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Mounting two horses, stretching two bows, serving two masters…

Today Sannyas News opens an extra feature, where readers are invited to send in stories and quotes for further discussion. Arpana starts the ball rolling with a quote from Osho’s ‘The Mustard Seed’. (Apologies for cramped presentation). THE TENTH SAYING … Continue reading

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“Want to Really Live in the Present? Embrace Life’s Nasty Bits, Too”

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There Are No Others…

Here, Lokesh explores the profound implications of this statement of Ramana Maharshi. Osho spoke so much that his books supply a multitude of phrases that can be adapted into slogans. Be prepared, plan for a miracle….celebrate your existence etc. Osho … Continue reading

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This Thing Called Enlightenment

Is Enlightenment real or is it merely a “story”, a sort of marketing ploy to attract people to a Master?  Shantam Prem suggests it’s the latter. At the Cosmic Job Centre,  “Anti-Guru guru” job slot is open. I am thinking … Continue reading

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To Resist or Not To Resist? That Is The Question…

  Does spiritual life rule out fighting against injustice in the world? Or is, as many teachings say, everything always all right out there, just the way it is? If we choose to act, how far are we prepared to … Continue reading

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