Ramateertha continues to dispute Swiss ruling on Osho’s will

Ramateertha Changes his Status from “Party Complainant” to “Ordinary Complainant” after running out of funds. 

He says:  As an ex member of the board of directors of the OIF, I was a so called ‘party’ in the procedure which also entitled me to have access to all the files of OIF. Being a party included also a lot of financial risks,  and as I already paid a lot of fees for the Swiss lawyer,  it kept growing more and more. Finally I decided to change my status to that of ‘ordinary complaint’,  which took away my status as a party.

The ‘ordinary complaint’ gives the supervisory board the possibility to investigate in a way that they think is appropriate to follow. I have no more say in the matter.

Below Translation of the letter Ramateertha (Robert Doetsch) submitted as an ordinairy complainant to the EDI:  his final self-declared  effort in the case.

Swiss Confederation, Interior Department (EDI)
General Secretariat EDI
Swiss Federal Supervisory Board of Foundations

Dear Sir/Madam,

I received a letter from the Federal Supervisory Board of Foundations of EDI dated 15 July 2015,  via my lawyer Dr. Maurer, where it says that my regulatory lawsuit of 6 June and 11 December 2014 will not be acted upon,  and the procedure is therefore completed.

At this point I would like to address merely one passage of the Statement because it is significant to me.

It is concerning the forged  Osho Testament, mentioned on page 2 of your Statement,  which states:
“It is also to be considered that the establishment of the Foundation in 1984, and respectively a little later the bequest of the “artistic work” were carried out before the death of Osho in 1990. The allegedly forged Testament on the other hand is dated 28 July 1978 and thus some time before the formation of the Foundation and concurrently many years before the death of Osho. In this respect the (allegedly forged) Testament, in which Osho bequeaths OIF as sole heir, ought to be in any case obsolete because of the subsequent actual designation (allocation to Foundation).”

The author of these lines has made an alarming mistake. The Testament is not dated 1978, but it was – allegedly! – drawn up on October 15, 1989more or less 3 months before Osho’s death. Had  due diligence been the order of the day, the Foundation Supervisory should not have made this error.

Even a superficial examination would have shown that a (not yet) nonexistent Foundation cannot be made the sole heir in a Testament – let alone the fact that in 1978 the Trustee Mr. Michael Byrne was not known to the alleged testator Osho, nor did the testator use the name Osho at the time!

As a consequence the argument of the Foundation Supervisory collapses on itself and the question remains, that if the transfers of the “artistic work” from the time when the Testament was drawn up had been lawful – as the advocacy of OIF is so anxious to assert – why indeed would a “Testament” have been necessary?

On page 12 of the Petition of March 27, 2015 Attorney Mr. Auf der Maur asserts: The Testament is not the subject of the Regulatory Procedure.  Hence he does not consider it important in the context which he is addressing.

However  for the sake of ‘good order’ Mr. Auf der Maur informs the authority that an expert opinion by a renowned forensic scientist from India was sought, who categorically denied that the signature of Osho was forged on the Testament mentioned. The name of the expert is unspecified, and no expert opinion was submitted.

One of the four (!) reports presented to the EDI was prepared by German graphologist Dr. Michael Riess. He is an officially appointed and sworn expert for graphology. During the years 1989 to 2012 he was Head of the Criminal Scientific Department at the Customs Criminal Agency in Cologne. His reports are being used in countless civil and criminal cases of all instances. He has trained investigators in forensic technology with the focus on graphology.

In his report he comes to the unequivocal conclusion that one of the two signatures of Osho that had been submitted is definitely fake because they are absolutely identical. Because the comparison signature of Osho clearly dates back to 1976 – and also those documents are with the EDI – the signature of Osho from 1989 can only be a forgery.

In my opinion the fact  of the forged Osho Testament incriminates not only the people involved in creating the Testament;  but in this case also incriminates  the quality of the work of the Foundation Supervisory of the EDI.

Finally I would like to make it clear one more time that the forged Testament was my main motive that prompted me to file a disciplinary complaint.

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28 Responses to Ramateertha continues to dispute Swiss ruling on Osho’s will

  1. Lokesh says:

    Definitely one for someone in a state of no-mind.

  2. Kavita says:

    Seems Mr. Auf der Maur enjoys his Irish coffee !

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      Yes, Kavita,
      Mister Auf der Maur enjoys his Irish coffee with his own self-chosen company and in a self-service pub where they themselves can add the amount of whiskey according to their own gusto.

      Knowing that, one better leaves them alone. More so in the moments when the pub is closing and they are staggering outside.


      • frank says:

        Mr Auf de Maur enjoys a night out on this week’s earnings.

        • Kavita says:

          Madhu, I prefer to leave everyone alone these days! But do enjoy having my cuppa fun!

          Thank God for the picture, Frank. Now I know, Ramateertha could probably never afford that!

  3. frank says:

    It`s a bit of an old story but…

    Just the other day, I was rooting around in my garden shed,looking for something I`d lost, when I came across one of those old 10 rupee aerogrammes. As I opened it up and read it, blimey! it turned out to be Osho`s will!

    Fancy that! I`d completely forgotten about it!

    Well, that’s just the old going-beyond-the mind beginning to kicking in, I suppose…I have been meditating for a few decades now, after all…

    It is dated December 10th,1989. It reads:

    “I, Raja Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Zorba Maitreya the Buddha Mohan Jain Acharya Mahakashyapasyougoalong Osho, being of sound no-mind and acting from my own free whim, declare that I`ve done my time and sung my song so just let me move on, so you can move on, too. In the parting words of the Buddha: ‘Get a life unto yourself.’

    No doubt there will be the usual crew of retards trying to make me a into a religion, parroting me, worshipping me and ‘doing my work’ and slithering their way up the greasy pole of so-called enlightenment…

    What to do?

    Don`t be worried, let all those idiots battle it out. If they feel the need to puff themselves up and have their 15 minutes of fame…
    So be it…

    Don’t forget,compassion is also necessary. These people need a bit of compassion.
    And a good kick up the ass.”

    I never said “I leave you my dream.”
    What I said was “I leave you my legal team.”
    I saw which way it was going, and well, if you can’t have a bit of a laugh just as you`re about merge with the Cosmos for the rest of all eternity, when can you?

    Cheraiveti, cheraiveti, and cheerio….

  4. Ashok says:

    Surely this is a purely ‘news’ article. Why would anybody want to debate it?

  5. shantam prem says:

    Why don´t both these parties take an Osho prescribed solution?

    For example,Shantam, who has no two years degree course in ‘Meditation Teachers Training’ and also who has never walked in the seminar rooms of ‘Path of Love’, ‘Art of Love’, ‘Sucking in Love’ kind of courses, simply does a Mediation among the Shia and Sunni sannyasins with enough money to hire top gun legal brains who think Osho is a name of detergent cake!

  6. prem martyn says:


    Don’t look at my finger, look at where it’s pointing!


    • Ashok says:

      Regardless of all the nonsense going on around the supposed forged will in Switzerland, or wherever it is, I think Osho’s genuine last will and testimony can be found here in SN – where there is a sharing of humour and non-seriousness taking place regularly!

      Your choice of photo, PM, however, whilst a good one, has me a little confused – are you giving Shantam the come-on?

      • shantam prem says:

        Ashok, you have rightly written, “Osho’s genuine last will and testimony can be found here in SN – where there is a sharing of humour and non-seriousness taking place regularly!” Therefore, the best possible solution is to bring this experiment to its final conclusion.

        Let Parmartha be the Chairman of Osho Inner Circle. Shantam Prem will prefer the job of Ashram-in-charge, the job which was done by Anand Tathagat.

        It is not an election promise but a pledge, Pune commune will again become the meeting place of friends; Come for three to six months and go back to the world.

        • frank says:

          I want to be Minister for…
          er..I mean…Co-ordinator of Enlightentertainment.

          And anyone caught failing to laugh at my jokes will be taken round the back of the building, given a good hiding by 21 hand-picked Scottish Skinheads, put on the next plane back to Germany and banned for life!

        • Ashok says:

          Dearest Shantam Prem,
          Whilst I am not personally mentioned in Osho’s will, it seems pretty clear that he had me in mind for a specific purpose, which is why eventually I was called to Pune and Sannyas News.

          When you take charge of the forthcoming New Osho Commune, please do not forget the staunch support I have provided you with here.

          Perhaps the post of Chief Gardener & Muck Spreader would interest me, if you know what I mean…?

      • prem martyn says:

        Come on?? That would be impossible…between a self-obsessed carnivore and a self-confessed pro-animal ethicist, like moi.

        Impossible, though, is not necessarily permanently, as people can change for the better, given the opportunity, even Lidl ol’ Shantam.

        See here:


  7. prem martyn says:

    Well, thats it folks. We have now actually sorted it all out.

    Well done, everybody. God, it was difficult sometimes, I even thought we might never make it to the end but we did. Congrats.

    Obviously, now we have actually sorted out what Osho meant, who we are, what the price of cheese is, the number of Angels who can dance on a pin, etc., it really leaves us very little to do.

    Some people have thought of setting up a website with a team of invisible moderators and a nominal titular head of the blogsite with an avid yet passive interest in old Wisden’s Cricketing Almaniac, but I can’t imagine that idea would work (crazy, eh?)!!!

    Also, some ‘girls’ have written in complaining that, well, just complaining actually, which is typical really, but it’s not their fault as they are girls.

    Anyway, the thing is, it’s sorted. Thank goodness for that. I always knew we could do it and without a legal team. Brilliant and how very Osho, in an anarchically veggie way, even though I say it myself. Makes you feel like celebrating, eh?


    • Kavita says:

      I don’t think this girl is complaining; if there is any lil complaint it’s this! -

      “Ernie is playing with his electric toy train in the living room, overlooking the kitchen where his mother is cooking. Ernie’s toy train takes one circle and stops, Ernie says to his imagined passengers, “Dear passengers, hope you had a good journey and if anyone has any complaints please inform that F*****g Station Master in his office.”

      The mother, on hearing this, says, ”Ernie, don’t use such bad language.”

      Ernie continues playing…Then the 2nd circle takes a bit longer than the first one. When it stops he says, “Dear passengers, hope you had a good journey and if anyone has any complaints please inform that F******g Station Master in his office.”

      On hearing this for the 2nd time his mother takes him by his hand and makes him stand in one corner for 1/2 an hour & then says, “Ernie, hope you are sorry and won’t use that word again”, to which he nods.

      Ernie goes back to playing…Now the 3rd circle is complete & he says, “Dear passengers, hope you had a good journey and this time if you have any complaints go to that Bitch in the Kitchen!”

      It’s my favourite from Osho collection. :)

      • prem martyn says:


        Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and author of ‘The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature’, argues that the humour divide is best understood as a result of sexual selection: Women are the choosier sex, and because they prefer funny men — a signal of cognitive fitness— men learned to deploy humour and wit to attract a mate and perhaps to outsmart other men.

        “Men taunt other men with clever nicknames and insults,” says John Morreal, a professor of religion at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia, who has studied humour for 25 years. “That isn’t something that women do. They don’t tend to play practical jokes, or engage in humour that humiliates or puts somebody down.”

        The basic difference is that males tend to use humour to compete with other men, while women tend to use humour to bond with others. Studies show that men more often use humour to jockey for position with other males when they are in the company of women.

        The allure of male humour is so strong that female laughter may have evolved as a signal of sexual interest — picture a woman’s girlish giggles as she flirts with a man at a bar. Indeed, a German study found that when male and female strangers engaged in natural conversation, the degree to which a woman laughed while talking to a man was indicative of her interest in dating him. How much the woman laughed also predicted the man’s desire to date her. On the flip side, how often a man laughed was unrelated to his interest in a woman.

        Bressler says that his study indicates humour likely developed through sexual selection because it is most desirable in romantic relationships. Women don’t care about a friend’s sense of humour, whether male or female.


        • Kavita says:

          Thanx, Marty. Yes, I can relate to that to quite an extent. :)

        • Ashok says:

          “Men taunt each other with clever nicknames and insults”

          “Studies show that men more often use humour to jockey for position with other males when they are in the company of women.”

          In the light of this academic wisdom, I think I am just beginning to understand the underlying dynamic of the obsessive behaviour exhibited by Arpana, Satyadeva et al. As there are hardly any women around here then the prize for the fierce competition going on can only be – Shantam Prem!

          Is all this part of Osho’s will and testament, too?

          Help, let me out!

    • Lokesh says:

      Yes, by jingo, three cheers all round. Hip-hip!

  8. frank says:

    Evolutionary psychology type stuff that claims that “humour evolved to…(usually:get mates or release tension)” and people like Madhu`s idea that humour is simply a form of aggression say something but are a bit limited.

    What about just having a laugh with anyone anywhere anytime, just because? Could be at home with family and friends, at work, play or the bus stop or Lidl check-out, online, corpsing at videos on YouTube or anywhere.

    As the experts say, it can help you to pull the birds and to irritate long-faced misery merchants, which are definite bonuses…but it’s also health-inducing, intelligence-increasing, fun, bond-forming and, apparently, an aid to meditation!

    You would have to be a mug to miss out on such a veritable free lunch for the soul!