Boddhisattva ?

Swami Anand Arun’s new book, called “In Wonder with Osho” which is just received in the SN office,  (we will get someone to review the book later)  has the word “Boddhisattva” as a prefix on the cover and on a number of inside pages.  The term “Boddhisattva” is a Buddhist one.  I have kept up with Arun’s work since Osho died.  He has as far as I know only begun to use this term recently.  How it comes up within a sannyas context sort of mystifies me.

Some bloggers here will know the full Buddhist meaning of the word. As far as I remember it means someone who delays his enlightenment in order to “work” towards getting others to a pre-enlightenment state. But I expect it has a range of different meanings for scholars, and many Buddhists are sadly just scholars!

I have no idea why Arun now calls himself a Boddhisattva? Did Osho say he was?  I somehow doubt it. Or is it a form of grandiose self statement…. or what?  There were 21 disciples declared enlightened by Osho in 1984, but Arun was not amongst them. To my great amusement a few months later Osho said it was all a joke. One of them was an Indian, who has my greatest respect because he immediately said “Osho is a rascal”,  and ignored the accolade. But others did not, I remember a guy called Santosh (Tibetan Healing?) going around the Ranch with a flock of human sheep paving his path, and seeming to greatly enjoy the false status!

I am also reminded of Sheela and co.  At the time she was publishing Osho books much self aggrandisement was going on.  I have just dug one out a book from that Ranch  period,  on the fly cover she is labelled an Acharya, as are Krishna Prem and Satya Vedant.   Pratima is labelled an “Arihanta”.   What a load of rubbish!

I have nothing in particular against (or for) Arun. He seems a”harmless old duffer” as one of my friends called him. But I dont think calling himself a Boddhisattva,  unless there is something I dont know about this,  does him any favours.

I await the views of SN bloggers with interest.



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  1. Arpana says:

    Recall Osho remarking something to the effect, “Everybody will take on Sannnyas conditioning.”

    Seems to me part of the Sannnyas conditioning was connected to those pre-Osho ideas about spirituality, meditation-based religion (I knew next to nothing about such matters when I took sannnyas and gathered up most of what I came to know from being around sannyasins).

    But then we grow out of that, needed to grow out of that, transcend those ideas, find our own voice, become able to talk about these matters in our own immediate language, on our own experience-based authority.

    And characters like Arun are still steeped in all that traditional language, those traditional ideas, but have a part to play as a gateway for those who come to Osho with those traditional ideas pulling at them. (I can talk about meditating, and the effect of meditating on me, and to some extent the effect of meditation on others I have known, and that’s very different to anything I have ever read about meditation).

    • satchit says:

      Buddhist language is different from Osho language.

      As far as I remember, Osho called “Bodhisattva” someone who IS enlightened and he helps others towards enlightenment out of compassion. An “Arihant” is also enlightened but does not share his enlightenment.

      In this case, A. calling himself “Bodhisattva” means “Hello, I am enlightened.”


    • frank says:

      Giving yourself funny names is all part of the enlightentertainment game or divine leela. Osho said the lie of the awakened one is worth more than the truth of an unawakened one.

      Arun has received the Mahakashyapasyougoalong transmission. What`s the problem?
      Someone has got to keep the con in consciousness and the sin in sannyasin.


      Swami Frank (Badassattva Avatard Avahoot)

      • Arpana says:

        I was such an extrovert when all this started, a leading light in my own circles, but the thought of being the focus of all that attention now is not appealing at all; but if he does want that, that’s his life.

        I have no yes or no to what he gets up to.

        • frank says:

          Actually I just recently took the Badassattva vow. It goes like this:

          When existence finally sends me spinning off the roulette wheel of karma onto Zero,
          widescreens my third eye,
          opens up an infinite no-mind sinkhole in my pathless path,
          press-gangs me into a lineage of enlightened ones,
          extinguishes my ego like a stubbed-out fag in the ashtray of illusion.
          Don`t worry….

  2. Kavita says:

    Parmartha, there is a possibility that Osho gave the title to a few of his disciples.

    After reading your post ‘Bodhisattva?’ it’s become clear why Buddha/Osho out of compassion named their duffer disciples ‘Bodhisattva’!

    Seems the hyper-active ones were Acharya (I don’t know Pratima but guessing the lazy ones could be Arihants!!).

  3. Parmartha seems to have some sibling rivalry with Arun. After Sheela, Arun is the only character who has been chosen as Editor´s Choice for the strings under his name.

  4. sw. veet (francesco) says:

    I am no one to try to contradict Big P’s friend in his definition of Arun as “a harmless old duffer”. If Big P did not try it could I do it with my little argument in English?*

    Yet Big P seems sincerely interested in challenging someone in contradicting Arun in defining himself as “Bodhisattva,” possibly making him a “old duffer of a Bodhisattva.”

    In order not to risk a sterile game by playing with the words, but being assertive, words should be given the right perspective. For me, the spirit of the word ‘Bodhisattva’, having not read the book or known Arun personally (I guess), is that one of ‘compassion’.

    Being compassionate means having a great joy in your heart that you want to share with those who live wrapped in a cold and grey fog. I believe that apart from some pathological cases this is a common kit in those who have absorbed that joy from Osho.

    So the question to be asked more honestly would be another: Is Arun a pathological case?

    To answer this question is not needed a Big Head or even fluent English, it would be pathological to try to do it with these means.



    * “If Big P did not try it could I do it with my little argument in English?”

    Here, rather, I have a doubt: I wanted to say that in a delicate discussion about self-referentiality in internal processes I could have difficulty expressing myself in English (arguing), and not that I have no or little arguments (as it seems to be written): sure little English, but I do not feel poor about arguments.

  5. Nitya says:

    I know, right?
    I once heard of a guy who called himself “Bhagwan”, that was even worse. That means god or something like that. Also don’t know why he did that. Did someone say he was? Somehow I doubt that. It must have been some form of grandiose self-statement. What a load of old rubbish!

    And that guy was definitely not harmless! Next thing you know, these guys tell you to meditate or some such nonsense. Good thing people like Parmartha know better than that!

  6. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    Would have been at least nice to spell ´Bodhisattva´rightly in the topic, and as well it would be nice, not to mix up late Dheeraj ( Tibetan Pulsing Founder) with late Santosh ( Founder of a Dehypnotherapy School).

    As far as “sheepish”( your invention Parmartha) “human flocks” are concerned, such stuff ( if ever) was not happening on the Ranch; sometimes – but not that often happened later with the Tibetan Pulsing Groups in Pune II.

    And the Tibetan Pulsing crews haven´t been sheepish at all, neither those who were or are associated with Santosh.
    Came to know both of them times ago by participating and getting aquainted with what they had to offer as their work on human conciousness.

    As Osho did clearly foresee it – ( and already in His Lifetime in His body) – different branches of the ´Root Buddha´, so to say , wouldn´t find their shade in the Pune adminstration Meditation Resort.

    Some parted with more grace, some with less, starting their own Schools in Europe or the States. Some with a strong connection to Osho, some not.

    Others then , who founded their own ´family tribe´. Many , many of them in Gratefulness to Osho.

    I´ve having been very grieving quite a time , I can say , that some of the fragmentations have been tangeable, senseable also with a flavour of hostility .
    Still – quite often I am grieving, when I focuss on the fragmentation,
    knowing that I am grieving in vain , in delusion , or in the futile desire to stop the wheel of change : Osho would have pointed that out to me, I am sure.

    I don´t know Arun, neither his book on the topic here; may have seen him , ages ago, but never participated in one of his Meditation Retreats he offers in UK or elsewhere nowadays. Don´t like the you tube stuff that much, one can see.

    Ever now and then SN/UK shares some Arun quotes or news, sometimes and I responded to what I felt to share. I have a deep respect for those, who – like him- who shares , what he has to give in a non fundamentalist way , the latter seems to be the case and in some parts of the globus, he is wanted with this.

    So – who are we, to give a rating ?
    I am often close to Tan´s rarely offered statements , if she allows me, to say that.
    And – I can say, that sometimes I miss some old friends like anything.
    And then – almost simultaneously comes up a knowing that I am a ´sleepwalker’ to indulge in that.

    But other than it is mostly ´offered by some of the contributers here, I give to myself a very gentle treat to join the HERE-NOW and allow that yearning to be felt – IN the HERE-NOW.


  7. Lokesh says:

    Yeah, well, it’s been over thirty years since I introduced myself as Swami Anand Lokesh, and that is about the only thing in my life that is not likely to change. That is, unless someone realizes that I am an enlightened Bodhisattva and asks me to give talks about The New Man and, of course, offers me lots of money to do so.

    Unfortunately, something tells me this is a highly unlikely scenario.

    Such is the fate of Scottish Bodhisattvas.

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      How very nice, ‘Mr Scottish Highlander’, love your portrait, the written one, and the pic too !
      Could have come out of Osho´s updated multimedia joke box….


      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        PS to Lokesh:
        At least one can say that your kind of contribution to the thread topic has some kind of well put SN/UK convenience, has good humour (which I enjoy), is not perverted (important for me!) and shows that you are one of the everlasting SN/UK buddhies here.

  8. shantam prem says:

    Running a semi-spiritual business is not an easy job. Who has not used all kind of gimmicks to attract people?

    To wear doctor’s clothes and add designation is an arduous work, society has very stagnant measures to give degrees, thanks to God, or unfortunately spiritual business works on the basis of where there is a will there is a way.

    So Arun ji is doing exactly as per parameters of his vocation. It is to his credit, Sannyas in Nepal is like blossomed Rose Garden.


  9. bodhi vartan says:

    On the cover of his book he describes himself as Bodhisattva Swami… to which he should add Mulla Saint and complete the set.

  10. bodhi vartan says:

    A Greek Bodhisattva

  11. When I opened the link randomly:
    “One can be enlightened without knowing what enlightenment is, and vice versa: one can know everything about enlightenment and remain unenlightened.”

    Catch 22 situations are the best.

  12. After Scottish And Greek, let me share the image of The Sikh “Sant Sipahi”

    Sant means Saint and Sipahi means Soldier. When Muslim invaders were converting Hindus to Islam through sheer power of brutality and terror unheard before or unseen after, tenth and last Sikh master pumped the energy of the nation through his concept of Saint who is a solider. So one can say Sant Sipahi is equivalent to Bodhisattva of good days religion.

    If I have to use a title, I will never ever use from the tradition I have no empathy for.

  13. One of the women I admired the most for her unique spiritual path, Alexandra Aitken. She did not go with the crowd but walked in an totally uncharted territory.

    This daughter of elite Britisher family has an amazing destiny. I can simply say, God Bless Her.

    Her photo in context of all the men´s photos above, she seems to be taller than all.

    • Lokesh says:

      Please note the highly symbolic ‘Holding of the Orange’ Mudra. This particular mudra was introduced to Sikhism by Guru Nanak himself after emerging from a pool of sewage water, after holding his breath for nine months, just outside Armritsar. Commonly known as the Jaffa Mudra, it symbolizes the unity of mankind, which encompasses all.

      Here is another photo of ‘Ally’ as she walks in uncharted territory.

    • satyadeva says:

      On the other hand, Shantam, she might merely be exchanging one ‘glamorous’ life in London for another sort of ‘glamour’ in Sikh Land – you know, “full of eastern promise”, as the old ads for Fry’s ‘Turkish Delight’ used to say.

      I see her marriage to the warrior has failed (quel surpris) so that’s one promise that’s already bitten the dust! More, no doubt, to follow…

      I suggest you’re viewing this story with more than a few tints of rose on your spectacles, allowing it to enhance your Sikh self-image accordingly – not to mention further titillating your yearning for those good old days when…well, let’s not go into all that yet again, eh?!

      • frank says:

        I am constantly amazed at the continuing romance of “eastern promise”.

        I was talking with an Amma devotee the other day. He has a very positive view of India that reminded me of how people were back in the day. It’s so spiritual, everybody is happy, contented and religious etc. A bit naïve and romantic and blissfully ignoring the horrific legacy of many of the so-called religious ideas that have blighted the place for centuries.

        I was wondering how this guy, who is not a kid like I and most people I knew who had this attitude, he is already in his 40s, could possibly hold on to such a rose-tinted view of India.

        Then I came on this very recent speech made by Amma(2017) at the RSS headquarters. She gave these dudes her blessing etc. I think its fair to say RSS is a kind of Hindu KKK. (The guy who killed Gandhi, the guy who threw a knife at Osho, Modi’s hardest Hindu Right supporters).

        Here it is, if you can be arsed to read it. (Spoiler alert: Try not to think of Swamis Yogi and Bhorat!).

        “The present moment is full of challenges. However, if we work in anticipation of a bright future, all obstacles will disappear on their own.  Bharat will once again regain its glory and shine as brightly as the Sun.

        I bow down to everyone who is embodiment of divine love and supreme self. I am immensely delighted to take part in this Mahasangam (grand conference). At the outset, I would like to express my happiness at being able to meet personally and spend some time with all of you, with utmost love, serve and worship Bharatamba – the cradle of the eternal Hindu dharma.

        Bharat is a land of spiritual radiance. It is the sacred land in which the everlasting and sanctifying vibrations of the Rishis’ austere penances and enormous sacrifices continue to reverberate. This is the sacred land of the universal Guru, who first taught the world that “All living beings, including humans, and this whole universe are pearls strung together on the thread of divine consciousness, like a necklace of pearls in myriad colours and forms.” Bharat is the universal mother, who intoned the all embracing mantra of love, Vasudaivakutumbakam — ‘The universe is one family.’

        The noble mantras of our spiritual culture have always emanated from this hallowed land. She is the inspiration and source of knowledge that can open the eyes of the world. When that blazing light enters and illumines the heart, Bharat will awaken. When Bharat awakens, the world will awaken. This is because Bharat is not merely a geographical entity. She has a unique consciousness, power and charisma that no other country can lay claim to. This soil has been anointed with the sankalpa (divine resolve) of the Rishis, who realised the universal power within themselves during meditation. When we act with faith in this sankalpa, the entire universe will help us all. No other power can debase or destroy the eternal truth.

        However, we mustn’t succumb to the sleep of carelessness. We must act with utmost vigilance.
        We need the vigilance of cricket players, who, forgetting all else, focuses wholly on winning the match, play with one mind and as one team.

        Just as in the spiritual field, there was a time when Bharat was also highly developed materially. Way before the word ‘modern’ was invented, India and Indians were modernised. Today, parents send their children abroad for higher studies. However, in the past, even scholars from ancient Greece, Egypt and China, among other countries, came to Bharat to learn and acquire new knowledge. In order to establish commercial ties with India, the Spanish Queen spent a lot of money in trying to send Columbus to Bharat. Economics, mathematics, astrology, warfare, medicine, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, grammar…. there is no branch of knowledge that was not born here.

        Three thousand years ago, Bharat was as resplendent as a priceless jewel in the crown of the world, a jewel whose value the world could not reckon. How did we lose this position? The answer: back then, we gave priority to Atma Vidya (Spiritual Knowledge). It was on that foundation that we  ventured forth into other spheres. The splendour of spiritual knowledge lent brilliance and clarity to our mind and intellect. That fortitude, keen intelligence and self-confidence also helped us progress materially. Once we conquer the mind, we can conquer anything in the material world.

        So long as Bharat acted while firmly rooted in Para Vidya (Spiritual Knowledge), she made great strides in Apara Vidya (Material Knowledge). From the moment we started living without paying heed to (living heedless of our) spiritual culture, our material life started declining.

        Every atom of Bharat – the very atmosphere here – is surcharged with the pure vibrations of the universal vision that emerged from the rishis’ utterly self-sacrificing life and power of austerities. Not discerning this, today we scurry after material success and pleasures. Like the warmth of the Sun, the soothing light of the Moon, the flow of the river and the gentle breeze, spirituality is Bharat’s essence and nature. When we act in opposition to that culture and the nature of this nation, this land, every atom therein and its very environment will react.  It will not allow us to move ahead.  This is the reason for the troubles that we see here. The moment we understand and experience the spiritual quintessence of this land, and act accordingly, then Bharat will awaken once again; the lost glory, nobility and renown will be restored.

        However, our actions must not be predicated on an understanding of the limitations of the body and mind.  What fulfils any action is divine grace. In order to gain that grace, one must have faith in the infinite spiritual power. There are innumerable muscles and bones working behind every yawn. For them to work precisely, we need the help of a power that is beyond our control. If that power does not co-operate, the mouth that opens to yawn will remain open. Denying that power is like using our tongue to say, “I don’t have a tongue!” We must dedicate all our actions to the remembrance of that almighty power. Our ancestors – the Acharyas and Rishis – acted with this attitude, and thus set an example.

        Lord Krishna is the best karma dhirah (most dexterous karma yogi) the world has ever seen. His life and actions were detached, like ‘butter on water’. A boat may be in water, but water must never enter the boat. In the battlefield, Lord Krishna counselled Arjuna to perform actions with this attitude.

        Dharma is the universal law that cannot be corrected or revised. Dharmo rakshti rakshitah means saving oneself by adhering to dharma. No matter which country, the laws therein prevail only when people abide by them. The same is the case with dharma too.

        The Vedas, Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita all exhort us to uphold a glorious and noble life in all ways. By honouring dharma, we can awaken the eternal divine consciousness that is ever shining in us. Let us become enthusiastic workers, and forge ahead as one.”

        And so on.

        Then I understood that the old hippy-dippy idea that India is an ultra-spiritual place and the font of all true wisdom (unlike the bad old unspiritual West where sinners, homos, women and bad karma run amok) has blended seamlessly with a kind of neo-Hindu, quasi-fascist dogma.

        Arun shows the same tendency with his bizarre glorifying of Modi as “Zorba the Buddha” and his trotting out of sick and self-serving holy cowdung bullshit about how people of influence (him and Modi, for example) have got power because of their good acts in past lives etc!

        So, well-meaning nouveau boho spiritual seekers or whatever they are these days, in between doing their yoga and floating in their `autostimulation of a yogi` hypnagogic fantasy trips are actually spouting the same nasty nationalist, fascist, racist, sexist crap as literally dangerous (as in violence) religious fanatics, not to mention financially and propagandistically supporting them.

        It`s a funny old world.

        • Arpana says:


          Why do you always wrap up one of your stirring polemics, with phrases like “It`s a funny old world”, which makes you sound a bit like a character from the early days of a popular sitcom, or ‘soap’?

        • Lokesh says:

          Sounds like a Hindu version of the God Channel.

        • Kavita says:

          “There are innumerable muscles and bones working behind every yawn. For them to work precisely, we need the help of a power that is beyond our control. If that power does not co-operate, the mouth that opens to yawn will remain open.”

          Frankiesattva, to find this piece of art is such an art! Thank you for delaying your enlightenment for us mortals!

          • anand yogi says:

            Perfectly correct, Kavita!
            The power to make people yawn is certainly beyond control of the individual, but thankfully, the great sages of mighty Bhorat such as Amma ji certainly have the power to make it happen with their speeches!

            Also consider how many mahasattvas there are on every street corner of our hallowed and browned turf standing in their pyjamas staring absent-mindedly into mid-distance with one hand down trousers scratching scrotum and other with finger up nose removing deposits of bad karma and ask…
            Could they possibly do this without help from the higher sources?
            Not at all!
            The power of the eternal hindu dhamma is clearly at work here!

            The wisdom of mighty Bhorat is like a game of cricket! Indian league is the best! Cricket was ,of course invented many yugas ago by the acharyas and rishis of our mighty land when they realised that it was necessary to hit balls very hard for days at a time with hard bat in order to transcend the lower urges that baboons, homosexuals and westerners are victims of!

            And now the mindfuckness-practising baboons of SN are decrying the outpourings of a true bodhisattva! They know nothing of the glorious traditions of our mighty nation!

            If a tubby fellow with a beard who looks a bit like your uncle starts to call himself God or something similar, or wears funny hats and mumbles well-worn platitudes, those who are saturated with the eternal grace of living in the land of true spiritual knowledge, know immediately that it is so!

            And if he asks us to chop testicles like Guru Rahim Singh, it is imperative not to use mind but to fetch scissors and obey and not to get stuck in the mind which is nothing but mind, like the baboons of SN!

            My guru, Swami Bhorat himself, was buggered senseless by Sai Baba many years ago and although having been paralysed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair ever since, still speaks glowingly of his sadguru! Such is the devotion of the true sadhaka!

            Even in matters of the flesh, mighty Bhorat is superior!
            Why else should extremely intelligent posh totty from extremely honourable family, like Ally Aitken, come to India with the spiritual purpose of finding new hats and impaling herself on the kirpan of a heroic warrior whilst stripping off in sacred pools of Golden Temple?!

            And when the West sent out Columbus to find mighty Bhorat, he got lost and ended up with the booby prize of North and South America! If he was Indian, he would simply have prayed to God and waited to be reborn in convenience store in Toronto!

            Other nations boast about being modern now, but we were modern several yugas ago! We can remember it from past lives!

            Hari Om!

            • Kavita says:

              Thus spoke Mahasattva Yogi Anand Yogi!

              • anand yogi says:

                Perfectly correct, Kavita!

                God willing, my humble words, spoken with the true humility of one who humbly hails from the land from where all true knowledge has originated, will trigger mighty Bhorat to awaken once again and set an example so that people everywhere can understand the true truth of our mighty Hindutva!

                Hari Om!

  14. swami anand anubodh says:


    My first thought after reading the string subject was: “Who cares?”, but then I became curious to see if the sloppy typo that Madhu pointed out was also on the book cover (which can be seen here):

    It’s only when I saw his new title in print and how it presents him to the world that the points you make became clear.

    He seems to have taken it upon himself to link Osho with Buddhism, and by association Osho’s followers. It’s as if we are no longer ‘gender neutral’ which to me was always of great appeal.

    I don’t object if sannyasins wish to absorb and enjoy from other religions – but do it in your own time.

    My feeling is that if Arun wants to consider himself a ‘Bodhishitva’ then he should totally disown Osho and see how far he gets on his own.

    Perhaps these days his helicopter is simply not enough.

    • Arpana says:

      Oxford English dictionary lists three different spellings for ‘Bodhishitva’, so your spelling makes four.

    • Kavita says:

      After reading all the comments, I am wondering if the author of ‘In Wonder with Osho’ is being compassionate by sending his book to the SN office so that the enlightened & unenlightened alike can enjoy at his cost (which is actually free of cost)!

    • Parmartha says:

      Thanks for your comment, Anubodh.

  15. satchit says:

    “He seems to have taken it upon himself to link Osho with Buddhism, and by association Osho’s followers. It’s as if we are no longer ‘gender neutral’ which to me was always of great appeal.”

    I would not go this far.
    Arun does not convince me, seems to be restless sometimes.
    Maybe calling himself “bodhisattva” can impress a few fools in his ashram.
    Wow- now he is even delaying his enlightenment to help us poor people.

    • Arpana says:

      Do you think Shantam is a bodhitwatva, just pretending to be as thick as a brush out of compassion; the better to lead us to his exalted state?

      • satchit says:

        “Do you think Shantam is a bodhitwatva, just pretending to be as thick as a brush out of compassion; the better to lead us to his exalted state?”

        No, I think he is a Mahanatwarlal who is a bit confused because of living in an outlandish country.

    • swami anand anubodh says:


      It’s the fools outside the ashram.

  16. Swami* from Nepal: Bodhisattva, Ma* from America: Mahasattva, we bloggers at sannyasnews: Backbenchers.

    *Swami & Ma were titles given by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh during the last part of last century to his male and female disciples. Later on, these titles were used as Mr. and Ms.
    Swami means Owner, master. Ma means Mother.

  17. Arpana says:

    Our very own Bodhi Heeren writes at Amazon:

    “4.0 out of 5 stars
    Beautiful but not without blemishes.
    By Bodhi Heeren on 22 August 2017

    Disciples, students, admirers writing about their guru or master has become quite a vital sub-genre. Mostly written without help from professional writers, they can lack focus and the ability to condense the punchline. This is not the case with Arun, whose heartfelt book is make up of short chapters each telling an important and often touching story.

    In a double movement we follow Arun’s life and his unfolding spirituality from his first meetings with Osho in 1969, his taking sannyas in ’74, up to the time when Osho visited Nepal in ’86. At the same time getting a glimpse of the workings of his master. Specially valuable are the insights into the early days before Osho became a Worldwide known figure and still was called Acharya Rajneesh. We follow Arun’s journey, his struggles to spread Osho’s message in his homeland, Nepal. His many spiritual adventures – some easier to believe than others but all sounding authentic. A hard time in Poona working as a garbage man and all the time trusting in his master and the master’s guidance.

    All this could have made it a potential spiritual classic. But unfortunately, Arun – who is a somewhat controversial figure in the world of Osho – can not refrain from getting into the internal politics of the sannyasin movement. Something that really cannot interest the general reader.

    Like most Indian disciples he has a strong opposition to the Westerners who after Osho’s death are guiding what was his main residence, the ashram in Pune and who have turned it into a modernised ‘meditation resort’. Which leads him to some wild stabs at the management in Pune and some accusations that lack any kind of proof and evidence. Embezzlements, forgery, yeah even (almost) accusing them of having murdered Osho! And this drags the otherwise uplifting book down to the level of a political pamphlet in places.

    In passages there are also hints of general prejudiced attitude towards Westerners, especially in his derogatory use of the word ‘hippie’. Just as he comes up with some rather hardcore Indian concepts that – at least to my Western mind – sound in contrast to Osho’s vision, fx that powerful, influential people have their status thanks to accumulated merits from spiritual pursuits in previous lives.

    No doubt Arun is an important spiritual force whose traditionalist Eastern interpretation of Osho appeals to a number of people and a man who obviously does a lot of good to many. But when he tries to make his way and his understanding the only valuable and authentic one I feel he ignores that there are a thousand roads leading to the same mountain top. Thankfully, most of this book is just a loving tribute to his master and a portrait of a sincere seeker’s wondrous path through life.”

    • shantam prem says:

      Bodhi Heeren is a Danish Brahmin. Like all the ancient brahmins, he cannot bear the truth which deals with diagnostic.

      WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU MEAN BY the truth which deals with diagnostic, Shantam, PLEASE CLARIFY.

      • shantam prem says:

        By “diagnostic” I mean, post-Sheela. the management of Osho´s work is suffering from Sheela Syndrome.

        Someone who points out how things have lost their spirit is being accused as anti-westerners. Bodhi Heeren is an expert in this. Most probably he is the only one who writes something in the defence of Resort Management. At Least others have maintained dignified or indifferent silence.

        In a simple language, Osho wanted resort-like facilities in His commune whereas 12 years after his death, two westerners thought, let us create resort.

        If Resort is fulfilling that need, I want to know from Bodhi Heeren kind when was the last time they were in Pune?

        Arun has basically no vested interest if Pune Commune is managed by the trustworthy disciples; on his part, he has already created a wonderful property on his own and has become most trustworthy disciple.

    • satyadeva says:

      Bodhi Heeren on Arun:
      “But when he tries to make his way and his understanding the only valuable and authentic one I feel he ignores that there are a thousand roads leading to the same mountain top.”

      Recommended reading for Bodhi Heeren himself!

      • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

        Hi Satyadeva and Arpana too,

        Did you already read Arun´d book yourself? Or would you deny that read? As I don´t know more about your obviously remarkable fight(s) with Bodhi Heeren (in SN/UK). He, the author of that review on the book (here on the topic) seemingly read that book and read it thoroughly.

        My impression, reading your latest exchange of comments, that I´m in danger to get stuck in one of these innumerable (mostly poisonous and very untransparent!) ´filter bubbles’, as one is naming such nowadays.

        As far as I am concerned, I love to read ´Glimpes of a Golden Childhood´ again and thank you for that reminder, Arpana, and nowadays I have been eager to get Deva Abhiyana´s book ´The Long Reach of the Dharma´ (2017), which I am reading just now and that gives me a lot.

        The only ´book´ though, which is empty (by chance…and sometimes) and yet so full, is (are) our own Living and no second-hand version will do. None of it.

        However, reading how friends and others happen to live a love affair or ´a Great Affair´ as it is sometimes called, can be a support, for me at least, and sometimes encouraging too.


        • satyadeva says:

          Madhu, it’s nothing to do with this book review. Haven’t you read any of his other comments about SN and its contributors?

          • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

            Okay, Satyadeva, if it has nothing to do with the content of Arun´s book or the review but more with the/a (long) story of Bodhi Heeren as a UK/SN chat contributor and reviewer of this book, then maybe another topic thread could have been chosen?

            Like a topic about old fixed roles established in a Chat group existing since 2008 (?) in the Chat like me (who joined in December 2013, January 2014) – just to stumble here or there like into a hornets’ nest.

            Would be anyway a good topic, wouldn´t it? How to deal with and treat Sannyas News chat-´Newcomers’?


            • satyadeva says:

              Madhu, your ‘playing the victim’ here is just tedious to read. If you’d rather do that than see the point of what I quoted from the review then it’s hardly worth a response.

              • sw. veet (francesco) says:

                Sorry, Satyadeva, but I agree with the victim.

                Clear and impartial rules are needed and someone bias-free who applies them, protecting newcomers, eliminating comments off topic, intellectually respecting everyone’s ideas.


                • Arpana says:

                  “We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.”

                  Charles Bukowski

        • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

          Like to add a PS:

          Was in the nineties I recall Hari Prasad Chaurasia, the famous Indian Musician, a Master in Himself and good Friend of Osho, brought out His two beautiful pieces: ‘Call of the Valley’ and ‘The Valley Recalls’. The musical realms, which indeed come next to Meditation.

          Incurable romantic as I obviously am, I often saw/still see contributions from sannyasins when they started their own testimonies and projects out of that perspective.

        • Arpana says:

          “I don´t know more about your obviously remarkable fight(s) with Bodhi Heeren (in SN/UK).”

          Madhu, you are the cause of your own misery. You, like Shantam, can turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear without even trying.

          • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

            You went much too far in your hate-speech here, Arpana, addressing me – as it sometimes happens when you are besides your ´quoting habit´.
            You may have to deal with that yourself!

            • Arpana says:

              You judge and disapprove the way you do, Madhu, because you are you.

              I do not accept responsibility for your judgemental and negative attitudes.

              • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

                You don´t need to take responsibility for my words, Arpana; it will be enough, if you deal with your own words – like:
                “Madhu, you are the cause of your own misery. You, like Shantam, can turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear without even trying.” ( Arpana – 9 September, 2017 at 11:08 am).

                Not more to deal with from your side, but also not less!


                • Arpana says:

                  Which part of, or parts of the statement, “Madhu, you are the cause of your own misery. You, like Shantam, can turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear without even trying” do you believe to be wrong?

    • chetna says:

      I have nearly finished the book and totally agree with this review. The book makes feel Osho, sometimes touches my heart to cry and then, BOOM, some politics…there was no need….

    • Parmartha says:

      Thanks for spotting this, Arpana.

      A revealing review, in a number of ways, one of which is the psychology of this fellow Heeren!

  18. Prem says:

    Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

    From Wikipedia:

    In Theravada Buddhism, the equivalent Pali term bodhisatta is used in the Pāli Canon to refer to Gautama Buddha in his previous lives[7] and as a young man in his current life in the period during which he was working towards his own liberation. During his discourses, to recount his experiences as a young aspirant he regularly uses the phrase “When I was an unenlightened bodhisatta…” The term therefore connotes a being who is “bound for enlightenment”, in other words, a person whose aim is to become fully enlightened. In the Pāli canon, the bodhisatta is also described as someone who is still subject to birth, illness, death, sorrow, defilement, and delusion. Some of the previous lives of the Buddha as a bodhisattva are featured in the Jataka tales.

    The Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra contains a simple and brief definition for the term bodhisattva, which is also the earliest known Mahāyāna definition.[18][19] This definition is given as the following.[20]

    Because he has enlightenment as his aim, a bodhisattva-mahāsattva is so called.
    The earliest depiction of the Bodhisattva path in texts such as the Ugraparipṛcchā Sūtra describe it as an arduous, difficult monastic path suited only for the few which is nevertheless the most glorious path one can take. Three kinds of Bodhisattvas are mentioned in the early Mahayana texts: the forest, city, and monastery Bodhisattvas – with forest dwelling being promoted a superior, even necessary path in sutras such as the Ugraparipṛcchā and the Samadhiraja sutras.

    According to many traditions within Mahāyāna Buddhism, on the way to becoming a Buddha, a bodhisattva proceeds through ten, or sometimes fourteen, grounds or bhūmis. Below is the list of the ten bhūmis and their descriptions.”

    So you see, bodhisattva does not mean “enlightened”, but someone who is on the path.

    Much talk about nothing.
    I guess sannyasnews is the biggest congregation of mind-fuckers and amateurs of “mind wanks” in the online sannyas world.


  19. Kavita says:

    “I guess sannyasnews is the biggest congregation of mind-fuckers and amateurs of “mind wanks” in the online sannyas world.”

    No doubt about that & welcome again, thank you for actively participating in this congregation!

  20. chetna says:

    Arun Swami is not the only one enjoying prefixes. Also Sarita, the Tantra teacher, proudly announces she is a Mahasattva. I am sure there are many more. I recall Narendra Bodhisattva etc.

    As far as I am concerned, the names are beautiful but to me personally, meaningless. How do I know who is here on this planet for what? The only concern I have is to be a little more present here whilst the movie of life lasts.

  21. Let us say, politics is like an asshole. The cultures and cults who think they don´t have, die out of diorrhea or constipation.

    Neo-Sannyas is one latest example of a cult where most of the followers had no knowledge about role of politics in and around them.

    I salute Arun ji for taking the politics of Sannyas head on. If I buy his book it will be only for this reason.


    • satchit says:

      “I salute Arun ji for taking the politics of Sannyas head on. If I buy his book it will be only for this reason.”

      Yes, that’s true, Shantam. Politics is needed, it was Osho’s will.
      You are intelligent enough to become the spearhead one day of Indian Sannyas Politics (ISP).

      • shantam prem says:

        Sure, I will be happy to be trustee of Osho Foundation.

        It will be a walk with the talks and not just using talks for indulgence and corruption.

        Grass may grow itself, crops need care, scientific care.

  22. sw. veet (francesco) says:

    The ugliness of ‘Buddhism’, or in general of a godless religion, is that there is no sacred book with an ecclesiastical hierarchy that establishes what is right and what is wrong, who is messiah and who is not, if the imam is a lineage problem etc.

    Faith does not create “mind-fuckers” who freely discuss criticizing the rabbi, the pope or the imam, there is only order and always peace, thanks to God.

    If it was just a word problem every ‘mind wanker’ could look at wikipedia.

  23. Kavita says:

    “Let us say, politics is like an asshole.”

    Yes, it is the asshole. To me, the asshole does its part but it does not need to be all that there is to the whole organism.

    And there is no need to defecate 24 x 7, if that happens something is really wrong with that organism – better to get treated if one can afford it!

  24. Parmartha says:

    As I remember, Vivekananda was described as a Bodhisattva in some famous commentary. (He was actually a Hindu, and rather nationalistic, so here the term Bodhisattva was being taken over by the Hindus!).

    He died. as I remember, at an age of less than 40, so there was not much delay going on.
    He has been portrayed, as I say, as someone who delayed his ‘enlightenment’ deliberately, until just before his death, so whilst he was alive he could totally ‘serve’ the work of his Master, Ramakrishna.

    All a load of baloney as far as I am concerned!

    • anand yogi says:

      Again the baboons of Sannyasnews parade their ignorance of matters spiritual like baboons hanging out their red bottoms for all to see!

      As Amma syas :
      “Economics, mathematics, astrology, warfare, medicine, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, grammar – there is no branch of knowledge that was not born” in mighty Bhorat.
      Zorba the Buddha Modi has echoed these words of incontestable truth!

      Yugas before Harry Potter was ever dreamed of in the depraved West, the acharyas, sages and rishis of our ancient land had already done it! Hogwarts is clearly a bastardisation of Harwar and Harry Potter was, of course, Hari Partha!

      The ancient sages also flew through the air, lived without eating, delayed their death for the good of humanity, managed to be in two places simultaneously like our own acharya, Brian Rajneesh, who managed to spend 10 years meditating in Himalayas and also at same time appearing in Irish pub in Camden!

      One of my own Tibetan gurus, Nobby Norbu, he of the toothless grin, was able to sit in sub- freezing temperatures with wet blanket on, drinking chang and smashing empty bottles on head to keep warm!

      I saw it myself, indeed, I had to buy chang as spiritual offering! He was considered one of holiest sages and ended up permanently in a stupa!

      Do not mock the siddhis of the holy ones, unless you want some seriously bad karma!
      Remember the advice of Lord Krishna, karma dhirah (most dexterous karma yogi) the world has ever seen in holy Gita:
      “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it`s probably a bodhissattva!”

      • shantam prem says:

        Anand Yogi,
        I know it is a fictitious name of some faceless sannyasin, still this video is for you.

        It is worth watching to understand the amazing traditions and schools followed by millions of people in pursuit of their religious journeys.

        India is without doubt the Silicon Valley of Spirituality.

        Har Har Mahadev
        (Heil Lord Shiva)

        • frank says:

          Now, that`s what I call breakdown cover!

          • anand yogi says:

            Perfectly correct, Shantambhai!

            Certainly, it is time that you joined forces with these great yogis of mighty Bhorat!

            The offending ganglion of yours that you mistakenly took to be the greasy pole of enlightenment, but has misled you into the unsattvic land of the gora and his filthy habits, must certainly be beaten into submission as per the vedic and yogic science of mighty Bhorat as exhibited in video clip!

            The days of lusting after scatty gora totty are gone, bhai!
            The glorious organ that once burst forth from the chuddies like Guru Rahim Singh`s sports car has faded like broken down 80s Bajaj scooter with flat tyre on Deolali highway!

            It is certainly now time to follow the amazing school and tradition shown in video and find gainful employment and embark on a stellar career in roadside assistance!

            Hari Om!

  25. Parmartha says:

    It’s good to laugh.
    I was laughing from beginning to end.
    What an excellent service is provided by the Yogi.