The Unprecedented Gift of Osho: Shantam reflects

Gift from Osho World- 6500 USD worth of Osho discourses for Free.

Apart from the few people who were unceremoniously kicked out from the Pune Ashram years ago, I really don’t know most of the people behind Osho World headquartered in New Delhi. I think these people have also played a very active role in the formation of Osho friends International, who fought a lengthy and expansive battle in the US courts for the trademark issues of Osho´s work and won the case.

The innovation in information technology has really brought to their knees those entrepreneurs and organisations who were building their foundation on voice distribution system. It is not long ago that while leaving Pune, sannyasins will go into the book shop to order discourse cassettes – and then to think how many one can carry in one lot. So bulky and heavy were they, but most of the time reliable Sony quality.

What to say about Ashram management, even big music companies get a jerk reaction to see their stuff is available on the streets in MP3 format, at peanuts price. During the last few visits to Pune , I was buying a few of the discourse series at the rate of 35 rupees per CD. It almost looks like a story of a bygone era.

However it is all together another experience to have a feeling that every thing that one wants to hear or read is available on the net, whether free or at reasonable cost. Just a few weeks ago, I wanted to listen to Osho´s talks on Buddha. To get the series, as an experiment, I went to the main Osho site( controlled by Osho Foundation International and the rival site of Osho world. It was a nice surprise. is offering discourses at the cost of 3.50 US dollars each, where as at Oshoworld, just thirst and willingness to listen is enough, the same discourse one can download for free! As there are around 2000 Osho talks available in Hindi and English, theoretically it is a clear gift of 6500 USD to each and every seeker who is interested in Osho.

However on 04.08.2010 at I downloaded the 14th discourse of Budhha´s sayings. I was checking to see if there is some button to send some contribution through pay pal, but there was none.
Who is the benevolent person or the team of persons behind this?, they simply win the goodwill of heart.

May be this article is my way of saying thank you, and may be a little motivation for sannyasnews readers to enjoy again the vastness of Osho discourses, they are healthy and juicy for the inner fitness. Fitness for the witness!


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  1. Chinmaya says:


    All I will say, you are great. Nice information.

  2. Anand says:

    And Shantam there are lots of sannyasins exchanging the whole archive of Osho talks on MP3 for free. They all fit on one hard drive.

    $ 3.50 per download seems a bit hefty to me. $ 0.99 would feel like a better market oriented price as shown by Apple.

    But to also give credit to the folks at, I have heard that these discourses have been re-mastered and are of a superior audio quality.

    Yes the digital age with facebook etc. fits well with Osho!

  3. chetna says:

    I would like to add that for the free Osho discourses we all have to thank one lady from Australia, who under the great risk distributed all Osho discourses available to all main communes in India and Nepal (Tapoban).

    Apparently there were only few copies available after Osho left his body, and one of those copies (set of all discourses) was with an Australian rich guy who just locked them in the cupboard. The rest was in Pune, locked and not available to anyone (at least for free).

    So she made copies (using quite poor technology at that time which took her a long time, it was very manual) and donated to Osho World and Tapoban who are now the biggest distributors (these are the ones I know).

    She said to me something like this: ” I could not bare a thought that Indians do not have a right to have all the discourses of Osho, who was born in India. As a sannyasin, I had to do this, to do this one thing for my Master Osho.”

    I admire her. She basically risked her life. I think she is Cool and I am personally very grateful to her, as Tapoban is and most surely OshoWorld.

    I love to see old sannaysins (like she is) still fully in love with Osho, basically still IN WONDER! One can see it in her shiny eyes!

  4. anugrah says:

    Osho world has done a really good job by making osho available and free to world. only two words i have for them THANK YOU

  5. prem martyn says:

    i have photos of osho having sex with sodo in her arso…..
    its amazing what you can find on the net these days…….

    truly a miracle of joy that such a one left us such words on a cd collection which can also be used for table mats or a handy lady’s mirror…..

    its when a master can be useful, that i appreciate them more….

    i love osho so much that i think i’m a gay necrophiliac…

    is an enlightened provocative guru a Master Baiter ?

  6. Lokesh says:

    Thank god for Prem Martyn and his caustic and highly irreverant sense of humour, because a sense of humour is definitely something all of your comments lack.
    All this ‘oh how grateful we are for Osho’s blessings’ is wearing very thin indeed’ and sounds so sugary sweet it makes me feel like I’ve just devoured a kilo of Swiss chocolate.
    What are you so grateful for exactly? How about going into that a bit and showing how contact with Osho has helped you become a better person. Or is your gratitude based in helping you gain membership to a club, which gives a sense of belonging? Then we have Anand delivering the brilliant insight, quote: Yes the digital age with facebook etc. fits well with Osho! Is that what you are grateful for…Osho on facebook? You fundamentalists are even more lost than I first imagined.

  7. shantam prem says:

    This time it took less than few hours, from writing till posting of this new thread by the editor.
    Lokesh, as from the previous thread, i think you have sharpened enough writing skills now, can you get your energies together and write an article about any topic of your choice at sannyasnews, Be as critical as you wish about the baby eyed crying sannyasins.
    (Don´t give this snub that to write for sannyasnews kind of site is below your market value)

    On the other side, if i dare to suggest, may be you can try to listen again those Poona one discourses. Just say, listen 3 discourses in 3 days, give next three days to Barry Long and next three days to Punji ji or Tolle.

    May be than you can share your results like a scientific study.

    People who have more than one sex partner for longer period of time, simply forget who is the wife, who is the mistress or who is who.

  8. shantam prem says:

    Anand, how you know, i have got weight?
    From my facebook photo?
    May be you can send me a mail there. I want to know you too.

    And yes..My seven extra kilos have made me to enroll for a fitness studio. I am astonished to see, how many they exist in a town and how many people go there every day. Looks like fitness centres are new Churches of the modern world.

    Again it gives me a thought for what people should go to present day Poona or any other place, when from meditation till yoga in its best packaging is available down the corner.

    As i see, spiritual tourism is not in decline. Seekers travelling to Indian ashrams are on the upward curve, and it is not just to the Living Masters like oneness university or Sri Sri.
    For example, Brahma kumari Mission..Amazing number of people are attracted to Mount Abu. My friend of more than 25 years, renowned animal genetic scientist Dr. Avtar Singh is a life long devotee of Brashma Kumari Mission. There literature is very boring for a Osho freak like me, but purity of their meditation and sincerity involved; we sannyasins in general will prove like spoiled children of a rich man.

    The answer lies in the fact, people need to feel belonged and as you have mentioned few days ago, it is all a question of “ours” and “theirs”.
    This sense of belonging need to be drooped by the seeker himself at a certain stage, the way snake comes out from the old skin.
    It can take day, year or life time…bt it should not be poached by some good hearted smartien.
    Gradual and natural ripeness brings sweetness in fruits too.
    (Sehaj pake so Meetha Hoie)

  9. prem martyn says:

    Ahh yes… its with tears in the eyes…this of all the websites i have loved isssss…the most wonderful website…….so sweet even to say how sweet it is could lead to an abusive use of sweetness

    like a hall filled with teenage girls at a sannyas school

    .I have found that by decoding all of the collected masters of the universe words… that they can be laid end to end….(wait for it…) which reminds me of the kids and how they used to spend their evenings with each other

    and if you are able to really remember the parts you usually forget when surrendering to these mystakes, there is a slight chance you wont incarnate again as a happy worker in a chinese computer factory….

    but there again i have heard that the Universe suffers from constipation…..

    it doesn’t give a shit…

    but dont use that as an excuse as a meditator we must find the truth

    no really the truth is
    really because….

    shit !


    and thank you lokesshhhh…..

    i just let the univarse speak through me….

  10. prem martyn says:

    this quote from :Anais Nin:
    incestuous woman, writer and an inspiration…

    ‘Shame is the lie someone told you about yourself.’

    ‘I want to hear raucous music, to see faces, to brush against bodies. Beautiful women and handsome men arouse fierce desires in me. I want to dance, I want drugs, I want to know perverse people, to be intimate with them. I never look at naive faces. I want to bite into life, to be torn by it – I’m going to hell, to hell, to hell – wild, wild, wild.”

    And when I feel your excitement about life flaring, next to mine, then it makes me dizzy.

    ….because in both of us there’s always movement, renewal, surprises. I have never known stagnation. Not even introspection has been a still experience…

    You have a right to experiment with your life. You will make mistakes. And they are right too.
    and from me….Fuck enlightenement… I’m not even human yet…

  11. Lokesh says:

    Shantam Prem. I’ll let your question float and see what direction it puts me. Something is already forming along the lines of ‘Why do fundamentalist sannyasins have so much difficulty accepting that people who were once involved with Osho have now moved on and continued their journey elsewhere.’
    I find this Osho master of masters mentallity childish. Apart from the fact that it a completely exaggerated claim, it is such an obvious ego trip.
    Any pointers you might have in the way of suggestions will be appreciated.

  12. Anand says:

    Lokesh is driving a new political campaign: sannyasins who love Osho are ‘fundamentalists’.
    He belongs to the group of sannyasins who have moved on and therefore his superior attitude.

    Lokesh: we have no problem with accepting people who ‘have moved on and continue their journey elsewhere’.
    Hey—good luck, be happy and arrivederci!

    But you are spreading your subtle anti-Osho remarks of an ex disciple on sannyasnews. You should be writing-sorry for my judgemental mind- on Poonjajinews or ramanamaharshinews.

    But you like to give us sermons here because? hmmmm…maybe there is no Poonjajinews. Maybe join Dwabha in her Mother Theresa complex, another ex sannysins sucking blood of the alive Osho sannyas movement of 2010.

  13. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, i am looking forward to see your thought provoking article.
    Any help..if it is needed for “constrction work”, please contact me on facebook.
    Let Truth and Honesty not become the Victim in the big games.

    Anand… this thought was in me for many days after reading your point directed to me.

    I think this much childish i am not not to accpet the natural changes in life. How many times, we have not heard, ” Only change is permanent.” kind of sentences.
    These sentences are spoken so often that if someone repeats them, will look childish, of course if it is not before the kids in High school.

    But in the context of OSHO, changes are MIND made and they are not proving constructive, productive and motivational.
    Not a single glimpse of No mind is in them, mindlessness for sure.
    It is like the Prem Martyn here, who seems to be the right person to Preach when the fun comes from both the holes, why child only from the front one. Let us change the PAST”.

    And i notice you are assertive in your expressions but not this much which prove Rude to he friends at 17, Koregaon Park.
    Fear of getting Banned?

    So, if possible please, take your thesis further and elobrate when Ours has become Their, how the reverse can take place.
    Because the reverse will prove; after autumn comes agian Spring.

  14. prem martyn says:

    i am fat bald and old….I dont suppose there are any teenage virgins (girls only) wanting to….contribute to these posts by leaving their email address to exchange …insights? If you look sixteen , then like Mr Lyons was reported as having said at Wood Green crown court last week ‘I’ll help you love Osho……. I have some discourses in my boudoir ”

    If we criticise each other more, will we get closer or further from the truth..?..and when we have it in our hands like a pulsating vagina oozing with exuberance, will it be of any use or pleasure to anybody else or will we try to possess it….

    for as Rinzai once apparently said at Hokushu crown court in 1632….Truth is like a Teenage Vagina … if you want it that badly ,You’re bound to get fucked….(.and was promptly led away in chains to do the brown rice diet for a year…..)

    Shantam… if you go Vegan you’ll lose weight…. :)

  15. Lokesh says:

    Anand, relax. There is no need to feel threatened by my comments. That is, unless you are clinging to a lot of stale bullshit that somebody once conned you into believing is the truth, and you now have the sneaky feeling that you are in contact with nothing more than your average, run-of-the-mill brand of spiritual egotism……gulp!
    Oh dear, then you would be in trouble. You see the signs are there, paranoid thoughts, imaging people to be anti-Osho when they are not etc. A need to be defensive by going on the attack when in fact the only real problem is identification with the ego. Feeling people are trying to lord it over you making you feel inferior, hence your need to brand people with titles such as bloodsuckers. Reeks of vampiric visions. Are you a Bram Stoker fan by any chance?
    Yes, the more I think about it the more I see that psychiatric help might be a good move. Ultimately this will be your decision and I know it will not be an easy one to make. Perhaps contacting a person who is skilled in the realm of people who have been brainwashed by religious cults might help. I’m sorry I can’t lend more advice but, for once, I’m out of my depth. Get well soon and try not to take life so seriously because the joke is always on you, because ‘you’ don’t really exist.

  16. frank says:

    anand is getting worried.
    he was just a stooge,sent to keep an eye on the renegades at jackass news.
    putting the cuffs on bubbie when he kicked off was his brief.
    monseigneur anand also pleaded for bubbie to be banned at one stage.
    now he starts to agree with what bubbie says…
    so he has learned that desire for banning is just fear of what is in himself….(a bit of gratitude to the site owners,please!!)

    where will his fight with the apostate ex-sannyasins take him?
    to the cult deprogramming centre?
    or will he be de-frocked and excommunicated when his bosses find out about his thought crimes against the resort and its chiefs..?

    go on,anand,throw away your 35 year crutches and learn to walk….

  17. Lokesh says:

    Thought crimes…Aieeeeeah!!!!!

  18. frank says:

    the price of chik-peas are like elementary school students with water wings in post-graduate guru university asking for usp of enlightenment biz where the prince philip jayesh amrito lokesh general dyer royal family of pune corporation for ex-headmasters who walk alone away from christian church searching for the mas with breasts like ripe mangoes in mango season and the pussy has dried like a beard on a brahma kumari with pure meditations.
    also love of osho can show like tree in forest where desert is coming tommorow only.

    like the guru gobi-palak is saying:
    “badmash bakwass badass gora hai
    shanti shanti fee lunch crorepati hai”
    “blessed are they who speak nonsense,
    for no one will be any the wiser”

  19. shantam prem says:

    This is a suggestion to Hindi speaking Osho Lovers.
    Listen the song, very famous old song.

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    if the heart feels the rhythm is for OSHO and not only for some lover/relaive/friend… than please, share your thoughts here and with the other sannyasins in your surroundings.
    Use any name……Even use
    Ma behan ki galiyan… As i know… Osho loves everything but not indifferance… Choro Yaar.. Kaya rakha Hain iss Sabbh Main…kind of tendency.

  20. Lokesh says:

    The word ‘guru’ means that which dispels darkness, one who dispels ignorance.
    Osho was not particulary keen on the word guru but he most definitely was one. Now then, some of the people writing on this blog obviously see themselves as being connected to Osho. Although these devotees speak about this a lot it soon becomes apparent that all of them are pretty vague about what this connection entails. Be that as it may, one thing is very clear, many of these devotee types are clearly coming away with comments that are based in ignorance, ignorance about themselves, ignorance about the basic mechanics of the mind, ignorance of the egos ways.
    The question is, if the guru is one who dispels ignorance why does so much ignorance remain?

  21. frank says:

    as an enterprise,the enlightened ones,whose job it is to facilitate their disciples enlightenment,have a very low success rate.
    any normal school with such a low success rate would be closed down immediately.
    on average you get one high achiever every 2500 years,and yearly and even decadely pass rates are much less than one .
    it`s very surprising that any business could survive with such a poor turnover.

    this is why i have suggested that the true aim of all this enlightenment lark is in fact enlightentertainment,which is provided by seekers of all stripes by the bucket load….

    this cast of characters who don different colour robes,make lofty pronouncements,argue vehemently for imaginary ideas and mixed metaphors,belligerently proclaim their love for their guru whilst failing to love anything else and so on…

    are they not a parade of characters worthy of the finest and most amusing of carnivals?

    fools,devils,white rogues,love life laughing gas lovers,gibberists mumbling about chakras..akashik records…,dodgy business deals,dipsomaniacs,topers,mountebanks,pronouncing each other lost,or “missed”,or even “dangerous”,convinced of their rightness,all jostling and barging,banning and excommunicating each other whilst declaring the virtues of non-judgement and unconditionallove,in one massive jostling crowd of deluded souls….

    ah,`tis a sight to see…

    certainly worth being born…


  22. prem martyn says:

    Who says it does?
    How much is so much?
    Why not?
    Are you sure?
    If you recognised the answer, how would you know?
    Are question and answer related?
    Who is answering?
    What does that make them?
    What kind of answer are you looking for is framed by the context disposition and purpose.
    If you got an answer would it resemble the question?
    What do we mean what do we say who do you ask what do i mean what do I say how do we know who do i become when i answer ?
    What is a question? or is it?
    Which came first the answer or the question?
    Each question is a result of a previous answer, or is it…..?

    I’ll have a half a lager and a packet of crisps please..
    (thats a statement of request, similar to a question but requiring a definite answer, and a bar and a wallet.)

    hic !.

  23. prem martyn says:

    frank ….
    copyright that Enlightentertainment word and put it on Broadway…

  24. prem martyn says:

    the previous was to lokesh btw… but its stands also surreally on its on in any public area… best seen from a distance though…. i recommend reading it from 5 miles away….

    hic !

  25. prem martyn says:

    frank….are you a teenage virgin?

  26. shantam prem says:

    Martyn are you on or similar site?
    Where you live, is there some public telephone nearby?
    Because there too, one can find the addresses for solace.
    For virginity lovers it cost 600 pounds extra, Die Schlampe must go for half an hour surgery at high street clinic-Just for you, because you paid for it.

  27. prem martyn says:

    Shantam i was doing fine with your comment even understanding it for once until i got to the Die Schlampe bit… then you went all kind of fuzzy .. so i put on my extra strength spectacles … and yes i was right first time ….., for as soon as your finger hit the keyboard of your taiwan made laptop all sense was removed and I ended up on a magic carpet in the land of Al Jabber…

    Did you learn sentence construction in the Astrology Centre as well…where everything makes sense to the initiated only….
    please remove my ignorance oh blessed one for i have not the faintest idea of what you speak. and i’m a bit busy at the moment in a telephone box waiting for lovely linda ..the girl with a mild skin complaint …
    PS…are you a prose writer for Gurdjieff in your spare time…. do you write forwards as well as backwards for your friends….? Please help .

    PS . If it helps Frank ….Enlightenentertainment IS Osho business…..’ there’s no busi….We’ll be famous and I’ll be rich….Like the Producers in Spring time for Hitler.. Broadway Here WE Come…

  28. Anand says:

    Lokesh, I am not in favor of psychiatric help. Tried it and it is too much talk for my taste.

    I better hang out with Shantam at the Freiburg Gym and do a few rounds on the treadmill.
    Better then to swim with Luke in shark infested waters around Ibiza.

    Since ‘I’ do not really exist I might as well have some fun.

    Yes Frank you are right, I made peace with Bubbie. My ‘bosses’ from the resort kicked me out and now I am unemployed. I am considering driving west to Bubbie
    and see if we can start a weed growing farm together.
    I hear medical marihuana is where the new frontiers are going to be.

    Yes Shantam, there is a Yoga center and a gym here on every corner. So why I still put my old bones in an airplane seat and pay my $ 20.00 fee at Osho Resort?

  29. shantam prem says:

    Bring out more Anand.
    Before we meet in Freiburg, let me see you on facebook.
    Martyn, i will take care of my sentence formation. As this thread is about Osho discourses, just a little survey on the way, ” when was the last time, you listened one complete Osho discourse ?
    If it was so, whether it was in one sitting or more than one?

    For SD- “Transmission of Lamp”, chapter 29 has a question where Osho answers, ” forgive me and Forget me.”
    If feels like, download the discourse whether at or

  30. Lokesh says:

    I’m in silence.

  31. prem martyn says:

    shantam thats a good question….i try not to listen too much to discourses…i really try hard… especially as ive got 200 gigabytes of him on my laptop….i dont want to…. when he was live it was difficult enough like routine dental operation without anaesthetic unless of course you slept at the back ( what who whatt did he say mmmm that feels soooo gooood), and the replays on big screen were just not the business…making the whole thing a bit surreal and pointlessly uncomfortable ….. and of course when I lived next door to my greek meditation centre i refused to ‘meditate’ (masturbate) with meat eating bastards proselytysing love and laughing over burnt goat..which was happily grazing until the afternoon.. so then i avoided an osho meditation centre just 50 yards from my home for 4 years…. and i felt great…. sometimes i put osho on at sunset and sat with my 12 cats……they really can meditate and they eat meat…. but sometimes i can forgive too….nowadays i dont listen to anyone ……..but occassionally i catch osho on that net video channel and thats sweet….but no i dont meditate as a ‘ thing.’…i never liked the overall effect it had on people especially in poona… england we say a bunch of cunts….( a cunt which in real money is more preferable to the gonzoid version of sannyas i fought tooth and nail with /against over the last 20 years.)…and yes i’m not alone in the paradox….many of us put our testicles in the fire and came out very grateful ..but… not needing the fix….as a way of life….
    my love is fine for me …. how about yours?

  32. Anand says:

    I am only kidding Shantam. Freiburg is too far away for me.

  33. Anand says:

    Shantam, since I have an IPod and have loaded quite a few series of Osho talks on them and can rotate them, I pretty much listen to an Osho discourse every evening before sleeping.

    I also do not mind o hear the same talk over and over again, since it brings me into some space, where the words disappear.

    I am not grateful for facebook, but I am happy that with modern MP3 technology I can have Osho words with me anytime and with facebook can connect with my friends.

    And by the way Frank, I am walking quite good in the world without any crutches. 2 miles every morning to be exact.

  34. garimo says:

    “I’m in silence.”

    is this since you’ve regained strength after your massive reactionary response to
    those who choose expressions of gratitude and worship?

    looking like, fundamentalists and anit-fundamentalists… each having their fun pointing out flaws in the other, kind of schadenfreude like.

  35. Chinmaya says:

    Gud to note, Lokesh is in Silence.

  36. Chinmaya says:

    Shantam dear
    Sat Sri Akal to you

  37. prem bubbie says:

    Flappy CHINmaya : A “Drop Dead You Bastard” to you!! Oh- Didn’t you just sneeze?

  38. Chinmaya says:

    bubbie dear,
    Thx for your compliments with beautiful language.

  39. Lokesh says:

    Hi Garimo, I went into silence because some of the comments were excellent and at times very amusing and therefore there was little to get my pointed teeth into. I wonder if Anand is still having nightmares about vampires. Anyway, this is just to let you know that keeping my big mouth shut had nothing to do with…what did you say?…those who choose expressions of gratitude and worship.
    Worship, now there is an interesting word in the Osho lexicon. Worship used to mean throwing yourself totally into employment in the shram. These days it has degenerated into a lot of hot air produced by a herd of bleating sheep. Ba….baaaah!
    Anand sums up his relationship with Osho’s words very well and I quote:I pretty much listen to an Osho discourse every evening before sleeping. Lullabies from daddy, Anand?
    Sarcasm apart, I have to admit hearing Osho’s discourses these days has a similar effect on me. What has changed? Once so full of fire, with the added effect of sometimes being put on the spot i.e. ‘He is addressing me!’ Osho’s talks now work on me like a verbal sleeping pill.
    I’m not sure but this may have something to do with the fact that, in my life at least, everything appears to have speeded up and therefore Osho’s low-speed discourses seem anachronistic. Or perhaps it is the contents of the discourses themselves. There are some Kohinoors in there but you have to wade through a lot of mud to get to them. Listening to diatribes about people like Moraji Desai drinking his own urine to get to the truth is…how should I put it?….a wee bit tedious.
    When it comes to words of wisdom it is much more satifying to pick up a copy of a more condensed spiritual text. My favorite is ‘I am that’ by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. I have a copy before me on my writing desk and I’ll leave you with a random quote.

    ‘Words do not create facts; they either describe or distort. The fact is always non-verbal.

  40. garimo says:


    perspective is a interesting thing.

    “Worship, now there is an interesting word in the Osho lexicon. Worship used to mean throwing yourself totally into employment in the shram. These days it has degenerated into a lot of hot air produced by a herd of bleating sheep. Ba….baaaah!”

    In those good old days when we “worshiped” so totally we loved being sheep.

  41. shantam prem says:

    After reading your comment Lokesh-

    A woman-beautiful woman from the times of Buddha was chosen to be the most beautiful girl in a prosperous city of ” Vaishali”. At that time, the term was not “Miss Vaishali” but NagarVadhu( City Bride). Her name was Amarpali.

    How she looked like. We don´t have any photo. So let us say she was radiating the energy, aura, sensuality like Kate Winslet (feel free to chose your own character).

    Now imagine Amarpali aka Kate in a burqa.(only a Sheikh will have the luxury)
    Now think about her in the modeling assignment clothes, than in Victoria Secret´s calender(more and more people will get ” Who am I” kind of question)

    Go further and she is clothless and her video is on xtube…..the fragrance of the beauty is wide spread, Many will get hooked with that video yet a small fraction of people will not find her so attractive any more. Familiarity breeds contempt. Kate is 2 times divorcee.

    And if Amarpali aka Kate is like OSHO, she will go one step further and will open a complete Love salon, where people can learn the art of beauty, art of love making and so on.

    This last step is the most challenging one. Neither NisargaDatta Maharaj, Nor Ramana Maharishi nor Punja ji could dare to think up to this level.
    Surely, it was not part of their temperament.

    But for God´s sake, don´t think the DJ´s in your neighbourhood disco and dance clubs are in the league of Media Mogul Ted Turner, savvy businessman with a vision.
    OSHO work is like CNN, path breaker and still complex than CNN because to copy the commune model is not easy. 24hours news channels are many.

  42. Lokesh says:

    Garimo, I smile as I write that what you just stated is absolutely true.
    Now I am a lonesome vegetarian lion. It has its moments, though. Grrrrr!

  43. shantam prem says:

    Someone can ask what happened to Osho´s CNN?
    SO friends, once the visionary died or left the body,
    24 hours world news channel became-
    DurDarshan..state controlled television (no)network.
    Few directors when objected, were shown the door without any retirement benefits. These people are running their Dynamic and Vipassana production house and a religious Channel similar Like “Aastha”(devotion).

    And the volks who had the annual subscription for Osho´s CNN, have also grown in their taste–They are listening-
    Radio !!!

  44. Lokesh says:

    Shantam, I get your point.
    It is interesting, you must admit, that a man like Nisargadatta, who once sold beedies in Mumbai’s red light district, was a truly remarkable man if for no other reason taht delivering to the world what is undoubtably one of the greatest spiritual books ever written. What is truly remarkable about ‘I am that’ is that you can open it at any page and read the truth. I once felt that about Osho’s ‘Way of the white cloud’ when I first read it, but no longer view it in such a bright light.
    As Garimo states, ‘perspective is an interesting thing’ and if I learned one thing from my old friend Timothy Leary it is this: Don’t get hung up on your point of view.

  45. shantam prem says:

    Without doubt, Lokesh… WHo am I is one of the most remarkable books.
    Also thanks go to the people who discovered Maharaj and traslated his words for the world readers.
    Can you imagine similar wise men in other hundreds of Indian villages and cities, sharing the life in vernacular languages.

    My heart has always bow down to such souls the way eyes say thankyou to the Skin wonders of Godliness.
    Thanks God. “Satsang” were not in the world ternd few decades ago…. think about some sponser..dragging Maharaj from city to city…

    Buddham Sharnam Gachhami….

  46. Dilruba says:

    Dear Shantam … collection of Osho discourses / any other teacher / master which is available for free / otherwise is wonderful .. in this age of fast-food .. it is / was available in all ages according to the scientific progress of the particular age … but somehow the truth is .. whether we are / have been with Osho / anyother teacher / master .. in any case .. we have to move ahead and do our own homework or not do any if there is no home / work !

    so lets jus chareveti chareveti

  47. shantam prem says:

    Julia Roberts converts to Hinduism

    Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts has converted to Hinduism in the hope of having a peaceful life in her next incarnation.

    The 42-year-old actress, who was born to a Baptist and Catholic couple, is now a practising Hindu after visiting India while shooting her upcoming movie ‘Eat Pray Love’.

    Speaking to the September issue of Elle magazine, the Academy award winning actress said she now goes to temples to “chant, pray and celebrate” accompanied by her cameraman husband Daniel Moder and their three children, Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry.

    “I’m definitely a practising Hindu. I’ve been so spoiled with my friends and family in this life. Next time I want to be just something quiet and supporting,” said Roberts.

    The ‘Pretty Woman’ star was introduced to the Eastern philosophy while shooting for ‘Eat Pray Love’, the movie, based on the best-selling book by Elizabeth Gilbert, Roberts plays a recently-divorced woman travelling the world trying to find herself.

    The character visits Italy for food, India for spirituality and Bali, where she finds love.

    Read more: Julia Roberts converts to Hinduism – News & Interviews – Hollywood – Entertainment – The Times of India

  48. Satya Deva says:

    Now then, some of the people writing on this blog obviously see themselves as being connected to Osho. Although these devotees speak about this a lot it soon becomes apparent that all of them are pretty vague about what this connection entails.

    That’s something I suspect as well…

    I’d like to ask what people here understand by Osho’s teachings and what it actually means now to have this “connection”, please.

    I’m fully prepared for outpourings of sentiment and emotion, of course…Plenty of ‘heartfelt’ paeans to the wonder of his presence…

    And indignant put-downs, along the lines of ‘SD is another unfeeling bastard’ and so on…

    Anyway, it would help if any replies kept to the point and to facts, rather than vague, pseudo-psychic meanderings…

  49. Satya Deva says:

    And good to have Frank back for the new season, his first game in the SN shirt for a while producing another gem or two.

    The crowd where I sit couldn’t help laughing out loud at his “enlightentertainment” musings, and the send-up of SP’s obscurantist tendencies around the midfield area was long overdue…Two classic strikes.

    European Glory beckons, Frank, I reckon you and Fabregas could do it for us this time.

    (To translate: My real religion is football, I’m a member of the ‘Arsenal’ sect of north London, and Arsene Wenger is our “Master of Masters”.
    Fabregas is our young ‘talisman’, finally saved from the clutches of arch-enemies Barcelona, after months of intense psychic struggle. We’re in full Celebration mode today).

  50. Lokesh says:

    Julia Roberts converts to Hinduism.

    I’m always amazed how someone becomes famous in the media world and then the masses listen to what they have to say like it is gospel.
    “I’m definitely a practising Hindu. I’ve been so spoiled with my friends and family in this life. Next time I want to be just something quiet and supporting,” said Roberts.
    This is just the sort of nonsense I’ve come to expect from such personalities. And that is the root of it,’personality’. As if ‘you’ will be reborn in a new role still being ‘you’. This is such a superficial take on the theory of reincarnation it borders on the preposterous. How come people like this don’t stop and ask themselves why it is they can’t remember a thing about their previous life?
    And there lies the danger of parroting something which you have not actually experienced. If a person repeats something enough they actually begin to belive it, when in reality they don’t. So folks, that is why it is always a good idea to think for yourself and question all authority, because if you don’t…. Well you figure it out.

  51. Forest Gump says:


    you say “Why do fundamentalist sannyasins have so much difficulty accepting that people who were once involved with Osho have now moved on and continued their journey elsewhere.”

    Osho sannyasins have always been tabooed with all kind of stigmas. I guess, that’s where the challenge is to be a true Rebellion.

    You are not exhibiting anything new by calling us Osho Fundamentalists. At least we are not living in a lukewarm spirituality or in goody goody so called Advaita philosophy.

    Just dare to write the same kind of comments in any Islamic forums, they will show you what fundamentalists are. A fatwa against you will be out soon.

    If you have moved on, why do you find this forum more useful for honing your writing skills? Why do you still use your Sannyas Name “Lokesh” VS “Luke” There is must be some strings attached, otherwise Luke will not be so lukewarm.

  52. Lokesh says:

    Forest Gump, there is quite an element of contradiction in your last post, but if you can’t see that by rereading what you’ve written I can’t be arsed explaining why it appears to me like that.
    You have asked some questions and I’ll answer them.

    If you have moved on, why do you find this forum more useful for honing your writing skills? In this case, because writing to someone like you presents me with a challenge.

    Why do you still use your Sannyas Name “Lokesh” VS “Luke”.
    I’m not particularly attached to either of those names and I have a tendency to use different names to suit different social situations. Luke for instance is part of my professional name. I use it when signing books or paintings. Lokesh, being a Sanskrit name given to me by Osho, is a name which I use for instance when writing to people like yourself. I have other names that I use on fitting occassions, like the name on my passport.

    You say: There is must be some strings attached, otherwise Luke will not be so lukewarm. Well…lets put it this way shall we, Forest Gump, at least I have the guts to use a name that is instantly recognizable to many people on this blog. Unlike yourself, who feel the need to hide behind a nom de plume. As you make such a big deal of pointing out what a big deal it is that we live in a so-called free world and what a rebel you are, why not declare who you actually are? No, that is something you won’t do, is it? I suspect that you are a bit of a coward on that level and will come up with some excuse for not declaring your identity. Please, Forset Gump, go ahead and prove me wrong on that call.
    You call be lukewarm but if that were truly the case why do you bother getting so hot under your fundamentalist collar by hearing the things that I say? That is not the response of a rebel but rather that of a clown. The joke is on you, whoever you think you are.

  53. Forest Gump says:


    I choose to be not being recognizable for the sake of my own privacy. It’s a personal affair. Being Forest Gump for the purpose of discussions in this forum, makes no difference to me for any kind of image that’s brought in reader’s mind. I am not attached to names either.

    As far I my reaction to your comments goes, and you’re saying about “getting so hot” or whatever, is your own projection. Isn’t it? I would react whenever or wherever I feel like; you are doing the same thing, but with lot of challenges in your mind as if you are determine to win this race. I am doing this for fun.

  54. Satya Deva says:

    Forest Gump:
    I am doing this for fun.

    Something tells me you ain’t tellin’ it quite like it really is there, FG…

    And if you truly believe this, then I say you’re kidding yourself.

    Or, are really rather shallow…

    It’s a classic sannyasin standby, used to justify all manner of self-indulgence:
    “Hey, man, you’re too serious! Chill out, man, Osho says life isn’t serious, to be serious is not to be spiritual, man. I’m just enjoying myself, you’re just too heavy, man!”

  55. Satya Deva says:

    The whine of naive inexperience, FG.

  56. Anand says:

    what is your favorite lullaby Lokesh: whiskey on the rocks?

  57. Anand says:

    Lokesh 1:26 pm I agree with this.
    Hollywood breeds strange publicity outbursts from its celebrities.

  58. Forest Gump says:


    Just count how many “you” and “yourself”, you have in your posts. That will give you something to play before you urge to write something boring here. Always finger pointing to people’s dicks.. No wonder….such a wuss… lol

  59. Forest Gump says:

    You are seriously looking for some encounter group therapy here, aren’t you? Always butting around to deserve some abuses…

  60. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, Your question about fundamentalist sannyasin and the ex. sannyasins will be discussed in Depth, when you bring it in the form of a thread.
    Issue is so important that it deserves independent discussion, specially during these years, when many of Osho´s people are in duality; are they still sannyasins or it is only for the name sake…

    Hands got seprated but relation doesn´t go disjoined this way….
    (Haath chute bhi to rishte nahi chuta karte…)

    and some time it is another way too.

    Hands are in hands but relation go lost on the way…
    (Haath hain hath main par rishte kahi kho gaye rah main)

  61. shantam prem says:

    I would like you all to be deeply, intensely, passionately in life, with one condition only: alertness, watchfulness, witnessing. And I know the difficulty arises, because you will be living with millions of sleepy people. And sleep is contagious, just as awareness is. Awareness, too, is contagious – hence the significance of being with a master.

    The master cannot give you the truth. Nobody can give the truth to anybody else; it is untransferable. Then what is the function of a master? Then what is the use of searching for a master? Then why be a disciple at all? Still there is a reason, and the reason is that awareness is as contagious as sleepiness.

    Thanks to

  62. shantam prem says:

    Some 40 philanthropists worth a combined $230 billion are publicly pledging to give away their fortunes.
    The pledge by Warren Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates, and other billionaires to give away large parts of their fortunes leaves a question: Where will the money go?

    Will even few cents will be given to Osho Foundation International?

    Will there will be a few sannyasins philanthropists; if not sharing with the world at large atelast leaving behind something for Osho cause?

    The way i see the sannyas world, many sannyasins are in front line to be cynical about organised religions and also will put Osho down, my request to such people is in case you fall sick, please don´t take the service of Christian or Hindu Hospitals. Show the rebelliousness*
    May be managers in Osho resort can modify the clinical facalites rather than imporitng trend mills.
    But no they won´t do.
    Sadhu Vaswani Hopspital opposite side provides excelllant service at reasonable price.

    So no wonder…

  63. Forest Gump says:


    Thanks for sharing..It just hit the nail on the head.

  64. Forest Gump says:


    Thanks for sharing..It just hit the nail on the head.”

    replies to shantam prem // Aug 6, 2010 at 9:06 pm

  65. prem bubbie says:

    Christopher Hitchens has esophageal cancer. See his interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN online… he would be a complete person if he only had the hunger for “the mystery of life”. Common sense and intelligence and the mystical equals “the new man” Osho talked about so much…. Forest gump could take some lessons from this guy.

  66. prem martyn says:

    why are there no women here?

  67. Forest Gump says:


    You should take some lessons from Michael Kühnen, a Nazi Leader, died of AIDS.

  68. Anand says:

    I was searching for more enlightened wisdom of Lokesh aka Luke Mitchell aka Lucky Strike on Google.
    Since he seems to talk directly from the higher spiritual realms to all of us lost folks so-called fundamentalists stuck in the lower realms of samsara, in darkness and completely off track.

    I got lucky! Here is the grand master himself appearing shortly at the end of the promotional video to market his masterpiece ‘Mind Bomb’ to the unconscious masses.
    Don’t miss it!

  69. Anand says:

    ..and what about this review on

    Luke; bad boy!!!

    I am writing this and I haven’t finished the book yet. I bought this book because Luke Mitchell was kind enough to review something I had written and he mentioned that he’d written a book so I thought I would buy it based on all the great reviews here…..

    When I got the book my suspicions were aroused somewhat by the quotes and the authors of those quotes on the back of the book e.g. ‘Top Amazon Reviewer’.

    Once I had started reading Mind Bomb I became even more suspicious as it is most definitely NOT a five star book, and it is odd that in 17 or so reviews there are no dissenters. The writing is okay apart from the obigatory Blackadder simile on every page and the desire to be over funny in descriptions but so far I would not say the plot is as exciting as all the other reviews here say it is.

    And then I looked a bit deeper, and was struck that the reviews here sound rather similar. ‘Surely not?’ I thought – so I clicked on the ‘read all my reviews’ and guess what, most of them are that reviewer’s only review.

    I think Luke Mitchell may have written all these reviews and either set up a lot of addresses or got his friend to post them – it is unusual too that so many of them, for an unknown UK author, are from abroad.

    Perhaps I am ultra suspicious but it has put me off the book – I was expecting something like American Psycho or something written so brilliantly or with a breathless plot I would be left gasping, but instead on my daily commute it is an effort to read it, and it is only a page turner because I want to finish it.

    Of course it was my decision to buy the book but I wish I had looked deeper into the reviews – caveat emptor as usual!

  70. Chinmaya says:

    Generally, It is only face saving device in the society, to remain hand in hand etc. – Shantam 8.29 am Aug 6.

  71. Forest Gump says:


    You also hit the nail on the head.

    Now, lets see how this “Luke Ji Maharaj” hit us with the MIND BOMB.

    By the way, I can 17 friends for a dollar on amazon to write against the book. But I still care for the drop outs, they got to their pay their bills too. So I wish him good luck. Truely. I am not being sarcastic.

  72. prem bubbie says:

    Forest G. Yes, you are a C. Dump!! Truly remarkable!!!!

  73. shantam prem says:

    Bubbie, this interview with Mr. Hitchens is one of the best thing i have seen till now on CNN, which many times is miles long and skin deep.

    If there is some God like energy, i think this man will be admired and apppreciated.

    Beleiving in omni present God and Living as if He is not, is one of the biggest letting down of oneself.

  74. Lokesh says:

    Anand: You are really out to do a bit of character assassination on me aren’t you? It might help you discover something about yourself if you paused for a moment to consider your motives, because I don’t think you realize what you are doing. In other words you are being driven by unconscious motives.
    That you should go to the bother of reading reviews on my book and looking for the most negative thing you can find so that you can post it on here.. Well, you work it out.
    I don’t feel the need to defend myself and I won’t, except to inform you about a few simple facts that you are ignorant of.
    Amazon has a system in place that safeguards against authors writing reviews on their own books and it works. I can’t be bothered explaining how the system works, so you’ll just have to take my word on it. One thing you might take in to consideration is if it were easy to write reviews on your own book why is not everyone doing it, because if you look you will find out that there are many book titles that have no reviews at all.
    I have put myself in the marketplace by doing what I do. I not only write books I also paint and have had many international exhibitions of my work. By putting yourself in the public eye you lay yourself open to not only praise but criticism also. All people in the creative arts have to learn how to deal with negative feedback, because not everyone will like what you do.

    One of the powerful experiences that motivated me to take up writing was accidently walking into a minefield in Cambodia and walking out again unharmed. When I travelled through Cambodia and Laos I was shocked by the horrific physical damage inflicted upon people by anti-personel mines. It is for this reason that all profits from the sale of Mind Bomb go to landmine victims.

    Anand, rather than muck-raking and using other peoples’ opinions to form your own why not order a copy for yourself and make up your own mind in regards my creative efforts in the marketplace? Who knows, you might learn something new.
    Anyway, thanks for drawing attention to my work. I appreciate it.

  75. Satya Deva says:

    Forest Gump


    Just count how many “you” and “yourself”, you have in your posts. That will give you something to play before you urge to write something boring here. Always finger pointing to people’s dicks.. No wonder….such a wuss… lol

    Forest Gump

    You are seriously looking for some encounter group therapy here, aren’t you? Always butting around to deserve some abuses…

    Only for deserving cases, FG. And once again, you demonstrate you qualify perfectly for ‘the treatment”.

    If you insist upon your ignorance you’re in the firing line – simple really…

    As I said, you come across as one of those lazy types who resort to the old cliche, “Man, you’re too serious, I’m just enjoying myself, it’s how Osho wants us to be” card, when you can’t be arsed to deal with an issue – or, more likely, when you have no real answer.

    Just another using Osho for his own convenience (pun on public lavatory fully intended!).

  76. shantam prem says:

    “Christopher Hitchens has esophageal cancer. See his interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN online… he would be a complete person if he only had the hunger for “the mystery of life”. Common sense and intelligence and the mystical equals “the new man” Osho talked about so much….”

    To attract such intelligent people from around the world, Osho has created in 1988 the academy mentioned below.
    Dr. Amrito was appointed director of this academy. It died…..just like a plant which could not get enough water, enough air or sun light.
    Because if plant grows into a tree. it will have much wood. This wood can be used to burn a widow with her husband. To Avoid a “Sati”, this painful yet necccasry decison was taken by the management team.

    This academy cannot be only of science because science is only a part of human reality. The academy has to be comprehensive, it has to be for creativity, for art, for consciousness; hence it will have three divisions, major divisions, not separated, but just for arbitrary purposes to be denominated as separate.
    The most fundamental thing will be creating methods, techniques, ways of raising human consciousness, and certainly, this consciousness cannot be against the body; this consciousness is residing in the body. They cannot be seen as inimical to each other; in every way, they are supportive. I say something to you and my hand makes a gesture without my telling the hand. There is a deep synchronicity between me and my hand.
    You walk, you eat, you drink and all these things indicate that you are a body and consciousness as an organic whole. You cannot torture the body and raise your consciousness. The body has to be loved — you have to be a great friend. It is your home, you have to clean it of all junk, and you have to remember that it is in your service continuously, day in, day out. Even when you are asleep, your body is continuously working for you digesting, changing your food into blood, taking out the dead cells from the body, bringing new oxygen, fresh oxygen into the body — and you are fast asleep!
    It is doing everything for your survival, for your life, although you are so ungrateful that you have never even thanked your body. On the contrary, your religions have been teaching you to torture it: the body is your enemy and you have to get free from the body, its attachments. I also know that you are more than the body and there is no need to have any attachment. But love is not an attachment, compassion is not an attachment. Love and compassion are absolutely needed for your body and its nourishment. And the better body you have, the more is the possibility for growing consciousness. It is an organic unity.
    A totally new kind of education is needed in the world where fundamentally everybody is introduced into the silences of the heart — in other words into meditations — where everybody has to be prepared to be compassionate to one’s own body. Because unless you are compassionate to your own body, you cannot be compassionate to any other body. It is a living organism, and it has done no harm to you. It has been continuously in service since you were conceived and will be till your death. It will do everything that you would like to do, even the impossible, and it will not be disobedient to you.
    It is inconceivable to create such a mechanism which is so obedient and so wise. If you become aware of all the functions of your body, you will be surprised. You have never thought what your body has been doing. It is so miraculous, so mysterious. But you have never looked into it. You have never bothered to be acquainted with your own body and you pretend to love other people. You cannot, because those other people also appear to you as bodies.
    The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of existence. This mystery needs to be loved — its mysteries, its functionings to be intimately inquired into.
    The religions have unfortunately been absolutely against the body. But it gives a clue, a definite indication that if a man learns the wisdom of the body and the mystery of the body, he will never bother about the priest or about God. He will have found the most mysterious within himself, and within the mystery of the body is the very shrine of your consciousness.
    Once you have become aware of your consciousness, of your being, there is no God above you. Only such a person can be respectful for other human beings, other living beings, because they all are as mysterious as he himself is, different expressions, varieties which make life richer. And once a man has found consciousness in himself, he has found the key to the ultimate. Any education that does not teach you to love your body, does not teach you to be compassionate to your body, does not teach you how to enter into its mysteries, will not be able to teach you how to enter into your own consciousness.
    The body is the door — the body is the stepping stone. And any education that does not touch the subject of your body and consciousness is not only absolutely incomplete, it is utterly harmful because it will go on being destructive. It is only the flowering of consciousness within you that prevents you from destruction. And that gives you a tremendous urge to create — to create more beauty in the world, to create more comfort in the world. That’s why I include art as the second part of the academy. Art is a conscious effort to create beauty, to discover beauty, to make your life more joyful, to teach you to dance, to celebrate.
    And the third part is a creative science. Art can create beauty, science can discover objective truth, and consciousness can discover subjective reality. These three together can make any system of education complete. All else is secondary, may be useful for mundane purposes, but it is not useful for spiritual growth, it is not useful to bring you to the sources of joy, love, peace, silence. And a man who has not experienced the inner ecstasy has lived in vain unnecessarily. He vegetated, he dragged himself from the womb to the grave but he could not dance and he could not sing and he could not contribute anything to the world.
    According to me a spiritual person is one who contributes to the world some beauty, some joy, some happiness, some celebration which was not there — something new, something fresh, some more flowers.
    Man needs a better body, a healthier body.
    Man needs a more conscious, alert being.
    Man needs all kinds of comforts and luxuries that existence is ready to deliver. Existence is ready to give you paradise herenow, but you go on postponing it — it is always after death. ”

    Om Shantih Shantih Shantih, Chapter #27

  77. shantam prem says:

    Just another using Osho for his own convenience…
    Even though this sentence is addressed to Gump,
    my direct request to SD is to create a thread with comprehensive points.
    After all, there is a limit to react all the time. Why not construct.

  78. shantam prem says:

    prem martyn // Aug 6, 2010 at 10:58 pm
    why are there no women here?

    Chetna.. is not the above question is directed towards you?

  79. chetna says:

    Beloved Shantam, I do visit the site, but have nothing to say really. You guys are into so much talking and at times too negative. Basically, I do not understand men’s games.

    All I see is MIND MIND MIND. Nothing beautiful or loving (basically from the heart) is being shared. Even if there is an attempt by someone, the criticism is immediate to kill that flower!

    No surprise women are not attracted! Do not forget women (mostly) are with Osho because of LOVE!

    (Frank sometimes teases me, which is nice and the closest to love I’ve ever had here. He still has to share me his tantra skills).

  80. prem martyn says:

    chetna….my love….so good to hear from you….have you seen the rose petals, the stars….the butterfly on the wing… what joy what freshness….
    what …am i talking about..?.
    .i could dance with you until frankie boy turns up…. and then dance with frankie until you left…..oh chetna….let me buy you a mango tipple, no i insist….
    ..oh chetna… i always wanted to tell you how much your posts mean to me, you make cyberland so , er uhm so more beautiful….the way you write…..makes me feel so unselfish and empty….
    .in fact my love is overflowing ….at this very moment
    i mean can you feel me? would you like to..oopps no of course… let me send you an mp3 or a few hundred of my osho collection…

    i’m still overflowing…..

    er could you just hold on a minute Chetna-Babe…. i’ve got sticky keybrads and i cunt type properfart anymore…

    ps… what are you wearing?

    How much do you love Osho? Would you like to show us?

    Chetna…? Chetna .?…. CHETTTNAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!
    oh well too bad ….i gotta go i need a cigarette…


    This Tantra training is now available on Cassette from

    ‘Inner Man- Inyour Woman’ from the OshoTantraBrothel Collection ..the guide to the Mysteries of being on top underneath and asleep…

  81. shantam prem says:

    Understanding is of the Heart

    Understanding is not of the mind: understanding is of the heart. You will have to fall in love.

    That’s what sannyas is all about. Falling in love with a Master, for NO reason at all – just for the sheer joy of falling in love with someone who has disappeared, who is no more, who has become a great nothing. Who has become a silence.

    Today´s message from

  82. prem martyn says:

    Shantam… did I blow it ?… when i shoulda sucked???
    Damn damn damn…gnanagarrgh…back to wanking then….

  83. chetna says:

    At least now I have a choice: Frankie or Martyn?Hmmm, who is younger I wonder?

    You see boys-nothing is in balance! Either total crap from the mind, or covered bullshit from lower mind.

    I am off again…..keep going though

  84. prem martyn says:

    Okay Chetna lets talk about it….

    I mean share without blame…
    Let me start….

    Chetna I just want to say from my heart…..
    ermmmm wow this is really difficult…i feel very vulnerable..

    okay …as i look into your eyes i feel to say…..
    Chetna you are beautiful…..and

    How much do you charge??? Lower or Higher?

    If you prefer younger I’m younger…
    and If You prefer older….you’re easily satisfied….!

  85. prem martyn says:

    You’ve got great tits…
    ooopss spelling mistake i meant

    manipulative psychopathic genetically inherited tendencies to lie deceive abuse and spawn….

    but i love you

    please send your replies to

  86. Alok john says:

    I knew Christopher Hitchens when he was a young man.

    I agree the video on CNN where he talks about his cancer is quite good

    His book ‘God is not Great’ contains some porkies about Pune which are answered here

  87. shantam prem says:

    One of the most visited site is,
    Please, write a creative piece of spiritual erotica, create your famous sannyas characters in the fcitional account with all the dirty talk, you have learned upto now.
    Everything has its place in the universe.
    still…no one would like Dog´s saliva falling everywhere.

    it is heartning to know you are a Vegan. BY being a non veg..i am sure NHS will take you for castration.

  88. Anand says:

    Alok, thanks for the link. I thought the whole response of Krishna Prem might be interesting to be posted here.

    Christopher Hitchens
    c/o TWELVE
    Hachette Book Group USA
    237 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10169

    Christopher Hitchens:

    I am writing in relation to a particular chapter in your book God is not Great – the chapter entitled There Is No “Eastern” Solution. I wish to point out, more to your publisher than to you – who should be aware of the fabrications and fallacies it contains – of how dishonest this chapter truly is.
    Let’s get right down to it.
    You say you donned “orange garb” to attend the ashram of a “celebrated guru”, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh “in order to help make a documentary film for the BBC” which, you also say, “did have a standard of fairness and my mandate was to absorb as much as I could.”
    I remember your visit well. At that time I was ashram Press Officer. I am also blessed with near-photographic memory recall, and here is what I remember about your visit “to absorb as much as I could”:
    I was in the press office with my colleague Vadan when one of the receptionists ushered you in. You informed us the BBC’s Tony Isaacs, whom I had met, had asked you to script a show on us for The World About Us. You certainly weren’t wearing orange.
    For the next hour or so, Vadan and I filled you in on ashram activities. By morning tea time, I noticed one of your hands was shaking. I asked if there was something I could get for you.
    “I have a little confession to make,” you said. “This is the first time in ten years I haven’t downed a fifth of scotch by this time. What I really need is a drink.”
    “Apart from the bar at the Blue Diamond Hotel,” I said, “I doubt if you’ll find a bottle of scotch for miles.”
    “Some in my room,” you muttered. “So if you chaps don’t mind, I’ll toddle off now and come back tomorrow.” You held up the literature we’d given you.”Enough homework to keep me busy until then.”
    The next day we waited for you, but you didn’t show. The following day either. By the third afternoon it was apparent you weren’t coming back at all. So much for absorbing as much as you could.
    Secondly, you say we were urged “to part with all material possessions,” and that this money went to purchasing a “fleet of Rolls-Royce motorcars.” Absolute fabrication. How deeply you delved into the Pune commune is clear from this single statement. Where was the fleet housed on that overcrowded six acres? The only time there was a Rolls-Royce on that property was at the very end of our first stay in Pune when, following an assassination attempt by a Hindu fundamentalist, we imported a metal detector and an ancient bullet-proof Rolls. The fleet came a lot later, in America.
    Next, you talk about the film by Wolfgang Dobrowolny – or Veet Artho as we knew him – that was shot in “secret.” More invention on your part. Laxmi, Osho’s secretary and the Foundation’s managing trustee, fell for Veet Artho’s sweet talk and, despite repeated and vociferous warnings from me and others that it would come back to haunt us, gave him permission to shoot footage of an encounter group in which physical expression was allowed – an initiative of encounter group leader Teertha which Osho immediately instructed be dropped as soon as someone got hurt.
    Laxmi’s mandate was, as she put it, that “word (of Osho’s availability in Pune) must reach all the corners of the world” and in her naivety (she’d never been outside India) she thought people would see how liberating it was to free themselves from repressed emotions and traumas and flock to Pune. It came as a shock to her to learn that the majority of people back in the 1970s, when faced with a reflux of suppressed emotion or childhood pain chose, rather than dealing with it, to have another fag and pour another couple of stiff drinks.
    By the way, Dobrowolny never owned the rights to the film. They were retained by the Foundation, and the BBC’s use of the footage was illegal.
    I also found your insinuation extremely offensive that a “German princeling of the House of Windsor” met a shady end as a result of participating in a therapy group. Vimalkirti, as we knew him, collapsed suddenly one morning, doing his daily martial arts exercise routine on his own, from an aneurysm in the brain – hereditary I gather. He was taken immediately to an intensive care facility at Jehangir Nursing Home in Pune where he died, without recovering consciousness, a few days later. There was nothing suspicious, as you imply. Imagine how his wife, who is still involved with our worldwide community, and his daughter will feel when/if they read what you’ve written. Shame on you.
    Finally, I find it odd that of all the supporters of organized religions on the vast Indian spiritual scene, you pick the one man who consistently criticized the religions for the damage they have done – through promoting blind belief, blind faith and generating blind fear – down the ages. Osho’s attacks on Mother Teresa of Calcutta (is that where you got the idea for your book?) and her boss, whom he called “The Polack Pope” are well documented. His series of talks in America so often focused on the dangers of Christian fundamentalism that today they seem prophetic. Among the last series of talks he gave in public, two titles come to mind — Christianity, the Greatest Poison and Zen, the Antidote to All Poisons – as well as a series illustrating where Nietzsche and other atheists missed the boat, God is Dead: Now Zen is the Only Living Truth.
    To illustrate your premise that “there is no Eastern solution,” why pick a mystic who, his entire life, through discourses and books, tried to alert mankind to the fact, as you say, that “religion poisons everything.” And why pick one who left his body in 1990? Did he have that big an impact on you, or was it because you couldn’t be bothered updating the “research” – and I use the term facetiously – you pretend to have conducted 30 years ago?
    In closing, permit me a footnote. After your completely unprofessional behaviour and lack of integrity in Pune all those years ago I often wondered whether I would have a chance one day to tell the truth about your visit and to expose the shallowness of the effort you put into the documentary for the BBC.
    Whether anyone else but you and your publisher read this letter, I am pleased that, at long last, I’ve had an opportunity to say what really happened. It’s comforting to know that even after 30 years, chickens still come home to roost.
    Jack Allanach/Krishna Prem
    cc: Jonathan Karp, Publisher and Editor-in Chief, TWELVE
    cc: Osho International Foundation, Bahnhofstr. 52, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
    cc: Osho International, 80 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011

  89. shantam prem says:

    This letter to Christopher Hitchens was discussed on this site im March. In discussion were only 90 comments.
    Alok John, have you the access over the pages,
    to post the porkies about Pune.
    I have seen this book, paperback edition is reasonable priced.
    but the style is not where my limited money goes happily. It is too scholarly, good to get Ph.D.
    Same i will say about Barry Long´s book ” The origins of man and Universe.”
    When people put their assumption, concept, theory, hypothesis in a way as if it is a Law, Tao, Dhama, prinicple, it is one of the biggest turn off.

    May be when Water melon releases too much juice in the heat, it also thinks in the terms of spiritual Master/teacher.

  90. Anand says:

    I agree Lokesh, but you invited me.

  91. prem martyn says:

    shantam i have true sex stories from poona 1 that will make literotica stupidity look like an indian wet t shirt tease.
    osho means suck my cock in swahili….

  92. Lokesh says:

    Martyn, I spent some time in the Kenya highlands and for a few years was happily married to Salas, a young Masai woman, who died giving birth to our second child. I was never fluent in Swahili but I knew enough of the language to remember to this day that the word for a man’s penis was ‘tibura’. It is therefore that I know that your statement , ‘osho means suck my cock in swahili’ is untrue.

  93. prem martyn says:

    Lokesh….i spent some time with the wandering nomads of Tashkent happily married to three teenage girls from the Swaladuntspitit tribe, and i know for a fact that Tibura in Uzbek means one who tunes in to Radio 4 whilst on holiday in ibiza owing to a general apathy and having led a dissolute life…Tibura…. or ‘Call my Bluff’

  94. prem martyn says:

    as for the the other part of the your life in kenya…..thats sad…..or as they say in swahili…Lokeshbwana consider no to post vulnerable stuff in open forum….its too precious for this blog, better keep in safe place….

  95. anugrah says:

    lets find a better way to chat where we can see photos of each other

  96. Lokesh says:

    Dear Martyn, yes the death of my beloved Masai wife still brings tears to my eyes, but I just wanted to share that part of my life with my friends on Sannyasnews. It helps ease the burden of my sorrow.
    On a more positive note you’ll be happy to know that both of my Salas’s sons have grown up into strapping lads and both of them have whopping great Tibura’s. It runs in the family.

    Anugrah, what kind of photos?

  97. Anand says:

    Where was your beloved Prita Lokesh when you were banging those African beauties? watching?

  98. prem martyn says:

    Ah yes Lokesh…
    As I remember my dear Uzbekhi girl (okay she was a Bulgarian proto sannyassin with dark gypsy skin and her family came from a dusty village in the wilds of Bulgaria near Plovdiv, the communist inmates villagers… were famous for two things…idleness in the village’s only shackbar (think rickshaw pitstop) and an open cast uranium mine which tinted everything.. cars, windows , donkeys, vegetables and vaginas a cakey yellow) ….It was here that i decided that Osho must come to this girl’s salvation , pronto , and take her away from an incestuous relationship with her cousin…..for money.. in cash no questions asked…

    but i digress
    Often she could be found with tears in her eyes… but uranium dust was like that in daily quantities….which is why i loved her for the tears in her eyes ,her wild gypsy looks and an unusual form of family love…and both her quantities…..

    she was innocent and used to coo at night ‘ in our village of Kriminaltek we say beauty is only skin deep….. i love you not for your outside, but for what you have inside …of me’….
    She had passed her State exams in fleecing foreigners for cash at Plovdivs Higher Institute for Prostitutes and so I knew i could trust her warmth and open hearted honest remarks.That and the fact that she kept asking ‘Are all men in your country shaped there(jabbing her taloned fingers) like Coca Cola bottle in trousers?’ ‘
    I didn’t want to disappoint her….so i replied with a smile learnt from my years of therapy which revealed nothing , but sounded good and re-assuring….’Yes my litlle uranium half-life girl, who shines in my darkness….we all have ‘Coc’ bottles in trousers , and …this is a large family size one’ .It wasn’t, but there again she loved me for what was inside….her….
    Nothing would come between us now…. and luckily I was close to fulfilling that pledge with something that was obviously not family size at all…..

    So…Lokesh…this is..Shades of Borat.(before the film)..but.its all true… Go to Shishmantzi on google map near plovdiv…..the shack might be an Osho centre by now in my honour!!


  99. Lokesh says:

    That is absolutely incredible, I actually visited Shishmantzi while returning from a trip to Rubovia, after the royal family there invited me to give a lecture in the university about the use of onyx-handled armadillo snouts in ancient Mayan sex practices. I was waitng outside of the Rovnic Hotel for a taxi that the concierge had ordered the evening before, when I noticed a small brass plaque set beside a dilapidated hut in the middle of the street.
    You are mistaken in thinking that an Osho centre might be built on the site. There were plans for such a project but the all Muslim town council, composed of some of the greatest minds in the stoneage, decided agaainst it, in part because of the scandal that erupted when Osho’s book, ‘Why Planet: Sex practices of a reclusive sage’ was published in neighbouring Zapisthan. A documentary film soon followed that had intimate photographs of Osho extracting a string of ball bearings from a Hittite temple priestess’s rectum. The rest is history and if interested in reading an in depth report on this little known period in Osho’s life, I suggest ordering the 1989 August issue of Newsweek magazine where there is a two-page spread of the aforementioned photograph of Osho in his pinl leather bondage outfit.
    Back to that brass plaque in the centre of the street in Shishmantzi. For want of anything better to do I wnt over and read it. My knowledge of Arabic is limited to a few sufi songs I learnt by heart in Poona one but as far as I could make out after deciphering the cursive Arabic script you have become somewhat of a local legend. Apart from the usual, praise be to Allah the Almighty, there is mention of your jumbo-sized, Coca-cola-bottle shaped tibura and how on midsummer night it was displayed on that very spot and how the radioactive glow it produced could be seen from outer space.
    So there you go, Martyn, you have become a legend in your own time.


  100. prem martyn says:

    of course i meant , (silly me)…,Swallowmyeeli…..the neighbouring tribe, known for cheap gags….

  101. shantam prem says:

    You, Poona one guys,Please share your sexcapades in detail. How much in the name of spirituality You indulged in decadency.
    This is the right time to unburden your heart.,,as in the coming years memory may fade away and will be replaced by night Diapers.

  102. prem martyn says:

    shantam… my love…

    i was just wondering where in the pantheon of Osho’s work would you put group masturbation… a commune therapy room with a photo of osho smiling at you and a couple of infamous blackrobed loonies(names available) with a microphone encouraging to love yourself…

    i need to know if I was ripped off…..

  103. shantam prem says:

    Please Please please, let out all naked truths, but not hearsay..

    Oh Yes…were women too in this group mastrubation sessions? have these co participants shared their findings, whether it was Vaginal or clitorial?
    Have these group leaders some colobration with Kinsay Institute.
    and what was the trend of hair fashion down there during those golden years.
    I think, Philips, Brown and veet were not that active during that period.

    Truth may redeem everything else is dying sooner or later.

  104. prem martyn says:

    how you want proof? stains, photos, names?

    of course women were involved in this and more… my starry eyed friend…..

  105. prem martyn says:

    every fucking group for ten years or more was about watching… that shitty fucking load of misguided bollox word… which actually’ made’ everyone sleep with everyone else….with very little pleasure in my collective peer group experience and a lot of going through relationshit neurosis….as if mr osho knew what the fuck he was up to….oh hooray what insight into human nature mr osho we like sex at any price…. wooopppeee…and the way its deliverd by the likes of many therapists makes me want to set up a therapissed blacklist.. so these idiots have to become accountable over time to everyone…

    dont get me wrong .. as you know i like sextalk+.praxis.and its wonderful timeless honorable traditions.. but its not clean when mixed with half truth freud psycho ambitious uneducated idiots control mechanisms…..
    yes sannyassins especially therapissedycuntspricks are ambitious and disfunctional in my long experience and many many friends agree on our mutual experiences….
    shame you dont have the info on what we went through (it appears )to give you your golden halo mp3s

  106. shantam prem says:

    Stains, photos, names are not needed. Just memory of you as participant is enough. May be Lokesh has also licked few Mangoes in the Tantra Group.

    I am not asking for the titiliating effect of this all.
    But a honest undertaking…Yess.. we fucked, licked and sucked not one or two but many at Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Ashram (1974-1980)
    This whole thing was done not in the relationships but in the process of self discovery in these groups.
    Even this bold experiment did not produce the benefiting effect for the humanity to follow…still was done by the adult participants…
    Why to put this chapter under the carpet or speak about it in a gossip format.
    So.. Martyn or Lokesh, when you have dared to open your mouth..than let out the whole history.

  107. Lokesh says:

    Well, Shantam, I found this old diary circa 1977 and here is an entry you might appreciate. I was three days into Teertha’s encounter group and…..

    That evening, I was taken home by Simone, a foxy French woman, who chose me as the man she felt most attracted to, somewhat of a pleasant surprise because I wasn’t exactly looking my best. Perhaps beat-up men with bilateral periorbital haematomas − black eyes − turned her on. She informed me that her father was a rich diplomat, which explained how she could afford to rent a Bollywood star’s villa in Koregaon Park that must have cost as much in one month as the average Indian family earned in a lifetime. When it came to sex, Simone was a carnal junkie itching for a fix.
    Sipping from a long-stemmed glass of blood-red wine, she ran a hand through her thick black hair, which was haloed by the last rays of sunset streaming into the bedroom. She took a few steps, opened the veranda windows and purred, ‘Oh zut, I feel so terribly hot. Do you mind if I take off my bra? It feels like I’m wearing a pair of crepe Suzette on my boobs.’
    Her breasts were Sin-Doll XXXL prototypes, but even better because they weren’t made from silicone.
    Simone used a curved Arabian dagger to cut my long cotton shirt up the front. She took the stalk of me erect penis in her left hand and I breathed a sigh of relief when she threw the gleaming knife to the other side of the room, where it landed with a dull thud on a tiger-skin rug. ‘Come’, is all Simone said, as she led me by the cock towards her empress-sized bed. We lay down and licked each other urgently, like cannibals savouring an appetizer. She turned away and reached under the bed. ‘Voila!’ She laughed and lifted up a long pink suitcase. ‘My toy box,’ she giggled mischievously. Simone opened the case and handed me an onyx-handled, petrified armadillo snout. It was the first and last time in my life that I set eyes on one of these rare and priceless Aztec sex tools.
    ‘What will I do with it?’ I asked.
    Simone raised her long legs in the air, spread them wide apart and instructed me by saying, ‘Place the snout’s end here.’ She indicated with a red manicured fingernail.
    Soon our two perfectly formed bodies were sliding and writhing together. Waves of almost unbearable pleasure crashed over us when, with the aid of a string of marble-sized ball bearings, we performed the 108 tantric positions of The First Chakra Cult of Why Planet.
    Simone kept me up all night by strapping me into a Freon-cooled donkey inseminator. The harness’s leather straps blistered my testicles, but the increase in my pumping powers defied belief. My damp body bumped into her in an accelerated rhythm of wet slaps, her jiggling breasts acting as buffers to cushion the impact.
    ‘Ooh-la-la’, cried Simone as she wrapped her slender legs around my waist, raked my buttocks with long sharp nails and coaxed the build-up of energy that was demanding release to gush into her in one long, ecstatic pulse. I screamed when she popped a vial of amyl nitrate under my nose and the vapour exploded into my brain a second later. I thought I was going to die, yet I’d never felt more alive.
    Wrecked by exhaustion, we lay entwined in a lovers’ embrace, basking in libidinous rapture. A fresh breeze blowing in through the open windows caused steam to rise off the living ying-yang formed by our sweating bodies.

    Ah, yes, those were the days, Shantam, those were the days.

  108. Anand says:

    Shantam Prem’s repressed Indian sexuality is finally breaking through again….. where, when…tell, tell…more details. Maybe buy Lokesh’s book, it is available on Amazon.

  109. shantam prem says:

    Anand, it is not the time for Cliche but a honest enquiry.
    You are an active participant from Poona one days. Have your youth not availed that facility available in the journey from sex to superconsciousness.

    Sincere enquiry and honest history is the way for the better future.
    The spirit to experiment has not died with the sannyas, neither it was born with . Humanity has in its cells.. and by looking at the broken test tubes, one can always get the clues for the new.
    Osho will be given His due respect because He brought forward SEX in the domain of high street spirituality.

    I will let people know when i write as an Indian. Mostly it is as Osho Sannyasin.

    So please, how many magoes you have licked in the Tantra group?

    PS-Mangoes i am not using as derogatory sense for female anatomy. Somewhere in one of the book i have read, Mangoes were used for the ummy ummy Taste, as Teddy bears were used for cuddling in the primal groups.

  110. Anand says:

    I am packing for a well earned rest. I am off to Costa Rica for three weeks and will take time off the internet.
    Fare well friends!

    SP: I come from a different background and keep my mango stories for myself. Been there in Pune 1 and the rest of it…ashes to ashes.

  111. prem martyn says:

    couples in centre of circle fucking while you watched for the peak and valley orgasms on the edge….. fucking another guys babe while he overcame his jealousy watching…having your non relationship ‘experiment’ coming back from one night stands to have abortion .Giving white flowers of gratitude to each other before watching your babe go off with another orders of non jealousy commune requirements..being picked by couples over a casual coffee as their ‘experiment’ for the night….being told recently by my old colleague of a woman smacked so hard across the face in cafe Delight as part of a teertha master slave group that she literally flew across the tables.Group leaders fucking groupies in the toilets in lunch break.. Rajen having his cock sucked under his robe whilst talking about group energy.Group masturbation with Margo and Rafia.
    having frenz return from teertha encounter groups with broken hands legs arms until they started to use boxing gloves instead in 79….
    Holding on to each others naked genitals in Veeresh marathon groups in long snake lines..three way fucks..multiple fucks during the day with different partners….etc etc… always with crying laughing screaming or just plain fucked up with nothing to show for it…on either partners side.
    apparently it was because we were the chosen ones…and yes people were hurt …. a lot….and no it didn’t bring about world peace…or a long address book of friends…

    and for legal requirements to snews… include the word ‘reportedly’ prior to accusing anyone…

    half of us were very very young.. and a lot of the group leaders were/are twice our age… all adults… but a bit pedofilically abusive by any measure… and it therapy abuse still goes on … i was recently in Afroz centre in greece…..and nasty therapists building their lifestyles from paying adults… no commune.. just business….

  112. Lokesh says:

    Wow! And here’s me thinking it was all good clean fun, living under the illusion that life was for learning. How does that old Dylan song go…

    Crimson flames tied through my ears
    Rollin’ high and mighty trapped
    countless fire and flaming roads
    Using ideas as my maps
    “We’ll meet on edges, soon,” said I
    Proud ‘neath heated brow.
    Ah, but I was so much older then,
    I’m younger than that now.

  113. Anand says:

    and Martyn, you always had the chance to say ‘no’ to any situation you did not like. It was always up to you and if you did not get that point during those years, by now you should have understood it.

    You could say no to Teertha, Veeresh, Sheela and everybody else and you would have gotten their respect.
    I did many times, did all the groups and never need to look back in shame or disgust to those years.

  114. prem martyn says:

    poor old osho coming from a repressed indian back ground took revenge on all the bearded hippies who were already into free love and drugs and instead of sponsoring intimacy… he allowed the sledge hammer of bourgeois psychotherapy dominated by an narrow elite to instruct and order his new world….this new therapeutic elite were to see the end of an autonomous era of sixties rebellion and then have it orchestrated by a narrow authoritarian and unaccountable professional class of intimidators, who had all the manipulative language to spray around at their ready made doe eyed followers….
    it was and is a package of disasters, not because sex is free but precisely because they made it payable by endless forms of coercive ‘acceptance’ ….
    as an alternative to the limited and narrow range of affections available in the world it was what hippies had wanted for years….., but as an unquestioning result it was awful….and still is…

    i’m a terible one fingered typist so writing my lengthy thoughts will become painful if i carry on…. maybe ive written enough to understand that ‘osho’ is not what your meant to think it is…its another ball game completely when it comes to social experimentation..or sannyas and has very little to with being wise and more to do with being fucked up and human….

    nite nite

  115. prem martyn says:

    anand it looks good on paper what you said , but they didnt invent dynamic to empower your no but to defuse it… they wanted your yes….

    okay and could they say no to me being 21 and gormless ? of course they always defined in absolute terms their yes cos they were doing good for the world…….ha !
    and on a relating level
    or how do you fall in love and then reject the object of your love because of attachment that is spiritually unsound… what convoluted bollorx you speak….

    cant you attack once the system of authoritarianism and let it stand .. or must you always allow for a psychotic get out clause for the abusers….
    in abuse the abuser always relies on the abused sense of guilt or self re-proach….
    thats a failure on your part Anand to tell these cunts like i have and did what cunts they were and are…..and they dont respect you for that…..they are authoritarians who breed the same language….

    its only when my yes to myself got big enough that i didnt need the commune sponsored smoochyvibes to live my love….and thats a learning curve..and i’m happy to attack back…bring it on….

  116. Lokesh says:

    Anyone round here read ‘The Guru Papers?

  117. prem bubbie says:

    Off to Costa Rica for vacation Anand? Or to round up some more illegals to work for your Florida construction company? maybe rounding up illegals is relaxation in itself, flashing cash in front of poor starving peasants does provide a natural endorphin release… for the psychotic mind.

  118. prem bubbie says:

    Hey Fo Gump, Try reading your own posts… Are you sure you’re not an Aryan brotherhood member?

  119. prem bubbie says:

    Prem Martyn, As a failed Novelist, please try your luck at posting on billboards in your local town square… I need new eyeglasses already, your spin cycle postings makes my washing machine seem slow…. I hope your hibernation cycle is due soon.

  120. prem martyn says:

    lokesh….really….if you carry on like that , you’ll be required by a devotee to do your joan of arc impersonation sooner than later…..

    anyway about bulgaria… its a really lovely quiet country …next time you are in shishmantzi , ask for …….madame tibura….

    i just looked at the link… is it possible to have cake and eat it?

  121. prem martyn says:

    yo bubbie

    we are not meant to actually read anything here……purleassse.. !

    anyway its saturday and im home alone….

    costa rica means tyohahahahahaloonnie tunes to me

  122. prem martyn says:

    bubbie its all true….. i need you to tell me you believe me..please bubbie pleasse…………..
    ..oh fuck it , please yourself

    .its not a novel… but actually my email writing style..and the state of my mind….

    i suffer from an insatiable desire to share my boredom…..incurable… but yes i may well spin out soon….dont worry….

  123. shantam prem says:

    Anand.. are you going just for vocation or to the new commune of Tyohar, The Israeli who came to Pune in early nineties and learnt the tricks of the trade in a single go, the way Lao Tzu did it by seeing a leaf in the fall.
    Martyn , why this reverse gear in your brain. You got plenty of sex and did not have to go for an abortion. Why you are complaining Now.

    So as i see.. there are three stages of development in Osho´s work in Pune.

    Poona 1… Sex..Meditation .. Love

    Poona 2…… Love and Meditation
    (shades of sex getting dimmer and dimmer)

    Poona 3 …. Meditation Meditation Meditation
    (Shades of love and sex are getting fade)

    Without doubt the present day Pune provides the best meditation facilities on the whole planet.
    One can try 15 days in Pune and 15 days somewhere else for a comparative study.

    But the way i see, it is the reaction to the hedonist way of Poona one.
    The middle path, modified, refined and developed By OSHO himself, the model of 1987-1999 phase is the sustainable model for the longer and healthier growth of OSHO´s impact.

    Love never goes out of fashion. Meditation is the embroidery over the fabric. OSHO is L&M.

  124. prem martyn says:

    “Fostering promiscuity, impersonal sex, and interchangeable
    sexual partners accomplishes the same agenda as celibacy. It trivializes
    sexual attraction and undermines coupling. Casual, disconnected,
    modular sex eventually leaves people satiated, jaded, and often
    hurt. They become fearful of forming deep relationships, which
    fits neatly into the guru’s need to have disciples detached
    from everything but him.” (p.99)

    above from the guru papers……

    from me>
    And it gets worse when you get it shoved down your throat from those whom you have trusted interpersonally with your sincerity and to be de-classified as not worthy of credibilty.
    …..from the Guru’s mouth to the disciples arsehole is but a short journey…

  125. prem martyn says:

    shantam prem if you dont stop waxing lyrical in awful bollywood nasal sing song homily to all things Osho,,,,,,then ….then…. then……i will ban you from the resort for another year……and have you read back copies of osho times as punishment…..

  126. prem martyn says:

    bubbie … im gone… !


  127. shantam prem says:

    Martyn, do you feel like Collateral damage of Poona One who did not have the energy left for Poona 2.
    I am a Poona 2 recruit. Being an Indian i missed the fun of real ground zero act, as we were suppose to take care of logistics and get left over.

    Don´t you see that Osho scraped most of the activities of Poona one and refined the menu.
    Mountainous river entered the fertile plains.

    The many symbolic meanings of the river were spoken to by Jawaharlal Nehru in his Discovery of India,
    “The Ganges, above all is the river of India, which has held India’s heart captive and drawn uncounted millions to her banks since the dawn of history. The story of the Ganges, from her source to the sea, from old times to new, is the story of India’s civilization and culture, of the rise and fall of empires, of great and proud cities, of adventures of man…”

    The same, this starry eyed friend of yours can say about Osho.

  128. prem martyn says:

    shantam as anais nin said ‘even mistakes are great ‘… and i agree with her

    you are.

    im really gone

    i hope you thoroughly enjoyed myself….

    nite everyone…

    and keep on master dictating….

  129. Anand says:

    as you know Bubbie it is all virtual here. Anand is virtual,
    Costa Rica is virtual and my illegal slaves in Florida are virtual working for my virtual destruction company.
    The only real thing I have is my farmville weed operation,
    and now I need to go on a trip to bring in enough cash
    so I can sustain my virtual life a bit longer.

    Martyn I feel sorry for you. You must have had a horrible time in the 70ties, being abused by the Mamas and Papas
    of Pune 1, while Lokesh was getting all the fun with the French girls and smoking dope with Anand.

    Have to run catch my flight on virtual Virgin Airlines!

  130. Lokesh says:

    Martyn, another remarkable coincidence, I am well aquainted with the transvestite, Madame tibura. We had a brief but intense sexual relationship with each other a few years back. Please give her/him my luv if it happens that you see him/her before I do.

    Anand, Yes you are right, Anand is an old Amigo of mine. He doesn’t come to Ibiza much since he was effectively banned from the island over ten years ago. He is still a crazy rebel and is much loved wherever he goes.
    If you head up to San Juanillo and visit the Tiohar community why not go next door and see if youcatch Ma Menlah in. She runs a small resort type scene with cabannas and is a lovely person.
    As for Tiohar, he does good things and is a rallying flag for people to gather round and get very creative on a social level. I’ve met him a couple of times and he is without doubt as unenlightened as your average Israeli.
    Watch out for the red tide.

  131. Satya Deva says:

    Shantam Prem:
    Same i will say about Barry Long´s book ” The origins of man and Universe.”
    When people put their assumption, concept, theory, hypothesis in a way as if it is a Law, Tao, Dhama, prinicple, it is one of the biggest turn off.

    You don’t seem to realise, SP, that this is not supposed to be a theoretical, philosophical work, neither is it necessarily supposed to be poetry.

    What’s there has apparently emerged from direct experience, it’s simply how it is…

    Haven’t you read the introduction? Including the advice to read it as if you’re looking at the sea, at the stars, rather than with an ‘argumentative’ mind?

    Actually, for me there’s ‘poetry’ and certainly myth a-plenty in this book, but you seem not to grasp it…

    Oh well, once an Indian…(No offence, SP, if it’s not for you it’s not for you. Simple).

  132. prem martyn says:

    Anand… I dont know how variable your experiences are , …..or how unwilling you are to call a spade a spade when enough people have been shovelled…..

    but if you limit the meaning of my criticism to a bygone decade, then thats imprecise….Preciosely because,its a constant theme of how sannyas is utterly dysfunctional — at the point of the ‘ i need to belong and get the goodies’..the testicle point….
    .If you have a different experience of the world, well trala la for you .But if you defend those who emotionally /sexually abuse in the pandoras box of sannyas -by my definition -then i cant share your intent and vision.In fact I oppose it. .I have many more examples up to the contemporary period of ambitious manipulative hidden agendas by the group think acolytes and their cohorts.

    I feel sorry for myself which sometimes helps, but yours doesnt.
    And I believe in free love and sex, not an orchestrated therapised hidden agenda, paying borrowed ‘love’.
    Freedom = paying for the damage not walking away repeatedly and saying ‘do dynamic’.
    -no thats really dirty.Which contrarily by my transparency i define as making me clean, sometimes naive and definitely stupid, but like veganism ethically sound.

    Sannyas= growing or getting as much as possible for as little as possible.Industrial quantity dislocation on a psychological interpersonal level.
    .ships in the night.. …big love I dont think so….

    If you are more expansive than me on these sannyas issues kindly illustrate your own successful formula for others to reproduce, and exactly what the payoff still is for you.Transparently then that would be illuminating.
    What I’m doing now is reminding myself and others that if it dont feel like love… it aint love.


  133. Satya Deva says:

    shantam prem:

    Just another using Osho for his own convenience…

    Even though this sentence is addressed to Gump,
    my direct request to SD is to create a thread with comprehensive points.
    After all, there is a limit to react all the time. Why not construct.

    SP, I’d say I’m responding to FG, rather than ‘reacting’, I’m telling him what I think of him – as he presents himself here, he might be different elsewhere, of course – in a direct way, which might conceivably be helpful to him if he were to bother to look at it (which of course he’d never admit to here!).

    Because at times he comes across as typifying a certain sannyasin attitude, a certain lazy mentality that justifies all manner of self-indulgence, in the name of ‘Osho’.

    Do you not think that might be worth looking at, or even discussing?

    You yourself are a fine example, are you not, going on and on and on, continuously whining about the Poona management, week after week, month after month, year after year?!

    I’ve also recently asked for statements about how people are NOW connected to Osho and what they think are his teachings, in a practical sense that actually influences their life. And asked for unemotional responses rather than sentimental guff.

    No replies yet….

  134. prem martyn says:

    in a practical sense, risk and life and and the underlying humming connection to the fact, that despite my worst fuck ups , living is happening without fear being the dominant factor.And if there is less fear there is more love….

    and for a softer life than i see other people are comfortable with in the ‘world’….being that gentleness is innate in achieving correspondence with others….. and all life…

    it seems that only by the extremes could we cauterize / limit that driving distorted ugliness that dominates in schools and offices ….and the harshness of people’s /our bodies and voices and lostness in the eyes was transformed into something a little more of a Pythagorean Mystery school….complete with shining comfortable human beings…..

    As far as being in the now of now…well that is not a consumable function….and i’m just very very grateful to have received those formative energy darshan satoris that indicated the triumph of spirit over matter….

    personally I dont want to reincarnate, as a vehicle for the universe’s experiments… but fuck me, this stopping of the wheel is or seems to be elusive….recently i saw mooji in london….and he really is a lovely lovely man….and…. i wouldnt want to get involved as searcher ever again…..but without that can i stop the wheel??…

    watch this space….
    (or not)

  135. Chinmaya says:

    Prem Boobie goes mad at a fast speed……

  136. prem bubbie says:

    So, what was your reason for your present incarnation, Chin baby? So much for honesty!!!!

  137. Ma Prem Jenny says:

    Hi Lokesh, Are you the friend of Makunda from the days at the well in Poona and later in the squat in West London? Would love to know what you are up to?

    Love Jenny


  138. Ma Prem Jenny says:

    A very fundamental thing. Sanai says: IF YOU KNOW YOUR OWN WORTH you need not be worried what others think about you, whether they accept you or reject you. If you are worried about others’ rejection and acceptance, that simply shows one thing — that you don’t know your own worth, that you don’t know your own being, that you don’t know God resides in you, that you are an abode of the divine.
    Hence you are worried what people are thinking about you — because on their thinking, on their opinion, will depend much. Your ego depends on others’ opinions: your being depends on nobody. That’s why the man of being is always a rebel, and the man who lives in the ego has to compromise very much with the society. The egoist has to compromise, because if he does not compromise, nobody is going to fulfill his ego. The ego needs others’ support, it needs props from others: the more people like you, the better and more polished and refined an ego you can have.
    - Unio Mystica, Vol 2, Chapter #3

  139. shantam prem says:

    Love, trust, beauty, sincerity, truthfulness, authenticity — these are all feminine qualities, and they are far greater than any qualities that man has. But the whole past has been dominated by man and his qualities.