Ways Through The Corona Crisis (Part Two)

This part focuses on practical advice and tips from a variety of sources (NB: Apologies for inconsistent presentation, we tried but couldn’t present it as we wanted):

But first, here’s Osho speaking about Fear: https://youtu.be/Q0-xd5mBS6c

And here’s Mr Ramesh: Mr Ramesh – la Peur (deutsche Untertitel) von www.possibilitymanagement.org

Some people prefer ‘something a bit different.’, as in this advert from a Rumanian (sent in by Francoise (Ma Vitrago)):
“Respectable man, owning plenty of groceries and drinks, and stuff like disinfectant spray, toilet paper and others is in search for a respectable woman, for spending a fortnight of quarantine together.

Wife and children are tucked away at the mother-in-law’s….”

Practical advice from Italy, forwarded from France by Swami Udish (via Francoise, aka Vitrago):

“We don’t stop the virus with panic, but with intelligence.
Here is new information from a researcher from Shenzhen transferred to Wuhan to work with the Coronavirus epidemic task force.The following information is clear, simple and accessible to everyone, describing exactly what the virus is, how it is spread from person to person and how it can be neutralized in everyday life.
.Coronavirus infection does not present itself as the usual cold, with a runny nose or a cough with catharrh and sputum, but on the contrary with a dry cough. It’s the first signal to identify.Important to know: the virus does not resist heat and it dies if it is exposed to temperatures of 26-27 °. It is therefore very important to consume during the day all possible hot drinks such as tea, herbal tea, broth, soups, or simply hot water. The hot liquid neutralizes the virus and it is not difficult to absorb them.
Important: Especially avoid drinking ice water or sucking ice or ice or snow for those who are in the mountains, especially children.For those who can, it is important to expose yourself as much as possible to the sun in accordance with your current climatic conditions
Number 1. The Coronavirus is quite large, it has a diameter of about 400 to 500 nm. This means that any type of mask can stop it. In normal life, therefore, it is not necessary to have special masks.The situation is different if you are a doctor or medical staff and you have to be exposed to strong discharges of the virus and in this case it is essential to use special masks.If someone who has already been affected sneezes in front of you, and they are 3 m away, it will drop the virus on the ground and therefore prevent it from reaching you. This is the reason why a safe distance is important between people.
Number 2. When the virus is found on metallic surfaces, it survives for about 12 hours! It is therefore extremely important when touching metal surfaces such as doors or door handles, household appliances, support handles in public transport, stair railings, chair backs, etc. wash your hands and disinfect yourself carefully.
Number 3: the virus can live hidden in clothes and on fabrics for around 6 to 12 hours. Normal detergents can destroy it. For clothes that cannot be washed every day, if you can expose them to the sun or a source of great heat which will kill the virus.
How the virus manifests:
1. The virus first settles in the throat, causing inflammation and a feeling of a dry throat: this symptom can last 3 to 4 days.
2. The virus travels using the moisture that is present in the respiratory tract, it descends into the trachea and settles in the lungs causing pneumonia. This passage takes approximately 5 to 6 days.
3. Pneumonia is manifested by high fever and difficulty breathing and is absolutely nothing like a common cold. You may even feel like you are drowning due to difficulty breathing. In this case, it is essential to immediately call an emergency care service.
How to avoid the virus:
1. The transmission of the virus happens in the majority of the cases by direct contact, by touching fabrics or materials on which the virus is present: to wash the hands frequently is absolutely essential.The virus survives on your hands for about 10 minutes, but during these 10 minutes a lot can happen: putting your nails or fingers in your mouth, rubbing your eyes or scratching your nose, for example, virus getting into your throat!So, for your well-being and that of others, stop these gestures and wash your hands as often as possible and disinfect them!2. You can gargle with a disinfectant solution that eliminates or reduces the quota of the virus that might have entered your throat. By doing this you will eliminate the virus before it enters the windpipe and then into your lungs.3. Sanitize your computer keyboard (and piano) and mouse, not to mention your cell phone, landline phone. Beware of keyboards for credit cards and elevator buttons (put on washable gloves or a tissue to be thrown away quickly).

We all need to pay close attention and take care of ourselves for our well-being and that of others. ”

Source: Association for the fight against thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases. Milan. www.trombosi.org / Dr.sse Lidia Rota Vend

The Ayurvedic Perspective (from Michael Richards,  via Francoise aka Vitrago):
Several herbal recommendations from a former sannyasin, Gino Groppi (Prem Rajan) qualified in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda:
These remedies have been used very effectively in treating influenza for thousands of years in both China and India.
1. Andrographis  (Latin name), aka Kalamegha (“Indian Echinacea”): This is a very powerful anti-viral and has a strong affinity with the lungs . It is one of the most popular ‘flu  remedies in Sweden.
2. Two other  herbal formulas :   Yin Qiao San  &    Yu Ping Feng San
 Both these are very powerful ,  each containing several herbs.
3. The regular household herbs of Cinnamon and Ginger should also be made into a tea and drunk several times a day. High doses of Vitamin C also recommended.
Hadley Wood Healthcare (founded by naturopathy pioneer Jan de Vries) recommends Beta Glucan as their most powerful immune system booster:

The Coronavirus
Prevention is better than cure
Breaking the spread of this respiratory virus lies at the heart of controlling the real risk of it getting out of hand. We have had many calls and emails asking what can be taken to prevent infection and, as you can imagine, we can’t offer much other than the advise readily available from the NHS web site as there is no effective cure nor vaccination currently available.

Supporting a healthy immune response can only help in fending off any virus so maintaining good health, good nutrition and avoiding crowded places and unnecessary travel to potentially hazardous infection zones would be reasonable, if not rather obvious, advice to offer.

If you are looking for an immune support supplement, consider Beta Glucan.
Dr Tang, a distinguished practitioner of Chinese medicine, based in London’s Harley Street, recommends:
Here’s a (perhaps controversial) freebie from Eric Thompson of Subtle Energy Sciences, an online page that in itself automatically provides “quantum energetisc support for strengthening the immune system” :
Finally, Russell Brand on self-isolation. and mental health…




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  1. swamishanti says:

    Ginger and Cinnamon are both immune system boosting and anti-inflammatory, and have some microbial properties, and of cause vitamin c is always good.

    But for any cough, three fresh raw cloves of garlic three times a day, chopped or crushed up as small as possible, is recommended. Chopped/ crushed garlic contains allicin, which is a powerful antibiotic, and antifungal, as well as being antiviral.

    Antibiotics such as azizthromycin are used for upper respiratory infections and it is currently being given to Covid -19 patients in hospital. Bacterial infections thrive together with viral infections; however, bacteria are developing immunity to antibiotics and antibiotics will indiscriminately wipe out the gut flora, which results in lowering the immune system.

    Fresh raw garlic, on the other hand, doesn’t only kill off the pathogenic bacteria, it actually helps the good bacteria, the probiotics, essential for healthy gut flora, to grow, so boosts immunity whilst simultaneously fighting any infection.

    It is also a good source of vitamin c and vitamin B6, and an excellent source of essential trace minerals such as manganese, copper and selenium.

    The sulphur compounds present in garlic provide a range of health advantages including our cardiovascular system, immune system, inflammatory system, digestive system, endocrine system and detoxification system.

    Eat with raw live yoghurt to avoid burning your mouth.

    • swamishanti says:

      Well, I’ve just got up and have been enjoying my morning chai- which I added a little ginger to, and also like to mix in something else that I’ve been into for a while, that is raw cacao, which is very tasty and will have me bouncing around like a monkey for a couple of hours.

      Raw cacao contains anandamide, which is also known as ‘the bliss molecule’, which binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, creating a sense of ease and happiness. Cacao is also rich in antioxidants, as well as theobromine which is antibacterial and effective at preventing cavities and protecting against tooth decay.

      Rich in dietary fibre and magnesium, recent UK study performed by the British Lung Foundation discovered that the theobromine found in cacao beans was quite effective at treating persistent coughs. It has been hypothesized that the theobromine acts on the vagus nerve, a nerve responsible for coughing fits, and may work better than codeine.

      After enjoying my morning tea I move onto my bowl o’ porridge to which I will add some chopped apple and a handful of blueberries.

      Blueberries are high in vitamin c and very good at helping the body to produce nk (natural killer) cells, which are a very important type of white blood cells which are like the special forces of the body’s immune system.

      They patrol the body and respond quickly to a wide variety of pathological challenges. NK cells are best known for killing virally infected cells and detecting and controlling early signs of cancer. As well as protecting against disease, specialized NK cells are also found in the placenta and may play an important role in pregnancy. 

      NK cells were first noticed for their ability to kill tumour cells without any priming or prior activation (in contrast to cytotoxic T cells, which need priming by antigen presenting cells).

      While on patrol NK cells constantly contact other cells, deciding whether or not to kill these cells based on reading the balance of signals from activating receptors and inhibitory receptors on the NK cell surface.

      Later I’ll probably drink a cup of liquorice tea, which was highly prized by the Ancient Egyptians.

      • satyadeva says:

        Swami Navajat has today provided this extremely positive news re a covid-19 cure breakthrough…

        Although earliest possible availability will be September – and protection would be 8-10 weeks before needing another dose.

        Refreshing to hear such comprehensive explanations from the main researcher.


        The above link replaced the earlier one at 9.15pm (UK time) as it’s much longer, more informative.

    • satyadeva says:

      A few weeks ago, SS, nearly two months into a post-viral low energy malaise, I followed your advice for several days re crushed garlic cloves mixed with yoghurt, and I must say it felt good.

      • swamishanti says:

        Yes, it certainly packs a punch, doesn’t it…must be all the goodness. I’ve used it before, to destroy chest infections and prevent colds from turning into coughs.

        Only problem is – it tends to make one stink.

  2. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    Dear website visitors to SN/UK, creators of the topic(s), adminstrators (as far as they are human) and by now dear, some of the contributers, writing and reading.

    First of all: No need to apologize for any inconsistent ´presentation.

    We´re in a time of crisis and chaos too and truly have to face the one or other fear and – anybody at his/her place has to face it – more or less individually, and much stuff comes up into view, as we see in that published advert from a Rumanian (from Francoise/Ma Vitrago).

    Somebody said these days, “The Coronavirus may bring up the worst as well as the best of nowadays humankind and tells us of the Staus Quo (worldwide) in a by now rarely that much open way.”

    For medical advice I tend to visit other Net services, interviews of Virologists etc.

    About the now happening at any hour trademarket news and accounts, this website of SN may not be the right source (if one is up to that – and I am not).

    However, I´ve been greatly touched, when I read in Osho News a report of Nadeen, who rold the story of the lock-and shutdown in the Pune Ashram and his being deported. There have been photos attached to the Mumbai situation, and there are lots of similiar stuff added by the daily news tickers.

    About US – this morning was to be heard that Trump wants to cancel the US contributions to the WHO. And such is that much outrageous as on the individual level this sort of ´advert´ posted here from a Rumanian “author”.

    Here at my secluded place, I´m trying these days (being a quite elderly risk-patient myself and/BUT a sannyasin too) getting as much cultural and spiritual support as possible.

    As I said in the last topic thread, I feel very grateful having been able to meet the Wisdom of the East, so to say, and meeting lots of other Travellors like this Australien Jewel.

    I´m also very grateful to have been able to get some very good impulses here from other sources. It´s quite some years now that I´m thourougly reminded of a Hannah Arendt with her: I WANT TO UNDERSTAND. So far to the human and not so human or even inhuman sides of chaos and crisis. And this time of that microscopic virus challenge has as strong as strong can be Teaching in my view and that – like any other Teaching – moment to moment. And its a stern one, I´d say.

    I´m quite old (not that far away from late Parmartha, whose memory I cherish here) and who is gone but not gone, I feel.

    Same goes for the manifold aspects of memory re other fellow-travellors I´ve been able to meet. Such also belongs to my flesh and bones, how Anubuddha once liked to name it, before he started with the hands-on bodywork, to ease some pain and to help on the awareness-line.

    Thank you, Swamishanti, for starting the responses with your plants-recommendations (ginger, cinnamon, garlic etc). I can´t add anything to such, I´m sorry. I´m just intensely in that “I want to understand” mode. And what I see these weeks and days is such a lot of beautiful changes too – amidst all that turmoil and chaos ‘updating a rotten system’, I´d say.

    I´m living next to new-borns of these times next door – and I wonder – and I wish anybody here the best (of awareness!) to go through the whole stuff and maybe think ´twice´ before advertising such stuff as the Rumanian did; or maybe better said, not being on a denunciating-line if such or probably much similar is happening just now (see a Trump as president and others who don´t belong to a helping lot but are still ´in power´, so to say).

    To re-connect with what power really is, this tiny little virus forces us in an enormously strong way, to meditate anew and about.

    With best wishes for all our sanity and dignity in terms of healing of body-mind-SOUL,

    I´m sincerely ´yours,


    • satyadeva says:

      Madhu, the ‘Rumanian quote’ was a joke at Facebook and was included as such here. Take another look!

      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        You know, Satyadeva – it would be quite helpful for me, to read (in the topic) that this was meant to be a ´Facebook-Joke`.

        As far as I experience these strengthening weeks here, where much stuff happens that´s for me at least ‘Beyond a Joke’, I felt reading the topic text – pointing at shady sides of truly challenging times: As real, so to say.

        It´s – even when it´s meant as a joke Facebook text, (invented ) by Francoise or somebody else – describing then (not unlike so many jokes in Osho´s Joke Book) – what´s appearing in real re inter-relating amongst human beings: Not only in times of crisis, btw.

        I´ll further take it like that, if you don´t mind.


        • satyadeva says:

          Madhu, the whole tone is that of a spoof advert, and there are pretty obvious clues, eg the emphasis on “respectable”, and the list of things, especially “stuff like disinfectant spray, toilet paper”. So announcing it as a “joke” would be rather pointless, frankly, perhaps even counter-productive. Do you see this?

          Francoise is French and the facebook ad is from Rumania.

          And I had two Irish grandparents!

          • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

            Have the last word, Satyadeva – it´s okay with me.
            We don´t share the same ´taste of British humour, that´s also okay with me.

            Our everyday experiential stuff as also our gender is not same-same – and I don´t need a recently ever-correcting comment about what and how I experience that, emotionally, socially etc. at my place. Hope that you don´t mind that too.



    • ItsCoronaTime says:

      Symptomatic: Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc. Don’t forget the Zinc!
      Asymptomatic: Boost your immune system with Zinc, vitamin C, and colloidal silver.

      • Klaus says:


        Interestingly, I have been taking colloidal silver, vitamin C and zinc already since August 2019. Initiated by a small talk on the terrace of a supermarket coffee shop in brightest summer.

        Furthermore, I had visions of “Ganesh” (Hindu god who is creating and dissolving hindrances) on and off in certain situations in the last year.

  3. sw. veet (francesco) says:

    Trump and Johnson: same fight?

    • satyadeva says:

      A most informative interview (supplied by Swami Navajat):


      • Klaus says:

        Watched it and was quite impressed by the atmosphere: very clear and cool interviewer who never interrupted the expert specialist.

        Good learning, there.

          • Klaus says:

            Ah, the details.

            To my knowledge, colloidal silver reduces herds of inflammation which are already there in the body.
            In this way, the immune system is gaining more power for the build-up of an alarm anti-body reaction as described in the Guardian article.

            I take the colloidal silver in the form of a watered down liquid: one spoonful 2-3 times a day – gargle for 30 seconds – then swallow.

            Following which, I get a very light sensation all over the body – like a cool energy flowing freely throughout just under and above the skin.

            But I guess that this is happening on a very individual basis. Things happen to each person in a different way.

            So, different means – or a mix of them – are suitable for different people.

          • satyadeva says:

            This is most interesting: Renowned British primatologist on the root cause of the pandemic: Us!

            “World-renowned British primatologist Jane Goodall says the coronavirus pandemic was caused by humanity’s disregard for nature and disrespect for animals.

            Goodall, who is best known for trailblazing research in Africa that revealed the true nature of chimpanzees, pleaded for the world to learn from past mistakes to prevent future disasters.

            During a conference call ahead of the release of the new National Geographic documentary, ‘Jane Goodall: The Hope’, the 82-year-old said everyone can make a difference:

            “It is our disregard for nature and our disrespect of the animals we should share the planet with that has caused this pandemic, that was predicted long ago.

            Because as we destroy, let’s say the forest, the different species of animals in the forest are forced into a proximity and therefore diseases are being passed from one animal to another, and that second animal is then most likely to infect humans as it is forced into closer contact with humans.” “

            • satyadeva says:

              From an old friend of mine, a trained biologist, former teacher, author and head of BBC Education, in response to the above news report:

              “I would never argue with Jane Goodall. A great one.

              But maybe the argument extends from her initial suggestion. It would seem that eg Ebola virus has been spread from chimpanzee populations to humans but not simply because we get nearer to wild animals due, solely, to our ubiquitous encroachment. Chimps are hunted and eaten. I gather that’s how Ebola may have spread into humans.

              Basically, it’s the same argument, of course. We should stick to our own patches. But that’s not how the ever-migrating Homo Stupidens operated. I personally believe the world would have been far better off without us but, maybe, some other hunter/predator/omnivorous killer would then have seized the opportunity to assert itself. That would seem to be the natural path of evolution and I speak as a former, if archaic Biologist.

              But I would go much further. That is, we are an arrogant, self-styled super-species that has no idea how vulnerable it can be to ‘lesser’ species. Over history, malarial parasites have had a very good go at us. But viruses are even more extraordinary in their evoultionary development. They are the ultimate, forever-mutating chemical parasite that acts very smartly once it gets into a victim’s cell. It then uses cellular nucleic acids to replicate like mad and finally causes the immunity system to work against it, in defence. And it’s that which causes the fever symptoms.

              The virus then carries on scot-free even though 99% may have been destroyed by the cell’s multi-defence mechanisms. It’s really no problem even if lots of its little mates have been killed off, as surviving viruses continue causing havoc. In the story of the evolution of life in this planet, my money has always been on the viruses. The BIG one is still to emerge. Covid-19 may be a pussy cat. Our only hope is that human brains can continue to come up with counter-treatments and vaccines. So it’s fingers crossed.

              I gather the cell/versus virus battle is as old as the hills, beginning right at the start of the emergence of cellular life upon Earth. The two have been slogging it out ever since ie living cells dreaming up wonderful, innovating mechanisms to deter or destroy viruses. But, equally, viruses coming up with their own counter-innovations to utilise living cells for their successful propagation. It’s a never-ending chemical battle. A competing arms race analogous to the Cold War.

              In time, It could well turn out that the human population is reduced to virtual nothingness, gradually losing its ability to cope as its economy and artificial life-style collapses. How good are we at growing our own food over winter? If the elecricity and water supply went down how would we cope? Maybe we shall go extinct.

              I wouldn’t mind too much if I didn’t have grandsons. But, in all likelihood, the human Armagedon will take place be in many generations’ time. Can we really imagine a planet WITH, never mind without, human beings in 10,000,000 years’ time? Are we just an evolutionary blip? A very harmful one. A shame really, as we produced Bach and Mozart, not to mention Shakespeare and Darwin.

              A very odd species, far too smart for itself and incapable of living with what it creates or changes and forever bent on destruction. An evolutionary smart arse that may hit the buffers and be superceded.

              In the meantime, if we don’t finish off our atmosphere, land and and seas with polluting chemicals, radiation etc. the planet may be able to retain the trees and butterflies I see on my daily dog walks in the sunshine. I wish it well!

              We just need the best of humanity in charge of our affairs and not the worst ones as, historically and currently, seems to be the case.

              Stay Covid-free!”

              • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                Feels so good, Satyadeva (at 5:54 pm), that you put your good friend´s response as an addition to our exchange here.

                What an amazing, sober and mature fellow in my eyes to tell the ´virus-story´ (and not only about this particular one…we´re dealing with just now).
                Gives good food onto the matter to meditate upon.

                And I thorougly subscribe to the last parag,, especially: “We need the best of humanity in charge of our affairs and not the worst ones, as historically and currently seems to be the case.”

                You know – just this afternoon – I´ve been looking into the web of ´Democracy NOW!´ as I sometimes do, and it´s just inconceivable watching the compilation of yesterday´s US as well as global news-pics how the pandemic arousal and facts are dealt with on some of the political stages.

                Anyway: “Stay Covid free” – may be better said than done.

                But sure enough, I second all good wishes!
                Even then, if it might be too late for me (personally).

                Thank you for posting this, Satyadeva.


              • shantam prem says:

                “We just need the best of humanity in charge of our affairs and not the worst ones as, historically and currently, seems to be the case.”

                Only a very smuggy mind can write such a lopsided sentence. It’s extremely egoistic. It shows also writer has chewed too many books by Indian Spiritual frogs.

                • satyadeva says:

                  Beware of assumptions based upon inadequate evidence, Shantam.

                  Points of information:

                  My friend who wrote this is one of the most intelligent, humorous (and multi-talented) people I’ve known.

                  And as far as I know he’s never had any keen interest in religion, conventional or otherwise, so almost certainly he’s never read anything by any such Indian “frogs”.

                  And btw, do you realise that this paragraph you find so much fault with echoes Osho’s own views?

                  For instance:
                  “The members of the World Government will choose the world president. But the world president will be chosen not from the members of the World Government, but from outside. And one thing should be absolutely certain about him – that he is not a politician. He can be a poet, a painter, a mystic, a dancer, but not a politician. Anything except that. So in this way we will destroy the political power which has been the whole torture in the past.

                  The way the U.N. is now, with a few countries having veto power, should be dissolved.

                  It is again a power trip, and this has been the cause of many troubles: one single government can veto something for the whole world. Instead, each president from different nations will have voting power according to the nation’s population of matriculates, of high school graduates.

                  This will change the whole power structure in the world. Then details can be worked out very easily.”

                  And while we’re talking, here’s Amrito on Osho’s vision – somewhat different from your version!

                  “…she (Sheela) had no sense of Osho’s vision. She thought Osho’s vision was to create a community. But Osho’s vision was to help people become themselves. He’s not interested in creating an alternative society. He’s interested in people who go into the normal life and live beautifully wherever they find. In my opinion, what Einstein was to the 19th century, Osho will be to the 20th century. Instead of being about the outer cosmology, it will be about the inner cosmology.”

                • swami anand anubodh says:


                  It seems to me that the quoted paragraph you find so aggravating perfectly describes your own attitude towards the Resort management. All you have done is provide a good example of your own unawareness and why you should stay where you belong.

                • shantam prem says:

                  The Hindu or Nepali Pandit Swami Ji, I did not think your buttons will be pushed that much.

                  I don´t like to communicate with those who stink Bookish.

                  Who exactly are you addressing here, Shantam?

                • shantam prem says:

                  Swami Anand Anubodh.

                • swami anand anubodh says:

                  Hmm…maybe I should join facebookish, then Shantam’s anger can be appeased by rejecting my friend request.

  4. shantam prem says:

    One photo – more than words.

    • satyadeva says:

      The Corona Crisis has its upsides too, Shantam, eg this news from your homeland…

      “It is not just Delhi experiencing the clearest skies in years. As pollution dropped to its lowest level in three decades this week this week, residents of Jalandhar in Punjab woke up to an incredible sight in the distance: the Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal Pradesh. The peaks, which are over 120 miles away, had not been sighted on the Punjab horizon for almost 30 years.”

      (Report from today’s online ‘Guardian’:
      https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/apr/11/positively-alpine-disbelief-air-pollution-falls-lockdown-coronavirus )

      • swamishanti says:

        I’ve heard that Delhi is usually the most polluted city on the earth , and that for the locals living there just breathing the air is like smoking twenty cigarettes a day. And that was twenty years ago. And when I’ve been there, I can believe it.

        Today I journeyed to Hereford, the usually busy streets were deserted, the air was clean, I was able to walk in the middle of the road and ended up walking into an area I’ve never ventured into before, Hereford Castle Green, and it was beautiful.

        • swami anand anubodh says:

          Was your trip to Hereford your response to the Government’s plea for everyone to respect the new laws and stay at home this Easter?

          • swamishanti says:

            No, it was actually just a trip for supplies, as my local shop is frequently out of stock of stuff at the moment and Hereford is one of several cities in my vicinity that has a good selection of shops and supermarkets.

            As I walked through the deserted grounds of Hereford Cathedral and quietly took a piss in one of the crevices of the ancient walls, I was surprised to hear the sound of someone playing an organ emanating from deep inside – “hasn’t the government closed all places of worship?’ – I thought.

            Yet the grounds of the cathedral were deserted and as I reached the park, although it was very quiet, I did see a couple of people playing football, joggers, a young drop-out sitting down by the momument in the centre of the field and reading her book, as well as a couple of lesbians who strolled by, holding hands, and there were a couple of families with their kids, too. Plus, I stopped to admire some flowering white cherry blossom trees on the path (I tried to upload a pic but it doesn’t always let me).

            Anyway, we are allowed to travel to get food and one form of exercise per day.

            • swami anand anubodh says:

              By your own admission you were taking photos (even trying to post the evidence online); behaving like a sightseeing tourist does not count as exercise.

              Let’s face it, SS, you’re nicked!

              • swamishanti says:

                Yes, I suppose so.

                The cathedral is a Grade I listed building. The site of the cathedral became a place of worship in the 8th century or earlier although the oldest part of the current building, the Bishop’s Chapel, dates to the 11th century.

                Its most famous treasure is Mappa Mundi, a medieval map of the world created around 1300 by Richard of Holdingham. The map is listed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

                The cathedral is dedicated to two saints, St. Mary the Virgin and St. Ethelbert the King. The latter was beheaded by Offa, King of Mercia, in the year 794.

                Offa had consented to give his daughter to Ethelbert in marriage: why he changed his mind and deprived him of his head historians do not know, although tradition is at no loss to supply him with an adequate motive.

                • swamishanti says:

                  Cannons around the monument:

                • swami anand anubodh says:

                  Thanks for the info, SS.

                  I am not sure it was wise to tell the world you pissed against a Grade I listed building. When the Cathedral reopens, if one of the visitors should wipe their arse on the Mappa Mundi the police may suspect you.

                • swamishanti says:

                  By the way, I didn’t actually know that it was a grade one listed building – as there are lots of old buildings in Hereford, half the place is listed.

                  I have walked through busy public pathways there that are now leading through ancient cemeteries (with no special signs to indicate the history) where it isn’t possible to make out what was carved on the tombstones.

                  Lots of the buildings are also very old. When I passed through the grounds of the cathedral I did not have any knowledge of its history – I looked that up later – it just looked like an old church to me, although I admit I did expect that it may have been the cathedral.

                  But all of the public toilets in Hereford are shut – as are most of the supermarket toilets – and I wanted to wash my hands before I had my lunch in the Castle Green park. I could not find anywhere to wash my hands but fortunately, the lady in Grapetree (an excellent health food shop) did let me use her hand sanitiser.

                • swami anand anubodh says:

                  Under the new law public toilets are exempt from closure.

                  Scroll down to SCHEDULE 2, PART 3, last item:


                  So they are being closed on the local council’s (like mine) own initiative. A tad zen, stopping the spread of the virus by closing the only place where you can wash your hands.

                • swamishanti says:

                  Providing no public facilities where people can wash their hands – for sure seems like not a good idea at this time.

                  And with no public toilets open, the English will perhaps regress towards a more relaxed attitude to answering nature’s call, squatting and using twigs and leaves, in the bushes, just like our ancestors did, and ‘spending a penny’ without any shame in public, in the Indian fashion.

                  I purchased a bottle of water in Tesco’s in Gloucester the other day, but was not impressed when the lady serving held the cap with her dirty gloves when she scanned the bottle-

                  It was then that I remembered the way that the Indians drink water from the bottle, pouring the water without allowing the bottle to touch their lips – a much more hygienic way for sure.

                • swamishanti says:

                  “Passing water can also become Holy water.”

                  That was what the tantric mahayogi, Trialanga Swami from Varanasi, demonstrated when he used his own urine (instead of Ganges water) to sprinkle onto the Shiva statue in the temple.

                  In fact, he went even further, by lovingly putting his own faeces onto the idol.

                  This was to demonstrate that everything is sacred, according to Sri Ramakrishna, who was said to have met the Swami on the ghats on a trip to Varanasi.

                  Trialanga Swami was regarded as a great saint, yet this behaviour of his naturally angered the priests of the temple and he was thrown out.

                  He was also arrested by the British police on numerous occasions, for walking around stark naked, and also put into jail.

  5. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    @ Happy Easter 2020

    …and I´m sorry not being able for a suitable ´Juchuh!´ right unto your updates in the chat realms in the update corner, Lokesh and Swamishanti too.

    It´s the first time I admit, Lokesh, that I just couldn’ t get enough of your compilation (repeated the stuff 4 times when I finally came through) – as the situation-TEC in my old rotten apple notebook first didn´t ´want´ to let me have the juice.

    Thank you both.
    And thank you, Satyadeva too (again) and thank you Anubodh for appearing.

    I´m getting a bit stiff these quarantine days; and need to have a little walk or on the bike now.

    What an amazing saphire sky these days here show up with – a festival of Light(s).


    • shantam prem says:

      That will be the healing time when brave countries will drag China to the world court of justice. Some kind of civil accountability is needed. China must face the fair and clear trial, as it happens in free and fair societies.

      More and more it is becoming clear, labs in Wuhan could not contain the tests, a gross negligence was committed even though accidentally.

      • swami anand anubodh says:

        Last June in the topic featuring: The Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra, Shantam Prem was full of praise for China and its political system:


        “Cosmos is Blessing China.”

        “If life quality of the citizens gets improved, then Communist party too is a good religion.”

        “China is doing wonderfully, whether white people like it not.”

        And now, from behind his keyboard in Freiburg he demands that countries with ‘free and fair societies’ bring China to justice. That will only happen if you start a facebookish campaign, SP.

        • anand yogi says:

          Again, the bookish baboons display their ignorance and stupidity!

          Certainly, the wise men of the East are not bound by absurd logic as practised by foolish white people! In mighty Bhorat, for many yugas we have known it perfectly well!

          When a Buddha, a Jesus, a Milarepa, a Meher Baba or a Shantam contradicts himself, it is perfectly correct!

          It is not a result of severe mental disturbance of brain-damaegd guy wearing chuddies and suffering from repetitive stain syndrome!

          Not at all!

          It is simply a device to press buttons and shake the unconscious masses of Sannyasnews from their sleep!

          Certainly, Shantambhai is correct when he says:
          “One cannot even do fucking Meditation all the time.”
          That is why true disciples such as himself have logged on to Japanese Zen Porn XXXX channels and are doing wanking meditation instead!

          As Swami Bhorat has made clear on Fox News (favourite channel of stable geniuses Donald Trump and Shantam), virus has been engineered in secret
          lavatory laboratory down by the railway tracks by Nine Unknown Men of Mighty Bhorat!

          The occult purpose is, as those who have just a little knowledge of occultism or Spanish know, is to open the Crown Chakra of the world!

          Hari Om!

        • shantam prem says:

          Swami Bookish Anubodh ji,
          If you are fragile ego living on Osho talks can look out of the box, you can appreciate the fairness of me.

          If somebody does wrong, nations or persons or a group of people, law must take its course.

          With due respect to Neo-Sannyas, I also feel United States of America did the right thing to deport our master.

          An aware person won´t be and must not be unfair to anyone. Laws and Justice are sacred.

          • swami anand anubodh says:

            No, SP, I don’t live on Osho’s talks – I live on the personal contact I had with him.

            How about you?

            ‘Fairness’ would’ve been for you to admit you were wrong about China. Obviously, your arrogance prevents that.

            • shantam prem says:

              I don’t feel like dragging the discussion.

              Anyway, we the sannyasins are so full with our own projections and perceptions, rarely some meaningful discussion happens.

              • Klaus says:

                “…rarely some meaningful discussion happens….”

                Well, I for my part quite often am going back into the archive.

                What I find there is, in my opinion, very often very inspiring and intelligent and uplifting.

                One could even check whether some or other of our own (old) projections, prejudices and perceptions might have changed.

                As in the old saying:
                “The only thing permanent in this world is change!”

                New song of Gordon Lightfoot just published: ‘Just A Little Bit’

                “Do you ever get tired of – fill in – just a little bit?”

                And this:

                “If you don’t know where you’re going – any road will take you there!”
                George Harrison

              • satyadeva says:

                Do you mean that rarely someone here agrees with you, Shantam?

                • shantam prem says:

                  I don´t expect someone to agree with anyone all the time.

                  It just irritates me to discuss with someone I have no idea who is that person.

                • satyadeva says:

                  In that case, Shantam, by engaging in discussion here you know you’re setting yourself up for being irritated. Do you agree, therefore, that in this case you’re complicit in your own suffering?

        • satyadeva says:

          Is the wrong disease being treated?

          Swami Navajat has just sent in this extraordinary claim by a New York doctor:


          • satyadeva says:

            ‘Jewels’, from the Forest of Dean, England, has sent this today…

            Dear Friend,

            Let’s begin by affirming that every day is Earth Day. We are nature, our lives are intimately held within the web of life on our beautiful planet.

            At this time, we are called so clearly into the remembering of ourselves in an honourable and respectful relationship to this web of life.

            Because of the lockdown, everything has come to a stop. Nature is flourishing in places where there’s usually too much noise, light, pollution. And there’s a quality that’s specifically available right now that isn’t necessarily always available to us unless we happen to be out in the wild. There’s a stillness, a quietness, a quality of energy that’s in the field. There’s a difference in how the elements around us are expressing themselves.

            It’s as if the volume has been turned up on nature and turned down on the business of humanity.

            This place of receptivity stillness is a gift of the lockdown. At this potent time, there is an invitation to turn inward, to be more reflective. This is true, even if your home situation feels intense and chaotic, with children and partners at home during the day.
            Begin a daily practice today, this Earth Day. Take time, even 5 minutes, to go outside, into your garden if you have one and if not, then sit by a window and just look out. If you are lucky enough to have access to a garden or wild outdoor space, go barefoot.

            Allowing stillness to be your gateway, simply gaze at nature – at a flower, at an insect, at a pot plant. Our sense of vision is usually switched ON, and our eyes are active, engaging our brain in understanding, judging and labelling what we see. Flip your sense of vision, now, into receptive mode, so that you are receiving the vibrational quality of what you are looking at. Feel it in your body, so it becomes a felt sense, kinaesthetic.

            Ask yourself this simple question “What is this life, that I am looking at now?” Let the answer arise, unjudged, as a feeling in your body, as you remember yourself again, into deep relationship with a flower, an insect, a pot plant, a blade of grass. Let that relationship nourish you and the world around you.

            With blessings to you, on this day and every day,

              • satyadeva says:

                Swami Udish, a French friend of Francoise (Ma Vitrago) has sent her this info re a simple Chinese herb that’s successfully helped Covid-19 sufferers:

                In the fantastic race to find an effective cure for the coronavirus, certain initiatives remain mysteriously ignored by the mainstream media and health authorities.

                As if they were content to wait for a hypothetical vaccine – as others were waiting for Godot – to the exclusion of any other solution.

                However, young scientists as daring as full of diplomas have decided to explore a NATURAL track to face the coronavirus!

                Four French polytechnicians and a doctoral student in medicine from the University of Tübingen1 thus suggest taking an interest in the potential of a simple plant used in decoction (herbal tea) against COVID 19!

                A plant that has ALREADY shown to be effective in treating and Healing patients who are victims of the epidemic. Here’s what our researchers say:

                “During the SARS-CoV epidemic which took place at the end of 2002 and which spread in 2003 in the Chinese province of Guangdong, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was very widely used in addition to conventional medicine.”

                “In response to the new SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) epidemic affecting the country again, China has once again turned to traditional Chinese medicine.

                She opted for a hybrid solution: in 85% of COVID-19 positive cases, complementary treatment based on medicinal plants was administered to patients by Chinese hospitals, in addition to or replacement of conventional antivirals. The merits of this decision, which is unparalleled in the West, are supported by the numerous studies which have shown the benefits linked to TCM, both as a preventive and as a curative.”

                Each patient is thus treated with a mixture of a dozen medicinal plants designed to measure according to their symptoms:

                “The Chinese government has sent a list of the main combinations of complementary treatments to all of its hospitals.”

                And a special plant plays a special role there:
                ARTEMISIA ANNUA (annual sagebrush, aka wormwood).

                “It is administered alone and not mixed with other plants. It is used to solve the symptoms of moderate breathing difficulty, that is to say the cases which today pose a problem to our health authorities because they are likely to worsen and occupy places in the intensive care unit as well as to mobilize artificial respirators.

                “Artemisia annua has the advantage of not causing any side effects and of being non-toxic3. It is also available in large quantities while being very inexpensive!”

                Our five researchers have launched an appeal to finance a study and validate the hypothesis of Chinese doctors, but you can be sure that in “high places”, we risk looking at the results with a bad eye, especially if they are favorable to the plant!

                If there are among you readers of the ‘Plantissime’ review, you know indeed that artemisia annua annoys the sidelines of very, very big economic interests (see the detailed survey here).

                Because this plant has ALREADY managed to cure serious pathologies when the chemical drugs had failed.

                This is particularly the case with malaria, and a group of 18 patients aged 14 months to 60 years who were, according to the doctors, “sentenced to death”:

                “All of these people had exhausted the therapeutic arsenal available: artesunate in capsules then intravenous, which is the treatment of the last chance.”

                So as a last resort, a doctor agreed to use an unapproved, unsecured, unofficial natural therapy…

                His last weapon to save them? An artemisia annua tea!!

                And it only took 8 days of treatment with dried leaves for these 18 “undead” to be put back on their feet.

                The story is barely believable and if the best scientists in the world hadn’t recorded the details of what happened, it would look like a hoax.

                And yet everything is there, documented and scientifically validated. In the patient group, the most phenomenal case is that of a 5-year-old boy whose condition was deemed “absolutely hopeless”.

                He was STANDING after only 5 days of treatment.

                On the 6th day, he was able to resume his normal activities.

                Artemisa annua gave him LIFE.

                And to the 17 other patients…ALSO!!!


                A simple plant…

                Which could cure more than 200 million malaria patients worldwide…

                Which ALSO offers incredible perspectives against cancer or LYME disease;

                For a treatment which costs barely 3 euros per month…

                Information as CAPITAL should be on the front page of all the newspapers!!!

                Thousands of people, often among the poorest who have no access to healthcare, could benefit without losing a second.

                Especially since other research, like that of the University of Washington, has shown that artemisinin, its active ingredient, can quickly destroy nearly 30% of cancer cells in the lung.

                Still other experiments have been carried out on different cancers (prostate, intestines, etc.): artemisinin combined with iron selectively destroys cancerous tumours.

                Dr. Len Saputo went so far as to call artemisinin the “smart bomb for cancer.”

                Only there is a problem…Perfectly summarized in this comment from a young doctor:

                “A randomized double-blind study shows the plant’s superiority over the drug.

                If this plant were a new molecule made by a laboratory, it would already flood the market. This is what will happen with the ineffective vaccine which will soon be offered ”

                As you can see, the real issue is financial.

                To measure the importance of the sector, you should know that in 2017 alone, the turnover of the ten largest multinationals of the drug was around 400 billion euros.

                So they will not leave dried leaves, roots and flowers that cannot be patented to kill the goose that lays golden eggs!!

                And then accept that simple herbal teas can cure a serious illness?

                It’s way too “simple”, not “smart” enough!!!

                And yet…

                The most advanced science validates today the immense power of medicinal plants!

                This is true for Artemisia annua; but it is also true for many others who have the capacity to pulverize the most serious and disabling diseases, I speak of this regularly in my letters.

                Now, I’m curious to know what will become of the project of our young French researchers on artemisia against COVID-19, and I will of course keep you informed of their discoveries.

                In the meantime, let’s wish them courage and pugnacity, as they can expect to be put in the way.

                And then for all those of you who are interested in plants, know that I recently published a book, ‘The Fantastic 65′, which presents the 65 plants that do better than drugs to treat the most serious pathologies.

                Given the situation, and the immense usefulness of Nature’s pharmacy in the period that we are going through, I decided to offer it as a gift to people who would request it today (all details of this offer here).


                Gabriel Combris

            • satyadeva says:

              Jewels writes again…Including the poet Kate Tempest performing her poem, ‘Hold Your Own’…

              Dear Friends,

              How is your inner fire today?
              How is your heart fire, as May begins and the sun shines outside?
              Where do you find nourishment in your daily life?

              Without the spark of friendship kindled in our usual ways – meetings with friends, rituals and celebrations, this is a time to nurture our inner fires, the fires of hearth and heart. Perhaps you can seek out small sparks of gratitude for a garden, a yard, sunshine streaming through your window? Or more collectively, for less pollution, the appearance of wild animals in places usually thronging with the noise and bustle of humans?

              I loved hearing poet Kate Tempest speak her poem ‘Hold Your Own’, yesterday. She’s such a force of nature to inspire our hearts.

              What nuggets of inspiration and nourishment are you finding, in these days?
              With my heart’s blessings to you, this Beltane*.


              *Beltane – The Gaelic May Day festival, celebrating the beginning of summer.

  6. shantam prem says:

    Finally, news and articles are coming about the psychological impact of isolating life. One cannot even do fucking Meditation all the time.

    • Jafooley says:

      Fox News as a source of information is as unreliable as you, Shantam.

      Jafooley, could you give at least one example, please?

      • Jafooley says:

        In one ear, he has medical experts pleading caution. In the other, Fox News urges the opposite.

        The conservative TV network has been widely condemned for downplaying the threat of Covid-19 even as it took measures to protect its own staff. And with the projected death toll poised to avoid the worst-case scenario, some hosts are resuming their gung-ho attitude.

        “At some point, the president is going to have to look at Drs, Fauci and Birx and say, we’re opening on May 1,” Laura Ingraham tweeted this week. “Give me your best guidance on protocols, but we cannot deny our people their basic freedoms any longer.”

        Tomi Lahren, a host on Fox Nation, added bluntly: “It’s time to start the reopen of America.”


        How about Shantam, Jafooley, how is he “unreliable”? I’m asking as we don’t want SN to be a forum for unsubstantiated personal attacks on individuals.

  7. veet francesco says:

    “So coronavirus is not the ultimate goal to implement a reduction of the world population. The population will start to decrease because it will no longer find a job, because it will stop having children, because we will become more and more apathetic, because we will be more and more aggressive among us…Just like the Calhoun mice.”

    If there is a master of the world, or a small circle of people who think THEY CAN solve problems “about” (and not “of”) the people from above, bypassing the democratic will, then it is possible that their point of view is that of an ethologist. It is our responsibility to prove that they are wrong.

    To appear the most beautiful and smart one, at a smug distance from the brawls (social conflict) perhaps today, and finally, no longer gratifies.

    Then, it could be a nice phase, a great opportunity:
    to make a life hidden like a mouse, micro-chipped like a mouse, threatened by other mice like a mouse, fed and vaccinated like a mouse…and in spite of everything believe yourself a great spiritual being.


    • Klaus says:

      So then, which adjustments do the humans have to make on this planet in order not to die out?

      Limiting population growth – 1 child policy – Universal Basic Income?

      What is the scientific approach?
      What do the scientists suggest?

      • Klaus says:

        Ah, found the solution at the end of the Italian text:

        “Is there a solution? Yes, awareness. Know/anticipate their strategies and make the right countermoves before it is too late.

        We can do like laboratory mice, destined to self-destruct among ourselves, in a war between the poor while our executioners look at us from above, as you observe the animals in a cage…

        Or we can awaken our consciences and fight together to defend our freedom. The choice is yours.”

        Awareness. Acha.

        But as to “How to act?” each person will have their own ideas? Won’t they? Or we will need “a Master” to tell/show us…But then again….

    • swamishanti says:

      Coming back to this topic…I am not one of the conspiracy theorists with regards to the coronavirus/Covid 19 situation…

      But, several months ago, in the middle of the lockdown, I was unexpectedly given the opportunity, as part of a survey, to preview and rate the first episode of ‘Utopia’ – which is an American conspiracy thriller centering around a comic book with hidden meanings, which supposedly reveals a conspiracy around new virus outbreaks of recent years – and predicting a new virus and worldwide threat to mankind.

      This series was created, filmed and produced before the first cases of Covid 19 were announced in Wuhan.

      Apparently, the producers were originally intending to release it in the summer of this year, but it was delayed because of the worldwide pandemic. I was asked to watch and rate the first part, which I thought was pretty well made, with interesting script and characters, and was asked what I thought the general public’s reaction to the show would be, ie was it ‘tasteless‘ etc.

      I enjoyed watching the first episode and have been waiting for the series to be released (on Amazon Prime video ) so I could watch the rest.

      Recently the whole series was released as an ‘Amazon Prime original’ and over the course of two days I binged-watched the whole of the first series.

      Some of it I found a little disturbing, but the conspiracy theorists around the coronavirus will love this series.

      I didn’t realise at first that the series that has just been released this year is actually an American remake of an older British series which was released on Amazon video some years back. The new ‘season one’ of ‘Utopia’ is available to watch on Amazon Prime, which can be accessed with a free monthly trial.

  8. veet francesco says:

    In my opinion, we have accumulated too much distance between the organizational skills of the elites in defending their interests and the mass of population committed to satisfying their individual interests, even if only surviving, living mostly in front of a mirror and a PC, with the illusion of being connected with other humans.

    So the first conscious step is to recognize that it will not be easy to recover a democratic dialectical relationship between the two factions, and it will not be immediately.

    The next conscious step could be to recognize that we are not mice, in fact unlike them between the two factions there are strategic social positions whose assignment is decided by those who look at the ethological/social experiment from above (read: Kapo; The italian government has ordered an inspection by the Carabinieri of NAS against Dr. De Donno, the one who treats ‘flu with hyperimmune plasma https://www.laverita.info/salvo-vite-con-il-plasma-iperimmune-e-da -roma-I-send-the-police-2645916290.html).

    Another conscious step could be to recognize who our interlocutor is, unlike in the past, the revolution/ rebellion perhaps will not be guided by young people, generations raised with the Big Brother television cameras completely desensitized to the annoyance of being spied on.

    A conscious fourth step could be to recognize how lucky those who have learned the lesson of a Master put in chains, where freedom has a value, like all other things that have a value, only if you have someone to whom to give it/share it/celebrate it/teach it.

    A simple teacher can just teach you how to break chains, but only a master reminds you (he himself is a living invitation) why break them.

    • Arpana says:

      A master only helps you/us break free of chains, as long as you use the tool of meditation, otherwise what he says becomes another ideology; he can also help us understand part of what imprisons us are the spurious ideas about everything collected over the years.

      Osho Sannyas is not about exchanging one set of ideas for another set of ideas:

      How things are.
      How we think things are.
      How we think everything should be.

      • veet francesco says:

        Arpana, you are a beautiful mouse, as beautiful as your ideas.

      • satyadeva says:

        I tend to agree, Arps.

        And I have a problem with the sort of language so often perpetrated by people of a mainly political persuasion, the use and repetition of reductive slogans, cliched phrases and the sort of abstract description Veet Francesco at times tends to indulge in, eg “democratic dialectical relationship between the two factions” and “between the two factions there are strategic social positions whose assignment is decided by those who look at the ethological/social experiment from above.” These are presumably intended to explain and even inspire, but in fact tend to communicate something deadening, depressing.

        Boris Pasternak’s great novel of the Russian Revolution, ‘Doctor Zhivago’, made a point of highlighting this sort of deficiency, brilliantly demonstrating the way such language expresses and is a mirror for a deteriorating sensibility that in fact represents the very opposite of the ‘true-to-life’ nature of art, specifically poetry, and likewise of the best intentions of the well-meaning idealists who first dreamed up the upheaval.

        I’m not suggesting Veet is anywhere near as far down that degenerate road, but just that there are dangers in that mode of thought and expression because they deny the life that they’re ostensibly aiming to enhance.

        • Arpana says:

          I had a conversation with a friend I knew from art school, years ago, on the bustling main drag of Birmingham city centre; a guy who had joined the Hare Krishnas after he left art school and who was always a bit flummoxed by me because I neither put him on a pedestal nor talked down to him.

          And the conversation was on the lines of slowly beginning to understand that what this was about was to give up absolutely all our ideas about everything; and we didn’t even know what everything was. Plus we both actually said that last phrase in unison, because as I started to make the remark he picked up on it and knew exactly what was going to come out and joined me in making the remark.

    • Klaus says:


      Your intentions to me are right, honourable and your attitude towards a positive society is highly appreciated. I can get your analytical points.

      However, it seems to me that “creating a just society” and “working on your meditative path” are simply two different goals.

      On the other hand, if a person manages to match these: wow.

      Christopher Titmuss, meditation teacher, to me is one such person: he is a social critic, a prolific writer, has been an MP for the Green Party etc.. His mind seems to be “beyond disturbance”.

      For me, I am not at a point that I can work outside in the world – and not go down in meditation in due course.

      • veet francesco says:

        Ciao, Klaus,
        If Zorba is the Buddha’s epiphenomenon, then my good intentions would be love in action. Sometimes the action flows, other times, despite good intentions, it does not flow at all.

        I think you too are full of good intentions if you had children to look after, your love for them stimulates intelligence and will in you, a right tension that must match in the first place with the people you love.

        Having no children does not mean that one cannot vibrate with the right tension of those who intend to leave their children a better world, and writing and speaking do not exhaust the vibratory possibilities.

        Meditating for me means tuning in to the frequency of the mystery, that tension for me is a beautiful and joyful experience, which you cannot contain and even hide if not at the cost of modifying the vibration and relative good intentions.

        If in some way we have to vibrate, if it is inevitable to have intentions, then why not do it in accord with ourselves instead of those who want to piss on our heads?

  9. veet francesco says:

    Such an assist, talk to me about ‘Zhivago’.

    It is curious how SD’s love for well-written superstructural things is equivalent to his indifference to the structural things that make the things he loves to read usable.

    Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, was a wealthy bourgeois, dreaming about a society extending his privileges to all his fellows, was a publisher and ex-partisan, in 1957 in Berlin he had in his hands the book of B.P. and decided to publish it, despite the war waged against him by the Italian communist party of which he was a member (the PCI was financed by the USSR).
    G.F. was a few years later one of the victims of the strategy of tension, in fact in 1969 after the first bomb of Gladio in Piazza Fontana, fearing to die like Giuseppe Pinelli, he chose clandestinity.

    Sorry if I’m so depressing in pointing out the deficiency of those who pretend to ignore that a book is also made of trees, ink, work, hands severed in the gears, sick lungs inhaling solvents to clean the printing presses…

    In this case I will be even more depressing because the person who wanted to publish the book was a deficient communist dreamer who did not use to indulge in the beauty of the world told by the books, avoiding to face the world experienced by those who cannot tell it using cliches and slogans that excite the beautiful white mice.

    However, SD can always not read or publish what I write, as was used in Russia, for superstructural reasons, which shape the sense of dominant aesthetics.


    • satyadeva says:

      Veet, apart from churning out political histories, theories and diatribes (seasoned now and then, of course, with a reference or two to Osho) what else are you actually doing to promote what I expect you call ‘The Revolution”? Or is it all taking place in your head?

  10. kavita says:

    Watched ‘Designated Survivor’ on Netflix in season 3, the pandemic was enacted in 2019, nearly a few months before the real outbreak happened. Many times I wonder about who came first, the chicken or the egg!

    If these stories were written from acts already known to the US officials, which got leaked…or is it human thought which creates these?!

    Maybe the wise who saw that pattern had no choice but to explore the possibility of no-mind/no-speculation!

    • swamishanti says:

      I had the feeling while watching ‘Utopia’ that the creators were dropping strong hints and suggesting that they knew about the coming virus pandemic and that there was a conspiracy behind it….

      • Arpana says:

        ‘Utopia’ is just a televisual comic. Graphic novel. Conspiracy stuff and extreme behavour are the stuff of Comix.

      • kavita says:

        Not checked ‘Utopia’ as yet. Sounds like a ‘political’ comic drama.

        ‘Designated Survivor’ has no comedy, shows the outbreak of a virus found by a scientist & sharing it with an FBI agent. Does not really spell out ‘virus pandemic’ though.

        It’s too much for me to binge-watch same genre back to back!

        • kavita says:

          P.S: Here I am refering to Episode 3 – Season 3.

        • swamishanti says:

          I wouldn’t call it a “political comic drama”.

          More of a ‘conspiracy thriller’. Based around the discovery of an old comic in a recently deceased persons belongings, which happens to be the sequel to a cult underground comic novel ‘Dystopia’.

          There has been a conspiracy theory around the first comic which is believed by some to contain hidden clues to the recent new virus outbreaks which have taken place in different locations around the world over the last ten or twenty years (SARS, MERS, Zika, Ebola, etc.).

          After being discovered, the comic sequel ‘Utopia’ is auctioned and this attracts the atttention of groups of young online friends, as well as other people who want to get hold of the second comic, which is believed to contain clues to a new virus which may lead to the end of life as we know it. The comic is also a target of a shadowy deep state organization.

          The series includes conspiracy theories involving corporations /scientists, virus manufacture and the manipulation of the general public into vaccinations.

          When I watched the first episode several months ago I thought it was all very interesting.

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