Osho Statue in Goa!

India’s second wax statue museum to be unveiled in Goa tomorrow

Panaji (PTI): India’s second wax statue museum will be unveiled in Goa’s heritage town of Old Goa, nine kms away from here on Saturday.

Over 20 statues including those of Osho, Radha-Krishna, Shankaracharya, Ramkrishna Paramahansa would be kept on the dispay in Goa’s wax museum.

These statues have been sculpted by Shreeji Bhaskaran, who owns the museum and also is the force behind Ooty’s Wax World, the first wax statue museum in the country.

“Because of space constraints only 23 statues would be kept on display. Otherwise we had 60 statues which could be exhibited,” Bhaskaran told PTI.

“We thought of having the museum here in Goa because this is a beautiful place and is frequented by lakhs of tourists,” he said.

The museum which is situated just 100 metres away from world heritage monument of St Cathedral, also features a unique scene of Lord Jesus having last supper with his followers.

The scene which was completed on November 20, 2006 and kept for exhibition at St Cathedral will be shifted to the museum, Bhaskaran said.

While drugs is hot issue in Goa, the museum also has a statue of a drug addict, preaching no-drugs message.

Bhaskaran said a single wax statue requires approximately 50 kgs of wax and costs anything between Rs three lakh and Rs 15 lakh.

The museum promoters are expecting a good response to their venture in Goa.

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7 Responses to Osho Statue in Goa!

  1. Heraclitus says:

    What a stupid news item. Osho I suppose might laugh at the idea of a statue of him. Buddha did not want any statues of him, but his followers started to make hundreds within 200 years of his death.
    Moslems dont want any pics or statues of Mohammed, but are willing to kill people who do. Strange priority whilst most Moslems live under or near the bread line!
    Oh graven image… neither this or that.
    At least the mosquitoes wont trouble you now.

  2. frank says:

    i heard that it has already started to melt with the hot season

  3. alokjohn says:

    Parmartha, the editor was looking for copy. He sent me some articles, including the above one, asking if they were worth putting up on sannyas news. I said I was doubtful if anything was worth putting up, but maybe the one about Osho’s statue was just acceptable. So blame me!

    The article does communicate the fact that Osho is respected and revered in India; in the West he is still thought of as a charlatan

  4. Hev says:

    Yes it is very interesting and heartening how Osho is now respected in India but imagine the Faking Zen Mystic cutting through that Western Thought!

  5. Heraclitus says:

    So…. now he’s dead they can praise him. But where are the Hindus who threw the knife, and where are the people who daily persecuted sannyasins in India when he was alive.
    God, in 1986/7 sannyasins if discovered at Bombay aiport were often not even allowed into that great country India.
    All cobblers. It’s easy when someone like Osho is dead, but they would want to crucify him if he were back in the flesh.
    India is as hypocritical about their Masters as everywhere else. Scared shitless when they are alive, but lapping up the glory when they are dead.

  6. Ganesh Saraswati says:

    Heraclitus is really right what he is telling about the Indian action about death and live god..Indians are coward in terms for god because they don’t have power to face the reality ……one day the Indians will announce that even the Osho is a indian reincarnation of Bishnu..or laf laf laf..

  7. rajkumar says:

    on this earth no artist is capable to make osho statue. only samadist artist can make osho statue.