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Wild, Wild Country/ Osho 82/85

FOR INFORMATION: Netflix is about to publish (March 16th) a major six part set of documentaries about the Ranch. (Rajneeshpuram). 82/85. Lokesh says this is “big” as many people will watch it,  as it is Netflix… Here is the trailer: … Continue reading

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Osho in Fiction: Lokesh asks a question

I have just finished writing my third novel. This completes the trilogy that I first began creating ten years ago. In my third book I use Osho as a character. I don’t know if any other writer has used Osho … Continue reading

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Meditation and Medication in Depression?

The Dail Mail UK rag ran the silly article below today…. The real research should be around talking therapies and community building.  But raising money for such research ain’t easy. Instead here more research around the drug company products….. and … Continue reading

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Wild, Wild Country

  This is a review of an upcoming netflix six part series about Rajneeshpuram, which is said to have a wider focus than things that have gone before. We are putting this up  for information only.

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The Origin of the Species questioned in Indian Government this week

A hot debate has gripped India, after Satyapal Singh, India’s minister for higher education, emphatically stated that Darwin’s theory of evolution is wrong. (This article below published in The English  Guardian, on January 23, 2018) “India’s minister for higher education … Continue reading

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