World Wide Celebrations in January

World Wide Celebrations are planned for the 20th aniversary of Osho leaving the body

January 19th 2010 will be the 20th anniversary of Osho’s leaving His body. Osho World has initiated a worldwide celebration for all of us to join in according to our abilities and individual wishes.
Some will be sitting in silence on 19th January at 7 pm local time in different countries… silent, meditating, round the clock and around the planet! You are invited to join in.
With love to you all

Events at Osho World
21 day Dynamic Marathon
December 30 – January 19, 2010
“This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert, conscious, aware. Whatsoever you do, remain a witness.”
A Bird on the Wing

21 day Evening Satsang
December 30 – January 19, 2010
Osho centers around the world are invited to participate in this global event by organizing Evening Satsang in their centers from December 30 to January 19, 2010.
Individuals may either join in the evening Satsang in the Osho center nearest to them or join in with the global Osho sannyasins from their homes.

Suggested time: 7.00 pm (Local time)

Tuesday, January 19, we would all come together and sit in silence. The timing could be convenient worldwide preferably at 7.00 pm local time.

Osho Dhyan Mandir
44, Jhatikra Road, Pandwala Khurd, Near Najafgarh, New Delhi-110043


Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre
C-5/44, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi-110016
Phone: 011-26862898, 26964533


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59 Responses to World Wide Celebrations in January

  1. shantam prem says:

    Beloved fellow Contributors,
    Before you write any sarcastic and cynical comment, please meditate for a minute.
    Journey may be of alone to alone, still it no harm to share the presence of the master with others specially when no greed, fear or social recognition or pressure is involved.
    17, koregaon Park Pune was blessed by Osho´s presence, but they care not, and Osho world has nothing to claim in this regard, yet with the passion for master, they will try to recreate the vibes of His presence.

    Just imagine, people behind Osho world purchase few acres of land around Pune and attract His people from all over the globe, in this way, people will have the choice where they want to spend their time and money.

    it is love, love, love, the only power which gives wings to our meditation. If we are miser to share with our fellow travelers than it is just a four letter word.

  2. Heraclitus says:

    It’s not love. It’s competition!
    So one lot dont believe in celebrating his birthday, and another lot do…. bet there will be some punters moving between the two round that blessed Pune river getting the best of both worlds!
    It’s all okay, but some of the celebrants do feel real serious to me.
    Let’s hope that sannyas does not fragment into sunni or shia, into catholic or orthodox, etc. Sure looks like it sometimes.

  3. Krishnananda says:

    Come on guys, forget about Pune …

  4. frank says:

    i sugget that all these characters who may get involved in this type of thing should synchronise watches and watch the video “life of brian” at 7 o`clock sharp.

    do we need sunni-asins

    disputing about
    cemetaries,celebrations and birthdays?
    and the right way that everyone must be?

    what on earth is up with you guys?

    haven`t you had enough religion?

    you want to follow short fat bald guys i robes with power,competition and revenge issues.


    it`s your life,not mine.

  5. frank says:


  6. frank says:

    all these jokers who seem to think that growing a beard and muttering incomprehensible rubbish:
    “akashik records,scientific methods,ancient kings..
    yantru mantru jalajala tantru…..”
    has got something to do with “god” or “godliness”,whilst sitting on their fast-growing backsides while the shit-scraping caste picks up their crap as they go….

    they are going to make the world a better place.


  7. frank says:

    it all sounds very similar to the recent neo-hindu exports like
    or shri shri shri shri ravi ravi shankar
    kracki bhagavan

    are these guys working together behind the scenesto bring their message to the ignorant westerners like me?
    recruiting brain-deaders with nomind?

    they might actually have to do a day`s work,there,for a change…..

  8. Chinmaya says:

    All these low mentality Gurus or Ma or simply throwing garbage by gathering togather the information, being collected by some unemployed educated youths, to enable them to present before the innocent audience, with their labels. Enlightenment is not seen in them for miles togather. They take baths after days and ladies guru sit on dias, direct from the parlors by just controlling their menupause. It suits them as a good business, than to find out a job of low cadre in the absence of technical qualifiations, which is the order of the day. Simply they are puppets in the hands of ego, backed by some power mongering ppl and money spenders/investors and are creating more superstitions and training with black magic etc.etc.

  9. amano says:


  10. “Just imagine, people behind Osho World purchase few acres of land around Pune and attract His people from all over the globe, in this way, people will have the choice where they want to spend their time and money.”
    No, Shantam, no, this is not needed. Being in short distance and running such activities is totally undesirable.

    I would say that people go to Resort and meditate- celebrate whichever it happens. Every place can have its uniqueness, and each centre can function independently. No centre can please others fully. And there’s no need. Ten people arguing this way or that way on Sannyasnews will not stop any centre doing its activities the way it chooses to do. Each Sannyasin and Each centre can organise activities without bothering too much what others will say. Others will keep saying something or the other, as they have nothing else to do, but those who wish to do something are free to do.
    It is Chrismas time, let us remember one of his very important statement loved by Osho: Judge Ye not!

  11. Heraclitus writes: Let’s hope that sannyas does not fragment into sunni or shia, into catholic or orthodox, etc. Sure looks like it sometimes.
    In my recent camp the media asked me about Oshodhara and other divisions. I replied: Oshodahara is one dhara ( Stream) but Osho is going to be Sahasrdhara ( thousand streams), even million of streams. Each Sannyasin represents Osho as he understands him, and each sannyasin is an individual dhara. So don’t worry about only 2-3 streams, it is going to be thousands. Osho is vast Ocean, and the Ocean is not bothered about this.

  12. shantam prem says:

    Before being part of 17, Koregaon Park for years, i have spend more hours per day on reading Osho and doing meditations, after Pune Phase again i spend more time on listening His discourses and meditation still…
    i will say…ashram developed under Osho observation has that WOW effect on the inner thrill and maturity as nothing else.

    I am sure Amrito and Keerti, Anando or Neelam and thousands of others can vouch this.

    The premature end of this, because of the intentions of some good smartiens is one of the biggest blunder with the legacy of Osho.

    As far as i understand Osho was not creating a personal harem which needs to be dispersed after His death, it was a living organisations which was supported by the heartfull and intelligent people of the world; this was supposed to grow and touch millions of other lives.

    Without this complete package of Osho, Delhi or Pune, Köln or sidona Osho systems are as different as Hotel Hyatt or Hiltion or Ashrams of Guru-Mas and Guru-Baps.

    So Swami Keerti… Look at the tickling clock. Most of first generation Sannyasins will be dead or on the death beds in the next 20 to25 years; it will be an existential shame if the free bird called OSHO does not gets its chopped wings back in these years.
    Or i can say Ashram as it was during Osho´s life time or till 1999 was like a modren” run way” at the airports, holes dig on this run way, are as glorious as to see the children playing hide and seek in the grounded Boeing machines.

  13. Beloved Shantam
    Things are not so depressing as you are expressing–they may appear on this discussion forum.
    I am in touch with most of the Osho centres in India and Osho sannyasins. And I travel to some other countries. People are listening to Osho, joining in meditation camps and celebrations–10-20 times more than it was ten years ago–and with full enthu. This is my personal experience. Though I cannot say anything about Pune, as I am not allowed to enter. But elsewhere, wherever I travel, there’s so much love and celebration happening. Each camp in each city has 100-200 people, young and energetic, and 10 per cent participants get initiated into sannyas. And there are 20 more facilitators travelling for such camps. And centrers keep calling for the camp dates and we cannot reach everywhere to fulfil their expectations.
    Almost every facilitators have his or her dates booked months in advance. My 2010 totally booked.
    Sanjay Bharti has just started Yes Osho from Pune. Now he is also reporting about such camps–Osho Times had stopped reporting. So it gave a very shrunken image. This is not the case. Things are certainly looking up!
    Happy New Year! Cheers!

  14. frank says:

    now we have the very reverend archbishop pollyanna keerti giving his christmas sermon!

    osho taught to judge not?

    but remember these guys?:

    so-called saints
    retarded religions
    yellow journalists
    polack popes
    holy hindu bullsitters
    homosexual prince philip
    ronald reagan`s monkey
    pygmies freud and jung
    buddha`s irritating sleeping habits
    long-faced englishmen
    smelly bengalis
    smelly tibetans
    the great stalin
    oregonian idiots
    ugly jews
    black magicians in da house
    gurus with no intelligence at all(all of them)
    and more simply retarded and estupid idiots who”missed” than you can wave a stick at
    not forgetting,at this time of year,the
    mentally retarded jesus christ…

    sounds like an incitement to judge,as much as anything….

    but that`s one of the basics of “religion ” isnt it?
    say one thing and do another.

    excuse me while i clear my throat
    “fuck you”

  15. frank says:

    or maybe you agree with most of these judgements.

    i do.

    a holy hindu bullshitter quoting the mentally retarded jesus christ is a good hybrid act,too….

    i love it…

    more please….

  16. prem bubbie says:

    the “judge ye not” quote you have taken out of context, keerti. Finish the famous quote from the mostly brainless new testament… it’s actually the truth to admit that without judging we would all be dead… couldn’t survive….. it’s HOW we judge… stupid people, judge stupidly, a mentally retarded person judges in the same manner… Since 95% of the population has an intelligence level of a 12 year old, so goes the judging… the sannyas community “in general”, is also at that intelligence level… only a few have managed to put 2 and 2 together to get 4 and also to have some common sense, when you add love and meditation to it, you get a pretty remarkable individual. Still stuck on the notion, that doing some meditation camps, “celebrating” several times a year, reading some osho books will some how “make” you enlightened. It’s so obvious that more is needed, but you guys are too arrogant or just retarded to see and admit it. Go right ahead and do those camps, “SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY”.

  17. shantam prem says:

    Things are really not that depressing.

    What India had foreign reserve in 1990, in 2009 that much indians have given to the combined first week box office collection of two recently released movies; Avtar and 3 idiots.

    At least on one front spokesperson of Osho Resorts and Osho World have the same opinion, they can quote each other, “People are listening to Osho, joining in meditation camps and celebrations–10-20 times more than it was ten years ago–and with full enthu.”

    I don´t doubt these figures though i firmly believe without the power struggle at the central organisation, this figure could have sky rocketed.

    My whole point is the IRRELEVANCE OF 17 Koregaon Park Pune, The KarmBhumi, the Lab of Osho.

    As far as Meditation with its different toppings and places of meditation- they are as easily available as take away Pizza, Donor or Curry shops.

    What made 17, Koregaon Park experiment so special, that i am continuously remembering this?

    In simple and few words, Osho created an atmosphere where you can meditate and fall in Love also.This was His Zorba the Buddha.

    This was HIS USP. The whole world condemned Osho for this reason. The UG guy even called Osho , “The Pimp”.

    For me, this was one of its kind brand building, and no one, not a single one has dared to offer a similar atmosphere though in these 20 years daughters of Sari clad shy Indian women have gone courageous and bold enough in the dresses promptly featuring their CAMEL TOES!

    Things are really not that depressing.

  18. shantam prem says:

    Sorry, very serious spelling mistake in the above post.

    The word is Camel toe

    For those it is a new word,

    for others

    Visualisation, contemplation, meditation

    and for missing professor

    Psychology of five senses and………..!

  19. frank says:

    keerti,the famous osho missionary,
    was finally captured deep in cyberspace by members of the jackass tribe,
    an infamous bunch of endarkened judgmental cannibals who were desperately in need of his meditation and enlightenment…….

    they stoked up the fire and started the terrifying chants…
    bubbie,one of the most obnoxious of the cannibals began to dance around and invoke and chant the sacred words of the tribe…..
    “douchebag,retards,shit,douchebag,retarded douchebags..etc….”
    shantam was mumbling darkly in the background about some sexual practices of a dubious legality,lending a terrifying and shadowy feeling to the proceedings..

    bubbie stepped forward and grabbed one of keerti`s assistants and demanded
    “death or bonga-bonga?”
    “bonga-bonga” replied the terrified meditator with a high-pitched squeak.
    bubbie then leapt forward,
    his enormous penis protruding forom his pants
    and proceeded to bugger the hapless man to within an inch of his life.

    another of kerti`s assistants was brought forward,
    again the question:
    “death or bonga-bonga,douchebag?”
    “bonga bonga please” came the timid reply from the sincere enlightenment seeker.
    again,bubbie sprung forward with his huge weapon protruding fro his pants and buggered the hapless fellow to an inch of his life.

    finally keerti himself was brought froward.
    “so,now,” bubbie demanded
    “death, or bonga-bonga?”
    keerti remained silent for a moment and meditated.
    as long term editor of the osho times and the akashik records, and a very serious seeker,he swiftly made his choiceless choice….
    he replied,with as much dignity as he could muster with his lunghi around his ankles.
    then,bubbie ripped his own trousers clean off and shouted gleefully:

    ……by bonga-bonga….”

  20. Prem Abhay says:

    It is Christmas time Keerti. Let us all celebrate the Iranian regime for killing those who protested in the name of freedom. Judge yea not! Of course I heard the local police chief state irrevocably that the only deaths were through car accidents or people falling off bridges. Judge yea not!

    Judge not those who are criminals cloaked in Osho’s robes. Good and evil are welcomed with open arms. Judge yea not for I am holiest of all. I say unto all, encourage suffering for then I can heal the ill and become even more holier. Judge yea not!

    Keerti you say that you cannot say anything about Pune. However why just in a preceding passage did you clearly say that we should not say anything about Pune. Do you know that we do not know what is the ugly truth? If you do know this than you know more than you say. Judge yea not!


  21. shantam prem says:

    “Since 95% of the population has an intelligence level of a 12 year old…”
    How much IQ and EQ you are having Bubbie?

  22. shantam prem says:

    Frank, it is not far away from you, i think an audience with Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams will be a interesting experience for you in the process of sharpening your typical British humour.

  23. prem bubbie says:

    frankie the wanker, speaks.

  24. prem bubbie says:

    “obnoxious”? I went to the British School of Stiff Upper Lip and read the British best seller ”
    “How To Beat Down Your Enemy Without Raising Your Cane”. I am coming to London and conducting a Teeth Whitening seminar…. I’ll reserve a seat for you frankie…. keep on “smiling”. “Poets, priests, and politicians…..” frankie, you’re a poet and think you know it!!

  25. Dear Swami Chaitanya Keerti

    I agree with you that more people are listening and reading Osho Discourses.

    But I will also like to point out
    that Now people are meditating less and giving more discourses on their understanding of Osho teaching.

    Earlier, Many Sannyasins used to stay in Puna for long time and go deep in meditation or oneself or in celebration.

    But now it has changed to attending meditation camps once in 3 or 6 months.

    Earlier meditation was the top most priority.
    But now Meditation is like any other thing in their list of priority.

    What I want to point out is that very few people are actively seeking truth.

    Osho has become another source of intellectual consolation rather than inspiration for enlightenment.

    If my above words are right then Osho is slowly becoming a new religion. Because Meditation is the religiousness and the essential message of Osho.

    I would like to know your views on this.

    Swami Amitabh

  26. amano says:


  27. Sudarshi says:

    Frank, did you forget your medicine? OR should I say Thomas?

  28. Sudarshi says:

    seems positivity stirs up the negativity….. seems there may be some heating up going on….. the old cooker is getting turned up…. you guys feeling the heat yet?

  29. Sudarshi says:

    thanks amano, these quarrelsome fellows are clearly missing some sweet female vibes…. be good if they had more of it…. but they chase away the loving ladies, who run away as fast as they can…..

  30. Sudarshi says:

    Keerti, gracious of you to enter the fray and expose yourself here,,,

  31. garimo says:

    amano, even a lovely reaction is still a reaction.
    Clearly the antidote it seems is not “female vibes”.
    I’ve not yet forgotten our Meera.
    It’s much too soon… or late, to be adding the sexist notions.
    Maybe just a little genderless
    empathy and tolerance for what is,
    is enough.

  32. shantam prem says:

    Before you click the Submit Comment , give a pause of few minutes, may be you need to make some additions. In this way, one comment material does not spread in four comments.

    Frank, yesterday i was thinking you give no bar punches and that too personal one, as one can see above, how you wrote about Keerti.

    I am sure, you know him personally. When you write, his face must be before you. So give face to your satires and mention a bit about you too. Facebook is a right medium.
    I feel this should be a general criteria.

    Speaking and writing big big words and hiding behind Mama´s skirt, creates no fire only hot air.

  33. oshobob says:

    Happy Neo Year, all contributors to sannyasnews.
    This should be a good one…

  34. Anagara says:

    that ‘s great shantam prem , sudarshi posted his name 4 times but you still managed to get it wrong and mispelled it .
    anyway , it ‘s very nice of you to tell others what to do .

  35. Anagara says:

    Chaitanya keerti
    I think you’re doing a great job in spreading Osho’s message and your ” judge ye not ” posting shows maturity and open mindedness , which often seem to be in short supply on this forum .

  36. Anagara says:

    Prem bubbie
    …….it takes a lot more than a few meditations and celebrations to start making inroads……
    absolutly right ; I ‘ve been at it for many many years and it sure don’t come easy……..but it happens … and by , the fog clears up……..encouraging you to keep going .

  37. shantam prem says:

    You have posted your name three times and i spelled it right.

  38. shantam prem says:

    it ’s very nice of you to tell others what to do ?

    it is once in a blue moon that i tell to others what to do?
    and all most all the time it is not illegal and immoral.

  39. shantam prem says:

    It must be around 365 times that i have used the words 17, Koreagon Park, Pune plus J&A team.

    Right now party at 17, koregaon Park must be in full swing and as i know more than half will be still thinking whether the after party, “Party of two “will happen or not.

    Lies and manipulators do not become truth and hands of God with the passage of time. Indian mind getting easily intoxicated with power is learning this because of aware mass media, presently through “Ruchika Case”( youtube has added more than 200 news videos during the last fortnight).

    I hope and wish that our people, the Sannyas community comprising of highly individualistic people will make a small change on a management level, instead of Power of POWER it will be run by power of LOVE. May be than we can go beyond the numbers of 328 pair of shoes before Kundalini and 100-200 participants in the meditation camps.
    Why not to think 21 thousand people doing Mystic Rose per year from 2010 onwards.

  40. Chetnai says:

    Beloved Frank, what happenned to you? You used to joke and take things lightly, but now……:(

    You boys live in this forum, but sadly the same negativity is being spread most of the time.

    Sw Keerti, thanks for the suggestion to sit silently at 7pm. In fact, it was Osho’s suggestion for the everyday Whiterob anyways, so I don’t understand the criticism from others.

    Thank you beloved Osho for having been here…..

    We cherish that!

    The only thing I laugh about is the naive hope of many sannyasins to transform in 21 days of doing A meditations. And they pronounce it in such a proud way….(lazy monkeys)

    21 lives is probably not enough…..

  41. Alok john says:


    Dynamic is a really powerful meditation. Osho called it the jet age method.

    If it is done totally for 21 days, it creates big changes. But you do have to do it totally, that is with all your energy, not holding anything back.

    In 2007 I did it totally for 80 days over a period of about six months. I got rid of tons of armour. It created big big changes.

  42. Chetnai says:

    Alok, one either loves meditaion and does it everyday without counting or sitting with the

  43. Chetnai says:

    thermometer checking if temperature has risen due to kundalini movement…..

    meditation is for live in my view…

  44. Chetna says:

    I”n 2007 I did it totally for 80 days over a period of about six months”

    Are you sure it was total?

  45. Alok john says:

    Yes, Chetna

  46. Anagara says:

    Shantam prem
    thank you , you got my name right .
    and even if you ‘ d got it wrong , there would have been no harm as far as I am concerned .
    Once in a blue moon is perhaps alright , and it seems that Sudarshi didn’t mind , so ………all is well.

  47. Anagara says:

    nicely said , about meditation .
    you said meditation is for life , I take it that you mean it ‘ s a lifelong involvement , in which case I say yes yes yes and probably even more .

  48. Anagara says:

    Alok john
    totality is something that is a bit subjective and difficult to gage . To me , as long as one ‘s mind is there going da da da da da , however so little , one i s not total , and the difference is pretty drastic .
    the reverse is also true of course .
    thoughts can be very very subtle (in their being there I mean )and it takes a very minute and intense observation to assess the state of affair in one’s mind .

  49. Alok john says:

    I agree that totality is hard to gage. The best analogy I know of is running as fast as you can. I am too old now, but when I ran as hard as I could, there was a sense of the witness coming into play and standing a little bit distant from my thoughts. I think many runners know this. So I think that is being total.

  50. Chetna says:

    “….and standing a little bit distant from my thoughts”

    and that a little bit says that it was not total. And of course Alok I am with you with that a little bit. We are not total, hence not enlightened, otherwise, they said one moment is enough to realise.

    Why I laugh about three weeks as I know (only talking about me now) that my 4 years of everyday mediation can total to 1 min of MEDITATION! I think we tend to call meditation just our one hour etc of DOING A TECHNIQUE, but where is the silent mind? No experience and no experiencer. Hence, I believe that even one life is not enough to train our mind at least to calm down.

    They say that we only need 4 min in silence to see who we are (to become self-realised). And who out of us is self-realised? Mostly we are monkeys talking about meditation without having experienced it at all.

    Total to me is not subjective, it is existential! God is total! Love is total and hopefully one day I am total!

  51. Alok john says:

    Chetna, total is something you do with your body, not your mind. You cannot “totally” use the mind to stop the mind, because that is just adding more mind.

  52. Chetna says:

    I know that, that’s the whole point in doing something physical totally so the mind stops!

    The same will happen with the feeling I think. Loving totally will shut the mind up! That’s the hardest, that’s dropping the ego, i.e. mind!

    Anyways! Whoever has read Osho is well equipped with such talks! Better to meditate than talk about it! :)

  53. prem bubbie says:

    How about using one’s job or profession as cathartic and healing meditation. Farming, construction work, ditch digging, fitness trainer, even hobbies- long distance runner, bicyclist, swimmer, some physical type of sport. Once I watched a program on cable(satellite) tv. It was about a primitive african tribe that conducted frequent rituals, how frequent I don’t recall. The men would gather around a fire and dance around it all night or until everyone fell to the ground in complete exhaustion, you could see each man go into a trance or state where their eyes rolled up and their bodies froze. Seemed to me each experienced a satori- a brief glimpse of their true nature. If such simple, uncomplicated people had to do that to get a satori, what do you think us thick headed, neurotic people have to do, to get to the same state? Us, western, neurotic folks need a hellava more intense, exhausting meditating, I think.

  54. Chinmaya says:

    The question is not of the Master’s life and death, THE QUESTION BASICALLY IS OF YOUR RESPONSE.

    So don’t be worried about when I am gone. Those who are missing me now, will be missing me then too — no loss. THOSE WHO ARE LIVING MY MESSAGE NOW, THEY WILL GO ON LIVING IT. And if they go on living it, they cannot help but spread it. I am not depending on books — all the religions have depended on books — I am depending on you!

    From the False to the Truth
    Ch #16: You have to grow inwards, that is your earth
    am in Rajneeshmandir
    [part 1 of 4]

  55. Ma Anand Bhagawati says:


    The call for a world-wide meditation set at 7 pm on January 19th is brilliant! It is an energy happening moving from timezone to timezone, so let’s go for it! Forget all this babble about what should be and not be, this is informal and nobody is forced to do this. Just whosoever wants to enjoy the buzz and sense each other all over the globe and with love and gratefulness to be in the body enjoying the drama!

    With love, Bhagawati

  56. bodhi heeren says:

    Beautiful, Bhagwati, beautiful. That really captures the essence – sensing each other across the globe. And in fact things like these CAN be done, can happen..(Just have to check the timezone!)

    Nice with some female touch in this forum. U and Chetna a.o. certainly seem to soften things up and bring a more spiritual, meditative focus. Thx :)

  57. prem bubbie says:

    Just like sheela and her feminine band of thugs did at the ranch… another dim wit sailing on the “good ship lollipop” on it’s way to Fantasyland!!! Women are just as ruthless as men!!!

  58. shantam prem says:

    Women are just as ruthless as men!!!!

    One can look the picture another way too, “Men are as loving as women”.

    All is possible on the “good ship lollipop”.

  59. Chetna says:

    “Women are just as ruthless as men!!!!”

    And men are as ruthless as….who?

    Ugly is ugly, angry is angry….that’s true. Maybe you should soften up a bit Bubbie