Good Bad and Ugly, by Arhata

May 8, 2017



We are all suckers for a good deal, but what shines on the outside, may be ugly on the inside, and that’s ‘bad’! One person or ‘thing’ can be all three rolled into one. Situations and people need to be better understood by seeing all from 360º instead of what appears. Seeing what’s just on the surface may result in influencing you in future moves one way or the other, and ‘who knows’. First impressions can be bad, good, indifferent or whatever. Each is given free choice of seeing and experiencing in a meriod of perceptions that result in how things are addressed.

Everyone is just a face in the crowd of life. Some of those faces are protected by a mask of who they really are. There is a popular phrase of late called, ‘deep state’ meaning things are being controlled behind the veil of secrecy. Those who are going to be an influence in your life are worth getting to know before entering or accepting their energy into your life. Might be called, looking into their deep state to see if they’re are less than the perceived qualities that might cause you to question how you didn’t see them at the outset. It’s a strange world these day with many things hidden in the dark that need exposure to the light.

People deep down are all more perfect than ‘they’ even know, however on the way to the deep, deep state where that is the case,  there well may be hidden ‘infractions of the soul’ that make for bad company that can become ‘ugly’. Often there is money involved. Money can be wonderful, but  money becomes evil not when it is used to buy goods but when it is used to buy power to manipulate, dominate, or make your life uncomfortable. Life and it’s perception can be complicated. One reminder is to never do a wrong thing to make a friend or to keep one.

Get correct views of life, and learn to see the world in its true light. It will enable you to live pleasantly, to do good, and, when summoned away, to leave without regret. Why trust anyone to control others who cannot control themselves.

Everything that is something is also already nothing . . . they are not two! Everything is therefore real and unreal, but the ‘me’ experiences everything as only real. Within this illusion the ‘me’ attempts to transform this dualistic and unsatisfactory experience into processes such as “living in the moment” or “being here now” or accepting everything as “consciousness”. Ugliness can come by not distinguishing if there is anything behind the good. Wisdom is ‘non dualistic’ and looks at all aspects of everything. Always take the high road – it’s the spiritual thing to do!


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9 Responses to Good Bad and Ugly, by Arhata

  1. shantam prem says:

    This kind of prose is like tofu.
    Healthy, but no salt, no chili.

  2. Lokesh says:

    The article reminds me of the kind of thing posted on Facebook by people who think they are spiritual.
    Arhata concludes with the following, ‘Always take the high road – it’s the spiritual thing to do!’
    That is so corny I have to laugh!

    • frank says:

      And I`ll tell you this…
      Ye’ll tak’ the high road
      and I’ll tak the low road
      and I`ll be in the non-dual hielands afore ye!
      -Rab Shree Nesbit

    • madhu dagmar frantzen says:

      To fight platitudes with platitudes is called ´platitudinarism´; and that´s mostly happening here.

      The author says: “Wisdom is ‘non dualistic’ and looks at all aspects of everything.” In the added pic, a crowd seems to watch a Western (?) Man with a moustache on a screen out in some countryside or in some desert, somewhere.

      I am wondering, why this author added that kind of pic to his preaching of the ´good and the bad and the ugly´? Do you have any idea?


  3. shantam prem says:

    After seeing some of the work of “Arhata Osho” it feels like Osho´s influence will create thinkers who want to have one world without bothering they have no connection with their siblings and parents.

    Those who are unable to create one healthy family preach healthy world.

    If I write books, one fitting title will be ‘Journey on the Paper Boat’.

  4. sw. veet (francesco) says:


    I think the picture (Lee Van Cleef) come from US theatrical poster of this ‘Spaghetti’ Western by Sergio Leone:,_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly




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