The Wonder Of It All…

Satyadeva writes…

As it’s still summer, something a bit different here, while we’re waiting for another article to emerge, two topics taken from the internet that in different ways encapsulate the sheer wonder of this earthly and universal Life we’ve been born into.

Please feel free to comment on either or both topics, and to add any further specific instances conveying “the wonder of it all”.

First, the latest scientific research on UFOs, a 15 mins. video interview with American physicist Michio Kaku, followed by a newspaper article from Barry Long published in 1995, ’Truth and the Ignorance of Science Today’.

After which there’s a video presentation on ‘The Trust Technique’, a mind-blowing, meditative way of relating woth animals.

Here are the links to all three:

Physicist Michio Kaku on the Shift in the UFO Phenomenon

 Next, the Barry Long article, which begins:
A scientific revolution is about to begin which will transform the world. But it will not take place in the laboratories; it will start in the minds of certain scientists in the new century. The Australian spiritual teacher Barry Long says this shift of perception marking the birth of real science is essential to the evolution of consciousness on earth.”









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  1. Nityaprem says:

    I think the mere fact that we are here to experience this world, this reality, is a wonder. The trees, the flowers, the bees, the hedgehogs are all miraculous if you are open to seeing each moment as fresh and new. We accumulate too much knowledge, thinking that we ‘know’, and then we start to dismiss the things that are right in front of us. This is the enemy of wonder.

    In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu says the man of Tao spends every day knowing less. Being aware while not spending your time recalling knowledge, but instead seeing the world with fresh eyes.

    The other side is to realise we live in dreams. Once I was hiking in the mountains, and I came to a tricky section of trail. The rain had washed away some of the path, and you had to climb further onto rocks. So I did and after a few metres I found myself climbing. Then I came to a gap, and I realised I couldn’t go back, and the only way forward was to jump. Below there was a ravine, a steep drop of fifty metres or more. So I jumped. In that moment my mind was concentrated as never before, I was amazingly present in the here and now. Of course I made it, it wasn’t a particularly demanding jump, but still, it was a moment of real peril.

    It’s that kind of experience that lets you know how much we live in dreams during our ordinary lives.

  2. simond says:

    The evidence for UFOs has been growing year on year, and a look at you tube and you’ll find many, many serious researchers now confirming the existence of phenomena as well as many whistleblowers from air force, navy etc.

    The evidence supports a mass cover-up over many years, as well as a growing recognition that the time for disclosure is upon us, even if there are many in power who still feel it better to keep us in the dark.

    The support for a cover-up seems to have arisen out of a recognition that the public would be incapable of assimilating the idea of ETs This may have been particularly true in Christian countries like the USA, but the news also affects the materialists, who for their own reasons have often poo-poohed the idea. Rationalism itself is deeply affected by the news that spacecraft move in ways that go beyond the realms of scientific understanding, and that time and space itself can be altered.

    The very idea of a higher intelligence of all sorts disturbs Christian and materialist alike.

    The idea too that this so-called higher intelligence may have been interfering in human affairs for many, many years, and may indeed have been the catalyst for human evolution also puts paid to the simplistic notions of evolutionary theory; another dagger to the minds of those who believe in materialism.

    It is no wonder then that the mass media have downplayed or ignored the evidence. And it may be no wonder why so-called higher intelligence has been deeply cautious about making itself known – as a species our ability to turn violent when faced with the unknown is self-evident.

    Disclosure would also allow the public to see how government has lied for all these years, and to such an extent that the public may also start to doubt and question the very many other areas that government lies to us. As a result there is a deep fear of the consequence of disclosure as well as a growing sense that they can’t keep hiding. A drip by drip approach seems to be the solution that government has come up with, to slowly release information in order to avoid public panic.

    The existence of higher intelligence of whatever sort affects our whole understanding of human affairs. Who are we if we are, if we contain non-human dna? How can we account for our progress if we are no longer seen to be our masters with free will etc? Is this reality a matrix of some kind, that we humans are, in effect just a testing ground?

    Such ideas may sound woo woo, but as any form of disclosure is made, so we will find ourselves with more and more questions and less and less certainty.

    Is this higher intelligence alien in origin? Or is it us, from the future? Such ideas spark deep uncertainties about ourselves.

    There are numerous theories and little hard and fast evidence but in Barry Long’s article he raises many ideas that have, as he calls it, a ring of truth. I’d suggest anyone read them carefully, and follow his logic.

    Also look online, not at the new age lot but at the very many serious journalists and others looking into this issue and having their own minds blown apart.

    • Nityaprem says:

      To be honest, I’m not quite sure what to think about ufos. I watched the 15-minute segment between Joe Rogan and Michio Kaku, and the latter is a pretty reputable, straight-up scientific presenter, who wouldn’t be saying stuff unless he could back it up. So perhaps there is more to the ufo story than we have been led to believe.

      But until it makes some practical impact on my life, I don’t see what the value is in taking a stand on these issues. It’s like having an opinion on God, really what sense is there in that? If there is a God he is everywhere and everything, he is the common miracle, the womb of reality that we live within.

  3. satchit says:

    Former astronaut professor Ulrich Walter said in an interview, if aliens would visit our earth, there would be only one reason:

    They are searching for a new home.
    And this would not be desirable for us.

    Reminds me of the movie ‘Independence Day’.

    • Nityaprem says:

      I can think of a few other reasons: scientific exchange, art exchange, literature exchange, biosphere exploration. Watch the movie ‘Arrival’, a really good alien encounter sci-fi movie with an alien race that takes a long view.

      • satchit says:

        The problem with aliens is that they are not like neighbours where you can do a little gossip.

        If they exist at all, they are too far away. Even the next star is more than eight light years distance from here.

        • satyadeva says:

          No problem at all if they can travel faster than the speed of light!

          Regarding “aliens”, I was surprised the other day to hear Eckhart Tolle agreeing that they probably are ‘out there’, but the most compelling idea for me is BL’s “they’re us in another time” (towards the end of his article).

        • simond says:

          I think, Satchit, your idea they are too far away misses the well documented facts – they are already here

          You’re falling for the classically held view that nothing moves faster than light.

          • satchit says:

            Yes, that’s true, Simon, they are already here.

            Lately I met one of them: the cab driver in the cab.

            I asked him: “How you are doing it with the light speed?”
            He said: “No problem, Dude, we have warp drive!”

            • satyadeva says:

              Sounds like the same guy that drove me to the airport in London a few days ago – and who picked me up in Carcassonne, France when I arrived. When I mentioned that he “certainly gets around” he explained he was doing three jobs in order to cover the huge costs of repairing his “craft” which had broken down several thousand light years away en route back to Earth after a weekend off.

              Seeing my slightly raised eyebrows he explained he’d got a lift within seconds via the “universal telepathic emergency service” that got him back to work “in another time”, around the end of the second world war, so he’d had “plenty of Time” for a spot of reconnaissance before resuming the driving jobs.

  4. VeetTom says:


    “Prince Charles is deeply interested in meditation. He is also interested in exploring the inner world. But in the West, unfortunately, such people are thought to be a little crazy — a little loony.

    His statements — that he talks to his plants to help them grow — have created almost a scandal all over England. They don’t think that their future king should talk such nonsense — although it is not nonsense. But from a man from the royal family, and particularly the man who is going to be the king, England must be feeling very insecure. His going alone in the desert or to small villages to find peace of mind is very disturbing to the British traditional, orthodox Christian; it is disturbing to his family, to the Queen and to his father, Prince Philip.

    When he was in India, he had specially called Vimalkirti and his wife, Turiya — they both were my sannyasins. Vimalkirti was one of his cousins. Vimalkirti was the great-grandson of the German emperor, and he was directly connected to Prince Philip; Prince Philip was his mother’s brother.

    He talked for hours about me, about meditation, about what is happening here. Vimalkirti and Turiya both invited him to come; he was very interested, but very afraid of the royal family. He was specially told by Queen Elizabeth not to go to Poona. He went to see the Shankaracharya, he went to see Mother Teresa, but Queen Elizabeth was more afraid of Poona than anything.

    In the East, kings were sent — particularly future kings — to the great seers and mystics to learn the ways of inner life, because a king is not of any worth if he has no contact with himself. If he is just an extrovert, he cannot be a blessing to his people. For years in the East the princes used to sit at the feet of the masters to learn silence, to learn compassion, to learn meditation, to become aware of the mysteries of existence. The king should not only be aware of the mundane world, he should also have his roots in the sacred — only then is he a complete man. And only then can he look after his people in all aspects of life. But in the West, it is totally a different thing.

    Prince Charles is being thought of as if he is a little crazy, and England is worried because he is going to be the king. He has already started throwing his weight; he insists on his way of life ….”

    ‘The Golden Future’
    Chapter 35 – Buffaloes are never bored (29 May 1987 am, in Chuang Tzu Auditorium)

    • satyadeva says:

      The “Phantoms” can reach a speed of up to around 32,000 mph!

      • satyadeva says:

        Anoher incredible perspective…

        I recommend hearing it all (about 16 mins.) but especially from around 7 mins. 15 secs.)

        • satchit says:

          I like the way he talks of the “black hole”.

          But one could ask, if the universe is conscious, why does God allow the evil?
          Why does He allow the wars and tsunamis?

          • satyadeva says:

            Well, Satchit, one might as well ask, why do we suffer from illnesses, or even headaches? Why are people born with disabilities? Why are there floods, earthquakes, droughts, etc? And on a psycho-spiritual level, why aren’t we born ‘perfect’, consummately loving, compassionate creatures?

            Perhaps the problem lies in erroneous concepts of “God” and the truth about what we’re actually here for.

          • Nityaprem says:

            Consciousness is just a mirror, it does not care whether what it reflects is deemed good or bad by humans. Judgment creates good and bad, and that is a function of social conditioning, it varies by society’s mores. The Aztecs thought human sacrifice was great, the Mongol hordes loved to conquer and invade.

            All there is is impermanent. Sometimes a tsunami wipes out a coastline, creating room for new growth. Occasionally an earthquake levels a city, clearing whole city blocks.

            Even so is human civilisation. At some point a disease or nuclear war or asteroid strike will wipe us out, and the Earth will get on with rebuilding. In just ten thousand years — a blink of an eye in geological time — few traces will remain.

            • satchit says:

              If consciousness is beyond moral, seems there is no problem in this Erin – Osho matter. Is there, Nityaprem?

              • Nityaprem says:

                Consciousness would just have looked at it. Erin thought many years afterwards that Osho abused his position to satisfy his lust, and may have been right.

                Bruce Lee once said, “absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own.”

                • satchit says:

                  I am not Bruce Lee, but I know what has happened:

                  He watched himself making love “Indian Style”.

                  And she expected him to make love “Western

                  No wonder that this did not fit.

      • satyadeva says:

        Neuro Surgeon Dies – Gets Shown Truth about Reincarnation and Quantum World…

        • Nityaprem says:

          Yeah, Dr Eben Alexander, he has an interesting story. I remember reading the book ‘Proof of Heaven’ a few years ago. Not really Christian though you could interpret it like that, and being in America, of course people did.

  5. Nityaprem says:

    For me, the wonder of it all is connected with science. Science gives us insight in what happens in the Sun, the leaves of the trees, the rocks of the earth. All these miraculous processes which keep the world evolving are wonderful to explore and learn about. Yes, it is knowledge, so not really mystical or concerned with the no-mind, but still marvellous.

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