The End Of Sannyas News?

Re ongoing site expenses, Clive/Jitendra has recently paid the annual web host fee of £59.99 and there’s a further payment due in November, around £200.  Despite having no further interest in Sannyas, and being very busy with his own creative projects, for a long time he has continued to maintain the site, technically and financially, previously ending up with a £150 deficit after paying around £500 to keep the site going. Understandably, this situation  is no longer acceptable, for him or for us.

If SN is to carry on, it’ll have to be totally funded by its users. So far, only two have responded to the recent appeal at the Caranvanserai page.

Contact  re donations:

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  1. satyadeva says:

    Three contributors so far.

  2. Klaus says:

    Hi Everybody!

    How about interested persons will set up a monthly standing order of EUR 5,00?

    Then the bowl would be full enough by October each year?

    Hands up!

  3. Arpana says:

    If you don’t have a paypal account and want to open one, you don’t need a degree to do so.
    Very straightforward.

    However, shouLd anyone find it’s too much for them to cope with, feel free to ask me, and I will guide you through the procedure, VERY SLOWLY!!!

  4. samarpan says:

    Putting this site on life support is not dignified. When Parmartha died I suggested letting SannyasNews die. Parmartha had dignity. He did not beg.

    All things born will die (Alfred Lord Tennyson). It is time for SannyasNews to die a dignified death.

    • satyadeva says:

      Samarpan, SN has continued after Parmartha’s passing because shortly before he died he asked me to keep it going. And, crucially, due to technical and financial support from Clive and the SN clientele.

      Re SN finances:
      In line with the preferences of Parmartha and its two other co-founders, Paritosh and Dharmen, SN was originally conceived and run as a ‘grass roots alternative’ type of set-up rather than as any sort of ‘official Sannyas’ voice, and as such I suspect that asking for funds, if necessary, wouldn’t have been as intrinsically objectionable to him or the other two as it is to you, except perhaps the hassle of it all.

      However, as you say, Parmartha “did not beg”, left alone he used to finance the whole operation himself (a mark of his total commitment to the site) but after he died Clive, who has taken care of the site maintenace after Brian’s (Dharmen’s) death in 2017 (despite having little or no further interest in Sannyas) has also generously covered the ongoing costs, a large part of which have been reimbursed by two phases of donations from SN contributors (last year and just recently). Understandably, he no longer wishes to have these responsibilities.

      As another generous benefactor can hardly be realistically expected, now it’s down to whether enough people want to support this site. As you say, it might well have run its course although thanks to Clive and recent donations covering his latest payment it seems SN still, theoretically, has about 6 months left.

      • satchit says:

        Yes, SD, difficult for the site to survive.

        I have heard you pay already alone the annual domain fee of around 15 dollars.

        Fact is: if one wants entertainment, one has to pay.

        And if one wants enlightentertainment, one has to pay too!

        • bob says:

          Fact is:
          In the entertainment world, you don’t ask the artist to pay for the administrative expenses of the show. Would you ask Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan to bankroll the Goon Show? No – you PAY Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan for their work to fill that show with their creative talents. If the product is not good or interesting enough for a final viewing audience to cough up a few shillings for the end result, then you have a problem somewhere with the content, the production, or the marketing aspects of the package.

          You know, Colonel Tom Parker never asked Elvis for some money to produce his records, nor did Sam Phillips at Sun Records. They just saw the opportunity at that moment in time, and took some risks…then they PAID Elvis for his time, energy and skills. And made millions for their efforts too.

          Those that designed Osho’s neo-Sannyas movement surely didn’t ask him for some coin to start it or keep it going…but, he was paid off handsomely all along that long and winding Yellow Brick Road, from the unquestioning devotion of his multitude of disciples (a step up from the three students in his Philosophy 101 classroom!), to the seemingly unlimited supply of Rollers and Coca-Cola.

          Entertainment for money is a very modern phenomenon, btw. Actually, entertainment itself was very rare until quite recently in human history. Most people concerned themselves with the survival basics….food, shelter, clothing, for themselves and their families….they had little time or money for anything else.

          But “enlightentertaiment”..? If my memory serves me right that’s a Frank-invented word from right here on SN…the rules could be a bit different surrounding this phenomenon.

          • satchit says:

            Fact is, Bob:

            You are not Elvis!

            Certainly you have some entertaining and writing skills. But here you will not get money for this, it’s only for your own pleasure.

            Anyhow, your creation helps the site moving on.

            But we are not only creators and actors, we are also observers who watch the drama going on on the movie screen.

            • bob says:

              “Fact is, Bob, you are not Elvis!”

              Exactly…but you missed my point…

              Elvis was not “Elvis” either, the famous and successful singer, he was an unknown amateur who drove a truck for minimum wage when he walked into Sam Phillips’s Sun Records in Memphis to record a cheap demo acetate for a present for his mother.

              In those days you could do that if you had $4 or so…kinda like those photo booths at the drugstore in the ’50s here in the US. Phillips was looking for a “white” singer who could take “black” music and sell it to a white audience. He found that person in Elvis, which led to the rock ‘n’ roll phenomenon, and then the British mirror groups in the UK, and the subsequent British Invasion of America…that would be the “sound moving on”, rather than the “site moving on”…that shake, rattle, and roll was definitely a precursor to a lot of the stuff that was taken to be “new” in the Osho world. It wasn’t new really.

              As for money, I think Lokesh and Frank should be the first to get paid for their fine contributions…Lokie seems to be pretty well set there in Ibiza, but I worry about Frank…scouring the racks at Lidl for some beyond-the-sell-by-date bacon for those bacon butty sandwitches…that’s not right.

              • kavita says:

                Bob, don’t tell me you are by any chance or otherwise, Frankie’s alter ego?

                You seem to know too many intricate details about him!

              • frank says:

                Thanks for the big-up, Bob.
                However, rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I am a big fan of Lidl, but I sometimes go to Waitrose too!

                Due to a series of circumstances, I have had less inclination and energy to pursue my old favourite hobby of master-debating on SN. Nevertheless, I am thinking to present this issue that I have been running into during the last months as it may be deemed relevant/worthy for a new topic for discussion…..

                In a nutshell:
                Many newagers, including, of course, Osho sannyasins, since the Covid thing, have bought into and are propagating for various of their own reasons, a swathe of insane and fraudulent “conspiracy theories”. Very many of these theories originate and are being deliberately engineered and pumped out on social media by far-right propagandists, particularly Qanon, as well as other various sources.

                There is a fertile overlap of classic fascist and new age tropes here,nas a quick google about `conspirituality` and Qanon can show.

                (Apart from some people that I have fallen out with in real life recently, I have reliably heard, for example, that at least one former SN contributor is posting admiring comments along with pictures of Donald Trump with photoshopped wings, representing him as the angel and light-worker to save the world from pedos,the deep state and chemtrails etc. on his Facebook page).

                Obvious reasons for this kind of thing are: financial self-interest (for example, amongst wellness industrialists who benefit from dissing science and orthodox medicine), attempts at perceived `rebelliousness` (I`m not a sheep), underlying racism (BLM are terrorists funded by the elite cabal), having freedoms curtailed (you can`t muzzle me with your masks), the satisfaction of being in a gang with special knowledge (“I have awakened and seen through the Matrix”, ”they want to inject you with the mark of the beast”) and other plain ignorance and gullibility born of misplaced idealism fuelled by unaddressed projections that create a desire for a showdown with the forces of evil/Babylon/The Matrix that will usher in a new age of light. Getting into this stuff is presented
                in familiar terms of `awakening`,`awareness`, `consciousness` etc.

                Thus, many of our fellow-travellers are now unknowingly or knowingly spouting far-right, Trumpian lies and fabrications that have apocalyptic Christian overtones mixed in with the old Hari Potter yogic-powers siddhis stuff, and believe that the truth is out there courtesy of random online chancers who are riding the wave, getting rich and famous as their Youtube/Facebook clicks go up: Q, David Icke, Alex Jones, J.P. Sears and a whole bunch of others.

                Although the reasons that these newagers subscribe to Qanon type stuff vary, in my view, generally speaking, they follow the standard basic psychology of fascism, of which Qanon is most definitely a propagandist form. That is to say:
                Uniting around a central idea, purpose and/or charismatic leader, the subscribers turn feelings of depression into aggression, inferiority into superiority, ignorance into arrogance, shame into pride.

                Also, I suspect that many so-called seekers and wellness freaks had already lost the plot before the rise of Qanon, by investing too heavily in bogus (already fascistic) gurus, authoritarian teachers and leaders, highly questionable `healing modalities`, quack remedies, dodgy diets and a raft of `spiritual practices` that nullify basic intelligence and disable critical thinking, thus leaving themselves ripe for the harvesting.

                Is it time to wake up, or time to wake up?

                (As for myself, I am humbly awaiting instructions as to what path to follow from the true one spiritual fuhrer, Swami Bhorat).

                • Klaus says:

                  Hi Frank,

                  Good to hear from you again in all the necessary clarity and the ability to differentiate.

                  Cheers. Keep it up.

                  Swami Bhorat will certainly manage something revealing :) )

                • satchit says:

                  In times of crisis (now corona), people long for fuhrers who explain them the world.

                  This happened already around 100 years ago in Germany.

                • frank says:

                  I read on David Icke`s website that Anand Yogi has been banned from SN because he refuses to wear a mask and continues to speak the ultimate truth!

                  This is certainly the result of the moderator being brainwashed by the mainstream media into being an agent of the Deep State cabal which is committed to the satanic agenda of keeping the unconscious masses unconscious, murdering buddhas, using SN as a cover for trafficking children and preaching the doctrine that baboons` lives matter!

                  Yogi has contacted me with urgent updates from Swami Bhorat and reading them I have suddenly become awakened! Forget the past! I have now dropped my cynical ego! This all happened this morning whilst undergoing a vision quest involving Ayahuasca, steroids and Stormy Daniels videos!

                  I have had a vision of the future of humanity and Yes! The future is bright, the future is orange – it is Donald Trump, or to give his new sannyas name, Swami Anand Viral!

                  Swami Bhorat has been in silence for these last six months but his meditations have caused a deep rip in the veil of illusion!

                  Certainly, Swami Arun was right! The fate of humanity cannot be left to the unconscious masses and pinko-leftist homo-paedo wokeflake ex-sannyasins and baboons but must be grasped by strong men such as Arun, Modi, Putin, Brian Rajneesh and Trump!

                  Bhorat clears up many misconceptions masterfully in his most recent discourse:
                  “Many people are very triggered and put-off by Trump’s personality, his behaviour, and what he says. This has been created and fuelled by the corporate Leftist homo jewish mainstream media! These are simply mechanical shadow projections of people who are stuck in their minds which are nothing but mind and are using Mahatma Trump as a target for their unconsciousness and their unhealed wounds, especially wounds relating to the father/authority! These fools complain endlessly about his lies, but they do not have the eyes to see his divine status, the embodiment of the Trickster archetype and the messiah that America has been waiting for!

                  Certainly the Nine Men will get it right this time!
                  Where Hitler, Krishnamurti and Shantam have failed, Trumpji will certainly succeed!

                  Let`s make Sannyas great again!
                  Hari Om!”

                • Klaus says:

                  Ah, thanks for the revelations of Swami Bhorat!

                  Well, then I will pray for a very speedy Mahaparinibbana for the Trumpi-ji. So his spirit can meet up with the ascended masters.
                  And he can learn the last lessons.
                  While not bothering the worldlings with his – errrhhh – presence.

                  Rise up.

                • satyadeva says:

                  Madhu writes:

                  Here we go, Satyadeva…

                  If you could only hear my joy, reading Bob´s sobriety stance invitng Frank for his coming up in SN/UK again up with his lit ‘sparkles’ and letting us know something about how he used his time (in and out the corona-crisis).

                  ´Watcher-on-no-hill´ visiting some unavoidable (?) shady places: with Light, I mean.

                  Loved reading that these last hours and last two days and want to share that the way that is possible for me ( under my conditions).

                  “Not all is lost“, as ´our old friend ´Anand Yogi´ once used to say….

                  Autumn is on its way, but still possible to watch the coloured leaves dancing in their falling – while adventurous riding the bike – and not so easy walkabouts (with legs and feet) with the nordic walking sticks.
                  Yesterday I had a Sunday clean of my windows and after that did add fresh new orange decoration on them.

                  So indoors the sun seems to be shining even when she hides behing the clouds. That´s recommendable.

                  Best whishes to you and also to SN ( as such in Suchness).


                • swamishanti says:

                  I think Swami Bhorat might say something like: “Remember – you are not the reader of Sannyas News – nor the writer. You are not the doer neither the enjoyer”.

                  Or as Nisargaddata Maharaj’s master, Sri Sadhguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj, use to say:

                • frank says:

                  Definitely, Shanti.

                  Along with “Minds are as stupid as the people who have them”,
                  “In the matter of words it does not matter if the underpants are outside the trousers”,
                  and “The mind is nothing but mind”.
                  One of Bhorat`s most famous sutras is:
                  “Everything happens in the end.”

                • frank says:

                  That`s what I tried to explain to the arresting officer, but he wasn`t having it!
                  The unconscious masses, eh?
                  Bloody `ell!

                • swamishanti says:

                  Next time, try telling them “I Am He”.
                  I’ve heard that sometimes works in India. Other than that, it’s time to get the old baksheesh out.

              • kavita says:

                First of all, Bob, thanks for showing up, which eventually made Frankieboy reappear!

                Guess nutshells are very essentials for nuts like me on SN!

                So thank you, Frankie!

  5. swamishanti says:

    Parmartha, Dharmen and Paritosh are dead. Readers, you must pay up for next year or let the site pass away.

    Thank you.

  6. frank says:

    To get back to the subject matter:
    Over the years, Parmartha`s unique creation of SN, along with Paritosh and Dharmen, has been a voice for some of the sannyas story that hasn`t fitted neatly into either hagiography or hatchet job.

    It has been entertertaining, educational and enlightening, for me at least, but it just doesn`t have the mojo anymore.

    Should Samarpan`s suggestion of euthanasia be followed or will nature just take its course? Or will it, like the Orange man, suddenly jump up from its hospital bed and make a miraculous recovery?


    • satchit says:

      Bhorat: “Everything happens in the end.”

    • “Sannyasnews has been entertaining, educational and enlightening, for me at least, but it just doesn’t have the mojo anymore.”

      This is the point. And why it so?

      Lovers of hagiography have taken over.
      It will be sad in a way to see sannyasnews getting out of circulation, to be true, in its present format. Recently those who have written the maximum posts should finance it.

      Thanks, Frank, for adding this highly important word in my vocabulary.

      Today I read somewhere, Osho destroyed his communes consciously. Naturally in hagiography every blunder is a device.

      • swamishanti says:

        While there is no shortage of wealthy sannyasins around who could be potential backers, the site doesn’t seem to be attractive enough. Most of them prefer Oshonews.

        Sannyas also appears to be spreading exponentially in certain areas of South-East Asia, yet the poor, middle class and super-rich Nepali and Indians also don’t have enough interest in the site.

        Meanwhile, I believe that there is currently at least one Russian sannyas chat site (one with over 5,000 members) , and another sannyas forum site based in the US (which is locked to non-members).

        Last time I looked (at the official site) there also appears to be a large number of Osho meditation centres popping up in South American countries. Whether there is any Osho chat site available in Spanish or other languages I don’t know.

        • frank says:

          Your link to the Brazilian Osho freaks tells us that the main woman there – “Fatima of the Angels” –
          has this CV:

          “Ayurvedic Massage, Shiatsu, Californian Florals, Bach, Astralians and Miners
          Researcher of Occultism, Parapsychology, Keylontic Science, Sacred Geometry and Holistic Therapies with training in: Acupuncture, Aesthetics, Dowsing, Chromotherapy, Therapy with Bach Florals, Californians and Australian, Vibrational Therapies, Apometry, Radionic Quantum Table, Keylatonic Table, Psitonic Table, Quantum Ascension Therapy, Ahava Technique, among others and Keylontic Table Flower of Life.
          Reiki Master in Tibetan Usui Systems, The Way of the Heart, Terai Mai, Ken Reiki Do and Karuna Reiki®, Gaia Reiki, Ra-Sheeba, Karuna-Ki.
          Facilitator of the Archturian Multidimensional Healing System
          Melchizedek Priesthood Teacher.
          Facilitator of the Arctupedian Healing System.
          Facilitator of the Etherich Crystal Course.
          Easy-Instructor of Magnified Healing courses®, 1, Celebration and Light Healing.
          Priestess in the Order of the Priesthood of Kwan Yin.
          Priestess in the Akasha Crystal Priesthood©.
          Melchezedek Priesthood Teacher-Facilitator
          Instructor of several self-knowledge courses in the alternative area. (auriculotherapy, reflexology…)
          Practitioner of the Melchizedek Method at the Kamadon Academy (Australia) – 5th level
          Ascension Map Therapist and Channel/Soul Diagnosis ©
          Keylontica Flor da Vida Therapist and Channel
          Therapist in the Interdimensional Healing Method.”

          Can you see her being a potential customer for SN?

          Maybe we should drop her a line and tell her that Swami Bhorat has been waiting for her for many lifetimes?

          • swamishanti says:

            Yep. Pretty typical bio for a middle-aged sannyas bird these days.

            I don’t have a Babel fish that I can put in my ear, and I don’t understand Portuguese nor Archturian, but, for those who don’t look at the caravanserai page, I had discovered a chart of symbols on the Brazilian site, supposedly channelled from Archturians from the Pleiades (The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45, are an open star cluster containing middle-aged, hot B-type stars in the north-west of the constellation Taurus. It is among the star clusters nearest to Earth).

            I wonder that if I were to take a walk and pick and eat some of those mushrooms that are growing up in the fields right now, I might be able to crack the code and understand what that’s all about.

      • kavita says:

        ”Lovers of hagiography have taken over.
        It will be sad in a way to see sannyasnews getting out of circulation, to be true, in its present format. Recently those who have written the maximum posts should finance it.”-

        Shantam, don’t you think this should be voluntary?

        I am ready to pay £5 every month, this seems feasible for me.

  7. kavita says:

    Wish, Shantam, you are right about all of this. Anyway, best is to wait & watch!

  8. VeetTom says:

    The end of Sannyas – or Sanyas News?

    This board will survive for some time longer because a handful of elderly Sannyasins who once saw Osho alive and kicking are still around.

    If there is a meaning beyond this old-fashioned webboard and it’s ticking half-live some fundamental things must occur:

    1. Osho is great – but he’s not the Only One – or this will be an old-age home at the most.

    2. Sannyas is dead – since Osho died – um, well…since he left his body

    3. The meaning of Sannyas is free of any spiritual hang-ups and could be used like truth, love, light and reality – if we find a better word for it ONLY. But as we have seen our egocentric Sannyasin dreams shatter and as we know the New Man has occurred anywhere else but not in our smaller and smaller sangha…except for those again who will be reborn into this copyrighted church with no sign of individual enlightenment yet. ;-) As I see it now, SN is beyond the official Ashram being – I hope so.

    4. If you go to any living master he may do (unfair) jokes on Osho because he wants to fuck your religious identification. The news is always: He is the actual Living One – NOW! And we all know exactly that this was Osho’s point when he spat on all his past comrades in the league of Buddhahood. But as we know, he did never really look down on them – even if it looked like that.
    If we feel hurt that Sadhguru – more fluently/with better English – or any of the thousand Advaita Gurus – has more to say than Osho, because he is up-to-date and is not repeating that much as Osho – because he is still new to us… we can be sure we have become religious in that dumb traditional way as Osho used to describe it – close to death anyway.

    Next points later maybe – if not deleted now.


    • Lokesh says:

      Never been too impressed by Sadhguru. He is obviously a charming man and speaks well, yet behind it all I suspect a lot of his act is just that, an act. That can also be said of Osho, but he played his role with more authority. Gurus are authoritarian figures.
      I am quite certain that Sadhguru did his homework by studying Osho’s moves. Kind of obvious. That said, I believe the man is coming from a good space, although what he is trying to achieve I do not know. Good luck to the man.

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