Giten calls for Truth about September 11th

Call for an independent and truthful
investigation of September, 11

“To restore the reputation of the United States in the world,
a proposal is suggested in the open letter below that the – hopefully – new Democratic US government instigate a truthful and full investigation concerning the events of September 11, with the purpose of prosecuting the persons responsible for crimes against humanity”.
Swami Dhyan Giten
Therapist, Teacher and Author

September 11, and the so-called “War on terrorism” seems to be a fraudulent way to create the shock and the climate of fear and terror to make the public support wars, accept increased secret mass surveillance and limitations of human rights, which otherwise would not have been possible to make the public accept.

Four of the largest oil companies, BP, Exxon Mobil, Shell and Total, also recently got free hands to draw up their own contracts with the Iraq “government”, which – besides being an extraordinary excellent business opportunity – is a striking commentary to the criticism that the real reason behind the lies about the invasion of Iraq is to get control of the oil. War is not about words like democracy, freedom or liberation. War is about natural resources and money. The deaths of more than 100.000 people, and the incomprehensible suffering of men, woman and children during many years, seems to be acceptable losses. It presents a great challenge for the people of the world to face this situation.

Seven years after the events of September, 11, the American government has still not proven that the persons they have accused are really guilty. According to the Internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia – who quotes FBI’s website – FBI is no longer searching for bin Laden.

In the US a popular movement has grown, which questions what really happened 9/11. Several public opinion surveys has been made, which shows a basic mistrust among the American public against the official version of 9/11. The latest survey made by the University of Ohio and published in August, 2006, shows that 36 % of Americans believe that it is probable that persons in the US government either participated in the attacks themselves or neglected to intervene, because they wanted the US to go to war in the Middle East. A popular movement is also beginning to grow in Europe . Read more at: (Europe ) and ( US).

It is doubtful that the real criminals behind the events of September, 11, are identified. To restore the reputation of the USA in the world, a proposal is suggested that the – hopefully – new Democratic government instigate a truthful and complete investigation concerning the events of September, 11, with the purpose of prosecuting the responsible persons for crimes against humanity.

Prosecution should also include people, who have consciously kept secret and misled people about the truth concerning the events of 9/11. Politicians and the media, for example, has exerted censorship and refrained from publishing any criticism against the official version of the American government.

An alternative would be an independent international commission with the mandate to prosecute.

There are powerful forces that opposes a truthful investigation of 9/11 – forces that own both the Republican and the Democratic party, who do not care about democracy, truth or the people – but it is not acceptable that unconscious and unscrupulous people can commit hideous crimes, without being held accountable.

In Sweden , the new mass surveillance law, which allows the surveillance of phone calls, E-mails and Internet activity of all Swedish citizens, without any need for suspicion of crime or court order, has caused the greatest political crises for the current Swedish conservative government. This law is not in accordance with a modern law-governed society, and is ordered directly from the American government, which has wanted sensitive personal information from Europe .

In closing, there are not many things that the different approaches of modern psychology agree about, but there is one thing that they all agree about: that people in groups and organizations, simply put, become more stupid. Individually people are more intelligent, because they have to take more responsibility. But in a group, people do not have to take the same amount of responsibility. People in groups and organizations tend to get caught up in the need of the ego to create hierarchies of power, status, positions, roles, norms and conformity.

All organizations are more or less dysfunctional. The sign of a dysfunctional group is that the members of the group play three roles and positions: aggressor, denier and victim. It is always easier to follow the group without reflection or awareness, than to trust your own heart, to trust your own intelligence, truth, wisdom and creativity. It is not always easy to follow your own heart, but it always leads your right.

It is a very beautiful world, but unfortunately it is in the wrong hands. The future of the world lies in the hands of the intelligent and creative people.
Yours sincerely,
Swami Dhyan Giten,

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25 Responses to Giten calls for Truth about September 11th

  1. Juan says:

    If somebody want to know more about what are the politicians going to do and all the bad things that they did in the past and aren´t put in the history books I recommend you this docummentary; End Game (It is in Google Video) made by Alex Jones and you can also get more information in the webs and videos of Daniel Estulin.

  2. alok john says:

    I find it hard to believe President Bush would knowingly allow the Sept 11th attacks.

    The Americans probably went to war to demonstrate American power, to say to enemies : “Don’t mess with us or we will destroy you like we did in Iraq.”

    The cheap oil they get from Iraq would never compensate for the cost of the war, estimated at three million million dollars.

    I agree with Giten’s points about organisations being stupid.

  3. amrito says:

    umm..just a word about politics, in the movie Farenheight 911, it clearly shows Bush with strong ties to OIL and war contracting companies. His and many other politicians invested in these companies and profits were in the milions per day. So, ofcourse the American people had to pay, but alot of business men and politicians had a goldrush!

  4. alok john says:

    Bush may have made money from the war but I doubt he was part of a conspiracy to bring down the towers. It is easy to make a movie or a Michael Moore documentary suggesting such things, but I don’t think it would be practicable for him to do it. There would be too many people involved, the possibility of the conspiracy unwinding is considerable. He is a rich man already, why commit mass murder and risk the conspiracy coming out?

  5. frank says:

    no-nonsense flat pack psychology from sweden:

    “you are dysfunctional ”

    “no i`m not”

    “oh dear he`s right,i am”

  6. alok john says:

    did you learn this at the Humaniversity, Frank?

  7. frank says:

    do they teach that there?

  8. Juan says:

    There are many people like Michael Moore financiated by the elite called Club Bilderberg in order to confuse the people who watch those films and create the ilusion that they have INDEPENDIENT OPINION when in reality they know the same than the rest of the mass.

    The problem here is that trough that film Michael Moore says intranscendental things that are truth in order to avoid the real and big truth about the politicians.
    What is the truth???
    I am not going to explain you because since you are seekers of the truth you can investigate better and don´t believe in the first person that say something about it, or did you find your master with the first spiritual book that you read????? JEJEJEJEJEJ
    I don´t think so.

    I posted before some useful webs to investigate about it. If you want you can read what is written and match if is truth or you can continue commenting as if you would know about it.

  9. Dave says:

    These so called elits make money either way, they have hedged portfolio’s that cover all the bases.
    Thinsg have gotten better and better in the world. Less poverty, less hunger and more prosperity.
    If these evil people are doing this, then lets let them keep going.
    I would rather have them in charge then some conspiracy minded idiot. Go make some jobs and help people find dignity and then give me a call.

  10. Giten says:

    A joy to see the debate about this call for a truthful investigation of September 9th. An eloge also for Sannyasnews for publishing it as it pertains both to inner and outer freedom, which is very much in danger right now.

    For me personally it has been a gradual process to investigate this matter – and I agree with the last speaker: investigate and find out the truth for yourself. Osho has told you this, if not your own intuition, your own truth, has already told you – which is really one thing.

    There are so many strange circumstances around the events of 9/11 that put together leads you to a different explanation than the official explanation from the US government. For example: do you really think that four large passenger planes can fly around for hours in the world’s number one military power without NORAD (responsible for air security) would react. I do not think that this would be possible even in Sweden.

    Many experts in this field also say that this kind of highly specialized operation must have been done with support from an intelligence agency, and that the 19 accused persons did not have the training or expertise to pull of this kind of operation.

  11. frank says:

    did you know that the resort has been taken over by 12 foot shape-shifting lizards who subsist solely on a diet of nitrous oxide and bombay gin?

  12. amrito says:

    but isn’t a man in a cave, hiding in afghanistan, training people to fly jumbo jets, more than 4 in total, getting passed security and than ramming them into major targets a pretty big consipircacy theory in itself?

    As far as Michael Moore, i’m pretty sure it wasn’t that easy for him to make that film. And he’s not even the one hinting at the fact the adminstration did it.

    There’s evidence in the past of the CIA staging attacks in the states so that they could have domestic support to invade Cuba. The adminstration, similar to many big governments, do have a history of proxy wars and executing foreign leaders they dont like.

    Its just, I dont believe just because they are a big name politically and in the media, that they aren’t capabable of strategically planning such a huge event. Because undeniably, they now have a bigger presence in the Middle East than they ever did before 911. And, no matter if Iraq “loses”, there will always be an American presence there for years to come.

  13. alok john says:

    It is one thing for the CIA to stage some small attack in mainland US to get support for the invasion of Cuba in ’61.

    I just don’t think the President could have a meeting with the heads of the CIA and Air Force and say “I want you to devise a plan to blow up the twin towers in New York City.” The Heads of the CIA and Air Force would call in shrink, and the Vice President would take over

  14. Putaran says:

    I find it funny that one can give these all powerful elites the power to make conspiracies yet they couldnt defeat Michael Moore and they couldnt defeat daniel ellsberg and the couldnt close down burning man and they could defeat Hitler..
    Either they are weak or strong?

  15. Juan says:

    You didn´t think before that would be possible to be free from the sufferment and the thougths, however you know now that is possible with the enlightment.

    You are being now like the rest of the people when somebody like Osho talk about the spirituality that the only thing that are able to say is I DON´T BELIEVE IN THAT without thinking about it or trying to match if is true.

    How are you able to don´t believe in that when in the history were people like Hitler,Stalin,Lenin Mao Tse Tun,etc,etc that killed too much people???????

    Please lost some time matching all the things that say the people from the webs that I recommended and if you want also you can see the predictions that they did and are happening now.
    I am decepcionated with your attitude, you are contradictory, you are defending on a side Osho and that you are different from the rest of the people and however you aren´t able to see few webs in order to match if you have any idea about it or if you do like the rest of the people giving opinion about it without any idea.

  16. amrito says:

    hmm, i dont think it was the airforce who did it either. Theres alot of research going on about the way the towers collapsed, and more than one eye witness who describes hearing bombs before one of the towers got hit by the plane. Countless engineers and physics proffs have all testified on various documentaries about the very very low probability of the towers falling the way it did without any type of explosive device.
    Another interesting thing was, all of the gold in the towers was removed before any planes hit.
    Remember, Bush is the party who pulled off an election casting black voters out. This is as factual as it gets because its been documented by many observers that the election in year 2000 was invalid for many reasons.
    The stranger thing is how easily all the politicians, democrat and republican got together and accepted the conclusion.
    Osho is absolutely right in the video “The Manifesto”, that Politicians, no matter what political party or side they belong to, liberal or conservative, are sick and mentally ill people. None of them can be trusted, whether the green party or Bush’s. Osho at point said their were “Dogs in the whitehouse”.
    Juan is right when he points out all the other brutal dictators of this century, but I think its a western americano bias to think such sick people cant be born in countries like England or America.

    like George Carlin says:
    “Its all bullshit folkes, its all bullshit…”

  17. alok john says:

    “Remember, Bush is the party who pulled off an election casting black voters out. This is as factual as it gets because its been documented by many observers that the election in year 2000 was invalid for many reasons.
    The stranger thing is how easily all the politicians, democrat and republican got together and accepted the conclusion.

    Osho is absolutely right in the video “The Manifesto”, that Politicians, no matter what political party or side they belong to, liberal or conservative, are sick and mentally ill people. None of them can be trusted, whether the green party or Bush’s. Osho at point said their were “Dogs in the whitehouse”.
    Juan is right when he points out all the other brutal dictators of this century, but I think its a western americano bias to think such sick people cant be born in countries like England or America.”

    I don’t really disagree with anything you said above Amrito, especially about the 2000 election. I just think it would have been almost impossible for Bush to do it. There are things that even Hitler could not do.

  18. Juan says:

    I posted this too in the notice board but I don´t know if it showed.
    The scientists are shocked because there aren´t flecks on the sun.
    If you remember gurdjieff and osho said that the changes in the sun activity provocates the wars and revolutions so that means that VIOLENCE IS NEXT

  19. amrito says:

    yea, i agree to and in my opinion Bush wasn’t the one who pulled it off. He was merely a puppet to same adminstration run by his dad because alot of the big players behind Bush were from Bush senior’s adminstration. And Bush seniors administration uprooted from Reagan. Since Reagan, Amercian interference (outside of the media, unpopular stories, etc) on international politics and domestic propoganda have been a way of life for politicians. Every term they get more and more cunning and gain more and more power, and sometimes it’s strange to call a country like that a democracy.

    When the Dixie Chicks dissed Bush abroad, they were ultimately rediculed on the streets. Sources say government sponsored groups and activists were the main pundits behind propoganda against the bad so that their platinum status in the country world would plummit.

    I’m just alot more skeptical about organizational structures the more I grow. I find the more power, the more cunning you’ll have to be. I’m studying commerce right now and without a doubt, marketing is one huge propaganda technique in the finest fashion. Corporate culture is profit-maximizing, and if their werent laws, it would go to any lengths to maximize profit/power. Thats why whenever a new law comes for consumer advocasy, the first one’s to protest are the corporates.

    Hence, for profit and momentary gains of power, I’m sure alot of dogs in white house won’t mind sacrificing in stalin terms “The lives of millions for a stronger cause”. And, the cause may not be profit at all, but religious belief systems or power control. There’s alot more research on the American Christian right who strongly believe Israel cannot get into the hands of muslims (at any cost).

    Some have even suggested, in an ideological sense, the towers might have been a sacrifice to save religious values. If extremists in Islam can blow themselves up for their higher cause and kill thousands (even other muslims themselves), than Christians can do it too, just in more subtle and sophisticated ways.

    By the way, Bush and many politicians in the states are head-strong fundementalist evangelical Christians (the same ones who’ve taken responsbility for bombing abortion clinics around the world and killing many people and doctors).

  20. Putaran says:

    There is no difference in the Jesus religious fanatics and the Osho fanatics that need to quote Osho to explain everything instead of coming up with their own voice.
    A fanatic is a fanatic.

  21. Heraclitus says:

    Come on guys… Of course politicians on both sides are opportunistic. Especially that Cheney and the other oil guys. etc.
    It’s good to have an enemy, and then you can do so much more manipulating your own people and it made going into Iraq easy.
    All that happened was that they used the whole thing. The Bin Laden people definitely did it, but of course whether the CIA knew they were about their business, even when they were in the air, and then just let it run (not expecting those towers to actually collapse!) … well that is just a possibility. Or much more likely just a lazy September morning, we all have those, and so the planes got through, or 3 of them.
    Dont forget Bin Laden/Taliban got and get together quite a lot of other things against the West. and still do. No-one says all those other things cannot be laid eventually at the feet of Wahibism (or whatever the spelling of that extreme form of Islam is). They are very crazy people. Bin Laden does very little by way of public pronouncements, but even he said they “got lucky” with those towers collapsing, which fits for me.

  22. alok john says:

    I agree with Heraclitus.

  23. Please lets check up with other member of this commune before we start sharing without His prior consent!!!Veeresh has been and is the other part of this commune that perhaps we should share more with as His Oshoness is and has been helping humanity through his psychological involvment with Osho´s taechings!Please this is not a fun club* but deep feelings that are shared by other Osho´s disciple and our Amrito is with me on this,and many more!May Osho´s blessing in Us all!

  24. shunyo says:

    Click the right link on the first page on the website,

    “Zeitgeist” is German for “spirit of the times”. The dialog is in English.

    This 2-hour film is free on the web and has three parts:

    1) A thorough study of how the masses have been fed ancient myths and how these myths have been turned first into “facts”, and then into religions like Christianity based on these myths/”facts”. In other words, it documents how people are taught to BELIEVE something, anything, at a very young age and once they are programmed to believe then they will BELIEVE almost anything an “authority” tells them. Like what that authority wants them to BELIEVE about 9/11.

    2) Part 2 documents 9/11 with clips of the twin towers being blown up by internal bombs, as in a planned demolition, story by story, from the top of the buildings down. It documents other critical elements of 9/11 as well, including the air strike on the Pentagon, etc., all very convincingly proving that 9/11 may have been an inside job to scare the masses into supporting “the war on terror”.

    3) Part 3 documents many the players in this game, from the Federal Reserve Bank chiefs to the Bushes and company.

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