Open Letter to the Inner Circle

Open Letter to the Inner Circle

Dear Members of the Inner Circle,
recent developments around the issue of the OSHO Trademark are
impelling me – Ramateertha – to write this letter.
I am aware of different possibilities and ways to look at this issue.
Still, with this letter I do want to bring up and expose some of the
important aspects that I feel that need to be shared and made
public at this point.
The attempt to regard Oshos name as a trademark started to
become an issue in ca. 1997/8 about 7 years after Osho left the
body. It was proclaimed as a protective measure against the
misuse of the name Osho.
Repeatedly from 1998 it was said that Osho wanted a trademark
that would protect his name. If that was true, why there was no
mentioning of it before and – if Osho really would have wanted this
– would he not have taken care of this issue while he was in the
But, on the contrary, while he was in the body he opposed any kind
of organisation that would create a legal bond amongst Sannysins
in any form whatsoever. He was particularly clear about the centers:
they should be independent – at the most spiritually affiliated. He
made it totally clear, that he was against any centrally organised
form of structure that would allow sannyasins to control or
dominate other sannyasins. Centers should be free in their legal
structure but also in their use of Osho’s name as a reference to his
teachings and visions. They definitely should not be bound by a
franchise contract which controls them in every aspect of their
Osho Quotes:
“The world headquarters will be publishing my books, will be
releasing my tapes, will be doing every kind of work. But it has no
domination over anybody. All communes of the world are
independent. All centers are absolutely free. They are under
nobody’s guidance. My Sannaysins are directly related to me“.
The Last Testament, Vol 6; Chapter #12
“… because the whole effort of Anand Sheela and her gang was to
create a very centered hierarchy; so everything gets directed from
above … Seeing this I had to come out of silence, because it was
absolutely against my work. I want a deconcentrated world of
sannyasins. They should be given a clear-cut direction,
understanding. Their responsibility should not be taken away.
They remain responsible.
They remain free.
They remain their own masters“.
Light on the Path, Lecture 28; Question # 2
“We have suffered too much because of disciples getting related
directly to each other, creating religions, sects, cults, and then
fighting. They cannot do anything else. At least with me, remember
it: you are not related to each other in any way at all. Just a liquid
friendlyness, not a solid friendship, is enough – and far more
beautiful, and without any possibility of harming humanity in the
Beyond enlightenment, Lecture # 2;
In total contrast to these public statements from Osho, Osho
International Foundation with its legal base in Zürich registered
trademarks in the US and in Europe. Vatayana from Global
Connections who says that she is acting as an agent for OIF, has
been pressuring centers to sign the so called ‚Letter of
Understanding’ because of those registered trademarks. If
someone did not want to sign they were threatened with legal
action and asked to stop using the name Osho for their center.
I was shocked to read the testimonies of Vatayana (Ursula Hoess)
and Pramod (Klaus Steg) that were made in the US trial over the
Osho trademark. They testify, that they have been visiting Osho
Centers in order to police(!), supervise(!), monitor(!) or inspect(!)
the licensees’ use of the term Osho:
Vatayana: “Corresponding with and monitoring Osho centers is part
of the daily work that Osho Global Connection routinely undertakes
for OIF”.
Vatayana, after looking at a document, sent to an Osho Center:
“This was part of our efforts to police licensed centers to ensure
their compliance with OIF requirements“.
Vatayanas answer to the question whether she had personally
inspected any of the licensed Osho Centers in the United States:
To the question whether there were any other officers or employees
of OIF who inspected Osho Centers she comes up with 4 more
names of Sannyasins.
In a declaration from Vatayana from 2004 she adresses the court in
the US writing: OIF (Zürich) monitors Osho Centers without its
licensees’ knowledge (!) by conducting Internet searches (!) to
confirm the licensees are not engaging in unapproved (!) activities,
and by communicating directly with its licensees customers when
those customers visit the Osho Commune.
In my understanding this kind of action it is an insult to Osho and
his vision. What could have been an act of love or friendship, an act
of sharing a certain understanding has been turned into an act of
control and power.
The so called Osho Centerhandbook is turned into a legal paper as
part of a franchise contract, that gives the rules and conditions of
how a center should be organised and threatens with sanctions,
namely that if you do not comply with those rules you will be forced
to give up the name Osho – apart from the fact, that the name can
be taken away from the licensee at any time without any reason!
How different sounds Osho, when he said to me in 1985 in Kulu
Manali in an interview which I did for the German Osho Times:
“I don’t want any structure, because all structures create a certain
kind of slavery … An independent and free mind is always a
problem, because he thinks. He may not agree with you. But
freedom is more valuable than any functional, practical gains.
Everything can be sacrificed to freedom. Freedom cannot be
sacrificed to anything. So now there will be no more structures.
Each commune should try to live intelligently, rather than following
a certain structure unintelligently … I am for individuality, I am for
freedom, I am for the beauty of a chaos.“
I do not deny that the Centerhandbook can be of help for people
who want to run a center. It can give directions. But it should be
advisory, an aid and definitely not be part of a franchise contract or
a license that makes people dependent and takes away their
I am writing this letter because I urge the Inner Circle to oppose
Osho International Foundation Zürich absurd attempts to trademark
the name Osho and instead to respect the freedom of Oshos
people to share their love for their Master and His vision.
The name Osho stands for this amazing Master and his teachings
and his vision. It can not be separated: here the person and there
the teaching. And it is not possible to monopolize the name Osho. It
does not qualify to be a trademark because it is the name of Osho
as a person and stands as description for the content of his
teachings and visions.
The ® some people would like to add to “Osho” is deceptive if it is
understood in the usual way. You may give the symbol a new
meaning letting it stand for “®eligion” – a “Trademark Religion” – as
that is what these people try to achieve: establish a new authority
and make religion out of a vision. But then such a new
understanding should be openly admitted and explained. To
pretend against this, that Osho’s name is a trademark – the name
of the man who has always been an advocate for total freedom
without religion and whose teachings and visions are spread out by
many independent people, centers and entities using his name to
refer to his teachings and visions − is as intelligent as someone who
does not want the death penalty saying: “I will shoot everybody
who is for the death penalty!”
Cologne, Sept. 1st, 2010

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250 Responses to Open Letter to the Inner Circle

  1. frank says:

    what about the osho japanese steak house in poughkeepsie NY.
    that hasn`t been closed down by the no-mind thought police….

    and the osho brothel in mumbai gets more customers than the resort,i`ll wager….

    chill,guys,just keep on getting enlightened(or die tryin`)……

  2. frank says:

    what`s the difference between a hooker and lawyer?
    the hooker wont keep screwing you when you`re dead…..

  3. Dilruba says:

    The Inner Circle representative .. concerning this issue should reply to this letter

  4. Lokesh says:

    I ate an Osho frozen beef pie the other day. It has completely altered the way I perceive reality. Pur magic…yum,yum.

  5. frank says:

    i wpould like to remind the members of the jury that this is a very serious matter indeed…
    anyone found eating osho beef pie in session will be very severely dealt with,and i really mean that…

  6. Lokesh says:

    PS I am a member of the ‘Outer Circle’ and feel a bit left out of this open letter. Why do I feel so alone….boo hoo hoo!

  7. Lokesh says:

    Oh no! I can’t erase my confession about my intimate realationshim with Osho frozen beef pies. Any suggestions?

  8. frank says:

    you could feign insanity.
    pop a white robe on,wave your arms around a bit ,and no one will take any notice of you…..

  9. Dilruba says:

    Thats the reason l really like facebook features .. one can remove / delete / hide .. Lokesh … l wish l can suggest one more feature to them … of having a blank option for replies

  10. frank says:

    here`s a haiku i found scrawled on the toilet wall in the osho steak house po`keepsie NY….

    to escape
    the thought police
    you must slip
    into a state of

  11. shantam prem says:

    Few regulars at this site, are not willing to see beyond the length and one inch depth of their mind set, therefore to put the half cent worth of satirical lid over the issue pin pointed by Ramateertha.
    The man has spend his life time in Germany, Köln to go on sharing his life with German Osho Times and the only working center left in Germany.
    Let us see, who from the remaining members of inner circle answers this letter.
    Still..when there is no other way than to wash the laundry in the open at public water works, i will be glad to know whether this letter Ramateertha has written on his individual capacity or the trustees of Osho Uta at Köln have their will behind.

    That which is not logical, that which has not been authenticated by Osho, that which has no emotional intelligence behind, must be opposed with love and friendliness.

  12. shantam prem says:

    Ramateerha has written this letter to inner circle.
    It must be out of politeness, otherwise no one knows where is the inner circle and who are the participants.

    When there is no democratic set up like 20 members representing few hundred thousand sannyasins, the whole thing becomes circus moving at the finger tips of one ring master, two three supporting stars and clowns and few strong men at the entrance, like the boxers at London clubs.

    I really wish and hope, more and more sannyasins will bring it out what they feel in their hearts.

  13. Forest Gump says:

    I absolutely agree with Ramateertha.

    Would it be an inner circle’s problem if someone wants to call his dog “Osho”?

    Why should we care?

    For majority, it’s a just name.

    It’s a Beef’s company’s strategy how they want to brand their products, but on the other hand it shows how numbhead a Sannyasin (including ex) is, if he gets interested in eating that not because its branded Osho, just because it’s meat.

    Again it’s one’s choice how he wants to pursue his eating/ sexual habits, unless some idiot wants to whine/brag “hey I got fucked up at Osho brothel”

    It’s a stupid logic to convince the retarded herd.

  14. Forest Gump says:

    In fact, if OFI spread Osho in total intensity, there are less chances of Osho name getting misused or Osho’s work get fabricated.

    As a matter of fact, it’s the hiding or controlling that may play the role of devil’s advocate.

  15. SRuiz says:

    The no-thought of the Day – “NY Osho steaks ‘stings’?” I haven’t been there and probably ever won’t… but… the whole thing remind me of letting go and flow in the river instead…
    inner and outer off our hearts & heads is what our beloved might care, not from people in/out the “circles”, or any external circumstances whatever they might be.
    Love expresses *ANY* way and I share it with you all. Best regards, sannyassins from everywhere.

  16. anugrah says:

    Ramteertha, . i really like to read your open letter to inner circle……… has created so much respect for you in my eyes. i finally see someone who cares for public opinion and also normal sannyasins who have questions in their heart which needs to be answered by inner circle
    please share more stories , there is nothing to loose now

  17. shantam prem says:

    “Whatever you do, remember one thing:
    out of fear you are not going to grow; you will only shrink and die.
    Fear is in the service of death.
    Mahavira is right. He makes fearlessness the fundamental of a religious person,
    and I can understand what he means by fearlessness – that means dropping all armor.
    A fearless person has everything that life wants to give to you as a gift.
    Now there is no barrier: you will be showered with gifts, and whatever you will be doing you will have a strength, a power, a certainty,
    a tremendous feeling of authority”

    Sannyasins are reading and listening such words for years. It is a matter of individual timing and inclination, when we want to take the wet blanket away from our inner voice.
    What we see around, we are part of it. Again my mind remembers hundreds of words about CO DEPENDENCY.
    I think…it is the best we can do to motivate each other as Buddha to Buddha..this will also take the gas away from un qualified professionals.

  18. Dilruba says:

    l guess every – thing can be used as a ladder / sub marine to touch heights / debts of nothingness

  19. Lola says:

    BUT…where is innercircle…no more…now is one man show….

  20. Dilruba says:

    until all use dissappears into nothingness

  21. shantam prem says:

    Yes.. this is true, every thing can be used as a ladder. Human race is doing this for millenium.
    During the darkest period of Indian history just five to seven hundred years ago, when the Moguls were hell bent to change the demographic and socio fabric of India, the most loving Saints Like Kabir, Ravidas, Meera, Nanak, Tulsi etc. were here among us.
    There words have enchanted generations during the gloomist days…

    But with Osho, it was not a individual flower grown some where; His was the most concentrated effort to create horticulture.
    His effort is to develop the science of Enlightenment.
    it is like commerce and trade are part of human life but universites like Harward and Yalle are there to produce and instigate the best brains in this field.

    The down fall of such institutions will be of concern, soaps and shampoo sellers will be still around. They were always…

  22. shantam prem says:

    Why just we, human beings, i can imagine after listening Gurus and wise men, MOTHER EARTH has also got the longing to disappear in the vast universe, just like a dew drop merges in the Ocean.

    What a day..what a fine day it will be..

    Sorry, no cameras and live breaking news will be there..
    But who cares…. Let us wait for 2012… The year of Dharti Mata´s final salvation.

    PS- i am not fan of gloom predictors.

  23. Alok john says:

    See this site as well

    “Just a coincidence” they use the name Osho?

  24. Alok john says:

    Have a look at these links

    This is what OIF is up against. Given the long history of crooks and scam artists around Osho, I think OIF does a good job protecting Osho’s legacy.

  25. Dilruba says:

    and then moving from nothingness to nothingness …
    moving stops …
    only utter silence remains

  26. Lokesh says:

    Yes Diruba….but in that nothingness hovers the Osho frozen meat pie. It is time to stand up and fight for the right to eat Osho pies. Vegetarianism, the last nightmare. Cows aren’t holy they are pie filler. Jai Osho pies.

  27. Dilruba says:

    yes Lokesh … l have was born in a brahmin family … but my father made me eat non-veg food .. but l somehow turned to being veg .. then fishetarian for a while but now l do feel like eating meat … and l do whenever .. l feel like it
    l use to njoy beef cold slaw sandwches .. maybe l will .. eat one of these days … maybe from Dorabjee’s .. thanx for reminding me … but l dont enjoy meat pies

  28. Dilruba says:

    and yes in my days in Europe … when l was 21 … loved eating bread with ham / bacon … l had friends who went hunting .. ofcourse secretly .. so l had tasted pigeon meat … rabbit meat … but didnt dont enjoy it

  29. Shantam I Singh says:

    India’s 51% Raise in Millionaires

    When the product has the calibre to touch the nerves, nobdy bothers about the price of ketch up.

    It is not just the trade mark thing around Osho… the cut and paste around Osho, has shown, world is not bother about left over.
    Serve the real and the best, any money bows down before you.

    Are you reading my junck, beloved managers of Osho@ 17, koregaon park.

  30. Lokesh says:

    To tell the truth I don’t eat meat but I have an Osho frozen beef pie on my puja table.

  31. Dilruba says:

    that reminds me … that my mala .. is kept safely .. in the locker of my mother’s cupboard .. Lokesh

    Iqbal .. by the way l had wada -paav n chai

  32. Shantam I Singh says:

    Lokesh, the way you were writing poetry about beaf meat and related food products, was enough sign to prove you are a vegetarian.
    But the Lingering taste is still on the tounge…

    If you pass by Freiburg, i invite you for a world famous Münster würst. it Cost only Euro 2,20.
    who knows.. it inspires Ma Prita to buy another home in her Vaterland.

  33. Shantam I Singh says:

    Lola // Sep 6, 2010 at 9:57 am
    BUT…where is innercircle…no more…now is one man show….

    Few of the modren day great leaders, serving their countries as one man show.

    Fidal castro
    Muammar al-Gaddafi
    Vladimir Putin
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    Hugo Chavez

  34. Lokesh says:

    Shantam….a world famous Monster würst. Now you got me going, amigo.

  35. Shantam I Singh says:

    Cathedral of Freiburg is the only Gothic church tower in Germany that was completed in the Middle Ages (1330), and miraculously, has lasted until the present, surviving the bombing raids of November 1944. (wikki).

    Weekdays farmers market around this catherdal. Around 5, 6 food cars sell Bratwurst.(fried sausage).
    Hundreds of visiters in life is a holiday feeling, enjoy the traditional street food.
    It is quite an inspiring scene for this foreigner, just like it is a joy to see a westren person in maroon robe sipping Chai on Pune streets. (paper or plastic cups recommanded).

  36. Lokesh says:

    But what about Kulfi Faluda?

  37. frank says:

    i had no idea that there were so many osho businesses.
    san fransisco airport has an osho japanese restaurant.
    and there are loads more all over the the US.
    there`s even one at a place called “angry monkey offices.”
    makes sense.
    the idea of controlling the word osho is bollocks.
    no more chance of it than controlling the word bhagwan.

    now if you don`t mind,i want to finish my osho beef pie in peace,thankyou.

  38. frank says:


    did you hear that the inner circle are changing the samadhi into a steakhouse?

    come on you hindi neo-sannyasin sepoys….
    spirit of 1857…….
    what are you waiting for..?

  39. bob says:

    i’ll take mine medium-well, thank you…
    maybe with a splash of Worchestershire Sauce, if they have any…

  40. bob says:

    1850′s — the beginning of the end for the British Empire….Sepoy Rebellion in India, and the Opium Wars in China. Took 100 years for the smoke to clear, but India (1947) and China (1949) brought European colonialism to its well deserved demise. Give the whole messy aftermath to the Americans (Korean and Vietnam Wars) say the Euros, let them try to “clean it up”.
    Mini skirts in Picadilly Circus, the British Invasion of the States, and then…..back to India and China to learn Guru Devotion, Zen, Taoism …

    funny, in a way, how these things work.
    what goes around, comes around….

  41. Alok john says:

    But Lady Gaga or the Elvis Presley corporation would stop other people marketing music under their names. Whats the difference?

  42. frank says:

    it may seem that way to you,bo, old chap,but some of us have been quietly sipping our gin and tonics on the verandah,all along.

    punkah wallah!
    boy!stop that religious devotional nonsense at once and fetch me another drink……

  43. Alok john says:

    it aint devotional. it is just so that newcomers who read an osho book can be sure the book was authored by osho, not someone else.

    if I buy some old elvis tracks i wanna be sure they were sung by elvis, not someone else

  44. Alok john says:

    Or so that a newcomer who goes to a centre to do Osho Dynamic Meditation
    actually does the meditation created by osho and not something else.

    If there is no trademark control I could exploit young people by creating any old bodymind technique and call it Osho Dynamic Meditation.

  45. prem bubbie says:

    More great gibberish from the two babbling bozos-shantam pee and forest g rump… keep on keeping on!!! For the name osho- the jap zip heads coined that word/name long , long ago, then comes along an indian higher than a kite and his string holders to claim it as their own… long live the osho steak house in Pougkeepsie, N.Y. i’ll take mine medium -well done, please

  46. prem bubbie says:

    oshobob=me. fat fuckin chance. I am honored by the claim i am “real”… I’m not sure I’m even real… time to schlep down to the titty bar to find out!!1

  47. bob says:

    excuse me, but hasn’t this subject of the osho trademark, copyright, and OIF control over centers been discussed, hashed, and rehashed now at sannyasnews ad infinitum, ad naseum, and so forth and so on…
    where was this guy Ramateertha for the last 2 years when the battles were raging here…eatin weinerschnitzel in the Uta Center? Is this Swami a doctor…? Maybe he should get together with Doc Holiday/Amrito and see if 2 medical guys can come to some common ground re the diagnosis and prognosis on this seemingly incalcitrant lingering illness in the sannyas world. Will it be over a German lager or a gin and tonic on the verandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….? Ach tung…pass the fish and chips, thank you very much….

  48. Shantam I Singh says:

    One should give credit to Ramateertha for writing this well researched piece, as all the Osho quotation submitted by him are from the last years of Osho Talks, more relevant to the issues, we were suppose to face after His departure.
    And also, Ramateertha is well known figure in the sannyas scene, whereas Shantam like me is just one of the Sepoy of 1857.

  49. bob says:

    Alok John, you seem to have conveniently forgotten that Osho ripped his name off from the Japs, who ripped it off from the Chinese. We have hammered this out before, if my memory serves me right.

    Also, the seemingly sacrosant Osho Dynamic Meditation, so holy and untouchable, was transparently plastered together from various western pshyco therapy techniques, with some Sufi Allah Hoos thrown in for good measure. Been through this before, haven’t we?

    How bout some more Bunker Stories, Alok, just for old times sake…whaddya say….?

  50. Forest Gump says:


    While Frank and Bubbie are enjoying their cockmeat sandwich, why don’t you shed some light on your beef patty puja ritual? Does it include naked hula hu and goats?

  51. Ma Prem Jenny says:

    Why give credit to one person rather than another, who cares if he is well know or not…

    anyone can do research, who cares about trademarks anyway?

    Hardly fundamental to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s teachings?

  52. Shantam I Singh says:

    Alok John, is this not the age to trust the intelligence of the people or sannyas adminstrators are as paranoid as American military establishemnt, they have always the imaginary reasons to produce more weaponary to protect their land.

    Few months before, one of my friend in Switzerland mentioned that in her weekly seminar, the group has done Spring meditation, and she felt cheated because it was Osho Nataraj.
    Kundalini medittaion is done in many yoga centers all over Germany.
    The Oshodhara created by Osho´s sibling Shailandra has almost all the medittaion techniques cut and paste from this side and that.

    As you have submitted the link, one can see how rajneesh is hijacking Whole of Osho literature with his third rate biography, and a cheeky photo on the left side corner of the web pages graced by Osho.

    Admistration wil make a fool of one self by running behind each and every body like Like a old senile woman.

    And still ….as it is said in Hindi, ” kitna bhi zor laga lo, tum ghnata bhi nahi chuu sakte.”
    Try as much as you can, you cannot touch even the Bell.”

    The only remedy is to make the base organisation well loved by decentralising the system. Let all His people feel part of the work. copy cats will simply get the space on the boarder lines.

  53. Shantam I Singh says:

    Hardly fundamental to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s teachings?

    Hi Jenny, are you typing your mails from water proof Ipads while swiming in Ibiza?

    After the first night of honeymoon bliss, wife enquires her hsuband at their b&b in Ibiza, ” How was it?”
    Husband answers with love pouring out from the eyes, ” Just beautiful. more than i could imagine.”

    Wife smiles with confidence, ” thanks God. Till now none has complained.”

    Not even Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

  54. Ma Prem Jenny says:

    I’m not in Ibiza and I don’t have an Ipad and what difference would it make anyway?

  55. Forest Gump says:


    Your post at Sep 6, 2010 at 8:21 pm as perfect as it can get.

    I will like to add, the bell is in master’s hand, it rings at his wish and one’s openness, no matter how many Yoga or fitness center facilitate Kundalini or Dyanmic, wouldn’t do much charm other than physical exercise, its master’s energy that put reality in it.

    On the other hand, it’s one way of people getting introduced to any sort of meditation. One in the herd of many may starts digging with a quest, and may find Osho.

  56. prem bubbie says:

    shantam I singh + Shantam Pee PEE Prem.

  57. Shantam I Singh says:

    When Gump says my post is perfect as it can get.
    Boobie will jump out from Afgan-Pak boarders to cliam, shantam Peee and Gump are one and the same.
    in the need of aknowledgement, poor Pee is creating a shadowy figure.
    Shame on you Shantam Pee Dowg.

    After thought—So Boobie here you put your eleft hand thumb impression. I have drafted a letter on your behalf.

  58. prem bubbie says:

    It’s a habit for sannyasins to rehash subject matter every 3 months or so, as so i’ve noticed… Like a neurotic guard dog patrolling the same grounds over and over again, there are just so many neurotic, obsessive, psycho sannyasins who have nothing else better to do that to rehash the same shit , just to keep busy. Try needle work instead, with those busy little fingers of yours, you’ll end up creating a pair of oversized socks or a sweater that will fit king kong, at least you’ll have “created” something instead of head-spinning aimlessly like a tornado leaving destruction in its wake…..

  59. Shantam I Singh says:

    A Guru in search of Chelas, will say look it is intution. When i was writing my thoughts from the beyond, life was imitating it.

    I as Shantam call it common sense. I was drafting a post for Boobie and mouse was jumping out at the same time from Pakistan- Afgan boarder or may be he lives on the boarders to Maxico.

  60. prem bubbie says:

    No, shantam I singh and shantam pee pee prem are one in the same…. put on your reading glasses next time, singh heil!!!

  61. Shantam I Singh says:

    WHy don´t you become Mormon, Boobie. They have double material than the traditonal Christians.
    and moreover.. young girls will sooth your heart.

    Trsut me friend, you need a boob Massage. i can contribute 5 Euros for a 3 minute massage.
    Amount can be wired only through Pay Pal.

  62. Dilruba says:

    Talking about techniques dear … the vipassana goenka teaches according to him is the original ancient technique of Buddha which his master from Burma taught him Burma .. this goenka is a jaina from Burma .. and it is not different from very different from Osho’s techniques … its like chicken and the egg story .. of who came first …

    And about Rajneesh’s book … all sannyassins / seeker’s / management guru’s / plain writers … who write books … have taker’s so what .. ghantha / bell ?

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  63. Lokesh says:

    Meditation will bring you to your cool centre. You will recognize it because it feels like a frozen beef pie. This is your true nature,
    Osho. Beef Pies I Have known.

  64. Lokesh says:

    Diruba we are in synchronicity. I was just contemplating which came first: The beef or the pie.

  65. Dilruba says:

    Yes dear Lokesh .. who cares who came first ..

  66. Lokesh says:

    I just found this recipe for Osho steak pie. It is the same as the beef pie served at El Osho Steak Casa in Barcelona.

    Ingredients for Osho steak pie.

    * 1 tablespoon vegetable oil

    * 1 pound cubed beef stew meat
    * 1 large onion, chopped
    * 1 (1 ounce) package dry mushroom gravy mix
    * 1 cup water
    * 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
    * 1 pinch salt and pepper to taste
    * 1 sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed
    * 1 egg
    * 1 tablespoon water


    1. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add beef stew meat, and cook until browned on the outside. Add the onion; cook and stir until tender, about 5 minutes. Stir in the mushroom gravy mix and 1 cup of water. Season with Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper. Turn heat to low, and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.
    2. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Transfer the beef mixture to a casserole dish. Roll out the puff pastry to cover the top of the casserole dish. Press edges onto the rim of the dish to seal. Whisk together the egg and 1 tablespoon of water in a small cup using a fork. Brush over the top of the pastry.
    3. Bake for 20 minutes in the preheated oven, until the pastry is puffed and golden brown.

  67. Shantam I Singh says:

    While watching Dilruba´s ref. of Puppetji, suggestion list also included , “Enlightenment – Eckhart Tolle

    To me it looks like same kind of Butter Chicken prepared by different cooks. (Paneer Tikka masala for Vegetarian Lokesh)
    There at least one gets some thing real.
    State of egolessness cannot be achieved… people are spending their time and money to listen someone, nobody is sure whether his head is free from this tumour called Ego or it is just an rhetoric.

  68. Dilruba says:

    This video is for adults only / above 18 years of sannyas .. Sorry lam a 16 .1/2 year old sannyassin .. who didnt see him in the body … and who still lives in poona for financial reasons atleast presently … probably

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  69. Lokesh says:

    Shantam…stop muttering and add the paneer.

  70. Lokesh says:

    I watched the Puppetji vid…quite good.

  71. Forest Gump says:

    There was someone who started off a thread to show off his bowing / bending in the right direction for few purposes:

    1. To show off the band new shiny underwear for attracting new gay alliances.
    2. To savor the meat loaf in doggy style.

    Here is a new meat recipe for you that is completely vegetarian for dudes like you who don’t eat meat don’t mind sucking it:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  72. Dilruba says:

    FG .. dont talk about food .. hahahaha … lam hungry again .

  73. frank says:

    commercial break…

    tired of the same old holy cowpie ?

    sick of being served the same old bull ?

    enough of the same old tripe every day?

    want some zen flesh without the bones?

    ..then try……. osho beef pie ™..

    …….beef here now….

  74. Dilruba says:

    the lyrics are to die for ….

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  75. Lokesh says:

    FG Escape from Guantanamo…my favorite scene was in the plane when he drops the bong.

    osho beef pie ™.. ‘Afore ye go.’

  76. Anand says:

    Ramateertha: the point I heard the lawyers are making now is to prove that Osho International Foundation does not owe the copyright to Osho.’s work (books, meditations, music etc).
    That there is maybe no continuing chain of proof to the now existing foundation with Osho’s signature throughout the decades.

    Therefore the fact that Ramateertha is voicing his opinion to the happenings now is probably supporting this case.

    Bob you are not right, things have been moving on silently and quietly and in my opinion it is good to keep sannyasins informed.

    Ramateertha is one of the oldest center leaders existing. He is the leader of the Uta Institute in Cologne from the very beginning and remember those Cologne sannyasins did a lot of support for Osho’s work in the seventies and eighties.

  77. Forest Gump says:


    Here is one for you. the lyrics are to die for ….

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  78. Forest Gump says:

    Shantam and Lokesh,

    This one is for you…the lyrics are to die for ….

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  79. bob says:

    “beef here now”….
    that is funny frank…definitely funny, bro’.
    looks like your ability to whip up the appropriate quip of the moment has not diminished one iota since i’ve last been here at JA News….beef here now…funny…

  80. Dilruba says:

    FG .. my niece had sent me this one .. ya its too much .. thanx anyway

  81. bob says:

    well, Ok , Anand,
    I’ll agree that Ramateertha is doing some good work in keeping these issues of power, control, and property rights in the open. He’s writing for the German Osho Times, not Sannyas News. Ok, I can see that.

    I think I felt the very quick move by sannyas news to post this article took the thunder away from Abhay’s insightful and extensive posts in the previous article just a day before, and were being upstaged by a new thread unnecessarily.

    But it seems like the Abhay posts were a cut and paste job from somewhere else, since Abhay, or whoever he or she is, never really responded in the thread. So, who knows…

    And then this German guy from Uta gets upstaged by a cello playing limey sannyasin who has a half ton bale of hay roll off of some hill out of nowhere, onto his van which kills him. Now who can top that?! Will be very difficult, it would seem…

  82. Prem Abhay says:

    Wow, talk about bad luck with that flying bale of hay!!!

    Patience OshoBob. Although I must admit I am beginning to think there might be something in that conspiracy theory of yours. Be a sheep or a fence sitter or hide in the bushes through ever so sweet lies, but don’t jump in a lions den with a gang of thieves!

    Do you see the pervasive culture of endless power grabbing back at the farm? A few top dogs kicked out the majority of the original “Inner Circle”. What next then? Make a plush resort inline with a materialistic, elitist Zen-like idealism. Get a stack of trademarks under your belt. How to do this? Tell the trademarks office that you control all the global centres even though you don’t and never have, and don’t tell them that Osho is a famous guru who stole his name from the orient. What next? Send a letter to all the centres globally telling them that they are under your control because you now have some fancy trademarks. They officially come under your control so that the swifty you pulled with the trademarks office looks all above board – don’t worry about the dates! Keep the global centres in line through insights gained from reading the Nazi SS espionage handbook. In general I have nothing against Germans these days, but isn’t Vatayana and Pramod from that part of the globe. What about publishing? Edit Osho’s words so that Osho sounds just the way you like him and nothing like who he is. Market this populist fiction. This is a global empire in the making. Main problem is on the way they forgot to fix the drinking water at the resort so that for many years people who came during the monsoon drank seriously contaminated water. Of course that is just one perspective. There are other problems. Essentially they have in their blind greed steam-rolled Osho, his place of last residence, and all his people. Hard workers, at least this much I congratulate them on. Sure they have their following, but then hey, so did Hitler.

    Dilruba: You say that you can feel my pain. I write because I can see the situation, and part of the reason I can do that is because it is not my pain. There are so many seekers that have been side-lined or pushed out or demonized, and it is the pain of this collective of Osho sannyasins that you refer to. I am not part of this collective.

    Lokesh: Your comment demonstrates that you did not follow what I wrote, let alone understand the motivation for it. In a way though, what you say at the last is in line with what I concluded. I suppose I would call that a fLuke!

    The justification for the direction of the Osho community taken by the current dictatorial regime is based on certain personal theories about Osho. The personal choice that the ruling elite seek to force on all others is based on ill-conceived views about Zen, devotion, intellectual refinement, material value, and many other things. I look at firstly how their personal views show a complete lack of clarity with respect to these issues. Secondly, I look at how this is completely out of touch with Osho’s relationship to these issues.

    You essentially say Osho has transcended all religions. In my analysis I conclude that Osho is a synthesis of all religions. To say that Osho is a break from the past and offers something completely new, rather than to say that Osho takes the essence of the past and offers this, is redundant! The reason is because all religions start with the essential thread of religiousness. They inevitably get transformed into empty acts of worship and great intellectual treatise full of ego. Still the essence of each religion offers an authentic path. It may be a path that suits a certain type of person. If it is one of the main religions, then it is a network of paths suited to many types of people. If authentic religiousness is clouded by personal bias, than it is a dead religion. Welcome to the religion of Osho.

    Osho has offered many and varied ways for many and varied seekers. The current regime has not only cut off most of these ways, but has made a quagmire of the elitist and materialistic, non-devotional Zen-style that suits them.

    As far as a few of your pet topics goes, I would say that you do not understand the distinction between providing a defence, and being defensive. Ever heard of a good game of football without a goalie? Sure if the ego is hurt an automatic response is to react. In psychological terminology it is called being defensive. It shows that a person has an ego. I don’t consider that a particularly helpful nor insightful deduction.

    Is there anything else in me that can really be hurt, rather then just this false entity called the ego? If I am attacked by a knife wielding assailant do you think that I should just stand absolutely still, close my eyes, and go in, knowing that if I were to do anything in response would show my ego at play? If someone lies to me or betrays my confidence, should I just say that that is cool because I am an Osho sannyasin? Even though I feel that a deep injustice has been done, actually it is OK that they hurt my feelings because it is just my ego that is hurt.

    Each person has an identity and a personal space that should be respected. Any self-respecting person defends this space, any self-deprecating person allows and welcomes its infringement, and any domineering person indulges in its violation. To defend this is not about emotional reaction and ego. It is about integrity, understanding, and responsiveness. It is the difference between being assertive and aggressive.

    You also like to repeat one of Osho’s sayings that comparison is the root of all jealousy. Comparison is not the root of all jealousy. Desire is the root of all jealousy. When you desire something that you cannot have, or when you desire this rather than that, there is an automated mental and emotional response. The mental response is to make a comparison. The emotional response is jealousy.

    To say that comparison is the root of all jealousy leads people to wrongly think that the way out of the torment of jealousy is somehow about dropping an intellectual process. “If I could just stop comparing this with that I would be free of jealousy”. So-called Osho therapists are good at going down this path with their victims. Everyone walks around thinking “I need to just stop comparing”, and ignore the deeper process of desiring this or that, and the reason why this process of desiring takes place in the first place.


    one door closes
    another opens
    one door opens
    another door closes
    now I get it
    a revolving door

    Prem Bubbie: You want to know which Prem Abhay I am…I am not the one that used to go to the German Bakery just at the start of White-Robe.

    Satya Deva: Are you remaining silent so you can later on pretend to be me, and thus play a part in the doppel gang illusion? Or is it that you have a headache from trying to work out what 1% of Shantam’s writings has any merit. My suggestion is to aim for one paragraph rather than a book. Being generous I suggest you include two rather than one loopy metaphor.

    Shantam Prem: Just wondering when we all pop over to your place for a bash whether you will also put on a party at GB? Should be a real blast! I’ll have a banana lassie and spinach burger with fries (NO salad!). Do we get a free backpack for our take-away?

    Anand: You seem to be trying to convince yourself that your favourite Osho heroes are doing pretty good really. I think it is hilarious that you say that hey, they gotta be better than Sheela and The Ranch. Not much of a base line for comparison I would have thought. You should stick to what you are good at…remembering and sharing facts. Leave the analysis stuff to someone else. So you like visiting terrorist blast sites, you like hanging out at Indian airports looking for Osho big wigs, and you like collecting original Osho transcripts. What, did you bug the dental room? Strange fellow indeed!

    OshoBob: What, do they have wi-fi in your cell in Xiamen prison? Fair enough to start up an eco-village, but really, what were you thinking…trying to promote meditation is one thing, but wild dancing…that was too much!

  83. Dilruba says:

    Prem abhay .. l did check your post … l did feel pain but realised now that was the pain in my right foot … l had fractured sometime back .. so just chill .. you can still
    chareveti .. chareveti

  84. Lokesh says:

    Prem Abhay, very well written comment.
    That observasation about jealousy is a good one. It is just easier to say that comparison is the root of jealousy because nine times out of ten it is. I think envy has more to do with desire. The point is that it is a good point and it illustrates perfectly how people can take other peoples’ ideas and mindlessly parrot them as if they are absolute truth. Many sannyasins prefer to let Osho do the thinking for them. This is a lazy tendency. Thinking for yourself is often seen to be something that only fools do in sannyasiville, when in fact it is really quite the opposite.
    I was just reading a book by an enlightened chap who jokingly said that he was jealous of Osho’s brilliant mind. Whether or not sannyasins care to admit it or not ,it is obvious that Osho used his mind as a great creative tool, I think this aspect of his life has been largely ignored by the herd because for them it is difficult to tie this in with the no-mind state.

  85. Shantam I Singh says:

    Thousands of books lined properly Around Osho´s living quarters is a living testimony of Osho´s curiosity and desire to know everything about his subject, the inner and outer world surrounding us.

    As Lokesh has written in the previous post, “Many sannyasins prefer to let Osho do the thinking for them”, this i think is the last insult which we can bestow upon the Master, imagining He will do all of our home work in this fast changing world.
    May be this tendency is born out of the collective conditioning, ” Once you are initiated in the name of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or Nanak, Their Law firm will do all the remaining paper work and personal pleading before the God/devil or any other judge.

    The second spectrum is also born out of the reaction of the first. We will fight our case. We are adult enough, we are able to walk our walk without any cluches.
    Sehr gut…
    But the way i see such people on the responsible position it looks like their knowldege about the complexity of life is like a 5th gradrer, who always make 2.2 plus 2.2 as 44!!

  86. Dilruba says:

    Thumbs up to your singing ..
    l will sing my song ….
    even if l find no words …

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  87. Shantam I Singh says:

    I was just reading a book by an enlightened chap…..
    Who is this enlightened chap, Lokesh?

  88. Dilruba says:

    Hey Lokesh … some beef indian pie for u …

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  89. Shantam I Singh says:

    Enlightened Chaps

    Few decades ago, world was content with, to have some saintly people among us. Jaina and Buddhist Monks, Sufi mystics, Sikh and Christian Saints, these people were just content to have some place in the gathering of their founder religious school.
    With Osho, a new breed has become famous in the world. People who are enlightened.
    Not just Buddha, Mahavira, Kabir or Osho are enlightened, seems like every tailor in the suburb has become fashion designer!

    Ps- My heart bows down to those simple tailors in third world countries who spend hours before the stitching machines to make clothes for the world at large.

  90. Dilruba says:

    Shantam .. let me know when your song book is coming ..
    but dont mention me in it …

  91. Shantam I Singh says:

    How you come on this idea that i will mention you in my song book?

    If i mention somebody personally in my compilation book it will be Osho and the thousands of His people.

  92. Dilruba says:

    l dont have ideas .. its your idea dear

  93. Shantam I Singh says:

    i was curious to see the media savvyness of contemprary spiritual movements originated from India, so typed few names at Google search,
    like Osho Sannyas, neo sannyas, Brahma Kumaris etc. My idea was to see whether the search begins with Wikipedia or not.

    Only i could get was, Radha Soami
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It looks like Osho Sannyas has become the thing of the past. it is not even this much relevant that someone writes obituary at Wikipedia, world´s most readable source of information.

    I also wonder what the executives of Osho Foundation International are doing at the resort or at New York. As i know they are not simple hearted Indians but media savvy Yuppies.

    It was even more surprising to see Oshodahra as search when i typed Osho Sannyas at Wikibin;
    Wikibin The Recycle Bin of Wikipedia!

    So….Kajrare Kajrare tere kare kare Naina…
    Dance Sannyas Dance…

  94. Lokesh says:

    Shantam, I was using the word ‘enlightened’ in a broader sense i.e. A person who is in a position to throw some light on something, a person who gives clarifying information to somebody.
    We will have a thread to play with in the next couple of days that questions the relationship between spiritual and enlightened as in a person who has woken up to the false identification with ego. I am sure you will contibute and enjoy.

  95. Shantam I Singh says:

    Krishna, Buddha, jesus, Mohammad, Nanak, Osho…
    When one reads such names of established Enlightend giants, they seems like long distance trains, operating once in a weekly basis.
    This is no good.
    Modern day man needs efficient local transport system for multitude of passengers.
    Keeping in mind this need, the Central Management Board up above in the sky decided to introduce-
    At present this system is being introduced as pilot project in the small and shrinking world of Sannyas, independent network of Underground trains and the Buses, designed in India but made in Ukraine and Azerbaijan!

    Osho Shailandra, Osho Priya, Osho Sidhartha have the largest number of fleet. Around 400 OSHOS in their control.
    One smells nepotism, as many of these operators are blood and close relatives of Osho.

    There is one more Osho, who has the vision and the ambition. He can be just like Virgin group chairman Sir Richard Branson to take Osho fleet to new sky and horizons.
    I am curious whether some one has read the credit ratings of this new Osho.

  96. Shantam I Singh says:

    Like many, i am aslo looking forward to your new thread, Lokesh.
    it is my firm conviction that future growth of our collective awakening is not in the hands of professional awakers, who were Magicians robes and charge 10 Euros per hour Satsangs to attract people.
    Sincere seekers with their casual approach can be good life guards on the beaches of Life, people who just go to beaches to enjoy the nature and if need arises to jump and save someone, yet not to inter fare, when someone is going in the dangerous zones because of the wish to commit suicide.

  97. frank says:

    jesus and mohammed krishna nanak “established giants”?
    of what?

    the heavily deluded nutbag failed rabbi,donkey-thief,fig tree vandal and aggressive beggar jesus……
    “i can walk on water,man”
    “mentally ill jesus christ”as osho so concisely put it…
    and mo the psycho,coffee-crazed sex-addict whose rambling channelled rubbish that is still dogging the world today with its violent pathology…
    krishna,another sex-addict with his 16000 wives,shagging his brains out and inciting everyone to take part in inevitable world war..
    luckily hindus never actually took a blind bit of notice,just bowed and mumbled hara krishna etc…
    and palak,i dont know much about him,but as i`ve said before, at least he showed some sense — making underpants one of the holy items of faith was a half-decent idea…

  98. Lokesh says:

    I don’t charge for my satsangs I pay seekers 10 euros to come and sit at my feet. So far no takers. Where am I going wrong? Do you think advertising myself as the anti-guru guru might have something to do with my lack of disciples or is it my shaved head, Papaji already did that style. Is a beard important to hide behind? Do you think my addiction to Osho beef pies is putting people off. I eat six a day sometimes a dozen if I feel really hungry.
    Any advice fro fellow masters most welcome. Namaste. Luv.

  99. Ma Prem Jenny says:


    You need a better ad agency!

    Noone will come because nobody knows…

  100. frank says:

    you need to do some advaitising…..

  101. Shantam I Singh says:

    Frank, read your post again. While giving your commantary over the names, i call giants in the world of enlighenment, you have left one name, i don´t know consciously or otherwise.
    Afraid from Fatwa?

  102. frank says:

    put some ayahuasca in some other psychoactive ingredient in the beef pie and hand them out,so the disciples have an experience……
    they did that at the oneness university with some spiked ayurvedic cowpie bhang stuff apparently..
    and they are minting it,man…..

    osho beef pie fasting
    10 day retreat
    guaranteed to beef up your chaces of enlightenment…
    beef here now(tm)

  103. Lokesh says:

    Thannks for all the useful advice. I’ll do some advaitising and beef up the Osho pies with that Owsley acid I have left over from the sixties, Meanwhile I’ll beef here cow and contemplate the impermanence of impermanence.

  104. bob says:

    looks like frank was calling The Last Prophet “mo” in his hit list of failed greats up there in that post…no fear of fatwah, as far as i can tell…
    like the homie here in the states who was asked if he could sum up in 3 words what actually happened to Mohammed when he died — the homie said in a flash,
    “No mo mo.”

  105. Shantam I Singh says:

    GREATS have not failed; mo mo or je je or Oo Oo.
    But yes, little girls in mama´s heals fall on the carpated floor time and again or little cheeky boys with Papa´s stolen cigrattes…

    What are 2010 years in the sum total of few millions.

    What a beautiful day it will be when there are as many enlightend beings i.e. A person who is in a position to throw some light on something, a person who gives clarifying information to somebody (LoLo); as the DOCTORS.

  106. frank says:

    don`t forget healthy options:
    low-fatwa osho beef pie (TM)

    it`s kosher too,
    blessed by the rabbi moshe mosho mosak..

  107. Lokesh says:

    Let’s open an Osho the butchers shop. The stakes are high, we do lovely samurai karate chops and Osho ‘Tantric’ sausages.

  108. Shantam I Singh says:

    Even the Butchers shop opened by an Osho disciple and devotee will have a different fragrance, fragrance of the beyond.

    Only point to remember is it should not be thetrust based venture, in that case, smarter one will capture the whole business sooner than later.
    Trust is good, lawyers are better!

    As far as money matters are concerned, like Osho..most of us don´t bother from where it comes from. On this regard sannyas community has learnt quite well.
    ( I am also one such sucker)

  109. Ma Prem Jenny says:


    Such light hearted and witty banter going on and you have to bring Distrust and money matters into it!

  110. frank says:

    well,sannyasin do`s always were a bit of a meat market anyway.
    go to any tantra group and you shouldnt have a problem getting a sausage sandwich…
    some of them are mutton dressed as lamb,i grant you, but all in all..
    more rump steak than you can shake a stick at…
    some of those birds were a bit tough to chew on,you had to make sure you plucked `em properly,or you`d end up with dead man`s leg for desert……..

  111. Lokesh says:

    Shatam is muttering about the aloo.

  112. Shantam I Singh says:

    Just like on the Indian roads, everything moves together. Bullack carts, bicycles, cows, scooters, cars; from Maruti to Marcedez..
    Nobody bothers about any body else, still life goes on.

    Learn some Indian way of Life, Jenny. To have some imported Master is not enough.

  113. Ma Prem Jenny says:

    Where did you import him from?

  114. Shantam I Singh says:

    Judge in some southern American state told to the plaintiff light heart idly, ” More and more women are on the roads. One must always be extra careful.”
    The Plaintiff replied, ” But your honour, in this case. i was just sitting in my garden and a car jumped in.”

    Where did you import him From?
    Definitely India, the whole sale market of spiritual products.
    That is why one should learn some workable Chinese for a smooth dealing in China or Indian ways of life, in case soul is kicking for higher goals.
    Or to watch the advertisement of HSBC Bank, world´s local bank tells the viewers how differ ant cultures react in the similar situations.

  115. Ma Prem Jenny says:

    light heart idli. Priceless!

  116. bob says:

    don’t forget to try the Lo Phatwah Pork Chop Suey, served with a steaming bowl of Long Guang Dong Donkey Dick soup (dipping sauce optional), and a side of Lo Me-in (acknowledging the witness within)….

  117. Shantam I Singh says:

    who is whosoever…in short ??

  118. Shantam I Singh says:

    Stephen Hawking: ‘Science Makes God Unnecessary’

    Do people still need some guru, that too,who died centuries or decades ago?

  119. oshobob says:


    If you get any more “clear” we will have to bottle you and market you globally — Abhay Clearwater.
    Clear as it gets. You are a wonder.

    But no, I’m not in a prison in Xiamen — have nothing to do with that Green Mt. Eco-Commune there, at least not directly. I have nothing but friends in China, by the way — the Chinese are the freindliest people in the world. At least to me they are.

    But that area between Fujian Province and Taiwan where Xiamen is, has a very interesting legend about Mazu, a female goddess of sorts, that protects the ships in the strait. I don’t think anyone that I know of has made the connection, but there is another famous Mazu in Chinese history, a Zen Master from Sichuan, whom Osho has titled one of his books after — Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror. One of Osho’s favorites too. I think the female in the legend may have morphed out of the very male Zen master of earlier times. I won’t go into it now…but, the Chinese have done this before, as when they took the Bodhisatva of Compassion from Indian Buddhism, depicted as male in the Indian images, and turned him into a very delicate female entity, called Guanyin in China. Flowing light robes, super delicate, very etherial…

    The only reason I mention this, is not to flaunt my knowledge of Chinese culture, but to set before you the reality of a very enigmatic, mysterious, and quite misty atmosphere that is a fairly unknown undercurrent of China, at least to most modern people. And this impacts the here and now in these Osho discussions, especially since Osho exited the stage on the Zen fireworks finale.

    As you seem to be focused on extending your critiques of the current Osho Resort as somewhat misguided as to its interpretation of what “Zen” is, and how they (the Gang of Two/Three) are creating a false Zen Resort, not really Zen, not really Osho’s vision of Zen, etc., this expanded view of Zen should factor in to everyone’s view. Might defuse some of these battles in the Osho world, that are lit, and whose fires are never extinguished, but smolder on and on, maybe for no good reason either.

    But hearing the word Xiamen, I thought of these two Mazu stories….one Zen, male, rough, and diamond clear, and the other one — myth, watery, feminine, and very tenderly caring, and they both sprouted from the same source, i.e. the Chinese mind.

    Which leads me to one question:
    Are you a man or woman, Abhay?
    Don’t be afraid — I won’t tell anyone, I promise.

  120. Dilruba says:

    So nice to see the Swami Chaitanya Bharti’s website …

  121. Kavita says:

    thats a nice story oshobob on Sep 8, 2010 at 2:50 am

  122. Kavita says:

    Osho’s bodhidharma … who ventured to south lndia .. what an unfolding ! love you existence for letting me see

  123. Lokesh says:

    interesting comment, Oshobob, most enjoyable.

  124. Shantam I Singh says:

    Osho´s Bob, my first Chai of the day has become extra sweet as i have read your mail.Love for Chinese culture and religious traditions flow from your heart, like a fragrance of a flower.
    If i read it properly somewhere, you are not a Chinese Expat or a dissident but a full fledged American white!
    Just inspiring…

    But the point to differ will be when someone tries to put all of Osho in the bowl of Zen.
    Even from the books and audios, one can see, Osho is not a single product shop. It is convenient for the managers and those who are seeking Zen Wine Zen Water, but rest…
    Just imagine a multiplex which has become single screen….yet not a single box office hit.

  125. Shantam I Singh says:

    8th September 1979: The first Mahaparinirvana Day

    After Osho’s father, Swami Devateerth Bharti, dies enlightened on 8th Sept 1979, Osho creates an annual festival on 8th September, the Mahaparanirvana Day, to celebrate all sannyasins, past and future, who have died and will die.

    From the website–

  126. Prem Abhay says:

    Lokesh, your example of jealousy points to the ability of this term to be applied to the more literal meaning of envy. I do not think that it usually works the other way. I can see how at a purely intellectual level envy is more associated with comparison than is jealousy. I have a sense that Osho is confusing the meaning of the two terms, and refers to jealousy when he actually meant envy.

    OshoBob, you summarise the situation well. You say that these ‘eras’ that I have identified and examined are really just broad generalisations, and at a closer look the boundaries are very much blurred, even to the point of perhaps actually not being there at all. Looking at all this Osho drama, it took me quite a while to work out what was going on. The reason is because, like you (and Lokesh), I do not see any boundaries at all. Also, it is hard to get a handle on where the reclusive regime is coming from as they know all to well the value of secrecy. It is the regime that is trying to slice up Osho in time and in character. It is the regime that has created the Osho Zen framework and pitted it against what it negatively denotes as devotion. I simply follow their lead and demonstrate that actually such an approach does not work.

    It is nice and well to say hey the Osho pie comes whole or not at all. Lokesh made such a comment in response to what I wrote. This however is unhelpful if just one piece of the piece sits in the hands of a few, and the rest is in the trash – especially when the only piece of the pie left has beef jerky stuck in it, and a cherry on top.

    See the joke? I critique something made up by the new Osho priests, and then people offer a critique of me by saying hey that stuff is really just made up.

    Only trouble is, fiction so often becomes reality – by the ignorant mind. The new priesthood made up the divisions, and twenty years down the track there really are divisions. Devotional and other types really have been deeply alienated or removed from the scene. And yes I agree that the nature of Zen in its land of origin is helpful to debunk myths surrounding its exploitation under the banner of Osho.

    Just see the list of banned buddhas. Have they done anything unethical? Have they done anything criminal? Have they tried to raise awareness of and bring and end to criminality?

    Just see the number of seekers that go to an Osho Master’s day celebration at a rented out hall down the road from the Master’s home as a blatant pointer to something deeply wrong.

    The lead article above demonstrates how the remaining global network of centres that are more ideologically aligned with the powers that be are now deeply alienated and confused.

    This is where it gets interesting. The gang had a good argument. It was very convincing indeed, especially when it fitted with a certain type of person. I think of our beloved other doc, Big Tony…people that have a bit of money behind them, like nice things, and primarily are interested in meditation, and a little indulgence with the opposite sex. This group of people was willing to believe in the lies of the establishment because it satisfied their needs. Only thing is, when the gang finished a clean sweep of the resort, they were still hungry. They tried to take control of the global centres that supported their Zen ideology.

    Now the global centres that are (were) somewhat aligned with their elitist and materialistic Zen style are in a puzzle. There belief that OshoWorld and affiliates are bad and nasty is called into question. Surely that nutter Abhay who complained about the water is a nutter. Hmmm? Surely people would not have drank contaminated water for years at the resort during the monsoon, and finance did not even budge an inch…not even to buy a few filters, let alone fix the problem to the point that the water system was at least of reasonable standard. And all you old Osho engineers don’t start dancing up and down and whingeing. I am not talking about Pune 1. I am talking about the twenty-first century. Stuck in the past?

    Tell you what. I have an idea. I collected some water from the past years during the monsoons. I have a jug full for each person that sits down at the Osho big wigs conference at the resort this time. Happy drinking and hope you enjoy your first taste of reality back from your insanity!!!

    Same goes for China!

  127. Dilruba says:

    All people die .. Enlightened – ones are born – dead to people

  128. Lokesh says:

    Abhay, I don’t doubt your sincerity. For someone like myself, what goes on with the Osho pie and who is slicing it up is of absolutely no concern, because the original pie filling is something that no person can stick a trademark on.
    From my perspective, Osho’s ideas about adopting a non-serious viewpoint are most important. I just can’t take any of that stuff seriously. That does not mean I’m laughing at anyone other than myself. This world is so transient…why get hung up on it? We’re just passing through…here today and gone tommorow,,,,and so is everyone else. In fifty years time we won’t even be history, because nobody will remember us….the way of the white cloud…remember.

  129. Prem Abhay says:

    ….remember what it’s like to nearly die in hospital?

  130. Lokesh says:

    Ah, yes, how could I ever forget, but what’s your point?

  131. Prem Abhay says:

    Point is if any of the high priests at the Global Connections Council Elect annual conference get seriously ill from sculling their entire jug of the resorts contaminated drinking water, I want to let them know that you will go and visit them at the local hospital. That way they will have courage and drink the toxic water knowing that if they get rushed off to hospital, they will still have at least one Osho sannyasin friend.

  132. Shantam I Singh says:

    This world is so transient…why get hung up on it? We’re just passing through…here today and gone tommorow,,,,and so is everyone else….

    Oh yes.. how beautiful it will be if people at the helm of Power remember this, the Monarch and dictators, popes and Shankrachyryas of all kind, with their colorful custumes and head gears

  133. Shantam I Singh says:

    We’re just passing through…here today and gone tommorow,,,,and so is everyone else. In fifty years time we won’t even be history, because nobody will remember us….the way of the white cloud…

    and this white clouds bring rain before the air merges back in the sky. The rain, which makes the earth green.

    I have heard, few people have complained to God.. don´t make the white clouds. White clouds bring the rain and rain makes havoc with heavy flooding.

    God asked, ” but what about the greenery,the source of food.”

    Some smart guy immediately replied, ” Don´t worry. we will dig water from the earth. Our engineering capabilty can dig miles under the earth.!

  134. Lokesh says:

    Abhay…oh…ehm…thanks for clarifying.

  135. Shantam I Singh says:

    in Orthopadic´s waiting room, i was turning the pages of latest edition of GEO magazine(German Edition).
    They have the exclusive and first time photos of a Ghetto consisting of thousands of huts in a land of no where in between China and Tibet.
    These highly primitive kind of huts are occupied by Tibetan nuns, who have dedicated their whole life for meditation around a temple.
    From the photo story one can imagine under what difficult circumstances they are living their faith.

    If there is something like awakening, i think these women deserve it thousand times more than we arm chair meditators. Atleast i will leave the place in the bus, if isee any of them standing.

  136. Kavita says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  137. Shantam I Singh says:

    Dilruba is KAVITA, looks like all the birds are flying back home.
    Swami Chaitanya Bharti has become Mr. whatsoever,
    For me it can be
    12 O’Clock
    the name full of fond memories, one learns a lot by being part of a minority.

  138. Kavita says:

    l was home .. lam home and stay at home and also l know there is no home

  139. Shantam I Singh says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  140. Kavita says:

    Some are wise .. and some are other – wise

  141. Shantam I Singh says:

    Wise and other..wise

    It is like chosing the skin care products.
    That which is compatible to “My” skin, the skin where IE live is wise, rest is OTHER wise.

    The saviour of one is devil for the other.

  142. Shantam I Singh says:

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    OSHO on Copyright & Trademark-youtube video, but not submitted by Osho Foundation.

  143. Lokesh says:

    Oh-oh, its back to the Osho beef here now pie.
    Shantam, Tibetan nuns,,,,yes, I was just saying to someone last night that all these spiritual ideals and ideas that get tossed around are a luxury that so few can afford, because many are cught up in a desperate struggle to survive.
    Last week Colenel Gaddafi rquested 4 billion euros so he could help stop millions of Africans trying to invade Fortress Europa. It would be cheaper and easier just to drop money on these poor people.

  144. Shantam I Singh says:

    kavita, have you heard somewhere the following Gazal. I am searching in my collection, but cann´t find or search. MAy be it is from Jagajit Singh or Pankaj Udhas

    Farishte tum bhi nahi ho Farishte hum bhi nahi hain…
    Insan hain hum, gar Insan ki Baat kare….

    (Angel you are not, neither we are angels, Human we are, let us talk about human beings)


  145. Shantam I Singh says:

    Lokesh, i have no first hand knowledge about the world around Col. Gadaffi and his black mail of 4 billion Euros.
    As far as Indian sub continent is concerned, money must be droped directly over the heads of the most needy one.
    Send it via charity, and more than 85% will get leaked in the middle.

    Ref. One in three Indians ‘utterly corrupt’: Former CVC

    Read more: One in three Indians ‘utterly corrupt’: Former CVC – The Times of India

  146. Kavita says:

    lam talking about human -beings … l somehow feel a lot of indians .. l could be wrong .. have a lot of resistance towards Islam / Mohmad .. and ofcoarse lam no angel .. and maybe a chutiya …

  147. oshobob says:

    Abhay, ok, but you didn’t answer…
    Ma or Swa?

  148. bob says:

    Lokesh, you are the perfect foil for Abhay,
    Abhay cares tremendously about the central org’s administration and direction,
    and you don’t give two hoots.
    Classic case of Yin meets Yang, Gunga Din meets L’il Luke, Joan of Arc meets L’il Abner….

  149. bob says:


    There is no boundary between Tibet and China, because Tibet is part of China.

    It would be like saying “the boundary between Texas and the US”, or “the boundary between Devon and England”, or “the boundary between Punjab and India”.

    Just present reality.

    Be here now, and pass the mashed potatoes please…

    The Gang of Two run the Resort. Frank is funny. Tibet is part of China.

    Reality check time.

  150. Kavita says:

    there is a proverb in Hindi
    ” hit .. with the hammer .. when the iron is hot ” ..
    lqbal .. and thanx too .. l forgot to thank you

  151. Kavita says:

    not only Punjab but also south lndia .. bob

  152. bob says:

    That’s right Kavita.

    There is no boundary between south India and India.

    which reminds me right away of this man Swami Chaitanya Bharti aka GuruDev, from south India, who has, according to his new website that Shantam has linked to, actually dropped his sannyas name and has asked everyone to refer to him as “whomsoever” from now on. Now this is breaking some new ground in the sannyas world, wouldn’t you say “12 o’clock”….?
    Is anyone going to take the lead here, and follow suit…?



    Thames. (sorry, Brits….)

  153. Kavita says:

    Chaitanya Bharti .. was born in punjabi family .. bob .. and he is really a Bodhidharma .. in that sense

  154. Lokesh says:

    I remember India….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  155. bob says:

    I, myself, have never been to India,
    but, I’ve driven through Indiana a couple of times…

  156. Kavita says:

    l would like to share .. the sufi’s celebrate their saints death anniversary .. which is called ” Urs” on the 10thday after Ramazaan .. l know this as l had a muslim boyfriend n neighbors who had taken me to a Sufi in my teens .. and then when he died .. ” Urs ” is celebrated every year .. and my friend Sw ,.Azaar who was born in a Christian family is a european – indian mix .. visits every year for this fest .. he was this Sufi saints disciple before coming to Osho ..

  157. Kavita says:

    lam sorry Lokesh if l bored you .. but .. had to tell this story

  158. Shantam I Singh says:

    Bob, Once you are in India specially North and middle India, you can ask any body, “12 O clock” is referred to what kind of people. YOu will have hundreds of Santa Banta Jokes.
    These people are like Polacks or Irish of India.
    I have got this in my 12,o Clock DNA,
    “To speak first and think later”.
    (Therefore one is closer to innocence than diplomacy)

    Swami Chaitanya Bharti or Swami Yooga Chinmaya are few of those people, The 21st century Bodhisatvas from the shrinking tribe of Sannyas, who should have been requested to travel in the west on behalf of Osho.
    But No…
    sometime racial prejudice is more profound in the world of no mind than in the corporations like Citi Bank or Pepsico.

  159. Kavita says:

    and l have obesity in my dna .. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  160. Shantam I Singh says:

    Tibet is part of China.
    Ok.. even Dalai Lama accepts this.

    BUT Tibetians have their own culture, language, tradition and customs.They need to respected, If someone really feels to give the example of Punjab and South India being part of India.

    Unity in not a slogan but an undercurrent of all that óne can call India.
    Osho´s integration of all the possible medittaion and devotional paths plus equal space to Craniosacral or Aura Soma, Shamanic healing, Gurdief dance etc…is one of the finest example in the world of spritual diversification.

    But people who have no idea what rainbow means, are trying to photo shop everything with black and white.

  161. prem bubbie says:

    The Dalai Lama is a jackass!!! A loser! He has wasted all of theses decades trying to get corrupt western leaders, some who were dictators, fascists, and anti-communist crusaders to help him rid Tibet of the chinese communist invaders.. He sold his soul long ago and needed a marketing tool for his crusade to reestablish his dictatorial “religious” rule in Tibet, so he used this “peace nick” pro freedom for tibet as a marketing tool, trouble for him was that when “Communist” china went “capitalist” all his anti-communist buddies in the west abandoned him for the big money available in China… where are your supporters now Dalai Lama Douche bag? How about using all of those occult parlor tricks you learned in the monastery to magically rid Tibet of those Communist invaders? Can’t do it can you, asshole!!!! You sannyasins take note… don’t bother learning any occult techniques… waste of time and only pursued by egomaniacs, and take whatever that jerkoff politician /monk says with a grain of salt… figures Shantan I singhing” the blues” would admire the guy.

  162. prem bubbie says:

    Why did you change your name shantam? What’s there to “singh” about? Your babbling? Stupid metaphors? Keep on babbling, bro.

  163. Shantam I Singh says:

    How many dollers you have earned today, Al-Bubbie?
    Are you paid daily, weekly or monthly basis?
    Did you clocked some over time today?, your outburst is 3 hours late, What are you going to do with this extra money.
    Can you share some real life experiences and stories of yours?
    For example, if you work in a Sandwitch factory, do the owner provides free sandwitches during the Lunch. If you work as a sales person in a store, do you try women´s undergarments for your transsexual friends….

  164. frank says:

    come on shantam i singh.
    if you want to be religious,you have to remember to wear your holy chuddies in the correct manner….

    kaho kabir: chucha ghat bole.bhariya hoe kabahu na dole…..

  165. bob says:

    bubbie makes some damm good points there on the Tibet thing.

    The whole thing could be a drama, an opera that never ends….it is fairly well known that Mao helped the DL and his entourage “escape” Tibet in the exodus to Dharamsala in 1959…looks like a well-planned “event” to me.

    Question for all:
    How many of the expat Tibetans in Dharamsala who love Bhuddism, peace, harmony, and love so much visit Ma Neelam’s Osho Nisarga Center just a stone’s throw down the dusty road there in Himachal Pradesh?

    I haven’t heard of one so far.

    and Question 2:
    how many of the Osho sannyasins there at Nisarga go to the Tibetan temples and monasteries there in the same small city for their meditations and practices?

    I haven’t heard of any so far.

    What gives with this “unity in diversity” hypothosis that’s being bandied about so much these days? Seems like everyone is in in their own small world, and kinda likes it that way too. Elitest one-upmanship at work again.

  166. Kavita says:

    Iqbal .. l have to share one more incident .. we had a muslim family as neighbhors ..and their youngest son wanted a dog .. and as you know .. in lslam its haraam to have a dog so they asked their Sufi master if it was ok .. and not only did the master give permission but also gave a name for the dog … and name was Noe-phil .. the son looked after this black doberman for few days and couldnt manage .. so his father asked us if we could take care of their dog … and he would provide everything the dog needed.. my aunt said it was ok to take of the dog but that he should give us a cooker too .. he agreed … after few months their married daughter came to live them … she was a real bitch .. when she came to know of this story .. she asked for cooker to be returned .. then when her father came to know of this .. he asked his daughter to leave .and go back to her own house .. to that my aunt said ” musli -giri jaati nahi ” (the muslim-ness does not go ) l asked my aunt what was musli -giri is and she said they ” always give and then take back ” and we didnt have to return the cooker and the whole episode was forgotten …
    l hope you this story interesting … you know what ” take it or lump it ”
    l could be a good story-teller .. now l have to thank my father for teaching me English

  167. Kavita says:

    Bubbie .. your analysis about DL and Tibet could be true ..
    and Bob .. maybe sannyassins in dharamshala can answer your question .. probably they are enjoying the Nature / Nisarg there

  168. Kavita says:

    3 words l missed writing 1: the .. 2 : with .. 3: find ..

  169. Lokesh says:

    Kavita….had to tell this story…don’t we all? Don’t be worried. I suffer from narcolepsy. My neurologist informed me that this comes as a direct result from 36 years of eating Osho frozen beef pies. Live and learn. I know beef here now pies are delicious and taste like nectar but try and limit yourself to one a day or risk sharing my miserable fate……zzzzzzzzzzzz

  170. Kavita says:

    l take back my words .. lam not such a good story teller

  171. Kavita says:

    Lokesh l dont trust doctors .. l have a fracture .. l prefer to just rest .. ya l was thinking of signing off for the day from here .. l know what you mean

  172. Shantam I Singh says:

    Frank…to be on the honest and transparent side, i have just added a reality check with my name.
    Becasue just by adding Sanskrit name..Allloo(Potatto) doee not become Mutter(Green peas).
    Last 15 yeras or so have shown, conditionings linger on.
    Why not to be fair and square to say, ” I have heard Osho saying through the filters installed by my Sikh/Christian/Anglo Saxon/Gujrati conditioning.

    By the way…Most of the businesses adding the word Osho… are in the state of Gujrat, there the flavour of religious upbringing and enterpreneourship has merged as water in the milk.
    This is the theme of my next thread, why the business adding the word OSHO are bound to fail.

  173. Shantam I Singh says:

    An example of Unity in diversity.

    Kavita does not trust doctors. I trust doctors(M.D. or M.S.)
    She has a fracture and just want to rest.

    I have a lingering pain in my right foot and next week, i go for a surgery.

    You live your llife, i live my life.

    This diversity will get fractures, if few of the neighbours not just think but preach that their book is the only recommended text from all mighty, rest is from Devil.

    This diversity will also get strain if some sannyasins with proper English accent think, they understand Osho better than the public school educated Indians..

    After all.. to run a corporation like OSHO is not like taking over Mom and Dad business.

  174. Shantam I Singh says:

    After thought
    You live your llife, i live my life.

    and we meet for our warmth and sharing. Conflicts can be resolved with communication.

    What is life… if one cannot share or can share only with one´s own kind of people.

  175. Lokesh says:

    Shantam….the business adding the word OSHO are bound to fail.
    Well here on Ibiza the OSHO massage parlour in the Figueratas area of the city is doing very well. With the influx of a large amount of single Senegalese men, business his tripled in the last six months.
    Ma Yoga Shakti, manageress of Osho massage corporation also told local news reporters that since the, now infamous, hairbrush incident with Swami Rajneesh a new kind of ‘spiritual’ clientele has begun turning up at the door with the peephole. Which if nothing else goes to show that there is no such thing as bad publicity when it comes to an Osho business.

  176. Alok john says:

    Probably a bore to everyone, but I have a copy of Guida Spirituale published 1983.

    On the fly page it has “Copyright 1983 Rajneesh Foundation International” and “Trademarks registered.”

    It also has the two birds symbol with the letters “TM” next to them.

    I also have a copy of “I am the Gate.” published 1977 by Harper Colophon, US. It has written on the fly page “Copyright 1977 by Rajneesh Foundation. All rights reserved.”

  177. Shantam I Singh says:

    Alok John, i also checked few of my old books from the time of Rajneesh Foundation and Rebel publishing, an in house publication house of Osho.
    Copy right and trademark were mentioned there too.

    Only differance is..whether you take this all in the fluid form or become Rigid about such things.
    Gateless gate also does not mean, every body at every time can walk in…
    Some kind of restrictions and protection of business interests are always required. Who so ever will be in the hot seat of OSHO has to think about financial visible solutions, as the work is not funded by tax payers money or the donations collected by Charity parasites.

    As OSho ´s has given the title to one of His books, ” “Razor´s Edge”- some balance is always asked for.

  178. frank says:

    they are not going to get control of the word osho.
    look,brian osho rajneesh is running around the world,acting like osho,dressing like osho,calling himself osho,eating in jap osho steak bars,getting his ass banged with an osho hairbrush by an osho sannyasin in an osho massage parlour……..
    and where are the lawyers?
    drinking saki in the osho steakhouse on osho sannyasins money,probably…

    and what about andi osho the british/nigerian comedienne?
    are they suing her and the other 2million oshos in uk and nigeria?

    stop being such an oshole(TM)

  179. Shantam I Singh says:

    “Man becomes rich in things but but he remains poor within. Man can become very powerful in the outer world but remain very week, poor in the inner world.
    And as long as there is inner poverty, no outside power or ability is of any worth”. OSHO

    Day in day out, such sentences are being recited by all kind of gurus and priests in India.

    In my Memory, Osho´s was the first concentrated effort to generate “Richness Within” on global level.
    His effort was to create Dow Jones, the wall street of inner products, and transactions on such speed that Once British dentist of Him mentioned in an interview, ” Time in the mystery school is seven time faster than the outside world.”

    TM or No TM, if the leadership is unable to maintain this Tempo, please accept your limitations and leave the place, and visit only as a seeker.

    Or another possibility is to create your interpretation in any place of your choice, as many others are doing it, for example Ma Vasanti an Italian sannyasin who has spend much of her time in Pune has created a wonderful place at Corfu, her interview and pictures at

  180. frank says:

    dow jones wall street of inner products?
    dentists pronouncing on the speed of time?
    mystery school=MCsquared to the power of 7?

    lokesh,have you slipped shantam some of your spiked osho beef pie,or something…?
    or has he been smoking his chuddies again..?

  181. Lokesh says:

    Smoking chuddies, I suspect….often precedes an outpouring of flowery metaphors and obsession with TM…what about Paramahansa Yogananda? How does he rate in the“Richness Within” on global level stakes….steaks…my OSHO Omburgers are almost cooked…first things first…gotta go.

  182. Shantam I Singh says:

    Does every body who has a trading house at wall street becomes Warren Buffett!
    I was thinking people who eat steaks can read better facts and figures.

    Still i wish to give credit to the disciples of Paramhansa yogananda or Mehar Baba to multiply their portfolio.
    Why not to send Osho´s managers to these people to have a crash course in Organisational management.

  183. Lokesh says:

    Yes, yes, they can use Rajneeshpuram as an example of…..

  184. Shantam I Singh says:

    In my opinion, Rajneeshpuram cannot be a good example. Other than inhouse rivalery among the top managers, Oso was dealing with a hostile govt. of America, where considerable voters still feel other than Christianity everything else is a product of devil….

    17, Koregaon Park is the right example. It´s decline is simply due to the fact of inhouse ego struggles, where the weekest has to leave the ground.
    End result is.. a ground built by Osho´s big as football stadium is being used for single Tennis matches!

    This makes me to think.. why not on 11th December… We the sanyasins celebrate ” Burn Osho´s Rebel Book.”….for the simple reason..that which we cannot wear..should not be in the cupboards.

    PS-To burn other people´s holy book is ugly, stupid and unhuman, almost as barbarian as forced conversion.

  185. frank says:

    paramahandjob yogananda?
    he was guy who wrote autobiography of a yogi, the hindu version of harry potter….
    gurus sending their doppelgangers all over the place simultaneously….
    “saints”who never eat….
    guys who live up in the hills for hundreds of years and stay eternally 25 years old..
    ascended masters who come to see you off at the airport…..
    when para died his body didn`t decompose etc etc etc

    people who buy into this stuff dont need paramahansa,they need a paramedic…..
    it`s the whack-end of spi-fi…

  186. Osho Foundation International
    The top most organisation which has a complete control over the last mile stones left by Osho, and which is also operating from Park Avenue, New York.., can some one like Alok John shed the light, how many Osho Meditation camps they have organised in USA or UK during the last 10 to 15 years.
    Just meditation camps, i am not even asking about 21 days Osho Mystic Rose, the therapeutic meditation technique Osho dubbed as biggest break through after Gautama The Buddha´s Vipassana.
    If the ” Resort” model is suitable for today´s men, where is the second branch of this model, specially when because of recession real estate prices have taken a noose dive in the USA/UK markets.

  187. My friends used to say, ” Shantam, you have chilli on your toungue.”

    Frank..seems like one such wo(man).

  188. frank says:

    meher baba sounded pretty deluded to me…
    but,to be fair,those pictures of him in US in the twenties were great.
    he looked like one of the doobie brothers….
    way ahead of his time…
    and hanging round with a bunch of nutters singing dont worry be happy–respect.

  189. frank says:

    remember the pics of him in california in the pinstripe double-breasted suit,and the big `tache…?

    without lo-o-ove….
    where would you be now?…

  190. frank says:

    btw i just noticed.
    on the home page it says that this article was penned by”ramateetha”.
    he must be the 7 dimensional dentist from the accelerated learning time-bandit mystery school..?

  191. Frank, few rules of the thumb-
    Don´t gulp any mediicine just because the packaging color fits with your boxer shorts.
    If you are neither an exhibionist nor having urinary track infection (UTI), just don´t ring the urologist unless the doc. is relative/friend/lover.

    What sounds deluded to one person is reveraned as Avatara by few others.

  192. frank says:

    i cant imagine why you think i would take a medicine which has the same colour as my shorts.
    i guess that is the kind of mystery that you deal with seven times faster than normal in your mystery school…..

    but if i go to a guru orto the urinary specialist,i am sure that either way i will take a fair amount of piss….

  193. bob says:

    hey, sorry to interupt your medical discussion, but does anyone know why these two Osho related sites have been out of commission for over 2 weeks now?

    The “aoxiu” site is the one that has over 75 complete Osho books translated into simplified Chinese, and the “coco” is a site out of Shenzhen, China (right next to Hong Kong), and seems to be initiating some groups by sannyasins recently.

    Both have messages that read “down for site maintenance,” but since it’s been weeks now, I’m starting to wonder…

    Any one know what the skinny is?

    And just a layman’s tip on urologists and gurus — I would think that a little trust goes a long way in both cases.

  194. Lokesh says:

    Makes me wonder what Bob is up to monitoring site activity in China. But you are right the sites are down. The text on the Aoxio site says that it is only temporary and should be back up by mid September. I worked as a translator for two years at the British Embassy in Beijing.

  195. Osho´s bob or the bob, why you are not sharing the link to your amazing site?
    It can give clue to Lokesh about your interest in site activites in China.
    I won´t be surprise if you are the translators of Osho books on these two sites.

  196. frank says:

    that`s right.
    “oshobob`s livingworkshop”
    has got some good stuff in it…….

  197. frank says:

    i see you have the tao oracle images in chinese.
    is that a “rip-off”copy
    or is is possible to purchase a chinese version easily?
    i dont really like the keywords,they distract from the visual,but chinese would be ok.

  198. Lokesh says:

    China’s first man in space has said that Chinese astronauts eat OSHO dog meat burgers to keep their strength up as they orbit around the earth.

  199. oshobob says:

    maybe that’s why the Empire “lost China” last century, if they had translators in the Queen’s Service with as poor of skills as you seem to possess, or the ability to lie about those skills as weak as you attempt to project.

    You can Google Translate the 3 line notice temporarily posted at and quickly see it reads:

    “Under Site Maintenance
    Will Be Back
    Thanks for Your Support”

    Nowhere is ‘coming back in mid-September’ mentioned. Now you are in the dog-house, L’il Luke. Exposed! Who will believe anything you say now? Ibiza, Scotland, Mind-Bomb? C,mon man, come clean. Isn’t this Lokesh/Luke BS alias getting a bit heavy for you? Beijing Embassy my foot!! Maybe the Brighton Beach Embassy would be more like it. What a laugh….

    Shantam, no, I didn’t translate those Osho books — they were done by native Chinese speakers, over the course of the last 20 years. They deserve all the credit.

    frank, the Chinese Tao Oracle cards you see on my website were given to me as a gift last year by Ma Deva Padma, who painted all the images you see on those cards. No rip-off involved. They were published in Taiwan a few years back, and Swami Chandana, a Taiwan sannyasin, who has translated many of Osho’s books into Chinese, did the translation of the book and cards for Padma. You can go to her site with a link to the Chinese outlet, or go to the Taiwan site directly. The two links are:

    There is a somewhat rogue Tao Oracle package floating around mainland China and Singapore, some say it’s a rip-off, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story, too big to go into here…

    I put my web link back in here on this post — I am putting up some short Osho quotes with Chinese simplified translations, with romanization too, on the home page top. You all should start to get familiar with it, at least the look of it….will make you feel a bit more at home if you ever really do go to Beijing and have some dog-meat soup sometime in the future….

    Cheers from Townsville USA

  200. oshobob says:

    Hey all,
    check this out! Never have seen this before anywhere.
    video of Osho at a photo-shoot, looks like Pune 2 era, with Osho in some sort of a Jap/Chin/Zen scene, Ma Nirvano combing his beard, handing him the teacup ala Zen Tea Ceremony style, photographers running around, and ……………Osho just sitting there in the center of the cyclone. View it quick before OIF gets it censored off YouTube.

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  201. oshobob says:

    While we’re at it, this video was also just put up in the last few days, and should not be missed! Ma Deva Padma’s complete 64 card Tao Oracle card creation, in a YouTube format. Music in background by a sannyasin too — I think his name is Sw. Sambhodi Prem. Padma is the artist that also created the Osho Zen Tarot deck. Based on the Chinese “I Ching” , but given a modern presentation and rendering. Check it out!

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  202. Lokesh says:

    Oshobob, ye cot me oot, pal. I’ve never been in Beijing but I’ve been Shanghaied a few times. The Osho photo shoot vid with him having his beard pulled has been floating around facebook for the past ten days. I find it very touching. He is of course drinking OSHO green tea.

  203. Lokesh // Sep 9, 2010 at 9:29 pm
    I worked as a translator for two years at the British Embassy in Beijing.

    Lokesh // Sep 10, 2010 at 8:37 am
    I’ve never been in Beijing but I’ve been Shanghaied a few times.

    Credibility….brother… credibility, this is not a site for fiction creation competition….

    And this makes me doubt…how much fiction is infused in the Hairbrush story.
    Anybody who is on the public domain must face the criticism but slanderous accusations are not needed.

    The self complimentary guy with crocodile tears of mystic rose has enough boasting in his writings and behaviour to hit upon; Shakti is too beautiful (I have seen only the photo, you know from your eyes) for a pin to puncture the balloon!
    (Was remembering the epilogue of Mr. R´s book, and the description about 19, January 1990)

  204. Lokesh // Sep 9, 2010 at 9:29 pm
    I worked as a translator for two years at the British Embassy in Beijing.and less than 12 hours later,
    “I’ve never been in Beijing but I’ve been Shanghaied a few times.”

    Credibility….brother… credibility, this is not a site for fiction creation competition….

    And this makes me doubt…how much fiction is infused in the Hairbrush story.
    Anybody who is on the public domain must face the criticism but slanderous accusations are not needed.

    The self complimentary guy with crocodile tears of mystic rose has enough boasting in his writings and behaviour to hit upon; Shakti is too beautiful (I have seen only the photo, you know from your eyes) for a pin to puncture the balloon! (Was remembering the epilogue of Mr. R´s book, and the description about 19, January 1990)

  205. Lokesh says:

    The truth is, Shantam, that it is all a fiction, which includes you. Afterall you are the disciple of a guru who loved to tell tall stories about himself. One of my favorite Osho books is ‘Glimpses of a Golden Chuldhood’. It is a wonderful bit of storytelling but if you believe half of it you are very gullible indeed. For me it is not so much a case of being credible in what one says but being entertaining. Some people who write on this blog need a little fiction to spice up what they are saying otherwise they will remain the same boring people they have always been even though they are all too believable.
    Take this thread for example. It is all very credible but it is utterly mundane. OSHO trademark disputes…are at best a poor joke. Only fools care about such things. Give me OSHO beef here now burgers any day of the week. They might not exist, but they might make someone smile, which does a lot more in a positive way than all this tired credible crap you guys are trading in.
    PS I received a SMS from Mrs Hairbrush the other day. It said, ‘I think that guy Shantam is very sexy.’

  206. frank says:

    does that mean i will have to airbrush the hairbrush?
    oddly,the story of the irish pub and the himalayas is true.
    sometimes truth is stranger than fiction,of course…

    “”i think that guy shantam is very sexy”
    lokesh,that is an even more ludicrous fabrication than trying to pass yourself off as peter o toole in the last emperor…..

  207. frank says:

    osho was a champion storyteller.
    and i agree that anyone who thinks all those stories were factually true,deserves a free copy of “autostimulation of a yogi”,a free trip in his astral body to the himalayas for the weekend in a tib monastery,and a years supply of babaji`s anti-ageing ball-cream….

    i heard a story about a childhood friend of osho,who remembers a gang of kids all sitting round listening to his stories every night.
    one he remembered was that he convinced the gang of scamps to go down to the river at midnight(way after their bedtime)where he knew that a spaceship would be waiting to take them away fro this place(gadawara) ,as it was much too small for them….

    the friend never said what story was told when they got there and there was no spaceship….
    or maybe there was….

  208. frank says:

    what about the latest essai into the world of osho faction.
    osho….the movie…?

    i suggest
    a startling debut from the man born for the role.
    method actor supreme.(dustin hoffman,you are not ready to tie his shoe laces…)

    brian “doppelganger” rajneesh…….

    co starring..
    kate winslet as vivek/sashi
    bipasha basu as sheela
    meera syal as osho`s mum
    om puri as osho`s dad
    nina wadia as lakshmi
    bill nighy as teertha
    robert carlyle as hugh milne
    rupert everett as amrito
    michael gecko douglas as jayesh
    and of course,with a cameo appearance as magga baba…
    sean connery…

    it`s got oshcars written all over it……

  209. oshobob says:

    well, frank,
    that would be a case of “nesting stories” then.
    You say “I heard a story about”…

    was that story true, from the childhood friend, about Osho telling a story about the spaceship coming?

    could have been made up by the childhood friend….mmmm, “I can tell a whopper of a story just like my master”…..

    now who is the “gullible” one?

    So Luke…
    All stories are con-games, i.e. confidence games, …and always much more fun if you’re the story teller and the not the “hit” on the other end, no?

    Hey, excuse me…i’ve got to go to this other computer next to me and write another post under a different alias…don’t worry, it’s just for entertainment, nothing serious….chow!

  210. Lokesh says:

    I already know you guys got the picture, funny, witty, to the point and hey….even a good spaceship story…It’s true by the way…I was there.
    Robert Carlyle as Hugh Milne.. thing is…and this is one of the rare times I’m telling the truth…we wanted to get Robert, Bobby to his pals, to play a part in ‘Mind Bomb’ the movie….he liked the story but I think he is busy with Stargate… but Bob And Frank…well how are your Scottish accents?

  211. bob says:

    so what’s your take, frank or luke, on the limey that got whacked by the flying bale of hay in the next thread here? Real? A made-up story? A real strory? …. Entertainment? A tragedy?
    I feel sorry for the guy if it happened, but, then again, a guy that has a history of being onstage with exploding cellos, wacky costumes….you gotta wonder…..

  212. PS I received a SMS from Mrs Hairbrush the other day. It said, ‘I think that guy Shantam is very sexy.’
    Lokesh.. this is worth a compliment even as a punch line joke, who knows a last hindrance to the world of desirelessness.

    If Ramakrishna Was hungry about food, many of Us with Osho are hungry about the forbidden flowers; (forbidden as per various traditions)

  213. bob says:

    hey, lokey, I used to read those kind of books when I was a kid here in the states…”I Was There at D-Day” , “I Was There at The Battle of Iwo Jima”. Mosty written by Jewish women banging those potboilers out on their old Underwood typewriters in Chicago….

  214. frank says:

    it is a real story about premada.
    it was in the newspapers here in uk(dont laugh)
    yes it was a coincidence him going out in a flash like his cello…
    he was a lovely bloke,actually.
    hadn`t seen him for years and years.
    i visited his house once,and he did have the gold album on the wall.
    it was eldorado symphony,the 4th album,i think,which was a concept album about a walter mitty type guy who can`t handle reality and so moves into a world of fantasy and dreams!!!

    i prefer the truth when its odd enough!!

  215. Paraprosdokian, from the circulation mail from Ma Prem jeevan, bracketed sentences are my interpttaion.

    I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

    God id dead. Osho. Scientist Stephan Hawking confirms the mystic by saying, ” Atleast God is not needed”. So steal the bicycle or Osho´s legacy, no need for asking forgiveness too.

    Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
    (The theory behind the Satsang movement).

    To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.
    (why Indians are successful in the spiritual business, to steal is part of the culture)

    (Osho was speaking whole life about we all tried again and again to make love)

    (Kirtan was always there, Osho instucted to add Disco too. Management heard, kick the Kirtan out, replace it with Disco)

    If I agreed with you we’d both be wrong.
    (This is for Lokesh)

  216. frank says:

    my scottish accent is steamin`…

    i can do begbie`s spontaneous trainspotting haiku,perfectly….

    aye a fockin nu
    tha` fockin` cunt
    wa gonnae fockin fock som cont

  217. bob says:

    if the newspapers in the UK are anything like they are here the US…if you don’t laugh, if you don’t cry, what else can you do with these rags, my grandmother used to use them to wrap coffee grounds in…
    but, yeah, i saw the photo of the van smashed in with the hay, …nasty looking, but then again, so were the 9/11 photos of the World Trade Center in rubble at “Ground Zero”. Turned out to be a US Army Corps of Engineers Demolition Team just doing their job, doing their duty, for God and the Country (those are just made-up stories too — God, Country…), … and their monthly paycheck … (made-up stories too, you just gotta make people believe that this piece of paper is worth a loaf of bread….don’t worry, someone’s already done it for you…not to worry!)

  218. frank says:

    the spaceship story.
    i dont know if its true.the teller seemed straight up.
    maybe a bunch of sikhs turned up at midnight(haha) in their all-india permit truck…
    that would have seemed like a spaceship to those kids…
    and taken them out playing chicken with the oncoming drivers on the nagpur highway……
    who knows?

  219. bob says:

    that’s a pretty good Scottish accent piece there frank, ….i suppose then that the northern English person is a blend between a Londoner and a Scottish. Is that why the northern English girls are a little “rough around the edges” so to speak…?

  220. Kavita says:

    Shantam .. Jeevan lives in the opposite building now .. met her when Big Prem was visiting us few months ago before Prem went to Australia .. Jivan is really so Full of Life .. dont ask me why l told u this .. l dont know … bye for now

  221. bob says:

    did Milne talk like that too? maybe that’s why he was just an osteopath, and his southern brother from the big city got his MD. I remember reading George Meridith’s(Amrito) book (and Milne’s) when they came out. Doc Holiday really laid into the poor Scot throughout the book. A Tale of Two Cities, maybe, in sannyas reworking of the story…

  222. Everytime i see the mails from Jeevan, it is like the taste of Osho. I have even written to her, ” you are the unofficial editor of Osho Times”.
    Same is true about most of the sannyasins. Just enter any room in the Koregaon Park, and in a blick one can see, whether sannyasin has rented the place or by some call center employee.

    Without doubt..Even as a resort..Place has a different magnetism than (m)any other places of such kind.

    Osho Nisarga and Dalai Lama´s seat…I can bet with Bob for an air ticket… if he does not feel the diffearnce in the aesthetics and vibration.

    Therefore my conviction….Osho is a one of its kind product… Let many many people taste it. Increase the customer base, it will increase the revenue…and decrease the over all cost factor as a result.

  223. frank says:

    oh yeah,hugh milne talked like that,that`s how he became the ashram stud..
    “y`areet darlin` fancy shaagin yersen` senseless t`neet?”
    “och aye bug fella`”
    was the usual reply….

  224. The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    Frank and Bob…some hindi lessons for you…
    The profinities, Mother and sisters involved are the easy way to learn a foreign language.

  225. Lokesh says:

    Frank…yer accent is brilliant, pal. It hid me laffin like fuck. Yer hired. five bob an oor.

  226. Lokesh says:

    Hugh didnae spik we a strang Scoawtish accent. he wiz a poash cant frae auld reekie. But he did tok diurty tae the hairies a herd. An a awso herd he lost tha plot at wan point an ended up inna streetjaykit. Aye, that wiz Hugh, wit a man, roat a bouk aboot sum guru gadje in India an made a pakit. Sum cants have a the luk, likesay. But kennin life the way a dee, his carma wull catch up oan him and a widne be surprysed if he reinkarnates as a truffle badger in Hassan’s rumpus room oan the Isle a Sky, ken thon place far o the tcheuters ging..

  227. bob says:

    Shantam, I couldn’t understand a word those guys were saying, but they looked liked they were all worked up about something…it’s just a game, cricket, isn’t it…?

    in the states here, cricket is just an insect, also, Buddy Holly named his band The Crickets, but he was from Texas…Texas to the US is kinda like Scotland is to Great Britain….makes me think that The Beatles took their name from this style of naming rock bands…if Buddy Holly had named his band Buddy Holly and the Armadillos, then the Beatles would never have existed probably, they would have been The Hedgehogs or something….

    Just kiddin’ …. i have actually never seen a cricket match,….but, those bats look like something you would use to churn butter, row a boat, or whack a naughty schoolboy when he broke a rule at skool…..

  228. frank says:

    fi` bob an oor?
    yer tait as e non`s ass,ye scortish cont!

  229. frank says:

    nae wonder ye didnae get bobbie en yer fulum….

  230. Lokesh says:

    Here’s a link to the freak accident with a bale of hay. It’s on the BBC, so it must be true.

  231. Lokesh says:

    Witz wrang we five boab an oor? That’s the trooble we ye English cant’s, yer a spoiled rooton. Bring bak the burch is wat a say….oh aye, an national servis…that’ll teech yeez.

  232. bob says:

    five bobs?
    bobbie? bubbie? boobie?
    hey, what the bleep is goin’ on here, anyway?!

  233. frank says:

    fock me its,lake rab shree nusbut wi`oot th` sobteetles!!

  234. frank says:

    arm off doon th` aashraam tae shag som buruds…

  235. bob says:

    shag som buruds….?!

  236. Lokesh says:

    Aye, ye ken Frank, he’s a rite wan fur the comely bessoms, ye ken the hairies.

    The expression ‘hairies’ developed in post Second World War Glasgow. It referred to working class women who were a cut below the middle classes because they could not afford to wear hats.

    Gawn Frankie boy, ye’ll be a razor king in no time, pal.

  237. Frank, in less than three years time, the video is being watched 2,999,136 times, not because of enjoyment for Cricket but to listen Mother sister( Ma, Behan thing) through the electronic media.
    As it is heard Osho saying that it will be a tremendous task for His translators to bring his poems into English and to translate, Pune 2 jokes into Hindi, for simple reason “Fuck” has been incorporated into literary language , but Hindi word “Chodna” has not got that literary recognition, even though it is the widely used word in North India.

    SO if you meet some Indian in the states, please ask him the meaning of “Teri Ma Ki Chut”; he may start crying because of home nostalgia!

  238. Uncle Albert is staying for the weekend, and little Ernie is asking him all sorts of questions.
    “Uncle Albert,” he asks, “why are some men bald on the front of their head?”
    “Well,” replies Uncle Albert, “these men are the great thinkers.”
    “And what about the men that are bald on the back of their head?” asks little Ernie.
    “These men,” explains Uncle Albert, “are the great fuckers.”
    “So what does it mean,” continues little Ernie, “when they are bald all over?”
    “That’s obvious,” replies Uncle Albert, “these men think they are great fuckers.”

    (A joke by Osho)

  239. Hallo Ramateertha,
    If you have got any response from people in authority, please share at sannyasnews.

  240. frank says:

    i met ramteetha wandering the streets the other day.
    he has been stripped and de-frocked.and altho` he quite enjoyed it at the time,he has come to realise that he is after so many years no longer the bishop of koln..
    no guru,no teacher,no money…….
    he asked me for a few pfenigs,i bought him abratwurst and wished him all the best…

    the moral of the story is if you want to stay the bishop,dont mess with the pope…..

  241. LAKSHEN says:

    After reading the letter Ramateertha wrote to the Inner Circle, I am making the following public response:
    First of all I thank Ramateertha to come out and expose his point of view which I support all the way… actually, I think this letter shouldn´t be addressed only to the Inner Circle, but to the sannyas community at large!
    Also, I am not sure if this ´so-called´ Inner Circle exists anymore, at least as it was designed by Osho before leaving His body. Therefore let´s look at the Trademark and Copyright issues without depending on any sort of ´designed authorities´!!!
    I liked very much the part in Ramateertha´s letter when he says: ”The name Osho stands for this amazing Master and His teachings and His vision. It cannot be separated: here the person and there the teachings…”
    This part reminded me about what I was told by Jayesh a couple of years ago when I proposed a collaboration by OIF for my project ´Osho the Movie´. He replied that ”Osho said not to focus on His person, but on His vision….” This tells me that a movie about His life isn´t following His so-called guidelines!
    I responded saying:”What is the difference between the life of a Master and His vision?”
    If I read the story of Gurdjieff´s life, I may understand his vision even better! And if we wouldn´t know the story of Socrates´ trial, or Jesus´ crucifixion or all the Zen and Sufi anecdotes about the Masters of those traditions… maybe we would not be capable to imbibe the fragrance and the silence of such visions
    After my response there was no further answer by OIF but some time later I was threatened when I put an ad about my project on You Tube! After receiving a notification by OIF regarding the ownership of Osho´s material, Google, who is behind You Tube, took off my ad. I immediately sent Google a counter-notification through my lawyer and, as the legal process goes, Google had to ask OIF to prove the ownership of such material. Obviously OIF couldn´t prove anything and Google uploaded my ad again (the ad is still up until now).
    I make this story public not to emphasize my personal case, but just as an example of the way OIF has behaved with so many Osho´s lovers and disciples. I agree that some attention regarding bad use of Osho´s material and work should be there and I think also that Jayesh and all the other members of OIF are bona fide when they act the way they act. But most probably, even the Pope and the Ayatollahs, the mullahs and several cardinals are bona fide when they permit only four versions of the gospels, or/and interpret the Quran the way they do…
    The real issue here is: “How open are they are to re-visit such ´permits´ and ´interpretations´?”
    Maybe with all the turmoil around the Trademark issue (I know that soon the same legal opposition that Osho World made against OIF and won in the U.S.A. will also happen in Europe by a group of European sannyasins and Centers), the time is ripe for such re-consideration.
    If such re-consideration will happen and an honest, heartfelt and open confrontation between all parties will take place, it will be such a blessing and re-born phase for all Osho’s lovers and disciples in the world.
    I stand for that!!!
    SW. LAKSHEN (writer, director and producer of Osho The Movie)

  242. meera says:

    there is nomore an inner circle in Poona
    nor is there anymore trademark on oshos words..
    does ramatheertha
    leader of the cologne oshouta
    live behind the moon???

    last fullmoon
    we were all watching the GURU movie at his place..
    .afterwards we had a discussion about..
    ramatheertha stated
    that it is all a bogus idea to have communes..
    ´one should work on himself ´he said..
    that means business for therapists..

    he has no clue about
    osho´s vision of
    the Commune of
    the New Man New Woman New Child

  243. meera says:

    strangely enough
    everyone agrees with me here..

    . even ramateerthas sannyasins in cologne.. remain silent… LOL

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