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  • Profile picture of bodhisagar bodhisagar said 5 years, 8 months ago:

    Two years back, I was having a dinner with one of my friend(who I know is not a liar or a gossiper) told me this wired story.

    He was travelling through Maharashtra and at night he stopped at a Dhaba (it means Indian motel besides a highway), here he met a Wired guy who joined him, that guy , as per his description was like an Indian sannyasin in ragged orange dress and looked homeless. He told my friend that he can move things without touching them, and to demonstrate, asked for a pen in my friends pocket. My friend had a Reynolds pen with him (it is a cheap plastic pen widely used in India) and my friend said he kept it on the table and that guy was able to make the pen stand on its end. He was obviously not using anything magnetic and my friend said he was sure he wasn’t being tricked. I still suspected that there obviously must have been some slight of hand which he got into. I said OK and didn’t make any further argument.

    What made my hairs stand on end, is the other half of story he told me. He said, when the dinner arrived, that guy didn’t sat and dine on the table but, he took his food in the latrine, put all his food in the Indian style loo, and ate from that. He didn’t ask for any money from him. My friend said he was kind of Aghori Sadhu, (these guys live on dead carcass along the burning ghats and apply the ashes to their bodies which is a well known sect)

    So I said to myself, let me take this story at its face value and explore from there.

    When I explored this story from my understanding of consciousness and mind, what I figured out is that, these guys must be doing gross acts to detach from their minds. For e.g. if you have to do something as gross as eating from loo that too besides a dhaba, then you will not bring your mind in between, there will be no past and future, only here and now, without thinking or reacting to any other impulse. Thus he might be in some other alternate state of conscious whereby he can influence the material world from the realm of consciousness, as we know everything is connected. Obviously he was not enlightened, but definitely wasn’t in any sane frame of mind. He must not be his mind at least.

    I just wanted to share this story, and want to know what sannyasins think, given the fact of limits people can go to detach themselves from mind and enter other conscious realms.

    Obviously believing it or speculating the veracity as always remains with oneself.

  • Profile picture of frank frank said 5 years, 8 months ago:

    i remember that guy.
    i met him in a dhaba on the pune/deolali highway.
    i said “you take food?” and bought him a pav bhaji,he eat it.
    “you take chai?”i offered.
    he declined and disappeared into the latrines and came back wiping his lips.
    i said “what were you doing in there?”
    he answered “taking the piss”

  • Profile picture of bodhisagar bodhisagar said 5 years, 8 months ago:

    Seriously? or are you kidding?

  • Profile picture of frank frank said 5 years, 8 months ago:

    eating shit,making pens stand on end and attacking your own genitals are worthy enough activities, however,it is my firm belief that any serious yogi should endeavour to master the siddhi of piss-taking.