Krishnaprem remembers a 1973 Darshan with Osho

“Do not build your house on the bridge”

Man it is hot in Mumbai in May. As much as I wanted to stay close to Osho in his physical body, I wanted out of India on that May day in 1973.

Shortly after I’d first met Osho in his Woodlands apartment in Mumbai, I had another meeting with him before leaving for the cool of the U.S. I was escorted to his room by his secretary, Laxmi, but once I got through the door, I was left alone with him and his caretaker Vivek. As good looking as Vivek was, I only had eyes for Osho as this was my first time seeing him privately since taking sannyas about three months before. He knew I’d come to say goodbye but when he asked me if I had anything to say, I became speechless. I was overwhelmed by my love for him and by his intelligence and felt if I said anything I would look stupid… yes I had memorized what I would like to have said… that I had a satori while doing the dynamic meditation… that the past was simply a memory, the future does not exist and his present to me is that I now live only in the present, but it is difficult to lie sitting in front of the truth.

I say all this because many new friends today ask me about my moments alone with Osho and how great it must have been but really all I knew about meditation up until that moment is that the Beatles’ music had changed for the better by going East and that was good enough for me to transcend myself as I couldn’t stand my present carnation. Conversely, sitting in my shit in front of Osho taught me more about life than 16 years of public education because it taught me to say and feel “I don’t know” with the energy I needed to move on with my life… which for me remains even today the definition of a miracle.

So when Osho asked me how my meditation was going, I can’t believe I quoted Groucho Marks and said, “Close but no Cigar” … I nearly passed out over my ridiculous, spontaneous statement… but to my amazement Osho loved it and turned to Vivek to smile his approval. While he glowed in my Groucho gaffe, I reached over and kissed his big toe… being so new to the East, I never knew of this tradition between a master and a disciple… I was more caught in my uptight Western male conditioning that I kissed another man’s foot… Osho quickly turned his gaze back to me and smiled… but from that moment on it was part of the instructions before seeing Osho alone not to touch his body….

And Osho returned his attention to me, “Just continue to be total… and do the dynamic meditation every day.” Remember in ’73, the dynamic meditation was king, Osho developed kundalini and other active mediations soon after, but his guidance seemed to me always to stay the same… to pick a meditation and do it daily until it fell away naturally.

And suddenly he asked, “How do you feel?”

While my mind was racing for an appropriate enlightened response, what came out of me was, “I feel lucky.”

Again he simply loved it.

He said something like that I should remain with him as long as this is how I feel.

Even today I ask myself, “How do you feel?” And invariably, I ‘here’ back from myself, “I feel lucky as hell.”

So now, Osho and I simply sat with each other in silence… with nothing to say. He didn’t say a word and I simply had nothing to say.

I couldn’t say anything for a good three minutes, and finally he did what my father used to do when he was bored with me, he looked at his watch – which in my father’s case was a signal for me to either get his interest or leave his presence. I had no concept of spirituality at the time, but I had some worldly sense… thanks to daddy. So I looked up at Osho and I said only one word: “California!”

And when I said that single word, he got truly excited. He began talking, and he talked to me for what seemed like an eternity about how many of his people who don’t yet know that they’re his people are now in California, and how his work would flourish there. And he began to plant a seed in me that one day I would open up a meditation center for him somewhere in that western U.S. state.

And all the while, he went on and on about ‘Californication’, I did tratak on his beard… and the seed was planted in my subconscious that I wanted to look just like him… and my beard starting growing just like that… spring comes and the beard grows by itself… well my beard grew and grew but I looked more like a ‘hairy krishna’ than an Osho.

I remember years later when I was in an encounter group in OSHO International Meditation Resort the rapist, I mean my therapist, said to me that my beard was growing straight out of me and was a wall between me and everyone I met. For me, a feeling of separation is a flu-like symptom. During lunch break, I shaved for about an hour and I haven’t seen my beard, or my need to look like Osho, since… it took a while to look and taste and feel and love myself… it felt like it took an eternity to be here now… and it’s worth the wait if you have the time.

And by now, Osho had said what he wanted to say about the west coast, and my ass was hurting from sitting on the floor, so we’d both finished for the moment when Osho dismissed me with a request, “Tonight I would like you to sit close to me at the evening discourse.” which was going to take place in an outside park in the Juhu Beach area of Mumbai.

Me being my lazy self, of course I showed up late and I would have estimated that 2000 Indian friends had shown up before me who also wanted to sit up close – something I’d never seen before. In ’73 there were only a handful of Westerners around Osho and I had no idea up until now that he had disturbed millions of traditional Indians and also attracted a hundred thousand new Indian friends to his fold at the very same time. So, sadly, I sat down in the back of the audience and Osho proceeded to speak for one and a half hours in Hindi, which I didn’t speak and didn’t understand and didn’t enjoy hearing. Plus I was sitting on the ground under a mosquito sky… and as any great man of silence knows, mosquitoes are the enemy of meditation. I challenge you right now to sit in India without Indian Odomos mosquito repellent and crack the Zen koan, ‘I am not the body’!!!

Towards the end of the discourse, at the moment I was about to leap out of my skin from bites and boredom, Osho said one line in English. And this line changed my life. He said: “Do not build your house on the bridge.”

It was like a Zen koan for me, which I meditated on for years until I had lived the meaning of that one sentence. At the time, I didn’t know what he meant by saying this but I distinctly felt that it was a message directly for me. Sometimes when Osho spoke to me years later in darshan, I often knew he was actually speaking to someone else who was also present. And conversely, when it entered me directly while he was speaking to someone else, I knew he was speaking to me – it would be something relevant to me in that moment and it always had a special kind of ring to it.

I don’t want to say what this one sentence meant to me, because it may have a hidden meaning for you and you may feel to meditate on this yourself. But I’ll give you a hint: I now understand that the journey is the goal and I always keep moving. When I am sad, I look into the sadness, eventually it passes…. I don’t build a home called sadness and live in it, decorate it with happy furniture and then put it on the real estate market and sell it to another fool on the hill… like, perhaps, you… when I looks into sadness, it disappears… ‘This too will pass’ as the Sufis say… sadness comes, sadness goes, happiness comes, happiness goes… only you, naked before the truth, remain untouched.

I hope we bump into each other on the bridge one day and share a cup of chai and gossip. And when we are satisfied, you go your way and I’ll go mine… it’s easier to walk across a bridge without all your possessions, emotional and physical, in your back pack. A cup of tea between two friends can be quite unburdening.

Go lightly into your life, love is, kp

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48 Responses to Krishnaprem remembers a 1973 Darshan with Osho

  1. prem bubbie says:

    Nice to reminisce but those days are over and no matter how many times old discourses are posted nut jobs like meera, anurag and rajneesh will twist, and distort the truth and come up with some delusional meaning of Osho’s lectures and make it “The Gospel”. Very sad and perhaps dangerous but the only thing one can do is to put these psychos in their place and “Run them out of town”…..

  2. Krishnananda says:

    Such a positive article. Thanks for sharing. Today, I was reading an account of Sw. Prem Azima from Italy (Published in “Past the point of No return”- Compiled by ma Anand Bhagwati) and it was just awesome.

  3. Lokesh says:

    Greetings from the highlands of Scotland, where I just read KP’s wee story from days gone by and enjoyed it.

    ‘This too will pass’ as the Sufis say… yes indeed.

  4. Anand says:

    I hope we do not have to read all of these stories for another 2,000 years.

  5. Satya Deva says:

    An enjoyable reminiscence indeed, avoiding sentimentality, which can be difficult when talking about such significant moments.

    The magic of the East, it’s wonder-ful…

    Yet these days my feeling is not necessarily to look over there for the Truth (etc.), it’s available elsewhere now (probably always was!)…Not that I’m ‘against’ the East, just that something’s somehow shifted…(Hope that’s a good sign!)…

    And btw, I recall coming across Krishna Prem in the old Cafe de Lite, around August ’74, I think it was…Strange how one recallso some people, some places, not all….

  6. anugrah says:

    thanks you krishna prem for sharing this happening around osho .
    poona one phase was truely a magic time, so was poona 2

  7. Lokesh says:

    Satya Deva…Cafe Delight…74…we must know each other.

  8. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    I remember years later when I was in an encounter group in OSHO International Meditation Resort the rapist, I mean my therapist, said to me that my beard was growing straight out of me and was a wall between me and everyone I met. For me, a feeling of separation is a flu-like symptom. During lunch break, I shaved for about an hour and I haven’t seen my beard, or my need to look like Osho, since…

    I see even Krishnaprem has caought on Swami Rajneesh term Rapist – Therapist here.

    It seems the Rapist ( Therapist ) has also got Krishnaprem ( subtle auto negative suggestion )
    to shave his beard as all people with beards are frowned at in the Resort and told not to look like Osho.

    The Resort managment hates people thinking Osho is a Muslim or a Cult and has enforced all Therapists ( opps Rapists ) to make this auto suggestion to all participants at the Resort not to grow a beard an to look and ” act normal ” in the Resort.

    Remember Jayesh brother quoted in Time magazine
    That dead Guy Osho and how new people freak out seeing Osho bearded pictures like the taliban fanatics
    Hence all Osho pictures are removed from Resort as business is business afterall and more important for those who are protecting their masters…( opps own business )

  9. Alok john says:

    I love reading these old stories.

    Thanks Krishnaprem and sannyas news

  10. Satya Deva says:

    It seems the Rapist ( Therapist ) has also got Krishnaprem ( subtle auto negative suggestion )
    to shave his beard as all people with beards are frowned at in the Resort and told not to look like Osho.

    Shaving beards has long been a therapeutic suggestion (or, in more authoritarian settings, an ‘order’) used to break a man’s strategy for coping, ie ‘hiding’ behind facial hair.

    I recall this from way back in the 70′s, it’s not new at all and therefore, especially as it occurred in this case, in a therapy group – and encounter at that, which is traditionally tough – it’s unlikely to have any ulterior purpose, other than the good of Krishna Prem.

    So, Anurag, I’d reject your interpretation of this event as one needs to look into a situation more carefully before reaching such a conclusion. It would seem you’re allowing your anti-Poona management bias to overule your judgment.

  11. Satya Deva says:

    I see even Krishnaprem has caought on Swami Rajneesh term Rapist – Therapist here.

    If rajneesh calls therapists ‘rapists’, then how come he proposes to invitre them to work in his planned community?

  12. Satya Deva says:

    To attract people?

    After all, as you say, “business is business” (yes, I do know he says it’ll all be free).

  13. Swami Dhyan Anurag says:

    Rajneesh calls those Therapists Rapist
    who make a Business out of Therapy and sell these therapies for thousands of Euros and for their own business and greed.
    When Therapy is offered free it is out of Love and holds no Vested Interest in exploiting others who come to understand Osho message /
    then it is different and compassionate.

  14. shantam prem says:

    I have just finished reading, the last four days posts from the sannyasnews addicted co bloggers.

    Looks like people who like to give live Cricket commentary cannot go beyond one run two runs on the fool Toss.

    Bitching about and creating saviour in Rajneesh; is this the agenda of new age seekers.

    and same old fear of Bible burners,” Osho´s gossips should not become Gospels.”
    why this fear?
    Because Gospels have created inner constipation in a lost generation.

    Ups… i was suppose to write in a polite and articulate language.
    RIP you 21 people who lost their life in a million people´s Love Parade.
    I know your life is as worthy as those people who have died on their way to pilgrimage for centuries.
    Only one difference is there, people who created pilgrimage had heart full with devotion, those who create mass entertainment like Love Parade has an ass stuffed with currencies.

  15. Lokesh says:

    A man without a beard is like a women with a beard. Osho

    When I heard that in Poona One I shaved my beard off as I wanted to get in touch with my feminine side. Why, I remember the time I had darshan with Osho and he said, ‘Lokesh, where is your beard? It is…..’
    Oops, sorry. I nodded off for a minute there. What was I saying? Oh yes, I remember the time Osho…… No, no, it was Poonjaji who said, ‘The past is a graveyard.’

    Now then, what do you suppose he meant by that?

  16. Satya Deva says:


    Satya Deva…Cafe Delight…74…we must know each other.

    Very likely, Lokesh…And I do have a faint memory of you, I think. Did you have a beard back then?! I seem to remember a bearded Scottish chap, pretty ‘intense’ as I recall…!

    I used to hang out there a lot and after 2 or 3 months in a cubicle at Mobo’s I eventually found a nice little hut in the grounds of the Nayansukh Hotel, just next to the Delite.

    Basically, I just used to come to the cafe and perhaps sit down with one or more ‘orange people’, or be on my own. Avoiding the Iranian students, of course….

    I preferred the Bund Garden cafe though, further down towards Koregaon Park. Did you ever hang out there?

  17. Chinmaya says:

    Ma Laxmi, Secretary to Osho, suggested to trim his beard and shave his head and gave some reasons for her suggestion. Osho refused to do so and said that these are his original guests and gifted by Almighty like other parts of the body. Even Chinese, Tibetian and Japanese Guru maintain their hair, keeping in view the importance and functioning of hair.

    In various countries, it has been analyzed scientically in forensic laboratories that the hair has the valuable substances as under -

    Oxygen 30%
    Carbon 47%
    Hydrogen 06%
    Nitrogen 10%
    Sulphur 0.7%

    George Bernard Shaw, the renowned playwrihgt of England, throughout his life maintained the sanctity of his heard. Rabindra Nath Tagore and Guru Gobind Singh, Enlightened Master of Sikhs, they say that the Keshdhari (one with long unshorn hair) is the best form of the best man. During the period of Lord Jesus, hair was given high respect, which has been mentioned in one of the holy book of Christians. Samson was considered to be a strong man because of his long hair and beard. (out of the book – Why Americans Love Meditation and Sikhism).

    Definitely, the learned man and mystic Osho, cannot commit a mistake by keeping the beard and unshorn hair. An enlightened Master of the millenium has its own values, if the low mentality ppl at Osho Resort have removed the pictures of Osho with beard, it is their business trick and it has no relevance with the originality of the Osho Ashram.

  18. Satya Deva says:

    Shantam Prem:
    Bitching about and creating saviour in Rajneesh; is this the agenda of new age seekers.

    and same old fear of Bible burners,” Osho´s gossips should not become Gospels.”
    why this fear?
    Because Gospels have created inner constipation in a lost generation.

    And what do you imagine you yourself have been up to here, SP, almost continuously, month after month after month, if it hasn’t been similarly “bitching”, unremittingly pursuing your own agenda?!

    As for Osho ‘Gospels’, well, the point is surely that after a Master’s death, the priests around him eventually – usually pretty soon – construct a virtually dead religion, with rituals, observances, festivals, ‘do’s and don’t's’ from of his words and their interpretations of both them and his life.

    In other words, strangling the life out of them…

    So, it’s understandable, isn’t it, that intelligent people should be vigilant that such a degeneration does not take place before their very eyes (inevitable, in the way of things, that this process might well be)?

    So, it’s therefore

  19. shantam prem says:

    A letter to Krishna Prem,

    Other than leisuring around in the same Ashram for years and knowing each other from the face, personally we were not part of the same group of people.
    Yet, i have the fond memories whenever you have been the stage manager for the comedy events or facilitating the Kundalini Meditation by adding your personal touch in the usual four stages introduction.
    Also, your website has a nice sense of humour connected with all that sex stugh.
    I think to discuss SEX is more main stream in the shrinking sannyas scene than to discuss Power.
    in the time of AIDS and regular Aids check up, 69 can be discussed more easily than the word Control.

    Make joke about Jesus, pope, Bush or any body else is a norm, to whip the group leaders is also a good pass time but behind all this bravedo lies a Mind, who knows quite well what one cannot speak in Hyde Park.
    Make any joke, any comment about the CEO of the resort and it will be silently hushed hushed as crude remark.
    Somewhere i must appreciate these old timers who are still in the Ashram and how they switch to the word RESORT, whenever some politburo member is near by.

    I am looking forward to buy your book and feel the warmth of your fond memories of Osho. Around 27 years in the Living presence of the Master and in total 47 years around the different phases of His work, almost a life time. Even the 12 apostels were not with Jesus for even one tenth of this time.

    Just wandering whether the draft of your book was approved by the management committee or you have shown your metal to write what you want to write.
    Lucky are those who have seen and felt Bodily and spiritual presence of Osho.
    What is your take KP for those who have come to Osho later on. Will not they feel like the guys who can get hot only by reading titillating stories whereas few really got to know Marylin Monroe without the clothes.

    Body was suppose to disappear, who has not died from Shiva to Buddha to Jesus and others.
    This you may not write on a public platform, but feel yourself, how much we are leaving for the others as far as Osho experience is concerned.

    (shantam Astro at FB)

    PS-Just read today, one of the ALDI brothers has died.
    Will we read in the coming years, ALDI has become a exclusive shoe store, because managers THINK in that line more growth potential.

  20. Lokesh says:

    SD Cafe Bund…the deadbeats club…I was a member. The dahl and chappatis were good…..served up by an Iranian waiter who looked like he’d been dug up from a muslim cemetary.
    I spent over six years in Poona One and lived in different places but mostly in a hut by a well behind the old medical centre.
    Yes, I had a beard and yes, I was probably a bit intense…weren’t you?
    I doubt you are on Facebook but in my opinion it can be a great networking tool. If you go to Luke Mitchell and you see a skull and crossbones, you have arrived.

  21. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh and SD, i think one trip down the memory lane in Pune will bring you quite up to date.
    Even if Osho comes back, He will not be able to recognise Pune, as one of the fastest growing cities in India it has become.
    four five star Hotels have come up in the radius of just 2 kms. of the Ashram.
    Ask the staff and the guests there about the Osho Resort, for the answer they will check Google or will phone to the reception,” Mam, can you find out where Osho Resort is, one Gora Sir want to visit their cafe.”

    If cann´t believe, check the web site of “Hotel O in Pune”, stone thrown away from Ashram/commune/resort

  22. prem bubbie says:

    Beards- No beards, blonde, black, red, obsessed with beards now… if you got one give it a good yank or let your friend do it… if you don’t , grab your hair give that a yank and bang your head on a wall…. knock some sense into you numb nuts!!! Start with Anurag…. finish with rajneesh.

  23. Lokesh says:

    SP: I am more in love with the idea of India than the reality. Last time I flew into Delhi, people were burning tyres in the street to keep warm. The place was filthy. As for Poona, I do not feel curious enough to be drawn there.
    I am not nostalgic for the good old days. In fact, it is a miracle that I managed to survive them.

  24. Anand says:

    You see Shantam KP has paid for his room in the resort and got a lot of mileage out of that investment. Plus a good if not a bit noisy location.

    He also has been removed from stage quite often, so he knows when to speak up, when to be silent and when to go to Goa. It is a dance.

    It is different, when you are at the ‘Indian labor’ side of the fence with no dollars invested in the property.

  25. Anand says:

    Lokesh, SD: Cafe Bund is also gone the way of its destiny…into rubble.

    It was an easy walk from the main gate to CB in the 70ties, now you have to watch out for your life due to traffic and you will find it hard to breathe the Pune air.

    One of the main points people do not stay in Pune very long anymore and the Osho Resort Management Team forgets to mention: YOU CANNOT BREATHE THE AIR ANYMORE in and around Koregaon Park.

  26. Satya Deva says:

    Perhaps a reason to get out of Poona altogether then, Anand?

  27. Lokesh says:

    Yes Anand, I get the picture. The last time my wife went to Poona and returned home I asked, ‘How was it.’
    ‘Forget it,’ she replied.
    I pretty much followed her advice.

    The other day I passed through Glasgow and met a Scottish friend who I had not seen since Poona One. At first I had the feeling while sitting with him that he somehow wished to reconnect with his sannyasin past through me. I pretty soon realized that it was not so much a need to reconnect with his past but rather a desire to get in touch with someone who was real, who saw life as being something that extended beyond the 3D world presented to us via our senses.
    These are very material times and I see that need more and more in peoples’ eyes. In the old days, if someone was leaving the commune Osho often said to them, ‘Help my people there.’
    In my own way I still endeavour to do that, but I don’t limit myself to sannyasins. How do I help? By simply being who I am. By listening to people and letting them know that if existence breathed life into them that is enough to have my respect. Not everyone is open to that sort of perspective but with the people who are it works wonders.

  28. shantam prem says:

    “It is different, when you are at the ‘Indian labor’ side of the fence with no dollars invested in the property.”

    This is a beautiful sentence, Anand?

    The way India has changed and getting the confidance to be a main player on world stage, Indian sannyasins are very much ready to be invester in Euros and Doller terms?
    But do the ashram ALDI brothers have the courage to inject the new energy and investment?
    Those who invest a big chunk would like to have their nominee in the board of directors.
    Or one can say, Osho´s work is a auto pilot plane, God´s own creation, capacity and errors of human hands are not needed.
    Who in this age can be so superstitous?

  29. shantam prem says:

    Let me try to say my point with another sentence from Anand-
    Anand // Jul 28, 2010 at 1:13 am
    I hope we do not have to read all of these stories for another 2,000 years.

    The way writing on the wall is, these stories have the life span of next 20-30 years,definately in the west, where Sannyas is going to be remembered as one generation fashion.
    So enjoy the clearance sale from the original store clerks, as the same stugh with new labels will be sold on premium by the new crop of over ambitious Mystics/Saints.
    One noticeable fact is that when we look at the Osho sannyasins in the Satsang business, more than half have no substantial experience to be around Osho or His people or the communes.
    As we all know… Osho´s books in the bigining effect in the same way as porno literature; energy starts operating on some brain centre, because of this erect Spine; many Rabbits go for chasing the Dame.

  30. shantam prem says:

    One solution is to go out of Pune all together. It requires courage and more courage is needed to take 3.5 million Pune inhabitants with.

    Any way, less and less western are going to Pune for quenching the inner thirst. When home delivery Volvic is available, why to waste time for poluted Ganga water.

    So sooner or later, King´s appointees will also march out.
    This will be the real home coming of Osho back to His roots. Some Indian like me but not like Rajneesh( both are half cookoos in love with the Master; but later has his own grand ambition to chase the dame like the rabbit i mentioned above); as the Ashram in charge.

    And i am sure, many many seekers from around the globe will start pouring to Pune for their inner quest.
    Cynical oldies will also feel like coming…just for fun sake…

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  31. Lokesh says:

    SP, if you really want to communicate with other people I strongly suggest you drop those over-the-top metaphors of yours. They make it difficult to understand what it is that you are trying to convey. Like you can’t see the forest for the trees type scenario. This is unfortunate as you do, in my opinion, from time to time have something interesting to say.
    If you are not interested in clear communication simply carry on regardless and continue to listen to the sound of one hand wanking.

  32. Anand says:

    Shantam I was meaning that we are so focussed on the past with Pune, our golden years in Pune 1 and Pune 2 and all the stories connected with it.

    All these old stories are interesting for new arrivals, but otherwise I feel it is more to be in the NOW. And that can be living Osho vision and our our experience spent with him NOW- it maybe in Freiburg, Ibiza or Scotland.
    The rest are sentimental journeys through our mind and I admit I am guilty myself.

    Still Lokesh I understand your point and you follow what your German wife says, visits to Pune are still very precious in their quality of pure meditation and meeting with friends, but the quality of air is a problem.

    I am not surprised so many sannyasins are publishing books about their stories from Pune. I prefer to listen to Osho on MP3.

  33. Anand says:

    Lokesh: does your ‘German wife’ has a name?

  34. Lokesh says:


  35. shantam prem says:

    So without metaphores, it is a question for Lokesh, SD and Anand.
    Let us say, they represent USA and UK in Osho corporation.
    Do the western sannyasins have also COLLECTIVE MIND or not, the mind which is the of f shoot of their culture and parental influence.

    If they have the collective mind(no mind for the freaks), does this collective is intelligent and more insightful than the other collecitve minds of say India, Germany or Latin America?

  36. shantam prem says:

    And the second point…
    Do you have also the feeling that Sannyas( Indian names etc.) is on a decreasing trend in the west.

    More and more sannyasins are reverting back to their Christian names and very few new people are going into this experiment of Sannyas.

    Have you also noticed, even when on some full moon night, some western or Russian take sannyas; it is not through the resort channels but more often because of the disidents like Arun, Keerti, rajneesh etc.

  37. sw amano srijan says:

    i was on my way to meet osho back in 1988 or so..but my passport got stolen….so all these beautiful stories..fill my heart with love……thankyou a million times for your a world which makes no sense….wars …etc…all of my own crazy journey with the master does..and you confirm that…a fathomless world of pure love and silence

  38. Lokesh says:

    SP: Sorry I don’t quite get what you are saying in the 1:50PM comment.

    You ask: Do you have also the feeling that Sannyas( Indian names etc.) is on a decreasing trend in the west.

    I don’t think it is so much a question of feeling that but rather seeing. People are having to struggle more with material things in the west during the last decade or so. Therefore people don’t have so much time for spiritual values plus people don’t use LSD so much and therefore their cosmic curiosity is not sparked. You don’ think about meditation on coke, you think about sex. And coke is bigger than ever. Plus Indian gurus have a bad name. It started with Maharishi and ended with Osho, who is remembered more for his scandals than as a saviour of mankind. Osho is not so famous as you appear to think. Many people, if you asked them if they knew who Osho was, would probably think Osho was washing powder.

    You say: More and more sannyasins are reverting back to their Christian names and very few new people are going into this experiment of Sannyas.
    Well, that is partly for convenience sake. You introduce yourself to your neighbours as Swami Anand Kundalini and you are off to a bad start.
    The reason for people not going into the sannyas experiment is that it is, to all intents and purposes over, defunct, history. Something which you seem to have a hard job grasping.
    Jumping ito the holy fire is very old hat. These days people are bunjee jumping or maybe free diving into blue holes and going down 200 ft on the oxygen that the diver has in his lungs. Get with it SP, free fall divers are miles ahead when it comes to personal discipline and meditative states. If you don’t think so try sticking your head under water for a minute and holding your breath. The goose is out, man.

  39. shantam prem says:

    Lokesh, 1.50 PM comment wants to know whether the people like you have also collective mind or not.
    What is collective mind, one can read on the net, the thinking influenced by the cutlural trends, behaviour and linguistic,religious or geographical conditioning.

    for example, this quotaion from today´s headlines,
    “I have different codes and morals than they do; my parents taught me that.”

    Can you tell from which part of the world this football coach comes from.
    From Swedan or UK or ?

    Similarly one can see how a western Europian Ex/Sannyasin will re/act in a certain situation in light of Osho´s words than the Indian sannyasin.

    It means 1.50 Pm comment wants to know whether you guys have also the collective mind or not, because most of the western people will feel a bit ashamed to think that the neighbour is using the same hair lotion to shave the beard and also the Arsch.

  40. Satya Deva says:

    For ‘returning Osho to his roots’, read ‘claiming Osho for our own’, which sounds pretty nationalistic to me -not surprising really, given India’s economic upsurge and the social/behavioural changes this has set in motion.

    But not a particularly ‘pure’ motive, in fact it has the ring of egotism to me…

    You know: “Osho was/is the greatest guru, Osho was an Indian, we are also Indians, therefore we are the greatest disciples…”

    Anything like this would be just childish – and ignorant – nonsense, of course, but there you go…It’s how the conditioned mind – well-meaning and so ‘sincere’ – begins to destroy a Master’s work…

    And – but of course – all in the name of “Freedom”!

    Just a few more random thoughts:
    Perhaps India is now facing its own 60′s and 70′s, where the younger (and not so young, eg Shantam Prem!)people are finally breaking free of the restraints of many generations- or so they imagine…

    Because ultimately it might only amount to copying the materialist West – with all the attendant problems and foolishness that implies.

    Seems the inevitable way of humanity though…

    But there’s nothing worse than an Indian trying to be a westerner! (And vice versa).

  41. Lokesh says:

    SP You ask: 1.50 PM comment wants to know whether the people like you have also collective mind or not.

    And what exactly are people like me?

  42. shantam prem says:

    SD, To play national card is never my way, but when i see people from some cultural background, who turns the master game into a swinger club of their personal whim, use and throw like a can of Cola, because someone of their friend/wife/husband/newspaper advertisement has recommended something NEW,

    That is it.

    ( it is just my personal opinion)

  43. Satya Deva says:

    So, stick with what’s good for you…

    And let others stick with what’s good for them.

    Simple, n’est-ce pas, SP?!

  44. Anand says:

    For Lokesh the sannyas experiment is over. For Lokesh Osho is a drug addict.

    I wonder why Lokesh posts here every day?

    It is ok that for Lokesh sannyas is over, but just remind yourself Lokesh, that for YOU it is over. That is your personal experience. You are done with it. Left for
    Ramama Maharshi and you are done. Been there, done it.

    But do not speak for the rest of the world, go swimming, do bungee jumping, watch soccer, visit Scotland, forget about your drug running days in Pune 1…done,done,done. And your German wife told you, Pune is over, so you listen.
    Bye bye then Lokesh and hello Luke Mitchell, is this your name?

  45. shantam prem says:

    Perfect Goal, Anand. I hope ball stays in the net.

  46. prem bubbie says:

    For you SP the ball is still stuck in your mouth!!!

  47. shantam prem says:

    Meditation is a kind of medicine. Its use is only for the time being. Once you have learned the quality, then you need not do any particular meditation. Then meditation has to spread all over your life.

    Talking or silent, moving, unmoving, the essence is at ease. The essence is at ease, that is the key word. The essence is at ease, that is the key statement. Do whatsoever you are doing, but at the deepest core remain at ease, cool, calm, centered.

  48. Chinmaya says:

    Prem Boobbie,

    You are very gentle.