Nasa Scientist and a Molecular Biologist Visit Osho Tapoban


Sw Vasanto and Ma Abhiru are scientist couples from France who came to Tapoban this October to participate in the seven days intense silence meditation camp. While Swami Vasanto has already filed two major patents and has forty three of his designs on the space shuttle, ISS (International Space Station), Ma Abhiru is a holder of two PhDs and works on molecular biology in the R&D center of a private company. We sat down with these science inventors to know more about their experiences as spiritual seekers.

Vasanto, Abhiru was telling me that you have interesting incidents about how you came in contact with Osho. Tell us about it.

Vasanto:- I was born in France in 1938 in a catholic family. Probably when I was 14 years old, I was having dreams about eastern countries that I had never been to. I used to receive impressions coming from a culture born in India during 8th-12th century about Shiva and Tantric practices. When I was 30 years old, the new age flowed from America into Northern Europe like flu. I was running after things like rebirth in order to meet higher beings, or probably a master but I found nothing.

Later in my professional life when I was inventing, I always felt that some one was watching me over my shoulder while I was designing my inventions. The repetitive occurrence of this feeling made me paranoid but it was real. These were the most creative years of my life. Now I have clearly come to know that it was Osho who was guiding me in my designs. Its been three years since I met Osho through a woman, Ma Anand Marga and I am more aware today about how he is helping me.

And your new work?

Vasanto:- This new work was a secret until today. I have come to know that sometimes when our body is silent, our biology works better and can work as a medium for energetic healing. I am working on how to bring this phenomenon to use. I am preparing a text about this and Osho has helped me a lot in it. When we met Swami Arun it was a great time. After a lot of discussion we have come to know that the people in Europe don’t know that most of their problems are in the mind and the only solution is meditation. So we also have plans to open a Osho commune in near future where people can come and meditate. It will happen gradually and the first step has already been taken.

I have seen that it’s very difficult for scientists or people from a science background to bend towards spirituality or religion. But today it is a different story………

Abhiru:- Scientists have to be convinced by a demonstration like a+b=c. They have to understand through logic. So the difficulty is to bring them to the heart. But today there is a lot of stress in France like in Europe and people have slowly begun to realize that there is something wrong in their lives. So I think that the right way to explain it to them is by allowing them to experiment it on themselves. Then its ok. They are narrow minded and at the same time they are not narrow minded. When I said to my colleagues that I was going to Nepal for meditation camp, they were very happy for me. So they can understand that it will help me but they are not ready to accept that it could help them too.

But today most of the European people need help. There is a lot of sadness and depression in the West especially in the professional world and many are seeking help from different practices, therapies and spiritual teachers. Nature can also be very therapeutic. I think that meditation is actually the true way for scientists to make their life lighter and happier and today people from Europe can easily understand why. These problems can be easily solve by introducing them to meditation and gradually to Osho when their heart is more open.

Vasanto:- Its difficult in France because most of the people are Catholics and anything other than Christian is considered as a cult. They are wrong but it’s not their fault because they don’t know. People need to experiment inside themselves and this is the only way to know.

Before Osho, religion was not accepted into science and science was not welcomed by religion. As scientists what would you say to that?

Abhiru:- Osho is a bridge between these two worlds, science and spirituality. Osho made it easier especially for the occident people to understand spirituality and helped them to come to their hearts. He also gave these rules during his early days, the five principles that Swami Arun talks about. It’s important to have guidelines. You are right about the difference between science and religion before Osho. And for me Osho’s meditation is a crossroad between these two worlds. Through Osho it became easier for us, people in the mind to understand, because he gave us the privilege of experimenting.

These five principles have raised a lot of controversy in the Osho community. Could you talk about your experience with these five principles?

Abhiru:- I think that its important for us to pass through these disciplines. In France I did try to meditate but I realized that I do need some guidelines. It is a step by step process for me and has helped me to be on the line. I realized that I can’t reach the finish line without passing through the first point. And the first point is purification and then the discipline that I have to meditate at least twice a day. And then the life will do the rest. Its like a demonstration, a man who climbs the Mt Everest has to start from the base camp. He also needs to make sure that he takes each of his steps carefully. I think the five principles are in fact the right way for us, the Occident people. I have understood the importance of purification, meditation, company, silence retreat through my own experience.

Vasanto:- The reality is very clear and there is nothing to be said about it.

I would like to know about your experience during this camp.

Abhiru:- It was like Oh my God! Hey Bhagwan! It was wonderful. For me I have been touched by the love of Osho. Its something that I hadn’t experienced before and I was really impressed by all this love, this goodness of everybody. We are very lucky first to know Osho, to know Arun. It was really an honor, a privilege to attend this camp. The camp has been a transformation for both of us. Now I have come to know that through discipline, through meditation I can be, I can be another woman. From here I have also learnt how to celebrate life and I am very thankful. I am sure that one day our joy will spread like an epidemic. That’s my scientific word.

Vasanto:- We are the 2nd generation sannyasins and its a great time. Arun is working perfectly. I speak about my deep feeling that when u meet Arun, when u see the light in his eyes, when u hear the love in his words, when u feel the love overflowing from his heart, phewww……. We have seen that he gives time to everybody and all the 250 people in this camp feel his love. And the beauty of the people here, they are always taking care for your comfort and are always smiling. You are like our examples and we would love to be like you, always laughing even at work.

What was your favorite session during the camp?

Vasanto:- I liked the prayer meditation because I felt a very strong presence of energy. It really spoke deeply in my heart, my body and my brains. The energy was growing more and more everyday during the day and it was a great experiment for us.

Abhiru:- In the beginning I didn’t feel anything when Swami Arun said feel Osho because I was not so connected. But from the middle of the camp I really felt his love and it was a new feeling for me. Then of course the sharing sessions with Swami Arun and the Sannyas celebration on the last day. I also liked the prayer meditation because it made me feel that cosmic energy does exist. I really liked how we receive from the sky and then give it back to Earth.

In the end do you have anything to say?

Vasanto:- Many Many thanks to everyone, to Arun, to Osho, to life for the love that we received.

Abhiru:- A lot of gratitude to you people, to Osho and Swami Arun. Tapoban is a message of hope for the Occidental people because we have come to know that there is a way to change our lives. We all became one during the camp and it’s an example that this can happen on a larger scale through out the world. So my message to the French people is that if you want to transform your lives we know the way and we know the place. We have Osho and we have meditation. It’s a small thing to say but Arun is doing a job really important for the humanity.

Interview by- Swami Aatmo Neerav

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34 Responses to Nasa Scientist and a Molecular Biologist Visit Osho Tapoban

  1. Chetna says:

    What a nice article! I am so happy that more and more people experience Tapoban.

    Tapoban’s camp makes one speechless and I am happy some friends find words to express their experience. If there are any people out there who is looking for Osho, for love, for meditation they MUST go to Tapoban.

    New sannyasins find Osho there and old sannyasins meet him again after a long separation. I have seen it millions of times!

    I cannot thank enough Arun sw and every single individual who works and comes to Osho Tapoban for their outstanding work to help humanity!

    Despite economic difficulties (the country is really poor) and constant criticism Tapoban has been improving and helping thousands of people!

    I have never seen anybody in my life so devoted to Osho like Arun sw and Tapoban residents!

    I thank you All from my heart and bow down to You!

    With Love

  2. amrito says:

    yess!! tapoban rocks, and its been newly renovated with the meditation hall having hardwood floors! its loooked absolutely fabuloso!

  3. Good job Neerav. Its always inspiring to read these interviews.

  4. amrito says:

    this is a direct link to camp pictures!


  5. Heraclitus says:

    The usual self-congratulation.
    Not a truly single self-reflective thought. It used to be said that the test of a real democracy was that if there was no self-reflection or self-criticism, one never had to worry because someone would have the courage and “right” to come along and do it for you. Not a bad test, but in very few places does it seem to be found.

  6. amrito says:

    heraclitus, drink a cup of tea!!
    (maybe in Tapoban)

  7. satya says:

    this is all sooo beautiful.
    soon we will have the technology to blast meditators into space from tapoban.
    if enightenment can easier be reached in himalayas,then think of the possibilities of even higher consciousness in space.

    or we could blast arun and someone else,maybe myself,or amrito or krishnananda up there,or who knows,the whole of tapoban,and orbit the earth raining down enlightenment and making darshan possible for the whole world by looking into the sky at night.

    with obama as us president and enlightened people cruising in space ,the kali yug may just have ended……

  8. frank says:

    is that for real?
    all those gods and godesses leaping about with their redrobesandmalas on?
    barking mad divinities,going for the one?
    far out!
    i can just hear retro tull playing “living in the past ”
    in the background..
    turn on tune in and drop the lot.
    die before you die,baby.
    and pass me some of them nepalese temple balls over here,man.
    wow,nice one.

    but seriously,heraclitus,do you think you can step in the same river twice?

  9. Anand Punyam says:

    Dearest Kneerub,

    this is a beautiful interview. if not for anything else but for the mere simplicity with which it offers insipiration. i am touched. thank you so much. i am also impressed by your own invisibility (except the times when you’ve typed you as ‘u’ [sour face]). keep up the good work!


    and here are some haikus that i know you will like…i guess they have nothing to do with your interview, or perhaps they do. that is besides the point. look! they are so beautiful!

    A gold bug -
    I hurl into the darkness
    and feel the depth of night.

    The moment two bubbles
    are united, they both vanish.
    A lotus blooms.

  10. frank says:

    are there sannyasins walking around the uk and elsewhere with red and malas on?

  11. frank says:

    nobly,the great priest
    deposits his daily stool
    in bleak winter fields


  12. Heraclitus says:

    Hi Frank,
    love your last Haiku.

    As far as I know wearing malas and maroon is found in the UK in centres like Osho Leela and Croydon Hall on special days. I haven’t seen a sannyasin dressed like that in a London street for at least 20 years!
    Osho told us to drop the mala and the maroon in 1985 and in no uncertain terms! Strange world we live in.
    How can all these “surrendered” sannyasins not obey their master?
    It’s not as if they are rebels by any means! I’d tell you but I am afriad it will offend those who happen up here and I feel poolite this evening!

  13. frank says:

    to con-vey ones mood
    in se-ven-teen syl-la-bles
    is ve-ry dif-ic

    —-john cooper clarke

  14. amrito says:

    “Osho told us to drop the mala and the maroon in 1985 and in no uncertain terms”

    do you want to display the lecture here on sannyasnews?

    Osho had never explicitly “banned” the mala or orange clothes. In fact in 1985 after rajneeshpuram in Kathmandu, people were in red and malas.

    If anyone has “dropped” the mala in no uncertain terms, it was the adminstritive panel who supposedly carried forward messages from Osho. This can be contested as Sheela used to carry alot of messages from Osho too.

    Any how i think its anyones freedom to choose !!

  15. Chetna says:

    Osho told US to drop our egoes and all that comes with it.

  16. Vista says:

    I met some of sannyasin at Osho Tapoban….they are almost militant! One sannyasin in Pokhara even called himself an Osho Taliban! what an irony….He was almost disciplining the sannyasin out there……he was telling me I must wear mala and robe…..what a bullshit!

    And they want to keep osho pure! what the hell is that? osho was always renewing his understanding…….he was alwasy learning….he learnt from many sources….hence the richness in his discourses….but these retarded people dont even allow to question! out there Osho is new god!….new religion……apparently he is even one of the Avatar! ha ha! Its same bullshit in new form….

    I really dont like the Osho tapobans approach to ‘spread osho’……..its almost like jehovahs witness people!

  17. amrito says:

    yea, you can meet idiots n e where though! just go and read some blogs and search “osho”; people meet an idiot here and there and they label the entire group with the same idiocy! This has happened with Osho since the beginning..

    I’ve been to Tapoban as well, with the same fresh eyes and I haven’t noticed a “jehovahs witness” description you’ve given at all!! This is ur prejudice because I know in the West, atleast here in Canada, Jehovas are everywhere!! Its easy to emediately think of them when Sw. Arun or anyone from Tapoban says “spread Osho”.

    Things like Jehovahs witness don’t even exist in Nepal or India—hindus don’t convert or go door to door nor do buddhists. This conditioning doesn’t exist in their minds so how can they emulate something which is not in their surroundings?

    If the person can say “Osho Taliban”, haha, can’t you get the Joke? He must’ve laughed, but you must’ve seen a brown guy with a beard saying it and thought “hmm…is he really joking?!”–haha even i’m laughing.

    “Purity” isn’t a word you can transalte easily from an eastern concept, but a Christian concept translates it simply as a duality. English isn’t a first language so dont pick and choose words!

    And there are many questions that are asked, but their need not be protests to ask these questions? Only if questions are ignored should there be protests, so where is this “allowing” or “dissallowing”. Sw. Arun stayed in my place for 2 weeks and I questioned a shit load and it was always a non-serious atmosphere.

    And if people consider Osho an “avatar” or “god”, its their problem and atleast even if its a mistake, they are not turning a hitler into a god or avatar—its Osho and he’ll fix them pretty good!! They might have not heard the “Fuck” lecture yet.

    Everywhere in the world Osho can’t be understood with the same linguistics or forms due to so many external variables!!

  18. amrito says:

    and please look at this picture and tell me where you’ve seen so many “militants” smiling!! ?

    In fact these types of places may be the only hope for militants or any world army!!

  19. Vista says:

    Amrito, now this is what i really call a holy cow dung!

    You say its my prejudice…….you are wrong there my boy! You are the one who is starting with prejudice…… You presumed I am a westerner…a white guy may be even! I am not. I am from Nepal…… fact I have a long beard that even resembles to what one may call muslim style or taliban style……..I have been called ‘bin laden by people’ so your prejudice and assumption that I didnt get the joke………you are so utterly wrong! It really reflects the mind of a follower……their blind wish to defend something, what to them is an ideal or god or guru……..( its not a sickness that belongs to ‘osho’ sannyasin only…it comes in all package…..muslim….hindu…or christian…and all….)

    Let get the facts right….there are lots of Jehovahs witness out there in Nepal….I know it because I was born in really poor so called untouchable caste……..they used to come in loads to convert us! Most of them have converted! In my family I have many christian converts……and really poor ones intelectually and materially as well! May be you should get your facts right and do your home work before you bring your case of defense! Christianity is a recognised religion in Nepal now…they get Christmas holiday now a days!

    You are right that no hindu or buddhists go door to door or even press people to buy books unless they are Hare Rama Hare Krishna people….but I have seen these Osho sannyasins doing that! Its a fact! They were so pushy…it was a ugly sight really… can not force people to drink water howsoever pure who are not thirsty! Thirst is the first priory……thirst will lead them to water! Not forcing them to drink water…….they might even hate the water……..!!!

    Yes I know about the eastern dexterity with words! I read, write and speak quiet a few of them my self….hindi..nepali..urdu….and sanskrit ( No so well)! and I was speaking in nepalese to the person concerned! So may be you should keep in check your defensive attitude! (prejudice LOL)

    I havent met Arun so i cant talk about him…but if these militants guys are his disciples to judge by then i am afraid they are not reflecting much intelligence of him!

    And I was not talking about questioning him or other but oneself! Doubt….question…looking…investigating…searching…in oneself…to start with…….but sannyasins seem to start with so called trust which is nothing but blind faith! When i spoke with many of them….they just churn out the answer from Osho quotations… silly!

    I am glad to know that you asked Arun ‘shit load’ of questions….good for you! (but by judging by this response……I dont what kind of questions you asked….prejudiced….and stupid ones!) Whats so amazing about non-serious atmosphere…….?!! There is a place and importance of seriousness…..seriousness is not always bad! Some of the lifes questions… need serious attention….response… can not be always frivilous and always jokey jokey about it! Its one way of avoiding life……..

    You say it was non-serious atmosphere…its nothing special…..can one go down the pub or club…( i love them both too)…its non-serious atmosphere there……

    You say if people are making osho a ‘God’ or ‘avatar’ its their problem…….its so typical sannyasin response to say its their problem! ….Of course it is..but you see there problem is our problem too because we are interelated. We are one! And cant i point out the silliness…..because i can see through it! Osho was always pointing out……he was trespassing all the boundries of religions…..morality….politics…everything…when he saw it was wrong! He didnt say it was there problem! Did he? Why did he Criticise Nietszche…Christ…Gandhi….Morarji Desai…Mother Teresa…….Pope… wasnt really his problem was it?! but why didnt you say to him…it was there problem osho you silly old fool…..and just do your business…..why didnt you? Because your follower mind thinks he is some extra-special being may be..even some avatar …..and he has rights to everything…..oh no not us!…us mere mortals! You are putting him in some authoritarian pedestal…….

    and you say ‘at least even if it is a mistake, they are not turning into god or avatar,-its osho and he will fix them pretty good’ ……..and you are showing your childish argument……normally I woulnt bother continuing conversation to this level of childishness but out of respect to you I am continuing….

    Let me tell you Osho is dead and he wont come back to fix them! Even when he was alive he could not fix them how could he fix when he is dead! and if any body could fix them its people who are alive could fix them….which mean each of us….you and me! But not by putting somebody in authority but through self-examination…exploration…through seeing!

    And be it hitler or osho….to put anybody in authority is wrong……Hitler may be in the opposite side of spectrum to what Osho is but he was a human being too and so was osho! Apparently…few people do believe that Hitler was some kind of avatar…too…and he had many follower! Its not them…..its the unquestioning….blind faith that is the problem! Osho is dead… can make what you may out of him!

    And spiritual or psychological authority is the most dangerous thing……..its a fact! it retards people… can see the example of it everywhere….

    Your childishness goes even further…you are asking me to look at picture…( i havent even bothered to look) …to prove your point that oh these smiling happy people are not militant…not stupid….. I am afraid i wont buy into that shit! It might just be a propaganda picture……

    I have seen still pictures and TV footage of Talibans laughing and smiling…..with there AK47…while they were stoning woman for so called adultry…..what you say about that. Oh arent they happy bunch of militants…come on…grow up!

    you can go to anyclub and take pictures….and you will find them all dancing and laughing..smiling and hugging……and very joyous indeed……

    Its as if dancing and laughing and hugging were invented by osho people….grow up and get out of your little ponds…….

    One need not follow osho to live, love,,and celebrate….life….! In fact….by following osho…one may just be an imitator ….a phoney copy cat and nothing else!

    Its a question of intelligence which is inherent to all human being…….one is born with it!

    J krishnamurti was enlightened and he didnt follow osho or become sannyasin! what you say to that!

    I love Osho……but its not imperative to follow him or anybody ….what is important is to use ones intelligence…….and truth is not in words…..not in osho words,..or anybodys words…howsoever beautiful may it be expressed…….

    Truth like love……is in everyday living…..its nobodys monopoly!

  20. Vista says:

    ok Amrit….just to respect you i looked at the pics…..nice pictures….but its not enough to say that they are not militant……….have you seen the pics of people who go for hajj in mecca or when people go to see in mass to see pope! It could be that only these people are wearing maroon robe!…

    i am not making allegations that they are all militants…..only that i met most of them like those!

    i have met some great lovely human beings……including osho himself

  21. amrito says:

    hmmm…you know Vista, reading through your response I see you’ve really seen on my prejudice as well, and I must apoligize for it.

    Its a very good response on your side, and you have some experiences to talk from (unlike some others who criticize without direct experience) and I would love to talk further (as my experience was overwhemingly positive):

    my email is:

    Yes, I don’t even live in Nepal so I can’t completely respond to what you’re saying so I’ll let those who are there everyday to give you a response.

    Thanks and Good one!


  22. amrito says:

    haha so you won’t send me an email!!

    Share some more things, perhaps your experience with meeting Osho?

    How about Osho Meditation Techniques? What is your experience with them?

    Commune? Which ones were you in? Nepal, Pune or just a meditation Center? Do these help you?

    It seems you have much to share, and I would love to hear about it.


  23. Aatmo Neerav says:

    Dear Vista,

    Lets get the facts “CORRECT”

    The parliament decided to recognize Christmas holidays in Nepal after the “People’s movement II” because recognition of all communities was one of the main issues raised by the Madhesi Forum Party at the parliament house after the revolution. And as there is no more a King in Nepal, Nepal is no more a Hindu country. So all religions including the minorities have been recognized. The holiday is not a consequence of the not-so-influential jehovas witness movement in Nepal as you say. Not that this was important but i’m only tryin to say that use facts correctly to support your arguements rather than misleading someone who is not from a Nepali ground.

    Tapoban has a book stall that sells Osho books at its entrance where the registrations are made. Its open through out the day, seven days a week. I dont think there is anyone there who would bother to push you to buy a book, they are so busy they wouldnt even notice. Every Saturday Tapoban holds an Osho book stall inside its premises for the public, there also no body pushes anybody to buy anything. Its your wish. Infact, one of the ma who volunteers to sit at the stall every saturday is one of Nepal’s popular super-model, i really doubt she will bother to hold the “jehovas witness” for you. The other publications of Tapoban are Swami Arun’s book which are such huge bestsellers in Nepal that the copies are booked before they are published, you can confirm it through any distributor here. Another is our yearly book which is either gifted or can only be bought at Tapoban’s book stall. For instance, I saw some woman writer has published a very low quality translation of Sex to Superconsciousness in Nepali. You cant blame Tapoban for it though its something that has been done in Nepal. I am sure you had some bad experiences but its too prejudiced to blame all of it on Osho Tapoban.

    If you really understood the eastern dexterity of words, you would have understood what Amrito was trying to convey. Only the simple fact that ‘purity’ has many meanings in the East while the West has only one translation that is duality. But rather than understanding it simple, you stretched it too far,, and very amatuerly and baselessly. hahahah so you know Sanskrit also huh?

    “but if these militants guys are his disciples to judge by then i am afraid they are not reflecting much intelligence of him!”
    which guys are you talking about? the guy who called himself Osho Taliban… hahahha so where’s your spectrum here. Aren’t Taliban and Osho Taliban all human beings like Hitler and Osho…
    And i still dont understand how this “Osho Taliban” becomes Swami Arun’s disciple. I have heard Swami Arun continuosly saying that he is not any body’s master and he has no disciple. Now who is this “Swami Osho Taliban” and also a disciple of Swami Arun? I must say he has a wierd sannyas name.. LOL

    And you ask what’s so amazing about a non-serious environment?
    Well! in a “real” non-serious environment people dont need intoxication to be non-serious unlike in clubs and pubs. The only difference that you dont see in an Osho commune and a Pub. (hahahahhaha, i thought the controversy was all about Tapoban being too serious now why didnt they tell me that now its about Tapoban being too non serious)

    Dude! you have an amazing logic to prove the BLIND FAITH that these Tapoban people are in. I am really impressed by your BLIND FAITH about how BLIND they are.

    p.s. i am gonna pose in my maroon robe with an AK47 for the next picture gallery and i wont forget to smile. ……….THE NEW PROPOGANDA EH!

  24. Chetna says:

    You do so Neerav, but I hate that you cut your hair! I want your curls back!

  25. frank says:

    namaste vista,
    kasto cha?
    ap se milkarbahut khusi hai.
    aaj kaisa mausam hai?
    momo khanne?
    pheri bhetayunla.
    osho manucheharu
    bahut sahi hai.


  26. Aatmo Neerav says:


    hilarious frank!

    Chetana the curls will soon be back. they are growing again.

  27. amrito says:

    haha…you know, at first when I responded, I really had to look inside again and see whats happening…

    I just came from Osho Maulshree Meditation Center, which was inaugurated by Sw. Anand Arun.

    I am filled with gratitude that such a place exists, and not one, but four!! So many opportunities to go within, meditate and celebrate. Such a gift…

    Now while I read back some of the comments by Vista….what a load of crap!! It has nothing in my experience or the many others whom are enjoying the many meditation centers inspired by Osho Tapoban.

    If a person understands that a meditation center is just an opportunity for growth, they should understand all sorts and types of people must be encoutered—>including fanatical types.

    But judging from the harsh and very cold opinions by Vista, and his ugly comparison of “militants”, he must have that type of mind. Its such an ugly word to describe the beautiful Osho sannyasins in Nepal, even if I met a few. Even if they were a bit disciplined, such an ugly word shows an ugly mind and probably an ugly person.

    This response comes from seeing the extremely vile events in Mumbai and seeing the desperate lives of a few…And to compare sannyasins who enjoy following a couple of disciplines a day (including wearing robes and malas) to those…it is absolutely un-acceptable and shows a very disturbed person behind it!!

  28. Chetna says:

    It was quite amusing to see the comparison of Osho Tapoban people with militants!
    He must have gone to the wrong place.
    Tapoban people are so chilled that to the Western mind it is even annoying. I have seen Westerners coming there for the 1st time and being in absolute loss, because noone is telling what is allowed what is not.No one is telling them you MUST do all meditation-everyone is just left alone and some people hate it.
    There are NO rules as such-they do not need them, they just follow the natural way of living and if one is sensitive they get adjusted to Tapban beautifully.

    So funny to even imagine some Tapoban person convincing anybody to follow Osho-they are too busy meditation, dancing and laughing. They are too happy. And that’s what must have hurt Vista. I have seen people getting angry just because everybody seems so happy and not bothered.

    Having said that if a person needed a support every single Tapoban person would help-again, it happens naturally because they are natural.

    Somehow a situation with the mirror comes in mind. Buddhafields reflect us in my opinion and we see what we are made of.

    And Vista, just because you have “seen” Osho does not mean you ave understood him. And just because you have heard of Arun sw does not mean you know anything at all.

    Relax! I wish I was living in Kathmandu and was able to meditate in Tapoban. But why to appreciate it, better to condemn-it feels good, hey! So many are in love with Tapoban that it must irritates you! As you like! We are all free to do what we like!

  29. Aatmo Neerav says:

    —————————> BRIGHT LIGHT!
    Day light
    night light
    people fight
    scary sight
    darkest night
    nothing’s right
    Day light…
    a burning kite…

    I feel really sad about what happened in Bombay. All that trauma, horror, disgust… for nothing.
    Such a big illusion, that we all are different from each other. Such a big illusion that it looks so real.

  30. vista says:

    Hey there friends……

    Hold on! Hold on!

    If you read my critics carefully….you will see that I didnt say all of them are ‘militant’….

  31. frank says:

    namaskar vista,
    samskrtam anughitasmi.


  32. frank says:

    hola `windows` vista!
    hablas sanskriti?
    no hablo sanskriti.
    donde este el bano?
    dos cervezas per favore e dos bocadillos.
    hasta la vista,vista..


  33. avadhu says:

    Nice to know that so many people are coming to Tapoban. The interview is really nice. Keep up the good work!

  34. Sw. Bibekananda says:

    It appears to be a bit messy…

    Being one of the OSHO followers, I would not prefer to involve myself in such unhealthy and imbalanced discussions. Of course, there are numerous masters and gurus in this planet. Personally, I am listening to masters and gurus I came to know simply to seek, so called a Materially and Spiritually Balanced Life (MSBL), which is, I am sure, the necessity of this time. Personally, I’d love to extract the necessary nectar from those masters and gurus, which gives me colossal divine energy to perform my professional job, take care of my family , help those we needs my help, and love people and our precious environment and planet. I would not dare to challenge masters and gurus, rather I would listen to them and again I would like to remind you all, extract the nectar I need so that I would be able to have a MSBL to share love, peace, wisdom, human kindness and many more with others.

    With prayers for world peace, wisdom, and human kindness. Live blissful life with celebration!