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What Is ‘Osho’s Legacy’?

What is ‘Osho’s Legacy’? This question has surfaced at Sannyas News a number of times over the years, evoking conflicting viewpoints: Is it what he consciously and carefully left behind, eg a specific structure, including places, (communes, ashrams), practices, guidelines … Continue reading

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Unconditional Giving – an Osho-Inspired Experiment, by Prem Ritvik

Prem Ritvik explains… This article/discussion is for beloved Kavita, who invited me on behalf of SN to discuss experiments of Osho I had done. I am sharing this so anyone may be inspired to put anectodes shared by Osho into … Continue reading

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Opening Weekend Of New Osho Centre, Provence, South of France

A new Centre, amidst lovely surroundings, created and run by Swami Dhyan Pascal in Simiane-la-Profonde, Provence, has opened with a weekend celebration over Easter. Here’s a taste of the fun… Tel: 00 33 68 59 12 865

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Musings About The Ego – Or, What Is Ego? Arpana reflects…

  Arpana offers some reflections on what is thought by many to be ‘the enemy’ of  spiritual growth… It seems to me that ego is made up of all those unconscious ideas any given individual has about themselves which make … Continue reading

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Automatic Sannyas and The Great Sannyas

In his second article for Sannyas News, Prem Ritvik seeks to explain  why one need not worry at all about the future of Sannyas and where it is heading. “I see a great future for the materialist spiritualist” (Osho) Sannyas … Continue reading

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