Natural History – A fable by Madhuri

Madhu has recommended this short story by Madhuri, originally published in Osho News on February 10, 2021. SN acknowledges Osho News and Madhuri for allowiing us to present it here.

Monster enjoying far horizonOnce upon  a time there was a being, a sort of Uber-Gryphon, if you will, who had the nose of a hunting dog. Oh, what an acute nose he had, which knew everything important about anything it hied itself towards; and everything unimportant too. If he just got a whiff of your hair from fifty paces, he knew what you had had for supper last night, and that you had put hot sauce on it, and ketchup too. He knew if your girlfriend was kind to you, and if you were cross at your Dad. He knew if you were cooking an ailment, and what your secret, shamefullest desires were, and how you’d lied to a neighbour; and if you were a good man or a bad.This Uber-Gryphon had the flexibility of a cat, so that if he chose, he could disport himself into twisty-turny acrobatics, night or day. He had the sonar gifts of a dolphin – so that he could see right through you, and no mistake – and he had the eyes of a special kind of deep-North-Sea squid, so incredibly acute that they could detect what electron microscopes do, and then some.This Gryphon sat finally up on the very top of a mountain – for he could run like a cheetah, and hover like a bumblebee, and getting to the top of any mountain you please was as nothing to him – just a stroll in the park, just a lift of his green and leathery wings, and he was there, sunning himself in the rarified air.But other than that he did nothing – just sat – because his nose was dragging him off to root in a burrow, and his eyes were lost into the molecular structure of a granite boulder far away. His flexible spine thus felt pulled in two different directions, and his sonar was reading a nearby capybara, that had a stomach-ache. The Gryphon was a bit tired of hovering, and there was no reason to run unless it was clear in which direction he wanted to go.And so he sat, with all his giftedness… and gently by-and-by became extinct.And then there was another kind of being – a sort of Under-Gryphon – which had lousy eyesight, blunt as an old butter-knife. Its sense of smell was nothing to brag about – it kept gallons of poison under its kitchen sink, and never paid them any attention at all; it ate things that made it fat and slovenly and itchy, and yet before the eating thought that they smelt just fine. It slept with the wrong other Under-Gryphons, and didn’t even know how to smell a user or a loser, a fabulist, or a cheat. Its limberness was dreadful – it couldn’t even swing down from a rooftop, like the humblest monkey – it often couldn’t even climb the nearest little hill. As to flying, it was completely useless – for it had no wings. And as to sonar… it would have scoffed at you had you even raised the question of that.And yet these Under-Gryphons persisted – and lived upon their home planet for a long, long time – at least, long in the imperfect reckoning of their own kind.How did they do this?

It was because they were stupid; and kept hoping for something better – and got a momentum about themselves, to that end; and kept hustling forward, blind, muffled, clumsy, dull – but burning with some inner fire of helpless greed and urgency. You could not slow them down. And whatever got better or got worse, or if nothing did, they kept right on. They were kinetic, like wolverines, but much more dull.

These Under-Gryphons loved light – sunlight, rhinestones, heart-light, campfires, phones, the moon – and stared at these things as if they might offer them salvation. And perhaps, once every hundred or thousand years, one of these lights conferred some of itself to a budding star; and for a moment, a year, a small aeon, a great stream of light, whhhsssshhhing with joy, flew back and forth between earth and the far night sky – and the Under-Gryphons stopped what they were snorting about doing, and stared up in wonder. And after that they would fall to quarrelling about what they had seen; and soon set about each other with swords and knives, until the green blood ran upon the stones.

They thought that the planet they ran about on belonged to them – and so they pillaged an grabbed, and stored things away like chipmunks, and stole things that other Gryphons had – or other creatures. They stole fish from the sea and birds from the air and metals and crystals from the ground, and they stole lady Under-Gryphons from each other. But just when it would seem that they would use up everything there was, and ruin all of it like a child spitting into his glass of milk – the Earth would shake herself like an irritated dog, or cook up a great storm all swirling round like a Dervish 300 miles wide; or send a Pestilence – and so many Under-Gryphons would perish that the depredations perpetrated by their kind would lessen for a time – and in this way Earth kept her dignity.

But plenty of the Under-Gryphons survived, and they multiplied again like cats – that was a solid gift they had – although in the joining, they argued and spat as much as cats do. But they survived, and in that way we can say they succeeded – not because of their sensory gifts but because of their lacks; that they were never satisfied. And thus the door to Existence was left propped open, all the time.

This is not to say that this was good or bad.

It simply was.

Illustration by the author: Monster enjoying far horizon


Madhuri is a healer, artist, poet and author of several books, Mistakes on the Path being her latest memoir.

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74 Responses to Natural History – A fable by Madhuri

  1. frank says:

    Makes a nice change to have some Lady Gryphons contributing on the site.

    Are they of the Uber or the Under variety, I wonder?

  2. frank says:

    I like it, it`s a kind of Nietzschean version of The Wombles.

  3. bob says:

    The Wombles? Is that some kind of condition you get when you mix too much group therapy with meditation and guru adoration, or is it just a queasy, wobbly feeling arising from downing one too many pints at the local pub…?

  4. frank says:

    A fable, by definition, is “a short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral.”

    What is the moral of this fable?
    I don`t know for sure, but I can see why our old friend and SN contributor Madhu would like it as it does seem to encapsulate some of her world-view:

    She dreams about Uber Gryph, but despite having superpowers, he lacks the motivation to get out of bed and get busy, so as a result has snuffed it, rendering him not much use at all.
    The world is full of `Under` types hell-bent on causing trouble, quarrelling, thieving, pillaging and doing bad stuff to lady gryphs.

    So, it`s better to just get used to the fact that Uber Gryph, despite being a really top gryph, basically can`t be arsed. Thus, the only hope is to identify with Earth, keep your dignity, shake the `Under` bastards off when they get too much and remember, despite all the shit-stirring and trouble-making, at least the `Unders` will keep the ball of existence rolling, if nothing else.

  5. Lokesh says:

    I read Madhuri’s fable.
    It might be a good idea to devote more space to the writing on the page and cut out the background. Easier on the eyes.

    So I take it we are the unter-gryphons. What to say? Kind of sweet, I suppose. Just the kind of thing that one would expect from someone called Madhuri, a name which implies sweetness, like honey.

    • frank says:

      Yeah, but it`s blatantly racist about the Under-Gryphon community.
      It perpetuates all the old prejudices and stereotypes about Under Gryphons: they are violent, stupid, thieving, overweight, oversexed, like shiny things, are useless etc., whilst extolling the inherent supremacy of privileged, elite, entitled and socially advantaged Uber-Gryphons.

      I am deeply offended and saddened that such bigoted attitudes still persist well into the 21st century.

  6. Lokesh says:

    Yes, Frank, I’m glad you brought it up. Being an unter-gryphon myself, I’m all for getting up to stand up for my rights. I find myself asking what the uber-gryphons have ever done for me? Nothing is the answer.

    I think it’s time for Osho’s vision to be implemented and the New Gryphon welcomed into our midst. A new, more balanced and perhaps more androgenous gryphon.

  7. Klaus says:

    Possibly these gryphons, due to their gryphon consciousness, all livw in their own kind of uber under gryphon onenesses.

    Thus, the under gryphons would have to switch into the uber gryphon oneness in order to rise to at least some kind of heavenly privilege?

    Cheerio, Ms Sophie. Skol.

    • frank says:

      Yes, and according to most have-a-go advaitists, the separation between Uber and Unter Gryphons is, in reality, nothing but an illusion arising in dualistic time-space.

      As far as Osho`s vision is concerned, it seems that there is something of an Indian mutiny onboard the Noah`s Ark of consciousness these days, probably rendering it about as seaworthy as the Titanic.

      The unter-gryphs are on the rampage and all the animals have been let loose: donkeys, asses, alcoholic baboons, holy cows, poison injecting snakes, buffaloes, blob-fishes, weasels, one-trick ponies, fat cats and twelve-foot lizards are all battling it out for the control of the ship’s wheel.

      Which reminds me of another fable….

      (Illustration by Durer for Brant`s ‘Ship of Fools’, 15th century).

  8. Klaus says:

    “Wheels, keep on turning.”

  9. frank says:

    Apparently, the latest biopic about Osho that is in the pipeline, they have asked Al Pacino to play Osho.
    He`s keen, apart from he wants the same amount of Dollars as they`re offering him Rupees.

    I had a glimpse at the screenplay:
    Beloved Master, what is the true dharma?
    “You gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.”
    Beloved, can you tell us something about your enlightenment?
    “The boss is always right even when he`s wrong.
    I always tell the truth even when I lie.”

    “Enough for today, muthf***er” (blows disciple`s head off).

  10. Lokesh says:

    Say hello to my little friend….

  11. Klaus says:

    Uber-gryphons with under-gryphon component. And vice versa.

    Yang and yin?

    “It is in the way that you use it.”
    (Eric Clapton)

  12. frank says:

    Might be a bit off topic , but let`s face it, the Wombles didn`t have a lot going for them. Maybe could be a new topic (if it`s not too offensive to people`s religious beliefs)?

    In the ongoing turf-war in K Park, we have a raft of Osho sannyasins standing shoulder to shoulder with Sheela, taking her lies and absurd posturing seriously in their attempts to get control over the Resort.
    A little while back there was an Ayurveda-seller on OshoNews making the dishonest, self-interested claim that Ayurveda increased longevity better than allopathic medicine.

    Now OshoNews is promoting Zach Bush,a doctor/online guru who tells his hundreds of thousands of followers that viruses don`t really cause disease, germs don`t cause illness, promoting anti-vaxx, mixes it all up with standard spiritual stuff like `ecstacy is the only way out` and of course, like all of them, making a fortune out of selling endless supplements to the mugs who buy into it. He even sells supplements for your pets.

    Is it a surprise? Not so much. Catholic sannyasins have been believing half-baked conspiracy stuff for decades, from at least since the black magic attacks of `89 onwards.

    Anyone who can promote and take as serious comment the ramblings of a proven bullshitter such as John Hogue have dug themselves way down the rabbit hole already.

    And they frame it all as a “rebellious” stance.

    Here`s the news: The rebellious stance has been long co-opted by self-interested conmen, quasi-fascists, right-wing nutjobs, wannabe cult-leaders and parasitic online influencers focused on their hits.
    In fact, in their zeal to be rebellious and occupy the high ground above the unconscious masses/sheeple, these conspiritualists, Osho-supporting or otherwise, have sunk to levels of stupidity, credulity and brainwash that even the masses haven`t managed.

    My observation is that all embracers of conspirituality thinking have got an investment in it. Bums on seats, supplement sales, podcast sales, product sales, `spiritual` kudos/ID. Tagging onto this stuff increases your hits. That’s what happened when the yoga world embraced QAnon stuff. They increased their hits and as a result, their flagging (due to Covid) income.

    So, from K-Park to the Covid culture wars, it`s all about money and power and how far people will go to get it. (Clue: the higher the stakes, the further they will go, and we are experiencing a bull market for bullshit that shows no sign of abating!).

  13. Klaus says:


    Interesting investigation you have made in your well worded comment. Not off-topic at all, in my mind.

    In the course of this thread I had a word appearing in my mind:
    “Marketist” is what came into my head not just once.

    Everybody can use some inspiration and/or help/support some time or other. Therefore, some investment must be made: money and time and dedication and risk taking or even all of these. One has to reflect beforehand. I guess.

    Anastacia sings, “I paid my dues.”
    I certainly paid some dues, too. Now I am quite a bit older and more experienced and probably sharper in my small brain…enough.
    Luckily my needs are – much – less, too.

    When browsing some websites very often I do not get to the “offer pages” at all: fascination has certainly dropped a lot. “Oh, this marketist!” or “That’s so basic!” come to mind easily. The marketing via internet is so cheap and fast and pervasive: copy & paste worldwide within split seconds. A lot of quantity while quality is harder to detect.

    The supplement selling company seems to consist mainly of marketing people. Very transparent imo.

    “Dont look before you leap!” was inspiring with Osho, because of the possible gains intuited.

    My material investment in the K-Park zone is zero, my spiritual investment moving in the same direction: “Is it so? O.”

    Om Shanti.

  14. Lokesh says:

    Yeah, good post, Frank. Bullshit rules the farmyard masses.

    I like to keep in touch with current affairs. But not too much.

    I read about the Resort selling off three acres, which does not concern me in the slightest.
    Here on Ibiza I sit with friends and discuss current topics, as well as asking why are you projecting your crap on me? The more I check out the world at large the more convinced I am that the island is a great place to be. Locally they are preparing for a flood of German tourists while we are still under lockdown.

    In a nutshell, it is totally nuts, a microcosm of the world at large. My current avatar of FB, I rarely visit the site, is Mr. Natural, just passing through.

    Just passing through is how I view life on Earth. It is a madhouse, always has been, always will be. It is also a great place to fertilize the growth of your inner whatsit. The lotus grows out of the mud…yeah, I like to think so. Keep on truckin’.

  15. Lokesh says:

    Aye, well, Satchit, you know what the old man said…

    If you live with unhealthy people, to be healthy is dangerous. If you live with insane people, then to be sane is dangerous. If you live in a madhouse, even if you are not mad at least pretend that you are mad; otherwise those mad people will kill you.

    • frank says:

      Re. pretending to be mad…

      That reminds me of a drama I watched on the telly when I was kid that stuck in my mind. It was based on a true story about how a British officer escaped from Colditz, a stalag for prisoners of war in Germany in WW2. The guy hit on the idea of feigning insanity, as by the Geneva convention that was a stated reason to free a pow. He talked to the head of the escape committee about it and he agreed that it was worth a try.

      The officer then proceeded to act in increasingly bizarre and wacky ways, pissing off both the other prisoners who didn`t know what he was doing and attracting the attention of the guards.

      The guards were suspicious and put a guy on him to follow him around. The `crazy` guy proved to be a fantastic actor, playing the part to a tee, shitting himself publicly and all sorts. Eventually he was freed and transported home. The escape committee were very pleased and absolutely amazed at the officer`s incredible feat of method acting.

      Some weeks later, they received a letter from the escapee`s` wife thanking them all for their help and adding that he had been committed to a mental asylum in England with advanced psychosis with no hope of cure.

      • frank says:

        It goes to show the dangers of larping.
        Btw, That`s how to become a guru, too:
        Larp it 24/7 and don`t wobble.
        If you do, you`re f***ed.

      • satchit says:

        Maybe the escapee’s wife was also larping.

        Many things can be written in a letter.

        • frank says:

          You are right, she was, for sure.
          It turns out that she was a cross-dresser, a man dressed as a woman all along. It was when the officer went on the honeymoon that he really flipped.

          Just goes to prove what those in the know have been saying for aeons:
          The universe is simply the product of some non-binary gender-fluid divinity who is larping around pretending to be us.

  16. frank says:

    I recently watched Chris Morris`s latest film ‘The Day Shall Come’.
    It`s a comedy about an impoverished, crazy, deluded but lovable leader of a small religious commune that worships “Black Santa” and has revolutionary fantasies. He gets infiltrated by FBI agents who work to manipulate him and set him up to be busted as a big-time terrorist, “the next Bin Laden”.

    The non-comic part, as I heard from an interview with the director/writer is that this kind of thing happens very frequently in the US. Fringe people and organisations, many of them completely harmless, mostly ethnic minorities, are stitched up and jailed in this way. It`s a regularly occurring Kafka-type nightmare.

    It is such a bizarre story, it set me thinking. And in the spirit of our legendary Parmartha Conan Doyle I wondered whether something similar happened at the Ranch?

    I believe it`s possible that Sheela and her cronies could very well have made the mess without outside help, but there are a few odd facts that do seem to fit such a narrative:
    Remember the guy Swami Julian? He was the guy, according to Vivek`s testimony, who put in the bugging devices. He was mentioned in the book ‘The Day We Got Guns’ that was posted on SN some years back. The author of that book worked for Julian who was a trusted long-term lieutenant to Sheela due to his electronic wizardry, `people skills`, keenness and reliability.

    Here`s the thing:
    After the shit hit the fan and everyone was charged with the crimes and misdemeanors, this Julian was due up on some charge related to the wiretapping. According to the assessment he was only looking at one year inside max, maybe even suspended. However, he jumped bail and has never been seen or heard from again. Amazingly, there were three other guys on the list to be charged who jumped bail and also were never found. These three were also only looking at very short sentences, two of them most likely suspended.

    The question is:
    Who jumps bail and goes on the run and gets away with it, never being caught (36 years and counting)? Very few.
    And when they are looking at only a year stretch or not even being sent down? Pretty unheard of.
    Unless they were moles. That would explain it.

    • swamishanti says:

      Good point, Frank.

      As Devakant pointed out in his recent book ‘In the Eye Of The Hurricane’, before Sheela had left the commune it came to light that Sheela and her group were having secret meetings with government agents.

      Those meetings may have not been indicators of any particular plot, but Ava Avalos and KD, two of the main members of Sheela’s group, made deals.

      If I remember ‘A Passage to America’ correctly, Osho , whilst giving a discourse in the Rajneesh Mandir, turned towards KD who was guarding him on the podium, after he had returned from making his deal with the FBI, and said something along the lines of “even your own guards can shoot you in the back.”

      Deeksha, who had left in 1981, also made some kind of deal and worked with the INS who were trying to get Osho deported. Hugh Milne was also offered some sort of deal by the INS. Tom Casey was said to have traveled all the way to the UK specially to meet him.

      As far as moles are concerned, of course the CIA had many embedded undercover agents at the Ranch. And a couple of people, mercenaries, ex-Vietnam vets who Max Brecher interviewed, claimed that the CIA wanted to hire them in plots to assassinate Osho before he left the Ranch.

      • frank says:

        That must have been such an easy job for the spooks.
        You really didn`t have to be James Bond or George Smiley to pull that one off.

        I mean, infiltrating a love cult ain’t exactly going undercover in Nazi Germany, East Gernmany, North Korea, Iraq, Syria or whatever.

        • swamishanti says:

          What, pain, carefully created by an undercover government crew?

          ‘What pain, ill due pain carefully inflicted on a chosen few?’ (BTTP ‘Rub In The Cream’):

          This recording is very old. Although the lyrics of this old recording mention “beating the disease”, “breathless breathless breathless” , and “flu” – the lyrics are allegorical and not connected to any recent Covid conspiracy theories.

          • frank says:

            The so-called Spycops bill here in the UK will make sure that undercovers will not face prosecution for any crimes they commit whilst infiltrating any organisation. Legally, that`s literally any crime whatsoever. The mindbogglingly dystopian possible outcomes of these new laws aren`t too difficult to imagine.

            It`s a good job I`m just an old fart that no one`s interested in anymore. Just a minute, what`s that knocking on my door? I wasn`t expecting anyone at this time….

            • frank says:

              Pardon me for the grim view here but I had my fist shot of the vaccine just recently and….

              • swamishanti says:

                You go first. I’ll leave it alone for the time being.

                Some of those vaccines have had strange after-effects, even though they were not immediately apparent and could be passed on to children.

                For example, these conjoined Indian twins.
                But they found love in India at the age of 40 with the same guy.

                • frank says:

                  That was a result of the Covid vaccine? Mmm…

                  That`s nothing. Since I had it 3 weeks ago, I have grown breasts and an extra penis, had several psychotic attacks, become attracted to 12-foot lizards, my spine has become so bendy that I can literally stick my head up my own arse and I`ve gone bald.

                • frank says:

                  Really tho`, it`s just a vaccination. What is the alternative – Rescue remedy?

                  Smallpox jabs save 5 million lives a year.
                  Here`s a pic of a demonstration against the smallpox vaccination in 1918. Same fear of mass murder and damage to future generations, 100 years later.

                • swamishanti says:

                  All these kinds of things, extra legs and heads, perhaps a giant foot, are par for the course in India, of course.

                  Last time I was in Bombay I remember seeing a guy with no legs, just small stumps for arms, making his way slowly along the pavement, but he was grinning actually. Looked much more content than the average westerner rushing down the street.

                • swamishanti says:

                  I never bother with the vaccinations or Malaria tablets when I visit India. Only use homeopathy which means I take tiny doses of all the diseases such as Typhoid, Dyptheriam, Meningococcal Meningitis, Malaria, etc.

                  Hopefully it works. Haven’t caught any of them yet.

                • frank says:

                  Mullah Nasruddin was throwing handfuls of crumbs around his house.
                  “What are you doing?” his neighbour asked him.
                  “Keeping the tigers away.”
                  “Tigers? But there are no tigers in these parts.”
                  “Exactly. See, it works!” replied Nasruddin

                • frank says:

                  I like to avoid every medicine as much as possible. Always have done.

                  I have never had homeopathy. If you did catch Typhoid, Dyptheria, Meningococcal Meningitis or Malaria I bet you wouldn`t go to a homeopath to cure them?

                  The whole anti-allopathic trip that has led to the anti-vaxx thing is simply throwing the baby out with the bathwater imv.

                  I haden`t really given vaccines that much thought until recently. I can`t remember what year it was I last had one, last century probably.
                  Now, I don`t see any real alternative to having the vaccine for Covid.
                  I notice that no `alternative` people have come up with an answer/solution to it apart from trying to play down Covid or even deny it really exists (plus flog a few of their own dubious supplements).

                  The fact is that even if you avoid having the vaccine, you will be benefitting from the others that do.

                • satchit says:

                  My information is even if you have got the vaccine, you can still get the virus.

                  Only the symptomes will not be this heavy.

                • frank says:

                  I don`t think any vaccine is 100% effective so you can still get Covid after receiving the vaccine.

                  However, the vaccine will in many cases stop you from getting it, at least according to Johns Hopkins University:

                  “The vaccine will protect someone who receives it by lowering the chance of getting COVID-19 if the person encounters the coronavirus.
                  More important is whether the vaccine prevents serious illness, hospitalization and death. At this time, all three vaccines are highly efficacious at preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19. Widespread vaccination means the coronavirus will not infect as many people. This will limit spread through communities and will restrict the virus’s opportunity to continue to mutate into new variants.”

                • swamishanti says:

                  I just let lots of other people take the vaccine and then I benefit from the infection rates dropping.

                  Actually, as I understand it, allopathic anti-malaria pills that the doctors prescribe don’t necessarily give you 100 per cent protection anyway, and they do have side-effects.

                  Whereas with homeopathy there are no side-effects.

                  I am not against allopathic medicine. In many cases it is extremely useful.

                  But what has happened is that the older forms of medicine have been largely forgotten about and sidestepped as chemical pharmaceuticals and drug companies have taken over.

                  And the modern allopathic doctors have been programmed to dismiss older forms of medicine and healing and disregard them as unproven ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’ medicine.

                  They are usually clueless to anything which is not taught in their curriculum.

                  I mean, they don’t even understand the properties of eating chopped garlic – which is a powerful antibiotic. Actually, if everyone who caught Covid was eating three to four crushed cloves of garlic a day I am certain the vast majority of them wouldn’t end up in hospital. Yet modern British doctors don’t have a clue about this most classic and powerful remedy.

                  I haven’t had a chronic cough for over 15 years, just because I learned about eating raw garlic when catching a cold to avoid chest infection (mix it with yoghurt to avoid burning your mouth).

                  Which means that many doctors are over-prescribing painkillers and drugs with side-effects for many conditions that could be, in many cases, treated just as effectively, if not better, using one of the older forms of medicine.

                  Antibiotics can been lifesaving but GPs have abused them by throwing them at patients unnecessarily and now they are largely ineffective due to antibiotic resistance.

                  If you talk to a G.P. about water-fasting for two or three days in the UK then you are likely to get a blank stare or a puzzled look.

                  Even modern Indians have been influenced by the hardcore, masochistic hunger strike fasting of Mahatma Gandhi, and if you tell them you have been water-fasting for over a day they will plead with you with folded hands to “just please, take one lemon, one chappati.”

                  The fact is that a water fast can easily treat many conditions very quickly (hence “fast”) and much more effectively than a doctor just giving someone some pills which carry side-effects.

                  And in the case of fasting, obviously it’s free, but also extremely healthy and detoxifying for the whole body.

                  In fact, a three day water fast has been recently proven to rejuvenate the entire immune system.

                  Still, modern doctors don’t have a clue about any of this. They have long forgotten their roots.

                  In the British Isles in the past, people who were sick would go to special sanctuaries where they would fast for a while until they got well.

                  There are also many powerful herbs growing which the old folk knew about for eons, which have been largely forgotten about, and the people who have studied them are also charging extortionate rates.

  17. frank says:

    Shanti, you say:
    “I just let lots of other people take the vaccine and then I benefit from the infection rates dropping.”

    Yes, but if too high a percentage of people have that attitude and follow that course then the vaccine won`t work.

    What you describe is the approach of many newagers, `wellness` freaks and self-styled `free spirits` that I know. Actually, to me, they are not free spirits at all, they are free-loaders, free-riding on the others in society who commit to the vaccine. They are able to do this because they hold magical belief systems within which they possess superpowers of awareness, consciousness, health, yogic siddhis, alternative health information, tips from ascended masters and various other forms of occult rubbish that make them feel superior to the unconscious masses, and the sheeple, who, unlike the health-conscious ubermenschm, are brainwashed.

    That`s pretty textbook spiritual bypassing.

    Interestingly enough, two other large groups of anti-vaxxers, for example, are found amongst hardcore Christians and Muslims. Actually fitting bedfellows for newage fantasists.

    So the rule follows: If you believe in spiritual bullshit already, you are more likely to believe more other bullshit later. That`s a tip to remember if you`re thinking of setting yourself up as an online influencer!

    In their delusions, you can bet that when the virus has passed, all these jokers will be claiming that they survived because of their yoga, homeopathy, special meditations, special diets, garlic, cacao, organic agave syrup, Allah, Jesus, Melchezidik etc. etc.

    What is the cure for the virus of self-delusion?
    Dunno, but my money is on that it will be around a lot longer than Covid.

    • swamishanti says:

      Sounds to me as if you may be living in an area where you are surrounded by a large number of ‘hippies’ and ‘newagers’ with floaty, spacey and cosmic theories.
      Somewhere where those types make up a large percentage of the population – such as Glastonbury or Totnes perhaps.

      You are probably feeling suffocated by bizarre conspiracy theories such as innocent radio masts that are being accused of causing illnesses, and on the local news boards there will be a plethora of different activities and groups being advertised, such as meetings that may involve channelling extraterrestrials from Saturn or a super-intelligent dolphin who has all the answers.

      In the local pub, instead of chatting about the football results, the locals are discussing how being sugar-free and 100 per cent vegan creates a higher vibration and there are those elitist groups that will only give a hug to those who are 100 per cent sugar-free. The ‘High Elves’.

      I know, I’ve been there and seen those things. And had a lot of fun too.

      I suggest, if you’re not vegetarian, you could set up a bacon butty stall in the high street if you want to provoke a reaction. That’s what someone living in Glastonbury told me he did once just to wind people up.

      Perhaps then you would feel like Osho with the Rollers.

      • frank says:

        It would be good if the sort of bollocks I was writing about was indeed confined to the likes of open-air mental asylums like Glastonbury and Totnes, but it is not.

        The Net has ensured that it is global.

        There`s even some on SN who buy into it.

        • swamishanti says:

          The camel, the lion, the child.

          • frank says:

            Leave your shoes and minds at the door and….

            • swamishanti says:

              I have never really got that, the fuss some of the anti- Inner Circle sannyasins are making with alcohol being readily available in the Pune Resort.

              I can understand people not appreciating some of the changes – most of the photos of Osho being taken down, no malas allowed, etc. Not much devotional music?

              But after all, there was already a small jungle bar in Pune Two with Osho’s consent, and some of his household members, including Vivek, were also known to occasionally enjoy a tipple whenever there was a mini-bar available, such as during the World Tour. And Osho himself posed as Zorba with bottles of wine in Crete.

            • swamishanti says:

              When Daiten first came to Sekito, the master asked him, “What is your no-mind?”
              Daiten replied, “The one who speaks is it.”
              At this, Sekito shouted, “Twatz!” — and left.
              Ten days later, Daiten again came to Sekito and asked, “The last answer I said to you was not no-mind. What is no-mind?”
              Sekito said, “Without raising eyebrows or moving eyeballs, bring your no-mind here.”
              Daiten said, “There is no no-mind to be brought.”
              Sekito said, “Basically, no-mind is. Why do you say no-mind is not? That is the wrong statement.”
              At this, Daiten was greatly enlightened.

            • frank says:

              Perfectly correct. Klaus.

              Certainly, Anand Yogi`s words of truth resonate with the agonising pain felt by crores of hard-done-by devotees who have for decades selflessly spilt large amounts of vital fluids in the pursuit of Bhorat`s dream and legacy, going on a wild magic carpet ride only to find themselves tumbling into the abyss as the carpet is whipped away from them at the last moment by spiritual criminals!

              But who can heal the PAIN?
              By extraordinary synchronicity, I asked Swami Bhorat this very question this morning in darshan.

              He looked at me with a gaze that seemed to come from somewhere beyond the horizon and answered:
              “Only great pain, the long, slow pain that takes its time…compels us to descend to our ultimate depths…I doubt that such pain makes us “better”; but I know it makes us more profound…In the end, lest what is most important remain unsaid: from such abysses, from such severe sickness, one returns newborn, having shed one’s skin…with merrier senses, with a second innocence in joy, more childlike and yet a hundred times subtler than one has ever been before.”

              Hearing this I bowed at his feet in amazement.
              Then he continued…
              “Nah…just kidding. Just find out who`s responsible for causing you the pain, call your lawyer or even a politician or even Al Pacino, and bring that mofo DOWN.”

        • swamishanti says:

          There’s always bollocks everywhere. But even though some of the conspiracy theories are surely bollocks, many seem to have arisen out of natural distrust of the governments.

          In the US, surveys have demonstrated that over two-thirds of Americans distrust the Federal Government and are aware of the manipulation of the media, government propaganda, cover-ups, etc.

          My Israeli friends have told me that their own newspapers and media are blatantly biased and will only present what they want people to see.

          In the UK, Rupert Murdoch has a strong influence on the election results and other issues with his media manipulation of the herd.

          • frank says:

            The idea that all conspiracy theories, whether true or not, at least have the value of showing that people are gaining in awareness of the corruption of government and that will lead to a positive outcome is totally misguided. History shows that the purpose of conspiracy theories is not to reveal truth but to whip up, divert, influence and control the populace.

            Recently, for example, when Trump, before and during his administration, embraced and helped fuel a raft of conspiracy theories, he convinced millions of people that he was the guy who was going to address that corruption,`drain the swamp` etc.

            He knew his target: those who you mentioned who had come to distrust the govt. and the media. That`s how he become their saviour.
            Who has been saved tho`?

            In fact, he lit the touch paper for a wave of reactionary fascism, division and violence wrapped up with dreams of a new world that we are now stuck with.

            Uncovering genuine conspiracies like MK Ultra, Govt. dirty tricks or the shenanigans of the Catholic church is one thing.
            Weaponised fantasies and lies are another.

            • swamishanti says:

              I think Trump declared that the election was “rigged” pretty early on on his campaign, because he knew that he was going to lose. The polls showed that he was well behind Biden in popularity with the populace.

              As you say, he did try to ride the wave of the conspiracy theories, which seem to have been mainly created or propagated by his alt-right supporters.

              But clearly, it didn’t work.

              In the U.S. there are always conspiracy theories, largely because it is known that there have been conspiracies. Not just the Government but the shady work of the deep state and agencies such as the CIA and the FBI are highly misstrusted. Some of their tactics in the past have been exposed.

              But, personally, I don’t know anyone who would believe in the bizarre right- wing Qanon conspiracy theories that you were on about, and I am surprised that anyone outside of the U.S. really would. I guess it’s become mixed together with other popular conspiracy theories.

              • frank says:

                It is indeed surprising, But you can read about it in the news. Mainstream media and alternative media both.

                Q ideas and tropes have influenced a lot of people in the wellness/yoga/spiritual world and others too, here in the UK.

                The most extreme person that I actually know is a woman in her 50s. Not a hippie by any stretch of the imagination, well-off, divorced, owns two houses. She was into psychic mumbo-jumbo in the years I have known her which I think was probably the hook.

                She is still 100% into Trump being the saviour, the paedo conspiracies, Bill Gates as the Satan and (I am told) posts Q stuff non-stop on Facebook. She has influenced a couple of her friends who I also know socially. The other two would never say “We are into Qanon”, but the motifs and tropes are unmistakable and the conversations I`ve had with them since the Covid started haven`t exactly flowed.

                They are anti-mask, anti-lockdown, play down Covid (”It`s all about control”) and rail against the corrupt medical establishment, despite having had plenty of operations on the NHS and being well into Botox and stuff like that!

                I have had sannyasin friends telling me the vaccine “alters your DNA”. That the whole Covid thing was dreamed up by the `powers-that-be` to control society. Another guy tried to convince me that Covid is a psy-ops just like AIDS was. I could go on.

                These guys aren`t neccesarily following Q drops online, but it`s basically the same content.

                Some people have posited that the Covid event has been, in the phrase that Stanislav Grof used to describe the effects of LSD: “a non-specific amplifier”.
                Which means that it turns the heat up and cooks and catalyses whatever is already inside you.

                There may well be some truth in that.

                • Klaus says:

                  “DNA is being changed….”

                  I am wondering what could have been the default DNA set before it started.

                  There were no problems before it started.

                  So, maybe the default setting was “enlightened”, “without any sankaras / kilesas / sins / imprints / etc.”.

                  Then, it started; the Big Bang, Adam and Eve etc.

                  Swapping/changing/generating of genes / DNA happened – no longer in the default setting. This happend, that happened, generation after generation etc.

                  DNA / genes were changed non stop by events – inside i.e. love and hate, attraction, disappointment, supression of emotions etc and outside i.e. re-birth, accidents, war, injuries, herbs, vaccines, medicine, life conditions and whatever.

                  Meditation – therapy – shaktipat – blessings and mercy – love – shanti and so on “improve consciousness”.

                  As a consequence, levers in the DNA / genes are re-set to “default”.

                  Or is it simply consciousness becoming aware of consciousness – continuously arising and passing away? Nothing on the physical level involved?

                  Havn’t figured that out. Ouuch.

                  Can humans be programmed as robots via the willful setting of DNA / genes? Like through vaccines, altered food?

                  Do propaganda and streamlining, i.e. effects of ads, family, school edcuation, Russia, China and most likely all societies – alter DNA / genes?

                  Why worry about changes in DNA / genes? These have never been hardcoded, imo.

                  Worry about progress in consciousness.

                  Theory. Only?

                • Klaus says:

                  But then there is always the hope for new medicines for therapy of “Covid 19″:

                  Dated 25 March 2021

                  “Researchers in Ulm discover that the body’s own protein weakens coronavirus
                  Body apparently not defenseless against Corona

                  The human organism is not completely defenseless against the coronaviruses. This is ensured not only by the pathogen-specific immune defence, but also by an army of the body’s own proteins, which stands up to the viral invaders. As researchers in Ulm have discovered, this includes the protein alpha-1-antitrypsin.

                  “The body’s own proteins such as alpha-1 antitrypsin not only strengthen our innate immune system, but they could also be used therapeutically in the fight against the pandemic,” the research team is convinced.

                  Link to article:

                  Nice picture of the researchers is in the article.

                  To me, they look trustworthy and rather unspoilt. (I have no affiliation…)

                • Klaus says:

                  In short, I meant to say that I will certainly take the vaccine when available. To reduce the risk of heavy illness, ICU or even death….

  18. frank says:

    Wow! Amazing news from India!

    Apparently, the Supreme Court of India has come out in support of the Indian rebels re. the Ashram. Amrito and Jayesh have been banned from entering India. Narendra Modi has stepped in and given Osho, the Ashram and his Indian followers privileged status as “Upholders of Hindutva”. Government security officers henceforth will look after the Samadhi, which has been granted the same status as Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna, and has been declared an alcohol-free zone.

    The rebels have convened a meeting to decide who will take over. There may be an election. Arun, Keerti, Osho`s brother, Rajneesh and Shantam are reportedly leading in the running, accoring to, India`s leading bookie.

    • Klaus says:

      Uuhhhh. Thank God it’s Friday.

      May the Force find a middle path or something.

        • Klaus says:

          “B-B-B-Baby, it just ain’t over yet.”

          • frank says:

            I`ve been getting tips from the leading bookies on the subcontinent, Bhoratbet108 and FreetiBet on the upcoming ultimate race at Koregaon Park, the Osho 24 Carat Gold Legacy Cup 2021.

            To be fair, none of them look like studs, a bunch of charlies really, with their handicaps many and obvious. However, none of them look the type to look a gift horse in the mouth, so here`s a quick run-down of the form of the runners hoping to get their hands on the legacy and the prize-money.

            Dave O`Raj`s Empty Gin Bottle and his running mate Where`s the Money Paddy? haven`t lost a race on this turf in 30 years, but here are some of the challengers who the punters are hoping to change all that and ignite an all-out turf war and give them a good run for their money:

            Zorba`s Tubby Gurkha Lackey is a newcomer with big expectations. Has won local races and owns a couple of stables in his home country. On the minus side, looks a bit heavy, carrying a lot of dead weight physically and spiritually, and is wearing the largest pair of blinkers you can imagine. We can`t see him getting too far on the famously slippery Indian turf.

            Sheela`s Salmonella Salad-Bar is a surprise inclusion hoping to hit the jackpot for the first time since the early 80s, although a murky history regarding some pretty extensive doping allegations might well put her out of the running.

            Narendra Modi`s Spiritual Arsewipe is attracting a lot of bets and a lot of the punters are pinning their hope on him and praying he`s a banker, which in rhyming slang he certainly is.

            Thikk and Thikkar, and Dhumb and Dhumber seem destined to be also-rans.

            And bringing up the rear, as always, Village Idiot Punjab, still flogging the same dead horse 30 years later.

            • Klaus says:

              Sssssshhhhhhh. The winds are blowing down from the Himalayas carrying answers
              to the undefined.

              That makes 108 Hari Om Tatsat.

              Or 10 x 25 Hail Marys.

              For the flashingly dark sarcasm in the sunlit classroom.

              • frank says:

                After reading Ma Yoga Neelam`s recent letter to Narendra Modi on Osho News, Anand Yogi has been inspired to also write to our revered leader, Zorba the Buddha Modi.

                See below:

                Dear Modiji, Leader of our hearts!

                Let me state simply that ever since I first heard my master Osho wax loquacious about your mentor and hero Morarji Desai with whom you have been rightly compared, I have been gripped by the irresistible urge to one day staple my tongue to your deeply meditative backside in deep devotion, thereby availing myself of the most holy emanations of divine energy emanating from that sacred area.

                I have been working tirelessly to bring Osho`s legless legacy to the unconscious masses as Swami Bhorat`s personal secretary here at Bungabungalore Ashram since 1990. I am deeply saddened and horrified by the developments at Osho ashram which have brought deep ano near-suicidal unhappiness to millions of devoted followers worldwide.

                Please dada, do something!

                Your track record in compassionately resolving religious differences is second to none! Your dealings with muslims in Gujurat in 2002 was exemplary! What a magnificent pogrom! In our temples our hearts danced in deep joy and celebration as is our custom, to the rhythm of lathis cracking heads! You were absolutely masterful!

                Surely you could arrange something similar to remove these insensitive goras and their disgraceful Indian lackeys in Koregaon Park who have defiled the religion of mighty Bhorat and made pure, innocent spiritual seekers like me suffer so much PAIN.

                In decades of banging the head on holy marble, lakhs of us have never felt such PAIN!

                A small group of religiously-warped madmen have seized power and will use any mendacious and deceitful tactics whatsoever in their lust and desperation to hold onto power for as long as possible at any cost. Surely you, beloved ji, as one of the noble political class whom our master loved so dearly, would never let that happen on his watch?

                Hari Om

                Yours sincerely,
                Swami Anand Yogi

                • Klaus says:

                  Ah, the agony
                  oh, the extasy,
                  so sweet the pain.

                  As the saying goes.
                  no pain, no gain.

                  “Fifty thousand men were sent to do the will of one
                  His claim was phrased quite simply, though he never voiced it loud
                  I am he, the chosen one

                  In his name they could slaughter, for his name they could die
                  Though many there were believed in him, still more were sure he lied
                  But they’ll fight the battle on

                  Then one whose faith had died
                  Fled back up the mountainside
                  But before the top was made
                  A misplaced footfall made him stray
                  From the path prepared for him
                  Off of the mountain
                  On to a wilderness of ice

                  This unexpected vision made them stand and shake with fear
                  But nothing was his fright compared with those who saw him appear
                  Terror filled their minds with awe

                  Simple were the folk who lived
                  Upon this frozen wave
                  So not surprising was their thought
                  This is he, God’s chosen one
                  Who’s come to save us from
                  All our oppressors
                  We shall be kings on this world.”

                  (Genesis, ‘One for the Vine’)

                  The lyrics are not based on live experiences. They are purely fictional. Pure poetry.

                  Hari Om
                  Hari Om

                • Klaus says:

                  “What a magnificent pogrom!”

                  “ one of the noble political class whom our master loved so dearly…”

                  “Please dada, do something!”

                  “…innocent spiritual seekers….suffer so much PAIN!”

                  Beyond, beyonder, beyondest any more fitting words….

                  Ah, wonderfully on spot.

  19. frank says:

    Swami Bhorat (centre left, near Trishul) following Covid social distancing guidelines at Kumb Mela yesterday.
    Hari Om!

  20. Klaus says:

    When/if somebody finds out that the bugger causing the pain is located within…

    Then I am totally for dipping into the Ganges in Allahabad and Haridwar to “launder one’s soul”.

    Or launder it in Tiru and in Pune and Mokkha, in Tibet and Shangri-la and at home.

    Wherever the results are best:
    “Dip dip dip in the Wish Wish Wish –
    in the water in the water – clean!”

    • frank says:

      I dipped into the Ganga quite a bit back in the day. I don`t think I managed to wash away my sins, though. Even Osho Washing Powder™ which is supposed to bleach your soul whiter than white wasn`t able to remove all of my bad karma.

      I`ve seen a docmentary about the river in Varanasi recently. Omg!
      Holy Shit! Literally!
      How anyone survives that these days is beyond me.
      It`s certainly a testament to the enduring power of…er…the bowels.

      • Klaus says:

        Dipped into the Ganges near Rishikesh in 1980. Quite cold. Mostly I remember a sense of bewilderment and awe…

        Regarding the sins I think I was just about “to lift the lid” on them….


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