Watershed Time for the Goddess ?

This woman, Jane Fuller, chooses to place an OSHO QUOTE at the end of this Huff post (UK) article, if you can get that far./…  it strikes us as a simplistic view.

Jane Fuller

‘A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination, prepared to be herself and only herself.’ – Maya Angelou

The energy of the goddess has returned and is being anchored fully and powerfully.

We are giving birth to the empowered self, the authentic self.

I believe this is a watershed moment in history whereby the terrifying magnitude of sexual harassment and assault and abuse of power that has been going on behind closed doors for decades in Hollywood and in global corporations and governments has finally shocked the collective consciousness to say enough is enough. There is no going back from this.

The death of the old and birth of the new has begun.

This is the time to speak your truth.

We cannot fix what we don’t acknowledge.

This is the time to talk about what has happened in the past and what was a violation of your human rights and dignity.

It’s not only about womens’ rights, it’s about human rights and treating people with honour and respect.

This is a time to speak out and now we’re seeing the me too movement catch fire

and take hold.

The people are rising up and the judgement of those who abuse power is going to fall. Together we can bring in the new age which brings in prosperity for all, healthcare for all and abundance for everyone. Everyone having the opportunity to reach their greatest potential. Making the system fair so people have the opportunity to become their greatest potential.

We are releasing what no longer serves us and shedding the old skin. Not speaking your truth, not standing up for who you really are, not standing up for yourself… we’ve all felt like that at times. I know I have felt really unsupported and not able to articulate my truth when I was younger and I wasn’t able, in a less enlightened age, to stand up for myself in the right way. That’s why it’s so important that we honour and respect everyone now.

What I want for me, I want for others too. I want it for everyone.

Remember, we all have lessons to learn.

Hold the vision and focus on what you want in your life.

Are you doing the things that are efficient and effective to get you to your purpose?

We want to be assertive but not run over people’s boundaries.

Create win-win with others. Live our truth and allow others to live their truth and don’t punish people for speaking up and speaking the truth, especially when it comes to these sexual violations that have been going on for far too long and will not be tolerated anymore.

Do not compromise your soul.

We can heal from the violations, we can heal from the assaults and intimidations.

Heal your heart, heal your relationships and remind ourselves that most people are good. Most men are good people, it’s the few that have gone mad with power. Absolute power corrupts.

When you cannot keep your own sexual desires in check you have too much power and this is what happens.

This is a time for healing. Healing the past, healing your heart, healing your body, soul and spirit.

So move out of your comfort zone and speak your truth. Live by your truth. Get out of that rut that stops you growing. Because if you’re too comfortable you won’t be accomplishing what you need to be accomplishing and honouring the creative force inside you.

You’re not changing with the times if you’re out of step. You’re not reaching your greatest potential. Energy comes along to shift us out of our comfort zone. The universe comes along and shakes you to awaken you.

Shift out of those habit patterns and behaviours that not longer serve you, that are not supporting who you are now and getting you to where you want to go. Shed the past, rise above the karma, rise above the drama.

The next level is the phoenix that rises above the ashes, the new you, and that can be painful. But real growth is painful at times. Life is painful at times – it’s part of growth. Allow yourself to release the pain of the past, so that you can fly higher and become your beautiful self – your beautiful you. Remember, you are loved… and never mess with a woman who knows there is magic inside her.

I found a goddess in me and fell in love with her.


‘The feminine is more powerful than the masculine, the soft is more powerful than the hard, the water is more powerful than the rock.’ – Osho

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24 Responses to Watershed Time for the Goddess ?

  1. frank says:

    And here`s a random hit from
    the New-Age Bullshit Generator
    @ http://sebpearce.com/bullshit/
    (not that there`s any connection or anything)

    To follow the myth is to become one with it.
    Consciousness consists of frequencies of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a blossoming of the amazing. We exist as pulses.
    Energy is the driver of life.
    Shakti will amplify our connection to advanced growth. Soon there will be a maturing of rejuvenation the likes of which the stratosphere has never seen. Imagine an invocation of what could be.

    The wellspring of serenity is now happening worldwide. It is a sign of things to come. We must learn how to lead quantum lives in the face of greed.
    Although you may not realize it, you are life-affirming. If you have never experienced this spark on a cosmic scale, it can be difficult to exist. Have you found your quest?
    How should you navigate this special universe?
    Being, look within and synergize yourself. It can be difficult to know where to begin. The dreamtime is calling to you via a resonance cascade. Can you hear it?
    The future will be a pranic deepening of wisdom. The dreamscape is approaching a tipping point. This circuit never ends.

  2. While eating dal and rice I have seen this article. The quotation of Osho used at the end, as if the cheeks get dimple, as if mind gets shade of soul.

    Western women are evolving wonderfully by integrating yoga and meditation in their daily menu.

    Today in Sauna, one woman, must be around 20, was sitting with her closed eyes in the lotus position. This happens all the time; interesting was the situation when she started touching her forehead at third eye position. After this glimpse, I also closed my eyes and focused energy between the centre of my eyes.

    Few minutes later when I opened the eyes and look towards her, she was still in the same lotus posture with closed eyes and moving her hands gracefully.

    This is Shakti, awakening of subtle power and grace. Christian values and science has created the base for this evolution in human consciousness. Ancient Indian techniques of yoga and meditation are bringing the fragrance.

  3. Because some women dared to complain, few Indian gurus as sexual predators are behind bars. Two of them were immensely successful, well connected with the political powers yet from media pressure and top class liberal legal brains supporting the women, these gurus have taken a spectacular fall.

    In the West, big boys of politics and cinema are getting exposed by the women who were being used by the predators.

    In a way, women are writing a new bold chapter in their march towards freedom and equality.

    Yesterday evening, someone sent me the web link where Ozen Rajneesh, an Indian mini guru from the school of Osho, is being exposed as sexual predator.

    It is really hot stuff and I wonder why police action is not being taken against this mini-guru or why the cult of mini-guru has not taken the reverse legal action if the contents in the video are false and malafide.

    Trapping the women in the web of spiritual dependency is an ancient practice, I feel its time is over. Spiritual leaders have to live a chaste, monogamous life or have to cut their bat and the balls to get state of celibatical bliss!

  4. Many of spiritual leaders create milieu for multiple ‘Love’ relations.
    With Osho, it was only & only for disciples.

    This is not a small difference, but watershed moment in the history.
    After his departure and creation of Resort, history has been reverted back to the same, same old, old.

  5. sw. veet (francesco) says:

    Finding a taste of Pune in the church upsets me less than in the mainstream media.

  6. frank says:

    Has anybody heard about ol` Brian Rajneesh?

    Allegedly, there has been the (seemingly customary in dodgy cults) suicide of a young vulnerable man in the community in Mexico, covered up and lied about by the group, according to his mum.

    Dhyan Raj, 65, got beaten up by Brian`s enforcer (a thug in his 20s) for arguing, an act supported by Brian.
    The customary conning people out of money etc.
    Threatening dissenters with getting done over by some imaginary guys from a Russian martial arts school, loyal to Brian.
    And most bizarre of all, it appears that Brian got involved in posting revenge porn of an 18 year-old whom he had a brief fling with and lost control of after she ran away.

    This with a few other complaints of young woman molestation by the man (in his late 50s).

    Apparently, old SN contributors and one-time diehard disciples Dhyan Raj and Mini Kang have both left the fold.

    Congrats to all the SN regulars who could see this psychotic con-artist and his moronic followers for what they were!

    But where does that leave all those who seemed to think because he set up a kind of boot-camp in the jungle that he was doing some kind of good work?

    There`s another twist,too.
    Brian was using the name Osho at the beginning and at one stage his internet piracy was working to the level that if you googled `Osho Rajneesh’ he came up as the first link, above Osho.

    I think I am right in saying that if they didn`t have the trademark clout that state of affairs would still be continuing!

    There`s a zen koan for all sides involved to mull over.

    • Lokesh says:

      Yeah, Frank, read the latest scandal. Some time back I wrote a positive article about Ozen and Rajneesh, because my pal, Bharam, was invited over there to play. He had a good time there and thought Brian was cool.

      I sent him the scandal link yesterday and he wrote back saying everyone has their own experiences, which I thought was kind of funny.

      I stick with my impressions of meeting Rajneesh in a house in LA, where he tried to flog me a fake Rolex many years ago. I found the man to be very weird. Poor Mini Klang and Dhyanrage will be eating humble crumble now.

    • Parmartha says:

      As I think you know, Frank, I am an old friend of Dhyanraj from the old days.

      I have written to him to see what he says. He did a lot of work creating this commune.

      • frank says:

        I think we might have had one of those Russian martial artists here on SN back then when the Brians were on here. (Synchronicity or what?).

        Swami Ali says:
        30 December, 2015 at 9:13 am
        Hello. My name Ivan Ivanovski. My sannyas name give me by Swami Rajneesh: Swami Ali. I meet Master in Moscow. I immediately know he emlightened. I know he real leader. He not wear shirt – this just like Vladimir Putin. He real man. He not afraid to show big breasts in public, not like leaders of ashram resort and other western leaders.

        Dhyanraj also great man, he also show breasts but they more wobbling like English black pudding, but I want get enlightened in this lifetime so I not judge and just blah blah blah on internet like negative Sannyasnews people who say Dhyanraj spend 10 years in Koreagaon Park in darkened room watching TV, smoking waco baccy and playing with himself.

        Also negativity people say because Rajneesh walk, talk, dress, act, speak like Osho he imitating – these people no meditate but hate Osho.
        I go soon to Osho Cocoon. I want meet beautiful people. I want meet Meera, I think I can have very good conversation with her. She speak very sensitive, intelligent and original thoughts and also not afraid to use violence against fascists. This good. I Russian. I meet fascists, I crush testicles. We Russian very strong.

        I also want meet and have quiet east Asian girlfriend like Swami Rajneesh. They quiet and obey all orders. This very good. They not have mind of own like western women who have mind of their own which very noisy, and like Master is teaching, is nothing but the mind!

        In Russia, before I put in hospital, I in Russian army, so I can work hard for commune and if they have problems with negativity people I can use martial arts training to chop body parts in Zen way, like Rajneesh is advising.

        In army ,I have spiritual experiences but army no understand so put me in hospital and give electric shock treatment. When I get out and meet Swami Rajneesh in meditation camp I realise full-functioning brain not necessary and psychosis diagnosis not problem but advantage for create buddhafield.

        Also,brain damage no problem for enlightenment. The Master teach me this. Dhyan Raj also lead by example. This I am very grateful.

        I have no money but no money necessary in Osho Cocom. Instead, I grow beard and now looking very wise. Therapy not necessary for me. Buddha not have therapy. Mahavira not have therapy. Osho not have therapy. Rajneesh not have therapy. Dhyan Raj had little therapy, that why he sometimes blah blah blah with baboons on Sannyasnews, he not completely mindless just yet, but Rajneesh is devising many techniques to make it happen!

        Tommorow I fly Osho Cocom. I write my experiences from there.”

        In response to DhyanRaj`s prophetic moment, 31 December, 2015 at 7:21 pm:
        “…after my enlightenment: people are simply too stupid and only deserve a good kicking in vain attempt to awaken them – and even that will not work, I know.”

        Ali agreed: “Beloved Dhyanraj
        You say people “too stupid and only deserve a good kicking”. You right. I understand. This also my observation in Russian army and observation of all strong men with shirt off and good breasts.

        Violence only language unenlightened fools understand! You speak same language like me, comrade! We can chop body parts and put foot in ass together! I Russian. Very strong.

        I put foot in your ass.
        I call Rajneesh, tell him as master he must put foot in disciple ass too.
        I real disciple. I have real spiritual experience.

        I Russian. No talk but act. I come soon, chop dick and put foot in ass.
        Listen- you need professional combat training people like me in Osho Cocoon sangha. You sound violent – that is good – but look like hippy burn-out. You need special forces led by Swami Ali to give good kicking to intellectuals who make mind stew out of enlightenment and not eat good Russian goulash with beetroot and chopped dicks.

        Also no need to acknowledge mistakes when strong leader and enlightened too. This acknowledging mistakes for unconscious baboons, intellectuals, homosexuals, people with mind, and enemies. I help you crush them like parasites.

        You worry giving good kicking not work.
        No need to be negative, my brother. It work. Swami Ali is here.
        I Russian. Very strong like hungry, angry bear.
        You wait. I come Osho Cocoon very soon.”

  7. Parmartha says:

    The real watershed is when and where the feminine and the masculine meet…when gender is not a preoccupation, as it seems to be with this woman and her strident prose.

  8. shantam prem says:

    If story about Rajneesh has some fact it will prove one thing:
    Not just third eye, third leg too pulsates even after the great happening.

    Another lesson is Mafia will enter sooner than later if you allow Russian men and Russian money and vulnerable chicks.


  9. In the old days, Mini Kang and Dhyanraj were very prompt and punctual to respond to any post mentioning their Swami Ji.

    Maybe history repeats itself. On a smaller scale, Sheela of junior Rajneesh may have left.

    Ozen community seems to be still intact in Mexico; one reason, Agarwals are anyway more clever and shrewd than Jains, though both the communities are trading class and feel great joy when profits come through other people´s money.

  10. Kavita says:

    I sent him the scandal link yesterday and he wrote back saying everyone has their own experiences – I can very well relate to this.

    • shantam prem says:

      Opinions and accusations are not the same.

      • Kavita says:

        I can speak for myself as I have not been a victim and have enjoyed my friendship with Rajneesh when he was in Poona, we have shared a very loving & caring equation.

        We were friends on Facebook till 2013 or so but after I quit FB there has been no communication except for here on SN few years ago.

        Anyway, guess we all have to go through our journey and are responsible for it in all ways.

        I would still say All the Best to him and his team for having a dream and going full on towards it!

  11. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    Hi sannyasnews team, hi regulars on the caravanserai who have already responded.

    Wilhelm Reich spoke on the ´emotional plague´ and that´s what I’m reminded of when reading all of this, this awful, painfully awesome article and the awful male responses too. The article indeed appeared in the Huffington Post (I didn´t believe that first-hand, but then checked it, checked as well the website of the British lady who, besides claiming to be a journalist, group facilitator, spiritual facilitator etc. has indeed such a style to write and has her readers and clients in the UK).

    What I know is that by synchronicity (with the article) the media flashmob kind of hype around the #METOO movement on facebook and other social networks, which have claims too to give birth to a new feminism (Holly-Bollywood-style) is already dimming down.

    Thousands and thousands of women spoke out (viral and otherwise) about male abusers, perpetrators, rapists and perverted male chauvinists happening in private spaces, in work spaces and increasing numbers indeed in the public market places too.

    Yes, there is no way, obviously, to hinder anybody, neither female nor male, to kind of quote in a mish-mush way some of Osho´s insights in a single sentence – like this stance in the end (which came supposedly out of His talks about the Lao Tzu verses).

    Yes, there may be a way to meet each other (gender-wise) with more awareness and respect; yet I more than suspect this does function via loading more crap up to the already existing one, and I thoroughly guess does NOT function via installing ´Heroes´and ´Heroines´, the mean and sinister Antipodes to such; the latter version, some here seem unfortunately be quite identified with, which is simply an allergic re-action and nothing much else.


  12. Parmartha says:

    The only way Brian Rajneesh is connected to the original content of this string would be if there is or has been sexual abuse in his commune, and whether it is genuinely authenticated.

    The problem here could be similar to the historical ashrams/communes of Osho. There were certainly no exclusion policies then, and often people who were there were totally unsuitable for any acquaintance with tantra. I don’t think it is difficult just to go and do a group at Brian Rajneesh’s place.

    As far as I know no-one here has been to the Brian Rajneesh commune, so it is all technically hearsay, and we all know how dangerous that can be.

    Like Lokesh, I have heard of people going there and finding the energy fine and the place had a good vibe.

    • swamishanti says:

      If the communications presented in the link are accurate, then Ozen has admitted to the revenge porn – which is a form of abuse in itself. There are also parts where he threatens the girl who is running away with black magic – I remember someone mentioning that they had heard that Brian had already threatened some in Dharamsala with black magic some years ago.

      All sounds dodgy and juvenile .


    • dominic says:

      Have you read through the links, Parmartha? Seems like enough hard evidence to me. Would be in the public interest to spread this information, so that people don’t get duped by his act, even if the place has a “good vibe”. Maybe start a new string if it doesn’t fit this one.

  13. Premprem says:

    Cui prodest?

    Rajneesh has many enemies, one of which is the OIF.

    Remember Shiva the Bodyguard who wrote a book about Osho, ‘Bhagwan, the God that Failed’, stating that Osho has sex with many women?

    Wasn’t the Oregon Ranch also a “slave labour” camp where people worked 14 hours a day?

    Wherever there is a mystic school, there will always be these types of accusations

    I also looked at Anant Akash’s website. The whole story and website sounds a little fishy, the photos look like they were photoshopped. The way they write their stories, Akash and Dao sound like very immature people, petty and vindictive.

    Just for the record: I do not think Rajneesh is enlightened, and I saw most of his disciples are a bit naive, immature. However, the whole story and the way it is presented on Akash’s website is ridiculous.

    Maybe he had sex with a girl, so what, if it was consensual? Sannyasins getting outraged about someone having consensual sex. What are you? Catholics?

    I have seen worse things in Osho centres, therapists propositioning girls for a threesome with their girlfriends – and no one bats an eyelid.

    But the way this relationship is presented on the website in the “evidence” sounds more like a creation of the minds of the persons who created the website, rather than something typical Rajneesh would do. It just doesn’t fit.

    I am completely open-minded and waiting for some ‘hard evidence’ to come up.

    However, the photo evidence of Rajneesh and Myrthle having sex – really looks like a photoshop. They took a porno couple and photoshopped Rajneesh’s face onto the picture. Myrthle’s face is blurred on the pictures, so you don’t even know if it is her.

    So they had sex, so what? Revenge porn? Ok, I want to see some hard evidence.

    Sounds like a hit job, a smear job, created by a very sick mind – and Rajneesh, not enlightened, this is true, but he doesn’t sound nearly as deranged as this story would want you to believe.

    So the verdict is for now, ‘Shiva, the God that Failed’ – unless there is some real hard evidence. Show us the pictures or the video.

    A lot of people want to see Rajneesh’s downfall, including the OIF.
    Including some people on this forum who support the OIF and are drooling right now at the idea that Rajneesh will be discredited.

    Stuff like this goes with the territory. As soon as someone declares himself enlightened – smear campaigns will be waged.

    • satyadeva says:

      I could never stand Rajneesh myself, whether he be enlightened or not, but ok, it’s good to be sceptical about such stories, the Skype texts (where he appears like a love-sick teenager threatening to end the commune, saying he’ll have a heart attack if the girl leaves him – such emotional blackmail not quite what one would expect from a spiritual teacher!) and the photos could be fakes, tales of gratuitous violence could be exaggerated or even lies, likewise accusations of theft, murder and other evils, and he has many enemies, as you say, Premprem.

      But if it’s true that such previously apparently blindly devoted disciples like Mini Kang (his secretary) and Dhyan Raj* became seriously disillusioned and left the scene then I suggest on the balance of probabilities something is seriously amiss out there (to put it mildly).

      Let’s hope Dhyan Raj responds to Parmartha’s email.

      *See their totally confident posts, arrogantly dismissive of any criticism of Rajneesh of a few years ago, here at SN.

      • anand yogi says:

        Perfectly correct, Premprem!

        It is true that there is no hard evidence!
        But, if you look at the photo in the shower, it appears that the Swami Rajneesh is attempting to make evidence hard, but whether it is hard or not is difficult to tell!

        Certainly, the dignified silence of Dhyan Raj and Mini Kang speaks volumes for the truth! Not for them to rabidly and violently denounce their enemies as time has clearly shown!

        Now it is down to the like of Dhy…er…Premprem to give utterly impartial judgment from people with absolutely no vested interest or bias!

        What could possibly be wrong with consensual sex between a 55 year-old man with an 18 year-old in his private jungle fiefdom?

        The western baboons do not realise that Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein are disciples of mighty Bhorat!

        Hari Om!