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Some brief indicators..

Post your news, views or media clips in an update or start a discussion forum.

Chat or discussion happens in the forums (or as a follow on from an update). The forums, are always part of a group. You can join any public group just by replying to a post on any of the topics within the forum. It’s pretty straightforward to participate in the forum from there.

Anybody can start a group and thereby initiate a forum. If you start a group and initiate a forum you become the group and forum administrator, which gives you the capability to moderate the forum, as you see fit.


The are some ‘social network’ functions too!

It’s probably best just to try it out, it should all become clear with use.


Registration and logging-in are necessary for participation.

When you register you will be sent an email with a link which will activate your username.
Check your spam box or set up if you do not see the email.

Sannyasnews reserves the right of overall moderation.