Reaction to Loss of Osho Trademark

Osho Foundation International – reaction to US decision on ‘Osho’ trademark

The Osho International Foundation (OIF) Zurich, that is largely run by the Pune Meditation Resort’s management team, have lost the trademark of the word Osho in the US, in a court case spanning almost a decade. The Trademark and Trial Appeal Board in the US, where the case was filed, to quote, has found that “the term Osho is generic for the meditations devised by the mystic Osho and the meditation and religious movement arising from there. As a result defendant OIF cannot foreclose others from utilising the term OSHO to describe their own goods and services based upon such meditations and movements.”
The decision is the result of an opposition lodged by “Osho Friends International” against “Osho International Foundation” in a case registered initially in 1999.

Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, responded with a press release that emphasises that this ruling is applicable only in the US and not in any other country, including India. Amrit Sadhana, part of the management team at the meditation resort, said that this decision will have no effect on Osho’s copyright, which is a different issue to a trademark case. The copyright, according to her, is protected by international treaties around the world. She said that OIF intend to appeal against the ruling at the earliest. She continued, “for more than 40 years the Osho Foundation has always acted – on Osho’s request to protect his name, his copyright and his work, and will continue to do so”. Taking exception to the ruling, the OIF press release states that the US decision turns “Osho” into the same category as computers and nose tissues.”

Sannyasnews reporters

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45 Responses to Reaction to Loss of Osho Trademark

  1. Chetna says:

    Don’t worry, we will ALL move to America then!

  2. frank says:

    all good PR for “osho” eh?

    his self-proclaimed ” lovers” ripping the living shit out of each other through their lawyers.

    if i was running the osho brothel in mumbai,
    i would be embarrassed to have my business associated with these guys!!

  3. Swami Aatmo Neerav says:

    Such a crap… OIF should stop lying to people now.

    People believed in you guys in the beginning but its been proven that you guys have only made thick iron walls around your lies so that you can protect them, and nobody knows whats inside your walls. Please dont give us the crap that you are trying to protect Osho… we have all seen it.

    Amrit sadhana stop calling OSHO nose tissues, only speaks of your intellegence made of butt wiped tissues!

  4. Heraclitus says:

    Think that both sides are as bad as one another. It’s all about power and control, and as all sides seem to be”suffering” from the stuff I have read on the internet since the US decision, they all seem to have a long way to go in spiritual terms.
    Osho’s flavour and love is around and about, long after he died, but I am not sure any of these “organisations” carry it, whether they are the official or unofficial. Maybe they never did.
    After all what on earth was Sheela, who had so much close physical contact with Osho doing. She seemed to miss entirely what Osho was really about. Even the household who inherited her power after her downfall, and were the main focus of her barbs, seem a very controlling lot by the looks of all their legal actions on copyright over the years since Osho died.
    Those who quarrel and get so upset either way seem a long way from the flavour and vibe of the man Osho as I knew him.

  5. frank says:

    you are right heraclitus
    with this OFI v OIF thing

    Osho`s Fecking Idiots
    Osho`s Idiot Feckers

    not much to choose,really

    still ,its good free entertainment,tho.
    takes your mind off your own problems,like

  6. Suvarna says:

    You condemn anyone with an opinion in this matter. I assume that you are not running a meditation center, putting your time and energy into sharing Osho’s meditations and vision with others?
    If so, you would have been harrassed by OFI, asked to submit your right to use Osho’s name to them, told that you have to run your center by their rules, and maybe threatened with a lawsuit. That’s our experience and the experience of many centers. We aren’t doing anything except offering His meditations. Not exactly a crime.
    That legal hassling from OFI is the reality for most Osho centers these days. And let me tell you, we carry His love and flavour just as much as Pune.

    Osho was a fighter for freedom, talked about being a light unto yourself, trusting yourself, and not compromising. That’s what we’re doing. Protecting our freedom to do His meditations.

    So please, get off your high horse and get a spine. You’re not helping anyone but your own ego.

  7. Such childish fights will exist in the world of Osho, makes most of us bewildered. World´s most meditattive people, personally dry cleaned by Osho will show their shadow side, will drown His work into a small corner of world arena, it is pure shame. We have forgotten to contemplate our own actions and motives.
    Today is 19th year of leaving His body. It is a wonder, some one like Barrack Obama is living and managing the show in a more “meritocray” way, than the people who have listened this word so many times from the mouth of one of the most intelligent Master of our time; osho.. Somewhere it is like a story of a Nobel prize winner professor whose children could not go beyond high school!

  8. amrito says:

    yes Suvarna you are right. After Osho left his body they have caught a strange virus called Frankalitus, it works like this:

    First comes the Frank, and with it an odour of sarcastic humor on anything sannyasnews, than comes Heraclitus with philosophical bittneress!

    Sometimes the order in which they come is vice versa, but together they are FRANKALITUS: “go no where, drink be happy, drop your pants, all sides suck and bla bla bla”-Philosophy..


  9. No-Thought for the Day ®Copyright © 2009 Osho International Foundation

    “I teach you clearly an unprincipled life, a life of intelligence which changes with every change around you. You don´t have a principle that creates a difficulty in changing. Be absolutely unprincipled and just follow life,
    and there will be no misery in your life”

    Though it is 19th January but It is just any other day at the ashram and at the website. I love to listen everyday, No thought of the day, at the official website of His people.
    I think intelligence requires that the people who run the show should make an online survey; What Sannyasins want? What are their inspirations, visions connected with the main organisation. After all it is not just one or two people who have heard Osho Saying,”….”. Trademark issue is just a symptom, problem is in the mind, and somewhere His world in His physicla absence is being run as Zimbabve or North Korea, rather than USA or South Korea. 17, koregaon park, Pune needs a real Meritocracy, 20 people mediatating and than deciding from their gut, from their innermost core, 20 people who are independent, who are not being intimidated by the glamour of someone particular. Love you Master and all of your people!

  10. frank says:

    you have reached.
    very few have understood my message.
    i have found one wise man.
    now i can return to my cave in the himalayas and wait for death.

    you say:
    “go nowhere,drink,be happy,drop your pants,all sides suck…”

    you have have grasped the essense the mystics have all been talking about!!!!

  11. rashmi says:

    I cant believe these people quarelling like DOGS,they r ignorant so they r in all these stuffs,Plzzz grow up man n start doing Meditation rather than fighting with each other,these fights show how much u have acquired yur progress in yur meditation,u all r still an Animal.

  12. playful says:

    The question:
    Is the decision going to help anyone wake up?
    Who won with this court decision about the Osho trademark?

  13. Zulelal says:

    I got email from Satya Priya who went to resort. She sent email to few people that she has been banned from resort. Here is the email from her………..

    Hi everyone,

    You have not heard from me because the Internet have been cut by police and no long distance calls. Who knows why.
    I am using someones private German computer and things are in different places (enuf to drive me mad) like y & Z are
    reversed in their position. Meanwhile, I guess you have heard I have been banned from the resort. It is quite a blessing.
    It is a great opportunity to watch myself. The list of the banned seems to grow. There was a wonderful Never Born Never Die
    celebration, organized by the Indians. Hundreds of people, including from the resort, singing alternately English & Hindi
    songs. Osho on the screen and speaking between songs. It was all about death. Yes Devaprem I heard you say before I left
    it would be nice to have a celebration and I knew you would do it .I’m glad you had a celebration.

    Tonight there is a party at Mangala’s apt for old sannyasins. There will be quite a few people. I hope the computers come back
    soon. They say Jan. 26th. I’ll see you soon. Lots of love to everyone.


  14. Heraclitus says:

    Suvarna: You got me a little wrong. I dont support the official party!
    It’s just both sides seem to me to be rather similar and similar personalities underneath, basically power brokers.
    As it happens I have tangled with OIF on a number of occasions and once got a writ, but I just changed address and ignored it… but I know how it is, especially if you come from a more conventional background – they can be a great fear of the law which I dont share, so I have some sympathy with your comments.
    I have helped at different times in official and unofficial centres and made it my life sometimes, so dont get the idea that I am some lazy fellah talking in the sidelines.
    For me now I am more Taoist, sometimes (but not always able to do so!), taking my centre with me to the tube, into the park, and at the shop.

  15. Heraclitus says:

    Shantam Singh,
    you should go into community politics for ten years, and then come back to sannyas when you are sick and tired of that activity which only serves the herd.
    You say: “people who run the show should make an online survey; What Sannyasins want?”
    Osho was never about what sannyasins want!!!
    A master doesn’t work with what a disciple wants, he works with what the disciple doesn[‘t want. Maybe these guys you seem to hate are still somehow doing his work, if they can even make this clear to you.

  16. Dhyan says:


    “The world headquarters will be publishing my books, well be releasing my tapes, videotapes, will be doing every kind of work. But it has no domination over anybody. All communes of the world are independent. All centers of the world are absolutely free. They are under nobody’s guidance. My sannyasins are directly related to me. The world headquarters will simply function so that you can have a connection with me. Otherwise you don’t have any place to whom to ask where I am, what is happening to me. The world headquarters is not in any way a power over any sannyasin, over any other sannyas centers, ashramas, communes. It has nothing to do with that. It is my secretariat. And its function is to convey to me messages of importance and to convey to the sannyasins my messages of any importance to anybody. It is not an organization. It is not a structure. It is simply a functional office.”

  17. Alok john says:

    Satya Priya banned from Resort……

    It would be interesting if Satya Priya would tell us why she was banned.

    Was she given any explanation? If so it would be interesting to know what was said…or written.

    Was she given no explanation? Even then Satya Priya must have some suspicions as to why she was banned.

  18. amrito says:

    comman Alok…you sound like the smarter sibling asking the other one why he got beaten down by daddy–”you must’ve said something, did you do anything…Why’d you get beat than?”

    I think Banning people is completely rediculous and especially for someone lite Satya Priya who has been doing Osho’s work for more than 30 years in New York. Many have gone to Osho and the Resort due to her and now for them to turn around and ban her…rediculous!!

  19. Alok john says:

    But the more knowledge we have, the more understanding we have, both of the mind of Satya Priya and the mind of OIF.

    I just think the more that is in the open the better; it helps raise understanding and awareness.

  20. frank says:

    hey guys,
    i heard from a reliable source that she had opened several osho brothels worldwide,and had produced a whole raft of oshoporn(tm)
    titles included:
    `from sex to superconsciousness,then back to sex`
    `not enough for today`
    `leave your mind and your pants at the door`

    and she was working on a new business educational video called:
    ` how to do nothing and grow rich simply by using the name `osho`

    oh yeah,and they caught her smoking a chillum and coughing her guts out in the samadhi with a few other crackheads.

  21. swami says:

    to anyone new here …this guy frank as he calls himself is anti sannyas and anti osho … so just ignore him and the other one heraclitus..
    both of them are here only with distructiveness..

  22. Alok john says:

    Come on, Frank’s humour is cool!

  23. Zulelal says:

    I have asked Satya Priya to give us some reasons what OIF has given to her for her ban
    I don’t know if she will make any effort to answer my email but I can give you some ‘facts’ seen by me over last 10 years as I go regularly to New York osho padma meditation center since 1999.
    In 2005, OIF had approached with some court appeal to Priya asking her to sign some agreement that she is carrying osho’s legal work. They accused her that Priya was telling people not to go to pune commune. In one of attorney’s question to Priya in the court was, ‘ why and how you are related to osho and his work and why you say to people not to go to commune…priya told to that lady attorney, “it is love affair, and you may understand what it means”, ” and she will never say to anybody not to go to commune as it is the most wonderful place to go in this world. ” That lady attorney didn’t ask any further question. It was quite drama from OIF, yogendra and their family.
    They asked to sign some agreement to priya and as a rebel she refused to sign anything. they asked if she was trained to run meditation center. Priya told that osho has given this meditation center name as ‘osho padma meditation center’ 30 years ago and she was guided by osho himself.
    Later Priya told us that how these attorney will understand how and why I am with osho and his work.
    I guess it is very difficult to grasp from our little mind whole facts. But I feel it is the ego where we all divided between us and them. As she told us in her email that it is blessing to watch when they banned her.
    How we immediately become reactive of all these and create separation between good and bad. The trademark, copy right, OIF and so on. It is amazing to watch how we entangled into this game.
    In one of book’s edition given to Priya, she told us many time what osho had said, until you die I have no hope for you.
    ——so we continue then—-

  24. I think the “comments” are taking the shape of senseless discussion, where two three people are throwing the vollies on each other, in the ashram language it is called ” mind fuck”.

  25. frank says:

    excuse me, swami,
    i havent got time to reply.
    i am too busy filming my latest movies:
    `shag your way to god`
    `come come yet again come`
    `sex cult 3`

    do you fancy some oshoporn(tm)?
    don`t be shy,
    i can send you some

  26. frank says:

    quite so,shantam.
    as veeresh is fond of saying

    “i`ts better to die fucking
    than mindfucking”

  27. Atmo Jayakumar says:

    I do not understand why some people want to hoard Osho as a private property. Osho is a generic term like Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus, Muhammed etc. Nobody can ever mimic Great Masters.

    There are some vested intersted people who wanted to keep Osho as their “trademark” they consider other Osho Sannyasins as pagans,freaks, hooligans etc.

    I feel like making this irritant Osho Sannyasins to do Osho Dynamic meditations 20 times a day for a month.

    Osho is the only Master given the freedom to one’s intelligence, he never thought of a intliigenly castrated mob of Sannysins.

    It is Osho’s blessings for a freedom for “OSHO” from the iron cluches of frustrated old nuts.

  28. garimo says:

    I would like to offer my congratulations to Satya Priya for her recent graduation from the mystery school.

    When you meet the commune on the road… Being banned seems steps closer to freedom.

  29. Alok john says:

    Zulelal wrote :
    I have asked Satya Priya to give us some reasons what OIF has given to her for her ban
    …They asked to sign some agreement to priya and as a rebel she refused to sign anything…..

    Of course I do not know all the circumstances, but why not sign something to keep OIF happy. Attachment to “being a rebel”??

  30. garimo says:

    Alok john wrote: “Attachment to “being a rebel”??”

    I’m wondering if someone is “being” that which they are “a rebel”… can it ever be that negative termed ‘attachment’ thingy?

    Perhaps it’s just the nature of THAT which is.

    How can one know the difference?

    :::::::::judgmental statement deleted here:::::::

    This is fun, I’m glad I gooled ‘Osho Trademark’ yesterday and found this website.

  31. Heraclitus says:

    Its a mind fuck here, but those who dish out the epithet are also mindfucking themselves. Good thing Veeresh is in Pune at the moment (I think I.m right about this) OIF might do well to all go and do his group.

  32. Someone has written mentioning my comment, “Osho was never about what sannyasins want!!!
    A master doesn’t work with what a disciple wants, he works with what the disciple doesn[’t want. May be these guys you seem to hate are still somehow doing his work, if they can even make this clear to you.”
    It seems person is well aware, 100% sure, what Osho wants, Noit just humble presumption but sure, how the Masters work! he must have read few of the books of Indian gurus, may be was sitting in few satsangs, knows all the pathways of master disciple thing. For sure can win the good boy reward from Osho if he meets Him up or down in the sky.
    And for sure, not even in my worst dreams, i hate the people who are running the show. They are part of His work and life, the way other hundred thousands have put their life to grow and evolve as His disciples. To criticise them is my love for them because i am one their fellow brother from the Osho whiterobe brotherhood.

  33. Beloveds
    Quite amazing, the day that the news was published that Osho Int’l had lost the trdemark case was the day
    that I was banned and the internet and long distance calls were closed down. So, of course, I said “well,
    Priya, you’re on your own. And it was a most divine gift. I’ve stayed here in Pune and watched. In short, immediately I realized it was a gift. There was a feeling of freedom, a clearer vision of the subtle ways of compromise. This kept being reaffirmed as time went on. Then on day, in the silence, it went deep within me – I could feel it physically – that I was also being freed of Osho in the body. I was still attached to him in the body. It’s an incredible freedom. There’s a lot going on here. Many people tried to convince me to go to the beach in Goa, but I had no desire to escape. I send lots of love. Please read this email to whoever wants to know. I don’t have everyone’s email. emails and phones are back so you can write. I’d love to hear from you.

  34. All of you need to learn hindi to understand roots of OSHO’S WORK.
    I am saying again and again that we need to have all his talks in English.
    Osho has explained in his early hindi talks how to work for the movement.
    Half knowladge is worse then lie.
    Learn hindi.
    Enjoy Osho.
    make Osho’s temple free from criminals.
    Soon all of you will see Jesus again.
    kicking out criminals for his temple.
    Very soon ….
    All banned sannyasins get ready to come to Pune to celebrate….
    love from

  35. Heraclitus says:

    Indian Friends of mine in Pune One used to say one could never capture the melliflouous of Osho’s Hindi prose. At that time Osho used to encourage western disciples to simply sit in the Hindi lectures, which were rotated on a monthly basis with the English as I remember. He said more could be transmitted if you did not understand what he was saying? Yet another paradox!
    However all the Hindi books do need translating. I understand that OFI do two or three a year? Is that right?

  36. Beloved Pramod,
    You have not posted any Osho’s hindi video till now. How long it will take for you to “preparing some Hindi Osho video” which you will post on youTube?
    If you see video’s with “Osho” tag on youtube there are 2660 videos.
    You posted only very very few of them.
    On youtube videos are there in many western languages Posted by Osho lovers without your permission. you are not removing them. You are removing only Hindi videos. Can I ask why/
    You are not posting osho’s hindi videos. You are removing videos posted by other OSHO lovers if they are in hindi.
    If you go on doing like that then it will be seen as anti hindi, anti Indian and anti India.
    This is election year in India. If you go on doing like this then you will invite fundamentalist and nationalist group in front of the commune.(To me it is still commune)
    India already has many problem. If you can not help to solve them then please do not increase them.
    Also do not do anything which may create communal roits and law and order problem to govermet of India and Government of Maharashtra.
    I hope you have not forgotten 1997 when government of India warned you not create law and order problem and communal roits.
    Now I ask you to Post Osho’s hindi videos as soon as possible before this news goes in press and TV.
    Or do you answers why you are not posting hindi video and only removing hindi video from youtube?
    If you have then get ready to give this answer to press and TV news channels.
    The video that you have removed you can post even that video.
    I hope you will behave inteligently.
    If you have all copyright then why all the Osho material is there on since more then 8 years.
    What are you doing about it?
    Please tell someone to translate Osho’s hindi book “Anant ki Pukar” for you where Osho hiself has explained how to do his work.
    I want to do Osho’s work. I do not want any money for it. I have enough by Osho’s grace. Can you guide me what should I do?
    I want to translate Osho’s Hindi books to English. Do I need to ask your permission for it? If so then permit me.
    Any way now lets laugh little bit.
    I am sending a video for you. Show it to Jayesh and Amrito also.
    Love to all friends there.
    I am waiting for your answer.
    His Blessing
    love from

  37. Heraclitus says:

    The book you mentioned has been published in Hindi. Why not just get it, and translate it, or get someone you trust with good English to translate it? If you believe in your work you dont need anyone’s “permission” and if it is well translated many would thank you for it.
    The Hindi videos are a little more difficult. I am sure that Keerti in Delhi has a supply of Hindi videos and you could buy same from him and make available, but not through U-tube which OIF can threaten, but do it in India where Indian ISP’s at present ignore OIF.

  38. Beloved Priya
    Welcome to the world of Osho!
    Your words are lovely.
    We will meet again in NY soon.
    Ram Krishnananda

  39. Vismaya
    Please be in Touch with me as I have some work for you. its about Osho’s book to be translated into English from Hindi.
    R. K

  40. Beloved friends,
    Here is new letter of Pramod of OIFHi,

    Perhaps you don’t know all the background – some details I can share.

    1. We are working on some Hindi videos – and like all other work we do this with care and want to present this in the best quality.

    There are only very few Hindi videos recorded – as you might knwo, video was not much available at the time when Osho spoke Hindi.
    Our archive person is working on this – just relax.

    2. Videos who infringe the copyright are removed – no matter what language, we do not discriminate. YouTube is removing for us many more English videos. Please remember that Osho did not want to be seen as an India – he was not a nationalist – he was the first world citizen going beyon national identity. Please also remember that Osho is a visionary – he is very aware that English language is the future of the world and the language of the young and new India. Osho wanted the Hindi books translated – but not as priority and never made any distinction between English and Hindi. Any word – spoken in Hindi or English from an enlightened being is of the same importance.

    3. Re Hindi translations: I am in contact with our editorial team and we are preparing some books you can help to translate. Hindi translations are important – and complicated to do as Osho spoke such a good Hindi. I will come back on this soon.

    If you want to work with us and contribute to Osho’s work – you are very welcome, but please stop pushing and learn to relax into the timing of existance.

    Much love, Pramod

  41. Beloved Pramod,
    Your mail was really full of love. Thank you very much for giving me so loving energy by your kind words explanations. Few things you have not answered.
    1. If you have all copyright then What is the situation of OSHOWORLD who is freely distributing OSHO talks from their wave site and about Tapovan Nepal Who is selling and distributing all OSHO materials much better and cheaper prices then you and your distributors.
    2. You open your channel on you tube long ago and no Hindi Material or Osho talk till now. Do you have any love for Hindi? Don’t you feel like understanding Oshos early Hindi talks which he was giving freely while traveling around INDIA?
    3. I feel Translations of all Hindi talks must be our priority because they can sort out all disputes among Osho Lovers.
    Here is a letter written to all Osho Lovers Worldwide who are supporting me to sort-out all Osho disputes.
    Please pay good attention and try to understand love of Osho lovers to their masters and avoid ugly things in Osho Movements.
    Love to all there I miss all of you very much.
    May love to our beloved master help us to love and understand each other.
    We are all Oshos Bodies doing his work which may spread all around earth in front of our own eyes.
    His Blessings
    Love from

  42. Important Message for all osho lovers
    The letter to all Osho Lovers Worldwide
    Beloved Heraclites,
    Thank you very much for your comments. I have posted few talks translated from this book ( Anant ki Pukar) to
    Whatever I can do own my own I trying to do my best and it is a joy for me. The main Point which is hurting me canstantly is The situation of Osho Movement in the world. Because of the unloving attitude of OIF Whole movement is suffering badly. Right hand is fighting with left hand and the energy that could bring more and more people near Osho is getting wasted in court fight. It is such a wound in the heart of people who love Osho from and ready to give their whole life for Osho.
    I feel all the people who are doing Oshos work in whatever way, they all need to sit together and talk with love and understanding. No need to fight but OIF is provoking them coming on their way and creating hate.
    If this hate wave is not stopped with love and understanding then there will be bloodshed fight witch will be very ugly and wrong for masters work. I am doing everything so this day does not come in Osho Movement.
    We need to have World conference of all Osho lovers here in Pune and sort out dispute. OIF is the main Body known by Osho lovers world wide. More loving and intelligent people are needed there who can sort out dispute among sannyasins not creating new one.
    I am trying my best and I need love and support of all Osho lovers worldwide. I alone can not do it.
    One thing is common in all of us including Jayesh, Amrito, Pramod, and even Osho Dhara people that all we love Osho from our deepest heart. In his talks Osho Explained every think so clearly that if we use our intelligence and love then there will be no fight no dispute and every one can become support to each other.
    I wall give more time to translation. The book I am talking about is the meeting of friends who were working for Osho in 1968 ( matheran workers camp).
    In this book Osho spoke how to sort-out dispute and do the work with meditation.
    I feel this book can sort-out all the big disputes. I feel our first priority is to Translate All Oslos Hindi talks in English. We should start from very first book to the last book.
    Some translations are there on channel which you can find out by typing ‘ENGLISH’ on my videos search in the channel.
    May Oshos work spread world wide in front of our eyes and every human have Osho understanding with him. How beautiful will be the humanity then.
    His blessings…

  43. surajo says:

    I was just for the first time in Poona again after 12 yrs. At first I was deeply sad that the Budda Hall is not as it was before, that it is possible to wair shoes in the Meditation Space Buddha Grove! I wish maybe one day Osho’s Podium will be Shining again just as a Love, Respect , Reminder for all that he has given us and not because we are afraid that he work will become a Religion. I don’t think that can happen, we we listen closely to what Osho has given to us, how can it! I found my Home in Osho and his Presence is in the Resort or Ashram, the names don’t matter. He is there. I wish that lots of Old Sannysins would visit the Resort today and in the future so we can keep it as a strong Buddhafield. Lets keep Osho’s Vision going and growing.
    Ma Anand Surajo

  44. osho is very talented person ,but all book and c.d and dvd has to be free to copy or without trandmark that osho desires but oif not follow this