What’s Happening With Covid?

An open forum for ideas, comments and discussion, inspired by requests from Lokesh: “What’s it all about? What’s the story with vaccines etc? There were a couple of articles but they are too old for a subject that has changed too quickly. Any comments?” And by Frank: “There has never been such a burning question of the day for sure.” Frank kicks it off:

A quick tuppeny worth: As someone who has,as an adult, only ever had vaccines that were compulsory for travel, like for travelling East in the old days, and avoided all medicine as much as humanly possible, I was predisposed to have some sympathy with vaccine hesitancy. However, that has gone completely out of the window with the stuff that the (many) people that I know who have not had the vaccine have been coming out with: “Changes your DNA”. “The NHS are like the Nazis trying to do genocide”. “Nurses should be tried for crimes against humanity” “People who are vaccinated shed the vaccine which causes illness and infertility in unvaccinated people who mix with them”. “Microchips in the vaxx” etc.

This sort of stuff is surprisingly commonplace. These were all put forward by speakers at recent anti-vaxx rallies in the UK and cheered.This is the same type of blatantly mendacious online-fuelled propaganda as Q Anon, and very often the same people. I feel sad that people I actually called friends have been mugged by this shit. I`ve had the two doses of vaccine. So far so good. For me the worst case scenario is that they don`t work as well as hoped. I haven`t noticed any bits of me falling off, apart from my Buddhist compassion for idiots, lol.


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  1. kavita says:

    This I can relate to, I too have resisted taking the jab, up to now.

    A friend of mine in Europe said there are ways to avoid taking the vax to travel by getting a fake certificate for €300!

    So I am pretty sure these certificates are definitely available in India too!

    I travelled to J’s Banaras Study Centre in March from Poona and had to take a RT PCR test at home which was ok , when I reached Banaras the driver who was driving me to the centre said these fake certificates can be obtained there!

    I was the only guest at the centre and there are a few protocols to be followed then, one on arrival, to get the negative test & the other during the whole stay, not to get beyond their boundary, which is a few 100 sq. kms! I was very much fine with that. Now I am told they have made the vax compulsory. I personally would not resort to fake certificates.

    An old university friend who had gone to USA after studies, reconnected last year during Lockdown until May this year & stopped any correspondence after knowing I wasn’t taking the JAB as I wasn’t clear about it. When asked why I wasn’t I said I don’t know & would inform after I know!

    Hey, anyway, feels good to be on SN now!

    Welcome back, Kavita, you’ve been missed!

    • frank says:

      Hi Kavita,
      Welcome back to our Pune correspondent!

      Re. the vaccine, I`m curious, on what basis are you personally judging/deciding that it is better to avoid the vaccine?

      I guess it is a decision between the perceived risk of getting Covid versus the perceived risks of any side-effects or lack of efficacy of the vaccine?

      For myself, I saw this as a no-brainer.
      On a personal level, I had the vaccine it because I plan to do some travelling and don`t really want to shell out to dodgy geezers for fake certificates!
      On a group level, my understanding is that having the vaccine, according to epidemiologists, will be helpful for other members of society if I do.

      The first vaccination, I felt a bit wobbly for a couple of days, the second no side-effects. All pretty normal for vaccinations of any type as I remember.

      I`m now fit as a fiddle after my Covid lockdown meditation retreat and raring to go.
      I`m into my 6th decade and a bit dog-eared but, inch-Allah, I`ve still got at least a couple of decades of ass-kicking left in me. Bring it on!

      • kavita says:

        First of all, Hi Frankie!

        “I haven`t noticed any bits of me falling off, apart from my Buddhist compassion for idiots, lol.”-I particularly loved this bit Frankie, probably Iam one of those idiots!

        I did check if there is any bit of conscious fear in me, but doesn’t seem any to me unless of course it’s unconscious!

        I don’t really know if I am being judgmental or not, but may I say this is somehow more of an experiment on/for myself. My paternal grandfather, who lived during the last epidemic in 1918, died at 84 in 1976, was not vaccinated and I remember him telling me stories of his travels during those undivided India days when he travelled extensively around the length & breadth of India till he was 40 or so, when his last child was born in 1932.

        The population in India/rest of the world was never less or else why would humans ever fight wars?!

        Frankly, as of now, don’t know how long I may be able to resist this vax!

  2. Klaus says:

    My trust in modern medicine is quite good: better quality of life, longer life. Having had two hemorrhages in Germany plus private insurance got me quite well over them; if that had happened in Bangladesh I would be long gone.

    Therefore I took two jabs, last in June, when my doctor offered them. No side-effects until now.

    I am not taking part in discussions, political or else, and I am hoping – like Frank – that the vaccines hold up to the promises.


  3. Lokesh says:

    The covid pandemic is a polarizing event. It would have been hard to imagine, with covid’s emergence two years ago, where it would bring us to today. We are bombarded with conflicting reports from multiple directions. I have not had vaccinations and do not intend to be vaccinated. I live a quiet life in the country and do not have a lot of social contacts. If I need to travel I will go for the shots. One thing is for sure, there is something fishy going on.

    The main reason behind the microchips in the vax mix, as Frank says, is the use of graphene oxide in many of the vaccines being offered to the public, and even there there are contradictions. Graphene oxide is used in AI research, is highly toxic, and conducts electricity, hence the stories about spoons and fridges sticking to people’s skin etc. Graphene oxide does not appear on any vaccine patents, being disguised as a secret ingredient. Why anyone would mix this into a vaccine is beyond me, but there is compelling evidence that this is being done.

    On the subject of patents, I watched a vid about how Pfizer and several pharmaceutical giants took out patents on the covid spike protein twenty years ago, which suggests that there is nothing new about the novel covid-19 virus. The same pharma companies also took out patents on vaccines soon afterwards. The apparent evidence was compelling. “Even bigger than the Nuremberg Trials” was the headline. Then a friend visited who has even more acronyms after his name than the top CEO of the world’s biggest underwriter who had produced the smoking gun, or guns in this case. He quickly debunked the story. I respect his opinion as he is one of the most intelligent people I know.

    Then we have the top doctor who says that what is going on with the vaccines is outrageous. In the USA over 1,500 people have died as a direct result of being injected with covid vaccines. True. Over 600,000 people have experienced serious side-effects from the vaccine in the USA. True. When the swine ‘flu vaccine was being dished out 150 people died and the vaccination programme was stopped. True.

    So why is the covid-19 vaccine being rolled out at hyper-warp speed, despite the number of casualties? Is it because it saves people’s lives and stops the world’s health systems from buckling under the pressure? France is on the point of making vaccinations mandatory for that very reason. Or is there an evil plot behind all this, manufactured by a bunch of billionaires with God only knows what in mind, that even world leaders are unaware of?

    One thing is certain, many governments are trying to turn a bad situation into an advantageous one. In Spain, last year’s strict lockdown was voted as being unconstitutional. Anyone fined for breaking martial law-style lockdown rules during that time will be reimbursed. Meanwhile, it might soon become impossible to travel without a vax passport. A huge global database is being created with a lot of people’s data on it. Not only that, the data can be altered to affect an individual’s movements, physically and perhaps even financially. I would say that is a step backwards in terms of social liberties because they are being eroded. Look forward to more and more people taking to the streets in protest.

    I live in a big tourist destination. There is a huge business being created due to covid restrictions. Overtime for border control staff, billions being spent on ineffective masks and PCR tests, needed before moving from here to there, and then there are the tech-savvy kids downloading fake vax passports and phoney PCR test certificates from the internet that are so good they are identical to the real thing.

    I have several friends who have been double-vaccinated and then they came down with covid. Paranoia is rampant. People who have been vaccinated can be asymptomatic and still carry a huge viral load that can infect others. Rumours abound. I talked to some locals yesterday, who told me a couple of stories about people who died or became seriously ill from the jab, and I know 100% those stories are completely untrue.

    I’ve been watching the excellent documentary, ’1971′. The credits roll at the end of each episode to the sound of The Temptations, ‘Ball of Confusion’. Yes, that’s what the world is today. One can conclude that things have not changed much in the last 50 years on that level.

    Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on the world’s deteriorating condition on the level of how much longer it will be able to sustain human existence. Over half of the tipping points have been passed, the damage is next to irreparable. Yet billionaires blast into space at a cost of $2,500,000 a minute, blowing holes in the ozone layer so they can experience weightlessness and euphoria for a few fleeting minutes. Down below, on the planet’s surface, millions search for a scrap of food to fend off starvation. Clean drinking water is nowhere to be found. The Taliban are heading into town. Shotgun cartridges are sold out in America. The hills are alive not with the sound of music, but with the crackle of gunfire and burning forests.

    Meanwhile, my next-door neighbour just bought a V12 gas guzzler. The local bays around here are currently home to pleasure craft that burn up 1,000 litres of diesel fuel an hour. On a planetary scale, despite our amazing achievements in the fields of medicine, art and technology, we can be viewed as a dangerous invasive species. It is time for a cull. Viruses are good for that.

    The latest news is that a strain of covid is in the works that will be resistant to the current vaccines. The scientists write that because eradication of the virus is “unlikely,” they have “high confidence” that variants will continue to emerge. They say it is “almost certain” that there will be “a gradual or punctuated accumulation of antigenic variation that eventually leads to current vaccine failure.”

    They recommend that authorities continue to reduce virus transmission as much as possible to reduce the chance of a new, vaccine-resistant variant. Stay alert, keep informed and be safe.

    • frank says:

      Yeah, “People are crazy and times are strange.”
      And the post-truth world is even stranger.

      You say:
      “In the USA over 1,500 people have died as a direct result of being injected with Covid vaccines. True. Over 600,000 people have experienced serious side- effects from the vaccine in the USA. True.”
      Where does that info come from?

      Concerning the graphene oxide, have you seen this?

      Strikes me that if someone could prove the presence of Graphine Oxide in the vaccine, they wouldn’t be posting about it on Twitter etc. they would be availing themselves of a good lawyer and preparing for lawsuit payday from Pfizer!

      Doesn`t look like we will get rid of the virus. At some point we have to come to a kind of agreement as to what is acceptable death and illness-wise and live with it, a bit similar to what we have done with ‘flu in the past. Like deciding how many we will have to sacrifice to placate the monster!

    • satyadeva says:

      “On the subject of patents, I watched a vid about how Pfizer and several pharmaceutical giants took out patents on the covid spike protein twenty years ago, which suggests that there is nothing new about the novel covid-19 virus. The same pharma companies also took out patents on vaccines soon afterwards. The apparent evidence was compelling. “Even bigger than the Nuremberg Trials” was the headline. Then a friend visited who has even more acronyms after his name than the top CEO of the world’s biggest underwriter who had produced the smoking gun, or guns in this case. He quickly debunked the story. I respect his opinion as he is one of the most intelligent people I know.”

      Lokesh, as you know I watched this video and it did seem to have the ring of truth. What did your friend say that convinced you it might not be all it seemed?

      I ask, not only for mysdelf but to put to a friend who also sent me that video and is working tirelessly to discover ‘what’s really going on’ with Covid etc., warns me not to accept any ‘booster’ vaccine and is convinced we’re being manipulated and threatened by malign forces.

      • Lokesh says:

        The friend told me about a couple who are scientists, who came up with the patent first. They are now billionaires.

        The point was that the info supplied was inaccurate on the video interview, and he is in a far better position to know the nuts and bolts of the story than the man on the street, us, because he is involved in the alternative health care business, is very well connected, and has to have an accurate overview of what’s what because of the kind of work he is involved in.

        He also gave us a list of three drugs stocked by most pharmacies and said, if you get covid take these and it will be gone within a week. He sounded very reassuring and he has helped me in a positive way in regards my health in the past and it was just what the doctor ordered.

        The drugs he recommended were hydroxychloroquine, a worm/parasite drug for animals and an antibiotic used for children with pulmonary infections…yes, I know antibiotics are ineffective against viruses but that is what the recommendation was. My friend is an ex- Harvard professor and really quite a brilliant man. What to say?

  4. Lokesh says:

    Hi Frank, the interview that I watched did not claim that the vax contained 99% graphene oxide, which sounds preposterous. You can check it out on RUMBLE vid site. There is probably a minuscule amount of graphene in the vax from what I have heard. I have no idea why or what harm it can do. The Forbes article is sensationalist and debunks the whistleblower by exaggerating what has been claimed. The jury is still out, probably on a long vacation in a covid-free zone.

  5. Lokesh says:

    “In the USA over 1,500 people have died as a direct result of being injected with Covid vaccines. True. Over 600,000 people have experienced serious side- effects from the vaccine in the USA. True.”
    Where does that info come from?

      • Lokesh says:

        Ball of confusion keeps spinning. I know someone who has had covid twice. Keep informed. I am neither for or against the vax. It is a matter of personal choice. I am careful who I have contact with.

        One family I know have been double-vaxed. Now four of them have covid. One of them is not feeling too great. I will not be seeing them any time soon.

        • satchit says:

          This can happen.

          74 percent of an outbreak in Massachusetts have been double-vaxed. The Delta mutant is very contagious.


        • kavita says:

          “Ball of confusion keeps spinning.” Yes, Lokie, for me too, so I prefer to stay put till it’s really vital.

          I know of a 70+ year-old sannyasin ma who died within a month of taking both the jabs, due to Covid.

          Guess even Science cannot be relied upon, just like any other matter, at least for me.

          This is probably the best time to live in the moment, even though I did realize some time ago that everyone is/ has been living in one’s own moment, all the time!

          • satyadeva says:

            Kavita, re the “70+ year-old man who died within a month of taking both the jabs, due to Covid”, we’re told the vaccination takes several weeks to achieve full effect so this might not be the failure you suggest it is.

            Also, when people directly link vaccinations with diseases and deaths (not that you did), this extract from ‘Science Translational Medicine’(taken from the article in ‘Health Feedback’ that Frank posted here on August 1, 11.43pm) is worth bearing in mind:

            “We’re talking about treating very, very large populations, which means that you’re going to see the usual run of mortality and morbidity that you see across large samples. Specifically, if you take 10 million people and just wave your hand back and forth over their upper arms, in the next two months you would expect to see about 4,000 heart attacks. About 4,000 strokes. Over 9,000 new diagnoses of cancer. And about 14,000 of that ten million will die, out of usual all-causes mortality. No one would notice. That’s how many people die and get sick anyway.

            But if you took those ten million people and gave them a new vaccine instead, there’s a real danger that those heart attacks, cancer diagnoses, and deaths will be attributed to the vaccine. I mean, if you reach a large enough population, you are literally going to have cases where someone gets the vaccine and drops dead the next day (just as they would have if they didn’t get the vaccine). It could prove difficult to convince that person’s friends and relatives of that lack of connection, though. Post hoc ergo propter hoc* is one of the most powerful fallacies of human logic, and we’re not going to get rid of it any time soon.”

            *post hoc propter hoc – Since event Y followed event X, event Y must have been caused by event X.

            The extract concludes:
            “As explained in this ‘Health Feedback’ review, scientists observed that deaths haven’t occurred at a higher rate in vaccinated people as compared to unvaccinated people. Such an observation doesn’t support McCullough’s claim that COVID-19 vaccines cause death.”

            • frank says:

              …which all goes to show how much easier and quicker it is to fire off misleading statements than to challenge them.
              That`s the wave that all the chancers are surfing on.

              There are people running online courses in `Sensemaking` these days, as in how to make sense of what you read and hear in the various social media information channels. I don`t know if they are any good but I can see how the idea arose.

            • kavita says:

              SD, not refuting any Covid statistics at all. It’s not that I am totally unaware of such stats.

              I just mentioned a vaccinated person’s Covid death to make a point of agreement with Lokesh, that taking both the jabs does not have any guarantees.

              Only my take is more of an existential one, like Lokesh’s. If my need to travel is very essential to me and the vax is compulsory, I will go for it, that’s all.

              • frank says:

                The relation of anecdote to data is an issue here,too.
                Anecdote: short account of a particular incident or event, especially of an interesting or amusing nature.
                Data: a series of observations, measurements, or facts; information.

                Data represents information from either all relevant cases or a representative sample of all the relative cases. Inferences made from properly acquired data lead to scientific discoveries. Data is scientific. Unfortunately, data tends to be dry. It tends to be boring. We generally do not connect emotionally to ‘data’.

                Anecdotes are stories. People have been telling stories for as long as there has been speech. This sort of reportage/storytelling probably developed when we lived in tribal groups of not more than 150 people. The ability to tell stories likely led to tremendous survival advantages for those early humans.

                We all love to hear a story, an anecdote, some gossip and we are geared to be emotionally moved by them and take them seriously.

                However, the problems of our society are no longer limited to sample sizes of 150 or less. The problems that medical science tackles involve literally billions and are often subtle. Their effects can only be teased out by examining very large numbers of cases.

                Although we are now dependent on data for our very survival. Not just with Covid but in every area of our lives where we are dependent on science, we don`t or can`t plough through all the data as it`s too difficult and boring. Someone else has to do it and we easily lose interest and maybe distrust boring-looking guys in white coats that we can`t really understand. We`re geared for entertainment so we want infotainment.

                That`s one reason why demagogues, blaggers and snake-oil salemen etc. are having such a field day. They give the emotional excitement that scientists with their data struggle to do.

                I speculate that the reason that there are a good number of academics with scientific backgrounds who have given up the day job and jumped on the conspiracy bandwagon is because it`s a lot more fun than the dull and heady life of the campus or the lab.

                Suddenly they are controversial figures on Youtube, Rumble, Twitter and at demonstrations, taking a rebel stance and getting famous! Rock `n` roll! What a buzz! Beats marking homework and being stuck mind-fucking with a bunch of other nerdy eggheads your whole life, and if you play your cards right, there`s moolah in it, too.

  6. kavita says:

    Probably our very own Brother AL & Brother CESS on SN !


  7. frank says:

    Re being careful who you have contact with, I would be very careful about any info emanating from Rumble.com.

    The sweet animal vids that are invariably on the main page may obscure some of the reality of the site.

    That is where Trump went when he was kicked off Twitter.

    Also, Steve Bannon`s War Room is a major attraction on there, as is far-right lunatic Marjorie Taylor Green (MTG), both heavily promoted by the algorithms on there. For example, if you search for “Covid” on rumble you won`t have to scroll down too far before you reach something from Steve Bannon`s War Room.
    Formerly driving force behind right-wing Breitbart news, which rode high on such articles as ‘Would you rather your child had feminism or cancer?’, Bannon was Trump`s chief strategist (read “propagandist”). He was fired but now they`re buddies again.

    Bannon`s role in meshing the QAnon stuff with mainstream American (Republican) politics was huge. All sides agree on that.

    These guys are crafty for sure. They are good at harnessing and harvesting the rebellious and anti-government attitudes that people have and then turn them into agents for their agenda.

    Note at the recent anti-vaxx demos in London and elsewhere the presence of “Trump 2024” banners. What on earth would that have to do with vaccines?
    Hippies, newagers and self-styled rebels of all stripes are aligning themselves with right-wing propaganda news outlets who are playing them.

    Incredibles scenes inside the goldmine.

    • Lokesh says:

      Yes, Frank, I can go along with that. What would you recommend as a good source for covid info?

      • frank says:

        Re Covid info, most `info`actually comes from orthodox mainstream medical and statistical sources. Alt-media don`t have their own information gatherers `in the field`, they largely rely on established info gatherers, same as everyone else. In news terms the alt-media is more like a huge opinion column, mostly concerned with alt-interpretation of the same data as the mainstream.

        A simple example could be in the story that Satchit posted, it was stated that 74% of the people at a certain event who tested positive for Covid were double-vaccinated. Later in the article it was stated that 97% of new hospitalizations and 99.5% of deaths in the U.S. are from unvaccinated individuals. If you follow the context of the story, both are statistically possible and quite possibly accurate.

        The same article may be quoted by different sides, with the anti-vaxxers citing the 74% as proof that vaccines are dangerous and designed to harm. Supporters of the vaccine will report that the 99.5% figure shows that vaccines actually work.

        How to make one`s own assessment of the deluge of conflicting`data` or `info`?
        Checking the provenance of a story and where it is validated or contradicted by other sources is a start.

        I think sites like ‘Full Fact’ and ‘Media Bias Checker’ can be helpful.
        Of course, there will always be people who claim that these independent orgs are biased. Nevertheless, it`s all about cross-referencing and not just relying on one source. I think this is called lateral reading.

        When you hear or read stuff, it`s quite easy to use Google to check who the authors/speakers are connected to. In the case of `alternative` stuff, whose shows and podcasts they have appeared on, which orgs they are linked to etc. This can be revealing as it can uncover, for example, people who appear to be giving a semi-reasonable line are actually sympathetic to or even in cahoots with people who are openly espousing much more extreme, fake, overtly political and/or insane ideas.

        It`s hard for many people who identify as `alternative` to swallow, but it`s worth remembering that some of the `mainstream media`, for all its faults, has some kind of cross-checking and verification protocols in place which, however inadequate, are still way more rigorous than a bunch of folks just sticking videos online and posting on social media about whatever they happen to think. This is especially true when these folks stand to get easy access to power/fame/money from their efforts regardless of the veracity or provability of their claims.

            • frank says:

              To attempt to place a coherent narrative over a chaotic, contingent world is difficult enough at the best of times, and in the post-truth Covid, not getting any easier to say the least.

              It is undeniable that governments, businesses and chancers of all sorts etc. are using the chaos to further their own frequently nefarious ends. Sorting out who is doing what and why ain’t easy.

              That is the appeal of easy answers based on simplified good/evil, us/them narratives.

              • satyadeva says:

                Frank, that’s exactly my view, which I’ve just put to a friend in an email. I’ve said this before at SN, but will do again as for me what my old History teacher drummed into us as intellectually naive 16 year-old 6th formers still resonates down the years as highly relevant to our benighted sistuation and its pundits:

                “Beware of all explanations and theories that seem to explain everything but in fact explain nothing.”

  8. frank says:

    A friend has just sent me something that I feel that I need to share. It is from the reputable news site: HariOm`sAyurvedicTruthpaste.com which apparently is also home to `Swami Bhorat`s War Room`. I have checked it on Media Bias Checker, it is 100% desi!

    By an amazing synchronicity, it is a recent video of Anand Yogi speaking about the current world crisis. Here is the transcript:
    “Certainly if western baboons had been living sattvic yogic lifestyle as ordained by guidelines and diktats of yugas-long lineage of enlightened ones, there would have been no Covid!

    If all had been chanting Holy name, doing the yoga, eating Baba RamDev Noodles™, taking daily ayurvedic worming pills and other supplements developed by ancient true scientistsof ancient Bhorat and available from holy sites such as EkDamKwalityHealthingProducts.com, then none of this would have happened!
    It is certainly all a conspiracy by depraved materialistic scientists! Just like hoax of moon-landing which contradicts truth of established truth of Vedic scriptures which originate in all-perfect omniscient godhead of mighty Bhorat!

    Also, undisputable evidence has appeared that vaccines have been found to contain micro-chips!
    These micro-chips contain many dangerous things!
    Queen`s Greatest Hits, The Village People Anthology and uncut version of ‘Brokeback Mountain’ are all in there! This is all part of plan by liberal woke western elite to turn population into LGBT homosexuals by injection!
    Statistics from CDC show that at a recent rodeo in Alabama, 96% of straight-shooting cowboys who were double-vaccinated were later found exposing themselves and committing gross indecency in public toilets around town!
    It is imperative that people get to know the truth about these things! The truth will set you free!

    Stories have also been surfacing that the Nine Unknown Men are behind the vaccine! Their efforts to change the world for the better by body-snatching Hitler, Krishnamurti and Shantam may have failed miserably, but according to information found in old Osho book ‘I Am The Bill Gates’, the Nine Men have entered the body of Bill Gates in order to ensure that vaccine will kill two-thirds of world population! This will leave only the chosen few, thereby ushering in new yuga of superconsciousness!

    Swami Bhorat and myself certainly look forward to living in a world populated exclusively with religious fundamentalists, Republicans, Newagers, Nazi Hippies, fantasists and rednecks!

    Hari Om!

    • kavita says:

      After reading this, “Swami Bhorat and myself certainly look forward to living in a world populated exclusively with religious fundamentalists, Republicans, Newagers, Nazi Hippies, fantasists and rednecks!” – Frankie, it seems all who died due to Covid were lucky to have died at the right time!

      • kavita says:

        My 3 August, 2021 at 12:30 pm post was a natural, spontaneous response, not meant to hurt anyone, categorical apologies if this has hurt anyone. _/\_

        • frank says:

          K, I took it in the spirit of the joke, but then I`m guessing that Yogi could be considered offensive by some.

          Makes me think, what about Osho? By today`s standards, some of what he said was homophobic, anti-semitic, sexist and racist.

          He may have been awakened but I don`t think he was woke!

          • kavita says:

            Frankie, many times I wonder if however much one consciously deconditions oneself, whatever arises out of this will ultimately be judged/called “homophobic, anti-semitic, sexist and racist.” I guess!!!

  9. kavita says:

    This same friend who shared about the fake certificate in Europe shared that now there is a 3rd vaccine which the two-vaccine-takers have to administer next!

    • frank says:

      The 3rd vaccine, the `booster`, apparently will be available in the autumn. I`m not sure that it is a result of `malign forces` as SD`s friend suggests. It does raise the question of how many jabs will have to be administered and how often?

      Worst case scenario:
      If the strains and variants change with great speed, the vaccines become redundant. I don`t see that that is the case right now, but it could happen.

      What are the alternatives? People are banging on about Ivermectin. Some doctors claim it has some results but how good and how safe it is is much more unanswered than the vaccines as far as I can see.

      Unfortunately, sounds a bit like a rerun of the Chloroquine fiasco.

      Keep healthy, do exercise, eat good food etc. I imagine that most of us on here have been onto that one for a while, and might even do it even if all disease was eradicated!

      Keeping off the wacky backy, booze and other stuff is a good idea, too. I`ve definitely noticed a link between potheads, wastrels on various substances and the further reaches of crazy conspiracy beliefs. Being strung out on gear definitely makes people susceptible to paranoid loopy stuff. Again, that`s not exactly headline news.

      Yesterday, I met a woman who was boasting to me about how she avoided all allopathic medicine, only took herbal stuff, CBD oil, magic moss and whatnot. When she smiled, I notice she had a mouth full of gold teeth.

      My favourite supplement for mental health purposes is a large rock of Himalayan salt which I carry around with me to take at any moment I might need it.

      • kavita says:

        “The 3rd vaccine, the `booster`, apparently will be available in the autumn. I`m not sure that it is a result of `malign forces` as SD`s friend suggests. It does raise the question of how many jabs will have to be administered and how often?!

        Yes, this sure does arise.

        “Unfortunately, sounds a bit like a rerun of the Chloroquine fiasco.”

        I am really bad with these pharmaceutical names, these natural home ingredients are much easier for me remember & also incorporate into my daily life! We all have our preferences, I guess.

        Found this today, more of my kind, I don’t wish to have gold teeth!

        Yesterday I was at the Govt. Nature Cure Centre at Tadiwalla Road, Poona, for my regular check-up, which btw costs only INR 100/- .

        “My favourite supplement for mental health purposes is a large rock of Himalayan salt which I carry around with me to take at any moment I might need it.”

        I love Himalyan Salt lamps, only never wanted to possess one!

        • Lokesh says:

          K, the science behind the boosters has to do with the virus’s capacity to mutate. I suppose if you go for the vaccine, you will have to go the whole nine yards. What a bloody nuisance.

          I believe I am right in assuming that many people in India are dying to get the jab. Meanwhile, many in the West are turning their noses up about it.

          • kavita says:

            It’s actually Indians all over the globe who are eager to take the jab & probably most Indians living abroad & NRIs are already vaccinated!

            Lokie, how I wish the human brain could be mutated!

          • satyadeva says:

            Prem Navajat, an Essex-based (just outside London) sannyasin who, with Parmartha, several years ago founded the Saturday morning ‘Cafe Society’ Meditation and Meet-Ups at Queens Wood Cafe, Highgate, north London, has provided two articles on aspects of the Covid Pandemic.

            The first is about research on the Indian herb Ashwagandha as a possible cure for the debilitating Long Covid:


            • satyadeva says:

              Navajat’s second offering, by American epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, predicts extended longevity of the Covid crisis in the light of inadequqte vaccinatioin levels in many countries:


              • frank says:

                Well it looks like we`re staring down the barrel of the ultimate duality, expressed so well in that mighty wisdom teaching from the 60s and 70s: ‘Dad`s Army’:

                Which side are you on?
                “Don`t panic”
                “We`re doomed!”

              • satyadeva says:

                And they still don’t know how Covid’s transmitted!

                Janine (from London) sent me this article today:


                • frank says:

                  It certainly seems to be a handicap!

                  Mind you, I think it is widely assumed that `they` know more about stuff than is the case when it comes to science and medicine. (Btw, probably applies to `gurus` too).

                  In the case of medicine and spiritual teachers it`s probably deliberate. Doctors and gurus realise that they get better results when they sound like they know what they`re talking about! Maybe applies pretty much to everyone else, too.

                  After all, scientists/medical people are still struggling to understand the common cold.
                  It seems there is a randomness in occurrence and transmission that is not related to models of predictability. A kind of chaos or chance pattern. For example, I know people who had unprotected sex with AIDS victims. Why did they survive and not millions of others? I doubt that reasoning will ever be able to completely nail and explain every detail.

                  I expect that the creation myths such as the world was created by Shiva and Parvati playing a game of dice hint at the power or sheer chance/good/bad luck.

                  The good news, I guess, is that complete understanding, useful as it may be, is not a 100% prerequisite for at least some level of treatment and prevention of disease.

            • frank says:

              Before shelling out on the latest cure, don`t forget some of the things that are on record as having been touted around the world by doctors, politicians, religionists and other chancers since the start of the pandemic:
              hydrogen peroxide, saltwater, hot baths, cold baths, hairdryers, drinking bleach, inhaling bleach, ice-cream, amphetamines, cocaine, vodka, ethanol, methanol, cannabis, betel-leaves, chloroform, toothpaste, skin creams, anti-coronavirus mattresses, paint-stripper, insecticide, fungicide, datura, oleandrin, UV lamps, vinega, pellets containing the dust of shooting stars, cow-urine, camel urine, cow-dung, vaccination by touching your television set, religious blessings, a cotton ball soaked in violet oil to the anus, bananas, volcanic ash, placing a box over one`s head, very hot curry, saying `Namaste`, listening to DVDs, remote vaccines…
              Just for starters….

              • frank says:

                It`s amazing how misinformation and paranoia gets spread around so easily and so banally.
                Here`s a small example I came across only today:

                I heard the story that Google, due to its links with Big Pharma, has rigged its algorithm for autofill options.
                Therefore if you google the key words: `Chiropractic is`… `Chinese medicine is’… ‘supplements are’… a bunch of negative options, like ‘quackery`. ‘pseudoscience’ etc. come up in the autofill. This is touted as proof of Google suppressing stuff online that contradicts the “official narrative”. This piece of info has spread far and wide.

                I tried it out, and put these key words in and it is correct that these sort of results come up in the autofill options.

                Then I thought, “I wonder what happens if you google `Orthodox medicine is`….`allopathic medicine is`….`Western medicine is`… `the NHS is`…I did it and hey presto! You get a bunch of extremely unflattering autofill options with that too! `ineffective`, `a lie”, `bad` etc.


                • satyadeva says:

                  More apparent misinformation, analysed by fact-checking site ‘Full Fact’, this time from Dr. Vernon Coleman, a prominent outspoken critic of the ‘official Covid line’ in the UK. (Although I’ve heard claims that ‘Full Fact’ is the voice of certain vested interests, therefore biased in their favour).


                • frank says:

                  That is the same Vernon Coleman who is on record as saying that “doctors and nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine will be tried as war criminals” and “COVID-19 vaccines are weapons of mass destruction and could end the human race.”

                  What a twat.
                  But he was a twat long before Covid arrived.

                  For example, he wrote in `The Sun` in the 80s that “AIDS is the hoax of the century” and “doesn`t affect heterosexuals”. Views that he still defends apparently.

                • frank says:

                  Vernon Coleman is a good example of how much money and fame there is to be had by talking bollocks. Over the decades, he has moved seamlessly from pumping harmful, even lethal falsehoods and smut for the mainstream tabloid media to now presenting himself as a hero of freethinking rebels contra the `elite` online.

                  I was also thinking how the mythology of the “one hero/rebel standing for the truth against the foolishness of the crowd” has been co-opted and utilised by a raft of dodgy geezers like Coleman.

                  This is a personal myth and fantasy that has been very popular in people of my generation and background. I dare say that there are some on SN who have espoused and adopted these kind of views!! “One man against the whole past of rotten humanity” etc.

                  Looks like we have to move with the times, because if you are still identifying with that one, you`re vulnerable to the possibility that it has now become a hook to be reeled in with by some very fishy fishermen.

                • satchit says:

                  @ Frank

                  It’ s a fight, “the good against the evil” – Armageddon.

                  Everybody wants to be a lion, nobody a sheep.

                • frank says:

                  Quite right.
                  It’s wonderful how easy it is for people to get into self-aggrandizing anthropomorphic speculation, imagining themselves as being lions rather than sheep.

                  Lions are in fact lazy, ultra-violent, thieving, scavenging ego-maniacs, frequently in-bred because they`ve murdered the opposition, they regularly kill their own kind, females and cubs. From a human point of view, meeting a lion traditionally meant getting your head ripped off and you ending up as his dinner.

                  Sheep, on the other hand, are co-operative, good-natured vegans who like nothing better than wandering round the countryside peacefully enjoying their hobbies with their peers and not bothering anyone. They don`t mind sharing their milk with humans (a bit of Roquefort or Feta too), give you comfy shoes, sweaters, an excellent warm jacket and even some companionship if you`re friendly to them.

  10. Lokesh says:

    Were I unfortunate enough to be unvaccinated and catch the dreaded covid 19 virus, I would take the following recipe in the off chance it would beat the bug. I do not recommend anyone else should do that.

    The anti/covid cake recipe. Probably Spanish pronunciation due to the Doctor who recommended this being primarily a Spanish speaker.
    Take the lot for three days in sensible doses. Will certainly get rid of intestinal parasites, if nothing else.

  11. Lokesh says:

    Being a perfectly correct example of a Sagittarius, I have been peering into my crystal ball to see what the future holds in relation to the covid pandemic.

    The mists swirl and a clear vision appears. Sorry, folks, the future is not looking very rosy, positively thorny, more like, spikey. Right from the get-go covid has been underestimated by the world’s epidemiologists, who firmly believed a prompt vaccine rollout, involving a couple of jabs in the arm, would be a quick fix that would make the virus fizzle out. The Delta variant has thrown a spanner in the biological works.

    The Delta variant is highly contagious and will continue to spread like…the Delta variant. It is likely to be around for some time to come. Meanwhile, other variants will be spawned. Some have already appeared, ETA, nothing to do with Basque separatists, Kappa, nothing to do with sportswear, New York’s IOTA variant, who some don’t give an iota about, and last but most definitely not least, Lambda, the ‘flu from Peru which is spreading through the Americas and picking up speed as it coughs and sneezes along. The big worry is that a new variant will appear that will be Delta on steroids, as one scientist so aptly put it.

    SARS-CoV-2 was a relatively new and unknown kid on the ‘flu block when it first showed up. But it soon made the scientists pay attention to its relatively fast transmission rate, one of the most transmissible viruses ever encountered. SARS-CoV-2 is smart, but a relatively slow mover in the mutation stakes, quite basic, say; compared to Ebola.

    It’s those nasty spike proteins that are causing the problem because they latch onto and penetrate human cells. Ouch! So good is SARS-CoV-2 at doing this one could speculate that some naughty lab rats have been up to hanky-panky down in the basement. Now the virus is out and about, all it wants to do is survive and use us humans as a potential mutation lab, especially amongst the unvaccinated.

    Meanwhile, Delta is also infecting the vaccinated, because different variants have different combinations of mutations in the spike protein.
    “Run, lads, here comes that bloody Pfizer vaccine, get your bloody helmets on quick so it does not recognize us, we’ve got to keep our spikes under the radar or we’re toast. Remember back in the 1918 ‘flu pandemic our flubee brothers preferentially killed younger adults. Those were the days!”
    “Yes, boss, but there are only so many changes that we can make to the spike protein without making it non-functional. We can’t keep mutating indefinitely. Well, at least not with this kind of basic material. We need more “recombination” capability, or we will be just a bad dream in a few years.”

    The mists swirl and the vision of doom and gloom, provided in part by ‘Newsweek’, fades. Unlike covid-19, it was fun while it lasted.

  12. kavita says:

    “Looks like we have to move with the times, because if you are still identifying with that one, you`re vulnerable to the possibility that it has now become a hook to be reeled in with by some very fishy fishermen.”

    Wondering now, if it’s possible to know which of these fishermen is fishy or not; once in their net there mostly seems no escape & for some it’s too late to jump back in the river, and even if one manages to step into the river again, one can’t step into the same river twice! Guess this Catch 22 situation shall be ever existing till there exists any kind of choice!

    This thread has been very interesting till now & guess each one of us here active at SN is still where we are/were before this thread started!

  13. frank says:

    My mate Dave the quantum mechanic is one of the most highly qualified people I know. He`s watched quite a lot of David Icke`s videos and I think he`s even read some of his books too, so he knows his stuff. He`s well knowledgeable about medicine, viruses, reiki, crystal healing and stuff and he`s got an amazing number of Facebook friends and views on his YouTube and Rumble channels.

    I`ve been following his anti-Covid recipe: Freebasing Ivermectin dog-worming pills, necking ayurvedic anti-depressants and neutraceutical pond-slime capsules washed down with pints of CDB-laced bleach and camel urine chasers, chanting Om and praying to Jesus. I haven`t caught Covid.

    Just how much more scientific evidence do Bill Gates`s corrupt elite war-criminal NHS mass-murderers need?

  14. Bong says:

    Do you even listen to what Osho had to say about this pandemic?


    Bong, do explain (without abuse), please.

    • frank says:

      Bong asks: “Do you even listen to what Osho had to say about this pandemic?”

      Yes, I heard it on Akashik Radio 108 FM on the Swami Bhorat breakfast show.

      He said: “Take all the allopathic western medicine you can get your hands on. If it`s not enough, get your doc or dentist to up the dose.”

  15. frank says:

    I guess we are all covided out?

    What happened to that thread about football, enlightenment and gurus?

    We could expand it to all sports to include LBW Papaji`s ultimate Wisden, Ramana`s brief career in boxing, Sai Baba`s handball exploits as well as Egghead Tolle, Yogananda and Sadhguru`s priceless insights into penalty-taking etc. Plus, have you noticed how Arsenal`s form has nosedived since lifelong fan Michael Barnett left his body? Co-incidence? I think not. Cosmic forces certainly at work here.

    • frank says:

      Enoch Clapton doesn`t like “discriminated” audiences.
      Van Qanon rants onstage with Ian Paisley jnr.
      Bobby Dylan is the new Jimmy Saville.

      I get it.
      It`s all a device by Existence to get us old freaks and hippies to drop the past and dis-identify from our egos.

      • frank says:

        This guy doesn`t think it is share-worthy:

        Or if you want a lengthy analysis you could try this:

        • kavita says:

          The comments below these vids are also worth reading!

          Seems this is a gamble, any which way!

          • frank says:

            My mate Dave the quantum mechanic is a huge fan of `Plandemic`. Like I said before, he knows his stuff when it comes to epidemiology, reiki and all. He`s incredibly well-informed, he`s watched ‘The Matrix’ more times than anyone I know. He is a respected online writer, too, and has written loads of comments under Youtube videos etc. He thinks the guys in ‘Plandemic’ are completely pukka.

            Which reminds me, he was round here today and he was very excited as he had just been chatting with the heroin addict who hangs around and begs outside the local supermarket. It turns out that the guy is actually a financial whizz-kid who used to work in the city and he has offered to work for Dave, manage his finances and fill in his tax returns etc., all for free!

            • kavita says:

              Here, I heard from a friend that most of my local non-resident commune friends don’t plan to get vaccinated & commune resident friends were double-vaxed before the Resort opened on 12th June this year.

              My cousin (she lives in Bombay) who was visiting her 80 year-old mother-in-law, doesn’t allow non-vaxed at her residence at Poona.

              About Taxes, I too need to file my income tax now since I have started to receive Family pension!

              • frank says:

                Do people have to be vaxxed to get into the Resort?

                I`m glad to hear your mother-in-law is still cracking the whip, ruling the roost, sticking the boot in and getting up people`s noses.

                Traditions must be upheld, after all!

                • kavita says:

                  “Do people have to be vaxxed to get into the Resort?” No, not yet!

                  “I`m glad to hear your mother-in-law is still cracking the whip, ruling the roost, sticking the boot in and getting up people`s noses.” Probably you didn’t get it right, so here I go again! Well, it’s my cousin’s MIL.

                  Luckily I don’t have any MIL nor wish to to have one, also don’t have any traditions to follow!

              • Lokesh says:

                Yeah, the vaxx story continues on Ibiza. All the locals got the shots. All the foreigners who want to travel got the shots. Then there are people like me who did not get vaxxed. I have nothing in particular against getting a shot and probably will if or when I have to travel. Right now I do not really see a need for to. Social contacts are few and far between and when walking on the beach I check which way the breeze is blowing when I pass tourists.

                Went to a big party last week, first in ages. It was fun. At one point a guy I do not know very well came up to me and wanted to give me a hug, ‘just like old sannyas days’. I turned my face away from him…he took sannyas a few years back, although I have no idea what that means to him and am not really interested. Covid will be around for some time yet…particularly this winter in Europe.

  16. kavita says:

    When I asked Swami Bhorat if ”It`s all a device by Existence to get us old freaks and hippies to drop the past and dis-identify from our egos!” on Skype he shared with me, ”Device it is, to disidentify with the device!”

  17. Klaus says:

    Some research input on “the effectiveness of masks in villages in Bangladesh.”


    Researchers said in villages that were targeted with mask promotion programmes, there were 9.3% fewer symptomatic infections than in the control villages. If surgical masks were distributed, instead of cloth masks, infections were 11% lower overall, 23% lower among those 50-60, and 35% among people over 60.

    Vaccination rates in Bangladesh are 3% first time, 1% second time.
    Re Coronavirus Cases: 1,530,413 Deaths, 26,931 from or with coronavirus.
    in a population of approx. 210 million. Check.

    “No, we don’t worry too much about corona; when you catch it then it is too late for precautions. Hahahaha.”

    Spent almost 6 weeks meditating half the day together with these lovely people…ah, my heart is full.

  18. Klaus says:

    Figures from this website:


    In the meantime…
    Coronavirus Cases:

  19. frank says:

    Sadly, this has a place on this thread.
    A fun-loving guy and a good lad, as I remember from way back.

  20. frank says:

    I notice that Oshonews have put up an Osho quote: “Governments are going to use drugs to reduce people to zombies” where Osho talks about govts poisoning reservoirs in order to stupefy people etc. and calling for people to “avoid it” and “be a rebel”.

    I don`t know whether this is a side-swipe at the vaccine. I expect it probably is. If so, the sort of catholic sannyasins quoting for any eventuality from their Osho bibles need to `wake up` and smell the bullshit because this is already happening bigtime and has been for a while.

    The population of folks especially in the `developed` world on prescription drugs is rising exponentially every single day.


    These drugs do not make you more intelligent, more rebellious and that is an understatement!

    Couple this with all the ever, again, exponential rise of self-medication with drugs of all sorts legal and illegal which are turned a blind eye to and/or profited from by governments and you realise that quite a percentage of the population are not playing with a full deck, to put it mildly.

    This is no conspiracy stuff. The info is all in the public domain. Just a quick example re drugs: HSBC were the laundry for the whole of South America`s cocaine biz. They got `busted`, fined, basically baksheesh, and are back doing it again.

    Prisons show the template here. Prisons are rife with drugs of all sorts. It`s tolerated because it keeps the inmates either quiet or busy. I don`t think the implications of that will be lost on anyone in power.

    Blaming the vaxx for stupefying people diverts from all this.
    People complain that the vaccine sedates people, stack up their plate from the `conspiracy` smorgasbord and take a self-proclaimed `rebel` stance. All the while the real drugging runs apace.

    Any operative for a corrupt govt./pharma scheme aiming to coin it and keep people stupid, will be laughing his Dr. Evil muhahaha laugh till he wets his pants!!

  21. Lokesh says:

    Once in a while, I copy and paste a comment from this thread into the manuscript for ‘THE VERY BEST AND WORST OF SANNYAS NEWS’. I have 77,000 words so far; if I can reach 100,000 I will publish the book. My missus thinks I am flogging a dead guru. Unfortunately, in this case, she is often right about such matters. Nonetheless, I return to the manuscript from time to time. I am not fired up about the project, more on the opposite swing of the pendulum. Still, it is not a lot of work and if a book comes out I am sure you would all appreciate it.

    For me, humour is a must, so if Frank runs into Yogi perhaps he could put in a good word. Yogi’s comments pepper the manuscript because a lot of what he writes is hilarious.

    My own writing royalties are rolling in….trickling more like, but it does pay for my petrol. I know some of you ordered ‘SAGARA’, so any reviews, 5 stars of course, Would be much appreciated because it helps promote my writing.

    It will not be long, according to info received, until SN is no more and relegated to the annals of Sannyas history. I am hoping that the candle burns brightest before it goes out. More comments most welcome.

    • frank says:

      Are you suggesting that you have inside info that SN is about to commit Sati? Or is it just a device to kickstart a new 1000-year yuga of superconsciousness?

      Btw, what about the royalties for the contributors from the proposed book? I have the upkeep of my properties in Monaco and Mustique to think about, you know/

      Oh well, it is all an illusion anyway, just maya, so it looks as if I may have to take that invite from Swami Bhorat and Yogi to travel with a select band of chosen few disciples who will be soon departing to an occult location in the far pavilions of Himalaya where we will all enter Mahasamadhi.


  22. Lokesh says:

    Hi Shantam,
    You have been in my thoughts recently as I have been going through old SN articles to create a book. Your comments add much humour and laughs, even though some of them, often the best, are absurd. Your run-ins with Anand Yogi are often very funny, and I must say that in general you always took it well. Of course, I will not use all of your comments, just what I view as the best ones. I trust this is okay with you. If not, let me know, I can always change the name tag to something else appropriate; same goes for any other commentators who happen to read this.
    The book is tentatively titled ‘The Best and Worst of Sannyas News’.

    I’ve been at it for about 6 weeks now and the manuscript is shaping up nicely. I hope to create a book that will illustrate the ups and downs, peaks and valleys of the spiritual path. A source of fascinating information for old hands and novices alike. And, of course, insights into relating to a guru and of course much relating to Osho, outlining both the dark and light sides of Sannyas.

    I have read through hundreds of articles and thousands of comments. There was a lot of dross to be dumped, and one thing I did notice during the process is that many of the best articles and comments were published during the last five years. The site actually got better, more intelligent and more fun as the years passed, which makes it kind of strange that the site became less popular during the last year or so, instead of becoming more popular as might have been expected. Hence the possibility that the site may close its doors in November, or so I have been informed by SD.

    I have just about gathered enough material for a good-sized paperback. Now it is down to structuring the book, tweaking and correcting the text etc. It is a very time-consuming job, but slowly but surely it is getting there. I had hoped to have the book available on Amazon before Xmas, but I am not in a rush. I think something worthwhile is shaping up and I take this opportunity to thank all concerned, including, of course, you, dear Shantam.

    I see the process like this: I have been given truckloads of sand, tons of cement, piles of bricks etc. Now I am going to build a fascinating temple out of those materials, a temple like no other, a temple to the God of Enlightentainment. I wonder what Anand Yogi will make of all this.


    • frank says:

      From Anand Yogi`s Facebook page:

      “The blame for the legacy becoming legless to the point where it is less effective than a one-legged pacifist in an ass-kicking contest, falls squarely on a repulsive group of unconscious baboons, Osho-haters, alcoholics, master-debaters, pygmies, ex-sannyasins, homosexuals, women and other lower-consciousness entities who have deliberately sawn legs off legacy thinking it is all some kind of cosmic joke!

      Now they are planning to parade their disgusting and perverted thoughts in book form like a troop of drunken baboons mooning at a White Robe Brotherhood meeting with “Kiss” tattoo-ed on their red bottoms!

      Certainly, it is certainly a very dark moment in the history of consciousness! Even the Nine Men of Mighty Bhorat are at a loss as to what to do!

      Sadly, their heroic work of commandeering the bodies of Hitler, Krishnamurti, Shantam and Trump have failed miserably to combat the tide of spiritual ignorance and filth!

      Swami Bhorat fears that the prophecied 1000 yuga era of superconsciousness may never come to pass if this SN ragtag bunch of apostates, renegades, heretics and reprobates get onto ‘Oprah’ as they certainly seemed destined to, and he is thus seriously considering committing Sati unless things improve.”

  23. Hi Lokesh,

    This will be a cool thing to publish a book based on Sannyas News posts. My younger son will be happy to see my words becoming part of a book. Just for this, I will be thankful.

    Wish you all the best for this historic effort to create a book based on collective enterprise. I hope after the expenses there will be still some profit for a nice dinner in Ibiza for all the content providers.

  24. Lokesh says:

    Hi Shantam,
    That is the spirit I am in need of. Thank you.

    You say, “a nice dinner in Ibiza for all the content providers.” That is a good idea. I will write it in my little black book. In case I failed to mention it before, it will be declared in the opening pages of the book that all proceeds generated from the sale of the book will be donated to a worthwhile and genuine charity. Something I will guarantee to happen. I will be surprised if the book sells over 100 copies, which would mean a profit of around 350 euros.

    That said, the manuscript is really turning into something well worth reading, so one never knows. The targeted readership is a very small niche market. Hopefully word of mouth in the internationally connected sannyasin online community will help spread the word. Someone like J.K.Rowling probably has an advertisement campaign that uses over a million…nothing for her as she is a billionaire. I do not have any money to spend even on a tiny advertising campaign. All I will have is a very enlightenmentaining paperback that hopefully shines.

  25. Lokesh says:

    Here is a rough draft of the blurb that will appear on Amazon when the book is published, hopefully before Christmas.

    ‘The Very Best and Worst of Sannyas News’ is based on the edited content of a long-running blog, Sannyas News, created by disciples and friends of the now deceased, controversial Indian mystic, Osho. The book will appeal to not only Osho’s followers, but also spiritual seekers of all persuasions, be they young or old, seasoned or novice. Topics range from sex to superconsciousness, meditation, the relationship between master and disciple, synchronicity, ‘The Work’ of George Gurdjieff, spiritual bypassing, ‘Wild-Wild Country’, psychedelic drugs, witnessing and self-observation, out-of-body experiences, therapy and just about everything else one could imagine a modern-day spiritual seeker might be interested in. At times profound and enlightening, at others profane and irreverent, there is often an element of humour at play. In some chapters, the book is absurdly funny, as one might expect when reading something produced by the followers of Osho, a man who took great pleasure in telling dirty jokes and extolled the virtues of a non-serious approach to life and, of course, one’s self. I am certain Osho, who was a great reader, would have enjoyed this unique book.

    • One can just say “Wow!” to your effort, Lokesh.

      It was always my feeling, random thoughts on this joint venture are much more interesting and intelligent than all the heroic books written by sannyasins and mentioned at Oshonews.

  26. Lokesh says:

    Cool, Shantam, just went through an encounter session with my partner about the blurb. She is a smart and brutal critic. Thanks to her, the blurb is now even more concise. I tell you, it was hard work. Battered on the head several times by a zen stick. Ouch!

    • frank says:

      Concise is good. “Brevity is the soul of wit” etc.
      What it will do for the reader is always a good angle for blurbs.
      In this case, the reader will come out wiser, more compassionate, funnier, enlightened, generous and simply a better all-round human being.
      Or gets money back!
      Also: `Genre-defying` pops into my head.
      Keep up the good work.

      Btw, I`m in for the celebration party in Ibiza.


  27. “‘The Very Best and Worst of Sannyas News’ is based on the edited content of a long-running blog, Sannyas News, created by disciples and friends of the now deceased, controversial Indian mystic, Osho.”

    I have not read the word “deceased” by Resort people or anti-Resort people or any other Sannyas- related website.

    For this reason Sannyasnews was unique.

    Sannyasnews, though, is still existing just like Neo-Sannyas, but without any fire to provoke or inspire.

    Shantam, it’s up to the readers, including you. As is the future of SN, which depends on raising $200 by early/mid-November to pay for site security. Previously, you said you’d pledge £50 (about $70, which never came. So be a bit more responsible yourself instead of merely resorting to blame.

    • Lokesh says:

      Aye, Shantam, the ever-vigilant eye of big brother, SD, is always focused and watching you. And quite right in this case.

      Perhaps the first proceeds from book sales can go to a most worthwhile charity like Sannyas News. I am sure big brother will take note of that.

      All that’s needed now are some words of wisdom from the mighty Anand Yogi, and SN will be back on track.

      • frank says:

        AY says:
        Once again Shantambhai shows his mettle as true upholder of 5000 year-old tradition of eternal truth of mighty Bhorat!
        Remember the words of Swami Bhorat himself:
        “The empty promise of the awakened one born on the hallowed and browned turf of mighty Bhorat is more true than the truth uttered by the gora baboon!”

        Certainly Shantambhai would have been enlightened by now if not for the nefarious intervention of white-skinned estate agents who stole his religion from him in broad daylight!
        Also, he would have become fully qualified lawyer if pie dog had not eaten his homework!

        Hari Om!

  28. Klaus says:

    Hi folks!

    On Sannyasnews I guess we have touched some highs and reached a few lows: we needed the highs to get through the lows…Always inspiring, however.

    ‘The Lambeg Boogie’ by Willie Drennan lifts our feet, doesn’t it?

    My last PayPal payment was not picked up…What can we do?
    Anyone knows sure way of paying?

    Klaus, We’ll check this Pay Pal issue with Clive, who should have received it.

  29. SD, let me know also paypal address.

    Broken promises are like karmic debts. Thanks God, it is only 50 Euros not the New Man, New Humanity kind of oryptocurrency.

    From this I rememberm mala´s lockets were a kind of cryptocurrency in its metaphysical sense. We were thinking to change and control the world through it!

  30. Lokesh says:

    Well, it looks like the proposed publication of ‘The Best and Worst of Sannyas News’ is already helping to create a positive response in the hearts of some regulars. Hats off to you. Just what the doctor ordered!

    Me? I’m saving my pennies for book cover design.

  31. frank says:

    Lokesh, you mentioned Gurdjieff in the blurb, which reminded me that a friend lent me a copy of Fritz Peters` “Boyhood with Gurdjieff/Gurdjieff Remembered” recently (two separate books in one edition). He is interested in Gurdjieff and was curious as to my opinion, particularly in relation to Mr G`s bizarre behaviour recounted in the book. I had forgotten that I had read it over 30 years ago and had forgotten that it contains the “Mr G pretending to be drunk on a train” story which Osho altered quite a bit in his retelling.

    The story Fritz told was that Mr G basically acted like an obnoxious drunk for the whole overnight journey (New York to Chicago), drinking heavily, smoking all night, eating vile-smelling cheeses from his luggage and complaining loudly about everything and creating a ruckus, waking up and aggravating everyone on board which led to him being threatened with being thrown off the train multiple times by the conductor and guard. On reaching Chicago, Peters stormed off, although later rationalises that it was all done by G to help him sever his hero-worship of G: a claim that doesn`t seem really to be borne out in the rest of the book.

    Maybe even more bizarre is the story of when a wealthy woman asked G for “the secret of life”. Gurdjieff, who was, at the time surrounded by other followers in a Café De La Paix in Paris. When the woman produces a cheque for $1000, G tells her he will show her. He calls over a hooker who operates in the café and buys her drinks. He then recounts to her more and more bizarre stories: He is not really Russian, he is putting on the accent, he comes from another planet, he has food from another planet sent to him, and produces some cherries. The hooker eats one and, obviously unimpressed, says, “Taste likes a cherry to me.” This goes on for quite some time.

    The hooker looks bored all through the process, shrugs her shoulders a lot (very French, I guess) but drinks the drinks and takes the money (she is a pro after all). Fritz makes it clear that she obviously thinks that this lot are bonkers, but she hangs in there, takes the money and eventually leaves. The woman seeker who wanted to be shown the secret of life is outraged and leaves, although Fritz recounts she does come back later, gives him the cheque and basically becomes a disciple. It`s not at all clear what the point of it all was.

    The impression I am left with is that there was something of Sacha Baron Cohen about Mr G. He had the ability to close down his normal human responses (shame?) and stick to playing an utterly absurd, offensive and discomfort-causing part/charade consistently for long periods without flinching. What was the point of it? Unlike SBC he didn`t play it for laughs (other than his own?). Even as `devices`, they don`t really seem to achieve clear-cut aims.

    My friend is more of the opinion that Mr G was simply a badass hustler who would do anything to get money and control over people.

    I suspect it was (and Osho used the G playbook extensively, too) just a way of creating enigma and attention.

    The odd thing is that in the 21st century, especially with social media, these kind of tactics are completely mainstream. Look at Trump and a host of other politicians, thought leaders, online talking heads etc. etc. Talk edgy stuff, be offensive, take extreme views (usually authoritarian) that maybe you believe or not (who cares?) and watch the fame and attention mount up.

    Funny to think that Mr G and Osho may have been seminal figures in the development of the “post-truth world”.

    • Lokesh says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write this informative comment, Frank.

      I am interested in everything about Gurdjieff. I practise The Work in varying degrees, and have been doing so for 35 years. I’ve read all of Mr G’s books and Ouspensky’s as well. But that is not the real source of applicable information. For me this comes from Maurice Nicholl’s ‘Psychological Commentaries’, a veritable goldmine of wisdom and psychological practice.

      I recently ordered and am currently reading Nicholl’s ‘The New Man and The Mark’. I would not recommend those books to anyone. Basically they are esoteric interpretations of The Gospels and Parables of Christ. Some of the interpretations are stretching it a bit, yet there are interesting passages to be taken on board. A bit of a case of trying to find a few chips of diamond in a puddle of thick mud.

      Yes, I believe Osho and Mr G were rascals, but they were also brilliant men.

  32. Lokesh says:

    I remember ‘The Razor’s Edge’ being a good movie.

  33. Klaus says:

    Mr. G, Mr. Osho, meditation, Zen, therapy etc.

    Isnt it about changing/breaking habits and fixed views?

    To go beyond habits and views i.e. transcendence, pure consciousness?

    Giving seekers helpful situations, changing conditions, inspiration, courage, centering as ways and means to uncover what’s old and discover what’s new?

    From 20×20 vision to 360° and beyond?

    Mr William Shattner Kirk had the experience of his life – and wants it never to go away…ohhh. Someone give him an absurd non-situation, a non-experience, nothing to hold on to. A new view of the world as it is or, or….

  34. Lokesh says:

    Klaus asks, “Isn’t it about changing/breaking habits and fixed views?”
    It goes a lot further than that. And also it does not. Both Osho and Mr G had habits, a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. They also maintained fixed views, ‘man is asleep’ etc.

    Klaus continues by saying, “Giving seekers helpful situations, changing conditions, inspiration, courage, centering as ways and means to uncover what’s old and discover what’s new?” Which suggests that something new is better than that which is old, which is not necessarily true.

  35. frank says:

    Taking Veet Tom`s post into consideration and going back to Lokesh`s observation that the contributions/interest in SN went down in the last years despite, in his view, the articles/comments becoming more interesting. Does anyone have a theory as to why that may have happened?

    Apart from the passing of Big P which was obviously a blow, I would posit that the appearance of ‘Wild Wild Country’ and the pandemic may have both contributed.

    ‘WWC’ was quite a shock. It was a bit like turning on the news and seeing a bunch of talking heads discussing in detail some rather dirty underwear then suddenly twigging: “Shit, those are mine!”

    The response by many (`faithful`?) sannyasins seems to have been a lot of podcasts and books where people fall over themselves to say what a wonderful time was had by all. That`s fine, except it does seem to have had the effect of feeding heavily into the hagiography/hatchet-job polarity that was already in play. This of course runs in perfect tandem with the rush to extreme polarisation in all walks of life – political/religious/medical/ideological – that was already happening and the pandemic seems to have been stoked largely through media to an alarming degree.

    Viewpoints that sample both ends of the spectrum and don`t hold fast to one extreme or another are kind of out of fashion and not really in the zeitgeist. Could this have something to do with it?

  36. Lokesh says:

    Frank, you ask, “Does anyone have a theory as to why that may have happened?” That is the very same question I asked SD yesterday in an email.

    I am not sure why myself. If you think ‘WW Country’ had something to do with it, then the shit storm that is currently brewing on social media sites about very unsavoury matters concerning Osho and his sannyasins, will really blow the house down.

    • frank says:

      Blimey, that sounds exciting!
      Any more info or links?

      • Klaus says:

        Maybe people do not like to be associated with any kind of shit storm. At least not in the wide open public spaces?

        Some people seem to like to gather in smaller circles: yoga group, chanting group, shamanistic group, meditation group – not in the 1000s or even 100s of participants, rather 5-10-20?

        Or people like to spend a bigger part of the day in an as much as possible oblivious equanimity?

        Thoughts and ideas.

      • Lokesh says:

        Frank, if you wish an update, contact me at lisavonsteinibiza@gmail.com. That is my wife’s email address. I receive so many emails I have industrial filters running to get rid of the unwanted. If I have not sent an email initially any incoming is instantly deleted. Mrs. von Stein uses email rarely as she has a smartphone…I do not use a phone, apart from landline.

        I do not wish to publish material as sensitive as what I am referring to on SN in case I get a fatwa put on me by the over-zealous.

  37. VeetTom says:

    Sorry, but that video for Lokesh above is a little flatlined and shortened as well. It seems they need to sell their guru’s content nowadays to make a living (first time I recognized this).

    So let’s invite another fine dead guru who gets questioned on Gurdjieff with a worthwhile output, yes. The more of Jiddhu, the easier the access:

    • frank says:

      Re Veet Tom’s post of Oct.15, 3.42pm, in this video Sadhguru is clearly repeating Osho`s version of this story which, incorrectly, had Ouspensky as the passenger. As I have written earlier, this story was actually written by Fritz Peters in his book ‘Gurdjieff Remembered’ about his own journey with G, Ouspensky was not on the train.

      This shows clearly that Sadhguru is getting his info by reading Osho rather than the original source.

      It is also interesting that Sadhguru`s addition to the story is that G threw wine at a woman. This was not in the original account. To me this sounds like a freudian slip, with Sadhguru`s latent misogyny coming out.

  38. VeetTom says:

    Yes, sometimes Sadhguru seems to copy Osho, but that may rather be the nature of things, as he swims in the same pond anyway. He claims he did not read spiritual books at all. His people in the video departement do add a lot to his work as well. And to know more on Gurdjief from S. one has to pay for the above video to continue. I feel Corona has stopped that Ashram as well from earning money, just as Pune needs participants to make a living. Right just now India lets in vaccinated tourists again….

    • frank says:

      Veet Tom, you say:
      “Sadhguru claims not to have read spiritual books at all.”
      The guy is an out and out blagger.
      Do you know the story about the death of his wife?
      Seems the marriage was hitting a rocky patch. She wasn`t interested in his dreams of being a big-time guru. Anyhow, she suddenly dies. She`s in her 30s with a young daughter. Sadhguru burns the body quickly and before her parents arrived, contrary to the father’s expressed wishes. Her father accuses Sadhguru of murder. Sadhguru claims she entered “Mahasamadhi”, a state of voluntary death entered by advanced yogis. Police investigation started 6 months later. Sadhguru not even questioned.

      The matter is left at that. His disciples as well as the Indian authorities buy the whole “Mahasamadhi” schtick.

      Totally mental.

  39. VeetTom says:

    First thing: Please excuse me for that big Corona.jpg. It is far too big for a simple joke. I’d love to take it off the page but cannot do such changes here. Too much facebook experience made me forget the ways of old school web-boards for text only. (So, I don’t feel hurt if the admin takes down that pic ;-) Thanks).

    Hi Frank,
    if you really watch all kind of enlightened masters on YouTube – besides our living Osho, we all think/feel to know so well…you slowly get the picture what makes them all so unique and salty at the same time (“salt” from the ocean of course). As a Sannyasin I was trained from early on to be ready to watch other masters with respect and openness. I even looked at some misfits that Osho ‘spat on’ (for good reasons maybe, wanting to save his people from possible dangerous spiritual errors). Nasty U.G Krishnamurti, for example, is one of them. And even he is cute.

    But back to everybody’s darling: Sadhguru. He is very famous now all over the world and does reach many more people than Osho ever did, because he is very accepting and not such a total rebel Osho used to be all his life. But from the very core they are One. Still, all masters have their own ways and and may even change them sooner or later. And to be clear:

    Sadhguru is not just another new master for me – better or worse in comparison to Osho. So far, so good. I just dig him. ;-)

    You want to believe in this Indian fake news, which for me is a pure curse & conspiracy story needed for some who hate or dislike S. for whatever reasons, and there can be many, without end …But I don’t want to convince you that this vulgar cover story is just bullshit. You may even comfortably feel you are a true disciple of the Only True One that you will never forsake. I don’t know you, but these things are well known in all religions. Relax and decide for yourself. But there can be no fight about it for me. Discussing is OK.

    Many Sannyasins have been open to other masters while Osho was a alive and later on…just think of the Advaita teachers giving Satsang all over the world. They have smaller or bigger circles of devotees. Sw. Sarlo once tried to give a wide overview in his: ‘Guru Ratings Salon’. He dropped the effort long ago – too many Buddhas, or half and quarter-Buddhas have flooded the planet.

    For me the guru-thing is obvious: Gurdjieff, Ramana, Jiddhu and Osho have opened the narrative in our time…and Sadhguru follows that path with yet the biggest influence a master can have – in numbers. What really comes out of that “teaching” is just our own thing of course.

  40. VeetTom says:

    Q & A
    …to the sceptic believer in us ;-)
    Is Sadhguru just a carbon copy of Osho to you?
    (I hope the jpg doesn’t blow up too much…and for you ;-) )

  41. I am amazed how western people get fascinated by Indian gurus. It is almost the same like teenage girls adoring their pop stars.

    When men do such guru shopping, I must say it is a very girly trait.

  42. Sadhguru´s wife death & Osho´s “caretaker´s” death.
    Just a mystery, baba.
    No crime news, no fake news but a spiritual mystery!

  43. Klaus says:

    Well, you lost me on this thread.

    Coronawise, Osho is certainly beyond it.
    Whereas Sadhguru still has some time left over so sit it out.

    Who among us is still suffering from guru-itis?

    To me, there are three directions to lean to:
    positive – Oh!
    negative – Boah?!
    neutral – Whatshisnameagain?

    Sometimes, the view may change.

    Methinks there is a need for a new thread, then.

  44. VeetTom says:

    Back to our only true Corona-Guru HERE & NOW?
    Sw. Chinmayo did this lecture some time ago…

  45. kavita says:

    Came to know Now, the Osho Resort Poona has made the 1st vaxx compulsory!

    • frank says:

      From Anand Yogi`s Facebook page:

      “Ma Minraj is perfectly correct!
      Vaccines certainly cause testicles to swell to ridiculous size!
      Swami Bhorat had one shot of vaccine when it was accidentally mixed with his daily shot of Valium and ayurvedic worming potion!
      The result was that his testicles swelled to size of two hot air balloons full of nitrous oxide!
      In order to deal with problem he had no choice but to go kerb-crawling during daily drive-by, selecting female disciples to come to his room at regular intervals to apply relief! Swelling is still there, so the situation remains touch-and-go!

      5G is very dangerous and the presence of 5G masts can disturb highly spiritual vibrations of great devotees!
      But the arrogant scientific baboons refuse to discuss matter even when Bhorat, in attempt to relieve tension, invited top scientists to come to ashram for a no-holds-barred 5G mast-debate!

      The idea that conspiracists are brainwashed by folklore and fairy stories into believing that all problems are the fault of, and can be blamed on some kind of shadowy forces of evil is clearly something concocted by the unconscious masses, retarded pygmies, yellow journalists, Oregonians and the mind!

      Hari Om !

        • frank says:

          “Swami Bhorat is also thinking he can use it!

          He is reconsidering his anti-vaxx stance and now also introducing 21st century neo-tantra courses in Bungabungalore ashram, as studies are showing that in terms of increasing pumping power, dose of vaccine administered by Nikki Minjraj is more efficacious than old bullock-cart methods such as being strapped into a Freon-cooled donkey inseminator with leather straps blistering testicles!


    • frank says:

      For sure the conspiracy/conspirituality stuff is underpinned with mythical and quasi-mythical thinking.
      That seems to be why anyone who thinks that way already, eg the religious, new agers, cult members etc. are susceptible to sliding down that rabbit hole.

      For example, we had Brian Rajneesh`s twitter feed on here a while back. Hardcore QAnon stuff.
      From blaming unconscious alcoholic baboons, therapists and black magicians sending out death rays etc. for everything evil to blaming Bill Gates, scientists and 5G for everything evil is a pretty short step….

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