Pan and the Way Out from Fukushima


Every day I wake up in the morning with the feeling of “Wow, still
alive!”. Another day on earth, a little paradise in this universe.
At the same time I am aware that every day the planet could face the
biggest man-made catastrophe, the complete blow-up of the nuclear power
plant known as Fukushima.

Ironically, Fukushima translated into English means “Happy Island”.
It could have truly been a happy island, if Japan would have followed
its greatest jewels, the Zen Masters. But this did not happen anywhere
on this planet. Now the situation is super-severe. Any mistake of the
workers in Fukushima, who are bringing down the 1500 atomic fuel rods
hanging 30m high in the air, or an earthquake, or a tsunami – and all
the 6 atomic reactors of the Fukushima plant could blow up.
The impact of such an atomic explosion on the surface of this planet is
far beyond imagination. It is bigger than the biggest atom-bomb that was
blown up by the Russians, the so-called “Tsar Bomba” with 50 Megatons.
Just recently the leading environmental specialist of Canada, David
Suzuki (a Canadian of Japanese origin), stated in public “If this
happens – Bye bye Japan”, and that “we need to evacuate the whole
west-coast of Northern America”.


Then the whole Northern Hemisphere of this planet gets a nuclear spill
far beyond the Chernobyl disaster – on top of the already daily leaking
of radioactivity into the air and into the Pacific Ocean – which is
certainly the biggest environmental disaster that happened so far on
this planet, with long-lasting side-effects for thousands of years.
Now we have to live with this threat to all life on this earth every day.


I am very very sorry, friends, to share this with you. Please do not
ignore, nor go fatalistic. There is always hope.

I know this is almost impossible to take, meaning to feel it. It took me
quite some time to feel this fully, but this is the only way to not
ignore it.The world has now to act as ONE, we are all in the same danger. The
future of humanity is at stake, and there is still too much ignorance,
money- and power calculations.

Speak about this with your friends. The people have to wake up. So far
only individuals try to make the world aware of these facts. There is
hardly any hope that governments would do something, unless a huge
number of people becomes alert and starts to act and put pressure on the
United Nations to take over with the best scientists of the world.
So there is still a possibility to do what can be done.I am feeling every day a deep, almost despairing sadness about this situation on our earth.


My last hope is that many many wake up now and
understand through feeling that the world is ONE.

Please, feel that we are all sisters and brothers and that all life is
ONE. The incredible lack of unconditional love and compassion on this
planet has created this situation.
I am asking every day with tears in the eyes “Is there anybody out there
who can still feel into this specific global situation?” Love and
Compassion is not an intellectual concept, as this was stated already so
many times down the ages.
It is not just a good intention. IT IS A FEELING.
We need to really feel it.


Perhaps now this is the hope: that when people feel and become aware how
severe our anyway already troubled times are, they can start to feel again.
Please, please friends, stop all your so-called personal nonsense,
activate all creative positivity inside of you NOW. Activate all the
love and trust you can feel. Then a real sister- and brotherhood can
arise on this planet, which feels a deep gratitude and respect to mother
earth again. Start now, we are late, but maybe not yet too late.
Activate your spirits in whatsoever way you feel it or believe in it. We
urgently need to change as individuals and as a collective.
We have to return to real humanness, to a loving awareness, and care for
each other and for this incredible beautiful planet, its nature and its
perfect web of life.


We all have contributed to the deadly mistakes of humanity, without
being really aware of it. But now we need to wake up and feel the situation.
You may feel fear, I also can feel it. Then hug somebody.
We can still have a future, all together, but we have to change now.
Drop your little personal dreams, likes and dislikes, and create as many
love and trust waves as you can, by feeling it and sharing it.In the same time spread this information about the super-severity of the
global situation, before we all have to face the unthinkable.I deeply hope that all the awakened and enlightened people who are
around in body start to share what they feel when feeling into this
specific situation we are all in.Beloved friends, I believe in your sensitivity and in your intelligence.
We are the inhabitants of this planet, and we are the last hope.
Go to your hearts, feel the ground, the elements, the nature around you,
bless it all. Start to address your friends literally with “Sister” or “Brother”
aloud, and your fellow-man silently. Please also include plants and animals and the whole creation.It breaks my heart to see the innocent children, having to pay the price
for our unconsciousness and ignorance. It is not too late, but awaken now to real humanness and fully feel it again.

Then you can find the strength in your heart and you will know what to do.




Few links to get more information about the issue:


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69 Responses to Pan and the Way Out from Fukushima

  1. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    beloved pan
    if we listen we hear all over this planet our “own” and other fellow-travellors human beings moarnings as a reminder that so much went utterly wrong on this beautiful planet we are guests on and in
    moment to moment
    how to decide who s moarning is valuable or who s moarning not ?
    there is no way to decide that
    although it is done every instant by ourselves as well as by others
    so grateful i am about your reminding the old precious ZEN masters of your culture
    they are alive and you and me are alive too
    in the vast ocean of consciousness we are nothing-nesses
    we may not play the role we are longing to play
    but we CAN take the broom to clean our house
    have a tea
    do our dishes
    (may be) cook a meal
    take some steps into the everyday “world” as aware und respectful as we are able to do so
    i heard some very beautiful women speaking and i try to put my remembrance into words….
    “there are things which are in your response-Ability there are things belonging to others and there are things which you have to leave to god”
    (i have to mention that she neither was nor is a christian missionary !)
    by grace of your contribution of this day in the ocean of internet chats in the sannyasrealm i had may tea and will look out for the broom
    and concerning the “matters” of communication technics which are not in may hands
    i love to add here that if you werde here at may place i would love to give you a long hug share a tea and sit together for a little while



  2. Arpana says:

    Are you a Christian?

  3. Preetam says:

    Before 40 years we hoped for understanding of the Authorities and the working people according Atomic Energy. Then was Chernobyl, before and in between a lot of nuclear testing and many more Reactors. It is naive too hope of understanding, because these Humans, who monopolized this Planet to suck the big breast, have no interest in any kind of Freedom or Harmony. That structure needs chaos to safe their wealth. Such happenings even it would destroy the whole Planet, fits in their Plan to keep the control by creating more chaos and pressure as any new day recently proofs.

    Before the Psyche can heal we have to drop pressure and chaos what is created through Wars, Hunger, and Force. We need more awareness according those authorities with a Hermetic bias whom devoted too a structure what is not interested in any shift. Their big love is the Credit System, it makes all possible… drop the Credit System complete, here we have to look for new ways of change and exchange.

    • Preetam says:

      Little Information: Originated by Hermetic Ideologies the Sun worship cult was developed in Babylon, for wrong worship and is today more alive than ever. All the other by the Sun cult invented Religions are just fakes as we know in order to confuse the unillumined. Hermes is the inventor of the religious sacrifices to other gods. Babylon made use of it and created the ‘Sun worship’ what is no worship to the gods but to the Monarchs.

      • satyadeva says:

        But in those distant times, Preetam, or even before, the monarchs might well have been ‘enlightened’, who knows?

        Anyway, it’s so convenient to have ‘outer’ enemies, even have them all lined up in a mental historical parade, the ‘corrupt ones’, those who are ‘really’ responsible for our terrible plight, our dreadful ongoing suffering, both individual and collective.

        But, hard to swallow as it might (or might not) be, as we share the human psyche, at a deep level in a sense we are them, they are us, so if we search within we may well find the same tendencies in us that we’re so ready to condemn in them – albeit perhaps nicely hidden, perhaps under what might be termed righteously moral attitudes arising from over-simplistic historical analyses.

        • Preetam says:

          What could be better symbolize an regressive Cult, what calls it self ‘Sun Cult’, than with an disastrous Atomic Reactor, SD?

          • satyadeva says:

            Yes, Preetam, it’s certainly an extraordinarily apt symbol of man’s attempt to emulate ‘cosmic power’ through western intellectual materialist science. I guess it represents emotional force rather than true power, and as such it’s bound to ultimately fail.

            Now where’s that Monty Python clip? I need it, badly!

            • Preetam says:

              Absolute, it represents rather emotional force than cosmic power. Because, it makes revengeful, to know, that wealth is dependent on the people who are mostly despised by Leaders. The simple reason is the own dependency on ordinary humans. A big psychosis of worlds Leaders, very destructive against Humanity and it causes in a broader sense all wars, hunger and force on working people. It moves through all the History and affect’s our present time.

            • frank says:

              I totally agree,preetam,
              the false religions of the sun cult of Babylon have hermetically sealed my brain into a regressive cult in order to confuse the unilluminated and to iluninate the confused.

  4. dominic says:

    Yeah Fuk u Shima! Right on!
    There’s a world of stuff to get informed about, worry about, be outraged about, and maybe even act on, if so moved.
    There’s also a deep helplessness, deep soul loneliness and fear of death to confront in not being able to control outside events, whether global or local, in getting people to behave how you’d like them to.
    Sweet homilies and entreaties won’t work. So much new age wishful thinking if we can just all hold hands and…
    “Please, please friends, stop all your so-called personal nonsense.”
    Yeah, right.
    Or the fantasy that the ‘awakened ones’ are going to help.
    They are usually the last to get off their lazy privileged asses.
    Or that zen masters are “the greatest jewels”.
    Well many were nationalistic, chauvinistic, militaristic, emperor minded, nazi sympathisers during the war.
    And in America there is now a long list of zen masters who excel at endarkenment and the unholy trio of sex-money-power abuse.
    (D T Suzuki, for example, credited with bringing zen to the west, sympathised with nazism and anti-semitism.)
    I am optimistic that Earth will survive, pessimistic that the insane human species will wise up, except by a very long slow process.
    Unfortunately its retarded brain and emotional intelligence is ridiculously outstripped by technological progress, which is a dangerous mix.

  5. Parmartha says:

    Thansk Pan. I appreciate your post.
    I actually did not know that much about Fukushima. There is a sort of conspiracy of silence, dont you think on things like this? So thanks, now I know the horrendous facts.
    How to deal with such? Your approach seems to be similar to Osho’s. If there are at least 200 really “enlightened” people around the planet, then the planet can be saved. I am assuming from the way you talk that you consider you are one of these, and you give advice really about how to gravitate that way with feeling and sensitivity.
    Certainly a lateral answer. But have you considered whether there might be “no answer”. The speed of a surrender to “what is” can be an amazing blast in which whether it saves the planet or no become a secondary submerged and unimportant question. A radical point, but actually, as the enlightened consistently say, “the moment is all”, and any future worries destroy that.
    I must admit when I read your post I thought, on my god, something more to worry about, and that ain’t good!

  6. frank says:

    this pan chap sounds a bit depressed to me.
    maybe he should ask shantam to send him some prozac.

  7. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    hi dominic
    i experienced the church and their businesses (in munic,her)
    calling itself “scientology church” with a tendency to bold and not bold mongers as “clear” and being quite attached to megalomaniac human engeneerings in the area of science f(R)iction
    as well as to utter crimes on human beings
    by invading
    talking computers and also man and women as objects they can dominate
    and more and worse of this kind
    not as a spiritual place to better mankind
    (what is on their flags so to say)
    their businesses are often camouflaged with deep social and even spiritual concerns
    their reality is that of a mafia business

    so i hope
    your kind of mentioning a “new man” does not come out of that corner
    although you attached a seemingly(!) nice little video

    i thank you for the remembrance though
    that the meditator
    has to go step by step as if she was in winter on a very slippery path

    so i am – have been reading and seeing your post
    the net is an open source
    i give my statement not only to you
    but to a LOVING whitness

    • satyadeva says:

      Madhu, I somehow doubt that many sannyasins, if indeed any, are also into Scientology, especially those who contribute here.

      Although Werner Erhard, the founder of EST (now known as The Forum), went through scientology ‘audits’ etc. during his personal search, found certain things there of value and incorporated them into his own programmes for the public (which, by the way, were well regarded by Osho, who once described EST as “the best programme (or some such term, I forget which) in the West”!).

    • dominic says:

      Yes Madhu now you remind me of scientology’s appropriation of the word ‘clear’ from the Cohen song ‘famous blue raincoat’.. “Did you ever go clear?”
      I half saw the film “the Master” too, but I switched off in disgust.
      They seem to have got their hooks into hollywood.
      Funny they were just in the news with a new ruling in uk allowing marriages in scientology churches.
      I have no dealings with them but your description of a mafia business sounds spot on!
      Sounds like you had some traumatic experiences with them.
      Full disclosure. My faith is that of the Pastafarian Flying Spaghetti Monster. Which states…
      “A closed mouth catches no noodly appendages.’ – ProvHerbs 3:27.”
      Surely the true wisdom of these words can be felt by anyone with an open mind and heart. No need to proselytize!
      Btw I think Osho dropped another clanger about EST, or maybe he was just going through a totalitarian phase. Just say no!
      (Are you a she then? Welcome to the naughty boys sausage party)

  8. shantam prem says:

    Stop Nuclear weapons
    Stop GM food
    Stop Capitalism
    Stop Marxism
    Stop rich poor divide
    Stop Abortions
    Stop population decline

    Most often I have wondered, those who have not much to lose cry the maximum about the end of planet earth. I wonder if they owe Hilton Hotels or Trump Resorts; how much they will weep and cry to see the decline in the real estate value of earth!

  9. frank says:

    alternative S_N headline for this thread…
    ” pandit pan offers panacea in japan panic over nuclear pandemonium in panto season “

    • dominic says:

      The verdict’s in…
      Pansy Panties down and no panegyric for pandora’s box of panic pandering pantheist Panjandrum.
      Panned by shantypants and deadpan panel!
      Pangs of nuclear panfried ‘fission’ chips pandemic pans out with dustpan and spanner.
      Merry Panmas with panfuls of panettone, panna cotta and marzipan!

  10. Lokesh says:

    There is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that Peter Pan still hasn’t grown up and is capable of believing anything. I’m reminded of the time Osho employed a PA agent in order to attract more potential followers. Osho was advised, quite rightly, to start delivering apocalyptic prophesies of doom. Sure enough the old boy began to flavour his discources with far-fetced scenarios that included Mount Fuji exploding, California falling into the sea and two thirds of the world’s population dying from AIDS etc. Followers increased. I never subscribed to any of that doom and gloom crap and never will. Now we have Pan rattling on about Fukusheena frying the planet. What a load of mouldy baloney, obviously delivered by a paranoid cactus-hugger who drank too much ayawhiskey.
    For some time I subscribed to a daily update about the colossal mess that is Fukusheena. I dropped it after some months, very serious business, but the Japs are selfish enough to clean it up somehow. No doubt about it, this is bad news, but it is not as bad as our new Prophet of doom, Pan, paints it with his brush loaded with black paint. It is not a question of calling in the ununited nations but rather the yanks. That is’ if what he states is true, ‘ “we need to evacuate the whole west-coast of Northern America”. But it is not. That is too big a step away from radioactive tuna. As it is, the Americans don’t seem that concerned about it and they would be if California was in any real danger. Cover up…goes the cry, but I simply don’t believe it.
    Pan declares his prophecy to be the worst environmental disaster our planet has ever known, although I’m sure the dinosaurs would disagree, were they able to speak from their prehistoric grave.
    I often think that people who become identified with such worst case scenarios are individuals who are experiencing difficulties dealing with their own mortality. Perhaps that is where our beloved Pan needs to follow his own advice and implement into his own life his suggestion to, and I quote, ‘change as individuals and as a collective.’
    Then we have statements like the following, ‘I am very very sorry, friends, to share this with you. Please do not ignore, nor go fatalistic. There is always hope.’ Fatalistic! After writing all that fatalistic shite that is a somewhat contradictory word to chuck in. As for hope, wasn’t that abadoned when we crossed the threshold? Or what about the following suggestion, ‘Please, please friends, stop all your so-called personal nonsense.’? That is rich coming from someone who is completely identified with his very own brand of personal nonsense.
    Then we have those megatone figures to add creedance, without taking into account that dear old mother nature farts out that kind of energy as a passtime. Last time Mount Saint Helens blew off she did so to the sum of 25 megatons thermal energy and she is just one of many active volcanoes peppering the face of this planet.
    The message is, relax, kick back, enjoy a good movie, and forget about prophets of doom and gloom. They are as old as mankind and will always stick their anxious pinched faces into an otherwise beautiful day.

  11. Fresch says:

    Lokesh, are you saying osho was saying these things because his pr-people told him so? Is it your opinion or do you have some information about it that we do not know? Perhaps you can give some background to it..interesting

    • Lokesh says:

      PR or not it is my opinion that Osho was quite capable of setting such a thing in motion. Osho was in the guru business so why not? I have heard that a PR agent was employed and Osho then entered his prophet of doom period. The information source is a questionable one. On one hand the chap had an axe to grind on the other he was in a position to be privy to such knowledge. I don’t have a problem in imagining that Osho and company hired a PR agent… highly possible. Osho was up to all kinds of hanky-panky behind the gateless gate. I rather enjoy that fact about him. Is it really so difficult to imagine an Indian guru with a massive Rolls Royce collection and taste for laughing gas ordering up a PR agent to attract followers? Ultimately it is all a device for your awakening…or at least waking up to the fact that it is unwise to be taken in by appearances.

      • frank says:

        what about that story (in the public domain somewhere) about the PR guy on the ranch who advised osho to get a Cadillac rather than a rolls.
        like adam and eve,he was swiftly driven out of the garden of eden.
        in a truck.

        • Lokesh says:

          My babe’s got the cadillac walk. Mink de Ville

        • dominic says:

          Quite right too frank! Respect to the man.
          Good to see years of british rule not entirely gone to waste, and that the natives were still coveting Rollers and Enfield motorbikes. A drive-by in a pimped Maruti or Ambassador would have been fun though.

      • dominic says:

        Yes, perhaps his slice of device advice was a nice vice, but a roll of the dice, which did not suffice and cost a price and sacrifice. Surprise surprise!
        (Though adding spice to plain rice!)

  12. shantam prem says:

    What a relief, I cannot write a single sentence to modify or make fun of Lokesh´s last post.

    • Lokesh says:

      What would life be without surprises?

    • dominic says:

      Sweet baby jesus! Peace breaking out between SN’s archenemies and turning into a chuddybuddy movie! Nooooooooooo…

      • Lokesh says:

        Chuddie power can bridge even the widest psychological chasm. All one has to do is let go and fill your chuddies.

        • dominic says:

          Master Anarchin,
          I can see there is much to learn about the Chuddi Temple Order, and the Path of the Chuddi.
          I am only scratching the surface of it’s hairy ass.
          A reading from the Manual of Chuddi training, the Bagawan’s Bible, has inspired me…
          “Master Doodoo, I have been very busy here with my tasks as a Chuddi Knight…I certainly miss the days of my peaceful monastic tutelage.”
          “Yes, but a Chuddi must learn inaction in the world as well as knowledge…”
          Could I ever become a Chuddi intitiate, follow the Chuddi way and take part in the Clone wars?
          Though I know it’s a hard life with little reward and great sacrifice, I think of the Grand Master’s words…
          “My ally is the Farce, and a powerful ally it is.”

  13. shantam prem says:

    Blame is not on Osho for taking gas but on His doctors who used their medical license to make him dependent.
    They are still taking the advantage of that vulnerability.

    • satyadeva says:

      And you’re the one pontificating about “denial”?!

      Have you read Arpana’s post on The Belief-Bias Effect? Here and in other instances you would seem to be an excellent example, Shantam.

      And, of course, you’re the one who recently claimed you’d be sad should Jayesh, Amrito & co. be found guilty – while before and after barely able to contain your excitement at the prospect of and the prospects for the outcome of their trial.

      At the very least you should acknowledge that your attitude and feelings are, shall we say, complex, ambivalent. Aren’t they? Shouldn’t you?

      Are you completely blind to how your tricky mind operates, Shantam? Or are you still at the ‘primary school’ level?

  14. shantam prem says:

    “How tricky the mind operates…and so tricky it is, when operates in other people.”
    The curse of pride has befallen on all those who behave more evolved than others. Osho Sannyas Movement in 21st century is one such legendry example.

    • satyadeva says:

      Shantam, your foolishness is exposed every day here, in the first instance by yourself, this being yet another of the many cases where you simply refuse to respond to the points made.

      It doesn’t take a ‘rocket scientist’ or a professor of linguistics to see how you contradict yourself, time after time! This is all just basics, Shantam, nothing for me or anyone else to be ‘proud’ about!

      What are you an example of – the stupidity of the devotee who’s never enquired into his own mind? Like Ekantam?

  15. shantam prem says:

    “I enquired into my mind and found out, my neighbour is so stupid.”
    Swami Wise Nuts
    There are people who always find lips print on their wives cheeks!
    Any way, it is a right time for me and few others to see how this wise chap Satya Deva looks like.
    photo speaks thousand times more than the words…and those who stand with their words, must be transparent.

    • satyadeva says:

      Shantam, no photo is needed for anyone with a modicum of sense to realise that you have no adequate response to almost all counter-arguments to your own ill thought-out ones.

      If you can’t or won’t accept this blindingly obvious reality and either respond directly to the points in question or concede that you’re unable to, then I’m certainly not going to bother acceding to your attempt to divert the issue from your foolishness to my appearance.

  16. Lokesh says:

    SD, it is unkind to pick on a poor brain-damaged person like Ekantam. Have you no compassion for those less fortunate than yourself? This is Christmas season. Peace and good will to all men.

    • dominic says:

      I cannot agree more. I cannot agree less.
      Instead of “poor brain-damaged person” surely we should be saying… cognitively challenged, differently abled or PERSON with neural disability.

  17. swami anand anubodh says:

    Pain says:

    Any mistake of the workers in Fukushima, who are bringing down the 1500 atomic fuel rods hanging 30m high in the air, or an earthquake, or a tsunami – and all the 6 atomic reactors of the Fukushima plant could blow up. The impact of such an atomic explosion on the surface of this planet is far beyond imagination.

    Is that a fact. OK let’s ask Google:

    “Can a nuclear reactor explode like an atomic bomb?”

    One of many negitive answers returned:

    No. Nuclear weapons have all of their explosive material concentrated to explode as quickly as possible. Nuclear power plants use extremely small amounts of highly dispersed nuclear fuel at a time, and the fuel is made in rod form, so that it can’t compact and explode.

    I always thought that the ‘Fire in the belly’ brigade were the worlds most stupid sannyasins.
    Now we have a new contender.

    It’s a common strategy to create fear in people and then try and emerge as a leader able to save people from those fears.

  18. Fresch says:

    Lokesh, this is not really a fact:
    “Osho was advised, quite rightly, to start delivering apocalyptic prophesies of doom. Sure enough the old boy began to flavour his discources with far-fetced scenarios “
    Lokesh, this is more correct:
    “I have heard that a PR agent was employed and Osho then entered his prophet of doom period..”
    I do not want to cut your flow; I really enjoy your writing and also your personality.
    “I don’t have a problem in imagining that Osho and company hired a PR agent… highly possible. “
    It is a fact and why not? but I do not think they (!) told osho anything what he would have to say..big, big, big difference

    Frank, “at the last moment, bring out the real will”..What if the “last moment” will be Anando opening her medium-powers? I also agree there are so many nutcases, I mean really, that I would never ever my self be interested to run a show like osho-show. Just organizing meditations have been almost too much. Also I am fine with Amrito’s bottle of gin a day or a girlfriend who could be his grand child, so what, good for him if that what he needs. Perhaps it has helped him to come down from that intellectual niece man he does look out a bit crazy; so from professor to the crazy man is the way of the sufi.

    Madhu, this is flow of energy in one way. And the only open blog for any communication. Perhaps you do not have energy but most of the issues that you cannot really talk are discussed here. This is in a way an osho unti cult blog created by friends on the path.

    Parmartha, it took me years to really understand that osho is not talking to entertain public at some philosophical level (even he does manage even that) or just telling old zen- stories, but his business seem to be really even pragmatic and going to the point straight. and as I often feel – painful (for my own trips etc). This is also what Arpana is writing about Belief-Bias Effect (for me); my mind is so strong and makes me suffer like some crippled phantom.

    However, tomorrow I will have a real hippie Christmas party. Of course with my teenage son, but also with my mother, sister, ex husband, his new (since 8 years) wife, their 3 week baby, his parents, couple of my friends.. fun, fun or horror, let’s son said when this baby was born that “I will have my own connection with her that has nothing to do with any of you and she is not a half sister, but the whole sister”.. well, I appreciate my independent connection with osho and each one of you on the path, have sweet holydays.

  19. Fresch says:

    And Pan, some time ago, I did work almost 2 years in a project where we were really studying what have happened in nuclear research and energy research, politics, money…I do not have energy to go to details there. What I understood it just comes to grass-root level; all depends on what we individuals are willing to pay for energy. It’s not about big companies it’s about me, you..etc, again only way is to go in.

  20. shantam prem says:

    Next time, when Bodhi Ekantam writes strong wording post against the smug, I am not going to pacify him.
    And Happy Christmas to Osho too. I hope in heaven he will be feeling less sibling revelry with Jesus. His people have let him down faster and stronger than one book holder.

    • satyadeva says:

      Merely the cry of a confused man who can’t properly respond to others’ critical points and is consequently floundering in impotent anger, Shantam, that’s all this post amounts to.

      Btw, check your dictionary, I don’t think you mean ‘revelry’. Or do you? After all, it is Christmas, isn’t it?!!

    • Arpana says:

      Go for it Shanty pants.

      Your attempts at manipulation didn’t work,
      so petulant sulking is bound to get you what you want.


    • dominic says:

      Phew smelly! Shanty’s pants need changing. He’s tired and throwing a strop. Let’s tell him a nice story about baby jesus and osho in heaven not pissing each other off (though he probably got banned and his gate pass taken.)
      What’s that?… I’m getting a message from the Master, he says.. “tell.. my.. belaughed.. Shantam.. Prem.. the.. kingdom.. of.. heaven.. is.. within.”

  21. Fresch says:

    Shantam, can you put your self in other people’s shoes? That is called empathy. You are a very deeply feeling man. How about feeling what other people feel. And of course behind it something called consciousness or meditations or zen or..Also being ordinary. I am talking to my self too, of course. And Satyadeva is really giving you a lot of energy since for a long many people here. I think they like you anyway:)

  22. shantam prem says:

    About empathy, deep feelings, putting oneself into other people´s shoes; reading this post of Fresch, my memory has gone back to 1987.
    Pune was getting more Western tourists than whole of India put together. I wanted to be part of this global family. All the other Indian gurus were burning in envy to see Osho attracting so many western people.
    I have no valid reason to explain but somehow my brain was getting the impressions, western women are radiating grace and glamour, whereas men look look T shirts with 85% discount tag; i mean some kind of stitching defect.
    Naturally, one does not say such impressions in public, but time has shown, how true it is. Indian women and western men as CEO; and Osho Pepsi smells like toilet cleaning liquid; surely with lemon fragrance.
    The pigmy band of male westerns on this site are true specimen of such discounted T shirts. I mean as a male from male mind society, no one with proper self esteem will go to India to be initiated into some kind of disciple hood.
    To be a disciple needs very feminine mind and a feeling i need strong companion to hold me, encourage me, support me on the treacherous paths of life. Western mind does not need such kind of booby feelings.
    Sooner or later true colours come out.
    Let me say it in another way, ” It is a genetic defect when a western male goes in search for an Indian master. In the end it is not going to be beneficial for master and disciple both.”
    But blame is not on the disciples side only. There are gynaecologists who become so ambitious to deal with urology patients too!

    • Arpana says:

      I did not know that hay days fade and go.
      That what once was, would not always be so.

      Thomas Hardy

    • satyadeva says:

      Another example of Shantam’s failure to adequately address the issues put to him, this time, in his desperation and with a breathtaking lack of discrimination or judgment, resorting to condemning a very large proportion of the people who came to Osho, in order to attempt to cover up his own lamentable inadequacy.

      Thus, unfortunately for him, merely magnifying not only said inadequacies, but also highlighting his own rather crudely racist tendencies.

      Who, then, I wonder, is the ‘real’ “pygmy” here (note the spelling, Shantam)?

      (PS: No prizes for the right answer. Although consolation prizes might be awarded to all those who, perfectly understandably, answer ‘Ekantam’!).

    • dominic says:

      See freschie, it’s hopeless (but not serious.)
      Let’s roast the turkey, the stuffing’s already here!

      SP’s back, as usual, in ye olde days with an imagined harem of western dollies. Welcome to the indian bollywood film dick club.
      “western women are radiating grace and glamour”(madonna/whore complex?)
      Master schmaster it’s all about the gynaecology. Go to any beach with western nubiles in India, and watch the phalanxes of asian pervs and molesters on the prowl.
      Osho had to ban indians from doing groups, it was just too off putting for everyone else.
      SP despises indian women and western males, yet squats on SN like a croaking toad instead of joining the clone wars.

      He hoped to continue his ‘spiritual practice’ in the west, but here he’s just lidl-class. Even any old recycled skirt from an oxfam shop is immune to his confused metaphoric babblings.
      And he just wants to belong… to a large emporium of daisy-chained boobies, preferably.
      “To be a disciple needs very feminine mind and a feeling i need strong companion to hold me… kind of booby feelings.”
      It’s a regression to the womb. The Indian male ego is a group mind, group think. Devotion is about getting lost in the other, in the guru, in the booby, removing the burden of autonomy, individuality, self-responsibility.

      Everything is exaggerated, overblown, idealized and polarized amongst the inmates in the Hospital for Rhetorical Diseases (like Sw Brian & Eggbantam, ‘same same’.)
      Oshoville is probably the only place where indian swamijis could have their cake and eat it too, freed from the totalitarian prison of caste, culture and arranged marriage, which is the rest of India, and hidden behind a veneer of godliness, faux spirituality and guruholism.

    • Lokesh says:

      Shantypants declares, ‘ It is a genetic defect when a western male goes in search for an Indian master. In the end it is not going to be beneficial for master and disciple both.’
      Therein lies one of his primay misconceptions, which is purely a projection of a very limted mind set and which history has shown is completely false. In other words, a statement made by an idiot.

  23. shantam prem says:

    It is not graceful to pull the trigger again, when you know first one was just right into the target.
    History has shown western male are the best disciples. Every Hindu in India says, ” Western technology is stolen from our holy scriptures.”

    “I may not have gone into the university but does not mean I have a limited mind set. I got my M.BA from a prison cell in the category of Export-Import! ”
    Swami India Returned.

  24. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    the way – the “messiah complex” has been mentioned here yesterday in SN is part of all organized religions, cults, sects, spiritual schools AS WELL as it is to be seen in anti religious “religions”, cults,sects schools.
    the way of having a kind of military approach to that doesn’t work
    as we experience every day by realizing what’s going on…

    after having had (1984) the treat somewhere in the desert with “rajneeshism” i ended up in a long period of heavy poisoning and its after-effects on body-mind soul
    soul also – guys
    i still don t know what survived and what not
    yet i know i m writing a letter
    try my best-

    the approach to FACE the paradox is a very challenging one

    end of the seventies, last century, i ve been imagining to meet and join in the sannyas realm a quality that ever so often has been named “Intelligence of the HEART”
    and imagining also a perspective to celebrate in interdependence of humans
    the way of “Humanity TRUST”
    these words in parentheses still have a meaning for me

    the deep experiencing of the “dark sides of the moon” (conciousnesses in action)as well as on my side as on the way of other people s treat so to say
    on quite some muddy pilgrimage corners
    have left scars, well to be seen

    when i was a little girl in the fifties, last century, i ve been given the task of looking after the new born chickens

    they pick at each other NOT ONLY when there is not enough space for the individual
    and NOT ONLY when there isn t enough food

    they just do

    then – when a wound is fresh and that is realized by others
    they turn into cannibals
    my role was (and i ve been too small to cope with that)
    to take care of the wounds and hinder the others to habe a fresh meal of own flesh
    we have more as good reasons to take that as a metaphor for humans too

    i’m still imagining “Humanity Trust” as a trust in humanity
    hopeless case i am this way..

    and YES
    fresch and others of your kind here on the virtual..
    my english as a german might be bad
    my heart and way of giving effort to understanding is NOT bad

    to face sometimes pig headed-pig hearted behaviour
    and you know that i don t mean the poor animals on this planet
    to face that is more than a challenge


    madhu’s pigeon-prayers of today
    for you
    on- the second celebration day of christmas-eve
    in the