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  • Profile picture of Shanmugam Shanmugam said 2 years, 3 months ago:

    I came across some articles of the guy James Swartz who is claiming to be enlightened and teaching Vedanta. I found his comments about Osho very ridiculous. Does anybody know this guy?

    Here is what he says about Osho which shows that he has misunderstood Osho completely:

    ”The Neo-Advaita movement owes a considerable debt of gratitude to the teachings of Bhagawan Rajneesh who rechristened himself as Osho when his bad karma became unbearable. Rajneesh perverted the tantric concept that the essence of every experience is Awareness. Tantra is a very broad concept that applies to every conceivable kind of experience and insists that its practitioners enjoy the same qualifications as those practicing Vedanta sAdhana. But Rajneesh focused his attention on the sexual aspect, not that much focusing was required, and opened wide the gates of tantra to tens of thousands of immature disaffected Western hedonists with his brilliant concept ‘Zorba the Buddha.’ Zorba the Greek was the literary creation of a Greek writer Nikos Kazantzaksis. Zorba was not a bad guy but was he emotional! He was the original party animal: lusty and enthusiastic in his pursuit of pleasure. As is well known the Buddha was a holy ascetic. By wedding the two ideas he provided a clever ‘spiritual’ justification for the unrestrained pursuit of pleasure in the name of spiritual growth. Wags not unfairly called his sAdhana the ‘fuck your way to God’ path. I was once told in all seriousness by a devotee that Osho ‘’gave us permission to do what society forbids us to do.” When he died thousands of his disciples gravitated to a relatively unknown guru”

    I tried to address these comments in my blog ’’.. I think people who have read and understood Osho should do something to remove a lot of misconceptions about Osho. It is so sad that the media has influenced the public opinion a lot and a lot of people think he is a fallen guru.

    I recently had a discussion with a person on a forum who said about Hitler tape. (The tape that had some barely audible comments by Osho which Sheela used as approval from Osho for a murder attempt)… I don’t believe Osho would have given the approval. After having read hundreds of books by Osho and being amazed at his extraordinary wisdom, I don’t believe that a person with such a compassion, awareness and bliss would actually approve a murder. What are your thoughts?

    I also think that the Wikipedia article about Osho shows him in a bad light and needs a lot of editing.