Ma Yoga Laxmi: Osho’s Secretary between 1970 and 1981

Those who lived in Poona one, 1974 – 81 mainly felt the presence of Laxmi’s light touch,  in the way it is said the very best referees work. The World Cup match may be going on, much heat and fervour, but the referee is indispensable. And yet somehow the very best referee is almost unnoticed. That was how Laxmi was experienced in Poona one.

The mystery of how she “lost” her position as Osho’s Secretary in the view of SN has never been explained. There were of course explanations, in particular that Laxmi did not understand America.  But the truth is that her successor Sheela did not understand America at all. In fact she tried to treat it like India – thinking she could buy or manipulate elections for example – straight out of the Indian textbook. Maybe SN punters watch this video and come up with an answer, to us the change of temporal leadership in the organisation made no sense.

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  1. prem avinashi says:

    nobody is special whether laxmi or sheela it is all our projection of greatness especially for people on power position. The way laxmi used to call herself in third person was as funny and unoshoite as sheela used to think herself the queen and second in command and the one Whosoever and many of us bullshit so called senior sannyasins. I remember Laxmi when she came folding her hands in namaste before osho came, posing herself humble but with subtle ego, the same unconscious disease of being second in command in Manali(December 85). I have read she also said that these western sannyasins will take Osho away from India or Indians (unfortunately I am ashamed to be an India born in this context)) and she informed Indian Govt. officials to cancel passports of devoted and sincere western sannyasins, who put their life on stake for Osho. Osho told Laxmi to take care of Indian ashram when in America but she disobeyed him and faced consequences. I do not doubt her intention but see her unconscious mind as most of us have. I love and respect all osho lovers whether senior or juniors and as per my understanding want to say things factualy not in personal condemnation. Laxmi, Sheela and anyone of us are the same with little difference of degree untill we become like our Master. There is no question of understanding America more or less by Sheela or Laxmi, master like Osho can use any Fool to befool a thousand Americas.

    • honeysucklerose says:

      Tell me Avinashi- much of what you allege is hearsay, did you witness anything? Enough of the rumor mongering.

  2. Parmartha says:

    Thanks Avinashi,
    I did not know personally some of the things you state.
    I dont agree with your last sentence, the fact of the matter was that Osho, or his secretaries, did NOT fool Americans. Tricks like bussing homeless people into Rajneeshpuram to up the sannyas vote in local elections was totally idiotic and I personally am pleased it was rumbled and seen for the dumb shit move it was. Sheela organised this, and clearly had no real knowledge of the electoral system in America and its checks and balances. If she was put into her position as Secretary to Osho because she “knew” America, this was clearly a mistake.

    • honeysucklerose says:

      Sheela was put in that position because of her ability to get lots of cash. Her american sannyasin friends particularly those who were from New York and New Jersey(Su Sheela , Homa) were great fund raisers; whether they obtained it licitly or illicitly it didn’t matter. America was the next frontier to be conquered and only with huge amounts of money was it even a possibility. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely- even sannyasins are held to that standard, though most think they are above it all.

  3. shantam prem says:

    I don´t think there is any educated sannyasin in the public domain who does not read sannyasnews.
    May be this is the only leftist Osho media whereas all others are just right handers. Even the po po cleaning hand is also right.
    So in a way, it is not respectful to write at this site, but reading it like bed side porn is just fine.

    Now one prem avinashi has written quite a post. I was trying to search this lady or gentleman(many sannyas names are unisex without the customary Swami/Ma) at facebook or general google search. This name is mentioned only two times. I don’t think fellow writer is any of them.

    I am curious how someone from Delhi Osho world will respond, as late Ma Laxmi is ordained as Saint by the Osho Vatican!

    I hope this time someone from them will type for sannyasnews, otherwise right handers prefer Osho news; the airplane cabin magazine!

    • Parmartha says:

      I am also curious Shantam as to how Oshoworld might respond to ANY criticism of Laxmi. They tend to worship her it is true. I note they have not as to now joined in the “debate”!
      Like Lokesh I liked her vibe and trusted it, and was a worker in the Pune one ashram, so relatively close to what was going on. And like SD I also felt she was the right person for the job. But of course like everyone else she would have had some imperfections.

  4. Lokesh says:

    Laxmi was always alright in my books. I spoke with her on more than a few occasions. Back in Poona One she gave the impression that she was a very spiritual person, talking of herself in the third person etc. In retrospect I suspect it was perhaps little more than mumbo-jumbo. She was a gentle woman and I’ll never forget the time some manic almost bit her nose off and Osho spoke about the power of negative thought and how the incident had come about due to negativity being projected on to her by disgruntled sannyasins. Osho claimed that Laxmi was a gate to pass through in order to draw close to him. Once more, in retrospect I suspect this was in fact just one more bit of nonsense that had been dreamt up. Nonetheless, Laxmi, played her part very well and I remember her fondly. Like Osho and Sheela she knew little of American culture, but I’m sure she must have quickly learned a lot about it during her stint as a chappati-seller on a New York street corner. Like much else of Osho’s so called legacy I reckon take the best and forget the rest is an intelligent way to look at it. The only politics I’ve ever been interested in is the politics of ecstasy, the rest I find entirely lacking in anything that could remotely be described as interesing or inspirational. Which basically sums up how I view Aninashi’s comment.
    As for Avinashi’s declaration that, ‘she informed Indian Govt. officials to cancel passports of devoted and sincere western sannyasins, who put their life on stake for Osho.’ Man, talk about drama queen politics. ‘put their life on stake for Osho’? Hyperbolic bluster to the max!

    • Arpana says:

      Thanks for confirming you knew Lakshmi.
      I assumed you would.

      • satyadeva says:

        On the one or two occasions I met Laxmi I found her very welcoming, friendly, very much grounded, happy – and very much in charge. In other words, she was a perfect fit.

        My main memory is when I’d just started editing ‘The Mustard Seed’ and met her while walking through the ashram grounds towards what was then the main building. “Hello!”, she said quite loudly, smiling and cheerful.”And how is Jesus?”

        I simply blessed her and floated on towards my Father’s house….

        Osho was in good hands with her running the show, unfortunately in contrast to the other one.

  5. prem avinashi says:

    master used every unconscious act like bussing homeless people to rajneeshpuram to win election, poisoning, abusing language, he even defended sheela,s every wrong doings because these things are really of the great interest for media. To my understanding all the Rajneeshpuram circus, rolls royces, speeding, sex freedom was a devise to attract the world media. Now everybody with little awareness know that media is only attracted towards negativity and a master can use any situation to his best advantage. On this phase of his work he wanted to give his LAST TESTAMENTS to the western world who is generally utterly materialistic hence the need of unnecessary rolls royce fleet and creating controversies. For me it was the greatest miracle how he encountered the press people and captured the attention of the whole world media which was really unprecendented. But it was all out of compassion and love. It is said that if you kill your enlightened master you will take only four lives to be enlightened.

    • satyadeva says:

      A post drenched in codswallop there, Avinashi!

      Sure, Osho tried to make the best of an appalling situation, some of which he was personally responsible for, but the “it was all a device” explanation is the recourse of the terminally gullible.

      Still, thanks for providing a laugh through the sheer stupidity of your final sentence, which – if you’re serious – confirms you as a total and utter fool.

      • dominic says:

        So he was a manipulative media hogging whore “out of love and compassion”. Worked out well didn’t it ?
        You’re ‘sick sense’ is firing on all cylinders PA, unless you’re having a laugh and it’s a wind up.
        Seems to me the eastern world is generally utterly materialistic too, if all these supreme masters are anything to go by, maharishi, maharaji, sai baba, khalki, osho et al. If only they weren’t so unredeemably crass about it they might be less deserving of Gurucifixion.

    • Arpana says:

      Great post Avinashi.

      Dont pay too much attention to SD.
      He s not enlightened and blames Osho.

    • Lokesh says:

      I agree with SD. Avi’s post is pure drivel. Rolling out the Rollers were a device number etc. Osho loved his flash cars. During his so-called silent period on the ranch he spent hours on the phone talking to the RR dealership about the latest bells and whistles he wished installed in his cars. Very few were aware of this at the time and therefore this had absolutely nothing to do with attracting the media’s attention. Avi needs to grow up and see Osho was a big boy who enjoyed playing with big boy’s toys. There was nothing miraculous about how Osho captured the media’s attention. It was all calculated and mostly based in scandal. Avi’s obsevatons are party line and pedestrian. The fact that Arps somehow sees this as a good post does not leave him looking too savvy.

    • Parmartha says:

      “Master” did not dream up the bussing of homeless people Avinashi….
      this was a political thing where Sheela was desperate to take over some political power in that constituency. Osho spoke later abut it and also described it as a mad scheme.

  6. shantam prem says:


    And a big Vacuum

    PS-I hope after that some new Osho will come on tourist visa somewhere.

  7. swami prem avinashi says:

    I want to correct my final sentence of my second post – It is said if the disciple kills his enlightened master he will give him enlightenment in four lives, such is his unconditional love and compassion. I thought my post will go un-noticed but I feel thrilled and encouraged by the responses to my post. I am so happy being called a fundamentalist type fool. Friends I am really a fanatic lover of osho. Got his first book in 1975 and since then believe me I read him average atleast 3 hrs. everyday, listening to discourses, meditation not counted. I am really a bookworm. It is a great compliment for me to be labeled as osho fanatic. I will try to post my utter foolish understanding about osho and his work. I thank SN to provide such nice opportunity to vomit our bookish knowledge and detox ourselves. Love to all osho fanatics and to his sharp critics who encouraged me.

  8. shantam prem says:

    Avinashi says a bit about himself,
    Got his first book in 1975 and since then believe me I read him average atleast 3 hrs. everyday, listening to discourses, meditation not counted. I am really a bookworm.
    Mr. Avinashi, are you reading only or got the chance to spend the time with Osho and His people, let say in Poona one, ranch or poona 2, 3, 2013.
    Let me guess your nationality; 75% chances you are a Nepali, 20% Gujrati Indian and 5 % you are not a German!

  9. swami prem avinashi says:

    ananda was the senior most disciple of buddha lived with him physically like his shadow, but got enlightened very late. Many new commers like sariputta were quite advanced in spiritual growth because of their past lives work. People were jealous of sariputta, then buddha told them you are not aware of his past growth, I know. Some of unknown osho disciples may be far grown up then the ones who were with him in bombay, poona 1, ranch, poona 2 or even his brother (who copies him like parrot) and family relatives. Physical closeness does’n matter (yes it is good luck that’s all) Many disciples never saw their master physically and got realisation by the grace of the master and their immense intensity. Unfortunately I neither have good luck nor the past growth but certainly trying my best fanatically like a one pointed utter fool and enjoying it immensly. Lately I feel like dancing when I listen to my master’s voice (I really listen him like in logo of His masters voice a dog is listening his master’s voice). Reading his books are becoming more and more joyous, I laugh alone in my room some time weep out of joy and kiss his books embrace them like my beloved. Perhaps as per his vision New Dawn is close by and I will have a good luck of having satsang of many osho’s enlightened disciples and join their commune.

  10. shantam prem says:

    Other day, Lokesh has written
    “The only politics I’ve ever been interested in is the politics of ecstasy, the rest I find entirely lacking in anything that could remotely be described as interesing or inspirational………..”

    Just because it is written in English, looks wise otherwise in vernacular language, Brahmins in India were saying the same thing for last 3 thousand years. Not only they were saying, majority of Indians started believing, result is obvious to see.
    Thanks God, Not many people in the west believe in such greedy nonsense.
    You don´t need to be a medical student to know, erogenous zones are part of the body, they cannot exist alone without the whole.
    But surely, for bookworms(Lokesh is not one such. He has walked enough of his walk) everything is possible.

  11. shantam prem says:

    For God sake, can you tell me one thing, What would have been the future of Rajneeshpuram; let us say without Sheela but with a better secretary of Bhagwan at that time?
    I just cannot imagine that a composed and rational disciple like you will blame only and only Sheela and may be two three closed companions of her.
    Are you really sure Puram died because of one organ failure!
    Sheela is not Holy but to think she was the only cat in the hole of rats is just mind blowing.
    May be sannyasins need a group called ‘Deconditioning Denial’!

    • Parmartha says:

      Not at all sure that having a city on a hill for perpetuity would have served the cause of waking people up at all. People would have just got secure and lived out commune lives protected from the real world. Actually I always found it odd that Osho repeated the bit about being in the world but not of it numerous times, but in practice all of us who lived in communes between 81 and 85 were “in our own world”!
      Quite happy that Rajneeshpuram failed myself. Think it was “meant” if you know what I mean!
      Not happy about the stuff Sheela and her 17 henchwomen and two men got up to which crossed the red line of major criminal behaviour, and thereby tainted Osho and sannyas in perpetuity.

  12. swami prem avinashi says:

    regarding laxmi I did not mean that she was not devoted or a bad secretary, she was very efficient did her job very well, was a sincere meditator but all this does not make her superior sannyasins then others, that’s all. Moreover osho was not selecting anybody, whosoever came to him he accepted him or her. He used loving grown ups and rough non-meditative people with great mastery without judgement. I am in contract with some of his disciples who remained with him from the very begining till end and to my surprise found them rude and unloving like any non-meditator, and I came to know that what is the real meaning of un-conditional love and non-judgement as osho never rejected them unless some of them left him on their own.

    • Heraclitus says:

      This Laxmi was okay Avinashi as those sort of people go. You missed if you could not see that. Maybe it was because yuou were locked in your room reading Osho books all day?
      Basically Laxmi did not have a superiority complex at all, though it was a common complex amongst many devotees, and also Sheela and her gang had this complex.
      Rude and unloving you may have found some folk who had been physically around Osho for many years I dont doubt, but dont condemn all of us with the same brush.

    • Lokesh says:

      Avi says, ‘whosoever came to Osho he accepted him or her.’
      That is not entirely true.

  13. Parmartha says:

    Avinashi says that Osho never rejected (those who came to him) unless some of them left him on their own.
    This is not true. One of my Poona one friends (Sudesh) was asked to leave the Buddhafield by Osho publicly in a lecture after he criticised the behaviour of the Ashram Guards at the gate.
    Even Laxmi was told personally by Osho that it was time to leave Oregon.
    And there were a number of other incidents where disciples were asked to leave by the temporal authorities of the ashram/commune.
    You have to be avoid these blanket statements about “Master”, Avinashi, if you are to slowly gain a nuanced spirituality. That’s the way to go if you want to get somewhere in this life.