Osho International move to UK

Below, interesting document ending up on the SN desk…..

Osho International move to UK:  on Dec 2016….   open attached legal document

No doubt will excite people like Shantam with its ramifications…

OIF England



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  1. Klaus says:


    That is indeed some coincidence….

    Whereas I am contemplating to move to India or Thailand with my family for
    meditative reasons – and also due to current developments in the political landscape – OIF are moving to London with a new company.

    For meditative reasons – or due to current developments on the political landscape?


  2. Kavita says:

    All in all, this means that Osho’s Sannyas Community are the Queen’s Subjects & The Empire strikes back!

    • frank says:

      Newsflash from our London desk:

      In what appears to be an attack in Central London by IS (Indian Sannyas), dangerous religious factions have once again thrown possibilities for world peace into turmoil…
      In the newly established London HQ in Hangover Square of OIF (Oligarchs International Freelunch) an attempted bomber by the name of Ali Iqbal Shantam, an unemployed man with severe learning difficulties and self-styled spokesman for his facebook friends, walked into the reception dressed cunningly not in an explosive vest, but in explosive underpants.

      Shouting “Osho Akbar Yahoo!”, he pulled the ignition cord on his pants but his bomb failed to go off and his pants fell to the ground.

      Survivors agreed that it could have been worse but it was still a pretty unpleasant sight.

      The OIF management moved swiftly and business consultants are offering trauma counselling and free white socks to the victims at £200 per hour.

      Later, a leading figure of OIF, Dr. Dave O`Raj, aka John George Paul Ringo Meredith Andrews, gave evidence in court by pulling down his trousers and waving an empty gin bottle and his shiny white buttocks (which had a 10 rupee aerogram stuck in the crack) at the opposition lawyer and shouting:
      “If you marble-kissers want something to kiss, then wrap your lips round these beauties!”

      The case continues.

  3. Arpana says:


    What, in your view, are the ramifications of this development?

    • Parmartha says:

      Thanks, Arpana, for your post. Only have a few random thoughts just now.

      London has a reputation in financial circles as being the most deregulated finance market in the world – and will become even more deregulated post-Brexit as the govt. tries to retain and attract companies here, given the absence of access to the European Market.

      Hence OI will be able to do, as it were, ‘what they like’, which I am not sure is true of American financial markets.

      Amrito is very English public school and will know London and the finance/legal markets here better than he would the American.

      Actually, OI was in London briefly once before and even started up a meditation centre in Regent’s Street, or somewhere like that…in the early nineties if my memory is correct…but lasted just 12 months or less.

      Ramifications? Not really sure just at the moment….

  4. frank says:

    Well, I voted for Bharexit (exit from Bharat).
    We can now negotiate our own trade deals with Nirvana and turn the UK into an offshore enlightenment haven.
    Let`s all pull together to make Osho great again.
    Build a wall to keep the dole-scrounging immigrants like Shantam out.
    And order a crate of London dry gin to the offices at the aptly named Hangover Square.
    Put the UK back where it belongs as a global force.
    Two world wars, a world cup and an enlightened master’s work.
    Oi oi oi!
    Hoo hoo hoo!

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      Well, lets just hope that the deer, here proudly presented on top of the latest family ´file´, ( plagiatory french satyrical ´roots´here,btw), coat of arms – has a better timing now- here to spring out of the picture , to join the sangha in contemporary virtual buddhahall for joy and laughter than as it happened , hollywoodstyle on stage in Pune Buddhahall (1988)…

      Nice ´coat of arms´ though…


    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      And some other flavour from some other circumferences in terms of exit strategy pathways, Frank.

      Yesterday, for the stunning world´s global media at large, one could see your British Premier Lady Theresa May ( in a fireman´s red elegant costume) posing with President Donald Trump right before the antic genuine oil portrait of Neville Chamberlaine* for the foto shooting in the Oval Office. Besides other stuff , she delivered the British Queens Invitation.
      They had a good time together, playing very smart.

      (Couldn´t help it… some thoughts about the ´lizard thing´…floated by but also some scenes of Harry Potter´s classrooms for elite disciples.
      Felt so good, to let that cloud – thought- watching go (pass)
      – as we – we – are requested to leave it all to Existence, aren´t we ?)

      Bright sky here today and a special wheather forecast ( warming up) for tomorrow. But who knows, what is going to happen on the sky
      tomorrow ? Or what happens in the one or the other ´History channel´…


      * Portrait Chamberlaine ( in oil painted) was freed from the White House cellar.. . for this occasion or ´forever´one does not know, or does one…?

    • Klaus says:

      Instant poetry, Frank.

      Now, where is Swami Yogi on the almighty Bharat with this new move of the Oshoites?

  5. swamishanti says:

    I can see Mr Michael William Byrne (Jayesh) and Mr Ronald Surridge Tanner listed on the company documents, but I cannot see Dr. John Andrews – wait – Dr George Meredith – hang on – Dr Amrito – no- just a minute- it’s Swami Devaraj- ah, now he`s dropped all his names, and he`s simply nameless?

    • Parmartha says:

      He might now be Mr Sturridge! You will see that name in several places.

      • Kavita says:

        Parmartha, that’s what I thought when I read that name for the first time, seems he is taking ‘who am I?’ to a completely another level!

  6. shantam prem says:

    Once British media gets to know this sneaky entry of Osho Foundation in UK, I am sure many cupboards will be searched for skeletons. Sects and their skeletons make interesting story.

  7. sannyasnews says:

    (Apropos this revelation about the London company registration, received by Sannyas News):

    Videh (Vaidehe Vadgama) and myself have intervened in an ongoing legal proceeding in the High Court of Bombay that was initiated by Yogesh Thakkar in June 2016 (Criminal Writ Petition 1250 of 2016). The proceeding concerns the alleged Will of Osho and the inefficiency of the State Police to handle this case. We have appointed as our lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani, the son of Ram Jethmalani who was Osho’s lawyer in the 70s and 80s.
    Just a few days ago, we deposited in this case an Affidavit which includes as an Exhibit the ‘Memorandum of Association’ of the Private Limited Company which Michael Byrne has registered in the UK on 22 December 2016 and which is the string lead here.

    This Company is a Private Limited Company whose ‘Members’ are Michael Byrne and Ronald Tanner. In this particular type of private limited company they are the ‘shareholders’ to all effects.
    I suggest those interested pay particular attention to the following points in the Memorandum:
    Point number 2.2 under the heading of “Objects and Powers” in the Articles of Association. This would facilitate, in our view, the transfer of all Assets (including his personal library!) of Osho from OIF Zurich to OIF London – effectively from a ‘Charitable Trust’ to a Private Limited Company.
    Point number 4.4.1 under the heading “Limitation of Private Benefits” the word “Connected” means the immediate family of Michael Byrne/Ronald Tanner – spouse, civil partner, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent or grandchild. The definition of the word “Connected” can be found in the section on “Interpretation – Defined Terms” at the end of the Document.
    We know that you have been interested in these matters for a long time, hence we feel that you should be aware of what is happening in the HC of Bombay.


    Chidananda and Videh

  8. Lokesh says:

    This article reminds me of a line from a Frank Zappa song:
    “The price of meat has just gone up and your old lady just went down.”

  9. shantam prem says:

    This company reminds me of East India Company or ashes of that company.

  10. sw. veet (francesco) says:

    If Clinton had won the elections this would not have happened. Now we just have to hope for a return of Blair…
    (I hope this is enough politically correct…eh eh eh).



    Arpana, I loved your old comment about nutcracker. Thank you, honestly.
    Frank, I laughed reading your old comment about the “test for freaks” (white socks etc.). Thank you, with a face or not.

  11. Videh and Chidananda says:

    Thanks, Sannyas News, for posting this.

    Just a few points for clarification:
    - OIF Switzerland is a Charitable Trust
    - OIF London is a Private Limited Company
    Therefore all the assets of Osho are/or will be soon in Private hands, namely Michael Byrne or Ronald Tanner (OIF’s accountant) or as quoted in the Memorandum of OIF London: “…to the immediate family – brother, sister, child, spouse, civil partner, parent, grandparent or grandchild.”

    This is a fact, not an opinion. This is not something to joke about, that’s why we are intervening in the High Court of Bombay.

    Videh and Chidananda

    • Arpana says:

      “Out of one hundred, ninety-nine so-called religious people are liars, absolute liars, because whatsoever they are saying is absurd, cannot be true. They say that they love, and they say that they don’t hate. It is impossible! It is against the very mathematics of existence! They must be liars. There is no need to probe into their individual cases; it is against the grain, it is not possible.

      Ninety-nine per cent are hypocrites and the one per cent are simple people. These ninety-nine per cent are clever, intelligent people. They hide the left side; they grow in both sides but simply hide the left side and talk about the right. They show the right to the world and the left in their private world. They have back doors to their houses. At the front door they are one thing, at the back door something else. The one per cent who are innocent people, simple, not very articulate or intelligent, not cunning, remain pygmies. They really suppress, and when they suppress the left, the right is suppressed. They remain pygmies.

      I have come across two types of religious people: ninety-nine per cent hypocrites, one per cent pygmies. But the whole lot is useless, the whole lot is a burden, the whole lot is a foolishness. I would not like you to become like that, I would not like you to become a pygmy. You have to grow to your total height. But that is possible only if negative and positive both are allowed freedom. Both are your wings. How can a bird fly with one wing? How can you walk with one leg? The same exists on every layer of life: two are needed. In opposition, they give the tension and the possibility of movement. They appear to be against each other, but they are complementary. They are not, in fact, opposites; only the poles are opposites. They help each other to grow. I would like you to grow to your ultimate height, and I would not like you to be hypocrites either. Be true.”

      Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 4
      Chapter 2
      Chapter title: You Are Already That….

      • Lokesh says:

        But…but…Osho, pygmies have grown to their total height. Some of my best friends are pygmies. Begorra! It’s the little Irish people. Get your thieving hands off of Osho’s pot of gold!

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          Oh yes, Lokesh, it´s so amazing where one can come across ´some of your best friends´, and on what occasions.

          Small is the world, isn´t it? The exquisite performance to show up with the rediscovered great ´love´ for any compatible small family constellation is amazing as well.

          ´Irish´ administration of some ´pots´ in so far very much compatible too, as for some ´Begorra!´ businesses it´s an almost convenient tax-free area.

          Amazing, indeed.

          Some kids will laugh, some not.
          But a fabulous funny pic you chose!


      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        Thanks a lot for posting that quote again, Arpana.
        Reading it again and again.
        It´s a help to get my feet on the ground again, whenever that is needed, and that is needed quite often!


    • Parmartha says:

      Maybe V and C can elucidate the role of this Indian-based charity with the same name and with a registered address in Mumbei?

      Osho International Foundation Public Charitable Trust
      Osho International Foundation was registered in India on Jul 20, 2011. Osho International Foundation’s Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is U85100MH2011NPL219982, Registeration Number is 219982.

      Osho International Foundation currently have 2 Active Directors/Partners:

      Mukesh Kantilal Sarda (Sw Mukesh Bharti)
      Devendra Singh Surendra Dewal (Sw Devendra Bharti)
      Osho International Foundation is currently in Active Status.

      Additionally, OIF is a society registered under the provisions of the Societies Registration Act of 1860 and the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950. Its PTR No is F-14570 (Mumbai).


      Room 608
      Maker Chambers 5
      Nariman Point
      Mumbai – 400021

      Note: It shares this address with Osho Media International and others.

    • Parmartha says:

      Can V and C also eludicate the role and legal status of Osho Media international?
      Surely this is the main profit-creating New York sister company? It does not appear to have charitable status?

      Their address is actually:
      Osho International
      410 Park Avenue, 15th Floor
      New York, NY 10022

  12. Kavita says:

    V & C, thank you for sharing on SN, but please don’t expect all SNers to share your view. There are few/many who would like to take a light stand.*

    *a light stand = a non-serious view

  13. Lokesh says:

    V and C state, “This is not something to joke about.”
    It already is a joke. Soon all the people concerned will be dead, dust in the wind.

    • swamishanti says:

      I heard that it was a group of Americans known as the ‘Hollywood Gang’ that provided Osho with a new wardrobe of glitzy gowns and costumes.

      • swamishanti says:

        Whilst in America, Osho got in with a new crowd of wealthy Hollywood folks and he was peppered with an exotic assortment of gold watches and jewellery from devotees and disciples.

        Hippies around the world were dismayed and shocked when Osho started collecting more and more Rolls Royces and ditched his simple white robe and began wearing his new extravagant costumes, including diamond-studded hats.

        He may have been inspired by the designer suits of Michael Jackson, who indeed claimed to have had a vision of a man with a long white beard appearing alongside him at one of his concerts and dancing alongside him, waving his hands in rhythm with his music.

        “Better dead than red” became a local slogan,as the Rajneeshee presence angered the locals, whilst US officials complained of sannyasin couples making love in the open when they visited the emerging city of Rajneeshpuram.

        Meanwhile, up in the hills, several sannyasins started discovering ecstasy, the ‘love drug’, a chemical compound synthesised by a Dr Shulgin, that opened the heart chakra without any meditation. Several clandestine labs were set up around the globe, several smuggling operations were thwarted and some folks did jail time, and one guy got busted and spent some time in prison where he claimed to have got enlightened (Satyam Nadeen).

        Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, Sheela went crazy on a mixture of power and powerful drugs, and concocted a plan to shoot Osho`s doctor, Devaraj (Amrito) in the face, and drive off, but later the plan was changed to injecting him with adrenalin, a plan that was attempted with a needle in the bum but failed, fortunately for the doctor, who lived to tell the tale.

        Sheela also designed a crazy plan to dig a tunnel under Osho’s house, which led to a secret trapdoor where someone could pop up and clandestinely dispose of Vivek (Osho’s caretaker) with chloroform and lethal injection, as well as Devageet (Osho`s dentist).

        Sheela still claims that Osho knew about these plans, and some of her gang believed this, including her claim in 1985 that she had a stash of video recordings of her meetings with Osho in Germany, in which she discussued all of her plans with him. Mysteriously, these videos never materialised.

        At some point, a wealthy Canadian, Swami Jayesh, came on the scene and spent time close to Osho, including during his arrest and world tour.

        Later, during Osho`s “fuck, my bones are in pain and churning in the stomach and shit, my hair’s falling out and fuck, I think I`ve been poisoned” phase, Osho spent a lot of time with Jayesh during the last year of his life, made him the chairman of his `Inner Circle`, including meetings that sometimes took place in the middle of the night, where Osho would ask for a Diet Coke and discuss the running of his commune after his departure.

        But how much of what Osho discussed with Jayesh has been implemented since 1990, and what were Osho`s instructions?

  14. shantam prem says:

    Was Osho an author, who left intellectual property?
    Was Osho a real estate developer who left behind a prime property?

    Mr. Jayesh is passionately involved with these two aspects.
    What about human resources?
    Disciples are supposed to be the most important part of the master-disciples-Existence paradigm. This human spirit has been totally ignored as if Jayesh is the only healthy one among the dysfunctional family.

    Anyway, one can ask what Osho Foundation International is going to do in UK?
    Spreading Osho´s words?
    Will OFI UK get volunteers like Jehovah the Witness standing at the entrance of tube stations with Osho titles in hand?

  15. Ma Divyam Sonar says:

    I really can’t understand what all the fuss is about! How does it touch the lives of all these commentators whether OIF is in Geneva, London or on the Moon?

    How does it affect their relationship with Osho, because that is what Sannyas is about, and not about what Jayesh or Mr Tanner (whoever that may be!) are doing.

    • shantam prem says:

      Ma Divyam Sonar proves my hypothesis, Sannyas Is A New Religion.
      Relationship with Jesus is a foundation of Christianity, Relationship with Mohammad is a foundation of Islam,
      Relationship with Zarathustra is a foundation of Parsi Religion.
      What the fuck it matters who is Pope or Ayatollah or Chairman?

      Anyway, Ma Divyam Sonar, are you basically from Nepal or Russia?

    • Arpana says:

      Because not everyone who posts here who has a Sannyas name is interested in Osho.

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      Hi Divyam Sonar,
      You switch in here, read two or three comments, proclaim to have seen ´it´ all: “I really can’t understand what all the fuss is about! How does it touch the lives of all these commentators?”
      You are quite right, no doubt then about the latter, when reminding everybody (hopefully yourself included) to investigate what´s everybody’s concern. At all…

      Welcome…to the caravanserai-club-Med….