Veeresh Dies

Swami Anand Veeresh, founder of Humaniversity in Holland, left his body on Tuesday 27 January 2015. He was diagnosed, only recently, with liver cancer and was admitted to hospital in Germany, were he died.










From an update from Osho Leela:

Veeresh and his work has been the heart beat of Osho Leela since we began in 1996. The Humaniversity Training and AUM meditation have been at the core of our community and many of us are trained, loved and inspired by Veeresh and his vision for friendship.

This weekend at Leela (30th Jan -1st Feb) is a whole weekend of Social Meditations created by Veeresh and we would like to extend the invitation to anyone of you who would like to come together at this time. We will dance, hug, celebrate, cry and share our love and gratitude.

For pictures and tributes visit: Oshonews at:

For Veeresh’s hymn of gratitude, the final journey:

More than 350 friends attended the ceremony for Veeresh on Saturday at the Humaniversity. At the same time countless meditation events were held all around the world to honor Veeresh and his contribution to the lives of so many.

This is a tribute Geetee wrote for Viha Magazine:

” Veeresh, our beloved friend and teacher here at the Humaniversity, left his body to be with Osho on January 27.

Dearest Veeresh, throughout your life, you dissolved in your love for Osho and you taught us to see Osho in everyone. Your way was the way of love and friendship, and your purpose in life was to share your love with everyone that you met.

Since my life is now coming to an end, I can appreciate and accept that my heart is filled with overwhelming gratitude. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience all the benedictions I have been given in my life. All my negativity has disappeared. I am now open for this final journey.

Thank you, thank you for everything, for the sun and the rain, for the joy and the pain, for the highs and the lows, for the loving, and the letting go.

I was born with nothing, and now I will die with nothing. There is nothing left to hold on to. I am ready to let go of everything. All that is left is thank you, over and over again, thank you.

(Veeresh in the song “Thank You” featured on the album Samasati by Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound)

You dedicated your life in an immense commitment to make this world a more beautiful place for all of us. You never gave up on anybody.

We can create paradise on Earth, I know we can. We can make a difference in our lifetime. Why not be the drop of love that can change an ocean of pain? Just decide to make the effort. If you want love, first be loving. If you want care, first be caring. If you want respect, first be respectful. What you put out is what you get back. We can create paradise on Earth. I know we can.

(Veeresh in the song “Paradise,” also on the album Samasati)

You received your name, Swami Anand Veeresh, from Osho. It means the Courageous One – Bliss beyond Fear, and you have lived this position until the very last moment of your life. The idea of retiring did not exist for you. Your transition has been the way you wanted it. Friends were by your side, and you took your last breath in love and peace with everything.

Three hundred and fifty people from all paths of life came to your farewell ceremony at your home, the Humaniversity, while thousands of others celebrated you around the world. Even in your death you united your friends in heartful, loving meditation.

Now I am free to dance among the stars, to travel down the road of infinity, and to return to the origins of Existence. I am now one with everything. I am the soul-force. All duality has disappeared, as above so below. I am the center. Everything is born from nothing. I am the divine light, and god is pleased.

Alive, alive, alive, I celebrate my life, alive, alive, alive, so grateful for this life.

(Veeresh in the song “The Soul Force,” also on the album Samasati)

Osho said to you that your tears of love and gratitude toward Him are the bridge from your heart to His heart. He asked you to train the best therapists in the world. You understood that He wanted you to support everyone to become the most loving human beings they could possibly be.

Veeresh, you have deeply touched our hearts in the most loving and beautiful way possible. We are grateful to have had the chance to share our lives with you. You will live in our hearts and in the love we share. We will continue your work in your spirit.

Geetee, for the Humaniversity Family


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