Pune Meditation Resort Team Letter

Garimo and The Meditation Resort Management Team answer Shola’s letter of October 6, 2012.  (This letter can be viewed on Facebook)

As you chose to publicly involve all of your Facebook friends and posted an open letter to the circle here, I would like to make sure that these same friends have the chance to read the reply you received. In my view this includes some important Osho understandings, and I myself have witnessed quite a few occasions where Osho asked a person to publicly apologize as part of finishing a matter once and for all. Clean and clear. And of course your freedom to act as you wish, including to ignore that invitation.

With love to you, and the reply also publicly posted below,


Welcome Centre - Osho Meditation Resort Pune

Dear Shola,

Thank you for your mail confirming that you now agree with the position taken by the people who want to “save the samadhi.”

Implicit in this of course is your support for a different kind of setup from the one Osho specifically arranged before leaving the body, run by a different group of people than the ones Osho again specifically chose.

That you support a very different proposal than the one Osho has asked for is of course your freedom. When people went public with that criticism, Osho response was clear, as you know well. It was very simply that the person writes an apology in the same place they wrote their criticism, and then the matter is dropped forever, and the individual was allowed in again.

Osho was very specific about this. He made it clear that this apology was nothing to do with anyone else, but a way of finishing the issue completely for the individual concerned. With no carry over at all.

Some people responded to Osho’s instructions and wrote the apology, and whatever it was is gone forever. Others chose to respond to Osho as you have done, and have never returned.

As you make clear in your letter, this is yet another aspect of Osho’s guidance on how the meditation resort should be run that you won’t agree with.

About that, there is nothing we can do. It is Osho’s name on the gate, and he has left very clear instructions about the direction of his work, how the campus should look, the facilities he wants in place, how it should be run, how it should be financed…. As you know, Osho didn’t overlook anything of significance!

Perhaps a message from Osho to those taking care of his work might help. The context was a concern about people leaving Osho’s work and whether there was anything that should be done about it.

Osho has explained that his work is like a big tree. That we just stand by the tree and the wind will blow, and leaves will fall. And it is the nature of the mind to put its attention on the falling leaves and the nature of consciousness to put its awareness on the space created for new leaves to grow.

Osho also shared that the work of an enlightened one is in its essence a mystery school. That in that mystery people are pulled to the work at exactly the right moment in time and that they are also released at the exact right moment in time. That the mind makes reasons for its coming and for its leaving – these are not the truth.

Osho shared, with humor, that people have said that they are leaving him and his work because of too much salt in the dal.

He explains that people with some consciousness will feel gratitude for the existence of this mystery school, and will trust that they have received a great opportunity that they will carry with them.

That there is nothing wrong with them when leaving and there is nothing wrong with Osho’s proposal. And in particular, he asked that people be helped to understand this.

His guidance is that we have our attention on the new people coming, not on the people leaving. And emphasized that nothing in their living will have prepared them for this experience.In our meetings, you shared that you live in Pune and so close to the campus because the Meditation Resort is the only reason that you are in India. Reviewing our entry data it shows that, apart from the last New Year’s Eve, you came once last year, and once this.

We will continue to do our very best to support the creation of the place Osho has asked for, whether the rest of the world approves of what Osho has asked for or not.


The Meditation Resort Management Team

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142 Responses to Pune Meditation Resort Team Letter

  1. Parmartha says:

    The problem seems to be that India, where Osho is, it seems, still very popular,
    has a certain way with their deceased gurus. This involves worshipful attitudes buried in Hinduism towards the “guru’s resting place”.
    The “Resort” is actually in India, unless others had missed that, and so there are bound to be differences.
    I myself always experienced Osho himself as an Internationalist, and never really thought of him as Indian. He created an international commune certainly.

    I don’t know whether he left detailed instructions about how his Resort would continue. I doubt if he did go into much detail. But those who inherited the administration, like Garimo, “read” him well when he was alive, and so are likely to echo that in the present time.

    Like Lokesh, a main contributor on this blog who has said it in a number of places, I have met “newcomers” who have traveled from western cities like London and Paris and found what we used to call the “ashram” still a place where their brand of seeking was nourished, and set on fire. (I certainly can believe Osho saying it was important to concentrate on those who were coming into the Gateless Gate for the first time, not those who were leaving it for the last).
    Those were the types who he sought as a master/teacher when he gave up on many Indian followers in the early seventies, and stopped his travelling around that country to settle in one place, where those from abroad who really were drawn to him could find their way.

    This lesson from history needs to be absorbed by those who, with the best will in the world, seem to want to make Osho’s legacy some kind of visiting shrine.

  2. Lokesh says:

    The letter states, ‘As you know, Osho didn’t overlook anything of significance!’
    That is really quite a statement, all things considered.
    ‘Osho also shared that the work of an enlightened one is in its essence a mystery school.’ That is understandable because if we take this letter as an extension of an enlightened one’s work, many will be mystified by its contents. I can’t help but notice that the letter is totally lacking in humour, although viewed in a certain metallic light one could say it drips irony. Obviously, this is quite a serious matter.
    I see that one of the letter’s important conclusions is, quote, ‘Reviewing our entry data it shows that, apart from the last New Year’s Eve, you came once last year, and once this.’ Dear Shola is obviously out of her depth in these waters…poor wee soul. Big Osho is watching you!

    The ultimate conclusion is, I suspect, a koan sent by a Klingon Zen monk, living in the Upper Megadon Galaxy. ‘We will continue to do our very best to support the creation of the place Osho has asked for, whether the rest of the world approves of what Osho has asked for or not.’ Very inflexible. I’ve always equated old age with a lack of flexibility. I know little about The Meditation Resort Management Team. Are they a close-knit group of geriatrics?

    Well, thank heavens it all works out, because in the end the letter signs off with the ubiquitous ‘Love’. That’s just dandy. We can all go back to sleep now. After all, without love in the dream it will never come true.

    PS: Have they erected that Osho statue at the end of M G Road yet. You know, hands raised in namaste, mischievious smile playing on the lips?

  3. shantam prem says:

    Very bogus reply, almost like press release from the Arabic countries….

  4. alok john says:

    I am afraid I support Garimo et al. I always regarded the place as a Mystery School. I found it tough to be there, but I “grew” a lot.

    As to P’s statement, “I don’t know whether he left detailed instructions about how his Resort would continue.” Don’t you remember there was a recent article on SN by Jayesh mentioning the hundreds of hours he spent meeting with Osho in the last nine months of his life, concerning how the work was to continue after Osho had left the body. Presumably, He gave instructions covering just about everything.

  5. frank says:

    That letter reminded me of something.
    I remembered what it was when the words
    “Swami Winston Smith” popped into mind….

    “He was back in the Ministry of Love, with everything forgiven, his soul was white as snow. He was in the public dock, confessing everything…
    O cruel, needless misunderstanding!
    O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast!
    But it was alright. everything was alright.
    He had won the victory over himself.
    He loved Big Brother.”

    (from the last page of George Orwell`s 1984)

  6. shantam prem says:

    This reply shows, “Osho as Master was speaking big,big words but left a very medicore team for His own work.”
    God Bless Vatican, they are doing quite a good work in the name of God, Jesus and Holy Ghost!

  7. Merlina says:

    I had an exchange of pms on Facebook with Shola around the time this first arose, and, on the basis of what she shared with me at that time I couldn’t see any reason for the Pune management not to allow her to participate in the Resort, or that she should have to apologise. She told me she had been friends with Swami Rajneesh but had since ‘dropped him’ because he had so much rage. She had also joined and posted in the Save Osho Pune and the Samadhi group that had been created on Facebook, and I think questioned one or two things about how the place was run, but as I recall had quite a neutral position initially, and certainly wasn’t attacking the Resort and the Pune management in the way that others were.

    The trouble is, from the outset, her experience was seized upon by those who are out to attack the OIF at every opportunity – including Swami Rajneesh: she may have dropped him, but he had most certainly not dropped her! He and his followers along with others who share his anger and bitterness towards the OIF wanted to highlight Shola’s experience as ‘proof’ of their claims that the OIF are indiscriminately banning ‘innocent sannyasins’.

    Reading this response on from the Pune management, it seems to me there has been a misunderstanding on their part. Just through association with the very aggressive and militant elements in that group, they wrongly assumed Shola was hostile towards them when in fact she wasn’t.

    Unfortunately, by making it a condition that she has to appologise when she hadn’t actually done anything against them, and certainly not against Osho, they have played right into the hands of Rajneesh and his followers.

    I think Shola has ended up being used as ammunition in some very unpleasant politics that are currently going on. She seemed to me like a nice person who, in her own words is ‘for Osho’ and just wanted to go there to meditate.

    The sheer nastiness and abusiveness of the attacks against the current Pune management that I have witnessed is pretty horrendous – and I’ve been on the receiving end of some of it myself within that particular group, before being banned altogether – and there’s an obvious irony in that!

    So I can understand why, as human beings, the Pune management are currently very defensive – it feels to me like they are currently hiding behind ‘we are just carrying out Osho’s instructions’.

    What I think might begin to transform this would be if there was a climate of more open-ness and less judgements. The reality – as I see it – is that there are people who are genuinely ‘for Osho’ on both ‘sides’ of this controversy, with different understandings and interpretations of what Osho wanted…….

    I recall Osho stating at one point that it’s the people coming in a hundred years time who will be able to understand his vision and his work. That supports what the Pune management are saying about focusing on the new leaves and not the old leaves that are falling – but the implication is that they, too are part of the old leaves! I feel what we are dealing with here is a phenomenon which is beyond any one person or group’s understanding – and it would be good if we could all accept that whatever we think we have understood and experienced is only a partial view, filtered by our own interpretations, and accept that others may be seeing different dimensions/aspects.

  8. Shola says:

    I guess the reply will make more sense with the initial letter…
    Love, Shola
    When I posted the “Save Osho Pune and Samadhi” group page on FB I did it with a genuine curiosity about its content, without taking any position. I simply acknowledged that some sannyasins were pursuing this issue.

    For this reason I have been banned and after my second meeting with Dhyanesh and Yogendra, I found myself with a must, I had to choose and take a decision: “You have to delete that post if you want to enter this place” is what I was told.

    This has forced me to really look into the matter and so I read again and again the objectives of “oshowork.org” and I found myself agreeing with them on everything. Honestly, I feel that your behavior just helped the opponent, you really forced me to carefully watch into this matter and I realized that I do agree with it, I do want an easier place where people are not banned for pity reasons; where the price can allow more people to come and to work there; I want back the beautifully crowded place that I loved, that I came here for, that deserves to be full of Osho sannyasins. This is what I want, this is what I stand for, and if the way you perceive Osho’s vision is the one that you are implementing now, I am really not interested. If my opinion did hurt anybody’s personal feelings then I apologize, it was not my intention, my intention simply was and is, to express freely my thoughts and I’ll defend my right to do so against anything and anybody.

    The place is absolutely stunning and it is obvious the care and the energy spent to make and maintain this beauty, but if the counter price is mental rigidity and the privation of the possibility to express oneself, then I don’t really see the point of making arrangements with you. And everybody see that the place is empty: how many among Osho people are ready to accept and tolerate to compromise at this basic level of lack of respect, openness of views and expression? You have been engaging a war that exists only in your minds, other people are simply responding to a situation that you have created and that no sannyasin supports and likes. At this point I doubt your good intentions and I can see that behind your decisions and behavior there might be a plan based on power or profit, or both, nothing to do with Osho’s vision.

    You have been trying to convince people that your goal is to protect Osho’s vision from some phantom brahmins that want to take hold of the place and turn it into an old-fashioned, worship-based ashram, but frankly this looks to me more like a poor excuse to cover any different action of yours than a real danger. Obviously, I don’t know exactly what is going on in your minds and what you are really doing. I do know that this situation is creating separations and that separations never lead to anything good and I will do my best to pursue clarity and transparence, understanding and common sense, not to fight against anyone but to help Osho’s place to shine again as it should. I understood that friendly speaking and negotiating through personal meetings and letters will not be effective unless they are on your terms and conditions, like writing an apology letter and denying that something is really happening. So I wonder if I must take legal advice to safeguard my right to participate in the ashram life since I didn’t commit any “criminal” act for being banned, but only expressed my opinion, by the way in the cradle of Democracy. At this point I definitively invite you to look into the matter and not simply dismiss it.

    Maybe the times are mature for a real change to happen.


  9. Preetam says:

    It is sad that the Ashram authorities do not have the understanding that Individuals are more important than any Institution or Organization. It’s not really providential creating an Organization justified by saving Osho’s work, where the Individual has to surrender to the Organization. Somehow it can be interpreted as devious or very cunning; again the Individual has to surrender to a structure, against him, a way of making distance to others.

    Apology to whom, the Institution for saving Osho’s will? For Osho, always the Individual is above any Organization or Institution. If it would be running better, the Authorities would serve the Individual, and not the Structure. Serving a structure is the root of Fascism and is the common way of making distance to the “ordinary” being; if a few do not want to share whatever. Here is the interface of understanding what is meant by serving and responsibility. Hopefully, the authorities do not follow “The orange Order of York” for money and no truth.

  10. dhyan ullhas says:

    I have a few immediate questions…
    No judgements….just questions…
    Not necessarily in order…
    Who decides the formation, functioning and constitution of the members of the “Inner Circle”?
    Who decides who goes and who stays?
    Who decides which function is handled by which member? Is it a democratic process?
    How does it function? Do they keep a record?
    What is the process by which members are chosen? Do they come in by invitation? Nomination? Do they volunteer for the “job”?
    If the “Samadhi” was not meant to exist – then who was responsible in creating it in the first place? (Obviously, if it was Osho’s Samadhi then it couldn’t have been Osho himself!?).
    Are the “Inner Circle” denying it ever existed? Or simply acknowledging that it needs to go (now after so many years? Why?).
    Are there other “samadhis” present within the premises of the OIMR? If they were created there (before Osho’s Samadhi was created)…then Osho might have wanted them there? Why?

    More questions might follow… :)

  11. prem martyn says:

    ‘Tis not an easy thing to be entirely happy, but to be kind is very easy, and that is the greatest measure of happiness”.

    John Wilmot, the second Earl of Rochester. 18th century Libertine, poet…and a jolly good egg.

  12. shantam prem says:

    Howsoever I miss Osho Pune, deep down there is a sense of relief to see its decline. It shows humanity has evolved this much, one can not befool it with glossy ads. Other than Russians, who are present at every tourist attraction, very, very few people from the developed western world are coming to Pune or even to India.
    One just cannot sell hocus pocus attitude wrapped in soothing words.

    When a president spends hundreds of thousands of hours with his wife in the bedroom of White House, I am sure much of the State policies are also discussed and shared; only a fool will think these private talks should be incorporated in the formation of policies of national interests.

    Same is about Jayesh’s so-called private meetings with Osho. One must not forget, Osho was like a fragile, wounded bird looking for a window to come out from American Odyssey after a life blow given by His trusted Indian-born “Seela”. Jayesh came on the right moments like a Hindi movie hero, to protect the father figure.
    Osho encourged him a lot, gave him also maximum space, but has Osho chosen him as His successor?
    Hundreds of discourses are video recorded, even when Osho was not coming out, someone was always reading the messages sent by Osho to His people. Has Osho ever given an indication that transmission of lamp has taken place between Him and Jayesh or anyone else?

    Spritual transmission is another thing, Jayesh team has not been able to sell their product, even after diluting it as much as possible according to the taste buds of visiting business executives in Pune for their business trips.
    I don’t think any educated person with healthy ego will go into a “cult” headquarters for some kind of fitness and massage, when such services are available in the hotel.

    But yes, if someone has some kind of emotional bonding with Osho, such person will take all the trouble to reach…
    By cutting the branches of a tree, people like Garimo want to grow the leaves; maybe she thinks leaves are like body hair: shave them, still they grow!

  13. bodhi vartan says:

    Is the Resort following Osho’s vision? I don’t know and I don’t care. But I trust them. So whatever they do, it is fine by me. Everything happening is always the right thing to be happening.

    I just love the new Zen approach. If you were going to be a salesman, would you rather be selling Rajneeshism (and all that luggage) or Zen? The substance is the same. Sannyasins are all fingers pointing to the same moon. How you decorate your finger is up to you. I feel we have to stop seeing each other as devotees, or whatever, and start seeing each other “as friends”. There is no more Osho. All that is left of Him is inside His sannyasins. Anyone wishing to visit the Resort would have to become friends with the people living there. A friend has to listen to advice, BUT HE DOESN’T HAVE TO TAKE IT.

    Zen is the path of least resistance. Go Zen. Why fight? If somebody wants that old-fashioned Indian experience, I feel that people like Swami Anand Arun are doing an excellent job in that department.


    • roman says:

      I guess with your comment, ‘There is no more Osho. All that is left of him is inside his sannyasins’, we are back with gnosticism.
      As for ‘Everything happening is always the right thing to be happening’, that would go down well in Syria. ‘Zen is the path of least resistance. Go Zen. Why fight?’ Sounds somewhat daoist to me.

      I guess with capitalism triumphing worldwide – the pervading ideology – one just renounces every endeavor to have control over things. One should just ‘let oneself go and drift along’. The inner peace! We need to bring a bit of ‘let go’ to the Gaza where 1.1 million people, about 80% of Gaza’s residents, are now dependent on food aid, unemployment is close to 40%, and close to 70% of the 110,000 workers employed in the private sector have lost their jobs. It is also said that the hospitals are suffering from power-cuts of up to 12 hours a day, and the water and sewage systems are close to collapse, with 40-50 million litres of sewage pouring into the sea daily.

      At least one intelligent Buddhist, Christopher Titmus, knows he hasn’t much to offer and is humbled when he goes into Gaza out of a sense of universal compassion.

      Vartan, I appreciate what you’ve written and your enthusiasm for Zen etc. but the flow may be polluted. Osho certainly wasn’t into ‘let go’ when he refused to sign his name as David Washington. In fact, Osho seems to have taken on anyone and everyone, which is one of the reasons I found him so interesting. As for Poona, is it just for the chosen few? Have any sannyasins thought of going into the Gaza to teach ‘let go’?

      • satyadeva says:

        But Roman, why highlight the suffering in Gaza, rather than in any of the other benighted places in the world? Is it due to some anti-American, anti-capitalist agenda?

        And if you’re so concerned, why don’t you actually go there and try to help (when you’re well enough)?

        But if nothing can be done, nothing can be done. What’s the point of thinking, talking or writing about it? Haven’t we all been exposed to countless similar stories of suffering, via the media, for most of our lives? To what avail? They just keep on coming….

        • bodhi vartan says:

          Roman, I agree with Satyadeva. There is absolutely no point in pondering on the shit of the world. You want to know tragedy? I am Greek. We invented tragedy. And then I took sannyas and I can’t remember the last time I was Greek.

          Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to study Osho’s work as a whole. In the past, either the information was not available, or I was partying too hard to care, or I was in isolation. I can now clearly see that he used Zen to get him out of a tight spot, and that is also a lesson and a direction for us.

          Earlier today I was listening to “Zen Fire, Zen Wind” (I just wanna see if Osho was right about this Russia thing or if it was just an anti-USA knee-jerk reaction on his part). Anyway, he was talking about some ‘blue cows’ that were overrunning a place in India and nobody would kill them until somebody came up with the bright idea of calling them ‘blue horses’ and then they killed thousands of them.

          Don’t get caught up with the words. It’s not what they mean to the speaker, but how they impact the listener.


        • roman says:

          You are right. I don’t believe capitalism works. There needs to be some alternative. Chinese state capitalism, well what to say? There is much I love about the States. The literature, music and art. Interestingly, the best is highly critical of America. If I had to choose between Reagan/Bush or Trotsky/Lenin it is obvious who I’d favour, but that is a long discussion. I separate the two Russians from Stalin.

          As for the Middle East? Well, what to say here? Three monotheistic faiths emerging out of this area. Interesting times. You are right, we are exposed to similiar stories. Can nothing be done? Well, that is a hard one. I’ve got close Jewish friends who are very divided on this issue and play an active role in what is happening in Israel. Some believe it is an apartheid state and others I know are strong Zionists. Obviously singling out Israel for criticism is not anti-semitic. Jacqueline Rose, a brilliant Jewish psycho-analytical writer, has written extensively on the problem and she is highly critical of the state of Israel as are many other courageous Jewish thinkers.

          Why don’t I go there? Well, I am of more use where I am. I was obviously fishing for a reply and I appreciate your thoughts. As Aristotle says, we are political animals and my friends are of the left. Perhaps I could use the label leftist Nietzschean and I find Buddhist atheism appealing.

          Sannyas attracted a diverse range of people from those who had very right wing politics to others of the other side of the political spectrum. I always found it a bit absurd having a White Robe Brotherhood (reminded me of KKK), but apparently a White Robe Sisterhood is starting. Cheers.

  14. frank says:

    My view is that anyone with at least some of their vital organs, notably the brain, still functioning relatively well, no matter which side of the dispute they are on, would extricate themeselves as fast as possible from such a bogus, psychologically inflated scene as this, with all its attendant doublethink, newspeak, paranoid, crypto-fascist politics and outright gobbledegook.

    You have learnt the abc of meditation.
    Then get out there and try it out in life.
    You might well be amazed at how interesting that can be….

    • diane tirith says:

      Kirk to Enterprise:
      Place is infested with klingons.
      Warp drive
      And get me out of here!

      • roman says:

        “Now he had not run far from his own door, but his wife and children perceiving it, began crying after him to return, but the man put his fingers in his ears, and ran on, crying, ‘Life, life! eternal life.’ ”
        Bunyan’s ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress.’

      • Lokesh says:

        The photon condenser choobs will no’ take it!

        • frank says:

          Spock to Enterprise…
          The Captain was only visiting the planet, but unfortunately been vapourized.
          The Klingons are now battling it out viciously with the Mysterions over what to do to bring more “love” and “awareness” to the planet.
          It is curious how you humans so often manage to obtain what you don’t want.
          Beam me up, Scotty.
          These inhabitants of this planet really are a waste of space.

          • diane tirith says:

            Kirk to Enterprise…
            No! I am alive.
            Just hiding in a cave and watching the idiots Klingon and Samadhyon destroy each other.
            Now only a few coriaceous Klingon are left.
            But no problem, we can isolate them in the Big Black Klingon Pyramid,
            where they can rule their nice little kingdom and apologize to each other as much as they like.
            And we can get on with our lives, finally.
            Tell Scotty to bring the wine.

            • frank says:

              spock to kirk.
              thats good news.
              the warp factor in the inner circle of this universe is so seriously warped we thought you might have apologized…
              as for scotty,unfortunately,he has got caught up in the heat of the moment and has already drunk the wine,refilled the bottle with his own urine and thrown it at some klingaons,shouting
              “cop e lood o thus….fokin papist scom thut ye are “…
              which i can only assume is some kind of religious invocation that you humanoids seem to enjoy….

  15. Lokesh says:

    Reading some of these posts what comes to mind is how different, utterly remote and quite the opposite today’s Resort is from that which it was originally founded upon.

    One thing I loved about Osho was his basic acceptance of everyone. In the seven years I spent around his presence I only once saw him reject one person, which was hardly surprising if one takes into consideration that the woman in question threw a shoe at him. Nonetheless, that woman was not banned from the ashram and was allowed to wander its precincts freely.

    Today we have sannyasins being banned for minor infringements, such as speaking up about complaints against the management etc. Someone in power must feel they are standing on very shaky ground if they feel in some way threatend by such things. It makes me wonder why people bother to go there and my conclusion is that some of the good vibes from a bygone era must still remain, and hence people are drawn there. I’m quite sure also that the resort is a beautiful place and that it must take a lot of work to maintan it, no doubt the job of sannyasins who devote their time to the task and thus carry on what has become a tradition. Hats off to them.
    There was a time in my life when being in Poona and around Osho was the most important thing in the world to me. Reading some of the above comments I feel blessed that I am not drawn to a place where people can dictate and control me to the extent that I cannot voice my opinions for fear of being banned.

    I am quite sure that some feel that being in the Resort is very important to them and I wish them the best. I might add that the sooner they get over it, and realise that being hooked on a geographical location for one’s spiritual growth is a trap, the better. It’s what is inside of you that counts, not what surrounnds you. A good example would be people who survived the Nazi extermination camps and went on to do great things in life. This thread is a good example of a piddling storm in a cracked tea cup. My advice is to throw the cup away immediately and realise that wherever you stand is holy ground. All that is needed is the eyes to see it and thus realize it.

    All this nonsense about Osho’s vision and the extent people are willing to go to enforce that vision, simply shows that either Osho did not have a clear-cut vision and if he did it had nothing to do with all this lame tit-for-tat.

    • roman says:

      Nice. No hocus pocus.
      ‘Do not focus on detail, but rather on energy.
      …It is the vibration that convinces, not the word.’
      Many old Western sannyasins didn’t understand a word of Hindi but went to those discourses. One is a fool or into power games when one takes Osho literally. A man of immense courage.

  16. shantam prem says:

    The emotional content in our being craves to relate with something bigger, something meaningful.
    For many it is just the family, for others some kind of Manchester United gets added in the list! Many people find solace in their church, in their pastor.
    Many turn out to be emotionally naive too, who pay their life savings to some conman for some kind of Salvation in other life, as the link story shows.
    Should we think that people like Lokesh or Frank are on the higher level of consciousness, because they can brew their own coffee, don’t need some kind of Nespresso?!
    The fact is, stable, happy, healthy person needs nothing but some swimming, some morning walk, yet trillion dollars worth of Medical industry is also required. If one listens to such gentlemen who are sufficient unto themselves, world will not become a beautiful place but a graveyard.
    Spiritual institutions fulfil a certain kind of need in certain kind of people, and these people have all the right to ask for transparent management.


    • frank says:

      Talking about Manchester United…
      When I was a young lad,I was football crazy.
      I asked my Art teacher, a certain Mr.Wise, “Who do you support,sir?”
      He continued drawing on his piece of paper amd, without looking up, answered :
      “They dont support me, so I don’t support them.”

      • frank says:

        Unfortunately, the Red Devils have been in terminal decline since we tried to win the World Cup in USA85.
        Even tho` we had the hand of God on our side, those old tactics of hoofing it up to your one star player and hoping he would take all the responsibility were painfully exposed as being completely innappropriate for the modern game….

        • Lokesh says:

          Growing up in Glasgow in a Protestant family it was inevitable that I would become a Rangers fan. I only ever attended one Old Firm match at Hampden and was rewarded with a nasty bang on the head from a beer can, loaded with fresh urine and tossed by a Celtic supporter.
          And so it happened early in my life that I learned to stay away from organised religion or suffer the consequences.

          PS: Shantam, it’s obvious that you are operating from a higher level of unconsciousness than most. Take this bit of nonsense: ‘The fact is, stable, happy, healthy person needs nothing but some swimming, some morning walk, yet trillion dollars worth of Medical industry is also required.’ That is not a fact. That is pure fiction, If you take a daily swim and a good long walk there is a lot less chance of requiring medical attention. Perhaps you should try it some time, instead of watching telly all day long, while stuffing your face with all those pakoras and chappatis that mama is feeding you. Then again, perhaps this was part of Osho’s vision. He always had a soft spot for fat people.

          PSS: Mental institutions fulfil a certain kind of need in certain kind of people, and these people have all the right to ask for transparent management.

      • roman says:

        I remember Mr.Wise, who also had another half, Mr.Stupid. My favourite teacher was Pittioni, the Geography teacher who was tormented by his pupils. One day he failed to return from a vacation. He had gone to Leeds just to study the works of Engels and to relax, but he hanged himself in the room to which he had retired for just a few days.
        In his will he left everything he was possessed of to his pupils. They should not think he hated them now that he had drawn the only conclusion open to him, he wrote in his will. On the contrary. They had not accepted his love for them, no matter how much he had done for them. Whatever the reason, he hoped for their forgiveness.
        Now Pittioni was a true believer and I have no doubt he was forgiven.

  17. prem martyn says:

    Welcome to the Republic of Oshostan,

    In the words of our Master, dear leader and umpire of all things spiritual, plus free benefactor of humanity given half a chance, and especially about three people who really do understand what he was on about and whose hearts are as refined as the driven snow that floats fleetingly into understanding (yours)…then ahemmm…
    We would like to remind all who would like to have their hearts set on fire that:

    1) Osho said that he should not be mentioned , gazed upon , or devoted to in a maundy type manner.

    2) That if you do any of the above it could lead to unforeseen circumstances, which your house insurance may not cover you for (see small print ‘houses and hearts on fire, call helpline number’).

    3) That if you think he deserves a plinth, shrine, mausoleum or quiet reading room complete with iconic ‘Guru-Eze’ recliner chair and gratitudinal air-compressed elevator for raising him and yourself to a higher plane whilst revering his unique contribution to breathing in and out without thinking about it, then think again, matey.

    4) We are all beloveds and you’ll get there quicker if you apologise.

    5) You don’t have to apologise to visit our ‘GulpIt’ down Cafe as we ourselves are quite sorry that they serve cheap Nescoffee and are having a word about it with our suppliers.

    6) Here is an apology format we use when we are asked to say sorry;

    Nah nah nee nahhhh nahhhh, we’re not sorry, nah nee nah nahhh…and you smell as well!

    7) Saying ‘Sorry, I actually prefer multiple sexual experiences with different partners’ is NOT an apology but more a way of life and so would come under the spiritual category of ‘taking the peace’ and ‘giving it large’. See our guidebook for real New Seekers complete with free song CD ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony’ and their other hit, ‘If I had a Hammer’.

    8) Saying ‘I’m sorry, but you really are banned’ and ‘ You really are a sorry seeker’ are totally acceptable as apologies for the spontaneously uninitiated.

    9) You might think that we have got an easy job of it here banning people, but it takes months of intensive training at the Boot and Mala Pub to know how to spot trouble and nip it in the bud: Dress smart…t-shirt but no ties or white robes.

    10) If you want to know how bad it gets on a Saturday night here at the Oshostan Duck and Dive public house, take a look at the weirdos we have to keep out and see if you can spot the difference between a Klingon and a bloke with arm movements provided by Thunderbirds puppets, claiming to be a certain Mr Rajneesh himself.

    And finally…

    Don’t forget to write into our Worthy Worshipper and the meaning of spiritual language competition this week at:

    Peace in the Mouth of The Mother River Ganges
    Floating Corpse Lane
    Amoeba Buildings
    Oshostan Pune

    And please send all donations to our sister charity:

    “I apologise”
    Lawyers Defence Fund

  18. Lokesh says:

    Very good, Martyn. Osho’s blessings. The sister charity donations should be sent to USB, 25 Bahnhof Strasse, Zurich. Account Number 6536355363748484. Thunderbirds are go and Jimmy Savile is spinning the discs at Cloud 9 tonight!

  19. shantam prem says:

    Irrelavnt, victory or defeat ! Fighting for a god cause has always given the nourishment for life..

    • roman says:

      Paranormal powers arise from birth and family, psychotropic plants, the reciting of magical formulas, ascetic practice, and yoga union.

      Yoga-sutras (fifth to first century BCE, India)

  20. bodhi vartan says:

    Shantam Prem says:
    Should we think that people like Lokesh or Frank are on the higher level of consciousness, because they can brew their own coffee, don’t need some kind of Nespresso?!

    This is why Osho created groups and communes. In a commune you will find by yourself where exactly where you fit, without anyone needing to tell you. Most people, when they put themselves in groups find that they are actually much better off than they thought they were. It’s easy to sit at home and think that your problems are the worst.

    Lokesh says:
    It’s obvious that you are operating from a higher level of unconsciousness than most.

    Haha. Lokesh, you kill me.

    I firmly believe that the way the Resort is currently being run is the way Osho wanted all his Ashrams to be run. Nice and peaceful and full of wealthy people. Unfortunately, he got us! I got into sannyas (in late ‘83) just as he shaved the hippies and put them in (western) suits. I never met the hippies, dressed as hippies, and it was only after I learned the history of things that I understood what happened. If Sheela didn’t fuck it up I am sure he must have had some amazing plans for us. Space-suits perhaps?

    On a general note, the Inner is the Outer and the Outer is the Inner. And that should keep both sides happy.


    • Lokesh says:

      Poona One was a natural progression from hippy life in Goa. By the early seventies the scene in Goa was getting burned out…the wooden ships of the hippy era had capsized in a sea of excess and people like myself were ready for an alternative to the alternative society. Poona One was founded a lot on the energies of hippy types, not entirely, but pretty much. Osho was like a flag for all the rebels without causes to gather round. By the mid-seventies, hard-core Goa freaks would drop into Poona to check the action. Reformed hippies, like myself, could not help but notice how frazzled many of those people seemed…grey auras. Some stayed and some moved on. The Beatles’ relationship with the Maharishi had done a bad public relations job for the Indian Guru. Many hippies were aware of it, which just goes to show what power Osho had that he attracted so many hippies in spite of that.

      Time passed and more sraight types began showing up as the therapy scene developed. The organization grew and needed people with administrative skills to run it. Rebellious ex-hippies mostly found difficulty with that mould. And thus the rebels were more and more pushed aside. By the time the Ranch got going and recruiting American sannyasins the rebellious hippy element that had once been so much part of Pune One had been almost eradicated.

      When I look at vids of late Ranch days there are a lot of squeaky-clean and inexperienced faces in the crowd. Looking at old vids of Poona one, it looks like Woodstock in orange, with a groovy guru. I’ve no idea what is really going on at the Resort and I am not that interested. I suggested to my wife the other day that we should maybe visit. Her response was to say, ‘You’ve got to be fucking joking!’
      ‘Why?’ I asked.
      ‘Because,’ she replied, ‘There is very little left of what originally drew us there. When I went back there in the early nineties the thing I enjoyed most was meeting all the Indian locals that we once knew.’
      ‘What about the Samadhi?’ I enquired.
      ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘that was fine, but how much time do you want to spend sitting around Osho’s ashes? You can still feel his vibe, but it is a candle flame compared to the super-nova that once was. Going back to Poona is just that…going back. It’s the past and for me it’s over. It’s a good place for beginners, I suppose, but really there is nothing there for me now.’

      Trouble with women is that they are often right.

      • roman says:

        A nice run-down. Seeing you mentioned the Beatles I thought I’d mention the Pete Townshend autobiography, which is an interesting read. Meher Baba obviously is an important figure.

      • bodhi vartan says:

        Funny that you should mention the Maharishi. I just learned the other day that Osho’s first English discourse was at a Maharishi do, while answering the Rishi disciples’ questions.

        Totally fascinating bit of stuff actually, check it out:

        I just love Osho’s last comment, “I cannot give support to this kind of idiotic nonsense.” I bet he wasn’t asked round again.


        • satyadeva says:

          Maharishi’s TM was my introduction to ‘meditation’ and I enjoyed it, even had one or two memorably ‘expanded consciousness-type’ experiences during the first 10 months or so of practice, in particular while walking across Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. But it didn’t prevent or help me cope with a long, debilitating depression at the end of that period, in fact only dynamic meditation relieved that.

          Then, shortly after coming to Pune in the 70′s, I took it up again, which, feeling suitably ‘guilty’, I ‘confessed’ to Osho at a darshan. To my surprise and relief he simply said that was fine, no problem, I could carry on.
          A couple or so weeks later I stopped it.

          However, a few years later I did find it very useful as a means to help restore health, well-being and reasonable functioning, which had taken a battering since I’d caught hepatitis in India (and which hadn’t been helped by the excessive amount of time I’d given to therapy groups back in the UK).

          So, while knowing its limitations, I’m not one to knock it, it definitely has its uses. It’s not real meditation, it’s a mind/body therapy (as Shantam might say, ‘for certain people, at certain times’!).

          • Lokesh says:

            I used to work with one guy, who was religious about his daily dose of TM. He was a great guy and he had balls of iron.

            • roman says:

              According to Ginsberg, Americans have granite cocks and monstrous bums (‘Howl’). This isn’t my anti-Americanism but the great reincarnation of Walt. Remember him?
              ‘Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.’ Now there’s a pattern. Nice book, ‘I Celebrate Myself’, by Osho. Where did he get the idea from? We are caught up in stories and patterns. Nietzsche wasn’t a relativist. He knew that some perspectives and stories were better than others. David Lynch is an active promoter of TM. He can tell a nice story. Not as good as Borges of course. The papa of stories.

      • roman says:

        ‘Trouble with women is that they are often right’. I remember the old matriarchal societies where women ruled. Talk about paradise. The men used to shit communally and eat separately. They were the days when a divine matriarch would inspect our turds to make sure they had no meat in them. Meat made males aggressive and led to patriarchy. My turds are pretty much vegan.

    • roman says:

      Osho was far too subtle for space-suits. ‘The soul is not in the body. The body is inside the soul. Do you understand? Look. We are you. Try to remember.’ Hyperdimensional Aliens in Grant Morrison’s ‘The Invisibles’.

      According to some people, we are the superman. Perhaps crashed aliens. Remember Freddie, ‘I teach you,’ cries Zarathustra, ‘The superman! Man is something that shall be surpassed. What, to man, is the ape? A joke or a shame. Man shall be the same to the superman: A joke or shame…man is a bridge connecting ape and superman.’

      More on who we are: ‘Man himself may well be a thinking and living laboratory in whom and with those conscious co-operation (nature) wills to work out the superman, the god…thus the eternal paradox and eternal truth of divine life in an animal body…a single and universal consciousness representing itself in limited minds and divided egos, a transcendent, indefinable, timeless and spaceless being who alone renders time and space cosmos possible.
      Sri Aurobindo, ‘The Life Divine’.

      My god, no wonder Osho laughed so much. But remember, you are the superman.
      Okay, Vartan.
      Enough for today?

    • Preetam says:

      Truth gives Freedom! Secrets and Spirituality are “Tohuwabohu”.
      Vartan, my viewpoint for ”the Inner is the Outer and the Outer is the Inner” seems different. Love has its root at our innermost core; the outside world could be the reveled expression from inspirational realization of natural Freedom. Hence, seeking is a private approach to truth.

      Our outer collective expression gives Information where at the Moment we are bent, compared to the possible natural Freedom. Truth is bewildered, provoked lies through Secrets, Spirituality and Goals.

      Perhaps, the Sannyas commune could be the collective expression of what Osho Sannyas has grown into? Commune authorities expressing a cold and reserved money-orientated institution for saving Osho’s words. Same as we know since always from any common Institution. Maybe Sannyas authorities are even worth by following the old tracks again, instead of celebrating together.

  21. prem martyn says:

    Borat in film he say:
    He have brother in Kazakhstan, he live in cage, he retard…have sister, she have “hcram”, she say to brother in cage, “You never get this, la la la”…One day he escape…he get “This”…naughty, naughty….

    Martyn say: Maybe Pune same, they say you never get this…then…one day, he get “This”…naughty, naughty!

    • roman says:

      Naughty, naughty is right.
      “The Interrogation of the Good”, by Brecht

      Step forward: we hear
      That you are a good man.

      You cannot be bought, but the lightning
      Which strikes the house, also
      Cannot be bought.
      You hold to what you said.
      But what did you say?
      You are honest, you say your opinion.
      Which opinion?
      You are brave.
      Against whom?
      You are wise.
      For whom?
      You do not consider your personal advantages.
      Whose advantages do you consider then?
      You are a good friend.
      Are you also a good friend of the good people?

      Hear us then: we know
      You are our enemy. This is why we shall
      Now put you in front of a good wall. But in cosideration
      of your merits and good qualities
      We shall put you in front of a good wall and shoot you
      With a good bullet from a good gun and bury you
      With a good shovel in the good earth.

  22. shantam prem says:

    Bodhi Vartan, when someone expresses his mind in clear terms, it feels like seeing this person´s face and to know a bit of his biography.
    Have you been in some commune?
    When was the last time you were in Pune?

    In any country, structure or group of people, some functionaries are needed. Few think Team A is better, few think team B is better.
    How it will be decided?
    Should there be a civil war or some kind of bloodbath or some democratc process where people´s will plays a role.
    If you think the people running the show in Pune are the right people, let they have some internal referendum. If they win more than 10% vote, I will declare them the winner!
    Some stereo will immediately say, voting is not the way. Osho has said Bla blah blah in this context.
    Sleeping masses cannot decide…
    So who will decide?
    The meditator ones!

    Let us chew the Bubble gum and spit it off after few minutes. In the end, it is plastic!

  23. rajni says:

    Well – As I posted earlier, when Master Louis L’Amour’s commune was torn apart and his Lovers (as his disciples were called in deference to His name) scattered, He Himself vanished, and was not heard from for some years. Some say he was in Taos disguised as an adobe hut – but that’s just hearsay. When word leaked that He had dropped His body, or maybe it was His hat, a select group of Lovers, led by Swami Slim Divine, decide to erect a monument outside Las Vegas. Swami Divine had claimed that he was there when the hat dropped, and, as he stooped to collect it from the floor, he noticed, hidden inside the band, a sweat-stained note written in His distinctive Hand. This note, which no-one else incidentally has sighted, purportedly left detailed instructions about the erection of a gigantic, black ten-gallon hat, which Master Love, or just plain Love to his closest Lovers, wanted built, as an Eternal Reminder of His Teachings. You can spot it easily as you head west from Las Vegas.

  24. Lokesh says:

    Shantam begins with talking about expressing his mind in clear terms and concludes thus: ‘Let us chew the Bubble gum and spit it off after few minutes. In the end, it is plastic!’
    Kind of blows the photo condenser tubes big time.

  25. bodhi vartan says:

    Shantam Prem says:
    Bodhi Vartan, when someone expresses his mind in clear terms, it
    feels like seeing this person´s face and to know a bit of his biography.

    I have no idea what that means. Sorry.

    Have you been in some commune?

    When was the last time you were in Pune?
    I have never been to Pune. I might go though, at some point. Is it relevant?


  26. shantam prem says:

    Just came across this video and thought about Lokesh…I hope he enjoys this before the evening coffee!

    • Lokesh says:

      Shantam, I’m familiar with it, but thanks for thinking of me. I watched it for a few minutes. I’m knackered from chainsawing in the woods. Time for a well-deserved siesta.
      Before enlightenment, chainsawing wood in the forest, after enlightenment…I wish I could win the lottery again.

  27. roman says:

    The Ranch is obviously still news.
    ‘Charisma and Control in Rajneeshpuram’ by Lewis F. Carter came out in March 2010. It is a Cambridge University publication of 344 pages. It is a sociological study and apparently non-judgmental in its analysis of conflicting groups? Love the fact that people who couldn’t be in the same room are thanked for their assistance. Anyone read it?

  28. shantam prem says:

    When was the last time you were in Pune?
    I have never been to Pune. I might go though, at some point. Is it relevant?

    It is very relevant, Vartan.
    And it puts your thoughts in the list of mind fuck: “Is the Resort following Osho’s vision? I don’t know and I don’t care. But I trust them. So whatever they do, it is fine by me. Everything happening is always the right thing to be happening.”

    In a small village, many men died under mysterious circumstances. After a little search, it became clear, all these gentlemen had an affair with a particular woman.
    So the rumour spread like a fire. This woman has got AIDS.
    Celibate Priest of the village finally came to her rescue, “No, Sir, she cannot have aids. She regularly takes part in Church activites”.

    Moral of the story – Don´t try to give the opinion, if you have no idea about it. Otherwise, it sounds like those Conservative politicians who think women getting pregnent out of rape is fulfilling the Godly mission!

  29. Fresch says:

    This blog is really not sannyas blog but some kind of blog of retirement folks, who have excuse not to do anything but complain. That is what old people do, generally.

    I start to undestand why these falling leaves are not so interesting.

    When I was young, I took sanyas when Osho left his body, gave up scholarships to American univerisites etc. and I was just hanging out there in Poona. My parents used to be communist intelligentsia and were very disillusioned with the failure of ”utopia”. When I decided to stay in Poona, so my mother came to rescue me, but still was open to try meditations. Even she said, ”It will not work, I have seen it”.

    Many years pased by and a lot happened. You know, my mother, who is now 74 years old, has been to Poona twice, done some groups like Primal etc in 20 years. Then she went for Zumba, swimming, Latin American dancing, walking in the nature etc. like you, Lokessh. And good for you both. And really good if you bring meditation to it. But it’s different if you really meditate. Falling leaves. What is it?

    My mother did not do any meditations for years but recently decided to go for it again, at 74 years of age. She is going for India, Poona and Nisarga. With all therapy I have gone through, I am still not best friends with her and will not be. But I am certainly happy for her. She is young and jumping for unknown, that is incredible.. Even more than I will ever be able to do. I mean really, I read about sannyasins who die sitting trying to be conscious…so what is this crap about being fit swimming..? Well, good, but not really more meaningful than what anybody else is doing…

    Old sannyasins are not visiting and meditating in Poona…I have noticed that in my own country, it does not help whatever you do, money is not the issue. Not at all, they do not come even for free. Poona entrance is not the solution for old sannyasins to come, but an excuse not to come.

    Poona or people coming to meditations are not the same when I myself was young…No, even I would like it to be so. Still, I almost pray I can still find new ways…and new ways and courage inside after so many failures. Jumping is something for unknown, not going somewhere where everything fits to your picture when you were open and ready…

    Still, it might happen that I start swimming and just living ordinary life, watching tv, working, meeting friends…everything is ok….

    • bodhi vartan says:

      Fresch says:
      This blog is really not sannyas blog but some kind of blog of retirement folks, who have excuse not to do anything but complain. That is what old people do, generally.

      Sannyasins are ageless.

      You use the word ‘old’ with a negative spin. Ageism is a form of racism. Change your mind. To many of us here, ‘what happened’ was that we witnessed and took part in an amazing experiment and we are now here, with a fresh perspective, to consider ‘what happened?’ and seeking for new lessons and insights into the event. Us blind ones are holding different parts of the elephant and hopefully, by talking together we might get some idea on what the elephant actually looks like.


  30. Fresch says:

    I went to Steiner school and they tried to keep it “pure” and a lot of horrible stuff happened. I will not go into details…Still, I also put my own child to Steiner School at first, but took him out because they did not want to use vacuum cleaner and parents were supposed to clean after their own work etc. Stupid stuff. You know it just does not work any more.
    Same is in all communes. no bamboo hats possible any more. No milking of cows by hand possible any more.

  31. prem martyn says:

    I’ve been alive since I was born, Fresch…Does that qualify me for recognition or should I stick a banana on my head and declare I know what you should think and do? The words great, big, huge, wardrobe-sized ego come to mind. But I might be wrong. Woops.

  32. Fresch says:

    Martyn, can you show my dear ego more clearly? I am not that clever. Also, I do not get what you should declare…I love bananas…sweetie…and might go bananas.

  33. prem martyn says:

    You dont build rapport by slagging people off then telling your life story…I mean if it was a performance art project, your piece, much of the audience would have walked out and asked for their money back…so…it’s okay to take the piss, even out of dead guru societies and still be as worthy and capable of life as the most self-appointed guru lover out there…you’ll have trouble defining what is or isn’t genuine as long as you make it/him/you precious and handleable only with kid gloves.

  34. bodhi vartan says:

    Fresch says: I start to understand why these falling leaves are not so interesting.

    Falling leaves or falling seeds? Seekers or finders? Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.

    Swami Deva Coconut

  35. prem martyn says:

    Example; Mooji is a wanker cos he eats smelly burnt cows and talks of aesthetics. Osho is a dead wanker cos everybody goes on and on about him by way of psychotic festivals and the sannyas galaxy as if it makes you a better person. Ambition by way of second-hand collective behaviour, orchestrated by shits with huge egos.

    • bodhi vartan says:

      Prem Martyn says: Osho is a dead wanker…



      • prem martyn says:

        Really..? Well, the “dead” bit is definitely based on facts, as proved by his non-appearance when invited to appear at the Olympics, descending from the clouds on a parachute…they got the Queen in at the last minute. And the “wanker” bit is based on the fact that there are no guidelines on toshing one-off anywhere in his discourses, which is highly suspicious after the fact that he admitted to our shocked surprise (really) that if he hadn’t got a bad back he’d still be at it with the mediums, small and xxl’s.

        Osh was like that, always throwing one out there when we least expected it…in a metaphorical sense….

        And whilst you’re there, if you like sacrilegious humour and can read French, I recommend visiting some cartoons of French satirical magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’…me, I don’t point the finger to the moon but to our own obsessions…i’m auto-spiritually erotic like that…’une wankere spirituelle’, as the French would say…and I demand equal rights for my orientation.

  36. Fresch says:

    Ego going eco; better swimming in Ibiza than at Resort swimming pool. Do you see how fanny it is? Lovely to meet you all. Difficult not melt in SN. Hugs, hugs to everybody….

  37. shantam prem says:

    Fresch, whenever you come, you bring Fresh breeze…Thanks for moving chairs in the “big boys’ broken dreams pub”, I mean sannyasnews.

    Should I tell my alternative meditation, which makes me free from thoughts, cultural and gender issues?
    Sitting, reading, watching or sleeping around the FKK lakes…
    I know India is crazy about BMW, but one of the biggest and more subtle contributions of Germany to the human civilization is its fkk culture.
    Dropping the clothes is dropping one of the heavy loads from the mind. Meditation becomes easy, even for those who don´t think in meditation/spirituality/religious terms!

  38. Preetam says:

    Perhaps, many of those old and retired sannyasins are the 10th Bull of Osho. It makes no difference, living in Pune or somewhere else on the planet, devoted in Truth, Celebration because of “self” realizing… Freedom.

    • Lokesh says:

      This is beyond coincidence. This is destiny. Sannyas News has obviously become the centre of the universe. The Mayan prophecy is coming true. Roll on December 24 and a move into a higher dimensional vibration.

      • bodhi vartan says:

        Lokesh says:
        “This is beyond coincidence. This is destiny. Sannyas News has obviously become the centre of the universe. …a move into a higher dimensional vibration.”

        I agree with Fresch, that Sannyas News is a singularly honest journal. If the Resort had any cojones it would have it as its forum. It is unusual for sannyasins to be communicating with each other just with words (anyone around to speak of the unspeakable? eh?) and I feel that that is what is holding the Mas back. Come on ladies, what is it you like to talk about? On alternate days we can do women’s talk. On a more serious note, I feel that something is changing. For myself, it is only very recently that I actually “realised” that He is no longer here. With various tricks I kept Him alive until I wasn’t thinking about Him any longer. These days I feel like a child who hides things and pretends not to know where they are, and then ‘finds’ them and gets all excited. Why do children do that?

        Preetam says:
        “Perhaps, many of those old and retired sannyasins are the 10th Bull of Osho. It makes no difference, living in Pune or somewhere else on the planet, devoted in Truth, Celebration because of “self” realizing…Freedom.”

        By what you are saying, that describes a 9th Bull territory. We need these 9ers to forget about retirement, pick up their flute and a bottle of wine, and come out to play.


        • frank says:

          Yeah. Let’s turn the Zen Bull up to 11.
          “For that extra push over the cliff”.

        • Lokesh says:

          ‘Come out to play’…What you think I’ve been doing for the last 60 years…working? You have to be joking.
          Still, I just returned from another sojourn in the woods with my chainsaw. Every piece of firewood a sculpture. Still too warm to light fires here, but in a couple of weeks wisps of smoke will be drifting out of my chimneys. As they say up north, ‘Lang may yer lum reek’.

          • roman says:

            ‘Every piece of firewood a sculpture …….in a couple of weeks wisps of smoke….’
            Nice sentences. Reminds me of Thoreau.

          • bodhi vartan says:

            Lokesh says:
            ‘Come out to play’…What you think I’ve been doing for the last 60 years – working? You have to be joking.

            I wasn’t talking to you, Lokesh. You are 10th Bull material!!!


            • frank says:

              Naked of breast, I visit the marketplace riding on 9 or 10 Red Bulls…
              some good stuff stashed in my staff…
              I stumble to the wine shop in the town square and then stagger home…
              I am empty, like the contents of my bottle…
              Everyone I meet seems enlightened….

              Yeah. Life before rehab.
              Happy daze!

      • YoungSannyasin says:

        Yes,I agree. And then they say 2012 it’s all bullshit…pffffui….

        • YoungSannyasin says:

          The first change towards a higher vibration that I see here is that finally we restart to comunicate with each other instead of each one going one with his autistic monologue…good!

          • roman says:

            Young S,
            We are trying hard. I met an old sannyasin recently with sagging eyes and a bulging crutch, who said he’s discovering his inner child again. I think he mentioned some group called ‘Born Again’, where you roll around in nappies. The old senex connecting with the puer or his baby side.
            Amazing how I meet young people who want to get in touch with the Wise Old Man – or is it the Corrupt Old Fool? Just don’t end up like Dedulus and get your wings burnt.

            Actually Joyce knew a thing or two and whilst Leopold Bloom wandered around with a potato in his pocket, his mala or talisman, it proved very handy in the brothel scene. Also, he was a very good guide and mentor to young Stephen. Not a bad novel, Ulysses. Clever move to have Leopold an Irish Jew. The lowest of the low and the most compassionate.

            Like the fact that Osho didn’t reject anyone. It did get him into trouble though. Actually bypassing each other reminds me of Kuhn’s paradigms.
            Still, you are right they don’t have to be incommensurable.

            • bodhi vartan says:

              Roman says: “…the fact that Osho didn’t reject anyone.”

              That is a scary fact. I am finding it very hard to fathom His game. I feel that His jumping into the unknown was much much bigger than ours.


              • roman says:

                Dummies try to be ironic, I don’t exclude myself here. There is also irony when someone doesn’t get irony. But we know that life itself is ironic and will whack us across the head. Osho burnt questions out of me that I used to ask. I’m grateful. I appreciate your sincere comment.

          • Lokesh says:

            Like man, YS, you just don’t understamd, man. 21 December is gonna be like the end of the world as we know it, man. We’re moving out of Baktun 13 into Baktun 14 and that means like a shift in global consciousness, man. I can dig it. Like really groovy.

            • frank says:

              A right global load of shift
              or more Zen bull..?
              It’s a bit of a choiceless choice, if you ask me.

              Btw, if those Mayan dudes’ calendar is running out, shouldn’t some charity be airlifting them some new up-to-date ones?
              After 21 December, those poor guys won’t even have a clue what day of the week it is!

  39. Fresch says:

    I have said few times here and I say it again: Thank you, Sanyas News, that you make an effort dealing with everything around Osho and any organizations and issues around anything here in smallest possible detail. And in most critical, almost self-destructive way. Because it makes everything transparent. Nobody in this world can ever say Osho people did not deal openly with some issue. If I were at head of a modern religion I would deliberately create this site..:)

    So, if you are paranoid about anything, come here, find out and really get exhausted about all ankles..:)

    That is how life is: not simple, but actually simple.

    So you, dear fellow travellers:

    Vartan, you said I use ‘old’ “with a negative spin”…I was describing my mother, young at 74 years old (for going for meditation again) and myself perhaps old…so..(?) Also, you want to say that you are “seeking for new lessons and insights into the event…” Good for you, I have done the same partly reading this blog (I have been following SN and some friends here for at least 5 years on and off)…Which is great, but some people go on and on and on. I need to tease and interrupt, at least for fun of it. Also, I do not think you got my point of miking of cows…or vacuum cleaner. I will not explain it however, it’s not about hippies…hello!
    Good to get to know you too!

    Lokesh, you are so sincere with everything and your long relationship, like some other people’s long relationships with fellow meditation lovers here, really touches me deeply. But I cannot help but tickle little bit you with that “I have seen it all” attitude…But it’s great that you have formed kind of Reality show jury here to examine all guru etc stuff. Very good stuff.

    Young sannyasin…My parents were hippies and so was I when I came walking barefoot to Poona from Goa at the end of ’89. That is really history. Pliiiiis no, no hippies. Except for Beatles and music and…you know what I mean, feeling. Feeling, yess, yess, but with shoes.

    Prem Martyn, “by slagging people”…you know I do not! But I tease, can not resist it…”audience would have walked out and asked for their money back”…Well, happens in my professional life, what to do, but take in the feedback (which is rubbish of course)..?

    Shantam, you know I love India and Indian people…But this is really something to add to it: “I know India is crazy about BMW”…Because it happened that a while ago I actually was driving most beautiful places in Indian city in a BMW, the driver/owner of the car – being a most beautiful Osho lover – and an Indian woman – and who had actually earned that BMW herself, being successful…Arghhh what an experience! I loved it. So, if I ever start making really good money, I will get my own BMW and listen to Osho when driving wild.

    Then I come and pick up all of you and we drive the BMW into the Sunset and start next day dynamic and Mystic Rose in the most beautiful place on Earth, in our hearts. Together we are so much more, also as individuals.

  40. prem martyn says:

    What would these psychotic, cushion-loving groupies do with a Pussy Riot performance about Oshoism, eh?

    • bodhi vartan says:

      Prem Martyn says:
      “What would these psychotic, cushion-loving groupies do with a Pussy Riot performance about Oshoism, eh?”

      1. Pussy Riot members would become Osho lovers if they knew about him.

      2. And just to follow your drift…if a bunch of sexy chicks with hoods on got up to slag-off Osho during an Osho do, I’d ask one of them for a date.

      3. Oshoism doesn’t exist. It’s just me and you and a dog named Boo. My Osho is not your Osho. My Osho is prettier.


      • prem martyn says:

        Nice one, V…

        Yep, he’s prettier but mine knows how to shake his thing.

        And if anyone else would like to write in and describe their Osho for this week’s magazine article, Me and My Osho, then we’ll pick the winner for a free, all-expenses-paid, solitary retreat somewhere up the Khyber Pass.

        • bodhi vartan says:

          Prem Martyn says: Nice one, V…
          Yep, he’s prettier but mine knows how to shake his thing.

          I’m Shakin It Boss!

          The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


          • roman says:

            Brilliant movie. Checkmate.
            ‘You know, the law isn’t for people like us.’
            ‘What is?’
            ‘Well, that’s another thing
            I’ve been trying to figure
            out for years.’
            ‘Marked Woman’ 1937

  41. shantam prem says:

    When a big store fails, it gives opportunity to thousand others to sell the products on their cycle. Door- to-door home delivery is the booming business; Pizza or meditation.
    Garimo and her boss have done a tremendous job. Their resort version has provided work to thousands of meditation Acharyas!
    There is not a single town left in India, who does not have their own Acharya Rajneesh!

  42. Fresch says:

    Martyn, That I call complaining if you do not accept a journey in my coming BMW! To the sunset. However, my problem giving you BMW ride is that I am too lazy to make money. If I learn something I want to do something new instead. And I only do things when I have to.

    Lokesh, see above….

    Vartan, there is something beyond dating…find out.

    For all:

    You really are fanny. If you think about getting to finals and/or best return of investment/revenues of income. How do you think you will get there?:

    - meditate with me, I want to grow
    - meditate with me
    - meditate with me, I will get enlightened
    - meditate with me (with or without above reason) with (enlightened) Osho meditations
    - meditate with me (with above reason) with (enlightened) Osho meditations and be madly in love or a real devotee to Osho
    - meditate with me with my satsangs, and you get money, friends, sex/love, enlightenment
    - meditate with me with my satsangs- I am a star/guru – and you get money, friends, love, enlightenment
    - meditate with me with my satsangs, – You will be a star/guru – and you get money, friends, love, enlightenment

    I did not take surroundings here (lux/ hippie hut) or volume of same-minded people into account. What more can you give?

    How about your innovations and creative suggestions?

    • Lokesh says:

      Erm…ehm…well, pass the sugar. Later, we can read the tea leaves in your cup and see what the future holds. And don’t forget to turn the mind inward and cease thinking of yourself as the body.

    • frank says:

      Dearest Flesch,
      (Hello again, how are you? Driving all the men wild, as usual?).
      Go easy on Shantam, he`s already got severe arthritis in both his wrists from repetitive stain syndrome…He tried a cutting-edge German cure called fkk but it just gets worse…
      And forgive Haveadate Vartan,too. He never really recovered from his Humaniverity days where he had to hang around the Boozeria dressed as Jimmy Savile…

      Here`s a suggestion…
      Meditate because you enjoy it.
      That’s the best “investment” every time.

      We were chatting about swimming.
      It doesn’t matter how many lengths you do or how fast you go.
      or even if you get to the end of the length or wherever you`re going…
      If you just enjoy the feeling of floating, weightless movement and letting the (hopefully) warm water splash over your body…
      It’s the tops.
      You dont need any further validation.

    • bodhi vartan says:

      Fresch says: “Vartan, there is something beyond dating…find out.”

      Come then, let it out. I am dying to know. What’s your definition of beyond? ‘Find out’, is too vague. Where am I supposed to be looking for it?


  43. Fresch says:

    And I mean in creating something “new”…

    • bodhi vartan says:

      Fresch says:
      “I did not take surroundings here (lux/hippie hut) or volume of same-minded people into account. What more can you give? How about your innovations and creative suggestions?

      And I mean in creating something “new”….”

      We need to separate the money-making process from the spiritual work. There is no way of generating the kind of lolly necessary to operate anything in a Western environment by running meditation groups and selling trinkets. What we have today (that we never had before) is this thing we are on, the tinternet, and the fact that like the multinationals we are global. We could be geographically operating from a point of minimum resistance. Somebody must like us. I am seeing some people on Sunday. I’ll keep you informed.


  44. Fresch says:

    But I forgot the option, “I am enlightened”. Oohps! How did that happen…?

    • Preetam says:

      If that has happened I suggest, here a little spam with personal concern, the Rest & Ease Trust, mornings closed, evenings shut…24/7 Meditation, all e/cc accepted.

      Osho Dollar now!

  45. Fresch says:

    i give up. Have good meditative swimming…hugs anyway.

    • Preetam says:

      Ok, perhaps I am unworthy, and my English anyway again too weak. What you want to share, from which viewpoint the concern? It sounds a little cynical and at the same sad. Is it about search and finding, Osho, Commune, Property… or growing together in Osho’s place?

      Giving up, basically is the right climate for the “Happening of self-realizing”. Understanding, inspiration and devotion are the Tools.

      The Theme: That many are not happy how commune Authorities handle their job, serving Osho.

      What would a “new” Religion be like? Seeking new ways…but, riding old tracks for old reasons by saving Osho’s words is strange. Anyway, at the Moment a “new” Religion would be created under control and Architecture of the Hermetic rulers. All actual world Religions are under control of that structure. Under those circumstances it is difficult going new ways as long we have not unmasked that Dogma.

      Together would mean – equal, the same, like Maroon. How one can expect fitting old Sannyasins into a structure, where authorities are disrespectful against his people, bringing that way separation into the scene? Not allowing people coming and going is a bit like “Berlin Wall” was, dividing Friends; those are really old tools of meanness. For doing something new, first you have to offend the old wrong structure and make it better. Making it official, and from there maybe something “new” can grow. Close to truth, not with the goal of dominating, money, power benefit. Many circumstances still ask for clarification.

      Hermetic would say: Freedom is a responsibility, not a right. For me, it’s clearly visible how cunning and two-faced is our world. The same structure will work any time against those who are feeling responsible for their Freedom, by forcing lies into the world. For them, each Leader, even a Dictator, represents the highest Ideals of the collective consciousness, such that he is the representative of God. Here we are at the Moment, it’s understandable why Leaders behave like God and why all together don’t want any change. Those Leaders are devoted to the hermetic Structure, not to any old Religion or maybe upcoming new “Religion”.

      • roman says:

        Your comment about unworthiness isn’t false humility and I get your drift. Obviously, this is my perspective and I can’t answer for anyone else. I’m not that interested in Poona, the commune, property or growing together in a centre or resort. I find sannyasnews a lot of fun and I enjoy the different takes. I remember reading Pari’s book on Osho where he points out that the context to which the commune (the ranch) belonged ‘was the tradition of the alternative society, of Haight Ashbury, of the Left Bank of Paris during the summer of ’68, of Woodstock.’

        He may be right. I’m not so sure about Paris ’68. Perhaps this is a bit too romantic, but certainly there were many of us who were part of the counter-culture. The game now seems very different. Sannyas today is a middle-class movement which isn’t a threat to conventional or traditional values. Hindu leaders once remarked how dangerous the Rajneesh movement was.

        To be honest, when looking for change in the world I find myself looking more to places where risings and uprisings are happening. For instance, the rallies in Egypt where Muslims, Copts, men and women, veiled women and ‘bareheaded’ women, intellectuls and workers. young and old and so on, side by side have risen up together seeking emancipation against social injustice. This is more interesting to me.

        New Age conservative yuppies have their meditation camps or resorts which blend in perfectly with the market forces and dominant ideology. But this has nothing to do with Sam’s original words if you feel they have some validity. I find the term ‘repressive desublimation’ useful when I think of organized spontaneity and being allowed to go ‘crazy’ in a controlled environment. Orwell’s 1984 has become a bit of a fetish on this site and I am reminded of the controlled outbursts in the novel. I’m thinking of the hysteria directed en masse at Goldstein (Trotsky) to relieve tension before you return to being obedient citizens. Poona may these days be a radical environment. I don’t know, I haven’t been there for twenty years. I’m not that concerned.

        • bodhi vartan says:

          Roman says:
          “The game now seems very different. Sannyas today is a middle-class movement which isn’t a threat to conventional or traditional values. Hindu leaders once remarked how dangerous the Rajneesh movement was.”

          How dangerous would you like us to be? What you forget is that today’s world is far more liberal than it was in Osho’s time. I don’t know about other parts of the world, but in my neck of the woods (London) the under 30s are far more with it than we ever was, especially the girls. To be dangerous these days you really have to strap a bomb to your butt and let-go. Personally, I feel that the confrontational attitude is something of the past (not that sannyasins will ever stop being rebels) but that at this point in time we need to be holding back the provocation as nobody is listening anyaway.

          Roman says:
          “To be honest, when looking for change in the world, I find myself looking more to places where risings and uprisings are happening. For instance, the rallies in Egypt….”

          I hope you are not serious. In places like Egypt, etc, what is happening is that western interests are hijacking the people’s hopes and imposing the Muslim Brotherhood on them (check out their history). I really don’t want to be talking politics. I am not looking for any change in the world.


          • roman says:

            Osho was dangerous and if he was still alive and discoursing you don’t think people would be threatened in our ‘far more liberal’ world as you put it? You seem to be unaware that liberal democracy is itself a ruse. The world may seem more liberal now but the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Remember the Occupy Movement?
            They weren’t having a picnic and feeding the ducks. Today, Osho would be stirring the pot just as he did when he was thrown out of twelve countries. Why was he thrown out of twelve countries? Because they didn’t like his dress sense? Why are women under thirty more radical these days than before? What is it about these English ‘girls’?
            You don’t look for change. It looks for you. And just when you least expect it the rug gets pulled out from under one’s comfy feet.

            You don’t want to talk politics, you say, but it is in the very air we breathe. Politics is who does what to whom for whose benefit. We are talking about agency, power and interests, and the relations among these. Politics is part of our lives.

        • Preetam says:

          Roman and Vartan, me too, never wanted to talk politics, but it’s impossible for me leaving it outside, if speaking about truth. Roman says our present time is more overflowing with Love, Peace and Harmony than ever before…Sure, it is an overflowing, but not more than any other time before. Vartan speaks of more liberal, I would say the shade became more sick, darker, and the light brighter. That is the great in Humans; his creativity is giant, same as his truth is.

          If we see the Data, worldwide Warfare, Terror, Murder and Bloodshed is increasing, coming from the same corner of Intrigue and Warmongering, for lower interests. But Humanity is inexorable, creative and inventive, that is what Leaders reap, they reap Humans. The Humanity isn’t unwilling of doing better; Folk don’t have the Instruments for being that destructive. Those people in Power keep the Power by Repression of Human Truth and at the same time kick his face down under the control of their sword.

          Not political Parties or traditional Religions, behind is something really mean. Still I can not find a fitting description. As I see it, movements like Osho commune are dangerous for them and for keeping their power, they have to act and their tools are dastardly. That the world has become more liberal, I can not see…That is what is presented by that scheme, for giving feeling of some movement, from one generation to the next. You have to keep the people in a certain way motivated, not being themselves but still working and following the common, always the same strategies and tools of the ruler.

  46. prem martyn says:

    This blog is turning into a knit your own thread…poor old Shola is all but forgotten about…anyway, while Frank soaks away his worries, Shantam runs naked as the wind and jumps in the lake, Fresch tries to woo me with a free ride in her fantasy adventure and Vartan induces girls to go in…and out…then consider this…from SN’s own alternative health advisor, Dr. Hu S.Yin.

    Many people have been visiting their doctor recently following an outbreak of contagious regretting. Patients appear at their doctor’s surgery complaining of things they wish they hadn’t said or thought and it appears that this year has seen a rise in the number of people complaining of things they wish they hadn’t done. A lot of this type of regretting can be completely pointless, even it is accompanied by bouts of apologising, which usually occur as the result of not being able to pull the wool over the eyes far enough.
    Normally, the virus runs its own course after the patient wraps up well and promises never ever to repeat the same mistakle twice. However, other members of the same family or friends may become infected and yet completely incapable of wondering what all the fuss is about. If this happens I usually recommend a quick visit to the chemists and a large dose of Dr Rajnosh’s Respite Remedy Mouthwash Gargle to remove those nasty traces of unapologetic obstinate infections.

    Next week. Why ex-lovers often say sorry only in your dreams.

    • roman says:

      When it was all over, a psychoanalyst said that Robert’s relationship with his mother was pathological. Still looking forward to the ex-lovers.

    • roman says:

      You are right. But I still have this longing for the past. Nostalgia. There are always reminders. Fetishes to take us back there. Remember when we had Osho cups, key rings, pens, bumper stickers etc. Reminds me of my old school days when I had Beatle images on my school folders and got into trouble. So Shola was on about ‘Place’ if I remember correctly?
      ‘Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world.’ Archimedes

      ‘It is not down in any map; true places never are.’ Moby Dick

      ‘A cry off.
      Where are we all? and whenabouts in the name of space?
      I don’t inderstand. I fail to say.
      I dearsee you too.’
      Finnegans Wake

      ‘Everyone has a garden inside of them. But you have to find your own garden.
      Some people never do. Life doesn’t offer it to them.’
      -Gailard Seamon, supervisor of the Jimmy Jarvis garden in Harlem.

      Finally, some places are lucky. Between 1948-2006 the United States has given Israel 86 billion dollars to fund a garden. Things are heating up.
      ‘We live in a political world.’ Bob Dylan

  47. frank says:

    Apparently, amongst the directions given to the management before his death was included the final meditation that Osho devised, that he advised should be practised by his people after his death…
    The device was titled “The Name of the Rose meditation”.
    The 6 stages :
    Unsolved crimes
    A theological dispute in an obscure spiritual commune
    An attempt to solve them
    An enquiry into the subversive power of laughter
    And an encounter with the Inquisition.
    in the end, “very little is discovered and the detective is defeated”.

    • prem martyn says:

      I say, Frankson, this looks like a case for our respected, religious-truth-seeking sleuth, the famous Parmartha Conan D’Oyle. ‘Twas he who solved the puzzle of the Nadabrahmin Black Magic of Pune 2, “The Hums of the Basket Case.”

      • roman says:

        Not true, as Osh said, it can’t be solved. Perhaps a few jigsaw puzzles can be worked out. Was it Popper who said we can only approximate truth? A cranky old fart, but smart. Didn’t he get a poker from Wittgenstein?

        ‘It was his story against mine, but of course I told my story better’. Humphrey Bogart ‘In a Lonely Place’

        • frank says:

          So the “approximate truth” was that Popper was on poppers and getting whacked by Wittgenstein`s poker?
          Philosophers, eh?
          What are they like?

          According to one writer, Freddie was a bit of a gaylord too (the walrus `tache was a bit of a giveaway).
          That’s why he was so keen on the Greek stuff, it was just an excuse to get down on the beaches on the islands and do a bit of cruising…
          Looking for some supermen….

          • roman says:

            Yeah. What was behind the Walrus? It did scare the ladies off. Was he a catamite in his past life? Regarding Ludwig, didn’t everyone mimic him? Did you wear a beanie? As for Pops, this is a bold assertion. When can we test it and where?

            By the way, the following comments were made by Ramana in a pictorial biography:
            ‘Chadwick was with us before, he was one of us. He had some desire to be born in the West, and that he has now fulfilled.’ Ramana is referring to Major A.W.Chadwick or Sadhu Arunachala (nice sannyas name – after the mountain). So do the comments imply that ‘white-skin’ enlightenment or self-realization is delayed? I mean, isn’t this a bit like, ‘I’m not a racist, but’? Or perhaps the ‘chuddy guru’ is just right. We just have to wait our line in the queue.

            Still, there is always our blonde, blue-eyed Jesus. Thanks for dealing with the philosophers. Any ideas on the ‘I’m not a racist, but you are a white-skin’?

            On a more personal note, did you or your chauffeur have a Bhagwan key ring and did it help in the heavy city traffic? I’m doing some research in this area.

            • frank says:

              Old “Chudders” Chudwick?
              Damn fine fellow, jolly good egg, played with a straight bat, don’t you know…

              I guess Ramana was just trying to make him feel at home.
              The Major must have felt a bit homesick and even felt a bit of a deserter to the chaps back in the officers’ mess, having gone native and all…

              If, as an Indian, the only westerners one had met in 1930′s were the British rulers….then “racism” would probably be an intelligent response.

              I myself had the misfortune (bad karma?) to be “educated” by the same sort of chaps when they got home, and
              I hated them.
              They didn’t like me much either.

              Well done to Major Chudders, I say.
              Too bad he didn’t delay his visit to the west for another 40 years or so…
              He could have got a bit of the old sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in, swapped his sherry glass for a chillum and hit the overland trail. He woulda loved it…
              He could have gone barefoot, tripped out, got lost, blown out on the trail, experienced the delights of wild hippie chicks, danced all night, got loved right up, gone native in his lunghi, and still been a sadhu with a funny indian name as well…!!

    • roman says:

      ‘Cockeye Cook did it, him and and two of his meatballs.’
      -dying murder victim

  48. Lokesh says:

    “But there are always some lunatics about. It would be a dull world without them.” Sherlock Holmes

    • roman says:

      ‘In Italy, for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace – and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock.’ Orson Welles (Harry Lime)

    • prem martyn says:

      Lokesh, I have tried to reply above to you but I have run out of money for the charity swear-box and so am forced by higher powers than myself to keep it clean as I blog, therefore some of my more precious invective here to you will remain in the SN archive for our followers to argue over in years to come…But let it be known that I for one completely concur with what you write in between the lines.

      His blessings

  49. shantam prem says:

    There is one puzzling question. I hope few bravehearts will share the answer.
    I am wondering whether Nirvano, the closest Ma around Osho, had some family members in UK or was she an orphan?

    Normally, when someone dies in a foreign country or in some institution, it is a common procedure to inform the family members. In case someone dies in mysterious circumstances, family members go all the way to hell and heaven to have the proper investigative report.
    In Nirvano´s case, no one came forward. Does it mean she was an Orpahn, who had nobody in her life other than Osho..? And as the history shows, at that time Osho was also confineed to his bed and two people were confining His whole work…

    Seems like, Jayesh/Amrito team think other than to God, they are not answerable to anyone. And God..? He is pronounced Dead by their Master!
    (In their attitude, Osho is their Master. rest of us all were just customers/students).

    • alok john says:

      As far as I know, she was not an orphan. I believe she was from Morden, a south London suburb. Possibly she was alienated from her family. Many of us were. But yes, her past seems to be shrouded in mystery. I think her legal name was Christine Woolf.

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