Ozen Rajneesh

Sannyasnews punters seem to want to discuss this guy, and the latest accusations against him.  As in any situation like this, there may be pluses and minuses. Ozen is very disliked by OIF, so they might well have an investment in trying to discredit him.  He and his commune have made freely available much material of Osho which would not  be in the public domain if it were not for Ozen’s efforts, or efforts made under his inspiration.  Unlike many of the “new crowd” of teachers, he has created a commune out of nothing, and which those who have actually visited say has an authentic sannyas taste, and we have to remain aware of those critics who have never been near the man or his commune.


thOzen Rajneesh

Prem made some fairly solid points in his earlier post below. So that can start the discussion.

“Rajneesh has many enemies, one of which is the OIF.

Remember Shiva the Bodyguard who wrote a book about Osho, ‘Bhagwan, the God that Failed’, stating that Osho has sex with many women?

Wasn’t the Oregon Ranch also a “slave labour” camp where people worked 14 hours a day?

Wherever there is a mystic school, there will always be these types of accusations.

I also looked at Anant Akash’s website. The whole story and website sounds a little fishy, the photos look like they were photoshopped. The way they write their stories, Akash and Dao sound like very immature people, petty and vindictive.

Just for the record: I do not think Rajneesh is enlightened, and I saw most of his disciples are a bit naive, immature. However, the whole story and the way it is presented on Akash’s website is ridiculous.

Maybe he had sex with a girl, so what, if it was consensual? Some Sannyasins getting outraged about someone having consensual sex. What are you? Catholics?

I have seen worse things in Osho centres, therapists propositioning girls for a threesome with their girlfriends – and no one bats an eyelid.

But the way this relationship is presented on the website in the “evidence” sounds more like a creation of the minds of the persons who created the website, rather than something typical Rajneesh would do. It just doesn’t fit.

I am completely open-minded and waiting for some ‘hard evidence’ to come up.

However, the photo evidence of Rajneesh and Myrthle having sex – really looks like a photoshop. They took a porno couple and photoshopped Rajneesh’s face onto the picture. Myrthle’s face is blurred on the pictures, so you don’t even know if it is her.

So they had sex, so what? Revenge porn? Ok, I want to see some hard evidence.

Sounds like a hit job, a smear job, created by a very sick mind – and Rajneesh, not enlightened, this is true, but he doesn’t sound nearly as deranged as this story would want you to believe.

So the verdict is for now, ‘Shiva, the God that Failed’ – unless there is some real hard evidence. Show us the pictures or the video.

A lot of people want to see Rajneesh’s downfall, including the OIF.
Including some people on this forum who support the OIF and are drooling right now at the idea that Rajneesh will be discredited.

Stuff like this goes with the territory. As soon as someone declares himself enlightened – smear campaigns will be waged. ”

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  1. At the beginning of this year & last year I had few lengthy chats with brother Rajneesh. He had admired my posts at facebook and also his people and I have also shown appreciation for his creative work in creating something on the lines of miraculous Osho energy touch as was in Pune.

    Someone is enlightened or not has never been my interest. Basically, Osho was the light of tower I have admired and been influenced by and I am not one of those types who open their heart and body before everyone.

    What I admire is loving vibes, honest behaviour and rebelliously intelligent minds; for this I am also at sannyasnews. Most of the bloggers I admire for their qualities, even those who push my buttons mostly with their fixed mental patterns.

    Because the facebook profile of last year was being deactivated I was trying to remember whether I have told to Rajneesh, “Beware about the back stabbers because family controlling the OFI are expert in giving back in vengeance. So few people will be surely get implanted on their behalf.”

    Tit for Tat is very natural.

    German Swami of Pune 1 days who has forwarded me the link of predator site is very sure Rajneesh is rightly accused and he has bribed Mexican officials to suppress the case.

    My impression is not everything is a fact, still there cannot be smoke without fire.

    Success creates its own friends and also enemies. Rajneesh Saga is getting macabrely interesting.

    • swamishanti says:

      Well, if the communications from the recent scandalous website are genuine, then Ozen has threatened this girl who ran away in a taxi with “black magic”.

      And this isn`t the first time that this guy has done this. According to this exchange between Frank and Mini Kang, from this old thread from SN a couple of years back:

      Ah yes, I heard about Brian Rajneesh’s trip to Tiruvanamali. Apparently,he got into a fracas with an American called Ishi in the German bakery there.

      Rajneesh shouted at him and threatened to get him deported. And when the guy wasn’t cowed, and told him and Brian’s posse of 20 to “fuck off and die” then Brian threatened to use black magic on him.

      Brian,the great disciple, failed to even get lesson one by Osho – if they shoot black magic at you, don’t fire it back…

      And Brian Rajneesh`s black magic is even worse than his ham acting. The guy Ishi is still around, fit and healthy, and Rajneesh has had a heart attack and is suffering from erectile dysfunction.
      Plus, he now has Dhyanrage as his chief disciple!?!?

      Of course, you will take this as another attack by a “jealous ego” who can’t stand the fact that some guy imitating Osho (poorly) is enlightened and I am not.

      Truth is, I find the whole story of the Brian cult deeply fascinating in a car-crash kind of way. How on earth do people get themselves into such lunacy?

      Like Dominic said, I suppose every monkey chained to his master must be getting some bananas somewhere.

      mini kang says (21 July, 2013 at 2:57 pm):

      The facts are different, as i was there in Tiru. Ishi was going to commit suicide when Swami Rajneesh met him in manali. Ishi was depressed and frustrated without any money or food. Swami Rajneesh helped him financially and took care of him.

      Swami Rajneesh Ishi’s girlfriend came and exposed Ishi for physically abusing and beating her violently. She lost her child due to Ishi and his abuse. This exposure angered Ishi, and he was even more upset when Swami Rajneesh offered and saved his girlfriend from more physical abuse. Ishi is a frustrated violent person, and we were all witness to his fit of rage and violence. It was a lesson for us all to see Swami Rajneesh actions to calm and settle Ishi.”

      I was in a city library a couple of weeks back, waiting outside of the toilets. There were two of us there waiting. After a while we could here a woman inside who appearing to be rattling on about something, then she appeared to be praying in a agitated way, “Lord Jesus Christ, please protect me, don`t let him harm me, Lord Jesus, please protect me from this evil, Lord Jesus Christ…etc. etc.”

      The other guy and myself exchanged glances and wondered what the fuck was going on in there, and then the lady, an African lady appeared, outside of the bathroom.

      Startled that we were standing outside and embarrassed when she realised that we had heard her frantic praying, she attempted to explain, “A preacher is trying to attack me, to use black magic against me.”

      Now, this lady may have been ill, or she may have been genuinely afraid of someone who had threatened her in some way with black magic.

      There are lots of African immigrants in the city. In Africa, there is always fear of witchcraft and black magic.

      That`s how it works, it is based on fear. Sometimes just giving the idea of black magic is enough to make someone crazy or ill. But it is always based on fear.

      I read the texts from the website and Ozen is clearly using the fear trip to scare the woman with what will happen if she doesn’t return the ring that he has given her.

      There is another section where one of Ozen`s former disciples claims that Ozen was in favour of using “black magic”. Now, I don`t know how Ozen interprets it, whether he means using it to help people, but the examples I have seen are just negative, fear-based threats.

      • frank says:

        Brian is a psychopath.
        If you can`t see that, good luck to you.
        And book your ticket to Brianstown forthwith….

        • frank says:

          (That`s a general statement, not to you, Shanti).

        • satchit says:

          You are quick in judgement, Frankieboy.
          Swami Ali is watching you!

          • frank says:

            That`s an amazing sychronicity! How did you know? I just this morning received an e-mail from Swami Ali! He writes:

            “This Swami Ali, real disciple and martial artist with speciality of chopping egos and dicks of unconscious baboons.

            You speak negativity blah blah about Ozen. I come England with cocom commandos and put foot in your ass. We Russian hooligans very strong, not like pudding breast Englishmen. We drunk on divine, not Watney`s Red Barrel.

            I have pictures of Ozen on wall and altar, and also new 2018 Vladimir Putin calendar – I like meditate on pictures of real men not afraid to show breasts and use violence against unconscious masses! Pune like Crimea and Ukraine- true men with shirt off will soon reclaim to rightful owner.

            You blah blah English sense of humour call Ozen `Brian` and say he in movie ‘Internet Pirates of Carribean’. Now I change movie to ‘Stalingrad’. New red army led by Swami Ozen, and full of crack commandos I recruit from Chernobyl electroshock hospital – I already convert half of inmates to sannyas – come and put feet in your ass for negativity behaviour.

            Sannyasnews full of left wing homosexual liberals who, like Dhyanraj, say: “need good kicking.” Only Shantam real man. He have good knowledge of religion and good porn. He understand good porn like me and brothers.

            If Ozen make porn film with consenting slave – then what is problem for sannyasins? You Catholics or something?

            Ozen make enlightened porn very good quality. If Shantam ask I can send him best clips. He also have Japanese Zen porn but will only show if Shantam come to Ozen Cocoon.

            Me and my brothers Ozen Oleg and Ozen Olaf sit in shed in garden of hospital, eat nettle soup, drink vodka and enjoy very much. If Ozen reading this mail, my brother Ozen Oleg send message he very much liking your porn video. He change underwear three times already this week and he ask to see more `hard evidence` of enlightenment. He think evidence in shower scene maybe a little soft,but he no mind, he devoted disciple and he very grateful.

            Frank, you and homo leftist depraved westerners not understand anything. In Russia we understand wisdom of mighty India. In my country, like India, if woman not obey husband and try to go away by herself, man must show he real man and use threats and violence. Swami Ozen showing he real patriot and perfectly expressing ancient wisdom and not acting like liberal homosexual crybaby women`s lib Amnesty International snowflake!

            Be careful! I have Ozen mind control passcode number for what is left of Dhyanraj brain. Ozen programme him with black magic mantra `hahahahaha`, now he cannot escape.

            I send black magic through him and when vibrations reach, at any moment victim can find self with brain function deteriorating very fast and booking ticket to Acapulco. Parmartha already affected by vibrations sent out by Ozen black magic – he not realise Premprem entity created by black magic ritual.

            All publicity is good publicity.
            Violence, fraud, theft, revenge porn, misogyny, lying – all very good device for awakening unconscious masses.

            We will take over world with Ozen`s red army and create 1000 year yuga of superconsciousness.

            But first I come England and put foot in your ass.”

  2. Francesco says:

    Only a couple of frustrated and not smart at all people could have written so many stupid and unproved things about Ozen and his commune. Also in a childish way!

    Everyone, before judging good or bad, should come to Mexico in our beautiful commune to have a taste of what OZEN is made of, what he built up in few years and what a great opportunity he is daily giving to young people to live in a natural and clean space, creating all day long and growing up without barriers and judgments!

    It’s a paradise on earth and soon or later everybody will realise it and come to dance and celebrate life with us! YES, OZEN!

    And by the way, thanks to Dao and co. who are helping us to let our place be known by many more people! At least somebody for sure will realise what a beauty is hidden here without paying attention to so much crap. :)

    • shantam prem says:

      Francesco, thanks for doing your job as spokesperson of Ozen community.
      Can you also shed some light about the whereabouts of Mini Kang? She was the one Korean Samurai Lady standing like rock-hard devotion towards Rajneesh.

  3. amrito says:

    Why do we need to compare this situation with Shiva’s ‘God that failed’. Sw Rajneesh would like nothing more than to be compared directly with OSHO, and SannyasNews is doing just that.

    Real people (I’ve spoken to many) have faced these issues – I have dealt with Sw Rajneesh’s erratic behaviour online – he is a nutcase! Who cares if he has a beautiful resort set up – remember he isn’t someone that just comes from ‘nothing’ – he was born into a multi-billion dollar dynasty. However, many people have lost BIG money investing with this loony.

    The sexual assault charges are REAL – what more do you want than the evidence of this guy’s chat records and pictures/videos- which HE put up online – PLEASE READ THE WEBSITE CAREFULLY.

    He won’t deny this either: he is literally changing every one of OSHO’s meditations into his own thing – with new music (something Deuter said OSHO had always been categorically against).

    He is not a victim of OIF – and those who don’t look carefully at WHY OIF is against this nutter are being naive – he is using OSHO as passport into people’s hearts and raping their consciousness! He also believes he has OSHO’s soul living in his body.

    • frank says:

      Parmartha Conan Doyle`s famous detective Victorian grandad would be turning in his grave at Big P buying into this guff by Premprem!

      Where are Mini and Dhyanraj? That`s what he should be asking.

      Elementary, my dear Watson!

      • Parmartha says:

        I buy into neither side’s guff. But both sides need to have coverage.
        I don’t see this being discussed anywhere else, so I sometimes feel that some here don’t appreciate that they have this opportunity here.

    • Parmartha says:

      No-one is saying there is some conspiracy, but OIF would be happy Brian Rajneesh seems to be having problems, as they consider he has given them a lot of problems.

      There are those (like Dominic here, for example) who seem to feel the paradigm itself of master/disciple is indelibly flawed. If this happened to be true, then all these gurus/teachers etc. will have flaws, and even the zen masters of the past, because the ‘relationship’ is flawed in and of itself.

      If this were to be true, then concentrating on one flawed individual leads one away from the wider and deeper issues involved in human psychology, and the apparent need for such a type of relationship.

      I have myself noticed that a number of acquaintances I have known over 30 years simply move from one teacher or master to another when they become disillusioned with the one before, etc., but never move from the harbour of such a relationship in and of itself.

  4. amrito says:

    Seeing Shantam’s adoration for guys like this only proves the point that he is not fit to handle even a tiny meditation centre – forget Pune!

    Sw Keerti at least saw through and accepted Frozen Ozen as a dangerous, manipulative fool! I know Dao – he lives in Canada. He is not employed by OIF nor has he even visited Pune – but this drastic accusation of this whole thing being an elaborate conspiracy is beyond the normal word of ‘idiotic’ – it is far below mediocre thinking!

    • Amrito is a Nepali origin Canadian wheeler and dealer who plays a big guy in the Indo-Nepali sannyas community and sponsors meditation camp leaders and other resort therapists like Krishna Prem.

      Once he also asked me to take some event in Canada, he would sponsor this. I declined politely that this is not my cup of tea. He maybe took this as personal rejection.

      So this judgmental outburst against Shantam:
      I am curious where he sees Shantam´s adoration for Guys like What?
      During all these years, is there a single post of me towards mini-gurus which is not without favour and malice?

      Moreover, editor and few other contributors can vouch that it was me who has shared the website as a scoop the moment I got the link. It was not to defend or defame but to understand the phenomenon of human mind in all of us, enlightened, semi-enlightened and/or everybody. Going beyond mind, I feel, does not mean mind ceases to operate; it is and will remain company-installed software.

      May I also remind this closed mind that Shantam is asking for restoration of 20 persons trust where each of them has 5% voting right to decide about day to day working of Osho Commune, the same very name and the place where Osho died or left his body.

      Amrito Bhattarai is the facebook profile for those who want to have a look at this meditation centre organiser.

      • amrito says:

        Sw. Shantam – you had “warned” Swami Rajneesh because ‘an enemy of an enemy is a friend’. I noticed Sw. Rajneesh’s sick behaviour many years back – and although I may have not been physically present with OSHO, I know a wannabe when I see one.

        This apologetic attitude just because he is enemy of your enemy is disturbing – yet, after all these years, you have not moved an inch towards understanding the situation in Pune. Your coloured glasses only seem to see one colour – and that is simply of the past. You remain critical from sidelines, and even when you had the opportunity to go inside and see – you chose to stay outside and whine.

        Over the last 18 years I’ve seen critic after critic prove themselves worse than their criticisms (ie Sw. Arun, Sw. Rajneesh, Sw. Shashank etc. etc). The questions begs, who is doing the work there or outside without boasting their own egos and spreading the direct word as opposed to interpretations? Many friends who have visited (and stayed for at least a week) have come back touched, and transformed.

        I’ve made mistakes in the past inviting people to do camps, and I’ve seem some people degenerate into fanatics under so and so’s dogma.

        I too will be visiting in Feb. after 10 years to the Resort – and guess what – almost every hotel near the Resort is booked and packed. Their living-IN programmes are mostly booked out. Something is still working whilst many have cried “wolf”. The past cannot be repeated.

        Anyways, I don’t remember inviting you to lead a camp – but either way, no personal attachments there, and if I did – what a relief!

    • Kavita says:

      “Sw. Keerti at least saw through and accepted Frozen Ozen as a dangerous…”
      You hardly know the truth of these two Swamis’ friendship; they were on such good terms that Swami Keerti was Swami Rajneesh’s house guest in Poona in Jan 2008. Wonder what went wrong now?!

      Anyway I would definitely agree with Lokesh about “Ozen Rajneesh is a device created by Osho to speed up your awakening.”!

  5. frank says:

    These kind of stories will continue to become more and more commonplace as the number of trustafarians from all over the world grows by the day. Older hucksters, hustlers and enlightened ones will grow in number to meet the demand.

    The success of global capitalism is to blame!
    Supply and demand!

    You know the saying:”Cocaine is God`s way of telling you that you`ve got too much money” ?

    So getting your face stove in, getting worked 12 hrs by a guy sitting in a Jacuzzi, and having your family`s savings raided by a guy with a beard is god`s way of telling you you`re suffering from delusions!

    Getting shafted by a guru,
    Gettin’ stoned
    Gettin’ beat up
    Broken boned
    Gettin’ had
    Gettin’ took
    I tell you folks
    It’s harder than it looks
    It’s a long way to the top
    If you wanna get enlightened….


  6. Anant Akash says:

    First of all, the editor of Sannyasnews appears to be biased towards Ozen Rajneesh. The URL for the website, http://www.thepredatorozenrajneesh.com, was never posted. This website was developed to expose his predatory behaviours, including highly credible allegations of a cover-up of a missing person at the commune, international property fraud and immigration fraud, not just sexual predatory behaviours, which included serious allegations of sexual assault.

    In fairness to the authors of the noted website, please post it for all readers to judge for themselves the merits of what has been written. There will be many more stories posted on this website to expose his actions.

    The editor also implies that the “critics,” who contributed to the website, http://www.thepredatorozenrajneesh.com, never lived at the Ozen Cult Commune. I personally lived there for the best part of 16 months, and the other major contributor of the site lived there for a good part of 2 years.

    I am no fan of the OIF and this is what first attracted me to Ozen Rajneesh, the Fake Guru. He was a very outspoken critic of what they were doing with Osho’s legacy and rightly so. However, I later discovered that what he has done is far worse than the OIF.

    The editor conveniently allows Prem (Prem Who?) to start off further discussion of what was presented on this blog. However, the only issue that is discussed is photos on the website, which purposely did not show the face of the young woman for her protection, since she wanted to remain anonymous.

    Prem stated he wanted to see the video for proof. He then stated, “I also looked at Anant Akash’s website. The whole story and website sounds a little fishy, the photos look like they were photoshopped. The way they write their stories, Akash and Dao sound like very immature people, petty and vindictive.”

    First of all, the pictures were not photoshopped. Moreover, since the website was published, the women in the two stories have been threatened by the Fake Guru and his commune enforcer, Osho Chinmayo. They were threatened that if they don’t retract or have the stories removed from website on the Fake Guru he would release photos and videos to porn sites.

    Prem further stated that, “Akash and Dao are immature people and vindictive.” Why is it immature and vindictive to provide overwhelming evidence of criminality of the Fake Guru and some of his accomplices? Is it not a natural response for a caring human being to have outrage about the actions of someone who appears to have highly narcissistic and psychopathic traits, and as a result, is harming people?

    Does Prem even care about what is happening to the people at this cult commune (past and present) and the people who may decide to go there?

    Finally, Prem stated, “Sounds like a hit job, a smear job, created by a very sick mind.”
    Prem: it makes me wonder if you have any care for the truth at all. I wonder what agenda you must have. Let the editor post the website, http://www.thepredatorozenrajneesh.com, and all can judge for themselves, without your aspersions and fallacious observations and judgments about the contributors to the website and the veracity of what is reported therein.

    Open your heart, Prem, and you will see that we are not making up stories because we are immature and vindictive. What will you tell Michael’s mother about the fake guru? Your comments on the website put you square into the category of immature.



  7. Lokesh says:

    Ozen Rajneesh is a device created by Osho to speed up your awakening.

    • Parmartha says:

      I agree, Lokesh.

      To me, the fact that many seem so stirred up by this controversy is the most interesting thing. One thing is for sure that this guy Dao, who seems to be orchestrating things against ‘the Brian’, is actually doing him a favour. As Osho once said when someone produced false pics of him (Osho) in a Bombay newspaper with naked women, “All publicity is good publicity”.

      There are many outside mental hospitals, who some call psychopaths, who seem to have a certain power over other human beings. This has been true since we existed on the planet. It explains the power of fascisms and many other things. THAT seems to me worthy of investigation as it totally blights the human condition, and that is a general condition to which it seems many are prone.

      Getting heavily involved in a pro- and anti-small guru game only leads to the small guru getting bigger, and somehow not seeing the enormity of the wider picture of the human condition.

      • Lokesh says:

        Truth is, PM and Kavita, I fired that comment off as a joke. Obviously, when looked at from another perspective, there might be some truth in it. To be honest, I doubt it.

        I am curious by nature. Were I in the Yucatan, as I have been many times in the past, I might pop in to Ozen for a wee peek. I am sure there would be a few good stories in such a visit. As it is, this is a highly unlikely scenario.

        I am currently writing my third novel. It is the third in a trilogy and features many scenes set in Poona 1. I wrote half of the manuscript 6 years ago and then dropped in. Yesterday, while doing revision, there was a mention of the ‘all publicity is good publicity’ stance that Bhagwan adopted and had something to say about it.

        My big challenge right now is to create the rest of my story and get my protagonists out of Poona and away from the sannyas scene. I am considering introducing the Beedie Wallah as a diversion in the plot. I know nothing else like writing for creating the possibility of time travel and inter-dimensional hopping. You never know, I might introduce Swami Rajneesh for a laugh.

        • Kavita says:

          Knowing you, Lokesh, how could I take this statement seriously? That’s the reason I added the exclamation, my dear.

      • Dominic says:

        “All publicity is good publicity”. Sex, money, power trips, drugs, corruption, betrayal etc. may attract some and make for juicy stories, but for most ‘normal neurotics’ it’s a turn-off.

        How did it work out for Andrew Cohen or currently Sogyal Rinpoche and many others? Any real but damaging stories from the Osho camp, like Vivek, were suppressed.

        Knowledge is power. I doubt that Brian’s revenge porn and manipulative tantrums (if true) are going to boost his following, and if they do, knowing all this, they deserve each other.

        • Kavita says:

          “I doubt that Brian’s revenge porn and manipulative tantrums (if true) are going to boost his following, and if they do, knowing all this, they deserve each other.”


        • Parmartha says:

          I think your normal neurotics are actually disguised Calvinists..!
          Lots of people ‘left’ Barry Long apparently because he enjoyed the attentions of five women, many thousands left Osho in 1985 at the ‘failure’ of the Ranch. To live outside society is not to inhabit the normal neurosis of the unpainted Church pew.

          You are a little right that not all publicity can be turned to advantage, but more than a few people get to know of someone for the first time through the Press, and not trusting the Press bullshit, proceed to find out who they are interested in at a deeper level.

          • dominic says:

            Calvin could have taught ISIS a thing or two, and deserved the same fate as those who disagreed with him, i.e. being slowly roasted over a green wood fire with their ‘posts’ tied to their chest.

            But my heresy is just about basic decency, especially for people in power not to exploit others rather than ‘never give a sucker an even break’. I didn’t know about Bazzer. Is that a euphemism, “enjoyed the attentions of five women”? Quite right, thousands left Osho after the Ranch, maybe those who stayed just couldn’t kick the habit.

            ‘All publicity is good publicity’ is just a trope, that when examined falls flat on its face. There is good and bad publicity, today more than ever – look at Hollyweird or the political landscape. Sex sells and a little guru hankypanky you might get away with, but there’s always a line you should not cross, and stuff gurus don’t want you to know about. Only the most crazy fundamentalists will want to hang around for that.

            Anyway, I’m starting a cult where people will be brainwashed into thinking for themselves. Wanna join?

            • satyadeva says:

              “I didn’t know about Bazzer. Is that a euphemism, “enjoyed the attentions of five women”?”

              For the record, there was never anything hidden, he was always absolutely open about what he was doing with the women and for what purpose.

              So one can either accept he was initiating them, immersing them into true tantric love-making – or one can disbelieve in that possibility, which, given our learned scepticism and lack of comparable experience in such matters, is very likely to be the conclusion of most people who never knew the man.

              • dominic says:

                It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it SD. If Mr. Lover Lover (Barry Long) wanted to spread it around a bit and the women found an alpha male guru figure irresistible, ain’t none of my business.

                I confess I never knew the man, but saw him a few times. I wonder how young and/or beautiful they were, and whose “true tantric love-making” was being benefited most.

                • satyadeva says:

                  As I intimated, it’s hard for us to accept stuff like this because we’re all so ‘sexually loaded’, filled with all sorts of crap, including an almost instant scepticism (not to mention potential jealousy) of anyone (especially ‘one of us’) who might have the temerity to claim they are free of the crap and are hence able to help purify others through sexual love-making. “He must be full of crap (like me and everyone else)” tends to be the instant reaction.

                  Fine, of course, for an Osho to give wonderful talks on Tantra, including detailed advice on techniques etc. but he wasn’t really much of a ‘player’, it would seem, so no such problem for anyone there. Besides, he was an Indian mystic, ‘mysterious’ and all that, and ‘they do things differently over there’ (or used to).

    • “Ozen Rajneesh is a device created by Osho to speed up your awakening.”
      Lokesh, since when you have started writing irony?

      • Lokesh says:

        Ah, Shantam, Synchronicity.

        “It’s sarcasm, Josh.”


        “It’s from the Greek, sarkasmos. To bite the lips. It means that you aren’t really saying what you mean, but people will get your point. I invented it, Bartholomew named it.”

        “Well, if the village idiot named it, I’m sure it’s a good thing.”

        “There you go, you got it.”

        “Got what?”


        “No, I meant it.”

        “Sure you did.”

        “Is that sarcasm?”

        “Irony, I think.”

        “What’s the difference?”

        “I haven’t the slightest idea.”

        “So you’re being ironic now, right?”

        “No, I really don’t know.”

        “Maybe you should ask the idiot.”

        “Now you’ve got it.”



        Christopher Moore, Lamb: ‘The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal’

    • Dominic says:

      There is no Rajneesh1 or Rajneesh2 or Lokesh…only ‘nobody’ or consciousness, who just happens to have a very dark psychopathic side!

  8. zitta o says:

    WARNING ABOUT DAO (This post has been shortened)

    I’m Zitta, Dao’s wife
    and i want to warn people and make it clear why i left him .

    He is a computer hacker and online stalker .

    He was trying to extort money from my father so i left him

    He is an aggressive drug addict person im scare of him and i feel my life in danger as he is threatening and trying to blackmail all my friends

    I will have to file a police report for my life and safety

    When we decided to get married he expected that my family would give him money, he would scream at me at my parents house and grab their car with out telling anyone he told my parents he wanted money.

    they offer him give us job and a place to live, Dao refused and left angry from my house .

    He is a hacker, online stalker and peverted sexual man.

    He even took a lot of money from his own family they would have chats with him that he should get a job and stop getting money from them and just because he was gonna Marry me they would help him for last time…

    He married me to use me and get money from people he thought he will get wedding presents he even made a video of us and he would send this to all his friends in Canadá or even people that he barely know ..

    While the time we were at Ozen Cocom, Rajneesh was taking care of us. Dao was very comfortable there, as always he was not working he would eat and sleep there .

    Anyway i was always protected by the commune everybody would hear him screaming at me even some people tried to interfere to tell him to stop and he would become more aggressive and try to hit them and say ” she is my wife i do what ever i want” .

    When i decided to finish the relationship he got very angry he told me to fuck off and leave the room.

    I know my husband he have no idea what love is he just hurted me and tried to be my dictator. After he got bored of drugs and Also runing out of time in México wich he have no documents he decided to try to convince me that he is good person and he will change, he came back in the middle of the night at ozen and told me that i should leave with him , i was very scare actually that he would grab me and forcé me to leave wich he have done that before… So every body from the communne was there protecting me making sure he Dont forcé me , he would keep insisting that we should talk alone which i said no i was very scare i told him we where ok he could keep his life going just to leave me alone.

    He left , then he came back again and hide in the jungle to try to get me ..

    He is a dangerous hacker person extortion blackmailer aggressive drug addict person and im very scare of him and i feel in danger .

    All people close to us have come to realise this and they all have to protect me from him including his own family.

    Zitta Ocejo

  9. sw. veet (francesco) says:

    In Italy your approach, Parmartha, is called ‘benal-trismo’ (bene altro-ismo), which sounds like ‘there’s something else’, alluding to something more important about the same (or not) matter, but on a larger scale.

    Your comment implicitly sounds like an invitation to comment off-topic, premise of misunderstandings and projections.

    Misunderstanding occurs when one evaluates the comments of others using a larger frame, and perhaps claiming a larger vision. But then, on other occasions, perhaps the same people consider a projection that of who to dynamically express the future outcomes of a perspective uses a wider frame.

    No one has a crystal ball, and in the strict sense, logically, anything that can be said can not describe the ‘here and now’, but always past or future. If this means that everything that is said is a projection then Lokesh is right, and everything can be a device for speedy awakening.

    If, instead, it is possible to distinguish between an honest description of reality, in its evolution and according to its laws, and a description of reality vitiated by the attachment to the outcomes of that description, then the debate is open.

    For me, small-scale fascism, if perceived as such, should not be ignored but eventually analysed and evaluated as a paradigm of more complex societies (globalisation).

    perhaps the same people consider a projection that of who to dynamically express the future outcomes of a perspective uses a wider frame.

    • sw. veet (francesco) says:

      I refer to the reframing.

      If ‘benaltrism’ is the rhetorical use of larger frames, the ‘hereandnowism’ is the cloying technique of snooty sannyasins to reduce the frame of the interlocutor to his navel, a way to make him lower his gaze, a way to prevail.

      I believe this depends on the attachment to their lineage (Pune 1), this is the main source of their projections.

      As I explained, not everything that is said about the future is a projection. And if we talk about the future it is sometimes because we do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past (Ranchism, fascism at the Ranch time).

      If Ozen after Osho started to imitate Sheela (Rajneesheela or Sheelozen), even if I did not live in the Ranch it worries me, not as a sannyasin but as a human being, close to the anguish of those people who could relive in Mexico the Oregonian experience.

      The risk that social relationships based on the non-democratic power accorded to a guru degenerate into abuse of power is a well-founded hypothesis, not at all a forced interpretation, imho.

      Although human beings can not be predicted, human events are often conditioned by the eruption of uncontrollable forces, with a certain constancy.

      ‘A hair of pussy pulls more than a bullock cart’ (popular proverb).

    • sw. veet (francesco) says:

      I owed you an answer…having YOU made to coincide projection with hypothesis.

      Lokesh says:
      “MOD, Veet means being placed in a servile position in what was once your own home. Which, I might add, is quite a projection into a hypothetical future for someone promoting living in the moment.”

      Ah, ok, the syntax too…
      “But then, on other occasions, perhaps the same people, THEY consider it a projection when one, in order to dynamically express the future outcomes of a perspective, uses a wider frame.”

      I love you here and now only if I care for your future too.

      Thanks, Veet – BUT THIS SEEMS UNCLEAR:
      having YOU made to coincide projection with hypothesis

      VEET F:
      Ok, by “YOU”, I mean Lokesh.
      You didn’t give me the time to answer, closing fast the comments, then I thought you agreed with Lokesh about that (my projection).


      • sw. veet (francesco) says:

        Lokesh said (December 2, 2017 at 9:42 am) that someone like me who is promoting the “living in the moment” when talking about the future is making projections.

        I thought that my reply could be interesting for you too (Mod), but you closed the comments. My hypothesis is that you have evaluated the argument of Lokesh irrefutably, but it could be my projection.


  10. Osho was not prophet M. According to the followers, M said, “There were many Messiahs before me but I am the last.” This assertion is the backbone of Islam. Naturally, in their territory nobody will ever dare to question the last.

    No Indian mystic has ever said, “I am the first, the only one or the last.” No doubt, India is a spiritual valley of the world. For spiritual start-ups there is no better country. Without doubt, most of the spiritual stuff sooner or later ends up as silicon, nylon, plastic, synthetic. If the founders and consumers find their way to heaven I won’t´ mind to remain stuck on the earth.

    In astrology, Sagittarians are known as Santa Claus of the Zodiac, they are generous without limits. Many times they have no cash, no bank account but can issue promissory notes, but without any intention to cheat.

    Osho is heard saying many times something like, “You are all enlightened. You will get your awakening, if not on Sunday then on Saturday. There are only seven days etc. etc.” Now if someone gets awakening after reading and believing all the stuff, why others become bitchy?

    If someone has opened a store, why to stand with black placards, “Other than our late founder no one is the producer and distributor of Enlightened stuff.” Are we the new Muslims?

    Again and again I say as a joke, “Why not develop some laboratory test to check the awakening enlightening of wannabe gurus?” Believing is a part of the game.

    One thing I can say for sure, not too beautiful girl is million times better than all the dead and gone pin-up beauties of their time. I don’t think any sannyasin of Osho´s lifetime would ever become disciple of someone whose books are there but author is gone!

    Living among the living is a life. It has its own trappings. Blessed are the ones who join the game of living gurus of their time, howsoever bogus they may or may not prove in the long end of eternity.

  11. dhyanraj says:

    This website Dao has made with the intention to destroy Rajneesh – making the kind of black propaganda campaign familiar to everyone, we saw it with Osho, we see it everyday in the world.

    It seems many men in positions of influence and power are accused of being sexual predators these days – of course most men are guilty of being attracted to women and getting into trouble at times in their lives. We should all hang ourselves as that British member of parliament did a couple of weeks ago who faced allegations of sexual predation, eh?

    It’s a mystery to me why Dao should blame Rajneesh for his troubled relationship with the beautiful Zitta – she has her own tale to tell of her husband.

    Rajneesh has made an intensely focused work for years now to make this beautiful space for a new buddhafield materialise – against many stresses and difficulties, mostly down to lack of big money to invest from the beginning. The finances to build it have come mainly in dribs and drabs from small investors like myself, hopes of a large cash donation from the sympathetic billionaire cousin of Rajneesh dashed when his steel factories went bust and he threw himself off the top floor in shame at having to sack 5000 workers.

    Now the Ozen Cocom is made, and many are enjoying the events there, it certainly doesn’t deserve to be destroyed – and neither Rajneesh deserves to be destroyed as per Dao’s wish either; he is not the criminal he is being made out to be.

    • Anant Akash says:

      Dynaraj…the loyal man to the Guru Fake for 8 years now. What will it take for you to see the truth of this heartless predator? You invested your life savings into this man. You (age 65) were beat up twice by Osho Chinmayo (27 years old) in the Cult Commune for all to see, and your fake guru told you and everyone else you brought this upon yourself.

      This impostor even told you that you were enlightened as well as Bhakta, but neither one of you are aware of it. How stupid that is…

      When the Fake told me the same about you I should had told him, “Wtf… by definition an enlightened being is aware of his essence and his rebirth.”

      The Fake even told me that Swami Arun was enlightened, but he also does not know it. He told me that Jesus only had one explosion.

      And NOW the Fake is even declaring himself to the people there at his Cult Commune that he is actually OshO, not just his successor. Wake up, my friend. I always had love and affection for you. Please see it for what it is.

    • Parmartha says:

      Thanks, Dhyanraj, for coming here and commenting. That act in itself is important.

      As I know you lived, or maybe still live, in the commune in Mexico, and compared with many others here have a very good acquaintance of Ozen Rajneesh over many years.

  12. Lokesh says:

    Dhyanraj delivers a timely comment. He concludes in the negative: “Rajneesh is not the criminal he is being made out to be.”
    Which is, of course, telling us what Rajneesh is not. How about telling us what he believes Rajneesh actually is? Oh yeah, and perhaps a little explanation about the story of him being beaten up by security personnel at Ozen. Something which he must surely need to clarify.

    All this talk of a buddhafield etc. is beside the point, because we have heard it all before. I do not think anyone who regularly writes on SN takes Rajneesh’s claim of enlightenment seriously. So, Dhyanraj how about a little more on the subject?

    • satyadeva says:

      Was about to ask the same thing…

      And why you, Dhyan Raj, choose to merely gloss over OR’s apparently grossly immature, obnoxious behaviour towards the 18 year-old woman…Simply nothing more than an ‘act’, a ‘device’, perhaps, to ‘teach’ her something? Or is it all just ‘fake news’?

  13. dhyanraj says:

    I hear that sannyasnews has not published Zitta’s side of the story about her relationship with Dao and the police report she has made – isn’t it allowed?

    • Parmartha says:

      Zitta’s story is now up, Dhyanraj.
      Good to see as always there are two sides to a ‘story’…some would say we now know who the abuser is.

      For clarity’s sake is Dao the guy behind the scandal website about Ozen, of which I remain sceptical? It is amazing how things can be made to look.

      • zitta o says:

        Thank you for posting my comments.
        Yes Dao is the one blackmailing everyone at Ozen.
        He is my husband but i filed Police Report and seperate from him now. He is going crazy and become mentally dangerous to everyone.
        He is a computer hacker and expert at forging documents.
        He create this false and twisting stories in this website about Ozen Rajneesh.
        We all love Ozen and are very happy and celebrate here.
        Thank you for listening and understand the facts.
        Zitta Ocejo

        • God bless you, kid. Be stable on your path. Time to apply for divorce too so that he is just some ex-husband.

          Ditched husbands go to any extremity once their object of love charters another path.

          It does not matter how Rajneesh´s contemporary disciples treat him, if in your eyes he is your master, that is it.

      • dhyanraj says:

        Yes, Parmartha, Dao has created the website – Zitta is his wife.

        • Anant Akash says:

          Don’t be distracted by Zitta’s story. There are two people who are responsible for the development of the website http://www.thepredatorozenrajneesh.com/, Dao and myself. Zitta is under the brainwashing effects by the Fake Guru Rajneesh, and likely will say anything on his behalf.

          As for Dyanraj’s support, he also likely will say anything in support of the Fake too because he’s still under the influence of the Fake’s brainwashing. And this is even after being beaten up by Osho Chinmayo (age 27) the second time and the Fake Guru supporting his beatings.

          Subsequent to his last beating by Osho Chinmayo, Dyanraj then went back to live in London where he has been living for the past 6 months.

          • shantam prem says:

            Anant Akash,
            From the photo you look a mature person of 45-50 years of age who has seen many seasons of life, so one cannot say you were attracted to Rajneesh because of youthful fancy.

            When was the turning point to realise Rajneesh is a fake guru. In the beginning there must be a reason to trust him also.

            Also, how much money you have spent on your adventures with Ozen?

          • dhyanraj says:

            Yes, Akash, my old friend, I must be brainwashed, I know. Thinking about it it’s probably down to those cast-off crocs Rajneesh gave me to wear when my flip-flops broke – that old black magic of Rajneesh entering the shoes and remotely controlling me today. I just can’t get rid of the shoes! They are too comfortable!!

            • Anant Akash says:

              Yes. My old friend, Dyanraj, those crox sandals he gave you were very, very expensive, considering the thousands and thousands of dollars he took for property there was promised to you.

              It has been told to me by a reliable source he resold your property, the property I bought there, as well as others, several times over… In other words, it was reported to me that he has resold what was promised to us. We both were suckers to trust this con man. See: http://www.thepredatorozenrajneesh.com/swami-rajneesh-fraudulently-selling-property-in-playa-del-carmen-mexico/

              Well, perhaps he gave you more than he did me. He told both of us “you are enlightened being but you are not aware of it.” I am unenlightened being, but at least I am aware that I am.

          • parvez says:

            Hey, big Tantra Master, Akash,

            What an ugly Joker you have become.
            You wanted to become the big Tantra Leader at Ozen and was refused by Ozen. You got angry as he refused your Tantra classes.

            No girl would ever want to join your Tantra classes. Every celebration and party we had here your eyes were perverted and were always after young girls as you had no life partner. And no girl would pay you attention.

            Now your frustration and anger has become poison.

            Wow, enjoy teaching in USA or wherever you are, or making fake websites. You are a Joker.

            • Nozen says:

              Another blind idiot who thinks he’s the next master. I’m sure that is what you’ve been told by OZEN.

              ARE you Dao, Nozen?

            • Anant Akash says:

              Yes, Parvez. Even your fake guru has you writing lies on his behalf. I won’t even address your ridiculous untruths.

              You were one of the most unintelligent beings at the Cult Commune that I met. You took everything your Fake Guru told you as truth. Now you are even lying on his behalf.

              You were so deeply dying for enlightenment, but it was out of greed, not out of a pure spirit. For that reason, from the time you arrived you forfeited your intelligence at the ‘front door’ of the Cult Commune. Deep within, you likely share some the very dark traits of your Fake Guru.

              You and I were never friends there, and you were someone who I always had a strong dislike for. Only a coward and a fool forfeits his intelligence and calls that trust.

              Your Fake Guru days at the Cult Commune will come to an end soon.

  14. Roxana says:

    I am glad that for the second time I see on this website a good thing said about our beautiful commune, Ozen Cocom.

    There are people who have volunteered and dedicated their years and energy to make this place what it is today, a beautiful oasis for all our fellow-travellers.

    After 5 years since this project started with 5000 plants planted by a few young people, now it has developed into the gorgeous eco-commune that it is today.

    I find myself lucky to be able to participate in and enjoy almost every month in a festival.

    Every month there are new artists (yoga, music, painting, handicrafts) that come here in Cocom and share with us their beautiful light and unique talent.

    We have always treated them (especially Ozen) with utmost respect, appreciation, always ready to meet their every need and want. And the same goes for all the guests. And it is all out of our love and respect for all human beings that we try to deliver the best services and also a warm caring vibe.

    We are a group of young enthusiastic people who still believe that we can create a place where us and other people can explore life and its beautiful opportunities in a harmonious way.

    It is a beautiful experiment in which we try to come together as one yet still retain our uniqueness.

    All the work we do we do out of love, out of heart and seeing how this beautiful place is developing and keeps growing I can not call it work what we are doing, it is an art; we are creating masterpieces here.

    I wish all people hungry for a place where they can grow and transform, take a look at our videos and photos and then have the courage to come here and experiment for themselves a new way of living.

    This place is abundant in creativity, all people coming here are being supported in their unique talent and given a chance to express themselves and means to grow and understand themselves better.

    That is what we wish for this place: that all beautiful, creative people come here and share their beautiful being and enjoy this celebration with us in our beautiful commune, Ozen Cocom, Mexico, Playa del Carmen.

    • Anant Akash says:

      Yes. Roxanne, such a beautiful place was built there in the middle of the jungle in Playa Del Carmen. Too bad the dark energy there is so dense and pervasive it sucks the life and intelligence out of all who stay.

      He unceremoniously kicked you out of the Cult Commune twice. However, sadly, you still keep on defending the indefensible. I recall the time at the Cult Commune he cursed and yelled at you. I recall him telling you in a loud, berating tone, and, I paraphrase, “I am a mean motherfucker. I am a mean son of a bitch. This is my commune, I am the only authority. You will do it my way or I want you out of here.” I recall he brought you to tears.

      Sadly, what doubts you strongly appeared to have grew into blind obedience and a deep submission to him. I hope you free yourself from the fakery of this exploitative individual.

  15. So for me it is clear Rajneesh was a victim of smear campaign. He and his people have risen above the occasion.

    • Anant Akash says:

      Smear campaign. Nah…read the website with intelligence and you cannot draw any other conclusion that the Fake and his blind, cult followers are the one’s creating the smear campaign to discredit the truth.

      My God, this fool is even telling people he is Osho, that Osho has taken over his body and is working through him. And these blind people, sadly, believe it.

      This is the same man who speaks Hitler’s name at Cult Commune meetings with a degree of reverence because of the adulation he received in his day. He is the same man who has and is sacrificing his life for adulation, not genuine love. I ‘pray’ for his redemption.

  16. Lokesh says:

    Holy cow. You couldn’t make all this shit up if you tried. The good old SN battlefield is going full blast. Mud slinging, slander, gossip, intrigue, backbiting – you name it, babe, we got it if it’s hot.

    Readership must be exploding. If this keeps up SN will have to begin charging a monthly membership fee, in order to stay in line with everything Osho taught us.

    All that’s missing to complete the utterly surreal picture is a full verbal broadside from local hero, Yogi, and that spiritual Ozen guerilla, none other than the fabulous, hard-core Rajneesh devotee, Mini Klang.

    Pass the popcorn.

    • chetna says:

      We should try to rescue Rajneesh from his disciples…it is getting serious. Judas is on his way….

    • frank says:

      Yes, McLoke this is pay-per-view stuff. I might as well get my tuppence worth in before Yogi and the rest arrive!

      When I met Rajneesh in early `92 in a pub in Camden, London, he was wearing a dishevelled kaftan. He shuffled like an old man and found it difficult to speak. He looked half-asleep and said he was sleeping all day.

      “Is he a dope head?” I asked my friend who I went along with, who knew him from Pune. He insisted he wasn`t. Nevertheless, he looked very out of it and disturbed. He had the symptoms of someone on anti-psychotics, although, I make it clear that this is only conjecture on my part, notwithstanding I do have experience nursing people in a secure unit who are on these kind of drugs.

      I didn`t think any more of it. I`ve met plenty of wasters in pubs in my time! Another night, another crazy.

      Years later, the first I read about Rajneesh the guru, the first lines of his “CV” on the website claimed that he had been meditating for several years in the Himalaya in the 90s before enlightenment. That period included the whole of 1992 when I had met him! So from the first 10 seconds of reading this guy’s website I knew from my own experience that he was a liar.

      Whichever side you are on, just look at it. It is a kind of group psychosis. Most of these people, if you get them on their own, probably have plenty of good human attributes but look what the group dynamic is doing to them.

      Ozen is the catalyst of this, it seems. He`s clearly a disturbed individual with an extremely disturbed childhood, as I am sure some of the people here are aware. If he could get help for this it would save a lot of people a lot of grief, but I don`t hold out any hope for it.

      Like I said before, it is fascinating in a carcrash kind of way – how do people go so far into this kind of delusion?

      I`m going to sit back and watch it unfold. Maybe I`ll learn something. Maybe not.

  17. Parvez says:

    Everyone take a chill pill hahaha.

    I came to Ozen Cocom 3 years ago with Dao to check the place out. Dao and I were best friends and we go way back growing up together and have been part of each other’s family.

    I feel bad for how his marriage worked out for him. I have personally counselled him and Zitta on their relationship issues few times and stabilized their marriage. To this day I just don’t get how Dao went against the Commune and Swami Rajneesh (now known as Ozen). Ozen was the one supporting Dao with his marriage and threw a Mayan Wedding Ceremony for them out of his love for his people.

    Now things go sour between husband and wife and poor master is taking all the hits. Like what? Really? He is not responsible for our lives. We gotta take care of our business, good or bad. Just because you worked here at Ozen it doesn’t mean Master should be blamed for all your problems or he should be praised for all your success. Each has their own intelligence and has to be alert and responsible for their actions.

    Now you keep abusing your wife because of whatever internal issues you have. Soon or later she will leave you. Just because she signed the marriage documents papers, doesn’t mean she will be your slave. It’s her freedom to be or not to be with you and as a Osho sannyasins one has to respect that freedom.

    What is this evil act Dao is doing? Taking revenge on a third party, Ozen, and fabricating this bs.

    Of course he couldn’t do it with Zitta because he knows her family is actually very powerful here in Mexico. Dao was stalking her and trespassing at Ozen Cocom property few times, trying to manipulate her and take her as if she was just a piece of property.

    • Anant Akash says:

      More b.s.from Vez…one of the Fake Guru’s blinded followers who has been promised enlightenment like was received from Dhyanraj and Bhatka. He is even willing to throw his best friend of many years in Canada, Dao, under the bus, to protect the Fake.

      Keep lying for your Fake Guru, and maybe your wish will come true, Vez…you will share completely the dark energy that he emanates. You are on your way, the right path for that unfolding.

      Sadly, in your eyes and a few other lost souls, though, his days as a Fake Guru are coming to an abrupt end. As he told me in his last communication, “good riddance”. Yes. Good riddance to him. Wake up, both you and your Fake Guru!!

  18. Prem says:


    Osho cocom is a beautiful place, with beautiful, creative people.

    If someone is curious they can visit in person and see what the vibe is for themselves.

    People who listen to gossip and hearsay…maybe it is better for them to stay at home.

    Wish you much success with your beautiful creative project.

  19. ANA says:

    JUST SOME FACTS + MY story with OZEN

    I got to know Ozen Rajneesh about 3 years ago. First time when I came to the commune I was not searching for a master…neither I recognised the master from the first seconds and even weeks. I came in a very weak condition, rarely sober and all day smoking, frustrated, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

    Generously, Ozen let me in, unknown person, gave me food and place to stay. First thing which impressed me was that he was so kind…unbelievably generous, infinitely loving, trying to help me in every way. I remember sitting near him was the best thing in the world, finally in silence, finally home…As a person he just took my whole heart, I never met someone like that…

    After meeting Ozen Rajneesh my life changed immensely, I stopped eating meat, completely dropped smoking and alcohol, became much healthier and stronger physically and mentally. I learned many things for the 3 years I’m working for the community, I’ve always been working really hard, but out of my own will, it is least I can do for beloved Ozen and his beautiful community.

    Besides that I realise that this work first of all is helpful to me…very educating in all senses…besides, I realise soooo many things which I can’t even describe to you, neither I want to – you will have your own realisations yourself. Just shortly, for me Ozen Rajneesh is a living miracle, inspiration of my whole life.

    Now some very honest FACTS!

    1.Ozen never asked me or any of his disciples for any money, he takes care to feed and accommodate each and every person coming to him
    2.He does not chase the girls, in fact, girls do! And whoever is his girlfriend is the most lucky girl in the world, treated like a queen by the whole commune.
    3.DAO is the laziest guy ever been here, never contributing to the commune, just living here and eating FOR FREE, complaining about food and community. He was living here for about 2 years, always being tolerated.
    4.AKASH – I don’t know him much, but I remember him like always loud and noisy person, talking so much about meditation etc. but not been meditating with us as much, when we were doing dynamic meditation every morning he would be the first one out of the hall, already gossiping and making jokes, meanwhile we were still in silent and blissful state. He was always being too busy with his own matters, not blending too much in the community.

    I have way more to say, but I just wanna make it short…
    Whoever doubts in Ozen and commune COME AND CHECK IT OUT, get your ass out of the computer, come and celebrate with us, come for one of those beautiful festivals we do for people, come and just see it YOURSELF instead of thinking so much are we good or bad, someone says this, someone says that.

    Just come, and see the truth, whatever it is, with your own eyes, I recommend, there are great chances you will find a love here.

  20. anandi says:

    i’ve lived in OZEN in two different times… when we were building the place, and now we are living in it… and i’m really grateful to rajneesh and his commune for all the hard work they put to create this haven…

    people who complain about OZEN are clearly losing perspective and missing the full picture… instead of seeing the rose, they’re focused on the thorns… not even accepting the full rose, but saying the thorns are all of it… they feel hurt, and as anyone who feels hurt, they’ll try to hurt back… destroy the rose after you pricked yourself with it…

    but the dream is growing now… on june of this year we had the 21 day free mystic rose retreat… 21 days of celebration and meditation, having daily art classes, meditations, concerts, yoga, dance, theater, crafts, all different activities plus the mystic rose group… more than 80 people laughing, crying and sitting silently together…

    rajneesh deepened the technique with his understanding, i’ve participated in mystic rose 3 times (once even with leela, the “oficial” holder of the technique) and lead it once before, and i can say that rajneesh’s mystic rose was FAR deeper… his way of leading it (he led the first day to lay the grounds of the rest of the group) was completely new and effective… people had 3 amazing, deep, transforming weeks… i saw them transform and they can account for it too…

    he’s also managed to create new music for the meditations… offering each piece for free… he’s delivering what he promised… new ashram, new music, free groups… and more is coming, soon we’ll have the FREE NO MIND training and group to keep sharing OSHO’s grace…

    we are also doing festivals, sharing meditations, classes, amazing concerts… people who criticize rajneesh should first come to see what he created…

    there are so many gifts he will share with the world… and the people against him are simply trying to hurt the rose back, when they themselves have been grabbing it in an unconscious way… prickling their own hands… i’ve never seen rajneesh treat anyone unfairly… he’s just clear, not politically correct… and some people cannot handle truth, they prefer lies and manipulation…

    still we dance and celebrate and create… for some people to just shit on us… what to do… crazy world we live in…

  21. Nozen says:

    These are the most delusional, deranged group of people I have ever met in my life, brainwashed monkeys that obey Ozen’s every command…it is incredible how they cannot see the truth when it’s in front of their eyes.

  22. Now in this dramatic story, one important piece of puzzle is missing: Ms. Mini Kang.

    Presumption is she must have felt left out in the Palace Saga when King Mystic of the place got new and young girl. This is just a psychological guess.

    I hope someone will tell the true story of Mini.This will also solve the perennial question: Do people after the great mind-blowing happening still get their sexual impulses or they keep the woman´s company only as companion and caretaker?

    In my opinion, to be a spiritual leader one needs following formula: 20% Awakening + 30% Ambition + 40% Entrepreneurial quality + 10% Narcissism = Master with disciples and property.

  23. Nozen says:

    I was also told by a very reliable source inside OZEN that Rajneesh hasn’t still come out to address these allegations to his own people, some people have already left after the site was launched. He’s still hiding in his house, you would think he would at least take the time and face his people and tell him his side of the story. Still hiding for a week LOL.

    I guess at the end of the day, what can he really do, when all these allegations are true?


  24. zitta o says:

    This will make it CLEAR PROOF the whole thing is false and FAKE.
    Just see the 2 Breaking News Videos!
    Both Fake Breaking News Videos were made in a studio with hired actors.
    My husband Dao is very dirty mind and has used actors.
    Now it is clear evidence here.

    Zitta O

    • Anant Akash says:

      No Fakery. I wrote the script for both videos based on statements from others with supporting evidence on our website. It was done for dramatic effects, not to deceive people into thinking it was actual news station broadcasts. Even had Indian actors because the Fake is Indian. Please watch both videos at http://www.thepredatorozenrajneesh.com/

      • anandi says:

        That’s faking news! Come on! Hahaha…What a joke…dramatic effect…hahaha….

      • anandi says:

        Thank you, Akash.
        In your desperation you have admitted to a crime here by making it look like real TV ‘breaking news’ with hired actors, suggesting to the public that some crimes have been committed and are being officially investigated.

        This is totally false and fabricated to defame and slander OZEN and our beautiful community.

        we are now going to report this to the police as you have admitted to this crime.

  25. Nozen says:

    A funny story…
    After we launched the website, the very first email we got was from a guy that beat up Rajneesh 25 years ago; he mentioned this in his book ‘Tears of the Mystic Rose’.

    You could not make this shit up LOL.

  26. Francesco says:

    2 ABSOLUTELY FAKE breaking news VIDEOS

    Please kindly look into the following videos:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-zukl-wcPQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7osRdp96FA

    Just by looking at these videos one can see CLEARLY that they hired some Indian actors to read from a script and fake a breaking news broadcast…this FAKE NEWS video style proves beyond any doubt to me the intent to discredit OZEN through spinning and twisting facts.

    Creating fake news is a very serious criminal act done by Dao, Akash and gang.

    • Anant Akash says:

      What is criminal, Francesco, is the property and immigration fraud that has transpired over the past few years under the command and authority of your Fake Guru. I would bet that the Mexican authorities have or will be looking into these crimes and take actions soon.

      Also, what is criminal in Mexico is the uploading of sex videos to porno sites without the expressed consent of the participants. Moreover, the most serious and egregious criminal activity was the cover-up of the disappearance of Michael Naut as well as the conspiracy of others to hide or participate in the cover-up.

      How many of your loving commune members helped your fake guru to cover-up that crime with their lies to his mother and the German Consulate in Cancun as well as the destruction of his personal belongings, perhaps even more than just that?

      You have no high road to take, Francesco. I remember the time you left the Ashram because you did not want to unfriend a girl from Facebook that had lived at the cult commune, at the request your Fake Guru. I recall when your vindictive guru told everyone to unfriend her because she was intelligent enough not to buy property there from him.

      You initially refused to unfriend her. But, when he told you that you would never be welcome back to the cult commune, you unfriended her but left the next day. Upon asking you, when I heard this from someone else, you told me it was true that was the reason why you were leaving. However, stupidly you came back again months later.

      Wake up, Francesco…you are living in a cult commune with a Fake Guru, who is using, manipulating and controlling everyone there, including you.

      Do you remember the time you were in your room suffering from severe dehydration with a high fever and convulsing because of a rare mosquito that bit you? Who made it a point to take you to the hospital to be treated? Do you remember that it was me that drove you to the hospital to make sure you got the best medical care in Playa Del Carmen? Did you even thank me once? No, you did not. I recall your mother is a nurse. She was frantic that you weren’t getting the right care. She was right. Thank ‘God’ you ultimately got the right medical treatment.

      It is clear to me, Francesco, you did not write your post. It is clear that you are just a water boy for a Fake Guru, a person who does not have the fluency in English or the intelligence to craft such a bullshit statement, especially in the light of my previous posting.

  27. Bhakta says:

    We are having quite some fun here in Cocom reading all this.

    You should meet the characters to judge what is what. Dao just wanna smoke weed the whole day, eat for free and then complain about the food – a real mystery why he was not thrown out of here before. Then this asshole gets upset his wife left him and blames Ozen for everything.
    Then he makes a dirty webpage and spreads it everywhere.

    We are working all day, doing real things. Carpentry, kitchen, stonework, painting, electricity, plumbing, gardening and so on. People here have no time and wish to read these kind of discussions.

    See the difference! Have you seen Ozen Cocom trying to put anybody down? We are creating, there is simply no time for any crap like this. Have any of you guys here worked on construction? Why don’t you go build a place for meditation? Better that sitting on the computer for hours judging others when they are doing something. Go do it yourself, and then we see what you are capable of.

  28. madhu dagmar frantzen says:

    Dear Sannyasnews Team, adminstrators of this sannyas-news-caravanserai website or moderators of contributions:

    I´ve been reminded these days of Roman Polanski´s movie ‘God of Carnage’ (2011), which adapts the theatre play of Yasmina Reza, which has been on theatre stages since the early years of this millennium and is played in London´s theatres over and over again.

    It’s highly recommendable to watch the movie again, just for a change to the ongoing ´exchanges´ flooding the UK/SN website. There is a very short synopsis below:

    “‘God of Carnage’
    God of Carnage is a play by Yasmina Reza. It is about two sets of parents, one of whose child has hurt the other at a public park, who meet to discuss the matter in a civilized manner. However, as the evening goes on, the parents become increasingly childish, resulting in the evening devolving into chaos.”

    Always amazing how very thin the mask of civilized ways to share inconvenient ´truths´ is, isn´t it?

    And sometimes it´s a help to watch a good play on stage, to get a little distance, and to look into the mirror when meditation about such seems to be out of (inner) reach! (the movie can be watched on youtube).


  29. Kavita says:

    Seems Rajneesh is some kind of a Robin Hood!

  30. sannyasnews says:

    Some people seem to be out of control and just exercising pure venom, which indicates they need to look within, whoever they are working with, or not working with. Both sides have now been given the opportunity to say their piece. Any more would be indulgence.
    This string is now closed.