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Automatic Sannyas and The Great Sannyas

In his second article for Sannyas News, Prem Ritvik seeks to explain  why one need not worry at all about the future of Sannyas and where it is heading. “I see a great future for the materialist spiritualist” (Osho) Sannyas … Continue reading

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Youth and Osho

Here’s the first of a series of articles by Prem Ritvik, a 23 year-old Indian sannyasin who’s recently come across Sannyas News and made his fresh presence felt. (N.B: Apologies for the imperfect lay-out, we’re not totally au fait with … Continue reading

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What Is The Role Of Dead Masters? Shantam Prem poses the question…

Many people think I simply criticise  Osho´s Pune Resort Management all the time. Here is a different approach.  One thing I appreciate about Osho Resort Management is their non-sentimental approach towards ‘Late Osho Jain’. They don´t sell beliefs in ‘dead men walking’, … Continue reading

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Narcissism and the Indian Version of Neo-Sannyas

Shantam Prem continues his series of contributions with some harsh words for some leading Indian and Nepalese disciples, accusing them of “grandiose narcissism”, while hoping that “maybe this little piece can create a new string of discussion. With the addition of comments, the ground reality will unfold.”

‘Osho Times’, ‘Osho World’ – ‘Osho Space’, ‘Osho Universe’?! Very rarely has some small cult suffered from such grandiose narcissism.

If it were in the hands of such religious zealots, their heads and hearts would like to add the prefix ‘Osho with Banana, Papaya, Pineapple’ too!

If one goes through the Facebook posts of Indians who have been hooked by Osho through his youtube videos, the world needs only one thing: Listen to Osho and spread what Osho says, what Osho said.

Because Facebook is the one and only site of cut-and-paste quotations, Osho´s words dominate the one-liner virtual world. On the basis of this, 3-5 small-time, semi-religious entrepreneurs from Nepal and India travel around the world boasting their close proximity with Osho when He was ‘Acharya’.

Sometimes I wonder why none of the foreigners play the ambassador role for spreading Osho´s work of taking meditation camps.

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Sex, Love and Relationships in the West

Some notes on Sex, Love and Relationships in the West, from the perspective of Shantam Prem, an Indian who, since leaving Pune, has lived and worked in Germany for many years. Full of hidden dangers, it’s like a ‘minefield’, he … Continue reading

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