Tyohar, the Cosmic DJ

One especially grey day in January, I received a post card of a sun drenched beach with scenery to die for. The card said, you really should visit Pacha Mama at least one time in this life, its really a kind of paradise here. The card was from a close friend, that I made music with when I lived in Germany, who has been living at Pacha Mama since its beginning, around 8 years ago.

It took me around 4 years before I went. I wasn’t at all keen on visiting a community headed up by Tyohar and run by a bunch of young Israelis, but I completely trusted my friend and knew I would go there one day. So it was two years ago that I first I visited. Pacha Mama is a community village in the jungle referred to as the forest to those who live there. It’s in the Nosara region of Costa Rica. And I have to say, it is amazing! It is such a beautiful place. People there are very sweet and human. And after my second visit, I can say it is just one of the best places on this earth to visit right now. The nature in Costa Rica is stunning. I especially loved the coloured birds of all shapes and varieties.

Tropical Bird

The Pacha Mama project left me in awe, the people, the place, nature, energy, music and the intention for the place are amazing. One night Tyohar ran a disco. I have been running Shamanic Trance Dance for quite some time and this was really resonating with me. There is something about the way he chooses the music and creates an atmosphere which is very magical.

This year, when I returned, towards the end of my stay there was a full moon party with Tyohar as DJ. I’m stuck for words to describe how good it was – I would never have imagined myself to have such a good time – dancing for hours on end. It was really a Pow-Wow. I have had bad knees and foot for a while and probably the longest I’ve danced in the last 3 years is around 2 hours in one go. I would not have thought I could do it and in the blazing hot sun too. Tyohar really is a Cosmic DJ. He leads people into a mystical trance space in such an expert way. For me (and many others of course) on the Shamanic level, Pacha Mama and the parties with Tyohar, really hit the spot.

And on a healing level, it’s probably one of the healthiest spaces in the world to be. The food is delicious. There is a restaurant there where the food is mostly organic and a lot of raw food is available. They also have a café called Wild Treats where they make raw snacks, sweets and drinks, all at very reasonable prices which are simply scrumptious. Instead of coffee in the morning, you can order a Cacao Shot made from Cacao beans (raw chocolate), tasting very chocolaty and delicious but with the added bonus of being tremendously good for you whilst waking you up! Both years I have done a Noni Juice Cleanse which has helped me loose weight and stay healthy. This year I also did a Raw Food and Yoga workshop plus a Tibetan Buddhist Vipassana Retreat, after which the party was very welcome! There’s also a sweat lodge where they have regular ceremonies.

The people who have been there since the beginning have built beautiful houses – the aesthetics of the place is very high. There is such a natural grace there – people really living in tune with nature.

Osho is also honored there which I found very refreshing as many “enlightened” teachers who have been with Osho before seem to disown him. Not so at Pacha Mama where they have built a huge marble hall called the Osho Hall where most of the daily meditations take place. Every evening there is an hour of silence where many people meet to sit in the hall and meditate. Osho’s enlightenment day and birthday are celebrated.

Music is another feature high on the list of priorities there and my friends, Kabir and Gitama who I had gone to visit, have made a music studio and produced a Pacha Mama C.D. which is very beautiful. They also run singing groups where many people have found a new confidence in singing and new creative projects have happened through Kabir and Gitama’s enthusiasm and patience.

Accommodation for guests is mostly in spacious wooden huts called Casitas and you can be on your own to enjoy the nature. There is plenty of space.

An idyllic beach is nearby. They arrange transport for guests in the “beach bus”.

This year Tyohar has stopped giving satsangs and is generally having a break, though I understand he is still doing a few full moon parties

If you want to visit, I would recommend a look at their website first to see when you want to go and what kind of activities are on offer. The rainy season is in our summer but there is also a few weeks in August when it is dry.

Ma Deva Archan

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