• Ashok, next time you want someone to advise you on life and sharing, do write in first here…the first comment is free, after that you’ll pay for it.

  • There are meta-fiscally two ways to look at Egonomics.
    There are the More-ons and the Less-ons.
    The More-ons gain their happiness from wearing designer clothes, bling, make-up, plastic surgery, third world baby, […]

  • What is a “fig-tree” moment from the scriptures? I’m guessing SN is alluding
    to the one where Jesus wants what he wants, some figs from an out of season fig-tree. He curses the fig-tree for not ‘meeting his […]

  • Just now, i have coined a new word.
    i want to introduce it at sannyasnews.
    Guru, and sadguru are used for centuries..
    who take their work further are called, Purohit or Priests.

    With Osho a new catagory is […]

  • prem martyn commented on the blog post The big “E” 9 years ago

    I’ve lost the will to read

    I leave you my quotes…

    Please call someone who can help me let go into my bloglessness.

  • prem martyn commented on the blog post Osho as One? 10 years, 2 months ago

    Sorry i was just passing and unfortunately my hot air balloon has sprung a leak.. i was on my way to a sherlock holmes convention for truth sleuthing.. and wouldn’t you know i came down with a bump…
    look all i […]

  • kavita posted an update 10 years, 3 months ago

    sannyasnews team you guys are surely the Masters !

  • In my copy of the esteemed journal ‘Ego Monthly’, published by SunnyEyes News Publishing, there is a very good article on ‘Why Bother’ ?The first and last step without really trying’.
    This journal of non […]

  • frank commented on the post, The Meaning of a Cult?, on the site sannyasnews 10 years, 6 months ago

    thats the point about xianity.
    they saw the hopelessnes of pain and death.
    they saw that if you go for the good stuff and pleasure,you will still get pain and death.
    (like the bonga bonga joke)
    so the solution […]

  • I reckon existence was right there yin-yanging away, even with Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. Just we have to take in a bigger picture; this world don’t always look pretty. Yin-yang is indifferent, all it knows is a […]

  • like some kind of crazy troupe of performance artists,osho and sannyasins also sabotaged reality with the whole religionless religion act….. a bunch of spoilt westerners from the richest moment in history having it large whilst wearing the attire of the holy renunciate…. what a wind up! sure, he used the only way available to him [...]

  • Yes, yes, but we must get organized. I suggest the working title for the new Gnostic Sannyas Church as Ecclesia Dia-Gnostica Dionysia Sannyasa Sannyasnews can be the mouthpiece. Now a council must be elected. I suggest: President: Bodhi Heeren Vice President: Jaycedollar Minister of Eternal Affairs: Martyn Speaker of the House: Lokesh Ambassador…[Read more]

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    hey arpana,
    didn`t you know that its against osho`s guidelines and dictates to publicise a picture of him without a hat on?

  • yes,it was certainly a way to deal with the “inferiority complex” instilled by religion… by replacing it with a feeling of superiority over all those religious idiots,retards etc… it worked for me….. i loved feeling part of the chosen few who were getting it right for the first time in history…. it was a blow [...]

  • It’s a bit of a mix would you not say Lokesh? Being in a Buddhafield had one incredible advantage over the normal lives most of us had lived, and now still live in my case. I still work professionally though old now, and at least 20 times a day I interact with people, who maybe [...]

  • frank posted an update: 10 years, 8 months ago

    the problem about reading a few gurdjieff books and identifying with gurdjieff,like a kid identifying with a comic book hero is that you start to think that you are a lion,others are sheep,that others will die like dogs etc etc.
    you may find it a very exciting fantasy and it can take you right away from your own considerably less…[Read more]