Four New Osho Communes birthed in Nepal

Four New Osho Communes birthed in Nepal.
By Swami Aatmo Neerav.

When Osho visited Nepal in 1986 he seemed to see much behind the smiles and welcoming eyes of the simple people of the country. For he was later to say that in just a few years the whole country would be colored red, and its streets would run over with the colours of his sannyasins. It seems that this prophesy is taking life.

With the already existing four active communes and 67 meditation centres, one is bound to meet a maroon clad, freely swanking his mala, and flowing around the cities of Nepal. Now the chance of meeting these maroon clad is only to grow as four more communes are to be added.

Local sannyasins have initiated four commune projects in different cities under the patronage of Swami Anand Arun, an old Osho disciple, and the Co-ordinator of Osho Tapoban.

In Lumbini, the birth place of Gautama Buddha 10.6 acre land has been purchased by sannyasins to build an international village known as Osho Chetban International Village. The purchased plot is at a distance of 1 km from Gautama Buddha’s birth place. Bordered by a river the purchased land has been divided into three units; meditation unit, residential unit and a community unit. The village will have 100 residential houses with the facility of a community hall and centre, a meditation hall and a forest area. As the land is protected by the Lord Buddha Trust, no commercial activities or structures can be built around this area. Foreign sannyasins can also acquire land on a lease basis of 99 years.

In the city of lakes, Pokhara, sannyasins have already purchased the half of the purposed 3.8 acre for an Osho International Commune. Bordered by two huge white water rivers the purchased island overlooks a green forest and is situated very close to the Himalayan ranges of Pokhara. The plot is at 4kms distance from the Pokhara airport.

In Eastern Nepal, the Dharan municipality has granted 5 acres of land to Osho Nirvana Centre for developing it into a full fledged active and residential Osho commune. With a river boundary on one side, the land also has a dense forest and an already existing small hall which can be used for immediate meditation. A committee of local sannyasins has been formed for developing the land. In Southern Nepal also; an Osho lover has donated 8 acres land near the East West Highway in Lahan for developing it into an Osho commune. Sannyasins have already started planting trees and a plan has been passed to build a house for twenty people.

The patron of these projects Swami Anand Arun said; “It will be very difficult for people to believe in such big news. But it is all true. The finance and the plans have already been developed for building these communes. Soon we will have four more Osho communes in Nepal.”

All the four communes are spiritually affiliated to Osho Tapoban.

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  1. Heraclitus says:

    The original Greek Heraclitus said “it’s impossible to step into the same river twice”, a nice observation.
    I cannot help feeling that both Keerti and Arun, (who I freely confess have given their lives for Osho) are doing just that. Osho created a movement, but whilst he was alive I personally never experienced it as fixed from any one day to another. The only thing fixed about it was the invitation for constant change, and for constant crunches if one lived in the communes, etc.
    Streets flowing with maroon, communes, malas, all old hat to me, long buried in the distant past, and certainly an attempt to step into the same river twice.

  2. amrito says:

    Isn’t it a paradox that the new Heraclitus still lives in the old Heraclitus’s mind….its like Swami Rajneesh living and saying Osho Rajneesh’s quotes!!

    Both are however pissing in the river that some of the greatest spiritual mystics ever walked!

    Soo, how do you know Heraclitus this is the same river???

  3. swami says:

    “All the four communes are spiritually affiliated to Osho Tapoban”


    you don’t need offialdom trademark…….

    you just affiliate……

    it was my idea .here……I claim the affiliate.

    all of this tosh is tosh….

    thinking that you have any idea of osho’s work is thefirst foolishness…..

    talk about the old man and osho’s work was about … bla bla



  4. swami says:

    alok j and biggus are affiliated with osho resort pune and have to abide by their rules …

    me …

    I am unaffiliated .
    I am barely affiliated to myself….
    In fact I also disown myself.

  5. Alok john says:

    Heraclitus, all I can say re Sw Arun, is I have done a couple of camps with him and had some of the most powerful meditative experiences I have had in my life. He says he is a “medium”, and it is true, somehow he transmits Osho’s energy.

  6. Swami Aman says:

    Beloved friend,
    I is indeed a wonderful news. The new sun of Osho movement is rising from Nepal and will make whole earth full of Osho’s light of love.
    All the lovers of Osho need not to fight on small issues and be together to spread Osho’s voice in each and every house of the earth.
    No human being must die without hearing Osho’s loving voice.
    Our love to Ohso must grow more and more and our ego less and less so Osho can work through our bodies and speak through our mouth.
    We need take care of our health so we can see One world government of Osho lovers on earth.
    To all Osho lovers now whole earth is Osho commune.
    What we need is to make a site where all Osho videos and all Osho talks in all possible forms.
    There should be World Conferance of all Osho lovers in Nepal.
    So let’s play wonderful role in this drama.
    Love from

  7. Vishakha says:

    Thanks Sw. Neerav for the details of new Osho communes. I could not be happier to hear about it.

    Ma Vishaka..

  8. Heraclitus says:

    Thanks Alok.
    Yeah I am sure he is a medium and doing good work.
    It’s just I find it all a bit old hat, and dated, if you see what I mean.
    Swami does have a point, why for example do the new communes have to be “affiliated” to Arun, whatever meditaiton experiences you have had with him will not really root unless they are in every sense your own.
    Not sure why that fellow Swami thinks I am affiliated to anyone…
    for the record I’m not, and would never be.

  9. swami says:

    well excuse me if I am wrong..but you did affiliate yourself to the management circles claim to own and control the trademarks for the name Osho!
    and you said you expect /hope the decision to be overturned on appeal.. and you said you know that said decision had been appealed although you never said where this is stated!

  10. Heraclitus says:

    The “appeal” was stated by the OI spokesperson in Pune almost immediately after the judgment.
    Actually I am not for either side.
    I thought the air of self-congratulation was overdone by Keerti, etc, I wanted to point out this would only be a first step in their “battle”!!
    I am against for example the way that Osho International do the compilations, and am sure Osho would not have wanted that.
    I think the people who oppose OI are actually quite political, and similar to those in power, just as I think all politicians have a common drive for power, whether they are in power or in opposition.

  11. swami says:

    I accept your comments.
    sannyas has fallen into a reflective representation of the real warring world.
    I find it hurts me..somehow .. the division the separation the banning the legal battles …
    more care for each other and working together to reveal the new man and osho’s vision of a new way of living for mankind…where is this……..
    we are family and as you maybe know if you fall out with a member then it is there in your mind in your heart like an open wound ………..
    Is there to be no coming together ?
    seems like the only time we could all be together was with osho showering his love……
    it might not be very politically correct ..
    but I miss Him so much.

  12. Chetna says:

    Swami you amaze me! I said exactly the same in another topic but you (apologies if it is not you) criticised me for that but did give a beautiful advise though. It didn’t change my mind and now you admit the same from a different angle.

    You said to me:
    perhaps you are making a drama over this
    unity is a rare thing chetna
    forget the masses (and I was not talking of masses but of sannyasins and Osho lovers).. they can take care of themselves..
    forget osho’s work will rise to the surface whatever..
    forget these newcomers…

    And now you are saying:
    I find it hurts me..somehow .. the division the separation…
    vision of a new way of living for mankind… ……..
    we are family and as you maybe know if you fall out with a member then it is there in your mind in your heart like an open wound ………..
    Is there to be no coming together ?
    seems like the only time we could all be together was with osho showering his love……

    Swami says: vision of a new way of living for mankind…where is this????

    Well, looks like the man (Arun Swami) who is working SO hard to carry on that vision is being badly criticised here and there. He is the one who is building those bridges and does miracles! Do you realise what it means to start building communes in a very poor country? An ordinary man cannot do it!

    And of course by large Arun’s ways will not suit everybody and all do not have to agree with the way Arun sw does things, but everybody must admit he is an extraordinary man who put his life to carry on the vision of the Master!

    So maybe instead of sitting on Intranet and waste time we should go to Osho centres and meditate together when time permits?

  13. swami says:

    yes chetna ..sorry to have contradicted myself.
    arun swami is a transforming energy in the Osho world.and I know he is opening centres and all…
    Is he attempting to heal the open wounds within sannyas… what about his relationship with the resort?
    when will he visit osho’s samadhi.?
    can he build bridges between himself and the resort?

  14. Chetna says:

    These are all good questions and I have no right to speak for him, but imagine just for a minute how those banned old sannyasins must feel (or more like had felt, as now they seem to have moved on) that they are not allowed to sit in Osho’s samadhi…????
    But, what I can say, I saw millions of times old sannyasins crying and thanking Arun swami for the lost opportunity to feel Osho’s presence like 25 yrs before AGAIN! I do not want to use any words like medium, but what happens in Arun’s camp is UNDESRCIBLE! And he NEVER, NEVER took any credit to himself; he always repeats it is your Master Osho, not me!

    Arun sw is doing the work what the Resort should be doing. Instead of banning people they should be encourage people, support them and open more Osho centres, communes etc. Instead, ugly politics are all around!

    And one thing to add, which is not a fact but would rather call it a rumour (as do not really know but believe only) that it is dangerous for Arun swami’s life to build any bridges with the Resort!!!!!!!

  15. Alok john says:


    Re Compliations

    I have in my hands a copy of ‘Meditation : The first and last freedom’ by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (not Osho).

    As you may know Osho chose his new name roundabout July 1989, about six months before his death. So this book was probably put together when he was alive.

    At the back of the book there is a big list of books by Osho including a list of ‘Compilations’, seventeen in all.

    Included in the list of compilations is The Book, An Introduction to the teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Series 1 A to H, Series 2 I to Q, Series 3 R to Z.

    These were three little paperbacks, with extracts from Bhagwan’s teaching in alphabetical order. For example under M in series 2, you would find ‘Meditation.’ And under D in series 1, you would find ‘Dynamic Meditation.’

    These were published in 1984. I am sure some old sannyasins have got copies lying around the house.

    My conclusion : much too much fuss is being made about compilations.

    Here is a link if you are curious

  16. Vishakha says:

    Hi Chetna, I agree with you. Only a handful of Nepali people have opportunity to travel out of the country to seek for spiritual quest. Opening of new communes is a big opportunity for all those local people to get the taste of Osho and his meditation techniques. For example, say out of 1000, just even 1 person gets transformed, I think it is worth opening those communes. I myself took a 3 days meditation camp with Sw. Arun at Tapoban, that was the first camp he did back then and I was initiated into sannyas. Those 3 days meditation were so powerful, I was transformed to certain point from where my body could not digest non vegetarian food. I learned ‘dynamic, kundalini, chakra sound, nadbrahma, natraj meditations in that camp. I continued dynamic and kundalini meditation for almost a year at home. Occasionally did natraj and nadbrahma. And had new inner experiences onwards. I am grateful to Sw. Arun and all the people out there who made possible for me to get into Osho. This is my story of learning meditation techniques and finding a Master. I have my ‘Guru’(master) who is guiding me all the time, you just have to be receptive..It does not matter that HE is not in HIS body. HE is available everywhere…I never felt I have to go to some Osho centers and feel HIM. All the new communes are treasure for newcomers ..they will discover their hidden I did..

  17. Heraclitus says:

    Thanks Alok.
    Yes I remember some of those compllations, which must have been known to Osho himself whilst he was alive.
    I do think all of them were “purposeful”, that is I can see why Osho might well have authorised them. Also none of them involved an editing of his text which involved deletions.
    However I am happy to concede you have a point. Have you or anyone else asked Arun or Keerti about this as they are the most up in arms about this issue. If you know of their replies
    I would be interested if you post them here. Thanks.

  18. Heraclitus says:

    Swami, like us all, you are a bit of a mixture, and as Chetna points out a bit of a contradiction, . but thanks for your more friendly comments earlier in this string.
    Just like Rumi before him, (when history shows at least one friend of Rumi was killed by jealous disciples) Osho EVEN WHEN ALIVE could not keep a lid on the quarrels of his disciples. Dont forget that Amrito was almost bumped off! in 1985, and maybe others definitely got ill, or were told they had aids, when they did not.
    It would be wonderful if we all were lovers. On the other hand it may be that the umbrella under which we all choose to live is a device of the master to explore, as well as push us beyond, the normal human interface.

  19. Alok john says:


    OFI gives an example of changes at this link :

    Okay, it has been edited down cutting out whole chapters. But if you look at the deletions/changes in the chapters retained, they are really pretty trivial in my opinion. Have a look.

  20. amrito says:

    Are you kidding me Alok, please lets take a look together.

    1) Chapter 7, Sannyas is for Lions,

    This chapter is completely deleted.

    Is this a trivial chapter to you?

    Lets see…some things that may turn OIF, hmm…I guess the word SANNYAS is pretty vulgar to begin with on the chapter title, being the AD exec outsourced by OIF, I’d say “Get rid of it.”

    Another interesting part of the book…

    ‘Beloved Osho, What os those who take sannyas in Poona, only to drop it back in their home environment

    Anand Lionel, they are assholes. And they are assholes not because they drop sannyas but because they take it. Their idea is that by taking sannyas here they will gain something, and then back home they can drop it.”

    Uh oH!! did Osho just call someone an Asshole?
    “Get rid of it.”

    Yea yea, trivial matters rite?

    2) Chapter 23, Major “Non-Trivial” parts deleted.

    “Beloved Osho,

    In a deep embrace with You,
    In orgasmic play with existence,
    Little more of You,
    Little less of me.

    Darshan, that’s what is already happening to you. Every day you are disappearing — and it is so obvious. Every day something of you is evaporating: more and more, I am becoming your being. Soon Darshan will not be found there at all.

    And that is the moment of great blessings — when the disciple disappears, when the disciple is only a vehicle of the master. And the master is nobody except the whole. The master is one who is not, the master is one who has already disappeared into God. The master is already a hollow bamboo and God is using him as a flute.”

    Wow, this sounds alot like what Sw. Anand Arun gets into trouble with regarding OIF. Is someone actually competely dissolving into Osho….

    “Sounds a bit cultish…get rid of it!”

    Oh oh, how about the chapter title?

    Behind the Masters Hands.

    “Hmm…look, we’re trying to make Osho a mainstream Author of Books, not a Master of a Guchi Religion…get rid of it!”

    Okay how about this NON TRIVIAL deletion in the chapter, just one sentence deleted.

    “In the new commune we are going to introduce all kinds of meditations. Those who enjoy swimming, they will have opportunities to go for a swimming meditation. Those who enjoy running, they will have their group to run for miles. Each according to his need — only then this world can be full of meditation; otherwise not.”

    I do remember Osho saying, not a single word should be replaced or deleted within a chapter, so whats this? Sentences being deleted? With this type of manipulation, someone can make Osho say anything.

    3) Lets look at Chapter 11

    “There are many people who come here directly, they have never been to anybody else. It is almost impossible to have any contact with them. They cannot understand what is happening here, they have no background, they have no context for it. They have not learned what is wrong, so how can they understand what is right?

    But when people come here, and they have lived with many many so-called masters and lived with many many seekers and been part of many schools, when they come here something immediately is lit in their hearts. They have seen so much that now they can recognize what is true.”

    These two paragraphs have been removed. Now why would this cause ruckus? Hmm….Because Osho is talking about the Master Desciple relationship and connection.

    Very strange, because many people around the world right now are looking for a Master, and Osho never did condemn what a Master is. But the OIF, with quotes like these deleted, can prove Osho was never a Master, he was simply a “friend amongst friends” (which is true, but not in the same connotation), he was an author and nobady else.

    This quote will go against what’s happenng currently because many people who arrive in Pune will not have any past experience of different masters, which is completely ok, but to just bury the fact Osho used to say such things like Above, is cunning.

    So hence,

    these are not trivial deletions.


  21. amrito says:

    uh oh, forgot 2 more things that really hit a chord with me when I read this magnificent masterpiece.

    “So, Krishna Prem, the controversies will become more and more. And because I am controversial, my people are bound to be controversial too. Because I am controversial, you will also be offensive, you will also have to suffer. You will also have to be ready to be persecuted in many ways.
    But remember one thing. To live a life of compromise is worse than death. And to live a life of truth, even if it is for a single moment, is far more valuable than to live eternally in lies. To die for truth is far more valuable than to live in lies.”

    Even today, many controversies are there around Osho. Infact I’ve had people sit in my own living room, look at Osho’s photo and say, “What a lying bastard.” or “Cult sex guru.” . People whom I know dont have any direct experience, but just read gossips and rumours. But it says something, when they can sit in your own house and try to disturb one of the most precious parts of it—Osho. Reading this, I can expect it and so I need not be disturbed.

    They are cutting Osho’s wings, they are pouring water on the wildfire that burns quick and flies high with rebellious spirit. And once upon a time there used to be Orange People.

    There was another part i wanted to post, but the website froze, perhaps a virus hit it.



  22. Chetna says:

    Beloved Amrito, thanks for the effort! Appreciated!
    We are unconscious, that’s it!

  23. Alok john says:

    You are probably right, Amrito. I did not look carefully enough. But can’t you buy the old Book of Wisdom if you wanted? And wouldn’t a seeker find this stuff somewhere in Osho’s works if he really wanted/needed it. You found this stuff!

    And it is hard to understand the Master/disciple relationship when the Master is no longer in the body. It is in the earlier discourses that he talks about the Master/disciple relationship. In later discourses He does say he wants to be a friend, not a master. It is arguable that a later discourse supersedes an earlier discourse.

    I suggest you don’t over-romanticize the days of the Orange People. I was there. It was full of people who had no interest in Osho or meditation but were looking for social support or a nice social club to find dates. Many of these “rebellious” Orange People acquiesced to Sheela’s fascist regime. It could be argued that Osho paid with his life for the foolishness of the Orange People who acquiesced to Sheela’s fascist regime.

    Have you read My Life in Orange by Tim Guest, the son of Anne Geraghty (Vismaya), one of the English “bosses.” Tim was a child in one of the English communes. He gives a largely truthful history of the Orange People. It is pretty depressing. Anne herself wrote a book which will also tell you about the time of the Orange People. You missed much less than you think.

  24. amrito says:

    “I suggest you don’t over-romanticize the days of the Orange People. I was there. It was full of people who had no interest in Osho or meditation but were looking for social support or a nice social club to find dates”

    Haha, I wonder how many will disagree with this experience of yours.

    Beloved Alok John, you have assumed that Dhanyam had bad character and later took it back when he sternly denied attempting to trademarked Osho.

    However, when you assume that what Osho says later supercedes what he says before, especially when you’re talking about Osho (a mystic of paradox and contradiction–beyond “time” itself)—is an argument worthless to look at.

    I’m sure no one has reached a fanatical point in the sannyasworld to accept with seriousness when Osho calls Jesus a crackpot—much after the fact while in the book “I Say Unto You”, he says “Jesus was one of the most extraordinary men that ever walked.”

    But since the second statement about crackpots, should we assume that Osho meant nothing in his previous discourse and take the latter as the most acurate.

    We can conclude already that Osho had no agenda or so called “planned” life or dogmatic teaching. So the question of what supercedes what in regards to time is a worthless argument because it holds no foundation in Osho himself.

    Thus, when Osho re-touches upon the Master-Desciple relationship and declares it has become irrelevant, does this mean each and every book where Osho spoke about the Master Desciple significance should be re-edited?

    The question is not whether I can still find the book, ofcourse I can, and I found it luckily in Pune inside the resort. The real question is, why compromise content for world-wide publishing and distribution—just so a few more people can visit the resort. When they come to the resort after reading the book, will they enquire and say “Hmmm…now lets read the original.”

    I doubt that. In fact, slowly it will become a new truth that many things Osho said will be superceded to statements here and statements there. It is a manipulation, the same way every major religion has been manipulated throughout history.

    Whether we feel this manipulation serves the purpose for current issues and psychology does not justify re-branding original spoken words. People’s maturity should themselves judge.

    Well apart from a few passages from Tim Guest’s experience, I have read:

    Delicate Frequencies by Tobias Edelberg (Satish)

    This is a book from a Sannyasin kid who was the same age as Tim but with a completely opposite view if Sannyas Life–good.

    100 Tales for 10 000 Buddhas by Ma Dharm Jyoti

    Buddha for the Future
    12 Days that Shook the World,
    One Man Against the Whole Ugly Past of Humanity

    by Maneeesha James

    Hellbent for Enlightenment by Rosemary Hamilton

    Diamond Days with Osho by Shunyo

    I guess a few books who claim otherwise “bad experiences” over-power the dozens of books with extremely positive experiences.

    Its always the one small mark on the wall that people’s attention go to first, rather than the beauty of an entire structure.

    The orange was simply a symbolic device for a rebellious spirit, which I know still exists….

  25. Alok john says:

    Yes I know Delicate Frequencies is a lovely book. But Guest’s book is good because it describes the authoritarian regime that many sannyasins acquiesced to. It really happenned.

    I take your point about supersession. But Osho would have made it clear to Dr Amrito and Jayesh that he wanted to be thought of as a friend, not a master any more. So they would be going against his wishes if they emphasised the master/disciple relationship in subsequent years. Surely you exaggerate when you say they take it out of every book. They still sell I am the Gate unedited, don’t they?

    “I suggest you don’t over-romanticize the days of the Orange People. I was
    there. It was full of people who had no interest in Osho or meditation but were looking for social support or a nice social club to find dates”

    Okay, I take your point that many people will disagree with me. But after the Sheela debacle, Osho’s arrest and the demise of Rajneeshpuram, large numbers of people left. The were shocked that “Osho had allowed it all to happen.” So weren’t they there for “social support?”

    “The orange was simply a symbolic device for a rebellious spirit, which I know still exists….” Well I hope so, but who knows?

  26. Chetna says:

    Alok sayas: In later discourses He does say he wants to be a friend, not a master.

    Alok, Osho later explained why he called himself a friend to a Q from Vivek- Beyond Psych -24. She said she was having difficulties to accept him as a friend.

    ‘I have been saying I am you friend and you are my friend for a very strange reason that may not be obvious to you. ….amongst disciples there are always a few who are accidental. The wind was blowing this way and they arrived. ….

    They became sannyasins, they became disciples but the distance remains the same. They could never become my intimate people. They could never become my people. ….

    Those who were not really with me were immensely happy that their status and my status was the same. ….

    These were the people that I wanted to get rid of as peacefully, as lovingly as possible. But those who have loved me felt hurt-because they have loved me as a disciple, and to be a disciple is something so valuable that who cares to be a friend? ‘

    I used to be confused about this push from Poona that Osho is not a guru and we do not need to wear mala etc. BUT, in so many discourses Osho clearly explained what he said for what.

    Osho’s device, as he said many times, is contradiction, but when one really gets it he sees no contradictions in Osho’s words. I defnately have the way to, but in terms of frind and mala I am very clear. Osho is a MASTER!

  27. Chetna says:

    Alok says ‘but after the Sheela debacle, Osho’s arrest and the demise of Rajneeshpuram, large numbers of people left. They were shocked that “Osho had allowed it all to happen.” So weren’t they there for “social support?’

    I agree with you Alok. It hurts me so much that many people just left because of a loss of some stupid money and whatever. It is easy to judge from my side of course, but in some way maybe that was also a method to let accidental people leave.

  28. amrito says:

    “I take your point about supersession. But Osho would have made it clear to Dr Amrito and Jayesh that he wanted to be thought of as a friend, not a master any more. So they would be going against his wishes if they emphasised the master/disciple relationship in subsequent years”

    I agree, however, I wouldnt think nor assume Osho assigned them the task of re-editing everything he said about the Master-Desciple relationship.


  29. Vishakha says:

    To All, after all it doesn’t matter what methods or what should be criteria for master/disciple relationship. You want Osho as a friend or Master, is totally irrelevant. These are just ‘outside’ things, which has nothing to do with ‘awareness’ (consciousness). As soon as your awareness won’t be even bothered by anything at all. Why listen to others’ opinions about Osho..Follow your heart…And nobody can work on your awareness, unless you want to..Not even a Master. You have to look for the ‘answer’ if you are in consusion, within yourself, that will be the only true answer. It is nice to chat with fellow sannyasins, but just taking sannyas doesn’t make them aware or it is not necessarily true that they are heading towards the right direction. The whole effort from Osho is ‘inner search’, if you miss it.. You missed HIM.

  30. frank says:

    hi john and amrito,
    and a great orange social club it was too!
    plenty of chicks,acid and dope in pune 1
    then plenty of chicks,and a bit of E in the states.
    then loads of E,dope and more chicks in pune 2.
    its all got a bit more boozy in pune3
    and its got a bit borin now with everyone going on about meditation and awareness etc.
    but there are still some nice oriental girls around,if you`ve got a big enough wedge.

  31. anil das says:

    It is very funny that the love towards Osho is expanding.It is very glad that we r geeting more 4 osho communes in Nepal.I have seen commune near lahan.We have made two rooms one for temporary meditation hall and another for living.Other works are running and Love of Osho is showring there.

  32. Chetna says:

    Frank, there should be a hangover by now….doesn’t hurt?

  33. frank says:

    hi chetna,
    no problem.
    mine`s a pint and a couple of Es,please love.
    what`s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
    why dont you come back to my place for a massage or two?

  34. frank says:

    you sound like you need a good rolfing,baby…

  35. Dr. Nisha says:

    I am really very very happy by this news,Thanx alot neerav for posting this beautyful news, I knw swami anand arun is a centre of Love to his Disciple showering his Love and grace on them.Devotees’s hearts are rekindled to deep affection while he is teaching us the Art of Meditation. The change in my life after coming to him is an unlocated,pervasive state of being sparked off by some kind of recognition and it stays with me and I am never the same again.The visit to Tapoban was a shattering experience to me.I literally fell in love with Tapoban and Arun swami.This love which had been awakened was the kind which tottaly transcended the physical and material and created an awareness of a different kind of conciousness which can only be described as a mindless rapture,pure joy.Sitting in his presence was convinced for the time being that all troubles were ended and one was forced back on oneself inspite of all obstacles.And this is the wonder of his presence.
    Whenever I felt that I wanted to go away some wheremaway from home,family,friends,books,Mistakes,fears,Proffession and sorrows, My mind automatically turned to Tapoban,Arun Swami and my body follows,making the journey to Tapoban,walk into the Aashram,enter the Meditation Hall and I am at “Home” and tottaly at Peace. I am very glad that now most of the people in Nepal will get this priviledge to experience this Love and Grace, to participate in this Spritiual feast.

  36. Dilruba says:

    when will we do r own work…..and stop promoting fellow travellers…..& start working on ourselves…….& create r own Buddhafield

  37. Dr Nisha says:

    Hi Dilruba,Nice name, We are doing aur own work ultimately,there is nothing to promote Fellow Travellers,They are being Promoted by themeselves,their own Meditation is helping them to get promoted for example I have seen Swami Anand Arun at this age of 61,waking early in the morning and going for Dyanamic Meditation,sometimes I used to miss my Dynamic at the age of 25,but Aruun swamiji never used to,Inspite of having his sore Foot due to high Uric Acid level,Gout.It was so inspiring to see him go for Meditation,As a Doctor I used to advice him to take rest but he was never ever ready to take rest,alwayz working for Osho,writing Articles late night so he could spread message to everyone.He has alwayz taught us to work on ourselves,he has alwayz taught us that Osho is your Master,but I have seen lots of Miracles happening in Tapoban with Arun swamiji.This is not a Delusion, as a Doctor I m saying this.Infact Dynamic Meditation and Arun swamijis love and care has cured lots of People with Mental Depression,Sleep Disorders,Substance Abuse,Alcohol Abuse,Psychosis,Anxiety Neurosis and Lots more,I have seen that,inspite of Medications,Dynamic was the biggest Pill for them.After all this,it is not promoting but its coming out of Gratitude.We are working on ourselves thats what he has taught us.
    Love NishaSuravi.

  38. Chetna says:

    Ahhhh, your words of truth re Arun sw is like honey for my heart, beautiful Suravi. So much criticism against the man who is the great disciple of the great master Osho!

    I have seen that and much more. Arun’s swamis’ travels in Russia, India, Europe etc. very often terrible conditions, no sleep or quality food-not a single word of complaint, only love and dedication! Most of the camps have made losses-not a single word about money!

    When I am in Tapoban I cannot even express that Gratitude, I only cry and thank in my heart and every cell of my body that life has given us Arun sw and Tapoban. Osho has blessed me in meeting Him and Arun swami!

  39. Dr.Nisha says:

    You are absolutely right Chetna.I agree with you dear.I alwayz wish I could fulfill Arun swamijis Dream, His dream is to make a Hospital in Tapaban for the Sanyasis,and when I was in Tapoban he used to alwayz tell me that We will amke a Hospital here in Tapoban so that our sanyasin will get Health Benefits.I have that dream too and soon I will fullfill that.
    Love Nishasuravi.

  40. Dr. Nisha says:

    You are absolutely right Chetna,I tottaly agree with you.
    Love Nishasuravi.

  41. Dilruba says:

    Hey Chetna & Nisha……you seem to have a Mutual admiration group……lam sure u 2 will open ”Osho Medical Center” together with Sw .Arun………since we r free to use ”Osho” {the word}

  42. Dr. Nisha says:

    Hi Dilruba,Yes we will sure open the Medical Centre and you are also Welcome.Well as you have written that we are free to use osho[the word] that means you are doing so,because it is in your mind,thatswhy you have written it “OSHO” Word.I cant believe this,Well I suggest you to do Meditation then you will not write it again infact you will be more and more Positive.

  43. Dilruba says:


  44. Dr Nisha says:


  45. Dilruba says:

    thanx for your prescribtion DOC

  46. Dr. Nisha says:

    Hope you are getting well,Get Well Soon Dilruba.If You need further Priscription I am alwayz here to Prescribe you,free of Cost.
    Love Surabhi ma.

  47. Dilruba says:

    Sorry l jus died…..probably bcos it was free!

  48. Swami Aatmo Neerav says:

    so much to say
    so much said
    so much unexpressed
    what a big game
    and what actors on stage…

  49. Dr. Nisha says:

    I wish yur Soul rest in Peace Dilruba.

  50. Dr. Nisha says:

    Hahahahaa you are right Neerab.

  51. sharadbond507 says:

    Four more centres for flowering and spiritual downpour ……. love , meditation

  52. Anil says:

    Jay OSHO,
    News are funny……………………….


  53. Sw.Antar Kranti (Baglung, Nepal), Manali says:

    Ah! The News about Nepal is really encouraging.

  54. Helen says:

    There we talk about freedom and spirituality Osho teachings are wonderfull and is a great master he talks about freedom love and to be the self to followo truth the revolution wich is within nature itself and oneself ,not in the confused infected system.

    Is right to make Osho teachings like a bussiness market??
    Osho never asked for this.

    But then everyone of this Osho comunes or ashrams dont ask for a donation but instead charge lots of money that is unbelievable and are not accesible to people wich cant afford it , why?

    And mostly have noticed from wen western people have gone to ashrams in nepal and india have nearly destroyed spirituality making it like a commercial bussiness marketing.

    And so
    Calling themselfs swamis?!!

  55. dipak jung thapa.(pokhara.nepal) says:

    dipak (pokhara,nepal)

    love the world,love the people,love every living specises,love osho.

  56. Dilruba says:

    osho ………….