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Sequel to Netflix Wild, Wild Country

Netflix’s ‘Wild Wild Country’ directors say they are ‘definitely’ open to a sequel The directors of Netflix’s “Wild Wild Country” said they are “definitely” open to doing a follow-up. The 6-part docuseries looks at the rise and fall of Rajneeshpuram, … Continue reading

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Ozen to play Osho in Bollywood Film!

Finally what some call certainty after the many speculations about who will take on the role of the mystic Osho in the new Bollywood film. At the beginning of this month, International Business Times wrote that Ranveer Singh would play … Continue reading

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TAN TAN TANIT: Ibiza Tracks

It’s late on a Saturday night. My phone rings. I pickup. It’s Frank (not SN Frank). He sounds very emotional. This is unusual for Frank, because he is normally a very cool German man. ‘Everything alright?’ I ask. ‘Yes. I’m … Continue reading

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Many consider that the Ranch period can be too dominant, and that in a sense Osho left that behind with his name change from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh to Osho over three months at Pune two,  not so long before he … Continue reading

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Young Man’s Take on the Documentaries

Worth a watch from someone who was not even alive when the Ranch happened….

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