gandhi- identify yourself…. a sudden appearance, out of thin air, much like your repressive and idiotic comments…. try reading my posts again… hate osho? never… you’re just an uptight fool, who walks in goose-step with those extremist religious fanatics… “hating sannyas, do not meditate”, what are you Santa Klaus on his winter break? So, i returned your shitty gifts you gave me for Xmas, and bought a case of Scotch instead, now you lob shit grenades at me… some friend you are, after all I showed you where all the Pune whore houses were. Next time ask Prakash for directions, Blue Beard.

  7. prem bubbie says:

    You sound like Anugrah to me- pussy

  8. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam– where are you? hiding? where are your calls for real identities now? So silent, so convenient, is this a friend of yours or is “Gandhi” really you… chump

  9. prem bubbie says:

    Parmartha: kudos for your big cahones, in keeping this site free from censorship…. Shantam, Gandhi, Anugrah, Prakash, Anand all want people to rant like they do… misery loves company, retards breed retards, racists jack each other off. I can’t bear the thought of a circle jerk having the above participants. Truly revolting.

  10. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam- only for you and a few other imbeciles is Sannyas News “losing credibility”. Oh, poor baby!!! He no like foul language, he no like insults, he no like people talk bad about osho… he throw tantrum, he throw his oatmeal on floor, he talk like little baby no one can understand…. Okay, okay… here’s mama’s tittie to suck on… don’t spill any.

  11. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam says: “Sometime humanity and its flowers are not harmed too much by the wild animals in the forest but by small viruses and bacteria roaming around”. You left out Sperm in your Eye., aargh me bucko.

  12. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam- you forget that you posted with fictitious names too… and possibly still are…. so blow me.

  13. Gandhi says:

    Sannyas news thanks to ‘Prem’ Bubbie and ‘Prem’ Martyn has become the most pornographic publishing outlet in the sannyas world.
    That must feel great Parmartha.
    The obscene and foul languages have made Bubbie the main editor here replacing Shantam.
    The language of Bubbie stinks all over the Pacific west coast. And what is his reasoning behind it?
    To put Osho’s name and those of his disciples into teh gutter. A right wing fundamentalist Christian sexually repressed guy writing from the gutter: Prem Asshole Bubbie.

  14. anugrah says:

    prem bubbie is real crimanal here ,no doubt it
    sannyasnews must give him some medicine so he stop vomiting

    rest of allright.

  15. anugrah says:

    Beloved Editors of sannyasnews. Kindly and urgently please come up with some medicines or injection for

    prembubbie ( virus) and martyn ( bactaria)

  16. prem martyn says:

    from khajurahoto all of humaniversity …every learn from commune building mistake, all the dynamic meditations ,each risk ,all the encounter tantra therapy groups and osho’s provocations for partner swapping, the sex guru label ,and

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    sn is not my website… i claim nothing here. but my lifestory is my domain to share .. and when freely invited to post on a public blog i offer the unedited version…complete with relevant language lessons…

    you could of course ask me for the sanitized version instead
    just ask me
    be polite
    a simple request not to say things that indians dont approve of…

    the fact that my kind of voice is heard or used so very rarely by indians unfamiliar with british comedy and the school sixth form …or living with other sannyassins at the cutting edge …when it was hot…. makes me smile….


    by the way if anyone wants to be my friend on facebook… just ask that cyberhacker s/he has all our email details…
    as i said my names real…. direct from osho…so fake off….i have no need to hide that from anyone….

    all you need is love….

  17. prem martyn says:

    nothing you can say that can’t be said….

  18. prem martyn says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


  19. Lokesh says:

    For me, SN is good for the occasional laugh. Bubbie and Martyn deliver more laughs than most of their Indian critics, most of whom sound pretty stuck, unintelligent and racist, going by some of their comments. These Indian sannyasins are also confused. Take the example of complaining about profane language. The most profane language used recently on this blog recently has come from Chinmaya, perhaps one of the most idiotic people to contribute here and one of the ones who worries about sensitive folks being scared off by some of the language used on this blog. As I say…confused.
    SN is also very interesting in the sense that some of the views expressed are quite an eye-opener. I could not have imagined sannyasins adopting some of the social stances displayed here. For instance, I did not know that Indian sannyasins hosted racism in their ranks. I also did not realize that some sannyasins feel threatened by the idea that there is life after Osho, illustrated by the abuse hurled at those who have moved on in their lives and spent time with new and different teachers. The people who have done this, including myself, receive abuse along the lines of being traitors to the cause, having missed Osho’s message etc, when in reality it is quite the opposite. The fact that Osho spoke about moving on to a new teacher after he is gone does not even need to be mentioned, even though it appears that some are deaf to his words on this matter. This is what I mean about being stuck. Sannyas when alive is about movement and flexibility, when dead, stagnation.
    If asked for a definition of what it means to be old , I think a loss of flexibility encapsulates it best. It is surprising to me how old some of the ideas presented on this site are. The desire to censor other’s ideas, carrying agendas, Osho is the master of masters, all other teachers are only worthy of slander etc.
    It is therfore that I thank the editor of SN for providing an amusing and uncensored platform where all of the above mentioned is there for all to see. As for who would bother to bring down SN by hacking into the system, I daresay it is some negative person who has nothing better to do with his time. Feel sorry for him or her.

  20. shantam says:

    Gandhi, which gandhi are you dear one?
    There are more than 5 million people with their sirname Gandhi, other than famous five, six Gandhis…
    I have no interest to know the identities of martyn or bubbie kind of junk yards, through their writings they are hiding from their own friends and families.
    Who will feel proud to have such open gutters around…
    This cleverness like a terrorist is not a required thing.

    Freedom of speech for whom?
    faceless masks…

  21. shantam says:

    For me, SN is good for the occasional laugh. Bubbie and Martyn deliver more laughs than most of their Indian critics, most of whom sound pretty stuck, unintelligent and racist, going by some of their comments.

  22. Swami Detective says:

    What are the motives of the person behind the hacking at Sannyasnews? What does this person(s) hope to achieve? If the situation at OshoWorld – that replicates the recent events at Sannyasnews – has been brought about because of hacking, then presumably the basic aim has been achieved. Whatever offending material was offered for the world to see has been removed permanently. Perhaps a nice little deal with OshoWorld getting unofficial use of audio and video downloads sealed the deal?

    What then of Sannyasnews? I would have thought that if the person(s) behind the offensive material in the comments section and the website owner had considerable conviction, then it seems fairly obvious that hacking will only provide additional incentive. Sannyasnews seems to have brought back their lost archives, so a late night last minute deal with the cyber criminal(s) is off the cards.

    I would have thought it fairly obvious that a cyber attack on Sannyasnews would not permanently remove offensive material. Then I ask, why bother, especially when such an act may bring unwarranted attention and closer scrutiny. Perhaps this was the aim in the first place, initiated by a cunning Sannyasnews supporter.

    There is an alternative scenario. If the cyber criminal(s) had some forethought into the matter, then a second outcome could prove quite rewarding. If the chat on Sannyasnews brings on sophisticated cyber crime, then it would serve to limit the number of contributors to both the articles and the comments sections. People will be scared to contribute because of possible association. This acts as a noose around the neck of the site, thus slowly stifling its life. In this way, it becomes a back-water, and the readership goes down. Thus, whatever offensive material turns up does not reach a wide readership, and in the end the person(s) contributing such material may go away altogether.

    It reminds me of the dissident Osho sannyasin hangout in Pune called the German Bakery. It was the centre of rebellion and social networking against the Osho Resort. The bombing of the Bakery this year does many things, but it does one thing that is little seen. It shuts down the threat from all the banned and disgruntled sannyasins that used to meet and gossip there every year.

    Though this is an interesting parallel, it is a little more. Sannyasnews is the primary cyber space that allows the freedom for contribution of views that might seem offensive to The Resort. The attack on Sannyasnews shuts down the primary source of interpersonal, cyber communication. The attack on the German Bakery shuts down the primary source of physical, interpersonal communication.

    The German Bakery was not the only physical space where people met, however it had something special. Old (banned) sannyasins could meet new (banned) sannyasins for example. All types of eclectic groups and individuals could network at only this place. Sure in Delhi or London or other spaces, people who knew each other could continue their networking. However they were not so likely to come up with anything new. The Resort knew all the old concerns and tactics, and all the old news and strategies have been shown to have no effect on The Resort. The Resort had defeated all its opponents.

    The main threat appears to be from new information, and from the possibility of old information being seen in a new way – coming into new hands and seen with a fresh perspective for example. The German Bakery was the primary space where this might happen. It could I suppose happen in Goa or Byron Bay or wherever. Yet the German Bakery stands out, and it is just down the road. A young sannyasin gets banned, and walks down the road and starts hanging out at the German Bakery. If there is going to be any problems for The Resort on this front, then the German Bakery is the most likely and specific location.

    Obviously I am not drawing anything other than a metaphorical parallel between the cyber bombing of Sannyasnews and the German Bakery bombing. I have merely noted a parallel effect. I am also clearly not drawing a link between cause and effect of the Bakery bombing. Nor am I stating explicitly or otherwise who may be behind the hacking of Sannyasnews.

    I do wonder though whether OshoWorld sold themselves and the truth out.

    Could it be that just prior to the hacking of the old chat-room at Sannyasnews the issue of the ‘suspicious’ death of Osho and Vivek (Nirvanno) was entertained?

    What is 400,000 pounds in today’s terms?

  23. Lokesh says:

    As usual Shantam is intent of prooving he is SN’s most dunderheaded contributar. Relax, baba, everyone already knows that. Kick back and rest on your laurels. You are the undisputted champion chump.

  24. prem martyn says:

    detective i read all your piece…it was accessible and considered..
    thats as much as i can justly say as i’m wary of encouraging prosleytism and reluctant to garner any collective support for myself by default, through shared opinions etc .. as we all have our own motives for posting here…

    i do not consider the resort as a force for reckoning or becoming a ‘being’ or worthy even of psycho spiritual consideration…

    its an airport lobby…
    selling manuals and goodies to while away the time whilst waiting for your flight..expectant and fidgety passengers abound…going nowhere … fast…some even smilingly await their destination..

    in my experience it always was a lousy place for meeting people i found.. anodyne and boring…..i once stood outside the offices with a sign around my neck saying .’ not in silence .. you can talk to me’ in opposition to the then ‘in silence’ badges …
    strangely , instead of laughing most people just walked on by as if i was a beggar in the london underground casting that most supercilious meditative gaze on me…you know the one where you look without connecting..

    shantam .. why you wanna see my face.. ? will my arse do?

  25. Satya Deva says:

    I also did not realize that some sannyasins feel threatened by the idea that there is life after Osho, illustrated by the abuse hurled at those who have moved on in their lives and spent time with new and different teachers. The people who have done this, including myself, receive abuse along the lines of being traitors to the cause, having missed Osho’s message etc, when in reality it is quite the opposite. The fact that Osho spoke about moving on to a new teacher after he is gone does not even need to be mentioned, even though it appears that some are deaf to his words on this matter.

    The way Shantam goes on, as quoted above, illustrates my point about how differently these Indians and we westerners view things:

    Shantam and other Indians here seem to see sannyas in terms of a ‘Great Cause’, an essentially communal/community socio-religious enterprise, members of which should be totally loyal and keep to the ‘party line’ – whatever that might be – and worship Osho as much as possible (as often as possible in the company of thousands of other ‘believers’).

    Thus he views sannyasins seeing other Masters or teachers as some sort of ‘traitors’ to the Cause, to the Movement, to the ‘Party’…Or even, traitors to the Great Leader (Osho), letting down stalwarts such as himself and his fellow Indian ‘freedom fighters’…

    In short, more than a whiff of the familiar authoritarian, conformist mind-set, common to all political and would-be exoteric religious movements.

    What all that has to do with individual spiritual growth, with growing in Life and Love, is beyond me…

    Such an approach comes from a type of narrow-minded, authoritarian ignorance, ie people projecting what they think they themselves need on to others, of whose individual needs they have not the remotest clue.

    I guess that’s how religions are formed…And we all know how they end up, don’t we…?

  26. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    shantam .. why you wanna see my face.. ? will my arse do?

    Marty, Yes, your arse would look better than your face, and we can see the hole from which you speak and discuss your perverted ideas about Osho.
    Yes, your arse is your real face.

  27. Lokesh says:

    The whole guru trip is based in bowing down to an authoritarian figure. Instead of big brother watching you we now have ‘big daddy’. I suppose that is why Osho did not encourage his Indian sannyasins to participate in therapy groups because he knew that at heart they were a bunch of kids.
    I used to enjoy a certain childlike quality that Indian sannyasins carried, playful and innocent. The other side to it is childish and, as most people know, kids can be nasty and cruel, and when they become like that they strike out spitefully at imagined enemies. Take Shantam and his ongoing rant against the people running the Osho show in Poona. What he is caught up in is giving his life substance by creating a cause to fight for. It is an old game that has nothing to do with Osho as such. Osho’s emphasis was on being a nobody, a white cloud. Shantam’s focus is on being somebody. I think the root of this is based in fear…fear of letting go and seeing that life goes on within you and without you…the emptiness that lies behind the personality.

  28. Lokesh says:

    Prakash is similar to Shantam in many ways. Give the dog a bone. Woof woof!

  29. Alok john says:

    Editors :

    I think you do a good job for the movement. I think an unmoderated blog where people can say what they think is essential.

    Do you feel like answering the following questions :

    There is advertising on the homepage now? How much money does this generate per annum?

    How much does the site cost per annum.

    How many hours roughly do you, Parmartha, work on the site, say
    per month?

    How many hours roughly does Dharmen work on the site, say
    per month?

    Anyone else involved now?

  30. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Osho said that Indians and eastern people did not need thearpies as they were mature enough to move inwards towards meditation without therapies.

  31. Satya Deva says:

    “Mature enough” is just how the Indians on here fail to come across as, I’m afraid, Prakash!

    EG, See my previous post (11.47) and Lokesh’s (12.06).

  32. prem martyn says:

    ..my main problem with sannyas news bloggers including myself …. is that it is irrelevant to the main framework of the ever expanding osho calendar of events around the world…

    there has never been an osho comedy forum really where everything was up for grabs.. including the search for devoted awareness,osho etc…..my own position was that the collective group work was so that you got to laugh more often and better…however that was not the common view as laughing out of place or at something growthful was seen as undermining..of course there is no way to fix a response unless you make something sacrosanct which therapy tries hard to do.. (acres of research on nothing communicable zand without a smile.and a deep ridiculous laugh..) give me comedy every time…
    however and..uniquely energy darshan with osho revealed to me this sublime eternity of laughing within me…and remains the only and fundamental quality of direct contact with him….as such it has endured in my nerophysical memory banks and long may it remain….

  33. Lokesh says:

    Prakash: ‘Osho said that Indians and eastern people did not need thearpies as they were mature enough to move inwards towards meditation without therapies.’

    Yes, I’m sure he did. I’m also sure he was giving people like you a lollipop, because if you believe that nonsense you are a sucker.

  34. prem martyn says:

    sd i posted an interlocking comment between you and gp on previous debate page re sex etc

  35. Alok john says:

    PS More speculation :

    The man charged with the German bakery bombing is an Islamist, I think.

    So maybe Islamists hacked the SN site . Maybe they could not hack osho.com cos it has (?) professional protection. So they try SN

  36. prem martyn says:

    yes i did warn about the little known Al Zheimers group…who wonder why we do what we do…

  37. prem martyn says:

    or it could have been

    Al Kaseltza…. they fizzled out though after an attack of dyspepsia…

  38. prem martyn says:

    or frank’s Al Jolson brigade… they tend to avoid ham-ming it up and have a blackened reputation…

  39. Chinmaya says:

    whiteend reputation is seen with Sikh Yogi in his Ramdass Ashram

  40. prem bubbie says:

    Prakash says: “Osho said indian and eastern people did not need therapies as they were mature enough…”. Yeah right… that’s why Indians were banned during Pune 1 from the co-ed bathing facilities… seems the Indian men would attack the females upon seeing their naked bodies… some “maturity”. Just mentioning the Indian Caste system should shake any intelligent indian from the notion indians are spiritually advanced. The issue of” Denial” has come up again and again and responding to these stupid and inaccurate assertions made by the likes of Shantam, Prakash, Gandhi(Anand), Chinmaya, et.al. has made me conclude I’m just chasing a bunch of mad dogs chasing their tails… I’ll just stand by and wait to use a taser instead… Shock Therapy often works for the mentally handicapped. 5,000 years and counting, how much longer does the east need to be in a catatonic state. It’s obvious osho is not enough to awaken the diseased fools from their slumber.

  41. prem bubbie says:

    Why are Indians so sensitive to insults?— and most of them are all true!!!!

  42. prem bubbie says:

    “I have no interest to know the identities of martyn or bubbie…” Shantam says. So quick to change your mind… So, after the past two weeks of belching hot air, you suddenly change your mind? Now that quest has evaporated like a fart in the wind… at Miracle indeed? or just a matter of convenience… or like a chameleon, when the wind of opinion changes direction, so does Shantam— just covering your ass again…. try painting it white.. you’ll go farther in this white man’s world.

  43. prem bubbie says:

    Here’s a mantra for you Indian jokers… repeat 100x, 3x a day. 1) fuck 2) shit 3) cunt 4) cock 5) piss 6) coolie 7) white people the master race 8) coolies are douche bags 9) I need a bath 10) don’t forget the condoms. That should help, at least temporarily- dynamic meditation is useless for indians so try this instead… it’ll be a game changer

  44. prem martyn says:

    i’m having trouble transcending sex…

    its really problematic for me….

    any tips any one?

  45. shantam says:

    Be true to your self. Write with your sannyas or facebook name. If soul trembles with the idea, than meditate.
    But don´t do mental masturbation in public. Please.

    (Transparent Sannyas Int.)

  46. shantam says:

    Again i say for Lokesh and Satya deva kind, if you have moved the bridge, don´t ask for the price of rice in the village left behind.
    But they seem to be so stupid and hollow, in spite of having the Living grace of some this and that Avatara in their life, they are trying to interfere in the internal matters of Sannyasins. JUst in India, Sannyas population is increasing rapidily, inspite of some Living guru round the corner. Someone like me, owes to these of His people, that they get the recognition of being His people at His place and the same energy as it was during His physcial time. So simple is the name of the game and the finger rasied in protest.

    But few people, who have moved yet stuck are almost addcited with the habit of sniffing the souvenir panties left by the ex.
    You have not gone to the new and green pastures, my friends, you were kicked out by the compassion of the Master.
    There are many instances, where Osho has pointed in this direction.

    Message in broader public interest-
    Be true to your self. Write with your sannyas or facebook name. If soul trembles with the idea, than meditate.
    But don´t do mental masturbation in public. Please.

    (Transparent Sannyas Int.)

  47. shantam says:

    When i read these little worms hiding around the gutter cover, i feel a sense of gratitude for Jayesh and Amrito. With them there can be a difference of opinion regarding the direction taken.
    Similarly, there was never any bad feeling for those, who were slandering Osho because of popular media coverage..
    Neither i feel any misjudgement on the part of many people, who took sannyas, got disillusioned and reverted back to their original name or went to another masters, more fitting with their nature.
    But the way, few faceless characters are mis(using) their freedom of expression and are just vomiting their mind out, and that too on Osho…i think…the discipline of disciple hood requires that at least we show our displeasure…
    and because these faceless people are from the west, it will be bit more justified..if western sannyasins show their finger too, in case they feel offended…
    Just being a passive reader is not good enough…

    Message in broader public interest-
    Be true to your self. Write with your sannyas or facebook name. If soul trembles with the idea, than meditate.
    But don´t do mental masturbation in public. Please.

    (Transparent Sannyas Int.)

  48. prem bubbie says:

    Now Mark Twain’s books are being censored… the publishers of the new edition have removed the word “nigger” and replacing it with “slave”… Osho’s joke censors are at it again… they just a got new job… Shantam and prakash are really desperate for work… join the Royal marines instead.

  49. Lokesh says:

    I see Shantam’s out and about sniffing panties again, meanwhile requesting not to do mental masturbation in public…. confused…that sexully repressed Indian psyche of his is once more bubbling over again. The guys in the white coats will be round to visit him soon with a special jacket designed just for him. Another one bites the dust.
    I find it interesting how spiritual teachers always attract a certain element of the lunatic fringe. Osho was no exception…even when dead for over 20 years it seems. Is this evidence of what a powerful aura he had, or that there is a lack of charismatic gurus around right now?

  50. prem martyn says:

    Lokesh …i think it means that often people are really quite bothersome and other mammals are usually more worthy of our attentions.. unfortunately psychotics like shantam represent (ed )a huge amount of insidioudness around osho’s spiritual or love energy….and shatman ended up eating the mammals .. just goes to show how much he gives a flying fuck about anyone or anything…. and he’s still starving…..
    i wouldn’t rate shanta claus’s so called invented head case sannyas with anything more than deep suspicion and disdain…
    there’s a LOT of nasty people out there in sannyas… which is why you need to fight a lot of the time or …leave….
    shantman cannot afford to listen… or participate… thats why he gets free therapy on a keyboard.
    i asked him from the beginning where the hell he learnt to speak like he does…. as usual he never answered…just plagiarising some learnt language.. his mum fucked him up real good and so did his dad.. big up to them
    well done mrs shatman.. and he lives with her by his own admission.. omg

    as i was saying…
    ..language use certainly not from hanging with sannyassins.. he has almost never produced one line of authentic sannyas dialogue…. endless indian panditisms…
    oh deary me yes please..

    but osho’s anarchism was a big free for all .. some people just never participated in its ethics at all.. or wanted to…thats the risk with no rules….apart from being nailed by emotional interaction.. ..

    something which computers cannot offer..

    then one can only watch the mayhem at times…

    anyway i wont be replying to him anymore as he and his kind are a nasty violent lost cause…and i dont give free therapy.. its just that i always had to face these little shits down .. and old habits die hard.. even in retirement.

    ps i see you have a book published… any chance of reading an excerpt…even elsewhere..more appropriate than here..?

    …….there’s nothing you can do but you can learn how to play the game .. its easy……..
    all you need is……

  51. shantam says:

    The fakers, who live at the mercy of regulated world feel like anarchists…than stand up you old mammel and shout from the roof top, yes..i am anarchist…i don´t care any rules and regulations.
    the man behind martyn is almost like a spoiled dog, he feels proud to piss any where, not just around the trees and car tyres..

    Will he do such things on face book?
    No, Not at all..

    How pedophile priests can tell on facebook. Yes..sometime i am like this..

    Abhay, the detective should keep in mind, every banned person from the ashram was not banned because of difference of opinion or on principal grounds, many were sick in their being, thinking Osho has opened an ashram as play ground for them, sooner or later they were shown the doors or they found out themselves..life around Osho is almost like a military school.
    If these people hanged around german bakery till the expiry of their Visa, it did not made the place for higher and better vision…

    repeating the “sniffing panties” is for lokesh kind of white colred seekers, who think they have found..
    yes..they must have found.. a 10 trillion doller worth of notebill from Zimbabve…

  52. shantam says:

    “I find it interesting how spiritual teachers always attract a certain element of the lunatic fringe. Osho was no exception…even when dead for over 20 years it seems. Is this evidence of what a powerful aura he had, or that there is a lack of charismatic gurus around right now?”

    This is what Lokesh and his breed must ask. Even though he is one of the person who goes in search of every satsang giver..soul must be looking for the replica of those so called golden days..some replacement for Papaji…

    it will require much courage on the part of Lokesh and Satya deva kind to accept martyn, bubbie are such Lunatic fringe…
    They won´t do this. The art of “Self protection” they have learnt i don´t know from where. MAy be that is why they are so much interested with the guru stuff who promise the freedom from self..
    How few people misunderstood the innocent grace and compassion of eastern flowers of inner worth..

    Message in broader public interest-
    Be true to your self. Write freely but with your sannyas or facebook name. If soul trembles with the idea, than meditate.
    But don´t do mental masturbation in public. Please.

    (Transparent Sannyas Int.)

  53. Swami Detective says:

    Well at least I have the dignity to proudly post with the name Osho gave me all those years ago. He whispered in my ear that my part of the dream was to expose all the criminality that he was about to set loose. He was spot on with that prediction, and I only hope that I can live up to the name he bestowed upon me.

    What is in a name that is anyhow an empty tag? What is in a face that is anyhow an aesthetic brush stroke? In a person’s subtle actions and expressive moments of deeper thought we can see a little of the depth their being. Yes Shantam is obsessed with the superficial and essentially meaningless. No doubt this is way he cannot see behind the meaningless façade known as The Resort. He just wants to have his share of this deceptive façade.

    Mr Smartyn, I respect your position of balancing courage and self-preservation. I am comfortable standing without (and against) the crowd of opinion, even if it is aggressive and threatening. I do not wish any collateral damage from retribution as a result of my conduct, but I say what needs to be said, for there is already so much ongoing collateral and intended damage by The Resort.

    I do not need kinship that is easily attained through the pretence of common unity under the likes of a religious figurehead. That which is easily attained is easily lost. To be an element in a successful community, such an element needs to be able to function autonomously. This is where the problem lies. The communal setting is typically fed out of a need for people to belong together, rather than out of a synergistic abundance based on the capacity for individuals to stand alone.

    It reminds me of that stalwart fellow Lokesh. Where were all his happy go lucky friends when he most needed them? A superficial, selfish indulgence in light entertainment is a so-called core element of Osho that I can do without. I also can do without the so-called core element of anti-devotional Zen. Such enterprising notions are classified as the ‘new’ Osho. They were nurtured in the womb of ignorance and born after his death. They are the fake Osho.

    I can appreciate that playfulness or light-heartedness is an authentic attribute of Osho’s teachings. Non-seriousness is not the same thing has ignoring important issues. Empathy and compassion are including amongst such ‘serious’ issues. Imagine having a big Osho festival next door to Auschwitz. I can actually imagine that.

    I can also appreciate the same be for Osho’s antipathy towards blind devotion. This is different to promoting narrowly defined non-devotional doctrines whilst demonising all types of devotion, especially when such teachings are non-sequentially interspersed throughout all of Osho’s life as a Master.

    We all rush to hide our ills in the crowd, and then wonder why the crowd disintegrates. It is always either the leader or the external opponents that are to blame for the collapse and calamity that inevitably follows. It is never the crowd that is at fault.

    On the task at hand, the Indian policing agencies have managed to capture and release numerous Islamic militants that they had hard evidence against in connection with the Bakery bombing in Pune. After the blast, the local police even went so far as adding that their investigations revealed the entrance price of The Resort. Unfortunately their investigations were wrong. Competency is in a little disarray. This is furthered by the widespread and nonsensical idea that The Resort somehow was not (will not be) targeted because it was (is) a so-called hard target.

    I have no doubt that enough political pressure will find the right man. It is testimony to the Indian courts that they have not yet got that ‘right man’. Of course it is almost mystical how the criminally minded from one organisation can seek and connect with the criminally minded in another organisation. Such fortuitous occurrences are often noted, and could easily be likened to being intuitive or spiritual in kind. It is a kind of (usually) subconscious magnetism.

    As said previously, the German Bakery was where those who had a mutual aversion to The Resort tended to congregate, thus increasing the chance of finding your soul-mate, or reinforcing your position towards your soul-enemy. Below is an anecdote about social networking at the Bakery, and has been written by a newly banned sannyasin. This demonstrates how the Bakery could easily be considered as highly offensive and threatening to key players at The Resort.

    ….After arriving in Pune late 2007, I had several months of issues with the resort. The front-line for the resort is Dhyanesh. It probably would not have been too difficult for people around Koregaon Park to find out that I had issues with the resort, and with Dhyanesh in particular.

    One evening at the German Bakery a European man sat down across from me and engaged me in conversation. He started out by acknowledging he was in general aware that I had some sort of drama going on with the resort. Then he recounted a situation that happened some decades before (some time in Pune I).

    A man committed suicide (jumping off of something) outside the commune. The European man was first on the scene. He said there was little he could do. An Indian person soon on the scene drove the person to hospital. However he was pronounced dead on arrival. The European man left Pune a few days later.

    Now here is where the story gets interesting. Interpol turned up in Koregaon Park to investigate the death. There were two people murdered in Goa just before this death, and the gentleman who committed suicide had been in Goa at the time and had then travelled to Pune, and died. The situation is that Interpol believed that the person in mention travelled to Goa from Pune, committed the two murders, and then came back to Pune and committed suicide. However this situation became complicated.

    As I understand from the conversation, Dhyanesh told Interpol that the European gentleman and the deceased were friends and were living in the same residence. Also, Dhyanesh told Interpol that the European gentleman had murdered the person who had actually committed suicide. So whilst the European gentleman was off travelling, Interpol was investigating him for murder. Fortunately the investigation led to Interpol contacting an acquaintance of the European man, who explained to Interpol that this clearly was not the case: the situation was that the European man was first on the scene of a suicide.

    So for me, after two months of dramas with Dhyanesh and the resort, it became clear that the European man sitting across from me that evening in the German Bakery was telling this story not for his own gratification, but to warn me. It did leave me considerably worried. I said to him that if Dhyanesh had tried to set him up for a murder, that this was extremely serious: that it wouldn’t be much fun languishing in an Indian prison as a convicted murderer. I wanted to know what came out of it. He explained that well it was some decades ago, and that Interpol (and no doubt the Indian police) had limited investigative capability. However I said that for sure Interpol would still have a record of this. He agreed with me.

  54. shantam says:

    Name is the empty bag. Face is just skull bones and some skin…

    therefore, what is money..some papers printed.. Let the corrupt get it as much as they can.

    Should the human society, burn all the law and code of ethics.
    What is murder, what is crime. what is dictatorship nothing nothing nothing…..All Maya…just illusion..

    When we want the world leaders follow a certain code of conduct and matters related with the state and the citizens should be done in an transparent way…than it is almost obligation on the part of common citizens to follow their own lead..

    What is in a name that is anyhow an empty tag? What is in a face that is anyhow an aesthetic brush stroke?


    But yes..paedophiles of body and being..need a dark cover..

  55. Swami Detective says:

    Shantam, I would say that you are blowing things out of proportion.

  56. Lokesh says:

    Swami Det, I agree. Now Shantam has found a new word in his lexicon ‘paedophile’. I’d say he is exploding things out of proportion. Sounds like he is the midst of a psychotic episode. Lithium might help….but I doubt it.

  57. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    prem martyn // Jan 4, 2011 at 10:43 pm
    i’m having trouble transcending sex…
    its really problematic for me….
    any tips any one?

    Sure Martyn
    I will use my Indian conditioning and try to help you.
    1. If you use your Arse as your Profile Face,( as you have suggested yourself ) And with your dick hanging openly, you will drop sex immedietly seeing how stupid it looks.
    2. Seeing your Face ( Dick Face head ) in the mirror will make you drop sex instantly.
    3. If nothing works, Cut it off.

  58. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    And another question for you
    Why do you still use an Indian term and name Prem before your stupid name Martyn ??

  59. shantam says:

    What a mirror life is. we see others as two feet smaller than our own height.
    Abhay has written, “Shantam, I would say that you are blowing things out of proportion.”

    is it not a case about your obsessive writing about water filter in the ashram and terror attack on German Bakery..?

    My insistence is based on the sound moral and ethical code of conducts, well accepted in all the civilised societies. People who hold public office or who play any kind of role at public arena are answerable to the people and the society.

    A sense of accountability is the life line of human evolution on the earth. The Laws of Karma makes us any way answerable for our deeds, thoughts and actions.
    Before you exhaust yourself with resort management, share your investigative skills to find out Why people behind martyn and bubbie names are not willing to come forward with their open identities..

    I can refer every single world of me at my facebook page. Can they do it?
    why cann´t?
    why they are hesitant that their friends and family see their writing skills at Sannyas news?
    What kind of fear of repercussion stops them?

    It does not take much brain to guess, they know quite well..after reading their words at sannyasnews, everybody will put question mark on their sanity, on their psychological upbringing.

    Surely, they know..they deeds are almost criminal..their words carry no weight of acceptability.

    And Abhay, use your brain to find out why the few writers, the middle class mind set seekers like Lokesh and Satya Deva cannot utter a single world against them..

    I feel more sorry for these two gentlemen..seems like every single second spend in the company of Osho is wasted.. They had the privilege to be with Osho face to face..yet they chuckle with joy to read the obscenities about Osho and His people..Other than their own bloody survival of self,everything else seems non serious to this man, who claims to be a book writer too.

  60. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Reminds me when Speaking about Accountability, Swami Rajneesh has stated again and again that the Osho Cocom will have Transparancy and Accountability as their foundation.
    He has also offered all Osho Meditations, Camps Groups and Therapies and Osho Trainings for Free as soon as they open. This seems to be the new way in the Osho movement now. It seems Rajneesh has caught the real pulse of the people who are tired of exploitation and money and power games on the Resort managment.

  61. shantam says:

    Without doubt, i am a commune kind of person. To share life with others who have the similar interests in some project, what so ever it is, makes the base of living together.
    Osho created His commune. If not many but few people followed this extra ordinary man. They could feel, how false were the rumours about Him and how sure Osho is about the things He is offering to the world.

    Desire to share these treasures with fellow human beings arose in many hearts.

    than there are the managers, the neo priests, who are contented if only few hundred people turn up in their resort. For them it looks full. They will never explore the possibilites how Osho life can be accessable to vast magnitude of people.
    Their strategy is counter productive. it stops growth. It is leading Osho movement to Stagnation.
    But they will not bother, as long as they are having the good time..

    After commune, i am spending much of my time here at sannyasnews. I wish many sannyasins write at this platform, that only of its kind vehicle of free speech and expressions will make the sannyas life more juicy more contemporary, it will boost the growth in the long term level..

    Why people avoid this site. Why only once in a blue moon, someone writes an article for sannyasnews?
    Why this site with all the good intentions is not growing..

    Answer lies in the non transparent and abusive comments of few and the shelter provided by few others.

    These five six people are almost like the lost brothers of people in power at the ashram. As long as they can have the good time, why to bother about others.

    Dogs on the street will never care, whether the street lights are functioning properly or not.

  62. shantam says:

    Gyan Parkash ji,
    Rajneesh has the good intentions. But it will not get the support from majority of Osho sannyasins, the way Oshodhara people with all the quick fix enlightenment are unable to get the similar support..

    Please try to explore the reasons and also why i am insisting again and again about Osho at Pune.

  63. anugrah says:

    Rajneesh will not get support because what he promise to people is too good to be true for osho sannyasins. since 21 march 1974 till upto now.
    no body has got free osho . It has been all the time otherwise.
    Osho sannyasins are sick of promises, they want to see something in real .

    Rajneesh has great intensions and he has far better understanding of spreading osho’s vision of new humanity than osho dhara and every one else

    Neelam group from delhi will not support Rajneesh for two reason basically
    one because Rajneesh wrote in his book some bitter events which really happened around 1990.
    and second new delhi based osho group is into making money out of sannyasins and Rajneesh does not like that idea of selling osho.

    Only way Rajneesh will get support if he promise less and open some part of his cocom center for sannyasins to really see that he is man of his words,
    because many in india and around the world are counting on cocom.

  64. anugrah says:

    Editors of sannyasnews

    Not removing prem bubbie is same like supporting bubbie with his writtings
    I do not understand why you are talking so much time to fix this on going problem. it is very easy . if you can not find solution , ask me , i will give u some easy ways to make this site from dirt people are throwing on each other

  65. Satya Deva says:

    Why people avoid this site. Why only once in a blue moon, someone writes an article for sannyasnews?
    Why this site with all the good intentions is not growing..

    Answer lies in the non transparent and abusive comments of few and the shelter provided by few others.

    The answer, Shantam, also resides in your unfailingly over-lengthy, often poorly written and incomprehensible, and invariably droningly boring contributions.

    But you’re clearly simply not bright enough to get it, you’re therefore a hopeless case and so the current situation is likely to go on…and on….

  66. Satya Deva says:

    anugrah // Jan 5, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    Editors of sannyasnews

    Not removing prem bubbie is same like supporting bubbie with his writtings
    I do not understand why you are talking so much time to fix this on going problem. it is very easy . if you can not find solution , ask me , i will give u some easy ways to make this site from dirt people are throwing on each other

    As you and most, likely all, of the Indians posting here are control freaks, why not simply use your initiative, go away and create your own website?

    Where you can censor anything and anyone you disagree with, or don’t approve of?

    Why even bother coming here if it’s so bloody awful?!!

  67. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Yu are right that the OshoWorld India and many will not support Rajneesh as this will be shutting the business and money making of them and also OshoDhara people. But what you cannot see is that a new way and new thinking has already entered the Osho Sannyas movement and Rajneesh is setting new standards.This has moved many sannyasins towards him already, and knowing Rajneesh and his past background he will deliver.Somehow i feel that Rajneesh is the new shock for sannyas world and he has been known as a fearless sannyain. Wait and watch.

  68. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    I am also told that his website http://www.oshorajneesh.com
    has already launched the Free Osho materials under section ‘ O ‘ he promised.
    Already Osho Paintings Signatures Drawings are uploaded and i read in Orkut that total 2600 Free Osho photos download is coming for 19 january as his gift to all Osho lovers.
    Also Osho Silver Platter download, Osho meditation music, Osho Songs and Osho Books in a very beautiful website, and all is availalbe for free download there.
    He has made a vast library of all Osho data
    worth 5 lakh rupees for Free download and is offering openly to anyone to come to Osho Cocom soon and bring their own harddrive to take all data Free and spread worldwide.

  69. anugrah says:

    gyan prakash, wrote
    i am also told that his website http://www.oshorajneesh.com
    has already launched the Free Osho materials under section ‘ O ‘ he promised.

    you said I AM ALSO TOLD . my friend find out yourself and let me know if you can download any discourse or music

    this website does not have discourses and songs to download is not ready , it says coming soon.
    this is why i think rajneesh will loose support.

    osho used to tell sannyasins in early 70′s to first open meditation center and declare in the world . but not the vise versa.

    i also do not like when you say WAIT AND WATCH
    That is language of politicians . Sannyas is all about being real

    Remmber time is running out . Rajneesh needs to take responsiblity and clearily tell everyone what he can do and what he can not do

    people get motived only when he keep the promises

  70. anugrah says:

    Beloved gyan prakash

    you wrote .wait and watch
    how long to wait and what to watch, be specific here please

  71. Lokesh says:

    It is now obvious that Shantam has slipped Prakash and Anugrah mega doses of the brain-damaging acid that he is so fond of using himself.
    Shantam’s hallucinogenic projections are completely out of control before he can imagine there to be anything middle class about someone like me, who grew up in Glasgow’s Gorbals slum area, my mother a notorious prostitute and my father a famous razor-king. A Glasgow kiss might be a quick cure for that bawbag Shantam’s mental illness. XXX

  72. shantam says:

    There is nothing to judge about your ancestry, notorious prostitute as mother and famous razor king as father.
    They were what they were..it will be easier to believe them. But to believe you is difficult Lokesh, some where on the way, the imaginative writer has lost the creditability with facts and one cannot figure out any more where reality ends and your imagination begins..

    It is a Non serious attitude or lack of sincerity in the genes,you have to think yourself, but yes adaptability you have inherited quite well.

  73. shantam says:

    The answer, Shantam, also resides in your unfailingly over-lengthy, often poorly written and incomprehensible, and invariably droningly boring contributions.

    But you’re clearly simply not bright enough to get it, you’re therefore a hopeless case and so the current situation is likely to go on…and on….

    SD, instead of going to a psyhciatirst, you are going to an “Avatara”.. please, show your holiness Mom Meera, one of the thread at sannyasnews and get her opinion about the writings and the writers.
    May be she will suggest you to change the numbers of inner glasses or some life saving advise.

  74. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Already Osho Art, Osho Signatures, Osho Drawings are working, and i know that all the materials are uploaded and many people are working to link the website now. Rajneesh said it will be up
    before 19 January as a gift for all.
    Remember that in past 2.5 years he has travelled to over 82 cities and offered meditation camps free from his side.And so far whatever he has said he has done.

  75. shantam says:

    As you and most, likely all, of the Indians posting here are control freaks, why not simply use your initiative, go away and create your own website?

    Where you can censor anything and anyone you disagree with, or don’t approve of?

    For this point too, Meera´s suggestions will be worth taking into notice. Don´t worry, for her one hour of social service in favour of sannyas cause, i am willing to send the donations for her cause.

    Disagreements and dis approvals can come with someone like you, but what to do with the shadowy figures.Your brothers are the control freaks, the gutless white Taliban’s.

    In the name of freedom you and the hairs around your asshole, i mean the persons behind bubbie and martyn kind of worms can write any thing, just anything Blasphemous remarks abut Osho will also make no difference..but show some dignity.. stand with your words, with your grudges, with your wounds and wish Osho suffers in hell for eternity…but be a man..

    Is this the censor, the control…

    Tell me you big boy, where in the world, you can have the absolute freedom, censor less freedom…?

    PS- may be your Amma can answer this also for you.
    most probably the ready made answer will come, “Absolute freedom lies only with God..and once we are one with God..we are absolutely free…”

  76. shantam says:

    Why people avoid this site. Why only once in a blue moon, someone writes an article for sannyasnews?
    Why this site with all the good intentions is not growing..

    Answer lies in the non transparent and abusive comments of few and the shelter provided by few others.

    The answer, Shantam, also resides in your unfailingly over-lengthy, often poorly written and incomprehensible, and invariably droningly boring contributions.

    Satya deva, this should be the encourging news for the people who are thinking to write article for Sannyasnews.
    During the last two years, i have the maximum number of articles at this site. And i wish..not one but many sannyasins should dare to write. They cannot do worse than me in the matters of making subject matter more interesting, more comprehensible.

  77. anugrah says:

    Thanks gyan ke prakash.

  78. anugrah says:

    editors of sannyasnews

    add satya deva from removal list as well , he is out of line .in the name of freedom of speech

    freedom of speech is not to hurt someones feelings and throw dirt unnessarry.

    i find you coward and pointless in your positings.and also rasisit . i asked about prem bubbie to be in removal list , it pushes your buttons, i am also asking gadhi and ditective to be on removal list as well, which i belive are indians. so keep in mind it is not indian western issue… sannyasnews should remove me too if use throw dirt unnessarry on someone

  79. anugrah says:

    sd. wake up, grow up and stop being chidish and stop mind games on this plateform. do not use this website like waiting hall of indian railway where anything goes. contribute something nice or just meditate

  80. Lokesh says:

    One thing I always enjoyed about Osho was that he liked nothing better than to tell a whopping great lie. Like when he got busted flying out of USA. Immagration ask him where he is going and he replies, ‘I don’t know’. I think that is absolutely brilliant. To be on a private jet and to say you don’t know where you are going. Really far out!

    Did I ever tell you about the time I was abducted by aliens?

    Shabtam you say..’one cannot figure out any more where reality ends and your imagination begins..’
    What… you mean like getting yourself in such a state about Amrito? Yeah, I know what you mean, such utterly boring nonsense and it has become the fulcrum of your existence.

  81. Lokesh says:

    Martyn, you were asking about my latest book or something like that. Here is an excerpt from Borderline Dreamtime, soon to be a movie produced by Warner Brothers.

    ‘They call themselves sannyasins,’ answered Mike. ‘They belong to a new religious cult led by an Indian guru called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He’s set up shop and opened an ashram in Poona.’
    Angus’s ears pricked up when he heard the word Poona. ‘They seem happy enough. What do you know about this Rajneesh guy?’
    ‘Maybe I’m not the one to ask about guru trips,’ said Mike. ‘I’m dead against the idea of surrendering to some Indian geezer who claims to have all the answers and says that the keys to the door of spiritual salvation are in his hands. I see―’
    ‘Does he?’ Angus asked, cutting him off.
    ‘Does he what?’ Mike asked back.
    ‘Claim to have all the answers.’
    ‘Of course he does,’ replied Mike. ‘That’s what all the supposed masters say, and that’s why I think the whole guru trip is a bloody con that leaves the so-called ‘seeker’ childishly dependent on second-hand experience. The big flaw in adopting Eastern spiritual perspectives is the wide-ranging condemnation of thought that comes with those views which, paradoxically, is a perfect example of rigid thinking. The practice of negating thought to transcend it brings with it the danger of destroying one’s critical faculties. This leaves a person wide-open to many forms of manipulation and mind control. I suspect that is why the gurus say it is better not to judge which, if you think about it, is highly ironic because a judgement has to have been made in order to come to such a conclusion.’
    Mike turned his intense gaze on Angus for a few seconds. When there was an outburst of laughter from the sannyasins’ direction, he glanced over at them and then continued. ‘If you ask me, any guiding principle that delivers fixed ideas about the nature of perfection and enlightenment creates its own illusions, and that’s another reason why I’m not interested in gurus and the whole surrender trip that goes with them. If there is such a thing as the road to salvation, I’ll walk it on my own.’ He chuckled to himself and concluded, ‘It takes guts and discipline to go it alone on the path of the free spirit. Looking for liberation in another person’s enlightenment seems to me like a lazy way to go about seeking the truth.’

  82. prem bubbie says:

    So Swami Dick-tective, osho “whispered in your ear” when he put that mala around your neck…. fat chance dick, he always spoke openly to everyone in the room when he gave sannyas… it’s obvious you’re hearing voices in your head. Join the club, which includes the likes of shantam, prakash, shahriar and co. Why haven’t you been taking your medicine like your mama told you… be a good boy now or she’ll restrict access to her titties.

  83. prem bubbie says:

    shantam- why don’t you post using your real name? Answer the question, hypocrite.

  84. prem bubbie says:

    Swami Dick-head detective.. i just finished reading your posts… a true collage of insanity, self-righteousness, and delusions of grandeur, topped off with a generous portion of whipped up over zealous ego. It’s missing a helping of shredded coconut, that can be explained, the coconut landed on your head and scattered about. Here’s a cherry for your troubles.

  85. prem bubbie says:

    Sw. Bozo Prakash and Clown Prince Swami Anugrah… so this moron Rajneesh has traveled 82 cities, has a camp at Goa…tell me- where did he get the money? you guys talk about transparency, well then, where did he get the money?why won’t he tell? Talk is cheap…. for rajneesh, it’s down right expensive… if he tells the truth he’ll just lose all the idiot people following him now, that he has spent so much time triyng to win their confidence. Another gangster in robes… is he actually sheela in disguise? i heard her funds are running out in Switzerland, she’s trying to make a comeback as a guy….so inpatient she is, not wanting to wait for her next life.

  86. prem bubbie says:

    Sw. Defractive: You should investigate Shantam, where does he get his money to live? A secret swiss account? Selling himself cheap on the streets of Hamburg? what is his real identity? Why is trying to divert attention away from his hallucinating mind to matters of triviality? Something smells rotten in the mind of Baron Shantam Munchausen’s mind.

  87. prem bubbie says:

    oops– “something smells rotten in the mind of Baron Shantam Munchausen”

  88. prem bubbie says:

    shantam says:”… Blasphemous remarks about osho…” You sound like a fanatical Muslim terrorist… quick… someone call MI-6, or the CIA… shantam the turbaned terrorist!!

  89. prem bubbie says:

    Free speech according to Shanatm “the turban”– draw your swords sir.

  90. Lokesh says:

    I may be mistaken but as far as I know the Rajneesh bloke comes from a wealthy family. Dad was an indudtrialist and mum a Bollywood star. It is also rumoured that he likes his tibura stroked by a hairbrush. Shantam knows more about this than me as I am personna non grata in the world of Ma Yoga Shakti, the sannyasin bird who let the brush out of the bedroom.. I think she thinks Shantam is a botty boy but they do have some kind of contact on Facebook.
    I too am curious about Shantam’s true identity. Never mind asking ‘Who am I?’ Time for who is he? Or maybe what is it? I think it’s time to discuss alien abductions.

  91. prem bubbie says:

    of course SN website is growing– just look at all the recent advertisers that have signed up… they want to make money from readers, if there were no readers then no advertisers…
    shantam… you rave about capitalism yet you know nothing about how it really works… oh i forgot ,you are delusional, never mind, you wouldn’t understand anyway… BTW, most people are too scared to post, they just read and get a good laugh from the maniacs like you…. it’s better than watching the football fans rioting in the stadium

  92. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam- you only “have the maximum number of articles at this site” because Parmartha was desperate to fill in the space– any chap would have sufficed. much like the Satellite TV and cable tv… so many stations and not enough content to fill in the time slots… that’s why so much crap is being produced for the airwaves… talking about Crap… anymore articles going to be written by Shantam?

  93. Lokesh says:

    I’ve always harboured the hope that Shantam would write an article on the influence of the frozen beef pie in Osho’s private life, during the years he worked as a coal miner in South Africa.

  94. prem bubbie says:

    Anugrah- now you want Satya Deva removed for hurting your feelings and “throwing dirt unncessarry”. Quite contrare SW. anugross. it is not done unnecessarily, it is done deliberately for numb nuts like yourself and shantam and prakash… take Osho’s advice and “Get out of your own way”…. you may need a tow truck for that job, since your head is swollen like a big boulder. I never new hot air can weigh so much.

  95. prem bubbie says:

    lokesh- very funny!!!

  96. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Swami Rajneesh comes from a very famous and wellknwn industrial family, and his mother was a famous Movie Star. Rajneesh left his home bollywood home at 16 and came toBhagwan at 18 years of age. Even though his Tears of the Mystic Rose clarifies, he made his money and was earning 500,000 US$ yearly in Hongkong and has received awards for his designs. He won many international design awards for his products. He has his own money and has used his own money to travel with his group. He states that he never charged for his camps or tours as he hates charging for his love for Osho. He says Osho is priceless and cannot be sold, and sannyasins should not sell Osho for personal gain as it is not their message nor their rights to profit for their sharing.

  97. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Sudden silence here !!!

  98. Satya Deva says:


    editors of sannyasnews

    add satya deva from removal list as well , he is out of line .in the name of freedom of speech

    freedom of speech is not to hurt someones feelings and throw dirt unnessarry.

    i find you coward and pointless in your positings.and also rasisit . i asked about prem bubbie to be in removal list , it pushes your buttons, i am also asking gadhi and ditective to be on removal list as well, which i belive are indians. so keep in mind it is not indian western issue… sannyasnews should remove me too if use throw dirt unnessarry on someone

    sd. wake up, grow up and stop being chidish and stop mind games on this plateform. do not use this website like waiting hall of indian railway where anything goes. contribute something nice or just meditate

    You mean you don’t see the logic behind my suggestion that all you lot who object so strongly to what some people write on here should simply get up and go?! And, if you feel so moved, create your own, alternative online ‘refuge’, safe from the ‘sannyas barbarians’?

    Following your criteria,, I and others would be completely within our rights to demand the exclusion of Shantam and Chinmaya, for example, two who are far from averse to dishing out the insults, the ‘bad’ language, the ‘racism’, in order to ‘hurt others’ feelings’.

    No, Anugrah, surely this impasse has gone on far too long? I repeat, if you don’t like it here you and others of like mind should carefully consider creating your own little online haven, where you will never be discomforted by anyone you disapprove of, where you can simply censor their profanities and anything else you don’t like – or simply can’t answer adequately – off the page, where you can all live ‘happily ever after’…

    You see, the problem really is that almost anything you or a number of other Indians say here is generally viewed as utterly irrelevant, juvenile nonsense.

    There wouldn’t be a problem if this were not the case…

    (Btw, what was ‘wrong’ with my post of 11.47am yesterday, please? I mean, you ARE a ‘control freak’, of a rather ‘authoritarian’ cast of mind, who’d rather like to take part in starting up another ‘religion’, aren’t you? And who feels very threatened by anyone of differing views?)….

  99. prem martyn says:

    very funny lokesh and bubbie..
    left me in stitches.. and speechless…

  100. prem martyn says:

    big up to sd….

    its a bit late to write ..and you guys are doing better without me..!! nice work..

  101. Lokesh says:

    SD, give Anugrah a lolly to suck on and he’ll pipe down. You must learn to be more compassionate with the mentally disturbed ones.
    Prakash, thanks for the update on Rajneesh. I’ve allowed myself to be put off of the guy because of the hair brush story, but after your positive comment I’m thinking of taking the jump into let go,

  102. shantam says:

    Few months before it was an article by Rashid, today it is Maneesha´s article, in both the cases editors have done a good job about not entertaining the comments.
    Absolute freedom of speech kind of coward anarchists can have the diarrhoea in their diapers.

  103. Lokesh says:

    There, I’ve done it. I’ve let go. Now I have to clean up the mess, but I must admit I do enjoy that warm feeling, although I’m not so sure about the smell. I had a garlic and rotten fish sandwich for breakfast and now I’m paying for it.

  104. Lokesh says:

    You are right Shantam; I should have worn diapers. Good to hear from the voice of experience.

  105. shantam says:

    big up to sd….
    its a bit late to write ..and you guys are doing better without me..!! nice work..

    what a degredation of Satya Deva… The name is divinty and truth, and the work is to serve the ghost writers and getting clap on the back too..

    I think Satya deva.you need to come to Germany to have some darshan with Mom Meera..some dose of sanity and serenity is needed.. You will go mad in the company of sick worms..they will still go on enjoying the gutters.there are some hidden benefits to be a gutter worm.

  106. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam theTape Worm -took care of my anchovy pizza and stale beer…. good work, shantam, those silent -but -deadly farts aren’t so deadly anymore… blow it out your ass…

  107. prem bubbie says:

    I’ll go instead of SD– what’s your address shantam- but first, your real name, not the bogus one used on SN… I’ll bring some Schnapps for the little lady, a hand laser for your kid(so he can zap you whenever you get out of line), and an autographed DVD of “The Terminator” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, for you to watch so you can see what you look like underneath that brown skin of yours… your programming needs to be “Erased”.

  108. prem bubbie says:

    Prakash- you have not been forgotten- just deleted from the great Consciousness….Is that actually possible?

  109. prem martyn says:

    i would love to die meditatively…..

    which is why there wont be a sannyassin within five hundred miles of my coffin… or cliff …or overdose….or chocolate…..

    nice try though for some last wishes….a final…..
    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk …………….. offfffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    i love jokes about death …dont you… :)

  110. prem bubbie says:

    Prakash is here to lead the “Great Sannyas” revolt of 2011, You’re one year early, the End of Days(Mayan) isn’t until next year. Sw. Defractive told me so, because he heard it from Osho, who heard it from a little birdie, named rajneesh, who heard it while in his mama’s womb, when she was performing “Shakespeare’s Macbeth” on stage at the Dehli Theatre for the Performing Arts across from Mother Teresa’s whore house, where his daddie was busy getting a hand job to the tune of Al Jolson’s “Mammy”. What an impressive family tree.

  111. prem bubbie says:

    Sw. Defractive- I think I know what osho whispered in your ear way back when…. “Listen, Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell, whoa oh,oh. Closer, Let me whisper in your ear. Say the words you long to hear… I’m in love with you….” now go out and get funky!!! say, those words were meant for someone else…. sing them aloud anyway… I think John Lennon whispered them to osho during that hot steamy summer of “63. pass them on to someone you love… just like a chain letter….

  112. prem bubbie says:

    down boy, down… easy P.M. here’s a carrot…. and a rice milk shake… yummm… feeling better?

  113. prem martyn says:

    can you arrange for red white and black robe meditators to accompany you on a scuba diving accident… wow the end might not be that bad if i can take a few with me…..i might even manage some final laughs…

    just kidding….

    actually i wouldnt want that….no not at all…

    ( as long as the boat capsizes with them in it… i’ll die happy )
    its a joke.. come on …just joking….

    no…. let me die with a turban on my head…..(its a sikh joke i know….)

  114. prem martyn says:

    p b… my last post wasnt written with you in mind..it was a generic ‘you’..but on second thoughts…if you carry on with the dolphin sandwiches … it would be a fine joke…just made for you

  115. prem martyn says:

    swami detached needs to join these few words together in the right order…

    i bet
    he had no
    a kid
    when he was

    i wonder if Deceptive actually thinks someone is obliged to listen to any of his (or my ) moonshine…

    and what would be a result in his case…ultimate complete contentment sitting alone at his typewriter…
    its rhetorical please .. no its not a real question no ………argghhhhh…..

    between him or death with meditators… i’m spoiled for choice….

  116. prem martyn says:

    mm lets see…
    …he bet i had no friends when he was a kid…

    well its`possible…slightly surreal .. but possible…..

  117. shantam says:

    You two gutter worms, one in Uk another in USA,
    Can you trust each other and share your shit on private e mail addresses.

    If you don´t realise the extent of your stink, than stay few hours before the public toilets and enjoy the perfumy smell..and than multiply for days, months and years..

  118. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Why are they afraid of comments being put on Maneesha article ?? She afraid of her Last Resort idea or are they only advertising her as the new Guru ?? This is very clever way of advertising her new business.

  119. Satya Deva says:

    This becomes funnier the longer it goes on…

    On second thoughts, please don’t go away, you lot, your enraged outbursts are a wonderful tonic – and provide an immense kick-start to my daily Laughing Meditation…

    But you wouldn’t understand that, I guess…

    Never mind – Hah, HAh, HAH, HAAH!!!

  120. Lokesh says:

    Well, Prakash, I don’t think the editor is afraid of comments on Maneesha’s article. The editor is not stupid and therefore has determined from the usual kind of rubbish written here it would not be a smart idea, that is all.
    I think Maneesha is quite altruistic in her ideas to launch a hospice project and I’m 100% with her. If she makes a living out of it when it gets off the ground, good for her and I’ll be the first to congratulate her. You think you are so in tune with Osho’s vision, yet you don’t even know he was not very big on charity. Time to do your homework.
    A friend of mine took a lethal injection recently because his body was riddled with cancer. When the doctor administered the Sodium Penthenol my friend was quite literally shitting himself. In his life he had been quite a rugged individual who thought he did not need anyone. When he was nearing the end the image of himself that he’d lived through all his life crumbled and what was left was a frightened little boy. I listen to some of you guys talk flippantly about death and I know you are fooling yourself. Even Tibetan masters who help people through the bardos treat death with the utmost respect. You might think it is cool to laugh about death when healthy and fully in control of your mental faculties but when your last day dawns and it happens that you are aware of it you won’t talk so loud, if you are capable of even uttering a word. Not only that, you will remember reading this if you have bothered to read it today. As you move through the portal of death every action you performed on the human plane in this incarnation will flash before you in a timeless moment. Not only that, the emotional impact of your actions on others will register on your soul essence. Remember.

  121. shantam says:

    Gyan parkash,
    can you dare to Judge rajneesh with the same yard stick as you use for Maneesha or say any one else?

    Osho is almost like a dead elephant..everybody who has the knife, can cut some piece, pack it and sell…
    all in the name of compassion…

    But yes..meat sellers are vegetarians..at the most non veg soup..

  122. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    There is great difference between Rajneesh and Maneesha. Maneesha is from the power circle and is accepted by all because she is close to the people in power in Poona. Rajneesh is and has always been individual and independent, and has no power connections to Poona or any Osho official affliated groups. This makes Rajneesh a real Rebel and a Misfit who is walking alone. He is not afraid of anyone and has no vested interest which make him real.
    Remember he is alone and has no connection with Poona Resort, OshoDhara, OshowWorld or any organisation or any Osho centers worldwide. See the difference ??

  123. prem martyn says:

    That was a public service announcement on behalf of
    Ahsouls Justice & Co…. a never endingly connected global group of multinationals who run the planet.

    Lokesh.. steady … I’ll be broadcasting a showing of earthlings next for bedtime reading…as to what happens before we die.

    Anyway Totnes.. which i know very well is a perfect place to disappear with oursouls(did i spell that right ?). it is the byron bay.. the goa ..the asheville …the muesli capital of the world….

    if you want to know what colour clashes do for your consciousness or how five veggy restaurants in the same street can be filled with the same conversations at the same time…. go there….

    here’s a snippet…
    i was polishing my aura-soma bottles yesterday when i found just by accident that i had left my copy of the tibetan book of the grateful dead open.. yees like it was just a message coming to me.. so i said to Rainbow and Oaktree my two children with four different sets of parents .. wow look at that… and they just understood immediately that we should join hands and feel the energy…Later on i got another message from the universe, whilst i was at the health centre for very softly spoken people who are always slightly ill but not at all very sexy.. .. anyway wow like wow.. it was really beautiful and ever since i inherited my parents money i haven’t been very worried about death.. yes we’ve got a lovely cottage which we use for tribal drum beat painting weekends … anyway as i was zzzzzzzzzzz ‘

    that swami rajneeshenktein should go there if he wants lessons on cloning… people have been doing it there for years…

  124. prem martyn says:

    lokesh.. i thought you’d be the last person ‘ tae pay anyone tae daey ..’
    i thought that in true scottish fashion… ‘ yeas gonna take it wi’ ye when yih ggo… feckers …aeyloto’em’

  125. prem martyn says:

    my comments above , obviously addressed to lokesh but not racist, well it cant be.. i’m part genetically scots masell……
    and as a scotsman….( okay we have a tartan but thats it )….

    i’m looking forward to any orgasm… even the final one


  126. shantam says:

    Without doubt, Gyan Parkash, Rajneesh is one of the most unique Rebel from the world of Osho.
    It could be hundred thousand more..may be millions more of fearless yet meditative souls..

    Problem is as it is said, under a big tree grows nothing. Too much Awe for someone tall and great also means we are crippled or pigmy..

    Disciple is much much more than a fan or a student..

  127. shantam says:

    Lokesh, if it is true that your mother was a notorious prostitute and father a razor king, by sharing this fact on public platform has got my RESPECT and HONOUR.

    You deserve to be the son of the earth, my friend…

  128. prem martyn says:

    smile though your death is coming ….
    smile when tibetan humming
    when there are clouds in the sky
    you’ll get by..

    smile though your death is near
    bank accounts and you will disappear
    smile you were not
    now your death’s all you’ve got

    smile you are soul now
    you knew that anyhow..
    ….even our-souls….. can just ………smile

    sung to the tune of nat king cole’s ‘smile’

    a`Skeletal Grimace production (c) :)

  129. Lokesh says:

    To be honest, everything I’ve ever written on SN was made up. My message is, do not be misled by words. A single word may contain several meanings and often as not those meanings are contraductory, therefore if there are a lot of words around life can become confusing. Here on SN the people who post the longest comments are usually the ones who are most confused. I just made this up.

  130. prem martyn says:

    hacked telephone call between maneesha and sunrise news….

    ‘ hello is that sunpat news, maneesha here..’

    yes , sunass news here hellooooooo maneesha’

    ‘You are all going to die’

    wwwhat?? er yes we know that .. how can we help?

    ‘In totnes…its a fate worse than death…’

    ”er yes right okay.. listen maneesha if you post your comments on the open forum you’ll get a bunch of losers replying..is that what you really want?”

    ‘okay,beloved, change,love, that then, love, to…WE ARE ALL GOING TODAY …to TOTNES’

    ‘ ‘ok dokey..darlin’ …..no comments it is.”

  131. Satya Deva says:

    Loverly, Martyn!

  132. Satya Deva says:

    (Btw, above is re the ‘Smile’ number)

  133. Satya Deva says:

    Gyan ¨Prakash:
    This makes Rajneesh a real Rebel and a Misfit who is walking alone. He is not afraid of anyone and has no vested interest which make him real.
    Remember he is alone and has no connection with Poona Resort, OshoDhara, OshowWorld or any organisation or any Osho centers worldwide. See the difference?

    Still, I have great difficulty squaring this comment with what has been termed the, er, doppelganger’ effect of the man’s appearance.

    Rather a tricky thing to claim a supremely independent individualism while making sure he’s a dead ringer for ‘the Master of Masters’…

    All good for another round of laughter, however…

    So, GP, keep ‘em comin’, ok?!!

  134. prem martyn says:

    rajneeshenstein or maneesha….?

    no contest…..

    she’s was always a babe…. with glam

    he on the other hand is on day release…

  135. prem martyn says:

    a place you dont wanna be seen dead in….

    totnes style guide for women over 40
    ‘ how to look great with purple boots and streaky red hair whilst eating sprouts.’

  136. anugrah says:

    beloved Gyan prakash, rajneesh is finger pointing to moon. please do not bite finger too much , look at LORD OF THE MOON .OSHO

    Rajneesh is Rebel, but that will not make your Rebel automatic.

    Write about you little more please

  137. Lokesh says:

    I recently suggested to a sannyasin friend to check out this blog. He did so yesterday and this is what he said. Please note he was not put off by profane language, but…

    ‘I read the posts on various subjects for an hour or so last night, a few things that Swami detective had to say were of some interest, though the rest was a combo of nonsense and mudslinging that is I suppose, supposed to be funny, but left me flat and wondering what the point is?? the Indian fellows get wound up, the mudslingers feel, clever?? shocking, true radicals.. nothing really of any intrinsic value.. I would post this on the site, but, I consider it lost there.’

    Any comments?

  138. prem bubbie says:

    prakash- to the great consciousness, there is no distinction on who’s a “rebel” or who’s in the “inner circle”… you’re yet another of the countless idiots who have wasted their time “meditating”. You’re a man of words only, no practical life experience, just another automaton spitting out osho quotes… Osho’s definition of a fanatic.

  139. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh- it depends on who your friend is? Is he a XTC or Smack dealer? A Crack-head, meth head? A worn out sannysanin from the ’70′s still wearing tie dyed tee shirts… or is he a BMW car dealer, or real-estate salesman, or a CEO of some corporation dropping by Ibiza to shag some zombied-out Eurotrash chick. Or some “earth firster” giving his ass a break from all of that tree sitting he’s done. It all depends Lokie…. he may even be a doppelganger for Shantam… in that case… tell him to go fuck himself.

  140. prem bubbie says:

    Just for you Lokesh and Co.: “Words in papers, words in books; Words on TV, words for crooks: Words of comfort, words of peace; Words to make the fighting cease; Words to tell you what to do; Words are working hard for you; Eat your words but don’t go hungry; Words have always nearly hung me; Words of nuance, words of skill; And words of romance are a thrill; Words are stupid, Words are fun; Words can put you on the run”.— “Wordy Rappinghood” (Tom Tom Club-1982) for the complete lyrics- go look them up yourselves!!

  141. prem bubbie says:

    My comment is waiting for moderation? What gives SN?

  142. prem bubbie says:

    I think parakash has hijacked SN. that or your servers are having problems today

  143. Satya Deva says:

    Perhaps time for more ‘lightening-up’, for East and West…?!

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  144. prem bubbie says:

    For you Lokesh and Co.: “Words in papers, words in books; Words on TV, words for crooks; Words of comfort, words of peace; Words to make the fighting cease; Words to tell you what to do; Words are working hard for you; Eat your words but don’t go hungry; Words have always nearly hung me; Words of nuance, words of skill; and words of romance are a thrill; Words are stupid, words are fun; Words can put you on the run”. “Wordy
    Rappinghood”- Tom Tom Club- 1982, for the complete set of lyrics, go search.

  145. prem bubbie says:

    sorry for the duplicate- but SN was slow in clearing my post.

  146. Lokesh says:

    That was perhaps because it was so intelligent. Haw haw!

  147. Lokesh says:

    PS Bubbie, I passed on your ‘depends who he is’ comment to my amigo, he has a good sense of humour.
    You were actually on the ball…he is in real estate. ‘Real estate’….interesting expression that.

  148. shantam says:

    Lokesh, congratulate your friend, he has good eyes. Atleast in this thread, Abhay(detective) has written well versed prose and few arrows really close to the target.

    Many are spreading dirt, i am standing with broom. Few may not be the sons of the prostitutes, but one can also not sure about the ancestry of their genes.

    if there are few hundred comment writers and in them few are fakes one can understand, but around 30 to 40% are abusive disciples and that behind the mask, and that too on the site dedicated to one of the most fiercely direct Master, it is just shame..

  149. prem martyn says:

    lokesh your friend want quality shit.. he gotta pay up front…

    real estate..????? judging a losers blog…???? thats like friends without any money taking your cash to buy you a drink…

    . perhaps he and swami defecate can go off together and plot the future of sn …one who uses all the blog roll… . and another who wont blog at all….

    i’ve shown these postings to my lady friends who think i’m really incredibly funny and should get an oscar… well they would wouldnt they…

  150. prem martyn says:

    lokesh keep your friend happy…keep posting.. but on ibizan property market .com

    your sideswipes at religion may take a few weeks to garner an audience but soon they’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand, and asking how big your kitchen is and have you considered a patio as a path to fulfillment

  151. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam says: “Many are spreading dirt, i am standing with broom”… go take a flying fuck on your broom witch doctor.

  152. prem bubbie says:

    REgarding the rest of your comment Shantam… what the fuck did you say? the most incoherent piece of babbling bull shit I’ve heard from you yet….

  153. Gandhi says:

    all lost souls here…disconnected from the master.
    Brabbling along..senseless bullshit, the vomit of the mind of Bubbie and Martyn creates a cloud of stink between Totness and Oregon….
    What a waste of time.

  154. prem bubbie says:

    you talk about others being fake along with foul language… yet you post with a fake name and insult using foul language… oh yeah, it’s in “osho’s name, so that’s okay…you and parakash, and anugrah need to start another “Crusades”. You’ll need a lot of money and some good Madison Ave. marketing geniuses, along with Sw. Rajneesh’s good looks and giggles to get going… Otherwise known as: “Cirque du “Freak “Soleil. ciao

  155. prem bubbie says:

    Gandhi- you fool no one– you’re Anand using a fake name… now who’s really disconnected from osho?

  156. prem bubbie says:

    Gandhi(Anand) if you really want to fake it here, you really need to change your style of writing… it’s so obvious… being frozen in a mental time warp, it would be difficult for you to adapt.

  157. prem bubbie says:

    Anand, My silent- but- deadly stink bombs are still working… it’s a shame, just as shantam has settled into a permanent job as my tape worm, i’m going have to fire him…. care for a stale ale?

  158. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam and Co.still continue on their censorship quest. using the SN hacking incident as cover. Since a hacking also occurred some time ago, way before i pitched camp here, i doubt rudeness and obscenities have anything to with the most recent incident… desperate wannabees will try anything to get to the top of the pack… shantam a computer geek? never! unimaginable… desperate and serious? definitely!! panty sniffer? maybe

  159. prem martyn says:

    i’m seriously thinking of not posting anymore comments her on sn and setting up an alternative enterprise for losers and time wasters….

    Now time to go back to my Escher jigsaw puzzle of Franz Kafka.. its one i borrowed from defective..

  160. shantam says:

    Prem martyn seems to be one of the Pune administrator…

    This theory is put forward by one of the sannyasins. This man cannot be otherwise than a prem virus, planted or organically grown, such people in a small or big enterprise, make the system Jam.

    And i tell to these absolute freedom lovers, when you get sick, don´t take the medicine, don´t go for surgery. Sickness and wounds have the same fundamental right of surviving as the body, mind.

    Is someone has developed compassion and inner brilliance, the person will walk mile above the social and leagl barriers, but for a smooth working of a world where all kind of people live, check and balances are the must, specially when people have no inner control.

  161. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    prem bubbie // Jan 7, 2011 at 3:56 am
    you talk about others being fake along with foul language… yet you post with a fake name and insult using foul language… oh yeah, it’s in “osho’s name, so that’s okay…you and parakash, and anugrah need to start another “Crusades”. You’ll need a lot of money and some good Madison Ave. marketing geniuses, along with Sw. Rajneesh’s good looks and giggles to get going… Otherwise known as: “Cirque du “Freak “Soleil. ciao

    Getting soft with Swami Rajneesh now ?? Good Looks and Giggles are signs of inner bliss radiating outwards. Perhaps you are seeing the new movement coming, and you can call s a circus, As Swami Rajneesh also calls it a circus and carnival of love.

  162. Swami Detective says:

    I bet he had no friends when he was a dik.

    A kid saw friends when he bet he had no I.

    If you a aware of the historic disintegration of the Inner-Circle – with almost all the original members either being forced out or leaving quietly – and if you have noted how the general actions and justifications by the current governing body either marginalises or over-emphasises certain teachings of Osho, then it is obvious that the governing body is acting in a manner counter to Osho’s wishes, and is therefore illegitimate. It is obvious that a certain ‘Zennish’ style of Osho is being both misconstrued and without merit pushed to supremacy. The reason for this situation is obvious. The vice-chair and chair of the Inner-Circle have created a path that reflects their personal viewpoints about Osho.

    There is a general pattern of lying by omission, and also the tendency to blatantly extrapolate from a partial truth to create a situation that is a complete fallacy. It makes me wonder about those final hours of Osho’s. Was it “Please tell my people on my behalf, I leave you my dream”? The omission would be such that it is simply “Please tell my people, I leave you my dream”. The extrapolation would be “Jayesh and Amrito, I leave you my dream”. Then comes the assertion that has manifested….“I leave you too dream”. My personal bet is that he said “I leave you, my dreamers”.

    From the pattern of misconduct, empty justifications, inconsistencies, lies, and dictatorial style stemming from the leadership of Jayesh and Amrito, I have no reason to believe in the accuracy of their account of Osho’s last words. Soon after Osho left the body Amrito claims the next day he will explain the functioning of the Inner-Circle. In less than 24 hours he for some reason changed his mind.

    No official account was ever made of how Osho requested the Inner-Circle to function. All subsequent requests for transparency were dismissed, saying that Osho said that it should all be in secret. Amrito could not have held that position when he announced he would tell everyone how the Inner-Circle was to function. Of course maybe he just forget this critical proviso for a day or so, and then remembered ruthlessly for the next few decades, or maybe Osho channelled him some last minute top secret information as he was leaving planet Earth.

    Whichever way you look at it, there is a profound inconsistency at the heart of the chief administrators, and a profound distortion of his legacy. Jayesh and Amrito have clearly been so intent from day one on pursuing their own agenda irrespective of Osho’s legacy and his guiding principles for the working of the Inner-Circle, that they must have had this deep seated agenda already present as Osho was leaving the body.

    Admittedly Jayesh and Amrito were clearly left as chair and vice-chair of the Osho Inner-Circle. This governing body was designed to work by consensus to look after and make available Osho’s legacy in its entirety. Also, it was a practical managerial body, not a defacto spiritual successor. Each member of the Inner-Circle therefore had to step down from their spiritual ego (or egolessness) in order to fulfil this function.

    I would suggest that for almost everyone this would have meant letting go of much of their entrenched behaviour and measure of worth. It meant they were no longer allowed to subtly (and then overtly) slip their spiritual trip into their managerial actions. A practical way of managing such a situation may have been that many members set up a centre of their own that allowed them to indulge in the spiritual domain.

    What happened was otherwise than set up by Osho. Jayesh and Amrito essentially fought a spiritually driven war, slinging favourite Osho quotes back and forth. In doing so, they have left their signature as proof. All their relations are driven from the air of spiritual authority rather than practical, managerial prudence. Also, what they have successfully created, as witnessed by their systematic corruption of Osho’s words, is a non-genuine style of Osho. It is not just that they have created a part of Osho, it is that they have created a fake part of Osho. It is also that this fake part of Osho is portrayed as the whole.

    It is obvious that many dimensions of Osho have been systematically removed from his legacy, and that this neatly corresponds with exited Inner-Circle members. The personal perspective of these people is evidence of the breadth of Osho’s legacy, and his wish to have it in its entirety made available to humanity. It is not really that these members had the right to indulge in spiritual authority, but rather they were a symbol of particular dimensions of Osho. They were there to act as an anchor for the parts of Osho’s legacy that were reflected in them.

    These members had the authority and the responsibility to make practical decisions to ensure the preservation and offering of certain dimensions of Osho. Ultimately, a mature level of communication between all the members on an entirely practical managerial level would mean that the unknowable whole that is Osho was respected and manifested in its entirety.

    Osho’s stipulated practical mandate was discarded for egoistic spiritual yearning. When you let it accidentally slip in casual conversation that you are very spiritual then people start heaping praise on you. You start to like this, and so slip up more often. More people start telling you how wonderful you are, and you get hooked on the perks that come with the show. The cycle repeats itself until you end up a sociopathic megalomaniac with God and all of depraved humanity at your feet.

    The way I see it that is about where things are at in this moment.

    While all the above is fairly evident if you would like to go into the matter, most people would still say that yes I know all that, but there is nothing to be done about it. If you adopt that position it works towards a self-fulfilling prophecy. Soon, all the hypocritical armchair Osho sannyasin commentators will claim they can see into the future, and will start offering Osho Zen tarot sessions to leading political figures in the illegitimate Ivory Coast dictatorship. No matter the carnage past, present, and future.

    Some people withdraw from the scene and create something positive some place else. For others there is complacency. Further along there is complicity. In the thick of things is wilful blindness and calamity.

  163. prem martyn says:

    lokesh… its all yout fault..
    now see what you’ve done…

    you’ll be reading back copies of El Desegno Interior para las Casas de los Losers con Much Tiempo en las Manos….for months now, before dickheckler stops..
    you wouldnt listen oh no you said .. whats wrong with estate agents you said.. you can always trust them..on matters of taste…..you said…….


  164. prem martyn says:

    it appears that groups or meditations are still advertised that purport or insinuate that its good for you… but never and i mean never have i seen a group weekend advertised in a ridiculous way for no end result….
    lets try one:

    Death… its good for you……contact …etc.

    i’d book for that one…

  165. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Swami Detective looks like Prem Abhay writing here, and what he says is very clear and great understanding of what is happening in Resort managment. Very clear and has many points to understanding. We needs a new Article with the above matter.

  166. chetna says:

    “Death… its good for you……contact …etc.

    i’d book for that one…”

    I was thinking the same, and what if death does not come for years?Do you get your money back or do they help you “go” after the certain time?

    They should also fulfil requests of how and where you go.Or all of us with Osho are straight to hell?

    I wonder what people think of Maneesha’s article?

    If death is a part of life, why to make such a big deal? I liked Rajneeshe’s comment of a death of a sannyasin in Mjasto who taught on death all her life, but showed a lot of misery during her own death. Hypocrisy as always. Miserable therapists teach on love and transformation, fake guru’s on enlightement….

  167. Gandhi says:

    Thanks for the update Sw. Detective.
    Any solution?

    Today in the news: Prem Bubbie is gay! I always suspected this. He is trying hard to be the strong guy,
    but then after all he is a Prem, gay premy Bubbie….

  168. prem martyn says:

    its of a house being sold by lokesh’s friend….for bachelors


  169. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    If death is a part of life, why to make such a big deal? I liked Rajneeshe’s comment of a death of a sannyasin in Mjasto who taught on death all her life, but showed a lot of misery during her own death. Hypocrisy as always. Miserable therapists teach on love and transformation, fake guru’s on enlightement….

    Dear Ma Chetna
    I heard Rajneesh spoke about Ma Sudha of MIasto ?? Where is this Video or Talk please ?? I would like ot hear it also. Please let me know, thanks.

  170. chetna says:

    I think it is here

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  171. shantam says:

    because it is recommended by Chetna, i felt to see this video at least for few minutes. Only 440 clicks and the sign-
    Adding comments has been disabled for this video

    The guy rajneesh (enlightenment or no enlightenement) looks so much a theater artist performing Osho, i think he is one of the unique performer. So much so, seems like DNA has become one.
    This is also possible..he has touched the complete level of devotion..An Advaita between master and disciple.. pure oneness.

    Or this also can be that Osho, Osho Shailandra and Rajneesh are brothers lost in the Hindi Cinema..

  172. chetna says:

    Shantam, do not get me wrong. I think he is nuts, I read his book so I am clear on him. But, he does make interesting points that others do not

  173. Swami Gyan Prakash says:

    Wow, Thank you Ma Chetna, is is like watching live fire,andd also the other Italy videos are fiery and provocative. Wow, what a man.
    And Shantam ji
    It seems that Swami Rajneesh has really dissolved into his Master Osho as is known in the East, that once a discile beocmes a devotee and finally dissolves into the Master, thsi Grace is known as being One with the Master, and is revered in the East as the greatest miracle. Master Disciple relationship at the peak. Osho has spoken so much about this phenonuman as syncronicity and what happens to a disciple when he merges with the Master. This is not a Hindi Film, but Truth reveling itself as a living flame again. I am amazed that Osho sannyasins cannot see clearly. Or they are all jealous and avoiding the Truth.

  174. shantam says:

    Gyan Parkash, there are always two sides of the same coin. May be you are not willing to see that face, which is easier for Chetna to see..it can be other way around too..

    I have given this example many times, people were leaving their families and carriers behind to be with Osho. I am part of these participants and observer too from 1987 onwards.
    Yet in the same very Koregaon Park, in the same street, for Bungalow owners it was more a nuisance and than business opportunity. None had a wish to come and visit His discourses even for a single second.
    On the very back side of the ashram, the next Bungalow is purchased by India´s well known industrialist and well educated Man Mr. Bajaj, just try to guess, whether is there a single Osho book in his library..what to say about Photo…

    So, enjoy your connection with the living Osho flame…
    but don´t expect, other sannyasins to acknowledge rajneesh or Shailandra…

    When Master is a ocean, thousands of disciples are merging daily with this ocean…

    and i am sure, most of them will not look like -
    Amar Akbar Anthony…

  175. shantam says:

    Hallo Mr. Puppeteer behind martyn,
    Thanks for telling that show of martyn is over. Nice. Good bye and God bless.
    I am hope, your other colleague in USA will also give the last performance of the puppet, Bubbie..

    BUT, yes.. i would request both of you to come forward on the stage and be real..
    Write Anythings you feel to write, but be the MAN-authentic, honest, transparent.
    Your freedom of expressions is your fundamental right. Use it with grace..

  176. prem bubbie says:

    For you buffoons, Shantam and prakash- osho made it perfectly clear that one person CANNOT dissolve into another person, whether, soul or some other higher energy… this is YET another remarkable example of how you two douches conjure up things in your minds… you get a thought of the supernatural, twist it to fill your needs, then project your insanity to posts on SN. Prakash and Anugrah, Shantam, admit it, you’re wishing to become whores for Rajneesh… maybe someone told you he had a big dick, since non of you are getting laid, you must have decided you’d have a better chance with Rajneesh working as sluts. Drag along Gandhi(Anand), he’s fallen on hard times too, now he’s stooped so low as to blame homosexuals for his(women) troubles.

  177. prem bubbie says:

    Chetna, are you that babe that is Lokesh’s friend on facebook? if so… hot mama!!! nice to see you back, sweet cheeks.

  178. Lokesh says:

    I followed Chetna’s link to Rajneesh talking. I watched the man talk for 1.20 minutes and knew by then there was nothing more to be gained by watching him and listening to his words.
    I do not find any resemblence between Rajneesh and Osho. Energetically the man is simply too self righteous to be anywhere near an enlightened condition. It is obvious that he wants to proove himself right . Any sannyasin who has drank deeply from Osho’s cup and now wants to sit around with Rajneesh would, in my opinion, be doing that because of a need to perpetuate the guru game. It is a free world and if people want to play that game that is their business and nobody elses.
    On a personal level i feel blessed to have spent time with people who I believe had entered some kind of transcendence of the limited ego self and somehow manage to remain in that state. Over the years I’ve developed a taste or sensitivity when looking at pictures, watching film, reading books, listening to talks and listening to other people describe spiritual teachers, that tells me whether or not a spiritual teacher is bonafide or not. It is a combination of things that I don’t care to go into right now. Suffice to say my enlightenment meter doesn’t even give a flicker when directed at Rajneesh. Kind of makes me wonder how anyone who ever had a real taste of Osho could be interested in Rajneesh on a teaching level, because on that level he is in my mind a very poor substitute for the real thing.
    As far as I understand it Rajneesh is behind some worthwhile projects and on that level I wish him and his friends the best. As for the man being some kind of embodiment of Osho…that is absolute bullshit. That is my opinion and I know I am nobody special, but I just had to say it.

  179. prem bubbie says:

    Prakash… when you see Rajneesh, do see- A) a street hustler, B) a porcupine with straighten hair, C) yourself one day being in his shoes with all of that money he has. D) some one who is still hallucinating after 25 years? E) an angel sent by God/Krishna/Shiva almighty to save the human race from evil capitalist pigs and sannyas haters who won’t play nice while writing intelligent, carefully crafted poems full with curses and insults meant for idiotic people looking for the true saviour, who’s name starts with an “O”. or F) ALL THE ABOVE

  180. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh- nice to hear some intelligent response … on the other hand…. the microcosm of the universe(Shantam, Prakash, Anugrah, Anand(Gandhi)… well, that should tell you the fate of the universe and earth.. count down to End of Days has begun.

  181. shantam says:

    Nice Mail Lokesh, i fee to say YES to every word written above.
    But yes,when the self righteous management lives in the state of spiritual arrogance, rajneesh´s rise is a nice reaction.
    and also it means, people want to pour their feelings out, if not on a symbol or a memory than someone like Sandarshi,shailandra or rajneesh etc.
    Rajneesh will definitely attract more people, being more articulate and emotional provoker.
    mostly the new sannyasins who came in contact with Osho recently and old Indians who want to support their underdog, rajneesh seems to be the only choice.
    A sannyasin with more chutzpah i have not seen, and add with it the self certified degree of Enlightenment.

  182. prem bubbie says:

    Prakash- please don’t fain innocence whenit comes to Rajneesh, I mean your boy, rajneesh.. you have for quite sometime been a spokes person and advocate for this clown. now you speak as if rajneesh’s video has suddenly struck you like a lightning bolt fired from Mother Kali’s ass.. You’re another street hustler trying to sell his wares to ignorant shoppers,. Didn’t I see you standing on a corner one day with a placard saying “Brainwash, Next Left Turn”? Head buff extra.

  183. shantam says:

    i wish rajneesh really really huge success. May be it will make some ant move in the brains of British Canadian collaboration at Pune level.

    I wonder how long they want to sell not the real Potatoes but industry dried Potato Chips..
    Yes..potato chips are also 100% potatoes.

    No wonder, every year, visitors in Pune are declining. A fixed set of people visit regularly. International organisation has become a place for family gatherings of few.
    Visit for few weeks, gather your regular friends in your hotel or resort room, and next day post the photos on facebook.

    God bless you Beloved Osho!

  184. shantam says:

    Bubbie follow the lead of martyn. Get some courage to disapper or come forward with your real identity, even it is Osama Bin Ladan, does not matter.
    No judgement. Just come clean with your mission..

  185. shantam says:

    bubbie has seen, Chetna´s dashing photo on lokesh´s facebook page.
    Can someone knows, which toothless man there is the real man behind you.

    Instead of giving dry commentary about others, first come clean.. Such a wise man is hiding behind the nukkie of a bubbie.

    Have you not got an iota of human dignity?

  186. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam- i thought you’re the sannyasin with more “Chutzpah”, why not start an ashram yourself? I volunteer to be your interpreter… you need one as you know, to unscramble that alphabet soup gurgling in your mouth.. to make it understandable, full of rhyme and reason, draped with foul language and raining insults… yes, i’ll do it…. no need for payment, except i’ll take a little coochie oochie from your little Swiss Miss.

  187. prem bubbie says:

    Toothless man? Well sir, that’s surprising, since I borrowed your false choppers just the other night… This is an outrage!!!

  188. prem bubbie says:

    You come clean first Shantam- or is it- bubbie? or
    Anand, or Frank, or Martyn or Prakash ?

  189. prem bubbie says:

    P.S. Shantam- don’t try to divert attention to some trivial things… answer Martyn’s accusations of sexual harassment and being banned from various ashrams and centers . Chicken shit as i thought.

  190. prem bubbie says:

    “God bless you osho”!!! — HUH?? just reinforces the fact that Shantam is a Christiian/Catholic sannyasin- that is such an oxymoron. Are you a catholic planted by the vatican, to disrupt Sannyas websites? I’ve read other posts by you on other sannyasin websites…. something very deceitful going on here.

  191. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam- you definitely aren’t playing with a full deck.. Too bad Maneesha couldn’t be there when your daddy died… it would have saved your brain… well, a little bit of it… that shock of daddy disappearing into the abyss really turned that already jumbled spaghetti brain of yours into moldy plum pudding. i wish i can help… would you like a bib to go with the drool cup? My treat.

  192. Gandhi says:

    I hard that Prem Bubbie is a fan of Moraji Desai the former prime minister of India, they both like to drink their own urine.
    No wonder he talks like this .
    Congratulations to sannyas news for their new main editor
    Prem Bubbie, who is replacing Shantam.

  193. prem martyn says:

    how could i tell alok about ripping yarns
    and bubbie about tintin…(over a year ago)
    if it hadnt been for my class mate at highgate school with whom i enjoyed much festivity in comedy acting…

    the late Harry Thompson


    my public school boys humour bears no malice.. or destructiveness…
    and all i wish is that the spirit of harry enfield, borat and the best of british comedy live on …as it so richly does…

    yes privileged sixth form rebellion comedy can never be likened to desperate religious pontificating….its a different world…
    and unassailable by even the most desperate quasi religious or psycho cranks later in adult life..

    we were naughty schoolboys.. and i still am..

    thanks to anyone who gets it…. and too bad to anyone who can’t

    i consider myself lucky …very very lucky to have been part of harry thompson’s schooldays….

    hopefully that will put some of my outbursts and attitudes in perspective to allay and assuage suspicions over my motives….and origins…
    shatman.. you do your research properly… you’ll find me.. but i am not here to make new friends .. so my face stays private…

    and yes i think at school we invented profane body-detailing continuous swearing… .at least it seemed like it at the time…which my suspensions and regular detentions proved .

    and i became allergic to uniforms…costumes to define identity…

    i hope i never grow up….

    or meditate or search religiously ever again….


  194. shantam says:

    rebeliousness, British commedy, school boy, never growing up…all is fine..just wear your own clothes, no school uniforms..
    Are you doing the British comedy on psycho religious groups in Pakistan?

    Have you not even this much dignity. Rest in Peace martyn, the puppet. your obitury is already written.

  195. shantam says:

    Please, please, please, freinds

    If you have somehting to share, how so ever trivial it may look to others, but do it with your sannyas name or facebook name.
    We owe this much to life in large and to oneself…

  196. shantam says:

    shatman.. you do your research properly… you’ll find me.. but i am not here to make new friends .. so my face stays private…

    What a born ass hole you are, martyn the puppet..
    None wants to be your friend, but let your friends know..what kind of junk or geniuos you are.

    Are you the killer of architect Jo, a continuous news for last three weeks, inspite of the franatic search police is unable to find one of her friend who was connecting with her through false identity.

    Are you the registered sex offender?

    Come clean man..

  197. shantam says:

    Few weeks ago, Anugrah has send me the message at facebook to create a new Osho news site, after seeing the limitations of sannyasnews, the site which has lost its punch, it has not shown any resiliance against the unseen viruses…
    If one is unable to pluck the rotten apples away from the tree, you just become responisble for the gradual death of the tree.

    So, someone who is willing to take the initiative with me to built a new site…i am open for it.
    It is not in the competetion with sannyasnews, but a site, where all kind of Osho writers share their articles and comments but everybody with their real identity.

    Has some one noticed, how smoothly 500 million people are using the facilty. martyn and bubbie kind of jerks also will write their in different way, because nobody like to shit before the company of their family and friends.
    Here at sannyasnews any dog can piss..in the kitchen, in the bed room, every where..

    I hope, Parmartha and Dharman will take notice.

  198. prem martyn says:

    august 17th 1980 darshan diary..osho ashram
    highgate school north london

    osho ko hsuan school

    old school sannyasin..

    i dont give names out here for further proof .. so rest assured anyone who knows me….as i’m an ethical anarchist

    to anyone who knew or knows me..to attack or otherwise…
    and anyone else who cant sleep at night
    do your research you have plenty of info now

    the face-image remains non public

    but send flowers to deepfun@ecologyfund.net

    shatman fantasist ….your liar allegations are for you to prove.P R O V E (you cant ..because they are your mindy nonsense) ….you dont need to repeat yourself…
    i could have told you sooner.. but all the details of my veracity have been there over the past year for you to collect….furthermore, i purposely signed up with my actual sannyas name for those who might know me and have had actual interchanges here on sn to that effect.. but im not going to itemise them , as they are several months back…and furthermore I could not have been contacted by the editors without it intially…

    you need to employ sw. detached for your sleuthing.. pay him a large fee and find the same evidence i have already for you here…

    why am i telling you know…

    because i can gloat over the fact you are a psychotic nincompoop…
    and you need to get higher quality input in life.. you are running too low in your search for triumphalism….

    and i’m having a look …maybe gloating meditation can also be fun .. you should know you have practised it a long time….

    and you dare to offer tacit support to a shit like rajneeshenstein so as to get your kicks…how virtuous….being pissed off with historical events is one thing.. being a full time wanker like him with neophytes like you in tow is another…

    whatever i say is for my own benefit…with my own agenda…i’m human.. i have one..its yours if you want it or anyone elses to grab a hold of and swing… specially for a good laugh

    but do you really need to swing both ways in being both pro and anti rajneeshcula to keep your vendetta going re amrito…

    you sad sad indian corner shop wallah…
    and to all the silly hackers who have mine and everyone else’s emails….

    try real comedy… its lighter on the spirit…

    now shatman the police are currently arresting pakistanis in UK who have been raping 13 year old white girls..and with a name like iqbal .. i’d be worried…

    or think its a bad joke .. like your stupid repetitive focus on me not existing to make yourself look like you have integrity….
    being pompous is genetically of asian origin.. didnt you know…now please get out of europe and take your mum back also to wherever you came from….until you learn some western manners…

    furthermore chetna.. you want to prove a point.. using rajneeshenstein is just a bolster to that effort.because you want to vindicate a position against therapists ????. using him is like saying swami defecate has only the good of people in mind who he doesn’t like anyway by his own admissions….
    its another low of perception..about what works…and why..

    chetna… the only good i see coming from your video is for swami Arun (despite arun’s faults) to publically declare zero support for rajneculastein.. by implication photos of them chatting presumes some kind of mutuality…
    then we can individuate arun’s own unique contributions to sanyarse later , should we care to…

    as you know this is not about good or bad bandwagons its about… speaking from your own experience…. i know therapist motivations and identities are collectively approved shit.. but i wouldnt dig up their dead grandmothers to prove my point…it kind of deflates the integrity of the discussion….

    i’m gone.. i’m reachable by email.

    and that is it…

    stay free, keep sweet.

    and dont eat meat…

  199. prem bubbie says:

    P.M. Shitman the shantam does deserve ridicule, insults and even a pie in the face when confronted, but to debate shantam to great length, or even his cohorts, is just a waste of key strokes, writing more than one short paragraph to make a point to the idiots, they can not comprehend, even one sentence for that matter… fanatics, these “religious” zealots want to conquer the word and fly their flag over it, if i were a man of violence, i would recommend dropping a few nukes on their heads, but i can only fantasize that one day Scotty will beam these mother fuckers away to oblivion…. Spock.. where are you, We need you… help us Spock!!!

  200. prem bubbie says:

    What is your true identity “Shantam”… still refuses to answer…

  201. anugrah says:

    prem bubbie, i do not know about shantam

    but i know who you are

    when 100 politicains die , one prositute is born
    and when 100 prostitus die one prem bubbie is born

    find out please who is your daddy?
    i guess Danziel washington
    or perheps fake prisnor from rajneesh puram time

  202. prem bubbie says:

    speak inglish man!!! i mean english…shantam/anugrah one in the same… so obsessed with prostitutes, death/dying, sperm throwing, sluts are whoring, viruses and bacteria, osho’s in nigeria, snotta claus is coming to town, anugrah le doofus the clown. happy epiphany day.

  203. prem bubbie says:

    stick with facebook communications anugross/shitam… for losers too lazy to meet face to face… strange it’s called “facebook”.

  204. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam says “…how smoothly 500 million people are using the facility”. Now, if those same 500 million could use earth’s “facilities” smoothly, I’d join those jackoffs. 500 million people using a facility designed to keep people from face to face interaction doesn’t mean squat. just, frighten children afraid they my not be strong enough to stand up to bullies. Such a neat and tidy world humans have created…without solving the root cause of the problems. Shantam/Anugrah, I have a couple of “cream pies” waiting for you…I don’t mean the sweet kind either.

  205. shantam says:

    congratulations sannyasnews for developing and trial run of the new features for identity control.
    Today´s No-Thought for the Day points in this direction-

    “Everybody wants freedom ― as far as talking is concerned ― but nobody really is free. And nobody really wants to be free, because freedom brings responsibility; it does not come alone.” Osho

  206. shantam says:

    for losers too lazy to meet face to face… strange it’s called “facebook”.
    This idiot who is creating Bubbie te puppet does not know, what he is wrting. i am not sure, whether there is someone in his life for face to face interaction.

    and i am looking forward to see the face of this jerk, once sannyasnews introduces the Avatara feature.

    Frank and martyn, after his introductory note seems to be in a much betterleague than this waste of time guy.

    The intelligence of the normal humans need to be expand in this way as to squeeze the brackkets (power hungry on the top, and powerless egos on the bottom) from both sides, so that heavy weight and low class egos simply crushed together…
    In the context of Osho movement, Jayesh Amrito are one bracket and Bubbie, martyn kind stands for the other extreme…The later has no positive contribution other than the fact they have the tremendous survival skills inspite of being socially dysfunctional..

  207. Shahriar says:

    This discussion seems to have degenerated. I would like to change the direction of this discussion by reposting something which I posted on the last article but which did not have the opportunity to get a response because of a newly posted article. It is reproduced below:

    Where to start. As far as western civilization which Shantam describes as “arrogant, cold, dry and superficial.” That is not true. The spiritual achievements of western civilization are unrivaled in history. We are going to start from the renaissance. John Locke, the Founding Fathers of America, the innumerable capitalists, businessmen and innovators who are the moral heroes of capitalist society and who brought the world out of the dark ages, out of the middle ages. They are the reason why today such immense prosperity, wealth and individual rights are enjoyed by westerners. It is because of these moral heroes of western civilization and their spiritual achievements. The rights which women enjoy today in western civilization is entirely due to the renaissance and the philosophy of the renaissance which has allowed it in the words of the most unlikeliest of persons Aleister Crowley “to exceed the nations of the earth in splendor and pride.”

    Not to mention the artistic achievements of western civilization from Michelangelo, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ayn Rand and the innumerable musicians, poets, novelists and playwrights who have enriched western culture with their immortal works.

    Again quoting from Aleister Crowley “Let Mary inviolate be torn upon wheels ; for her sake let all chaste women be utterly despised among you. Also for beauties sake and loves.” It is the west that has invented the concept of the girlfriend and the boyfriend. It is the west which has invented the concept of the love affair. Not the east, the east only knows about marriage, a very serious institution.

    As far as pornography, women are not forced to engage in pornography, if they want to do so they can. They are not being exploited. They are simply marketing a film which displays them having sex. You Indians may object to it, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. If a model profits from her beauty why shouldn’t a pornstar profit from hers? Isn’t the sexual act a very beautiful act? Why should it be hidden in the dark as if it is something ugly or shameful? Men especially should not criticize pornography because it would be hypocritical and dishonest, you are receiving such a service from these women selling videos of themselves having sex so that you can masturbate and here you are condemning them? (note: I don’t condemn men who use porn for masturbation since that is its purpose and there is nothing wrong with masturbation.)

    One final thing, ideas are not a product of ones race. So any sort of collectivism, whether racial or not is wrong. No race, whether the white race or the Indian race, is superior or inferior. It is not the race which is superior or inferior but ideas. The achievements of western civilization are not due to the color of their skin but they are a product of the ideas and values of western civilization such as individualism, reason, capitalism etc. etc. etc. That is the reason why western civilization is superior to all other civilizations, not because of its race.

    As far as freedom of speech, it includes the right to offend and use foul language. Of course SN is a privately owned website and therefore they are well within their rights to moderate this discussion and prevent certain forms of speech.

    It is interesting that Genghis Khan is also part of the eastern heritage and yet he is largely ingnored. This shows something about those who condemn western civilization because it has fought wars. It shows that underneath their condemnation is hidden hatred and envy. Hatred of the good for being the good as Ayn Rand would say. Hatred of western civlization for its virtues and its achievemts. For its success, for the unashamed materialism of the west which is a refutation of religion and mysticism and its promises. Which shows the utter bankruptcy of religious and mystical thought and its failure to contribute anything to human life.

    And let me add that war itself is not a cause for condemnation. There is such a thing as war in self-defense, as war for the protection of individual rights, there is such a thing as a righteous war. Such as the American Revolution.

  208. prem bubbie says:

    Lokesh- I hope your party went well, save any left over scotch please, i’ll be over as soon as through here…. later

  209. prem bubbie says:

    Well shariar things have degenerated here, though Shantam still refuses to acknowledge that he has posted before using fake names, and he still refuses to address the allegations of sexual misconduct and his banning by various ashrams as alleged by P.M. and he continues his own insults toward me and P.M. and Satya Deva and Lokesh… strange that he refuses to acknowledge those facts yet he continues with his insanity… What is it someone once said- “an insane person is one who expects different results using the same method.” He does the same thing over and over and expects different answers. this guy invites insults so i feel obliged to give them… what more to say?

  210. prem bubbie says:

    Perhaps, just ignoring these insane creatures maybe the best thing to do. When they see no one responds to their delusional rantings they just might just disappear into the ether….

  211. shantam says:

    the piece written by you could have the starting point of a new thread, not just crammed somewhere in between.
    Only an utter fanatical idiot someone in the range of that 26 yeas old policeman in Lahore, who has assassinated the liberal governor of Punjab(Pakistan), will be blind to the immense immense contribution of the west for our life on the earth..
    And also to ignore the fact, myth or the reality of belief in Jesus has not played the ignition role will also be a grave injustice.
    May be in the whole Indian literature, it is only OSHO who has given the due credit by saying something like, west has given and developed so much and so fast that soon there will be no east left, that His effort is the last ditch effort to preserve the little candle of that east.

    What is that east?

    A single dimensional search for one´s own being. A subjective exploration in the peaks and Vallie’s of one´s own interior and its effect on the outer world.
    The art and science of Meditation and the various techniques around this theme, up to this point, where it is said, even the God or the master is just a Device..

  212. shantam says:

    But yes..Shahriar, i stay with my condemnation for the western sannyasins who are at the steering wheel of osho movement, and those wetsern sannyasin elites who are bystanders to see the global vision getting localised.
    And i have the legitimate and insider right to say like this. I am not just a Osho book reader but have spend most of my life time in the active life around sannyasins in Pune.
    I know what a big loss it is to the new wave of spiritualty, a free bird called Osho with His chopped wings, by His own people.

    This also proves, just to be in the company of a living master is not enough, on the contrary it can become the barrier, as nothing worthwhile grows under a big tree.

  213. chetna says:

    “a free bird called Osho with His chopped wings, by His own people.”

    Shantam, if you do not belong to those sannyasins, Osho will not be chopped either. You seem to put a condition that you can be with Osho if his sannyains are in certain way. Osho said it clearly we relate to Him individually, so why to care about Pune, Rajneesh etc etc…. Could not care less.

    Do not waste your time in mind games. There are no conditions to love!

  214. Lokesh says:

    A Shantam quote: A single dimensional search for one´s own being. A subjective exploration in the peaks and valleys of one´s own interior and its effect on the outer world.

    Sounds alright if you know nothing of the man who wrote this. All very noble but a piece of hypocritical nonsense coming from Shantam. A subjective exploration. Going by most of Shantam’s comments this is something he is not actually participating in. A good example is Shantam’s latest obssession with peoples identities. This is a blog site. It is normal practice to use a nom de plume on a blog but Shantam simply does not understand this and has set his flag of self righteousness right in the centre of a battlefield that basically he is alone in. Yet, like a pitbull sinking its teeth into a steak, he cannot let go of this superficial issue. The point is that on a blog site it is the issues discussed that are important not the personalities who author them. To think otherwise is simply a sure sign of stubborn stupidity.
    That ‘real’ personalities should become an issue on a sannyasin website is a double whammy because central to the core of Osho’s teaching is the concept that the personality is a sham, a mask, nothing more, Yet that great subjective explorer, Shantam, thinks it ever so important to know the ‘real’ identity of whomsover decides to drop a comment into the site. There is only one real identity and anyone who has spent years around Osho, his teachings, his people, his meditations, should by now realize that they are missing something important when they feel the need to know a person’s real identity. The point is that we only understand others to the degree that we understand ourselves and that the only true identity worth knowing is your own.

  215. shantam says:

    Osho has said it clearly we relate to Him individually…
    sounds very interesting..
    but what it means in a prose?
    where is the difference when someone says i relate with Krishnna, Jesus Mohammad individually, Buddha has said, i will be on the gates of heaven till the last of us has not entered..

    This is the universal basic promise of all the dead gurus. Their successors always says, ” our founder is up in the sky..and he will be yor witness..once you reach there..but yes..sign the power of attorney here at earth and pay the reasonable fees through the mixture of cash and devotion….

    Chetna, can you shed the light what it really means, “I relate with my disciples indivudally…” in historical and contemprary context…
    it must be something really esoteric..when esoteric non sense is there, we don´t call it is the mind game..

  216. shantam says:

    Lokesh, you can get 2.5 out of 10 for your stupid logic.

    it is not about the identities of the people who write casually and once in a while. But when some masked fucker pokes his finger in every pie, one gets the right to ask.
    You wiil not ask your wife, who was selling her the vegetables and other dozens of services received and rendered everyday..but surely you wouldlike to know..who was holding her hand on the beach..(further i don´t want to imagine)

    furthermore, new identity feature at Snews seems like is on the way, as one has seen the trial run yesterday.

    And do some exercise for your slugish brain..You are accepting only that part of Osho, which fits with your Papaji´s advaita..
    Even for Papaji advaita..you will not be able to digest that man for 45 years was kneeling, dancing, crying before the statue of Krishna..
    If you want to try…below is the link to dance and sing..

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  217. Lokesh says:

    Shantam, I don’t bother to follow any links you post on SN because they usually share a common denominator…boring.
    You simply don’t get the point that I am making, which is by letting go of your need to know people’s true identity you will rob your current obssession of the power it holds over you. If you were grounded in just a little of the transcendent energy that lies at the core of your own identity you would not bether with such superflous nonsense. If you wish to undermine my comments with the likes of and I quote: ‘you can get 2.5 out of 10 for your stupid logic’ that is cool with me, because it is you that has a problem and not me. From this moment I will no longer comment on your current obssession. This is a free and uncensored blog and if you wish to make a complete fool of your self, while revealing your ‘true’ identity, that is your right and I don’t feel the need to interfere.

  218. Shahriar says:

    “May be in the whole Indian literature, it is only OSHO who has given the due credit by saying something like, west has given and developed so much and so fast that soon there will be no east left, that His effort is the last ditch effort to preserve the little candle of that east.”

    Here I would disagree, I don’t believe that his was effort was a last ditch effort to preserve the little candle of the east.

    Mystical philosophies have existed both in the east and west and while western civilization and values like reason, individualism and capitalism may not destroy mystical philosophies they have certainly challenged them.

    Osho was rising to the challenge and working to develop a radical new religiousness because he saw clearly that the old vision of religion had become obsolete.

    Shantam I don’t see how the western sannyasins are localizing Oshos vision? And can you refresh our memory as to the exact condemnation you have of western sannyasins?

  219. Lokesh says:

    Shahriar, another point that you might not be aware of is this. Some of the people who write on this blog actually had something to do with Osho on a human level. I first met Osho in 1974 and over the course of a few years had perhaps a hundred conversations with the man on his porch. He knew me to the extent that he remembered my name without his secretary having to remind him, because in the early days there were not so many sannyasins living around him on a full time basis.
    During that time I was a young man and in retrospect I realize how patient Osho was with me. For several years Osho and the commune was the fulcrum of my existence. Even wonderful things must draw to a close and so it was with me and that most fascinating and exciting episode in my life.
    Nowadays it is helpful to have a robust sense of humour when hearing what people who imagine themselves to have a close relationship with Osho have to say for themselves. Shantam is not old enough to have anything much in the way of personal contact with Osho, yet he has appointed himself to be some sort of spokesman for giving a repesentation of what Osho’s vision was. Well, I’ll tell you one thing for sure. Osho would never have tolerated a fool like Shantam’s racist remarks for a second. Racism is one of the ugliest traits a human being can exhibit. To judge a person’s identity by their skin colour is totally uncool in any intelligent society, let alone a society that is based on spiritual values. Yet we have utter cretins like Shantam and co. feigning outrage at profane language and keeping one’s social identity secret while they voice self righteously outright racist comments. To be honest I find this despicable and a sign of how far some segments of sannyasin society have veered from some of the universal truths that Osho spoke about. That such people think they have the right to ban anyone from this site defies logic, because if something stinks around here it is Shantam and his dumb cronies’ racist sentiments.

  220. prem bubbie says:

    How was the party Lokesh? Hung over? Judging from your response to Shit for Brains shantam, You’re on top of your game as usual… there is truly some gray matter missing from that boy’s brain… just remarkable that Existence can create, and maintain a creature like that… on to the racism and other despicable things many sannyasins are capable of, I think we touched on that topic some months ago, but, as typical of this site, this need repeating. I noticed sannyasins in general, change their minds at any given time… When osho would lecture about a topic most would take it as gospel, then if he changed his mind, let’s say months or years later, sannyasins would do the same….Take for example, one of his earliest lecture’s with the book titled “Beware of Socialism” 1970-ish. there he raved about capitalism,and John D. Rockefeller the oil tycoon during the late 1800′s and early 1900′s. fast forward to 1986, where he ranted about Capitalist America’s evil ways, etc. etc. Another, when he commented about a gay Catholic’s sannyasins troubles, he said Catholism was his problem, and being gay wasn’t. Then fast forward to 1987, he ranted on the hiv epidemic and how homosexuality was a disease, etc, etc. The sannyasins just followed in goosestep: inviting Saddam Hussein’s henchmen to visit the ashram and they did. After the anti-gay speech osho gave, there was and still is much hatred towards gays…. some stupid sick people who call themselves spiritual… So the anti- white blathering coming from shantam and the rest is no surprise…. Just need to expose these creeps and if need be, verballyl “stomp” on them.. It’s sad, but it seems it needs to be done. cheers

  221. prem bubbie says:

    Oh yeah, what new sign in procedure? another of shantam’s delusions i suppose.

  222. prem bubbie says:

    where are your papers? Vee mussen see your paperz!!! Das place is Verbotten, vitout zee paperz!!! Speckenzee nazi? Fasciste? by orders of Colonel Shantam Klink.

  223. prem bubbie says:

    my german is a tad rusty, sorry.

  224. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam’s been eating eggs and chicken again… too much dioxin in the feed… latest german headlines… tainted german food…. for (insane) thought.

  225. shantam says:

    Lokesh, please try to use your logical cells from the other prospective.
    What is the psychological need for those three men who are hiding behind the fake identities of bubbie, martyn and Frank.
    When you, Satya deva, shahriar, chetna etc. are the way they are, than why some ripe old wise men with 25 years of sannyas behind will use such cheap gimmicks.
    Do you remember the old days, when neighbour kids will simply ring the bell and run away or will take the air out from the girl´s bicycles..
    Are these gentlemen are living their born again experinces…

  226. Shahriar says:

    This is a piece I wrote on my blog philosophya1.blogspot.com titled:

    On India and China, why I think India will ultimately surpass China.

    I think that India will ultimately surpass China if radical changes do not take place in China’s political system. My reason is that in India there is political freedom, that means individul rights and freedom of speech which are absolutely required for innovation to take place. Indians have greatly benefited from the freedom which exists in India and that is why such a genius like Osho could exist in India and not in China, freedom is the reason. India’s superior political system along with the cultural innovation that has taken place in India, primarily Osho, are going to lead in my opinion ultimately to India surpassing China. Capitalism is inconsistent with China’s political system but is consistent with India’s political system. China is a bubble that is going to burst for the reasons stated above.

  227. shantam says:

    White sannyasins need to be psychoanalysied in their collective being.and it will definately help them more than the highly paid group leaders, who are also from the same breed.
    The issue is whitemen´s collective tendency to protect their mind set at any cost. i will not hesitate to accept that Individually they are much much more ethical moral and honest compared to the same level of individual Indians.

    For example, other than Abhay, i have never heard any western sannyasins raising the question marks on the managers at resort.
    Though it is all together another fact, most of the writers here had whithered away during Pune one or Oregaon phase.
    And yet such an arrogant typical wstern trait, they left the movie in the middle yet are not willing to accept that story line took a dramatic turn during Osho´s last years.

  228. Shahriar says:

    So westerners are collectively immoral but individually may be moral and indians are collectively moral but may be individually immoral? I refer you to my post at January 9, 2011 at 1:40 am.

    Shantam, you are a racist and a collectivist and that is very despicable.

  229. Lokesh says:

    Shahriar, you are absolutely right on the money with your last comment.

  230. Lokesh says:

    Bubbie, Saturday night’s get together at our place was a success.
    About twenty good friends joined together in our singing group. We do gospel, blues etc. I used to play in a blues band and last night did pretty well on my blues harp to the Stones’ ‘You gotta move’. Real stirring stuff.
    By midnight we had my industrial sound system well cranked. Highlight was Chaka Demus & Pliars remake of ‘Twist and Shout’. Everyone was screaming their heads off and getting down and dirty. People from Ibiza know how to party.
    I was just thinking that you would probably enjoy my books. My latest is beginning to generate interest and positive reviews. I don’t need to plug my book to you for financial reasons, just think you would dig it on a number of levels.
    Here is a link in case you are interested.


  231. prem bubbie says:

    I trust your word and several other friends who have been to ibiza about the parties, i ‘ve heard about the raves since about ’86, say , which reminds me, do/did you know a french ma from back in the late ’80′s(don’t know if she’s still there), he name was/is Unmani… she used to be a model, what a dish!! though a little nutty, she was very superstitious, had this obsession with vampires… anyway, she moved there after living in n.y.c. for a couple of years…. Every sannyas party i’ve been to, here in the states-ranch included have been a gas!! Most of them were even drug free… show’s the world what a person can do when they let lose from the head and just be!! I’ll probably buy your book, don’t know when… Amazon is a great place to sell as well as buy. good prices . any autographed copies available? your book may be worth something to the next gen- sannyas crowd, that is if the sect that has the Shantam clones flakes off like a tied off hemorrhoid. see ya

  232. Pankaja says:

    Hey guys, thanks for keeping sannyas news going, it’s great that you do this