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Ex Sannyasin Sociologist claims NRM’s can be empowering for women

This Article was referenced in the Independent on 20th December NRM’s can be empowering for women It’s safe to say cults have a pretty bad rep, particularly for women. We’ve heard stories of manipulation, beatings, starvation and downright bizarreness. However … Continue reading

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DMCA’s and Osho

DMCA’s are the American laws that govern copyright on the Internet. Introduced a while ago by Bill Clinton. We dont really even know what this English guy, Robert Lester is coming from, but he describes in the link below how … Continue reading

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Dharmesh: A Man for all Seasons

DHARMESH Francisco Martinez Negrete Our beloved friend Dharmesh from Mexico left us last week on December 7th.  Swami Vichara, his loyal friend, was with him when he took his last breath in hospital in Mexico City. Many of you will … Continue reading

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Little Known Footage from Poona One

  SN thought this might interest our bloggers.  Just ordinairy life in Poona one, just hanging out, just doing some work, just being around in the commune, and outside of it.  Difficult to find in present time, but one guesses … Continue reading

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A Perfect Englishman

A Perfect Englishman:  John Godolphin Bennett Osho speaks of Bennett in his “Books I have Loved’ Bennett with his wife The first book is by Bennett, an Englishman, a perfect Englishman. The book is about an absolutely unknown Indian mystic, … Continue reading

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