India – My Love?

Honour Killings in the context of Osho’s India

India`s present day economic clout is growing very fast – but is the mindset of Indians changing at all?
Almost every week one sees stories of honour killings on the Indian Television and in the press. Sometimes the dictat to kill lovers comes from an allegedly feudal social structure – and often when the boy is from a lower caste than the girl´s family. (In just a few cases, the family members are educated and affluent) Any which way the rift between the Indian medieval mind and modern times seems too big to bridge.

During the last two weeks, the Indian psyche has been stirred by two such cases.

Brother kills sister’s husband for ‘honour’

Nirupama’s friends want justice

Both these cases have taken place in the Hindi speaking belt, (which it must be noted produced someone like Osho, who dared to challenge the taboos of Indian society). Because of Osho’s straight talking on such subjects as freedom to love, there was a paradoxical loss of so-called respectable reputation for Osho in India, and a loss of following amongst some self-serving Indians. In short on the sub-continent, instead of getting respect he was ridiculed.

Ironically enough, Osho’s talks on the Indian holy Scriptures are unbeatable. They could have earned Him half of the country as His disciples, but being a Sagittarius on the being level ,Osho was not a person to speak half truth. Osho´s prescriptions were too bitter for Indian society to swallow.

In this context I do wonder why the organisations representing Osho don´t take an enthusiastic interest in adopting those values Osho stood for. For example freedom to Love.
Why not offer these threatened young Indian lovers, often living in fear of their lives “refuge” and an open shelter within the Osho ashrams. But…. no…. the present day Osho organisations do not even issue a press release on such matters.

On this point both Osho Foundation and Osho World are mediocre brothers in arms. Surely given the centrality of this Honour Killing news in the Indian media of late they are both missing something that Osho himself would never have failed to comment on had he been alive.

In spite of Osho´s lion’s roar when He was with us, the neo-sannyas movement is now reduced to little more than a footnote of history. Is it too late to focus on the spirit, rather than the packaging and distributing of the preachings? When will Osho’s teachings be reflected in the actions of those organisations that now represent Him?

Shantam Prem

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  1. Chetas says:

    Yes Shantam. This is why I am sanyasin and not following any other “guru”. You are speaking from the heart…with all it’s shadows, not trying to prove anything; like being happy, enlightened, healthy etc.

    Just beautiful passionate heart, feeling. I do not know about Indian conditioning, but heart is international. I am feeling so happy reading this. It’s an insane thought that we should repress our love for Osho or our friends….even it was over whelming sometimes. I mean hello! Thank you Shantam, very beautiful. Hug. Love.

  2. Amano says:

    Osho’s teachings are not yet reflected in the actions of those organisatins that now represent osho . they are as much against lovers as indian society. Lots of new rules has been added in 17 koregaon park in past 3 years to seprate men from women. you can not hug, you can approach women , so on and on…..lots of stupidy going on there. sadhana, zareen, manu, and others are sexually repressed cunning politicians running the show and no space is giving to lovers.
    lots of lovers are distrubed by this because when osho was body , it was very nice atmosphere and these people were there at that time too , but never so
    active……….they are going hand to hand with indian society……….
    hug is not officailly banned, but space for hug and love and freedom has been distroyed………..

  3. Prem Jashan says:

    Shantam, what you wrote cannot be generalized across India or even North India. The states where there is lot of economic growth and literacy rate, the inter caste marriages / relationships are growing at very fast pace. But unfortunately, only few parts of India are really experiencing the economic boom. Some states are still the same as they were in Osho’s child hood.

    I do not really understand, what Osho’s centers should do for it. they have bigger responsibilities and they should work beyond the boundaries of the countries and religions..

  4. Kranti says:

    The issue in India is as much due to financial independence as cultural conditionings. There are other serious evils like stuffing new born girl children into mudpots and killing. And these incidences are not general pattern. Indian urban population is lot more free . Not only love , live-in and pre marital sex are easily accepted. India has changed so much. And growth in conciousness happens on individual level. Osho organisations can only teach meditations and they are Not Human right activists and its very wrong to expect them to play that role. And rules inside the resort are necessitated because of bad behaviour by indians. I myself was witness to 2 incidences in january where few indians misbehaved. And hugging is the biggest exploited aspect. I saw 70 year old indians forcefully pulling people hugging , hiding behind age and freedom. Lets give credit where it is due. Common , the guys sitting there are not bad and un evolved.

  5. Yes, I also don´t think that is the ashram´s or the *resort should start preaching human ´s rights *activismus but it will be, in time, when our beloved Osho have made the *Fairysaint the fairytale that His psychological teachings or imparts have come to mature and we the peoples of this earth have made contact *High thru the *fairysaint and She points the Her,*fairysaint sitting and waiting!*She the *fairysaint knows Who She Is!!!!
    Anyone ready for “lift off*” simply take oneself to the banion tree* for a walk in the “jungle” be it literarly or figuratively and please lets remeber the revelations about the “jungle,”forests or fogs,that the *male-nature should form a *single file and in this evolution the *femenyn-nature,being Her *imitation takes the lead as she begins Her dances!
    Earthly things like *table phantasya,*pole,*tanju or *bathroom until we have arrived at *fairysaint very dance which is Her sky *ballet!
    Please join this group as we are in contact and although at this stage is not *high enough we´re growing in number and in spiritual health!
    Member are not to declare openly who are they so there´s privacy close*!
    Feel free to join!
    Osho is our love,
    until than,
    amrit and crew*

  6. Prem Jashan says:

    “In spite of Osho´s lion’s roar when He was with us, the neo-sannyas movement is now reduced to little more than a footnote of history”

    Yes, it is true. But at the same time, there is also another naked truth that we should know. The rest of the world ( the world minus neo sannyas) is like a bubble. its ready to burst anytime. Just see how popular a piece of art like “Avatar” became.. If a man called Osho can create a spectacular experiment called Orange commune in Oregan, don’t you trust many more such things can be done by many others. Its in making.. who knows it could be you or me..who knows what is in store for the existence..

    History has many examples where the immediate second generation of many great emperors could not make any impact like their fathers. The sons of great mythological heroes like Rama, Krishna are not even heard off. I think same is the fate of the Osho’s so called Inner Circle or three lettered international bodies.

    I truly believe that the impact is going to come from totally unexpected source.. do you believe ??

  7. Sadhu says:

    My God…when I see Osho’s brother Shelendra…He look just joker…so ugely….poor guy…wants to become famous and rich…and found short cut….explote Osho…I cant belive man can fall like this….

  8. Prem Jashan says:

    I stumbled upon this on the wikipedia today and wanted to share it with you..

    Very interesting to know that there was a system of philosophy which strongly promoted Zorba lifestyle in India and it was practiced for 100s of years. The original text and scriptures of Carvaka school of thought were lost , but it was revived partially based on the works of others which mainly opposed the Carvaka system.

    Equally interesting to read about the two ancient Universities of India and what kind of role they played those days. They were the premier centers of learning for not only India but for the whole educated world. they both finally destroyed by Muslim fanatics..

    Its so sad, we do not have even one university in the modern times that can match with the quality of those ancient universities.

  9. Prem Jashan says:

    The destruction of the temples, monasteries, centers of learning at Nalanda and northern India is responsible for the demise of ancient Indian scientific thought in mathematics, astronomy, alchemy, and anatomy. And also Buddhism would not have been disappeared from India, instead it would have evolved into even better religion. Nalanda would have become even better Multiversity . India would have been advanced in Science and Technology. All gone because of mad Muslim war mongers.

    A similar thing happened in Alexandria, when the library was burnt down, all the works from prior civilizations was gone. The Muslim book which is behind burning of these libraries deserves burning several thousand times.

  10. Kranti says:

    Thanks prem jashan. Osho has talked abt carvakas. What he didnt cover? Didnt leave any room fr anyone to talk newly

  11. shantam prem says:

    Once it was the invaders who destroyed the centers of higher learning, but think about the decline of Osho´s vision about Multiversity with more than dozens of faculties dealing with the ancient and modern wisdom.
    This time it was the Dinosaurs killing the other Dinosaurs.
    At least the sannyasins must do some kind of contemplation about the failure of internal organs, though it is very easy to blame the third party, life becomes easy when it is the OTHER.

  12. shantam prem says:

    “Its so sad, we do not have even one university in the modern times that can match with the quality of those ancient universities.”
    Prem Jashan, I don´t know whether, you have seen the conceptual working of Osho Multiversity, but i can be sure you must have heard many times Osho saying, something like, ” This ashram is a last ditch effort to protect the wisdom of East as the West has taken over all the branches of human life” etc.
    Nalanda, Texila, Alexandria were around 20-25 centuries before, world in between has created another thousands of universities to teach utilitarian sciences, but is there anything to teach
    subjective scineces, the religiousness without belief system.
    Can we give the credit to this man; respectfully called Osho, who dared to dream differently. With his kind of energy and zest and brain power it would have been so easy for Him to create a Fortune 500 company but the Man was dead sure about the new wave of religousness, where Jesus and Buddha with Zorba and Charvaka sit on the same table for unending Buffet.
    Osho has provoked the life beyond the last supper.

  13. Prem Jashan says:

    Kranti, I would love to listen Osho speaking about Charvakas. Please let me know what series it is part of.

  14. Prem Jashan says:

    “At least the sannyasins must do some kind of contemplation about the failure of internal organs, though it is very easy to blame the third party, life becomes easy when it is the OTHER.”

    Yes, we all inherit something of Osho. If Osho by himself could create a wave that shook the whole world, we can surely do it collectively. Start asking the basic questions and the answers are ready…

    1. What We need?

    We need a place like Nalanda for higher learning where we can live as a commune, work, meditate, learn, express, celebrate and die.

    It would be a place for Osho, Jesus, Buddha, Zorba, Rumi, Basho, Kabir, Sankara , scientists, artists, mathematicians, musicians, historians and so live together.

    This place would be a Olympic arena for spiritual and awareness debates. All the religions will be challenged to come and participate without any bias.

    Just like Microsoft impacted every ones life directly or indirectly, we will come up with the ideas that would impact every ones life. We will become a role model for religious living.

    2. Where do we do it..

    When the fanatic American Government pressing all the countries not to allow Bhagawan, one country Uruguay did otherwise. Now there is no pressure from America or any other country, and moreover America itself is lead by a liberal President. so we need to identify a country which will support what we are doing and also protect our interests. It could be India , close to Himalayas. Or a central EU country or even be America.

    3. When to do it?


    5. Who will do it?

    We do it. Osho lovers from every country can lead the effort.

    4. How we do it?

    Design a blue print based on the similar model like Nalanda. Identify all the curriculum, various segments and infrastructure needed. Nalanda was as big as 150 sq. km ( 60 sq. miles). Develop a model with same or even bigger propositions.

    Come up with a revenue model where the initial funding comes from the international support. I say international because it is an international center, even though we locate in a particular country.

    Let Osho lovers build their Multiversity, Zen people build their monastery like wing, Sufis will build their own wing and so on..

    Osho lovers in every country should start campaigning with their national governing bodies. Educate and highlight the importance of having an international center and attract the funds.

    With the technology, communication and infrastructure that we have now, the projects of this size would not take long to execute.

  15. We have one already and going!
    The *Banion tree,or the (bodhy tree!),for some is an already a campus that existence brought to Us,with a “gateless gate”, yet stongly protected by the sky samurais, we only need to be devotees of*fairysaint,just as Osho made Her a gift to Us all!
    This will be discovered by all seekers of the Heart Path!
    We the *male-nature need only to follow our fairy-sisters and ´single file` whilst they the *fairysaint imitatations will perform their “earthly dances” until we have arrived to Her Sky dance which the Sky Ballet!
    To be conT!
    please check the blog:-””please look it up googles,by amritlind and crew!

  16. shantam prem says:

    Amrit Bhaskar, are these fairy-sisters, you want to follow live in Taka Tuka Land?

  17. shantam prem says:

    “With the technology, communication and infrastructure that we have now, the projects of this size would not take long to execute.”

    Jashan, in this one very fundamental thing is missing, The Chrishmatic Enlightend Master(Real or fake does not matter, sometime just Chrismatic personality with flair in oratory is enough).

    Osho has left not blue prints but the solid ground with wall and windows and hundreds of thousands of people who listened His call, but when the Top clergy wants to change the points of attraction and is unable to create replacements, we end up with books and virtual reality.

    Think about a world, where you can see all the beautiful women in gloosy magazines but not a single one to touch and feel, something like this is the scenrio with present day sannyas.
    Nobody knows when the winds of spring will blow, but as you mention in one of your post, all the OFI; FIO; IOF etc.will not be the part of this.
    These gentlemen are more or less like the winter clouds, covering the blue sky with the wet blanket of their fears and conditionings.

  18. shantam prem says:

    “My God…when I see Osho’s brother Shelendra…He look just joker…so ugely….poor guy…wants to become famous and rich…and found short cut….exploit Osho…I can´t belive man can fall like this….” Sadhu

    i think it was bound to happen.
    We are living in such a hurry world where many of us are quite eager to get their pound of flash.

    and also when the central authority loses the grip, every thug in the city becomes war lord.

    May be we can visualise a class room of 13 years old, where 20 out f 29 pupils are pregnent or are party in someone´s pregnancy.

    On a per capita level sannyasins have more sub gurus than Gulf Shekh´s wives.
    So much LIGHT energy around, i will not be surprise if Shailandra and co. gets a joint Noble peace prize with snow white smily, Ravi Shankar!

  19. Cont.the pilgrimage to Osho comune(World Wide Comune)
    By the way if you think we “taking the piss” better watch out because *we the crew is very serious and yet very playful about this comune ´our existence`!
    This comune exists in Goa/Arambol/India in its natural landskape(Not taka -taka land!)
    This comune will be for lovers world wide and in particular the*Fairysaint Devotees!
    It will be on the lines that already have been described above,and the one that leads to all mystic paths!
    (Please feel free to edit if you find something that you are not happy with,but do not create the newsence and confusion as sometimes is intended!)
    The only requirements for this evolution is that the *male-nature has to follow the *femenyn-nature and a single file is desirable rather like our sisters in the forest foraging!
    This requirement has many folds:
    One is that our “egos” that has helped Us up to now, will be a hurdle and we need in time to shed away this aspect of human life,(which is ain´t easy!) and follow the *femenyn-principle!
    Others will follow if this male contentious “hump”was out of the way and instead of crowling on earth we came to think spiraly!”That we will be!”*Yes we can!
    Now, with this evolution in mind, the *ego-mind or the hump*as it can be if not subdued,can be checked out through simple and precise enquiry:-*WHERE FROM?(On each time “I”subjective arises, which is continualy!)
    *Who IS Inn?(voices,vices,ideas,ideations,ideocees!)
    *WHO ARE WE?(crowed, jungle,forest,fog!)
    *WHO AM I?(Real, unreal,do I exist?)
    This will be cont!
    Please feel free to contribute,is also yours!
    OSHO is love,
    until than,
    amrit & crew,

  20. kranti says:

    Prem Jashan

    I have heard Osho reffering to Charvakas ( is the spelling right ? Hope we are talking about same phiosophy )

    A google search gave me this as a starting point

  21. Chetas says:

    You are being fanny; male-female creatures..non-avatars?

  22. shantam prem says:

    Kranti, you did good search to find Charvaka in the above discourse, one passage i post here, never heard someone else other than OSHO saying-

    “I teach you doubt because I know if you can doubt to the very end you will realize the truth of your own being, and simultaneously the truth of the whole existence. And that will be liberation, that will be freedom.

    Doubt is neither Christian nor Hindu, nor American nor German. Yes may be Hindu, yes may be Mohammedan, yes may be Christian; no may be communist, no may be fascist — but doubt is simply a quest, an individual quest.

    Yes and no both belong to the crowd.
    Doubt makes you assert your individuality.

    You start finding your path on your own. You don’t accept the maps given you by others.”

  23. shantam prem says:

    If i have to initiate someone into sannyas and give new names, my first one will be 5 years old two kids of our time.
    Swami facebook
    Ma Youtube

    and not just sannyas, they deserve to be in Inner circle.

    Because of them thousands of sannyasins are sharing Osho´s words like a soothing rain, whether it falls on the rocks or on the flowers, everywhere it leaves some moisture behind.

    and the clergy in the ashram must be scratcing their heads like the priests of traditional religions, who cannot control the inflow of dirty sex and dirty thinking flowing freely through the wires.
    Brave new world is taking shape.

  24. shantam prem says:

    Almost everyday in India, young dreams in love are dying.
    Media highlights these stories, Godmen and their cronies simply ignore.

    Few new stories.
    Young bride dead, honour killing suspected

  25. Chinmaya says:

    Dear Sadhu,

    This is the world of survival and of ego. Why such people like Shailendera should not make posse. In India, such types of faque Gurus are found easily. The Mafia group display their own trade mark, by virtue of cramming of some Rotten thoughts of muderers, who are dominating this country and people worship them as Gods in India of various Yuga – Satyug, Doapar, Treta and Kalyuga.

    They put insignia of ash on their forehead and body and these faque Gurus will pour all sorts of non-sense to their innocent and less educated or un-educated Indians.

    Easily, they can rape and they rape to their female followers, which is reported from time to time. Recently is quoted from Tamil Nadu, Swami Nitya Nand. Many more are being targetted by Media and they will be trapped sooner or later.

    Who knows, about Prayers and Meditation. None, except they (faque Gurus) use it for the survival and enjoyment and nothing else. Otherwise, India should have been a country of Braham Gyani (s) (all enlightened) but now this full of Corruption, Confusion and Concocted Religions.

  26. Sadhu says:

    Dear Shantam and Chinmaya…to me…Osam bin Laden is more respectfull person than this Shelendra and his gange…He is real mother fuc……look like a joker in colorfull robes and cap…because of him…Osho also in gutter…once I was reading famous writer Khushwant Singh that I watch Osho on Astha TV…my God…if ever perosn like Khushwant singh think He is Osho….this idiot….I have more respcet for pinp than shalandra….

  27. shantam prem says:

    Shelendra and company from Osho´s blood side, Jayesh and comapny from the disciples side, Once this coin of these two companies is tossed up in the air, what will be left is pure space and disciples longing and a spiritual movement Osho was(is) the pioneer of.

  28. Amano says:

    Shelendra is not alone who is exploiting osho . I have long list of sannyasins.
    Best thingh is to ignore them and create awareness in those who are going to these loveless osho sannyasins. but again osho always shines like daimond among these fake and phony people like shelendra.
    once osho said that it is bound to happened once enlightened master leaves his body.
    ma Jyoti is one on those sannyasins too who writes lies in her book named HUNDRED TALES OF 10000 BUDHAS and sw amirto is one those expoliters too who wrote so many lies in his books and in osho times from time to time.
    we need to expose those via websites , and bring their true faces to sannyasins.

  29. Sadhu says:

    I know there are many who are using Osho’s name for there ego and money and power and all…BUT…Shelandra is big criminal and worst person becuase He is from Osho’s family and unfortunately his face looks bit like Osho….He is mother fuc….I can forgive all but not this idiot…He said Osh’s younger brother…He is like a Buddhas brother Devdataa, who tried to kill Buddha…Shelandra is killing Osho….in a way this way or that way every body using Osho…what to do!!!!

  30. Amano says:

    you are right shelandra is big criminal, , so on and on ,,,,,,,i am with you on that sadhu .you asked in the end what to do…………

    if you or me or we come across people who are going to shelandra . all we have to do is remind those seekers that by being with shelandra means taking a bath in gutter …….while at the same time ocean is available to swimm

    osho is directly available everywhere, now a days osho is available more than even………. i do not understand why anyone with small inteligence will go to shelandra , or any other person who is using osho and killing osho

    i am 20 years sannyasins……..and not for a single day i went to anyother gurus after i met osho….. i do not feel any need for anyone else…….osho has spoken and given everything to me ……….he is most simple and easy master you can find anywhere. i feel sorry for people who ignore waste ocean and goes to small dirty holy rivers……..

    shelandra looks like to me 21 centery devdataa
    ok sadhu take care and keep in touch

  31. Prem Jashan says:

    Looks like, its time for some fun. Join the celebrations of Draw Mohammad Day / Annual rituals on youtube..

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  32. Sadhu says:

    Drear Amano,
    I am my whoel life arond Osho means more than 35 years…never ever for a single moment a single thought arise in me about any other person…what I feel that people who never seen Osho miss a lot him…and these people are going to such idiots…who looks like Osho…Shelendra, Rajneesh and all…now many times Osho say only NAKALEE will NAKAL…never ever any authentic person will NAKAL, means only phony person imitate…this whole gang woh are imitating Osho are phony….real phony…why this simpl fact peole can not understand???? WHY….

  33. shantam prem says:

    Prem jashan,
    Personally i find it very offensive and ugly to give the shape to Prophet Mohammad in the cartoons, i will request these people not to interfere with the purity of a spiritual Icon of a faith.
    And if these people are still adament to use there imaginary, why not first start from home and depict the charm of their sister/mother. Surely here they will feel offended.
    To make fun of fanaticism and tribal rituals is one thing.
    World will be a happy place if more Sania Mirza´s enter the Tannis court and enthrill the people with the Mastery over the “Balls” or like America´s first Muslim Miss Rima Fakih doing poll dance, these are earthly matters but nobody should touch those points from where multitude of people of a faith draw strengh.
    Basically i should use the Hindi word ASTHA, which is more subtle than a faith, trust or belief.

  34. Amano says:

    Sadhu, are you one who used to work in osho times with veeten in 90,s

  35. Prem Jashan says:

    SP, I think we are looking at this from totally different angles. If you look at from my angle, you will understand that these people who are doing this exercise on Facebook and Youtube are very loving people, mainly they are freedom loving people. If we do not do anything, do you think the fanatic mind of Muslims fade away some how. If it not happened in 1400+ years, why would it go away in next 100 years.

    Now Facebook and Youtube are banned in Pakisthan from yesterday because of Draw Mohammad event. And there is a split over this decision in pakisthan between modern and the fanatics. Which side do you take.

    These people who are creating this on the internet knows that war cannot eradicate fanaticism and terrorism. But simple funny things, can do what millions and billions of dollars cannot do. This will poke the fantics , they come out to street and rant the hate filling chants. That acts as some kind of catharsis, a OM or a Dynamic meditation process. debates will arise, news papers and TVs will open up the discussion forums etc. etc.

    Fanatics are ready to kill any one who even question the women wearing weils, or question any thing that is in the book. These book people needs some one to break their thick shell, man. I feel pity on many Pakistani youth who wants to have a better life. If not for terrorism and fanatics, country would have flourished like its happening in India.

  36. shantam prem says:

    Very valid points jashan.

    Still i will say, let the people poke fun about everything, that is fannatic, it is a better way to poke fun at Osama kind of addicts, The Aurangjeb of our time but without that kind of political and military power therefore looks like a three legs dog barking on the stary night and few other stray dogs also follow.
    These people need to be silenced through humour and the hammer.
    But to satire about Prophet is hitting below the belt, and the way time is changing the tribal laws cannot exist for a long time.
    Sooner the oil wells dry up, better for the new humanity.

  37. Prem Jashan says:

    SP, You have an amazing command over the words. beautiful…

    Coming back to our (Osho) movement and India. There seems to be some common issues. Main issue in India is that the power and the finances are concentrated at one place. For ex. Chief Minister of a state has all the control. Few people enjoy enormous power and control on finances. If you compare it with America the power and finances are very decentralized. Every city, town or a suburban village is incorporated and it has to run its own finances. The decentralization is the key for success and growth..

  38. shantam prem says:

    The decentralization is the key for success and growth…..!

    It is so true.
    It must not be forgotten by the history that India followed the polices of liberalisation in 1990 when the foreign reserve were enough for few months and system was on the verge of collapse, and just 20 years and effects are like green revolution.
    Osho was speaking about this change of policies for the speedy growth of India from the late 1960´s.
    And His commune atleast in Pune was the working model of decentralized and liberal growth and created the team of 20 people who will be equal among themselves, for the further expansion of His work and Osho was very sure till the last breath that soon whole Koregaon Park will be a sannyas territory, welcoming seekers from all around the world for all round growth of Human values.
    Don´t snatch the stones from people´s hands. Show them the diamonds, stones will be droped themselves,something similar was the approach of the Master.
    I have not seen or heard something more ambitious and compassionate project in my life.
    If we see the example of America, every city, town or suburban village in incorporated. Lately, Arizona has chalked out its own immigration poilicy BUT it has a very strong and powerful center at WHITE HOUSE.
    Soul of the country, the nail in the wheel of life; no wonder every 4th year with the over all participation of people country spends more money than many countries budget to choose the President.
    In an non political enviornement look at Infosys, the glory of Indian success story. Two of its founding members have withdrawn themselves from the power to concentrate on other matters and to give space to new talent.
    One can look at Bill Gates; instead of going for business meeting, he travels in a boat at Kosi river in Bihar for Polio vaccination, the region where the war lord Lalu Parsad will not dare to go anymore.
    By swallowing and concentrating all the executive powers in few hands, one simply suffocates the soul.

    No wonder, Sannyas movement has fragmanted, it has lost its punches.
    and in my eyes, Reward for the Blunder like an Oscar of 1999, 2000, 2001…2010, GOES To.. producer director team of Jayesh and Amrito.

  39. shantam prem says:

    Just imagine change of appoarch at the Ashram.
    It opens the wings and embraces the old and the new.
    Invites His people to visit home and soon we can have 200 meditation camps simultaneously in India.
    And these camps will be facilitated by Osho´s disiciples from across the world.

    Dr. Amrito, the British surgeon and personal physican of Osho leading a medittation camp at Jabalpur; symbolically this will be the return of the prodigal son.
    Manisha with her soothing voice in Mumbai; one of Preeti or kath, Sush or Ash, Bob or theTits will definately benefit.
    Why we forget that from Osho till the Bal Thakery, for such mighty beings, to be in the news is the oxygeon to the life.
    I think, it is a right time for the western devotees of Osho to give back something to the land, Osho was part of. It will be a kind of Guru Dakshina.

  40. Sadhu says:

    Hau Shantam…please dont dream…pls…any thing possible on this earth but this never ever….oyu are imangine, means you dont know Amrito…He is just stone…no heart, no mind….just robot most ugely person on the earth…

  41. prem bubbie says:

    If the “prophet” and his disciples can’t take a joke, then fuck ‘em.. Some sannyasin you are, you missed osho’s point completely,, life is a joke, an insane joke with insane players, can’t you read, better still you can’t comprehend osho one bit… better you convert to catholicism or isalm, pee brained people like sheep like yourself!!!

  42. Please friends as it has been said above if “we”sannyasins of the *Lord of Laugfther an jokes” to
    to loosen up ones unconscious”…neiger…neiger get lost with your *ghetto psychotherapy and psychoanalisesremember isnot applicable to mongolians!There DnA is of different trade mark;”tryining to pull the woll over one´s eyes”and if you cannot take a joke…then piss off…go back to *Harlem town(may be that cotton club if it still around|!) and staythere trying to help Bar O,discover who might be the fatther on father´s day?”Get it now|!
    Must find a laugh even if it looks cruel only then can He be decensitised!O.K?
    Osho is our love,please follow the *Fairysaint!
    Amrit & Crew!
    PS-Bring moskito net!