Wild, Wild Country/ Osho 82/85


Netflix is about to publish (March 16th) a major six part

set of documentaries about the Ranch. (Rajneeshpuram). 82/85.

Lokesh says this is “big” as many people will watch it,  as it is Netflix…

Here is the trailer:


The Directors of these documentataries are interviewed at this link:


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  1. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    To call that upcoming stuff ´a Documentary´ might be wrong?
    To call it a Bollywood kind of Feature or even Soap (?) might be more appropriate?

    Forgot – who of our celebrated ´philosophical´ ancestors was it, who said about ´books´: some have a bad smell from the very beginning?
    But that came into my mind…couldn´t help it….


    • Lokesh says:

      Madhu, you are identifying with negative thoughts. I’m really looking forward to seeing the series. It’s always best to approach such things with an open mind. From what I can gather it’s pretty good and bound to be good for a few laughs and putting the cringe factor needle into the red.

      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        Could very well be that you are right with your feedback, Lokesh. Anyway, this Netflix series is bound to happen. Soon.

        Maybe I´ve been remembering the hype re a movie like ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ (when I saw the cast etc.) too much? And in particular, what happened with ´the real ones´, I mean – after the take and after the actors and actresses had left.



      • shantam prem says:

        Master invested his vision, common disciples invested their careers and hopes, and someone sitting in his cosy home, like hundreds of millions of others, thinks Rajneeshpuram saga will be a good laugh.

        There are people who won´t cry when the forest gets burnt but will mourn their house cat.

  2. shantam prem says:

    During 1985-86, one Hindi vernacular, similar to Sun and Daily Mail, published weekly excerpts from the book, ‘God That Failed’ under the title, “Yeh Kaisa Bhagwan” (What kind of Bhagwan).

    It was my first years in Sannyas. For my city, the only son of a simple, well-to-do Sikh family becoming follower of Rajneesh was one big news. There was not a single day when 10, 20 people have not stopped me for some gossips during the publication of the series as this newspaper was well read for its spicy style.

    In most of the shops I went for shopping, it was irresistible for the owners to enquire, “What prompted you to follow Acharya Rajneesh?”

    Hindus or Sikhs all have some kind of sympathy for my family to see their innocent-looking child following guru of spoiled westerns and some movie star.

    Without any effort, I was becoming like a spokesperson (hollow bamboo) of Osho. My logic and my impressions were more authentic than their questions.

    I ask myself, 30 years later, when this Netflix series will be watched by billions, do I have the same convictions and voice of a defence lawyer? With all the love and gratitude, I say No.

    Surely I will fight tooth and nail against the title, ‘God That Failed.’ And will ask for the revised title, ‘Disciples Who Failed Their Master.’

    Sheela ditched the commune, Jayesh and Devaraj brought Osho into the hands of US Marshals, and common disciples went on living with their devotion and corrupted information from inner and outer sources.

    Show of denial continued in the fractured body of neo-sannyas mind, “We are not wrong, our master is beyond any human mistakes, it is the bloody others; sleepy humanity and its priests, politicians, technocrats.”

    • sw. veet (francesco) says:

      I’m happy for you, Shantam, that 30 years later you no longer believe that you “are not wrong” thinking that your “Master is beyond any human mistakes”, and today the mistakes are only by “the bloody others.”

      I am convinced that with these premises you would still be a brilliant lawyer, of the crows faction.

      There is only one aspect of your legal rhetoric that sometimes confuses me: when you speak of the Master’s mistakes with a different tone than the one referring to the mistakes of his disciples, yet I am not even convinced that putting everyone on the same level would be more convincing, but I could be wrong, having no reliable sources like yours.

      • shantam prem says:

        Sw. Veet, if we accept masters are humans, therefore have similar instincts and vices, will it diminish their grace?

        Do we need to pretend them to be Messiahs, saviours, prophets, devoid of any liability?
        Are they spidermen, or humans who fall sick and feel grief and joy? Surely they’re unattached.

        • sw. veet (francesco) says:

          Do you ask yourself this as an exegete or as a hermeneut?


          • sw. veet (francesco) says:

            “Exegesis is an activity and hermeneutics is the reflection on that activity.”

            To me, it seems paradoxical that the majority here sharing the same exegesis about the private facts of 40 years ago about the Master then come to such opposite conclusions on the current debate of how one could or not be indulgent about the private facts of the disciples.

            I expressed a hermeneutical doubt.

            • shantam prem says:

              Sw. Veet, it is really interesting how Osho disciples don´t hesitate to talk about private stories of Osho whereas they hide their own identity very tightly what to say even telling a single real life incident of their life as sannyasin.

              Just the other day, I have written on my facebook wall, “If you want to know how disciples were living around Buddha, Mahavira, ask Osho disciples, they have complete log of the daily activities 2500 years ago. Ask the bastards about the daily life of disciples around Osho, they will create such a smoke wall of left and right, but not in the middle.”

              Let me share one story just few hours ago one Indian friend living in Germany told me.
              It was 1991-92. This swami was working in the Samadhi. On the roof of Lao Tzu house there was table tennis. One day he was playing with one Ma who was also his colleague.

              To see sincere devotion of this Indian Swami, she asked, “Can I tell you something, if you don´t tell to other?” My friend gave gentleman´s promise.

              The young Ma revealed that once in a while she dates one very prominent Swami who is also a therapist. I won´t write the name but this gentleman is very much part of Resort administration.
              She said, “My feeling is that these people don´t take Osho´s teachings and guidelines seriously.”
              My friend enquired, “How come?”
              The young ma said innocently, “She has heard Osho´s guidelines about sex whereas this swami insists mostly on anal Sex!”

              This small incident is enough an indication what kind of rot was happening in the community and how much master was kept in darkness about his kingdom.

              • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                I heard Osho speak well even of blacks, Jews and Italians, not just fags…do not make Calder’s mistake, distracted by the nuances of Master’s α-keratin.

                As you know, Shantam, Osho’s responses tend to overturn the implicit perspective of the questions, in fact in each different question the perspective to overturn provides a different guideline.

                Now, it’s up to us to cross the golden gate for the road in the middle, between the neuroses and senses of guilt of a rigid guideline, or the madness and addictions of no guideline.

                Yes, an asshole can be many things, such as an addict, an addiction, a taboo or an erogenous zone…everyone is alone with it in choosing the instruction booklet.

                • shantam prem says:

                  Veet, it interests me very less what Osho says or has said. I am more concerned what He wanted to create through His words. He did it and as a motivated disciple my concern is can that institution be revised in its original format and without the mistakes followers committed?

                  For me. this means taking the legacy forward. What Wright Brothers did with their first experiment became the backbone of all the jumbo jets, rockets, satellites and missiles.

                • satyadeva says:

                  “What Wright Brothers did with their first experiment became the backbone of all the jumbo jets, rockets, satellites and missiles.”

                  As so often has leaked out of his posts at SN, here Shantam gives away his main ‘communal’ motivation in his choice of images, the inventions he lists here, especially rockets and missiles, being obvious phallic symbols!

              • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                Btw, Shantam, I did not understand if the gentleman was the one who fucked the ass of Ma or the gentleman who could only wish to do so, since he could not even keep his promise not to blab it to you.

                • shantam prem says:

                  Telling something 25 years later is not breaking the promise.
                  And it is not I was surprised. Sexual exploitation in the name of Love was an everyday occurrence.
                  I am sure no one gave such information to Osho as everyone was into it.

                • shantam prem says:

                  When I say everyone was into sexual exploitation in the commune, I remember Rajneesh was not into.
                  He is enjoying power over women now.
                  It is a big luck that Swami is not in America or England, these countries are too much strict with jolly good times.

  3. Lokesh says:

    Shantam declares, “Without any effort, I was becoming like a spokesperson (hollow bamboo) of Osho.”

    Slip of the tongue there. Change “hollow bamboo” to “blocked drainpipe”. This should be done effortlessly, to make it sound more authentic.

  4. Prem says:

    Ok, another media hitjob against Osho. Surely, many people will watch it and be intrigued and go on to read his books, but many will just make up their mind about Osho that he was a weird guy who tried to poison a town with salmonella.

    I only saw the trailer, but I bet you anything that the full version will be a hitjob.

    Sannyasins don’t understand that the media and the establishment are not mean to Osho because they misunderstand him.

    They understand him perfectly well, they understand he helps people wake up. And that is exactly why they attack him, and that is exactly why they assassinated him very promptly, as soon as they could get their hands on him.

    Sannyasins were so naive, they never saw it coming.

    Spiritual seekers are not persecuted because people misunderstand them.
    The powers that be want to avoid any awakening of the masses, and they will kill to avoid this.

    • swami anand anubodh says:

      Yes Prem, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Osho could wake people up without upsetting the authorities?

      Any idea how that might be done?

  5. Parmartha says:

    Like Lokesh, I cannot but think that March 16th will be a good day for Sannyas and for Osho.
    A friend of mine wore a mala and sort of orange the other day, for the whole day, going around central London. No-one batted an eyelid.

    These documentaries will reach a whole range of people otherwise who would not even know of Osho and Sannyas.

    I was always surprised in the 1986/9 period how many people who got to know about Osho during those years, despite the very mixed publicity at that time, still found themselves going to Pune and taking him in for themselves. Many of them finding out he existed through that mixed publicity.

    • Lokesh says:

      Yes, PM, nothing like a positive outlook. All those sad people looking through a negative peephole and what do they see? A negative world.

      The essence of Sannyas is change your state of being and the world will change with you. Unfortunately there are those who believe the equation works vice versa. As time has shown, it does not. If it did work that way there would be many more contented people in the world than there are today..

      • shantam prem says:

        Lokesh, you, like most of the sannyasins, have very bad image of the others.

        But don’t worry, this trait everyone has who wears coloured glasses of their religious beliefs.

        Is there a single day in your life when you have not read Indian stuff, or thought about it?
        Just a single day!

        • Lokesh says:

          Indian,’stuff’? Hardly articulate, but I get what you mean, Shantam. As it happens, I did read some Indian ‘stuff’ a few months ago for research purposes, about half a page’s worth.

          I tend to read more western ‘stuff’. You know, ‘stuff’ like ‘High Noon’, ‘Gunfight at the OK Corral’ and ‘stuff’ like that.

          Why are you asking?

      • sw. veet (francesco) says:

        In fact, Lokesh, there is a difference between having one or more points of view on reality and having a vision of it.

        One can claim to have the most positive point of view on the world thinking that he has changed himself and be surprised as this does not add anything to the thing observed.

        Changing the world is the prerogative of those who are bearers of a new and progressive vision.

        • Lokesh says:

          Veet declares, “Changing the world is the prerogative of those who are bearers of a new and progressive vision.”

          That is a debatable point. I also suspect that the statement is not authentic, that Veet read it somewhere. Who decides what constitutes a progressive vision? Fanatics try to impose their progressive vision on others. Shantam believes his returning the Resort in Poona to how it was once in the past is a progressive vision. There are many sides to it.

          I create my own vision and do not try to impose it on others. As far as I am concerned, everyone can do what they want…as long as they do not interfere with other peoples lives against their will. If you ask me trying to change the world is a mug’s game. The one’s who usually want to change the world are usually the one’s most in need of changing themselves.

          That is not to say we should sit back and see our environment ruined. Or not stand up to obvious injustice etc. The best vision is to see that the world is perfect as it is with all its imperfections. This world is a caravanserai, a stopover for the night.

          Go on Veet, educate yourself and try and come up with something original.
          Here is a link to a vid of one such man:

          • sw. veet (francesco) says:

            I can only take it as a compliment, Lokesh, if you think I copied something too clever or too stupid, not having done that.

            I try to fill the word ‘progress’ with content, opposed to ‘regression’.

            By this, I mean the improvement of the living conditions of human beings, with respect to their environment and their peers, and therefore the availability of equally distributed material, social and spiritual resources.

            On the contrary, by ‘regression’, I mean the conditions of famine that generate a continuous friction that can evolve in conflict to the extent of a more or less unfair distribution of resources.

            What do you have against progress and where do you see fanaticism in it?

            I took it for granted that knowing yourself involves recognising/attributing to human nature those progressive qualities that the use of violent fanaticism would contradict.

            Surely having some notion of Gestalt can help and have some effect on reality, but in itself this is not sufficient to qualify in positive or negative that effect, it must, in fact, be referred to the more or less complex context considered.

            Taking responsibility for the effects of our own individual choices with respect to a greater balance than immediate satisfaction of one’s needs means to face the theme of ‘vision’ or ‘vision bearer’, a progressive type like Osho.

            Summarising, knowing yourself (as I described) is a necessary but not sufficient condition to change the world.

            But taking that responsibility, for example saying that slavery should be abolished, could have pissed off the bosses, who wanted to preserve those privileges, the prerogative of the bearers of a regressive vision.

            There is a difference, Lokesh, between the progressive use of the force of slaves and the violence of slavers who oppose it. From which direction do you look in the keyhole that separates men from their freedom/realisation? Attention, what you say could trigger a violent reaction.

            But you can take time and dedicate yourself to the inner search – will you not be a fanatic?

            Thanks for the funny video, Pompeii is also a good place for an OMC or a swinging club.

            • Lokesh says:

              Read your comment, Veet. Not sure what you are on about for much of it. Fine. Do your thing, man, whatever that is. I’m busy doing mine. Not too interested in changing the world myself. Just had a walk along the beach. The world seems to be running just fine as it is from my wee keyhole.

              I’d be interested to hear what you are actually doing to make the world a better place. I suspect not very much. Go on, surprise me.

              • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                There is no need to make any extraordinary gesture that may surprise you, Lokesh.

                What must grow is the awareness that there is an alternative to the dominant materialistic vision, we, who through direct experience have known it, can share it or not.

                Sharing it is a revolutionary act because it contributes to the awakening of a subdued community to the subtle domain of money, since everything we do seems to first have to respond to a criterion of convenience.

                The hierarchy of values looks reversed and only one voice is heard, it is Zorba’s, who got drunk and blasphemes about the cost of wine, while Buddha lives on in island and namastes the sea.

            • sw. veet (francesco) says:

              @MOD, please.
              But taking that responsibility (is not without risks), for example…

              WHERE DO YOU WANT THIS, Veet F?

  6. shantam prem says:

    Is it so, being with master´s community means being with mafia gang? You have to give your 100% commitment, silence, which is 100% like codes of Omerta.

    I think this question, emotional and intellectual dilemma, is faced by that miniscule fraction of humanity who get the chance to be in the living presence of a living master, not for just day or week but on long-term basis, like being part of his family which grows on daily basis.

    Let me share personal experience. Till 2007 I was almost 150 times a year in White Robe. It means for years I was visiting Resort though never used this word. It was so hilarious to see how regulars were using commune/ashram in their private talks and will switch to Resort when some functionary of present day spiritual mafia was around.

    During evening meeting, most of the discourses are shown in two parts; it is said, one piece is repeated every 3 years. When Osho talks about Rajneeshpuram, police custody, poison, crimes of Sheela, tears in the eyes of jailors etc. I could see in me, after a certain while it becomes difficult to listen, your inner system cannot digest one-sided facts and very basic human trait of denial.

    I will be curious to know, how many of us feel sympathy for such pieces? One really asks, is this the voice of Existence or the voice of a victim who is not courageous enough to accept one´s own responsibility and miscalculations? So my way of showing silent indigestion was to lie down and listen with closed eyes, sometimes to fall asleep too.

    As I know from thousands years old spiritual traditions from various corners of world, without repentance there is no redemption. Remorse, guilt, regret, penitence kind of feelings have been surgically removed from the Neo-Sannyas system, so celebration, joy, ecstasy too have become superficial.

    This Netflix video will again expose the holes in a clearly crafted cult version.

    • satyadeva says:

      “One really asks, is this the voice of Existence or the voice of a victim who is not courageous enough to accept one´s own responsibility and miscalculations?”

      To clarify, Shantam, are you criticising Osho here?

      If so, then you you must be holding him responsible for the following:

      “As I know from thousands years old spiritual traditions from various corners of world, without repentance there is no redemption. Remorse, guilt, regret, penitence kind of feelings have been surgically removed from the Neo-Sannyas system, so celebration, joy, ecstasy too have become superficial.”

      If so, then why are you still bothering with Sannyas?

      Or have I misunderstood your post?

    • sw. veet (francesco) says:

      Or, with different words than those of SD, why not give space to the voice of Existence, Shantam, when it speaks in us with the voice of the victim?

      You bet that he was not aware of that, but just before falling asleep or even afterwards, inspired by dreams?

      I bet you are aware when the Existence speaks in you with the voice of the judgment and of the complaint against the Resort’s Mafia, or you ARE “really victim” of their offences?

      I also bet that when some functionary were around, you would not use the code of the Omertà, switching the speech or falling asleep.

      There are two aspects related to the concept of “Omertà” you evoked, Shantam: silence and humility.
      The root of the name refers to the humility required to adhere to a secret society where one must obey without “if” and without “but”, while silence refers to revenge as a way to repair an offence, without denouncing to the authorities.

      The thing that surprises me about you is that in your war, even legal, against the Resort, sometimes it seems that you forget that a possible court ruling would not be enough to conclude that people in charge are criminals.

      Symmetrically you would agree with the authorities in the US who have put in jail and expelled Osho from the country of freedom, even just for happy few to abuse it.

      Who legitimizes the authorities? And according to which codes? Why all this emphasis on civil or criminal justice? Why not face those people personally and share with them all your disappointment with their conduct in the way they are betraying Osho’s will? Is not this what He would like us to do, what He taught us: to scream, to shake, to cry and to laugh?

      Ah, ok, first Osho must repent in order to be credible…let’s go back to sleep.

      • shantam prem says:

        Sw. Veet, have you ever been to Osho White Robe Brotherhood in Pune?
        Most probably not.

        Is Italian economy that bad that people cannot afford an air ticket to Mumbai and then taxi ride to Pune?

        Plan a trip to Pune for few weeks, I can guide you how to live there economically and also can offer you free accommodation with the assignment: every day you will submit your daily Pune bulletin. Your report I will trust more than of one British ex-journalist writing for oshonews.

        • sw. veet (francesco) says:

          Yes, Shantam, we (not the Euro’s fetishist rentiers, of course) are in the shit, but I console myself thinking that today is better than what is coming.

          Thank you for your trust and for the invitation, I accept it…now I only miss the money for the flight and for the vouchers.

          Not only do I agree with you about the Resort and its prices – which are roughly too high compared to the price trend in India, and whereas for the Europeans the Indian inflation ‘should’ partly be offset by the devaluation of the rupee compared to the euro – but I even thought that it was justified by the will of the Canadian boss to prevent people, like me and you, we were there doing no groups, flirting or fucking around (not between us, fortunately) taking away space for new arrivals.

          Perhaps aiming for a richer Russian, Chinese or Indian average customer.

          Just a commercial choice, maybe justified by the expenses incurred to complete the Resort project and for maintenance costs, but the transparency of public budgets would be enough to remove these doubts.

          However, as I have already said, if someone is diverting resources to the Sangha for purposes other than sharing the spiritual bread, this would disappoint me, much more if the pilfering were hetero-directed.

          I also heard negative feedbacks on the level/quality of the groups, apart from some direct experience of mine, the last 4 years ago.

          If you have a chart of the Resort prices you can compare them with the two that I link below.

          This is the trend of Indian prices (inflation):

          This is the rupee/euro exchange rate (devaluation):

    • shantam prem says:

      If Lokesh or Parmartha respond to the resonance of my post, maybe I will cover in them SD and Veet´s points too.

      Those who played with high stakes deserve answer to such out-of-the- way post, and I am sure Osho energy in cosmos feels happy when disciples show some disobedience.

      I don´t think the real Osho loved pygmies and courtesans. If that was so He would not have compared British royalty with monkeys and paper cards and go on hitting wonderful late Jesus and Sons.

  7. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    You both made some very good points here this afternoon, Satyadeva, Veet Francesco, taken to the heart of meditation.

    And also taken as contribution to this very website, which, according to how I experience it for the time being, SN/UK is more than less dedicated to ´shadow-work´.

    Thanks to you, both of you.


  8. shantam prem says:

    Satyadeva, I would like to know one fact from you. After your last visit to Osho somewhere in late 1970s, you have gone to how many other masters, mini-masters, avatars etc? I mean not reading books but really visiting them.

    • satyadeva says:

      Just typical of you, Shantam, not to answer a question but to try to deflect the issue on to the questioner.

      You’ve long degenerated into a politician, grinding out the same old ‘message’ over and over again.

  9. Parmartha says:

    Frankly, I do not fully understand Shantam’s posts. This is not his fault, his English is not that good but much better than my Hindi. I assume they are accepted by the SN moderators out of a feeling of fairness, etc. though I myself would be stricter when the meaning is not that clear.

    He seems to identify Osho’s ‘community’ as being run in current time by a mafia. There are many Osho communities, and if you don’t like one, then move or create one in which you do feel at home.

    Osho’s main community was never a democracy when he was alive…I myself know a number of people who were shown or taken to the door when he was alive.

    • shantam prem says:

      Parmartha, do you know the difference between alive master and dead master?

      Present masters in India presiding over 100 times more disciples and annual turnover also don´t follow democratic norms. Why they should?
      Though they all have chosen group of disciples running the show. It is like entrepreneurs don´t have retirement age like the employees but surely hire consultants.

      When Osho chooses not a successor but creates a trust of 21 long-time faithful disciples, what is the purpose behind? If out of few thousand active disciples 21 are chosen, if this is not democracy. Swiss-style, then what the hell it is?

      I think you have inbuilt resistance to see the facts and figures because it may shatter your beliefs and lead to disillusionment.
      I tell you, real trust arises after the pang of disillusionment, but then trust is not on some sugar daddy but on cosmic intelligence.

      For me, Osho was a live embodiment of cosmic intelligence though he was a human being too with all the shadows like everyone else. Buddha too was a human being and not like statues, same for each and everyone.

      About the ancient ones, there is no need to break the myths but it is childish to create myths around the contemporary ones.

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      Frankly, Parmartha, Shantam´s verbal expressions in English have been and are good and good enough (understandable)!

      No escape (when reading, letting it in) – all of it – over these years that I am reading and writing here, to get to know of his sexist approaches, his anger as his pain screaming, his very ambitions as well as his personal obsessions to fight his fight against the Pune Resort, looking for ´followers. For any of it.

      Plus – not misunderstandable as well – his special way of verbally abusing female Chat contributors, as well as showing up sometimes, if he seems to feel a need for coming up, with a smeary, very phoney admiration re some buddhies whom he he classifies as ´top dogs´ in the kind of group dynamics here.

      Frankly, Parmartha, the moderation of SN, whatsoever team is doing it, has shown up these years with a stunning wide range of tolerance re the points I made, points which I don´t make here´out of the blue´ or by imagination or fantasy.


  10. shantam prem says:

    “There are many Osho communities, and if you don’t like one, then move or create one in which you do feel at home.”

    Such childish statements you have written more often because they have no understanding about human psychology.

    Pune community was not created by someone, but THE MAN himself. It was his own creation, own interpretation about His own words.

    Let me say in this way, parents’ home is a home for all the siblings, but Parmartha, will you call your siblings’ home your home?

    Have I made my point clear or try again?

  11. shantam prem says:

    Parmartha, you have proven to be a man of rootedness in democracy by publishing my posts written in a not very adoring way. It is your media, you can ban me also; many times proprietors ask editor’s resignation due to difference of opinions. You have not done it.

    If you allow dissident opinions with the idea the churning is a necessary process of evolution, even the evolution of enlightenment, then such media, organisations can move forward and grow with the spirit of time.

    Time is the eternal master, time is the maker and breaker of crowns and dynasties and turning them into a fair and democratic world. Meritocracy gets birth from the womb of democracy and not orally with democratically-sounding words. It is a long process and not quick.

    Sannyasnews hooks me for this very reason, it is a microcosom of vivid thoughts, therefore music in the noise.

    Thanks again for showing immense maturity and solid soul.

    • satyadeva says:

      Which, translated, essentially boils down to “Please don’t ban me or disallow most of my posts.”

      Thing is, Shantam, you’re uninterested in around 90% of discussion, except insofar as it might promote your particular Pune ashram agenda.

  12. samarpan says:

    Netflix refers to the March 16 release as “Season 1″ … will there be several more seasons in the years to come?