Was Resort Reaction to Terrorist Attack hard-hearted?

Dear Reader of Sannyas News,
Underneath you find an open letter to the newspapers (today 12th of March) about the attitude of the management team of the Osho Resort in response to what happened after the German Bakery terrorist blast (tomorrow it is now exactly one month ago).
Warm regards,
Drs. Michiel Dorenbosch (Vigyano), Netherlands


Osho Resort: much hugging but where is the heart

Just one month after the German Bakery blast, as a witness of what happened there it was heartbreaking to read that the numbers of killed kept growing for so many days. Gladly there were also sparks for pride. For example – because of all those including sannyasins who risked their lives to help the injured of the blast to nearby hospitals (knowing there might be a second blast). Two, pride because of the doctors and nurses and all others, some sannyasins, who helped tending the injured and those who died.

At the same time I got more and more shocked about the way the management of the Osho Resort reacted to all this. Still they haven’t shown any sign of compassion or tribute to the grief of so many. The only public statements made were about their own interests and safety. In contrast to many others there was no warmth, no compassion, not even a minute of silence to give space to what happened outside.

It becomes even worse. An Italian sannyasin who asked on the evening of the blast to turn down the disco music to inform the crowd about the disaster that was happening, was expelled from the resort on the authority of the Chairman on the grounds of “violating the rules”. There is so much hugging in this resort, but I wonder where is the heart when it really matters? .

A member of the Resort Board when asked about this, answered: “What is it about? … It is a little café on the corner which was hit because it was not protected. Well, we were not hit as resort because we were well protected.” And a comparable attitude came across from another board member, the former physician of Osho, when questioned about the administrative systems of the resort. A Taiwanese sannyasin badly injured in the blast explicitly asked us to call his wife at home. That night the reply at the resort-gate was: “We won’t interrupt the video of Osho or disturb the White Robe meditation for this” According to the physician, the next day, there hadn’t been any hurry to that call because at that moment it was in the middle of the night in Taiwan. “We are not going to phone Granny when a bomb explodes” he stated.

As a sannyasin I am ashamed about this team (“the inner circle”). Are these the men and women, “the chosen few”, to guard Osho’s heritage? Not able to share emotions and grieve when it happens in the real world, just along the road, but outside of their world of courses, trainings and meditations?

Looking back it may be less astonishing to some. I understand, the Chairman, the Canadian Jayesh (Michael) O’Byrne, never appeared in public during the 20 years he is in this position to be a leader. Is he and his crew capable at all, to stand for the love and all the other things that visitors, sannyasins and workers invest in this resort?

I feel ashamed to see this team, self locked and lame when normal human emotions are called for. An inner circle which seemingly forgets that the resort is a guest in this young and proud nation of India, and whose people are so hit and disturbed by this terrible event.

That’s maybe why I feel the urge to apologize publicly on behalf of this “Inner circle”, the caretakers of Osho’s heritage, who apparently get lost in their businesses, personal fights and interests, meanwhile loosing the most precious thing they had…their heart. The only thing that really can keep this heritage alive, spiritual, humane and even economical.

I think this team has to learn again and freshen up its ranks. If not, this story will end up by itself. Probably as an empty heavily armed fortress, an unsafe place to be, physically, and not only that, an unsafe place for the soul also.

Drs. Michiel Dorenbosch (Vigyano) Netherlands

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  1. Kalpa says:

    Vigyano, thanks for sharing your heart.
    As a sannyasin I am ashamed and hurt by the attitude of the management team representing Osho, our beloved Master. The heart is missing in Osho’s Commune (the Resort) already for so long. This attack shows again the arrogance and unloving attitude of “the Inner Circle” towards Osho’s people.

    Love, Kalpa

  2. Amrito says:

    Very interesting review of an event that truly does seem “ambiguous” in its relationship to Osho–atleast from what the resort wants everyone to believe. As far as I know the German Bakery is as much part of the Osho commune and movement as the gateless gate.

    What a bitter paradox and state of confusion that chides every sannyasin from the actions of the “managament team”. From the descriptions above, they have become completely narcisistic and are breeding an “osho” movement of superficial qualities.

    Although the resort looks beautiful from the outside–these stories make it look like a beautiful cemeterary full of dead bodies. Dance and love are both synonomous with compassion–so I’m happy to see that there were “some” sannyasins that weren’t disconnected.

    The old doc dissappoints…every story about him reveals some sort of wedge stuck in between his but cheeks…Sounds like an imperialist english guy with an arrogant snarl preaching dead zen.


  3. Amrito says:

    and for all those fools who pretend to be rebellious on sannyas news but can’t find the integrity to identify themselves shouldn’t deserve a comment–for or against. If the impact of the resort is a fear-oriented sannyas, whats the difference between Sannyasins and christians whom are God Fearing.

    I’d rather be banned from the place, and a build one of my own..

  4. frank says:

    before we all get on our compassion-fuelled high horses here.
    i am reminded of another “little cafe that was hit because it wasnt well protected.”
    the salmonella bar in the dalles.
    where were the apologies and the bleeding hearts from sannyasins for the oregonians there?
    and the share a home guys who got pulled in,drugged and thrown out.some of them didnt make it i heard.
    who cared?
    collateral damage for the chosen few saving the world?
    and the guys who had aids who people wouldnt even touch as thay were so paranoid.
    they turned out to be medically mistaken.
    did you see a lot of caring and apologies there?

    nature of the beast.

    to relate to our previous thread:

    thumbs down,and a finger into the eye of a loser for good measure!

  5. Heraclitus says:

    Frank’s reminders are good.
    It’s easy for those who never knew Osho to imagine some infinite source of compassion and this to have been reflected in his immediate disciples when he was alive.
    Actually all Osho’s later lectures were about zen, and zen has a terrible reputation for being hard-hearted !
    Many of Osho’s “close” disciples proved a weird lot in the end, and I imagine that history will so judge them. It’s very odd that those who basically got interested in power in the old commune days showed almost nil compassion sometimes, and often used vulnerable people, like the street people to try and turn an election in 1984.
    So paradox on paradox is the world of Osho. And of course had Osho been alive, does anyone really know how he would have reacted to Valentine’s day??
    My experience when he was alive was that he could be very unpredictable, and this was his overall strategy to try and wake people up. His goal was solely the latter, “love” in the ordinary sense of it arguable did not come into that equation very much.

  6. shantam prem says:

    Actually all Osho’s later lectures were about zen, and zen has a terrible reputation for being hard-hearted !
    Just because Zen were the last months lectures, does not mean that they are the heart and the soul of the Osho´s Work.
    Just like the last point of merging the river into Ocean does not become the Pilgrimage point.
    So Osho has to be taken into the whole, all interwoven into a tapestry.

    Osho was always raising His fist against the followers of others, who were taking their leader as ride.
    Many times He has mentioned the story where He says, Jesus Will be kicked out from the Christian churches, if he tries to sneak in.
    Same has happened with Osho.
    The honest name of 17, Koregaon Park should be,
    ” Osho Jayesh Meditation Resort”
    The place in its present form is a replica of Jayesh´s personality.

  7. amano says:

    vigyano, it seems like you are from humanversity ………….veeresh and his managent lives up to osho ……i really liked my visit to veeresh………..pune management should take some lessons from him……….he understand osho and heart…………..and i have no doubt about his love to osho and his lovers
    perheps you belong to humanversity and not to 17 koregaon park ……..
    osho commune pune is controlled by jayesh and amrito and those guys have no heart and feeling ……they are just two greedy businessmen and nothing more

  8. amano says:

    only way amrito and jayesh will feel the injerd in german backey if they fall into same suitation …………..i am sure if one of leg or hand of amrito suddenly fly into air , i hope then he realize what others feel this time who are still alive and fighting to live little more………..my heart goes to each and everyone who is right now alive and trying to live near osho commune….

  9. KATH says:

    thanks to you Vigyano for this open letter. I will share it on facebook for all Osho lovers to read . Until I get called as abusive , so long Kath

  10. Mranal says:

    So much of politics in the Osho world……it surprises me!!! Osho sannyasins are doing everything except meditation. The commune management is not conscious enough, n so are the people giving reaction here. Osho cleary says, “A sannyasin simply means: who has agreed to meditate.” I think we have missed the whole point. Hw can the people who are not enlightened themselves can judge somebody else’s enlightenment, hw can we knw who is conscious, who is not, and then hw one can decide wt they do is right or wrong…..

  11. Khabira says:

    I read somewhere that the resort explains their response in terms of meditativeness, that being undisturbed by outer events was the teaching of Osho. As far as I understand it, being undisturbed if something happens to YOURSELF is associated with meditation. But being undisturbed if something happens to somebody else is normally rather perceived of as lacking the heart.

    I think this is a great example of what happens if we unenlightened people try to practice something an enlightened Master has taught, without having a corresponding own inner experience of it. You can also call it ideology. And I am not so sure what other goals of the resort are hidden behind this ideology, maybe for example the politics of not wanting to scare potential visitors away?

  12. Devakrishna says:

    In Puna 1 I was sitting in lecture with Osho.
    That was the old auditorium where now the ashes are.
    The auditorium was open on the back towards the kitchen, witch was outside and open, separated only by a tin bambu fence …

    the kitchen was where now is outside the pool restaurant.
    We where coocking in big pots on the floor with kerosene heaters and one sannyas woman fell in one of these big pots full of boiling water and got stuck in it, she died 2 weeks later in RubyHall from the burns.

    Never in my life i heard such screems, they where so fuking real!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Osho did not flinch one eyebrow, nothing, he vent on talking as nothing happens.

    I had my air standing ….. but no one in lecture moved one finger.

    Of course everybody knew that the kitchen people would do what was needed ….. but still …..


  13. Alok john says:

    Heraclitus is right. People forget how unconventional Osho was. A minute’s silence may not have been his thing. Who knows? He would do anything to give people more awareness and if that meant being hard, he would be hard.

    Here is a question in Guida Spirituale about a terrorist attack in Italy in the 1980s. Note the jokes at the end of the discourse

    Question 4
    Prem Francesco,
    THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY is in the same situation. We have worked for thousands of years to
    make the earth a big madhouse, and we have succeeded, unfortunately. It is not only in Italy, it is
    everywhere the same: people are killing each other. There is violence everywhere for the simple
    reason that we have, in subtle ways, not allowed people’s energies to be creative, and whenever
    creative energies are prevented they become destructive.
    Violence is not the real problem. The real problem is how to help people to be creative. A creative
    person cannot be violent because his energies are moving in the direction of God. We call God
    the creator. Whenever you are creating something you participate in God’s being. You cannot be
    violent, you cannot be destructive; it is impossible.
    But for thousands of years we have destroyed every possible door to creativity. Instead of helping
    people to be creative we train them to be destructive. The warrior, the soldier, we have respected too
    much. In fact, the warrior is someone who should be condemned not respected – he is destructive.
    The soldier should not be respected.
    We need sannyasins, not soldiers. We need lovers, not fighters. But love is condemned and violence
    is praised. What is great in Alexander the Great? – nothing but violence. He is great because he
    was the greatest violent person in those days. He killed over almost all the known world of his day
    – he killed millions – and still we go on calling him Alexander the Great. What is great in your kings
    and emperors and their history? Why do you go on praising them? They should be completely
    forgotten. Nadir Shah, Genghis Khan, Tamurlaine, why should they be remembered? Why should
    small children be told all the stupidities that man has done to man? – because we still want people
    to fight.
    The politician LIVES on violence, the nations LIVE on violence. If the violence disappears there will
    be no Italy, no India, no Japan. There will be only one humanity. Why these boundaries? But without
    these boundaries the politician disappears, and he does not want to disappear, obviously. He has a
    great vested interest in the boundaries and the boundaries have to be defended. And the only way
    to defend is to kill, and whosoever is the bigger killer is the winner.
    And the same is true on a smaller scale in people’s lives. People are taught to be violent because
    unless you are violent you are not going to succeed in life. YOU have to be very violent, only then
    you can fulfill your ambitions. A gentle person cannot succeed, he is bound to fail, because he
    cannot be competitive. He cannot push and pull people; he cannot step over people’s heads.
    All the politicians are criminals for the simple reason that crime pays. YOU only have to be cunning
    enough not to be caught. The most fundamental rule of this violent life is: all means are good if they
    fulfill the end. And of course, rather than arguing – because argumentation is a long thing and it
    may never come to any conclusion – it is better to pull the sword; it decides things immediately. It
    is easier to fight with a person and decide who is right. ”Might is right.” That rule still remains – the
    rule of the jungle.
    We call man civilized? He has yet to be civilized. Civilization is only an idea which has not yet been
    realized. Man is just superficially civilized, not even skin-deep. Just scratch a little and you will find
    the animal coming out – a ferocious animal, far more ferocious than any wild animals because wild
    animals, howsoever wild they are, don’t carry bombs – atom bombs, hydrogen bombs. Compared
    to man and his violence all animals are left far behind.
    And in the past this has been the rule. The Buddhas are exceptions. Of course, they are the only
    civilized human beings The remaining crowd of people, the mob, is very uncivilized.
    It is not, Francesco, only in Italy; it is the same here in this country – a great spiritual country, a long
    long heritage of religion, and still people are killing. It makes no difference to people.
    Just now all over the country there are riots. And strange: in Moradabad where the riots started,
    the Mohammedans had gathered to pray. It was their religious festival, Id, and they had gathered to
    pray. And after the prayer meeting the violence erupted. It means the people who had come to pray
    had brought weapons with them. Immediately one hundred thirty people were killed. What kind of
    hypocrisy? What kind of insanity? People who have come to pray are hiding knives, swords, bottles
    full of acid. They have come ready, prepared. Everything seems to be pre-planned. And they have
    been there to pray. What kind of prayer can be possible in such a situation?
    The word ”Islam” means peace – and Islam has created more violence in the world than any other
    religion – and the word means peace.
    Christianity says ”God is love” and Christianity has killed millions of people, burned people alive.
    And God is love!
    It is a very unconscious state of affairs. People are living unconsciously, not knowing what they are
    doing, why they are doing, not even pondering over it.
    Manetti, the mechanic, woke up one morning with a black eye. ”What happened?” he asked his wife.
    ”While you were sleeping,” she explained, ”you reached over and felt my arms and said, ’What
    a smooth finish!’ Then you reached over further and said, ’What perfect headlights!’ Then you
    reached down further and said, ’Who left the garage door open?’ And that is when I let you have it!”
    People are almost asleep. Even when you think they are awake they are not awake.
    Rigamonte was visiting a small town in the Italian Alps. After a few lonely nights he began feeling
    the need for a woman. He asked the local barkeep how to find the ladies of the town.
    ”We ain’t gotta no prostitutes. The church would never allow it. But the thing-a you want-a is kept-a
    out of sight-a.”
    ”What I gotta do?” asked Rigamonte.
    The bartender explained that up in the mountains were caves. ”Go up there at dusk-a and shout-a
    Yoo-hoo!’ And if the lady yoo-hoos back-a you work out-a the price. If she’s-a busy you no get-a an
    That evening Rigamonte yoo-hoos his way from cave to cave, but without luck. He finally decided to
    go back and get drunk, but at the foot of the mountain he found a fresh cave. ”Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo!”
    he shouted.
    ”Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo!” came back so clearly… he rushed into the cave and was killed by a train.
    Francesco, people have to be helped to be a little more aware, a little more alert. They need a
    little more clarity to see what they are doing. But there is no clarity, and the vested interests don’t
    want any clarity. They want more confusion. The more confusion there is, the politicians have more
    power. The more confusion there is, the priests have more power. They don’t want man to become
    aware; they want him to live as unconsciously as possible.
    Rinaldo returned to Italy to see his relatives. One day he tried to ride his uncle’s horse. ”Giddy up!
    Giddy up!” he said to the animal, but it did not move. ”Hey,” he said to his relatives, ”why this thing-a
    no move-a?”
    ”You no say giddy-up,” said his uncle. ”You gotta say ’Mamma mia’ to make-a him go and ’Mangiare’
    to make him-a stop.”
    ”Mamma mia!” he yelled and the horse galloped off into a clearing. Ahead was a steep cliff and
    Rinaldo noticed it almost too late. He pulled back on the reins and screamed ”Mangiare!” The horse
    came to a screeching halt at the edge of the cliff. Looking down and then up at the sky, Rinaldo
    whispered, ”Mamma mia!”
    And this is not so only with the people, this is so with everybody else – the so-called intellectuals,
    the intelligentsia, the politicians, the religious. It is applicable to all except a very few people, and
    those few people cannot be of much help.
    That’s why my effort is to create a great Buddhafield, to release as much energy as is released in
    an atomic explosion. Sannyas is an effort to collect all those people who are ready to be aware, to
    be intelligent. And we have to spread the color all over the world. This is the color of spring.
    Man needs a new life, a new birth. And all that has been told and taught up to now has failed. It
    was bound to fail because it was not meant to create a better humanity; it was meant to keep man
    as much enslaved as he is.
    A Polack was badly injured in an automobile crash and had to have a brain transplant. A team of
    surgeons put him under anaesthesia, removed his brain, and went into the next room to get the
    new one. When they returned to the operating room the Polack was gone. The police searched
    everywhere for him but to no avail – he had vanished. The doctors contacted Interpol and they
    checked throughout the world trying to find this poor Pole who had left the hospital without his brain.
    Finally, five years later, he was found. The Polack was now the Pope!
    Guida Spirituale 30 Osho

  14. Alok john says:

    When I went to Pune in 1990 I was ignored. I was very lonely. So I watched the loneliness, watched the pain, and gained some awareness and understanding. That is the purpose of visiting an ashram, to gain awareness.

    Of course if you want spirituality for children, you can go to the Humaniversity, pay your money, get some free hugs. But I don’t think you will grow so much in awareness. In fact I have argued you may regress, the AUM being so violent and endorsing anger.

  15. Vigyano says:

    First I like to thank “Sannyasnew” because of the space they gave to the open letter and because of putting it in proper English.

    It feels good to see the comments: but why bother about what Osho said, or about the Humaniversity or not. Why creeping in our minds to find adjustment for our personal behaviour and feelings. The open letter isn’t about that.

    Frank, in its comment of yesterday touched an aspect in its: “It’s the nature of the beast“. In my eyes Osho’s greatest talent is to make us happy individual beast by looking at ourselves. But in grieve, pain, as happened in the German Bakery, it is about love and about “the nature of man”, a social beast glued together by heart and love.

    Love isn’t easy, that’s why real love hurts. You never are alone in love. So what will you do when shit happens to others? Just you! Don’t look up what Osho said, don’t call that Humaniversity or what so ever. What will You do?
    Will you showing love and compassion or will you let your mind work to find an intelligent reason to stay on safe distance at the other side of the road.

    If you do the last. It is okay form me. Who aim I to judge. In some way we are all the same in that. But I won’t like you to be my manager. Some one who let the ship burn to get in the lifeboats first. I still would be ashamed to be part of that crew.

    Vigyano Netherlands

  16. Anand says:

    For 36 years Osho sannyasins have taken camp in the Koregaon Park neighborhood of Pune. We have bought properties and celebrated our lifestyle openly there.
    We never thought about the neighbors there, but ‘did our thing’….Osho Dynamic Meditation for years in the open and very loud, Techno parties and celebrating our lifestyle quite open in the streets between North Mail Road and 8th lane and beyond.

    Our Indian neighbors made the best out of it and created a lot of service oriented businesses around Nr. 17 KP.

    The terrorism attack on German Bakery was actually a great opportunity to reach out to community. Any signal from inside the ashram gates could have really been sending a signal on the national Indian stage. Instead Jayesh flew back to London and a fortress was created.
    Another beautiful opportunity wasted. Even a silent walk around Koreagon Park after the Evening Meditation would have shown, that we as people have a heart – and that would have been aired on National Indian TV.

    Lots of people died there and lost legs etc. Young Indian people 100 yards away from the Main Gate.

  17. oshobob says:

    Just curious Anand — how do you know this inside info about Jayesh, that he “flew back to London” after the GB Event? Jayesh lives and operates in some deep and impenetrable non-public shadowy world. I don’t think there has been a photo of him seen in 20 years, nor any statements from our Mr. Mysterious, to say nothing about the itinerary of his global movements.
    What’s the skinny on this, Anand? Are you Deep Throat 2 or something?

  18. Anand says:

    Oshobob…I was in Mumbai and saw him on the airport. Does this answer your questions?

  19. shantam prem says:

    Alok John
    From the discourse above, i have taken one pasage to reproduce here-
    “That’s why my effort is to create a great Buddhafield, to release as much energy as is released in
    an atomic explosion. Sannyas is an effort to collect all those people who are ready to be aware, to
    be intelligent. And we have to spread the color all over the world. This is the color of spring.
    Man needs a new life, a new birth. And all that has been told and taught up to now has failed.”

    ANd as i remember, Osho has mentioned many times to respond to the situation, because life always brings new challanges and one cannot rely on the scripted answers.

    You were in Pune in 1990 and felt great awareness out of the situaion created out of loneliness.
    HAve you been there after 2000, i am curious what your experience will be know.

  20. shantam prem says:

    Every body shows lip sympathy, every body makes one minute silence at the time of collective tragedies, everybody contributes some money as a help, but world still remain the same.
    So we don´t do anything like this.
    What we do then?
    We mediate, we meditate, we meditate and through this we create itching feeling in God, sorry in existance, so that He takes care of the earth. And He is doing it.
    Look before there were only casettes, since we are meditating, we have CD´s, Mp3 players, I pod, soon there will be i Pad and if we go on meditating, time is not far away for I Tampons.

    For millenniuim everybody is making babies ususal way, we being the hyper intelligent disciples of a great master has the responsibiulty to be different.
    So we make babies through the deep throat, and second project is to create better human spices, through the Rose Bud.

    I wonder when we will realise that there are few acepted social norms irrespective of the meditativeness or non meditativeness.

    How many times we have heard HIm saying about interconnectedness, far away stars are related with the grass blades.
    Was Osho just giving poetic recital for the entertainment?

  21. Alok john says:

    Shantam, no, I only managed the one trip in 1990.

  22. prem bubbie says:

    Anand must be an agent planted by Jayesh/Amrito, how else does he know all of these details, and have so many” friends” working at the front gate at the resort. Beware of this guy/girl…he’s been lying on these threads for a long time… read for yourselves!!!

  23. prem bubbie says:

    Yes Alok john I’m glad you can see clearly, only one of a handful who post here… What has been happening is
    Regression, not progression… But people will be people… we need a place to call home, yes even dim wits.. Sannyasins are humans, well most; like herd animals, and can’t live without following a leader, or pack animals… people remind me of cows… at least cows use all of their almond sized brains to live, while humans barely use an almond sized portion of their brains to live… The osho-sannyas religion of present and of past functions very much like a hindu/buddhist cult or christian/muslim fundamentalist group, and you guys are still in denial, thinking you’re superior to all others and have all the answers just because you hop around for an hour once a week and wear a bunch of beads around your neck or read an edited version of a printed discourse from some 30 years ago by a guy with a bald head and a hillbilly type beard!!! Keep hopping around you just might hop of a cliff on your way to the promised land!!! Alice of Wonderland Watch Out!!!

  24. prem bubbie says:

    Shantam prem: Your new/reinvented name will be: Slum Dog-Wanna be a Millionaire. What up Dog???

  25. oshobob says:

    Anand, yes — yes, that does answer my questions, i suppose it does, in a way anyway…Mumbai airport, i’ve never been there myself, never even been to India, believe it or not…must be an interesting place, from all that i’ve heard…maybe one day i’ll have to go and see it all firsthand…hey, thanks for the reply on the Jayesh thing….

  26. prem bubbie says:

    Since when is “God” a He, Slum Dog? Are you a spy planted by the Catholic church? What is your true identity?

  27. shantam prem says:

    Bubbie, my last reaction to you, ” Your husband must be a happiest man on the earth, where else he will get a complete asshole from head to the toe.
    and you should join the Church created by Elton John, there you will meet Jesus, who is gay and genius.

  28. frank says:

    hey anand,
    i saw jayesh at mumbai airport that day.
    a little tipsy from quaffing several large whiskies,and
    annoyed with having to stand in the queue with all the riff-raff he pushed himself aggressively to the front and demanded imperiously of the girl at the counter:
    “i want to board immediately”
    and adding with a condescending sneer:
    :”do have any idea who i am?”
    quickasaflash,the girl behind the desk announced over the tannoy:
    “security,send a couple of guys down to desk 5 immediately ,we`ve got a guy here who doesn`t know who he is”

  29. prem bubbie says:

    Yeah anand, you saw Jayesh at the airport after the blast… what about you? you made a B-line straight to the airport– now who’s the real chicken shit? Or were you working the airport as part of your Hare Krishna disguise? Gotta squeeze those travelers for some cash aye?

  30. prem bubbie says:

    Slum dog shantam– again the real you is revealed– a closeted homophobe!!!

  31. Vigyano says:

    Prem Bubbie, You as a hounter at is own chosen boozeless bar, what could really change your magic wonderland?.

  32. prem bubbie says:

    speak English man!!! not dutch…. or have you been taking lessons from slum dog Shantam? All of that MDMA you took is starting to show

  33. prem bubbie says:

    For a while I’ve looked down at the gang controlling the resort, My information came from the likes of Prem Abhay and others…he of course, has been exposed as a fraud, same with most posting here, so, now I’m not so sure they’re the “evil” doers as so many banned people claim them to be. These complaints, not being able to do this or that, while at the resort, or whatever stupid other shit is wearing thin and getting old. Now, all of you complainers, where were you when the old RFI , walked away from the mortgage that was due on the oregon ranch? It ended up being repossessed then sold/given to some “christian” youth group.. The abandonment of payment responsibilities happened when Osho was still alive and probably with his consent….All of this complaining that the resort masters aren’t using the place as osho wished, yet no complaints that sannyasins can’t currently use the old Mandir in oregon for meditation purposes, why no outrage towards the christians for this? Nor being able to visit and meditate in Osho’s former residence at the old ranch, hey his “vibe” is still there i imagine… how about wanting to cop a ride in one of osho’s 93 rolls royces that were SOLD, by RFI to some texas oil dude for millions of $$$. why can’t any sannyas be able to ride and zone out in one? No outrage, that his cars were sold, home and land repossessed, all by most of the same “thugs” currently running things at pune!!! Doesn’t anyone realize osho didn’t give a shit about past possessions. It’s all just material garbage, a fucking head trip… So many of you have made the”resort” some sort of “sacred” space, worth preserving… Well, osho wasn’t just staying overnight at some Bed and Breakfast place in oregon, he lived there for 5 years!!! Isn’t the ranch a sacred place too, as well as his limos? It’s all a fucking head trip, everywhere is a sacred place-don’t you get it? Either get over the “resort” masters’ head trips-for that too is what it is, or either one of you buy thefucking place and build condos, or just burn the place to the ground… And stop that fucking cry-baby whining–All of you!!!

  34. prem bubbie says:

    I almost forgot– A. Anand, your new name shall be— Karma Kameleon– very, very, “appropriate”!!! Ha ha!!

  35. Devakrishna says:

    I was in German Bakery few weeks before the blast happened.
    I am just feeling grateful I was at the right place at the right time and hope that continues.

    Many people I know, got angry about why the evening disco continued and got angry about how the resort get managed and angry about all the other things like no statements, no death celebration and so on.

    I did a page on my otoons.com site about Nadia, the Italian woman who died, and immediately I got a very angry email from some personal friend and family friend to immediately take it down otherwise she would had sued me.

    to me that is the same anger of the bomber.

    It hurts.

    In Puna 1 I was sitting in lecture with Osho.
    That was the old auditorium where now the ashes are.
    The auditorium was open on the back towards the kitchen, witch was outside and open, separated only by a tin bamboo fence …

    The kitchen was where now is outside the pool restaurant.
    We where cocking in big pots on the floor with old kerosene heaters and one sannyas woman fell in one of these big pots full of boiling water and got stuck in it, she died 2 weeks later in RubyHall from the burns from her chest to her knees, I visited her few days before and was a horrible site to watch her body

    Never in my life I heard such screams!
    They where so real and only 20 or 30 meters away!
    Osho did not flinch one eyebrow.
    He vent on talking as nothing happens.

    I had my air standing up all over my body
    I was in shock.
    No one in lecture moved one finger.
    No one got up vent out to help!

    Of course everybody knew that the kitchen people would do what was needed

    but still …..

    I was pondering if I was in charge of the resort what I would have done.
    I think more or less the same things.
    No reaction to the violence.
    Stay centred in the middle of the cyclone.
    Take care of the practical of it.
    Beef up security.


  36. kranti says:

    prem bubbie, it is time you take a break from this site and leave us alone

  37. shantam prem says:

    Very nice sharing Devakrishna.

  38. Vigyano says:

    Prem buddie I think you’re right. Even in our frustration we use double standards and sannyasins seem no exception on that. Indeed the credo is: do something and if not stop nagging. I also agree (it’s getting boring) that someone has to run the show, so let that be the inner circle. That’s all right for me. However the comment is that the self-locked way this MT handled the GB blast, seems to stand for an overarching problem, their lack of accountability and payment of responsibilities. In some way they seem incapable to feel the importance of that aspect their world. In my oppinion that’s where most irritations centre.

    We probably are looking at a 20 year long birth trauma of a still-born company, an inability to be. Still born because the people who “donated” money and effort, started to grab power back behind the screens. Still born because executive directors are allowed to behave like owners and still born because the sannyasins, who see themselves as the owners of his heritage, aren’t capable to force the board in an accountable position. May be because this social aspect of life, love and laughter isn’t an obvious part of most meditative labour. Sannyasins simply are sitting ducks in this, as long we only meditate and look at our selves on the individual level. As I said before in love you never are alone. It is a social feature. So maybe we have to realise that we also have to behave, meditate and interact as a group .

    I think your solution already happened out of sight. Probably this “fucking place” is already bought by “one of us”. The only problem left is that this “on of us” nor the MT, have the vision, guts or wish to share this with all who are involved, as almost all modern companies do… In my eyes, this could be the main reason why this resort is more and more drifting away from those who tend to love, support and visit it…

  39. Vigyano says:

    Hi Devakrishna

    It is okay what you write and share with us. and it is giving me new insights. I know It can be a very efficient way to protect yourself. Osho was right in that, but why has life given us the possibility to scream, to feel the pain of others and the possibility to share and love each other?

  40. shantam prem says:

    I think it was somewhere in Mid nineties, when Osho´s chair was brought in for whiterobe meeting.
    During this time, one Ma Bharti, life long sannyasin of Osho has died in the car accident while coming from Goa with Kiran ji.
    Neelam has announced before the meeting about her death and ” let us give her a good send off through our dance and meditation.”

    Sometime small small gestures show more about life than all the BIG talks about love, compassion, interconnectedness, Co dependency etc. etc.

  41. shantam prem says:

    “I also agree (it’s getting boring) that someone has to run the show, so let that be the inner circle.”

    There is no contradiction about this.
    But where is the inner circle?

    If two three four five members out of twenty of inner circle drop out because of difference of opinion, it is understandable.
    But when more than 80 percent have no say in the running of the show and were fired out from the main organisation because they were not willing to surrender their opinion and work as a sub ordinate of their colleague, i think it is a clear case of all that glitters are not gold.

  42. Devakrishna says:

    Vigyano, I do feel my pain, I do feel the pain of the world, the pain of others and trough that pain I feel the love for people and the love for Osho.
    I go and scream and feel my pain at the resort every winter when I staff the Path of Love Seminar.
    I do it in my meditations only, we call them ‘burns’.
    There I scream and rage out all the stuff I have personally with people, with places, with situations, with God and I cry my sweet tears of longing, and then I can feel the love, clean and crisp.
    From that space the staff can help and support the partecipants going trough whatever they need to go trough to open up.

    why has life given us the possibility to scream, to feel the pain of others and the possibility to share and love each other?

    that is exactly the path I have taken with the path of love.

    I felt like sharing this other site I saw around Osho
    to explain a bit the response of the resort ….
    Am sure they where also in shock.

    I was not there, I just read here and there,.
    but probably I would had done the same,
    stay out of it, although from the outside looks a bit heartless
    do the practical what needs to be done to protect the place
    keep the meditation and whatever programs is happening going
    and move on

    love devakrishna

  43. KATH says:

    Here my thoughts. After reading the News in the Indian Press.
    It looks like this people there have no compassion , no heart –a Zombie like state.
    Now that’s what it looks from the Outside.
    It’s us now , but there is a tendency to think we know more about life than others . It really
    reflexes in the Press as arrogance not to express some kindness. Or do we think because we did
    some groups and things we are so much more awake than others ? Come on , be real –have a heart !
    Do you really think the Management is so aware that it does not move them anymore? What’s about YOU ? So, good but what’s about the
    folks who are not . Folks who read the Press ? Would a simple word of kindness to the Press take away anything from your greatness ?
    Is it really true that the outside world does not touch you ?
    I find it important to continue to expand . Truth is the Outside world does exist and in fact there are a lot of beautiful open
    awakened people out there. So, all I ask is to please consider to stay open to people who may have opened to a lot more than we have.
    Yes, that’s right- they are out there but it seems to me the management pushes exactly this people away and they may feel that the Resort management is too attached with
    old rules and quotes and how Osho would have acted. Open up your hearts and minds and try to completely let go of what you think you know about anything. This are all old
    structures , call them Osho’s guidance . We are much more than that — well, we could be. But if we go on like this, it looks like we simply follow a new Religion and we try to follow whatever rule to fit in .
    Be fearless , Kath

  44. Anand says:

    Are sannyas group leaders the new priests? Sannyas group leaders are traveling the world (see their facebook entries) and teaching Body-Mind- Spirit techniques to the world. Most of these programs are simple techniques they learned in some courses in Pune or abroad.

    If Jayesh is consequent and does not want an Osho religion to start he should
    stop all groups and trainings inside the resort and just keep the meditations and classes. I think he sam this danger and he kept all famous therapists outside of the premises and changed the name to facilitators. But why not get rid of all these new priests once and for all?

  45. Vigyano says:

    Thank you Kath:

    Indian press: Miday News:15 Feb: “OSHOITES DANCE ON DESPITE BLAST” Oshoites did not stop dancing even after the blast went off at the Germain Bakery 200 meters away on saturday… Spokesmen Sadhana: Nothing had changed after the blast for us” …….brrrrrrrrrr…………

    Times of India 15 Feb: “Business as usual at the Osho Meditation Centre” … Sadhana: “I hasnt effect us”.. What about the 27 year old Nadia Macerini the Italian victim of the blast? the yournalis asked : Sadhana: “This is a mediation centre, not a ashrram……. she was an infrequent visitor at the centre. Nothing else is known about her” she said. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

    not a bit compasion or token of love, nothing onely “WE”. Being hour your own hero in your own centre of the cyclone. I still get emotional by this…. brrrr…………..What a COLD wind blowing…..

  46. Devakrishna says:

    I mean, the press is the press, we know.
    How to trust it?

    Mybe they resort wanted to keep the attention of the terrorists away form the place by these no-comments? I don’t know ….
    What would you had done insted?
    I am just questioning …
    To me that experience of the woman burning few feet away from Osho and he not reacting the slightest left a deep impact.

    That’s why I am questioning your complains here …


  47. BEN ZEN says:

    Beloved Anand ,i would like to share ,,,,,,,,,

    In the second path of love in Poona with Rafia an Turyia,i was a participant.
    I would like to share..with you

    When Rafia and Turyia …droppend theire blackropes ,,,,,,they cried and said we are one with you guys

    that moment was my libaration…i was free and could leave the place

    advait benjamin BENZEN

    with out guilt

  48. frank says:

    50 franc say:

    just say no to thera-priests..
    keep your money,feed your own beast…
    preacher teachers fleece sheep with their speech…
    as enlightenment stays well out of reach…
    dont sell yourself to a leech…
    have some self-respect at least…
    get yourself to a resort with a beach…
    read yoself some friedrich neitzsche….

    if you dont want to end up on the shelfless shelf
    then let me tell you brother..
    get a life unto yourself…….

    get down on the streetless street …
    out in the world where they turnin up the heat..
    find out you aint no special ubermensch elite…
    sittin in yo ashram beatin your spritual meat…
    get out into the maya and da buddha`hood…
    samsara is nirvana…mmm…good….

  49. KATH says:

    Dear Friend Krishna,
    I remember party’s in Photo Services with the Indian Press, after hard day of printing B/w pic’s for them . There was always good cooperation and friendship between us . We just had to shoot it and they wrote it. ( Or Keerti did) , absolute trust, never one bad story. There is a tremendous love affair with Osho and the Indian Press , after all he was there Indian Guru.
    Later I received a letter from a journalist complaining that the good old time are over ,since we left . They actually had to pay there entrance and do an AIDS test on there expanses to do a story about the Samadhi.
    It all just shows where there is no love there can’t be trust.
    Love Kath.

  50. Fresch says:

    Be aware Anand, oshobob has started research work on you…
    Perhaps you Anand are one of THEM!
    And feeling guilty for all ”zen-stuff” management is doing…

    Bubbie, what would you know about the Beloved garden of the Master, commonly know as the Resort in your garbage bin since you never got your ass out from your caravan and wasted your life in the bush. Well, what else to do but envy Indians for their heart and depth? Should I feel sorry for you not being able to rise from there, maybe next life…No, you are full of shit and vein excuses! Stop posting here. You wrote it your self: nobody is interested in Ranch. True. Get out of the victim positions. Get a fucking life!!!

    And this is actually my position to so-called ”old sanyasins”. What do you want? Sit under the tree giving advice for younger people? What bullshit is that? You want some special treatment? To be treated different (or better) than newcomers? And what would be special about you? I am 40+ and if somebody younger dared to start being ”respectful” for me, it would be just an insult. That is how I treat people I think can not really take the truth. Hello, did you do you primal? Do you want to be equal or that new generations start putting a mask on you? Hello there!

    Only interesting point here in this stupid discussion was Krish’s point what Osho did when this woman was burned…Osho was NEVER interested about our personal agendas, but making us more aware. Thank you Krish (Devakrishna), The Resort is doing just what a neon modern monastery is supposed to do. So, thank you Amrito and Jeyesh being more aware than I am. However Krish, you are posting with your real established sanyasname. Perhaps I would be more interested in your process (your stories here) if you had a Nickname here… why does it start to feel as a “formal speech” ? Such bullshit you are doing it (your negative rojections) ONLY in your sessions, you are not sincere here. You are lying and trying giving us a lession.

    Kranti, you are so fucking fake.

  51. Fresch says:

    And Vigyano, if you did not get it from my writing, so what happened when our mater left his body????
    Business as usual!!

    I was there. All meditations were on, all groups were on, all restaurants were open….We sanyasins were functioning in spite of the one of the most important moments in the disciple’s lives. What a victory over the ego.
    Pune Ashram, The resort – what ever it is for YOU – was functioning without any emotional outbursts. And I am 1000% sure that was Osho’s wish.
    Wake up!

    And Alok John, you are miserable and lonely. Instead of being envious of humaniversity, go to there and LEARN to get connected. No need to stay in “love is pain”. It is not.

    And really for you who are posting here with your real names, take some stand, you are being boring. You can make speeches at the dinner tables.

  52. oshobob says:


    Don’t trust the press.
    Why would you?

    don’t believe anything you hear, read, or see in any media organ, including websites. That includes this one, yours, and mine.
    Why would you? That would be naive.

    The two incidents you are comparing — the GB Event, and the Osho discourse with the sannyasin being injured in the kitchen — are very different in nature. To put Osho’s response up as a model for any future similar incidents is a mistake. If you look at both without an agenda in your mind, you can see the differences easily. If not, I can walk you through both, step by step.

    By the way, what was the series of talks that the screaming incident happened in Pune 1? Do you remember? I would like to hear it from the audio mp3 now available online. How Osho responded in his talk, or if, as you say, there was no reaction. Please put the book title down here. Thanks.

    A while back I was listening to a Pune 1 discourse on an audio, where right in the middle a woman starting crying, sobbing, and talking/yelling in a deep emotional outburst. Osho stopped his discourse, and asked some people to bring the person up to him. He let her go on with her catharsis, asking her gentle questions to find out what was going on, and finally minutes later, when the person had quieted down a bit, very softly asked the sannyasins to take the woman away. Then he continued his discourse, without mentioning at all what had just happened in front of everyone for those past 5 minutes. And it wasn’t edited out of the tape.

    So, every situation is unique. There are no rules set in concrete here, for how “meditative” people should behave to any particular event. Even Osho responds in the manner he deems appropriate.

    I’m sure you remember the time some sannyasin started laughing out of place during The Mystic Rose series, and Osho just got up from his seat and walked out of the hall. His response to something. This time different still.

  53. Fresch says:

    Kath, Osho was not an Indian, not a guru and never interested getting press’s approval. What is your point? Just right policy that journalists had to take the AIDS test and pay for the entrance…Are you stupid?

  54. KATH says:


    Osho is dead . That’s my whole point anyway , make new rules . Deal with reality. You are making a bad mistake thinking it does not matter what the Press writes .

  55. Fresch says:

    I might be wrong, but I got connected with Osho reading the book ”the god that failed”…I got interested because he had left some Osho quotes there…also, I am in that profession, so I am disqualified…but I do not have an answer because I am a sanyasin. I do not know. However I will not be any missionary. Ever. And I hear osho say he does not need it. And actually I heard Osho say “he left his body…” so…Who the fuck are you to tell?

  56. Fresch says:

    You know what “Kath”, you are Keerti’s paid pr-worker, aren’t you?

  57. Vigyano says:


    I’m jealous to see your style, but I don’t get it from your writing and probably won’t get is from your writing. I’m probably too stupid to stay in the past clinging to this Osho did this and Osho did that. Stay safe there and you surely did what dad liked most. Business as usual!!! When Osho left its body. No normal human feelings but a private party in terms of neo modern monastery to break the ego, probably well understood by the majority of the other sannyasins. But don’t come and tell me to take over these blueprint brains of yours in what happened here…. Unless you saw this blast as a new happy unexpected change of ego banging … feel free but don’t ask others on that party…

  58. Fresch says:

    Oshobob, how about living it….with sanyasins???

    You are really the worst drag here. How about living it with other people in reality? What excuses do you have? No money, no health? What about putting all this time and effort to make it and risk it in real life? Is it going to be my and my Internet connection with Osho and sanyas? That’s it?

    How about ONE experience of your own? How far is it, 50 kilometers away?

  59. KATH says:

    Why you are so pissed with me ? Afraid I make some phone calls to the Indian Press? I tell you who the fuck I am ….

  60. Fresch says:

    (My child’s father was in tsunami, in the wave, my father drowned when I was 7 years old)….=me, me,me,me me and my self and I…It was never about that,

    stay there (in your feelings), but not of it. Get real, what is behind that? Thank you Jeyesh and Amrito. I need the wisdom of my fellow sanyasins who are more mature and aware than I am.

    Get fucking real and beyond your personal stuff, you idiots.

  61. Fresch says:

    And kranti is actually Devakrisha.

  62. Fresch says:

    Kath, Why would I ( and you!!!) be interested in Indian press?

  63. frank says:

    and fleshie turns out to be bubbie….

    there`s never a dull moment around here on shapeshifter news….

    come on fleshpot,i want to see the egos of a few more losers crunched,hammered,drawn and quartered.

  64. Fresch says:

    No frank, we sail to the sunset together, remember?

  65. oshobob says:

    Fresch, you seem to be really hard-edged today, lashing out at all and sundry for some unknown reason, not at all like your normal demeanor…whatzup girl?

  66. Fresch says:

    One more thing Devakrishna, even less interesting to know what “we” in Love and consiousness are doing…how about I …(were you really in pune1?…) and then what? Use nickname pls.

  67. Fresch says:

    Oshobob, I love you all, stupid idiots, get real!

  68. chetna says:

    Charming, Fresch! Easy to be open with a nickname. Can really show the schizophrenic angry mind to its full extend! Bravo!

    I thought you liked dynamic though….

  69. oshobob says:

    most people here use fake names, but fresch wants the people who are using their real names(sannyasin names) to use nicknames(fake names), for some unknown reason. like her, I guess. but, at the same time she wants everyone to “get real”, and live a real sannyas life with real experiences, but at the same time stay online here in the fake cyber world and…..i’m getting worn out trying to unravel this…any one else got a bead on this one….? fresch, are you a “desperate housewife” maybe? you even came down on Alok today, and that guy is so mild-mannered and easy to get along with, i don’t see how you could do it. and me, you said i was your “guru”, but when i asked for a million bucks, you balked, and wanted some free advice, now today you bash me too, along with everyone else. but you want to go off with frank into the sunset, but you never asked him about that journey…
    What’s goin’ on, freschie? You seem a bit disoriented, a little helter-skelter — you haven’t been around for days, did something happen recently…or just having a bad hair day?

  70. Fresch says:

    Chetna, you can also take a nickname and be real. I like discussion and interaction, there is always possibility to change opinion or take an other perspective. Only one thing has been common here: to be against Amrito and Jayesh. Why would I be that per se? If I get enough information, I change my attitude about everything. What is the problem? Why would people not to need to AT LEAST reason where they stand?

    I have been meditating the whole weekend, so this is the result. Worth it? :D DD

  71. Fresch says:

    oshobob, it is a hard life, what to do, I already have osho as my guru, sorry to break the news…

    I ma all for Alok…let’s hug when we meet. No need to stay in misery.

  72. chetna says:

    I use my real name and try to be real! but in the end it is all maya, so no difference then i suppose

  73. prem bubbie says:

    Fresch has flipped her lid!!! Did you just get your tubes tied? Or forget to take your thorazine?

  74. prem bubbie says:

    I thought shanti is fresch….. no matter, no one is authentic here anyway…. Kranti, or whoever is posting as Kranti- you guys have been left alone too long already!! That’s the issue… no one has tweaked your nose for the last 35 years!!! It’s like scraping a frying pan of excess food build up after 35 years…. Soon though, we’ll get to the bottom of it all.. kranti- go back to the resort, you weren’t missed!!!

  75. Chidvilas says:

    I agree with Kalpa:The heart is missing in Osho’s Commune (the Resort) already for so long.
    Yes I don’t know why they still call it OSHO resort……it should be called Jayesh Resort….Nothing of the osho world is there any more….Who were as I was there from’75 untill the 90…know this….the BIRD has flown away and the nest is empty….

  76. prem bubbie says:

    Fresch if you call banging your head against the wall for the entire weekend, meditating, well, here’s an icepack for your troubles… if you continue your head banging some of that ugly goo otherwise called your “brain’ may begin to seep out… or has it already been tapped out? Maybe my insults to you last week began the seepage… what does your inner “child” brain look like? Makes a good scrambled breakfast!! Bon Appetite!!!

  77. shantam prem says:

    Nobody is against Jayesh and Amrito as such.
    In Osho´s structure, they are two most important people.
    Just say they are like the Tits of Liz Hurley, the most prominent parts on display, the foundation of His empire.
    But the question will arise when these tits of Liz Hurley start claiming to be the wholesale in charge of the whole person.
    Thousands others were also being nurtured by Osho´s direct presence, thousands others have also given their life long commitment to His call.
    These people are equally important and Vital, to choose 20 people from different countries and expertise, and give them a equal responsibility to take care of day to day functioning.
    When one thinks only about TITS and not the whole body what to say about being, than it is good to remember the bust on the display windows of super stores, exhibiting products from “Triumph”.

  78. Fresch says:

    I promise only one thing, I use only one nickname, and stand behind it. And if I ever meet any of you in real life I can always have the same discussion as an individual, hopefully free person.

    oshobob, I would cause so much damage being only a housewife with all my energy. I need to do a lot more…

    Yes, sorry frank, but it’s going to be bubbie from now on…when the sun comes up, there are so many treasures in the garbage bin. But bubbie, Ranch is really over. get over.

  79. Fresch says:


    Great that you put you self on on “risk” position. I have high respect for you doing that. You are showing some real courage unlike others.

  80. shantam prem says:

    It is really a psychological enquiry in me,” why HIS people will use the fake names while discussing the matters connected with Osho, the master who lived the life like a open book and was very vocal about His (no) thoughts.
    Are we dealing with the kind of Talibans, any word against and a suicide bomber with follow?

    More than a year now, i am writing consistently on the pages of this site and have expressed critiques for the policies of J&A.

    Do you think, i am putting myself in danger.
    i am fully convinced that these people also represent Osho´s grace like many many others and what may come, can never fall to the level of “Hamas and Mossad”.

  81. prem bubbie says:

    fresch, so is osho – get over!!!!!

  82. shantam prem says:

    Fresch // Mar 15, 2010 at 4:43 pm
    The above post you have ended with-
    Kranti, you are so fucking fake.

    Are you mixing the names, Fresch?

  83. prem bubbie says:

    Everything is in the past- by the time you read this and process it- it’s gone– all of my rantings/raving and yours are all bullshit– so let go of the ranch, pune 1, pune, and the resort— it’s all a mind fuck– who’s right and who’s wrong— but you people still can’t read!!! or are afraid….

  84. Fresch says:

    It’s a good question Shantam. Before I did not interfere with these issues but was focused purely on my own process. This is my process also, but I might be in reaction and blurred, I do not know. This is one way to find out…how can WE take any responsibility if we cannot discus and see different views?

    I am not mixing names. Kranti is fake. kranti is Devakrishna doing pr work for the Resort asking bubbie go away. bubbie will evolve. he is evolved. You are being romantic, sweet but romantic.

  85. shantam prem says:

    What so ever spray one uses, one Cockroach will always remain. Here also we have this Cockroach from a card board home from some American city

  86. Fresch says:

    I mean you Shantam, you are being romantic about kranti.
    oh, did you read bubbie…you see my point?

  87. Vigyano says:

    Thank s, I loved the ritual dance of you all at sannyas playing time but I really have to quit. Maybe some don’t like the style it but I enjoyed it like a movie. I also learned what probably will be the soft spot in what’s called the inner circle. At some moment I will come back on that.

    Thanks and who knows goodbye

    Vigyano Netherlands

  88. shantam prem says:

    Not enough, sweet but romantic.
    When it feels like sweet and romantic, (lol)
    send me a message at facebook

    You know why i could not get the job at the management level at that place in Pune. I prefer the women of my age , i.e. 40+
    there the scale enters at 30-

  89. Fresch says:

    I do not get personal with Indians; they are calling western woman sanysins tramps. It written here

  90. shantam prem says:

    This is too much. Where you have seen this written by Indians, western woman sannyasins as tramps?

  91. oshobob says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment about this remark above by Heraclitus…

    >>”Actually all Osho’s later lectures were about zen, and zen has a terrible reputation for being hard-hearted !”

    Yes, Heraclitus, Zen has a terrible “reputation” for being hard-hearted, but that’s all it is, a reputation. And it IS terrible, because, really, it’s NOT true. Zen is a extremely heartful way, but it is not sentimental, it is surely not romantic, or even sexual. Osho has explained all this time and time again in his talks.

    Zen simply means meditation, but more. When you use the word “meditation,” you should actually say “zen”, because there is NO Western word that encapsulates “zen”, because there is no cultural historical experience of no-mind, witnessing, etc. It just never existed in the non-Eastern cultures.
    So, “I was doing zen all last weekend, it was really great.” , would be the way to say it accurately.

    Zen got a bad rap in literature, from those readers that focused on these few stories of the “zen stick”, and throwing disciples out of windows, and so on, but these are just literary devices of sorts, they grab your attention. Most of the day-to-day life of most Zen monasteries were probably very serene and natural — most locations were in quite rural areas. Much of the reality of these places just never made it into the literature.

    Zen masters were always very compassionate men — it just takes a little digging beyond the surface anecdotes to see that fact.

    Osho was very big on Zen right from the beginning, not necessarily to replicate traditional Chinese Zen, but to focus on the human experience of “meditation” — i.e., Zen. Zen masters were quite the pranksters too, and Osho followed in this unique tradition with the ease of a seasoned old hand — maybe he even out-pranked them all in the end.

  92. shantam prem says:


    Be grateful to everyone, because everybody is creating a space for you to be transformed -

    even those who think they are obstructing you, even those whom you think are enemies.

    Your friends, your enemies, good people and bad people, favorable circumstances, unfavorable circumstances -

    all together they are creating the context in which you can be transformed and become a buddha.

    Be grateful to all.

    To those who have helped, to those who have hindered, to those who have been indifferent.

    Be grateful to all, because all together they are creating the context in which buddhas are born, in which you can become a buddha.

  93. KATH says:

    We are really here to help each other, and not sharing your point of view is
    not helping, but is supporting their immature behaviour.
    It is very, very rare to have a true friend — one who will share their
    truth with you — whatever the consequences. That is what I call true love.


  94. KATH says:

    Fresch :
    “Kath, Why would I ( and you!!!) be interested in Indian press?”

    So, Fresch that is really a stupid question mh? Just ask yourself why you are here in sannyasnews if you don’t care about News?

  95. kranti says:

    come on guys , stop personal attacks and focuse on issues . lest stay away from politics and east west culture…….with there there is no east no west. there is only awareness and un awareness. osho changed the rules of game ……..osho made this play of life more juicy …….so lets stop throwing mud on each other , otherwise this site will loose its beauty………..try to approad real issues of sannyas world and share news and gossips , but please no personal attacks.

  96. prem bubbie says:

    Hey Kranti, all of that you’ve done meditating hasn’t worked… Osho is just a minuscule part of the cosmos.. You and others talk like HE”S the only one! The only legit game in town.. the game is infinite, not just about sannyas.. you have been duped…. instead of meditation helping you to open up to the vastness of it all, you have just shrunk in size like a shriveling penis in cold water!!! Personal attacks or critiques are as much of part of life as cyclones in the bay of Bengal…. Mud thrown is easily washed off with water or you can carry it around with you until you die!! Please, do yourself a favor– go back to the resort and keep meditating- until they sell it to build condos.

  97. prem bubbie says:

    Politics, east/west culture clash- news and gossip– ALL head trips!!! Whether sannyas related or not– head trips= EGO= how to dissolve ego= nirvana= Keep on the personal attacks and ego bashing!!!

  98. garimo says:

    Why are the few so determined to restrict my freedoms?

    Insisting I should use a fake name and then talk about truth openly and honestly…

    Speaking up and join the drama, being told that silent watching is really aiding the drama…

    Makes me think “What?! are you some sort of insane terrorist organization? ”

    Anyway I’ll have to insist that my freedom isn’t available for your adjustments at this time.

  99. Fresch says:

    So be it dropped the sanyas politics about the resort, cultural differences, different therapy groups, the ranch…I did Osho meditation day, do I represent ”We in Devavani School” ?

    what is left (?)

    hmmmm, better live real life my self and not drown in dreams of internet.

    see you at the resort if it exist next year. Perhaps not, I will go for neelam’s place. I love the devoutional way more than zen.

  100. Fresch says:

    One more point…(I put this in wrong place first, sorry)

    WE in dynamic meditation, WE have
    This stage called ”catharsis” where WE can let out ALL negative/positive emotions and thoughts. Also WE have meditation leaders to support our process.

    In the end of the meditation there are no emotions, no words, no Internet. Just we. But that is our path; you can buy our book about it latter.

  101. Swami stranger says:

    Well when master leaves the body the followers espesially management becomes like parrots. They just need to obey the order. Ok drop you mind but where is your intelligence, you love, you emotions. Please dont be walking corpses. Come out of the well beacuase you are not frogs. See the beautiful world. We all are in love relations with each living being.

  102. Fresch says:

    At the moment I have to admit I am a bit tired with any sanyas scene; I cannot move my finger without paying hundreds of euros. If I go by the book, I can only do dynamic in my home, alone. 20 years of groups does not qualify me to for example to organize mystic rose with my friends; we are not qualified to laugh, cry and meditate together without paying for a group leader.

    Also, in my normal life I can be publicly critical about anything in the Church, but still be accepted there. They do not ban me, even i was listening Osho or other gurus. If I support homosexual marriages in the Church, I will not get group of priests with their followers attacking me. Also, I can connect my own priest any given time for free about any personal issues what so ever. And do I need to do dynamic? I can go for jogging for free or Aikido classes where nobody is brainwashing me to be on THEIR path. If I take training in Aikido and complete it, I will get a job as an Aikido teacher. This does not happen in any of these sanyas so called trainings, but there will always be more and more groups and trainings.. And why are sanyasins so happy about Catholic Church scandal? I have seen endless chain misuse of power in so many sanyas scenes that are not dealed with. Nothing is transparent within sanyas world.

    So no wonder people are just reading books. Perhaps I will do the same, start Aikido and read osho now and then. And yes, instead of posting here, I need to start focusing on my real work, you know, to stay creative, meet all kinds of people, to be able to pay the bills…

  103. shantam prem says:

    Kranti, are you doing the residence course at 17, Koregaon Park, Pune?
    If yes, can you get an appointment with Dr.Amrito and ask a simple question,
    ” When Osho Resort and Osho World are going to create a merger?”

  104. Chetna says:

    “Also, in my normal life I can be publicly critical about anything in the Church, but still be accepted there. They do not ban me, even i was listening Osho or other gurus. ”
    Very surprised to hear that. Just a couple of days ago this happened: Sir Elton John said Jesus was super-intelligent gay man and the next day a Christian fanatic stood outside his house shouting Elton must die!

    But I also know sannyaisns do similar in a different style! So idiots are everywhere. depends! Funny to note that Osho called Jesus a gay man a long time ago. How funny they agree on that!

    Once I went to see my GP (doctor) in London when I came back from India. He saw my mala and immediately responded that I am sick because I chose the path of evil with Rajneesh. What do you say to that? BTW, the doctor was Indian, but Christian fanatic. He went on and on about the bible! I said to him I probably love Jesus more than you, how do you know? Funny games…..I demanded the referral from that idiot but it was painful.

    For example, Sannyasins laugh at those who pray! I think they are being very insulting and stupid! They have no idea if the prayer works, but they’ve heard Osho saying this and that. Parrots…..

    If only we could be clearer about what is true and what is false! Of course most of the people praying are thinking of something else and not sincere (well, exactly the way we meditate)

    There are so many false Osho sannyasins who we praise just because they were servants of Osho or became enlnt, or created some techniques for monkeys. And we laugh and reject all other religions just because, without acknowledging how sincere and beautiful their paths are. And frankly, how more developed and pure souls can be.

    I am very happy to see others grow on a different path, it only confirms that there is a possibility of a spiritual growth and many ways are there.

    I have not met a single Christian though, who would say-yeah! Meditation sounds great! I wish you good luck on your path! In fact, they would even reject the fact that Christianity has used meditation, but called it differently.

  105. shantam prem says:

    Still Chetna, most of the sannyasins are from Christian backgrounds for generations, and western people are showing much openness to different belief systems and paths.
    There is a saying in India, carry half bucket full of water it will make sound, whereas full bucket will be silent.

    The majority of the people in any religious organisation are like these half buckets, fanatic to the core.

    Just you will see in Pune. There are press cuttings displayed about Osho and connected work, but not a single Osho news cutting will be there, which was in news because of Chaitanya Keerti.
    If fellow travelers , who have spend decades together under the Living shadow of the same master cannot bear the presence of each other, be compassionate to those Christians or Hindus, who think their soap cleans better.

    Life has given opportunity to a point percentage of people to come closer to a master like Osho, not for a day or month but for years and who are now on the driver seat, it is expected from them to drive in a better way because their DAddy was always sarcastic till His last breath about the driving skills of other schools.
    Those who have put Osho video on You tube, No need for nations, all boundaries are false, humanity is one and so on, these people have more responsibility to look inside than the others.
    Follow what you preach. Let the boundaries between Osho world and Osho Resort disappear.

    Will this ever happen??????

    Osho has mentioned in a joke where a man is willing to give up second house, second car etc.but is not willing to give up his second bicycle.
    When asked why, it is so, he replies, cars and houses i don´t have so it is easy to donate them to someone.

  106. kranti says:

    what is wrong with you guys , i said no personal attacks, all the time , sometimes is ok , but it seems all we are doing here is pulling each others legs and not disscussing core issues of sannyas……..in my last posting i wrote no throwing mud on each other . that is all i said and some of you fell into same ditch …..try this time, please stop pulling legs ……disagreement is fine. it is sad to see for exmple prem bubie always commenting bad and calling people with strange names like slumdog etc…………these thinghs have to be stoped , otherwise it feels we are wasting time here

  107. Fresch says:

    So what qualifications you kranti have to decide what people write here?
    Chetna, you are talking about Christian”fanatic”, not all Christians.

    If I look around only people left from “my sanyas age” are the ones who are making money on sanyas. And they do not have any outside real friend connections with “normal” people. Is that normal? Perhaps sanyasin are wasting time.

    My Christian friends are organize gatherings (for free) where anybody can share anything (without or with a priest if you want), the Church is providing the space, I can have a public meeting even with a bishop discus any subject on earth without having to fear for the Church to ban me, you are allowed to question your faith in God, hell or heaven, you get couple counseling for free, people do not separate for minor fights, men are not fucking everything that moves, all priests are not married to 20 years younger wives every five years, woman are not keeping toy men (who fuck around), you can have a conversation with a (single) priest without him trying to get sex from you, but if in relationship they are very devotional lovers (no need to marry any more), in the Church premises you can do any creative thing possible; dance, gospels, paintings, silent retreats, all for free. And there are more than 3 people participating. And you do not even have to belong to the Church to participate in any of this or I can go in and out. And nobody is ever asking you to follow any path or belong any Church. I can even pray with Muslims in private or public. If you work for the Church, you get played for your work. You can call faith for devotion, Holy Ghost as energy or existence, if I look at people; they are all the same everywhere. Do I have a heart connection with my Christian friends? Yes, and no Euros paid. Bishop dyes, Church organization functions “from their center” other priests make their move of compassion. They are both not in the body, Jesus and Osho.

  108. shantam prem says:

    Create a new thread with your thoughts about Church around Jesus and no Church but more Church around Osho, courtesy ex, Christians who are ashamed of their heritage inspite of all the family constellation groups.

    it needs independent discussion.

  109. kranti says:

    fresch, try this time again , try to write thinghs which makes sence
    prem bubie , you too……try to meditate before you writre . i wish you all the best and hope you are in good mood soon

  110. prem bubbie says:

    Kranti or shall it be Kranky? You’re meditating has helped for you to blossom into a fascist !!! ATTENTION: Here are Kranky’s rules for posting on Sanntasnews threads. Those not following HIS rules will be excommunicated from the sannyas church and will be forced to wear a “smiley” face on their body. Kranti, the direction you have taken is beyond my comprehension.. Also, Kranti, fuck you if you can’t take a joke!!!

  111. prem bubbie says:

    you’re = your

  112. prem bubbie says:

    Kranti, I am in whatever mood I’m in… though when i read the posts on Sannyasnews, I start to laugh, laugh at the stupidity of it all, sannyasins ignite my awareness that all of existence is crazy. Just reading what you post is equal to everyone’s postings from one day!!! And knock it of with your so-called humbleness, you are not fooling anyone here with it!!!

  113. Anand says:

    Hey Fartbrain Bubbie, if things are so bad for you on sannyasnews, how come you do not disppear altogether? You are totally hooked on sannyasnews like a junkie on heroin, but you can’t let go of it, although you hate everybody and everything about it. I still think you are on a mission with your little monthly cheque from the CIA helping you survive in the cold and damp Oregon woods.
    Get lost and get a life somewhere else!

  114. Fresch says:

    I got my best laugh ever, and it does not stop…Anand you put the final delicate touch to the discussion… Should we give kranti and shantam a break?

  115. Fresch says:

    However, the difference is that I am sharing from real experience and take my Christian friends for real. Not what I can say about my 20 years of sanyas waste of life.

  116. shantam prem says:

    20 years of waste sannyas life, are you a born again Christian or thinking to be one?

    Traveling a day,
    traveling a year,
    traveling decades
    on my sannyas boots,
    Finally i realise
    you cann´t run away
    from your roots.
    still, if you do
    be ready to end up
    like a Cockroach
    in the woods.

  117. Fresch says:

    Shantam, I need deconditioning from sanyas conditionings, perhaps family constellation to see why I belong to this dysfunctional crazy crowd of individual freaks. It must be my grandfather’s fault.

  118. kranti says:

    fresch and prem bubie, i am glad i am make you laugh, but try again this time .i hope one day you learn how to write and not to vomit

  119. Kartar says:

    A man was sitting on a blanket at the beach. He had no arms and no legs. Three women were walking past and felt sorry for the poor man.

    The first woman said, “Have you ever had a hug?” The man said “No,” so she gave him a hug and walked on.

    The second woman said, “Have you ever had a massage?” The man said, “No,” so she gave him a massage and walked on.

    The third woman ( a resident of the Osho Resort ) came to him and said, “Have you ever been screwed?” The fellow said, “No.” She said, “You will be when the tide comes in.”

  120. prem bubbie says:

    Words of wisdom from a repressed indian.. don’t I remember you vomiting on past posts on how disgusting indian society is? What a hypocrite.. or are you suffering from brain damage and short term memory loss? Read your own comments please!!!

  121. prem bubbie says:

    Anand a.ka. Karma Kameleon: another fascist wannabe. first, you can’t read your own posts either. second, you’ve been exposed as a fraud so why bother with you? third, I thought you worked as a spy for the resort gang , yet you make claims of this or that about others yet you offer no proof– get a life some where else and save your bullshit for the stupid people!!

  122. Anand says:

    haha Bubbie, you are so funny, taking your self really SERIOUS…ohoh…..

  123. prem bubbie says:

    you’re up late kameleon, not getting laid? Now who’s the one obsessed with Sannyasnews? and you say i hate sannyasins and talk badly about them… oh yeah? What’s all that shit you’ve been posting against Jayesh, Amrito, Garimo and others? Aren’t they sannyasins too? You need glasses–I’ve got some empty coke bottles lying around, a blind man’s strength!! ohohoh… Are you and kranki starting a new multi-university in pune? Is it called the Humaniversity for the Unimaginative and Dull How’s the immigrant abuse racket coming along?

  124. prem bubbie says:

    Kranki, You went to the resort to meditate and came back a vegetable…What happened? It’s Uncle Bubbie you can tell me… It’s as though vampires do exist… Bram Stroker had it right all along… You entered “that place”, the blood suckers got a hold of you , took a bite , now you’re under “their” control. I know you have brown skin, has it turned pale yet? Please, go to your doctor… maybe something can still be done to save you from the hellish nightmare you’ve entered…Keep some garlic on you at all times to ward off all the other vampires. Keep an eye on your wallet too!!

  125. prem bubbie says:

    Yo Kartar– Anand and Kranki, still haven’t gotten the joke… if they did they’d ask you not to post here and to leave them alone… Keep up the good jokes!!!

  126. Fresch says:

    Kartar, it did not happen to you, didn’t it? Still revengeful about not getting dates? You have the answer in you post; try hugging for first 3 months.

    Kranti, a suggestion for you would be (so that you will not end up like Keerti )– since Amrito is reading and editing your posts – sneak out form the resort now and then to internet cafes and take a new Nick here with you can share who you are. No need to stay stuck; you can go for your own process.

    Bubbie and Anand have to get the date together…otherwise you will torture us forever…you see Anand, bubbie is fishing it already with those hints ” not getting laid…”

  127. shantam prem says:

    Bubbie and Fresch seems to be practicising on the same boxing ring, one here, one there and also feeling like boxing coach.
    And As a non certified American Nut who does not treat sannyasins woman as Tramp, i feel Fresch should take this guy under her shelter. He definately needs Ma´s soothing energy.

  128. vigyano says:

    Fresh: Of cause our grandfathers were fault and we have to love and hate them for that. Haha. It just happened and that all and there is no more than that….. We don’t own life

    If we look around, not any living creature on this planet owns life. Life owns us, all of us and every cell and thought of us. So let’s behave like that. Don’t deny what love is, but don’t dare to deny what suffering is. Both colours make the painting. Only one colour makes life awfully, boring and ugly. That’s why I like your comments and that of Bubbie so much. Accept fucking life and enjoy being part of it by living who you are, what you think you are, or what so ever.

    That’s also why cults don’t work. They think they can control life by suppressing parts of it. There is no cult on this planet that accepts life as it is. Oshoites, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, they all try to make that the new perfect being or whatever. Just by mutilating life!!? Why, only God knows if he exists

    I suspect that life plays a trick on us. We have to think that life is about us and that we are the only star players in that movie, a movie called. …“I”…

    When we inside what do we find?: Normal-“I’s”, Spiritual-“I-s”, I don have a Ego-“I’s”, Criminal “I’s”, I’m de master-“I’s”, , I’m not an I-“I’s”, Enlightened-“I’s”, Beyond enlightenment –“I’s”, Suffering-“I‘s”, I feel lonely-“I’s I don believe-“I’s”. One thin in common; me me me me me me meee

    It is probably a part of life that animals like us think this way, and it has some logics. Awaking in the morning we all have to solve that one and only problem: Where do …“I”… get my first coffee today?. and nobody can suppress the split second aversion when this coffee is not there. We need all kind of tricks to avoid, that we beat someone up for that. Kids normally say: “You have to die”. That’s honest.We just think it… or even worse become Oshoites, Christian or what so ever to repress even more.

    Love and hate its just the way life is. We are part of that. so just feel stupid, pride, sad, love, hate and be relaxed about it. Show hate in love and love in hate. Accept that we are involuntary programmable robots on this 3.5 billion year old merry go round.

    Our granddads did what ever they had to do and that oké for me. They also had no choice and programmed us. This is it. There is no other story.

    Roots comes first so we mainly have to live to that. There is not delete switch in the brain, only suppressing of the story. Breathe slowly… and beat them up or something like that.

    So we have to love and hate granddad. hahahah, and if not, there only is the lonely empty cockroach in the woods. Happily eaten by the ants.

    Ant are always happy, Being social they surely are part of some cult, you know. But only …when there is a living master….

  129. Anand says:

    I am not up late Bubbie. You do not know which US time zone I am living in.
    Remember I am a fraud, I could be near you like in Bellingham….
    I took my dog with me and he is smelling for your stink……

  130. prem bubbie says:

    Nicely said, Vigyano.

  131. shantam prem says:

    just typed this romantic notion of “living master” at google search, and there are 82,400,000 for living master.
    What to say about cults even the living Masters have not accepted the life as it is.

    Still most of us can say that Osho has come closest to the point where life was given due recognition in all its branches. Without this Dr. Michiel Dorenbosch would not have become Vigyano.

    The question which puzzles me is why the cult leader after Osho´s departure started cutting the braches of life, which were giving a feeling of rounded and all sided acceptance of life and why there is no open defiance or rebellion against this attitude.

  132. Fresch says:

    Hi Viguano, how beautiful to have you with us…I am touched that you stand up for your heart in your open letter and dare to go beyond what is right and wrong.

    “Show hate in love and love in hate. Accept that we are involuntary programmable robots” yeah, what to do, but enjoy the journey.

    Sanyasins are such stupid ants in their own little nest, me and my path and I and I, my sanyas friends, sanyas network, my humaniveristy or my path of love, my pune ashram (but only in my way); same bullshit me and I. Okay, bubbie’s garbage bin is not much better..His book will be be “the wisdom of shit in me and others”, but nobody will buy that shit.

    So, Viguano, what evil work did your gradmother do that you have a karma to fulfil with our sanyas cult? Did she beat up the local priest? Are you not afried to get banned in the resort after your article? You can join the rest of us to Neelam’s place.

    Shantam, will you take us there? And explane how to behave in an Indian culture then? I would love you to read load Buddha’s life story on the bus. Oshobob can make tricky questions on zen, that nobody else gets. I do not know what I should do. How would the rest of you participate?

    Osho my path.

  133. Fresch says:

    I have to take back my comment about bubbie’s book. He is peaceful for once. Wow, peace and love tonight. Did you do this vigyano?

  134. viguano says:

    ha ha ha ha ah ahhha ah

  135. vigyano says:

    hha ahaa ah aha ha ha

    Banning? Banning is fun, we take ant eater to take the pictures and de press just to enjoy

    Viguano thank you for the beautiful name

  136. vigyano says:

    Wher to get a trademark!?!?!

  137. vigyano says:

    and where to get a secretary to do the corrections

    Viguano ha ha

  138. Fresch says:

    You can borrow mine…

  139. Fresch says:

    I mean my secretary…she is very good,indeed

  140. vigyano says:

    Shantam I think the answer on your question is already in my comment.

    Further, you like statistics I see: Google

    Living master 83.000.000 hits
    Dead master 87.200.000 hits
    “Living master” 65.200 hits
    “Dead master” 44.000 hits

    What to do with my life now, help me?


  141. vigyano says:

    secretary 116.000.000 hits!!!!


  142. Fresch says:

    I already told the benefits of the Church. Surrender to God. I have oshobob as my master. He gives satsang at O roof with white wine. Still I do not think you could solve his zen stories.

  143. shantam prem says:

    You have mentioned second time during the last days, about your desire to be at Neelam´s Osho Nisarga Center( it is not brought forward as ashram).
    Have you been there in all these years or it is because of her website or because the way one has seen her doing her work at 17, koregaon park, Pune?

    One thing is clear, her departure from Pune ashram has taken a source of warmth away from the life there. Somehow Jayesh, the crowned Swami and Neelam, arche type Ma were a good team for the east and west combination.
    But than crowned Swami became the king and started giving his ears to Yes Sir Yes Sir, kind of vindictive and envious women.

    And you ask, Shantam, will you take us there? And explane how to behave in an Indian culture then?

    The thing is Fresch, only at ashram in Pune i went for the sake of it, every where else i go for my children or for the woman of the season. Because in your brain every Indian treat western sannyasin Ma as Tramp, i will be unable to take your offer.
    By the way, my heart always bows down to the grace of Osho´s female western sannyasins. When most of the young women of His home country were preparing themselves for the future call centre jobs, these over seas women were experimenting with His meditation techniques and way of life.
    May be, that is why one can find in them a special flavour.

  144. vigyano says:

    Fresch: Five minutes ago I suddenly got a bizarre spiritual contact with my dear grandmother. She showed me a world in which a mother duck attacked a ferocious cat that killed her chicks. Then suddenly this duck got banned. There were 21 Cranes, all dancing on one leg, cracking, cracking and cracking. Nevertheless the duck swum gently in the swimming pool of a very bright Spa. Alongside there was a funny tekst: “Closed because of refurbishment during high season” Then she said; don’t beat up the local pries this time, just ask the cranes for sharing who is responsible in this. But the cranes kept hopping: crack crack crack crack….

  145. prem bubbie says:

    Hey, i’ve used ‘guano in my garden– works like a charm!!! I discovered some plants there too, Wow what a rush!!! Hey, Fresch , still doing the head banging meditation? Wanna toke of some weed? Some Good shit babe!!!

  146. prem bubbie says:

    pot plants

  147. kranti says:

    shantam . i heard that priya controls most of activity in nisaraga and she is very nasty to indians who visit there. neelam and others salute to westerners who visit and lead group there and give second class treatment to all indians , including who lives overseas. neelam is not a problem there, problem is priya
    well it is still beautiful place and worth the visit , but not 24k gold like poona 1 or poona 2 untill 1995. priya needs to calm down and stop controlling freedom of sannyasins and critisize un neccessary……….she does not know when to push bottuns and how. what was your experience there

  148. Fresch says:

    Shantam, I see, I have hurt you and I am sorry about that. I read this “tramp”-story from Abhay here. Also, two of my friends have got very hurt with dating Indian men in the Resort who were just playing games with them, not very nice. Perhaps it was not because of any culture…you do write so beautifully about woman, just so passionately and devotionally as only men from the East are able to.

    Kranti, this seems to be the problem, that everybody is doing their “own thing”. There just is no way to live any sanyas life really.it’s all gone. It seems to be in human nature to become the monster when responsible for something.

  149. Fresch says:

    I can not be in the resort more than two weeks any longer, in other places you also have to do groups and somebody is after your ass the way THEY happen to want it, other sanyasin criticize if you even meditate, reading Osho books is said to be reading bible. I can as well lye down and dye. At least as a sanyasin.

  150. shantam prem says:

    Just read the message of the original Kranti of sannyasnews at facebook-
    “Dear all. Trust you all are doing fine. I couldnt mail you or
    participate in sannasnews . Just saw some other kranti posting and
    being respönded to imagning its me. Postd a msg but couldnt see it. I
    am nt in pune as per plan. I am stayng wth my parents for few mnths.
    Take care. Wth love – Kranti”

    So it will be nice if new Kranti writes with full name.

  151. shantam prem says:

    Just saw this article on web, written by someone who is not an Osho disciple.

    My First Encounter with OSHO (philosophy)

    By anjalichugh


    OSHO Philosophy
    OSHO Philosophy

    The influence of OSHO

    I vividly remember the day when a young boy (probably in his early twenties), walked into my office stealthily and closed the door behind him. I might have thrown a questioning glance at him, in response to which he blurted out (with no premeditation), his desire to seek advice from me on some issue which had been literally tearing him apart for a long time. This happened almost ten years ago.

    I had known this boy for about a year; he had joined our law firm as an apprentice and I had specially put in a word for him to the management for his appointment. He had all along been a hard working and an honest person with a creative bent and for that, I had special admiration for him. However, lately, everyone in the office had started noticing a steep decline in his efficiency; he had become a perpetual late comer in the mornings and used to walk in to the office with a dazed look in his eyes and unkempt hair. Many a times, I had tried to find out if he was going through some difficult time in his personal life but he would always ward off my questions and try focusing on his work. That day when I saw him entering my office, I knew he had given up and had finally decided to seek my help.

    OSHO teachings
    OSHO teachings

    We talked for about three hours and his problem, which was more on a psychological level, came as a piece of surprise to me. It took him quite a while to open up and speak coherently, as he seemed to unravel the entwined threads of his complex thoughts, while he spoke. His problem apparently was none other than OSHO and his ideologies. Poor guy had been reading the OSHO scriptures for more than a year and the ideology set forth therein, had left him completely disillusioned and disinterested in life. He was almost on the verge of renouncing the world and joining the ‘cult’. He revealed to me that his parents had been terribly worried on his account, in view of the decision he had taken for leaving the house. That was my first encounter with OSHO and, with due respect, it wasn’t that pleasant.

    From the inputs he gave me, I could gather that he was deeply inspired by the teachings of OSHO and the ‘path’ that was prescribed, therein, for ‘enlightenment’. He handed over to me, some books and magazines relating to this subject, and the material provided was good enough to keep me engrossed for another couple of hours. I was amazed to read the content which lent me an opportunity to have a sneak peak in the ‘self created’ world of OSHO. For the first time in my life, it had been brought to my knowledge that there existed a man who, so confidently and blatantly, denied the existence of God. To propagate ‘anti-God’ philosophy needed some kind of nerves and this man (OSHO) seemed to have surpassed all reasonable standards of ‘courage’ and ‘individual perception’. I tried digging deep into his background in order to find out the source and the reason behind his unconventional and unrealistic thought process.

    Millions of OSHO devotees
    Millions of OSHO devotees
    OSHO Meditation
    OSHO Meditation

    Originally named Rajneesh, he was born in a Jain family and it is said that he had attained enlightenment at the age of 21 after which he spent most of his time in preaching devotees from India and Europe. His preaching relating to sexual freedom and contentment probably made him the most controversial spiritualist of his time. He had developed a new form of active meditation which was termed as ‘Active Meditation’. This required a person to start with strenuous physical activity (with an express permission to indulge in unlimited sex) followed by silence and celebration. He had developed such a mechanism with an idea of helping an individual to overcome repression, minimize his personal inhibitions and finally slip into a state of emptiness, which he called ‘enlightened state’. On attaining this state of mind, a person was supposed to have no past, no present, no future, no ego, no self, no attachment and on top of it …no mind. His ‘no mind’ theory was really intriguing. It slowly dawned on me why those hundreds and thousands of people, who called themselves OSHO devotees, blindly followed him and did as they were told; possibly it was the magic of ‘no mind’ philosophy. I strongly felt that those devotees, who left their families in lurch, had probably been brain washed to do so. What else could explain the phenomenon, wherein people, blindfold agreed with the theories propelled by a protagonist, and left their families under the belief that the near and dear ones were the root cause of all the suffering in their lives? Ironically, OSHO on one hand advocated the concept of ‘no family’ and on the other, subtly suggested that living amidst a group of unknown people could bring joy and contentment in the lives of suffering individuals. This explained why two stalwarts of Indian film industry (Vinod Khanna and Sanjay Dutt) renounced their career at a time when they were at the top and had no reasons to quit. More surprising was the fact that both of them eventually came back to the world which they had renounced, but after wasting precious 10-15 years of their lives. It forced me to think if OSHO cult was any better than an asylum for the weak, irresponsible and sex freaks.
    Against marriage but not in favor of celibacy either

    Path to enlightenment
    Path to enlightenment
    Where does your path lead to?

    The most amazing fact which surfaced during my research on OSHO was that the people who joined the cult and lived as a part of that group for some years, had no clue what they were heading towards. I had a chance to come face to face in conversation with a man who was heralded as an ‘enlightened soul’ by the OSHO community. I spent almost an hour with him but he did not have answers to even the simplest of my questions. Possibly he was sitting in front of me with ‘no mind’ of his own. Trust me, I had to leave his place, totally disappointed and dissatisfied. What kind of spiritual path was this when the travelers / followers / seekers did not even know where they were going to or where they had come from? They seemed to live in an absolute vacuum. Perhaps that was the concept of enlightenment perceived by OSHO. Whatever said and done, I could not relate to such an ideology. Creating emptiness, in and around oneself could, in no way, be construed as enlightenment. In my terms, ‘enlightenment’ means ‘knowing’ rather than ‘not knowing’. It means ‘awareness’ rather than ‘ignorance’. Perhaps it’s an escapist attitude to find bliss in ignorance.
    God does not exist
    Do you agree with OSHO school of thought?

    * 55% Yes, absolutely.
    * 27% No
    * 19% Somewhat

    64 people have voted in this poll.

  152. vigyano says:

    So all:

    the other day I went inside
    and nobody was there….
    No duck, no cat, no crackling crane.
    All happened in my brain!

    It’s solved this ugly social thing,
    so “nothing happened” here.
    A funny ocean, we call love
    and what I loved so dear.

  153. Khabira says:

    I read Krishna’s post on Sannyas News and the story with the woman dying in the kitchen. These things happened. Still, if we now try to always act like we think the Master would have acted, we are in trouble, as Osho was always unpredictable, you never knew how He would respond to things. So why can’t we just respond from our own hearts?

    And I remember, I had a scooter accident on North Main Road in Pune in 1997 in the evening right before White Robe Brotherhood. I was taken to the hospital opposite the Ashram, and the front gate was opened during White Robe to bring me fresh water and clean towels from the Ashram. I was so well taken care of, the Ashram even gave me a room in the Pyramids for free for three weeks after the accident to recover. I was very very grateful.

    So with me, there was no attitude of “it is all happening on the outside, don’t take notice”. I received so much love and care from the Ashram, it was very healing. So now why can’t this love and care be extended to others? Are other people less worthy then me? It just does not feel right and I refuse to view love and care as something to be felt privately but not to be acted upon.

  154. Fresch says:

    Thank you Shantam, the article was really so much fun. We need more outside people to watch us (my own watcher is so too blind for that), so that we can see how well Osho is working on us. ”they do not no were they are going…hahhhaaaahaahhhh yes, yes, yes.

  155. antar kranti says:

    here i am with my full name . i live in dehra dhun .kranti // Mar 18, 2010 at 4:34 am
    shantam . i heard that priya controls most of activity in nisaraga and she is very nasty to indians who visit there. neelam and others salute to westerners who visit and lead group there and give second class treatment to all indians , including who lives overseas. neelam is not a problem there, problem is priya
    well it is still beautiful place and worth the visit , but not 24k gold like poona 1 or poona 2 untill 1995. priya needs to calm down and stop controlling freedom of sannyasins and critisize un neccessary……….she does not know when to push bottuns and how. what was your experience there

  156. AShikBear says:

    There is nothing in the Big book of Mystical Masters and their looney followers that stops them speaking shit from spreading shit form thinking shit .
    The Inner Circle do not look outwards they look inwards so they would not give a blind fart about the German Bakery.
    It does not matter to these far removed non enities
    Human beings might be frihghtened or mourn but they don’t run the “resort”.

    This just happens

  157. shantam prem says:

    Khabira, you have given year of your accident, 1997 and not 2007. Much dirt has flown in the Ganges during all these years.
    When the world has gone fast forward in many directions, boarders, countries, cultures are opening themselves, whereas sannyas life at the very roots has taken a closed hearted turn.
    I am not sure, whether you have felt these changes in all these years.

    That is why when i count Poona 2 phase, it is always till the end of 1999, there was caring, there was warmth and a feeling we belong to some higher cause.

    Is Osho directing these changes from up in the sky, the way Jesus is performing His job as CEO for the last 2000 years.
    Any answrer?

  158. Khabira says:

    Shantam Prem, maybe the current resort is simply a very restricted, one-dimensional interpretation of Osho’s vision, excluding the huge variety of dimensions and energies which made the Buddhafield so irresistable while Osho was still in His body. And this single, small dimension is certainly not a dimension I can personally resonate with.

  159. prabhu says:

    I was actually in the German Bakery until an hour before the blast.

    I totally agree with the criticisms of the Cash-ram and their total disconnection and lack of human feeling.

    The other comments also focus only on the western sannyasins and ignore the german bakery family….the Nepalis, who lost a lovely waiter…the Indians and Tibetans who actually live and work there.

    This is nothing new. Western Sannyasins have always looked down on the poor Indian locals and consider themselves a superior breed.

    I know the german bakery family really well. There is far far more love and compassion amongst them than amongst the so called spiritual seekers.

    Osho was often mis interpreted to indulge selfishness and unlike other Gurus there was never ever any effort made at social or community work in Pune.

    Lets hope one day the love and community to be found everywhere amongst many sannyasins and poorer Indians will penetrate the thick skins of those who just pretend to be loving but are not…

  160. Mayank Sharma says:

    Dear Vigyano,
    Vigyano, Why should we Judge to the Inner circle. I think You are not happy with the Kind of Superficial response came from the management of the resort. You were expecting some words of sympathy from the management, and by such expectations you are Judging them. They are not the Government. Government is responsible if somebody is to be held responsible. Osho center is not a political unit to comment on the matter. As a normal human duties Sannyasins should do help to the Victims and that happened, Why to expect much from the management…? If the management is managing the meditation affairs efficiently then to me – They are fine. Please don’t confuse with the kind of Compassion political or social groups show. Actually there compassion can be seen generally a kind of Publicity Stunt. We don’t need any stunt from the Osho Inner circle. If they are doing the ‘awareness’ part honestly and keeping good security then they are very much Ok.
    Osho Lover – Mayank

  161. Ruho says:

    Im not suprised about the cold heart of the Ashram.
    Over 35 yrs of sannyas and I see it as the rule not the exception.
    Those that live in fantasy about sannyas deserve to remain in fantasy.